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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 1451 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C227

PS2BR Ag3 m (No name, age 35, general practitioner) unspecified
PS2BS Ag5 f (No name, age 66) unspecified

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  1. Tape 098905 recorded on 1993-07. LocationNottinghamshire: Farnsfield ( G P's surgery ) Activity: Doctor/patient interview Consultation

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(PS2BS) [1] I I'm still having trouble with this leg.
[2] It aches and er at nighttime I can't I can't rest with it.
(PS2BR) [3] Right.
[4] Do you find it's just at night or is it in the day too?
(PS2BS) [5] Er w more at night you know.
(PS2BR) [6] Right.
[7] Does it make you want Is it the sort of ache that makes you want to wriggle it around?
(PS2BS) [8] Yeah.
[9] I'm kicking it all the while.
(PS2BR) [10] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [11] If I lie on settee I've always got this leg hanging, because I
(PS2BR) [12] Right.
(PS2BS) [13] can't stand it up.
[14] And it's same er when I get in bed,
(PS2BR) [15] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [16] I always get in bed on me left me right
(PS2BR) [...]
(PS2BS) [17] and then I like to turn over to me right.
(PS2BR) [18] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [19] But I found out that me back's been hurting me since I come up before, me back
(PS2BR) [20] Mm.
(PS2BS) [21] been playing up a bit.
[22] So I had to get out of bed and turn over.
[23] But I still i can't lie on it, I still have to go back cos of that leg you see ?
(PS2BR) [24] Okay.
[25] Now we tried a bit of W a We actually gave you a [...] worth of something last time ,
(PS2BS) [26] Yeah.
(PS2BR) [27] did that help ?
(PS2BS) [28] Mm.
[29] Well not really, it
(PS2BR) [30] Right.
(PS2BS) [31] er you know.
[32] I mean I don't I try to not to take a lot of notice of it you
(PS2BR) [33] Good.
(PS2BS) [34] know.
(PS2BR) [35] Okay, can you just slip your shoe and sock off,
(PS2BS) [36] Yeah.
(PS2BR) [37] And I can have another look, check your circulation.
(PS2BS) [38] I'm always cold.
[39] An but me feet are warm now.
[40] But I'm always cold.
(PS2BR) [41] When did we last check your thyroid? [...]
(PS2BS) [42] Er was it was it Ma er
(PS2BR) [43] Have we done one this year?
[44] I I
(PS2BS) [45] I had it I've had it May.
[46] I had I had three checks, thyroid
(PS2BR) [47] Good.
(PS2BS) [48] me er water and er Was it me general?
(PS2BR) [49] Yeah.
[50] I'll I'll just check that .
(PS2BS) [51] Yeah.
[52] They all came through right I think.
(PS2BR) [53] Oh that's okay then.
(PS2BR) [54] I mean me hands is ever
(PS2BR) [55] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [56] so cold.
(PS2BR) [57] Yeah.
[58] That that may be
(PS2BS) [59] My hands are stone cold.
(PS2BR) [60] That may just be Cos you've got good circulation, in fact, down here.
[61] Even if you feel cold, it's not bad, not at all.
[62] Okay.
[63] Can you wiggle your b ankle backwards and forwards, that's okay.
[64] Doe sit ache much now?
(PS2BS) [65] No no, not at the moment, no .
(PS2BR) [66] [...] No okay.
(PS2BS) [67] I think when I'm knocking [...]
(PS2BR) [68] And you haven't really got veins?
[69] Have varicose veins [...] okay .
(PS2BS) [70] No [...]
(PS2BR) [71] Okay, and your knee e
(PS2BS) [72] Yeah, all me knees ache sometimes.
[73] I'm told I'd got arthritis in there, but that's years ago.
(PS2BR) [74] Okay.
[75] Well I'm sure this er I think it's certainly nothing serious, it [water running]
(PS2BS) [76] Oh that's what You see I'm alright, but I thought oh I better come up because I've got to come up
(PS2BR) [77] Yes.
(PS2BS) [78] next month about that cream that I use .
(PS2BR) [79] Yeah.
[80] It's called This is called restless leg syndrome.
(PS2BS) [81] Oh is it?
[82] I was
(PS2BR) [83] Yeah.
[84] And it's a menace.
[85] It
(PS2BS) [86] And it
(PS2BR) [87] really is a menace.
(PS2BS) [88] Yeah.
(PS2BR) [89] Because although it's not serious, there really is no brilliant treatment for it .
(PS2BS) [...]
(PS2BR) [90] and it comes and goes,
(PS2BS) [91] Yeah, well
(PS2BR) [92] And and it really does make you want Oh it [...]
(PS2BS) [93] Yeah.
(PS2BR) [94] Nasty thing.
(PS2BS) [95] But I thought well, While I I'll ma kill two birds with one stone, and I'll er come
(PS2BR) [96] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [97] up and see him.
[98] And you told me to come September for about the cream.
(PS2BR) [99] That's right yeah.
(PS2BS) [100] But I though it's
(PS2BR) [101] [...] there.
(PS2BS) [102] it's nearly here now isn't it ?
(PS2BR) [103] That's r [laugh]
(PS2BS) [104] So I thought if I er But I was beginning to get a bit worried so I thought well I might as well go up because I shall start to worry and things get out of proportion with me you see? [...]
(PS2BR) [105] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [106] so.
[107] Who's the artist, is its are the children ?
(PS2BR) [108] That's my daughter mainly.
[109] Mainly Rebecca
(PS2BS) [110] Yeah. [...]
(PS2BR) [111] Not all of the two have been done by [...]
(PS2BS) [112] Mm.
(PS2BR) [113] Mostly Rebecca.
(PS2BS) [laugh] ...
(PS2BR) [114] Right now.
[115] You're on various bits and bobs, and you're also on the cream.
(PS2BS) [116] Yeah.
(PS2BR) [117] If we're going to try anything else for this restless leg,
(PS2BS) [118] Mm.
(PS2BR) [119] it may be worth trying quinine which is widely used for night cramps.
(PS2BS) [120] Mm.
(PS2BR) [121] And sometimes that does help.
(PS2BS) [122] Mm.
(PS2BR) [123] We don't why it works, but it certainly does.
[124] And it's worth a go.
[125] A
(PS2BS) [126] Mm.
(PS2BR) [127] trial of quinine and that may well help.
(PS2BS) [128] Just a What is it?
(PS2BR) [129] Yeah, it's one a night.
(PS2BS) [130] One a night.
(PS2BR) [131] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [132] Well I take me Samamigram you know at night.
(PS2BR) [133] That's fine, they don't interfere with each other.
(PS2BS) [134] Oh, [...]
(PS2BR) [135] At all.
(PS2BS) [136] want to
(PS2BR) [137] No no no no no no no no no.
(PS2BS) [138] [laughing] As I should do. []
(PS2BR) [139] Now you wouldn't do that but it may that may be worth a go.
[140] Okay.
(PS2BS) [141] Mm.
[142] Yeah.
(PS2BR) [143] Now what about the cream, how are things going on with that, cos you've been
(PS2BS) [144] Well
(PS2BR) [145] on it for a little while now.
(PS2BS) [146] er a year.
(PS2BR) [147] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [148] I's a year since [...] Well I was [...] a lot better since [...]
(PS2BR) [149] Yes.
[150] Twice a week?
(PS2BS) [151] Yes.
(PS2BR) [152] Yeah, no discharge, bleeding, anything like that?
(PS2BS) [153] No.
[154] Only I came up before you know, when
(PS2BR) [155] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [156] er about with me husband, you know.
(PS2BR) [157] Aha.
(PS2BS) [158] And it was just But I don't er I don't seem as though er it was er sometimes I saw I saw a spot of blood, but it
(PS2BR) [159] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [160] not not like the deep red blood, you know what I mean ?
(PS2BR) [161] That's right, yeah.
(PS2BS) [162] And I came er I came up before, can't you remember
(PS2BR) [163] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [164] I come up and
(PS2BR) [165] That's right.
(PS2BS) [166] er er that's the only time.
[167] I don't have
(PS2BR) [168] Right
(PS2BS) [169] any bleeding in between
(PS2BR) [170] good ,
(PS2BS) [171] nothing
(PS2BR) [172] good,
(PS2BS) [173] you know.
(PS2BR) [174] god.
(PS2BS) [175] But the first time I did use it I thought me inside were on fire.
(PS2BR) [176] Oh yes, it often irritates in the same way when you first start to drink spirits you feel [disgusted noise]
(PS2BS) [177] Oh dear,
(PS2BR) [178] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [179] I [...] whatever am I going
(PS2BR) [180] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [181] to do and I rung my daughter next morning ,
(PS2BR) [182] But it goes As you notice [laughing] it goes off [...] []
(PS2BS) [183] It went and it sent to sooth
(PS2BR) [184] That's right.
[185] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [186] My inside and
(PS2BR) [187] It does. [...]
(PS2BS) [188] It really soothed it.
(PS2BR) [189] Yeah, it makes a big difference, yeah .
(PS2BS) [190] Yes.
(PS2BR) [191] Yeah.
[192] ... Right well I'm glad you're okay on that.
[193] Now you've had er a hysterectomy, ooh a long time ago [...] that's right .
(PS2BS) [194] Fif fifteen I were fifty one.
[195] It's
(PS2BR) [196] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [197] fifteen years, and I had a Promatch
(PS2BR) [198] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [199] repair when I were forty five.
[200] And
(PS2BR) [201] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [202] I'm sixty six, so that's twenty one years and fifteen
(PS2BR) [203] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [204] isn't it?
(PS2BR) [205] Yeah.
[206] That's right yeah .
(PS2BS) [207] Erm
(PS2BR) [208] B So you can continue on that indefinitely. [...]
(PS2BS) [209] Yeah.
(PS2BR) [210] So what We'll say trial of quinine, yeah?
[211] Give it a go?
(PS2BS) [212] Yeah.
(PS2BR) [cough]
(PS2BS) [213] It's not addictive or anything like that is it ?
(PS2BR) [214] Oh no no no no no.
[215] It's not i
(PS2BS) [216] Cos I'm frightened of [...]
(PS2BR) [217] It's not a sedative or tranquillizer,
(PS2BS) [218] No it's just
(PS2BR) [219] Quinine .
(PS2BS) [220] No well
(PS2BR) [221] No.
(PS2BS) [222] I didn't [...] what did they use to take that for?
[223] Malaria ,
(PS2BR) [224] Malaria.
(PS2BS) [225] yeah.
(PS2BR) [226] Among other things, [...]
(PS2BS) [227] Yeah yeah.
[228] Having a s
(PS2BR) [229] But not at this dose, this is a low dose.
(PS2BS) [230] Yeah.
(PS2BR) [231] A low dose of quinine.
[232] But it's worth a go.
(PS2BS) [233] I mean once I know what a thing is
(PS2BR) [234] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [235] that's half my battle.
[236] Because I I stop
(PS2BR) [237] Good, yeah.
(PS2BS) [238] worrying.
(PS2BR) [239] Restless legs it's called.
(PS2BS) [240] Ooh.
(PS2BR) [241] Restless legs, and it sums it up, because [laughing] they do get restless [] .
[242] It's got a posh name, I can't remember what it's called now, but it has got a posh name too.
(PS2BS) [243] I know they all have but I mean I'd rather have the ordinary names and then
(PS2BR) [244] Yeah.
[245] Well so would I cos I remember them I can't
(PS2BS) [246] And then I know
(PS2BR) [247] I can't remember the posh names usually.
(PS2BS) [248] The same with flowers and all them plants and that.
[249] I'd much rather have a plain name I know what they're talking about then.
(PS2BR) [250] Yeah.
(PS2BS) [251] And because I'm not very.
(PS2BR) [252] Yeah, we're plain folk aren't we?
(PS2BS) [253] Yeah.
[254] I'm not very high up on
(PS2BR) [255] No.
(PS2BS) [256] all these posh words.
(PS2BR) [257] No.
[258] So one a night.
[259] Won't interfere with anything else, and if that's helping, so much the better.
(PS2BS) [260] Oh can I have some cream please?
[261] I'm all but out of it.
(PS2BR) [262] Ooh [...] squeeze that in at the bottom there.
(PS2BS) [263] Yeah, can you manage?
(PS2BR) [264] Yeah.
[265] It's right teeny.
[266] ... Okay use twice a week.
[267] i haven't put that on, because I haven't got room. [laugh]
(PS2BS) [268] Yeah, well I know I know what to do with that.
(PS2BR) [269] Okay.
(PS2BS) [270] Thank you very much.
(PS2BR) [271] [...] we'll give that a go.
(PS2BS) [272] Yes, okay .
(PS2BR) [273] And then we'll see how things go.
(PS2BS) [274] Yeah okay then
(PS2BR) [275] Okay. [tape change]