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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 1278 words speech recorded in public context

5 speakers recorded by respondent number C228

PS2BT Ag3 m (No name, age 35, general practitioner) unspecified
PS2BU Ag3 f (No name, age 35+) unspecified
PS2BV Ag0 f (Elizabeth, age 14, schoolchild) unspecified
G5SPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
G5SPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 098906 recorded on 1993-07. LocationNottinghamshire: Farnsfield ( G P's surgery ) Activity: Doctor/patient interview Consultation

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(PS2BT) [1] Now what shall I do with you this morning?
Unknown speaker (G5SPSUNK) [cough]
(PS2BU) [2] She had her blood test a few weeks ago.
(PS2BT) [3] Ooh that's right yes, cos we got We
(PS2BU) [...]
(PS2BT) [4] Trosser wasn't working and we're going to do some Terbinefeine and provided the blood tests were okay.
[5] I remember.
[6] [...] make sure we're all behaving ourselves and there's no evidence of anaemia, infection, vitamin deficiency, inflammation, anything else.
[7] And you've got perfect liver function tests which is what we thought you'd have all [...] So the thing to do is to now get you on Terbinefeine Yeah?
Elizabeth (PS2BV) [8] Yeah.
(PS2BT) [9] Okay?
Elizabeth (PS2BV) [10] Mhm.
(PS2BT) [11] For your grotty nails.
[12] Now you're f fourteen give or take a week or two aren't you?
(PS2BU) [13] Mm.
Elizabeth (PS2BV) [14] Mhm.
(PS2BT) [15] So what we need to do is to check the dose.
[16] [bangs table in time with words] ... Two one six.
[17] ... This is getting to be quite widely used nowadays, especially from the skin specialists,.
[18] and we're getting er more [...] Now then we need to work out what the dose is. [...] that's the wrong one.
[19] [thinking noise] that's the cream, don't want to look at that.
[20] One a day for two to six weeks in the feet, two to four weeks in the body.
[21] Three months in fungal nail infe Now which bit is it
Elizabeth (PS2BV) [...]
(PS2BT) [22] I can't It's the nails isn't it?
(PS2BU) [23] It's nails.
Elizabeth (PS2BV) [24] Mm.
(PS2BT) [25] Nails, [...] So six weeks to three months in fungal nail infections.
[26] So probably the sensible thing to do is to give you six weeks worth er one a day,si [...] twenty eight,y g give you eight weeks worth and then see how you are at the end of two months continuous treatment.
[27] Okay.
[28] See what happens.
[29] Now one of the problems of course is nails grow very slowly, and you can't clear the nail [laughing] until the nail [] has actually grown out fully.
[30] Ah so we will see See [...] at the end of three months treatment they'll s They won't look enormously different.
[31] But then they should carry on getting better on their own.
(PS2BU) [32] Ooh good.
(PS2BT) [33] So if I give you fifty six and then we'll see.
[34] Now obviously if you get problems on them, tummy ache, headaches, muscle aching, rashes, anything odd, let us know straight away cos this still a relatively new drug and we've got to report all problems on relatively new drugs.
(PS2BU) [...]
(PS2BT) [35] Relatively new drugs are st are are new as far as that were concern for up to three years, which is a real menace.
[36] We send yellow cards on all sorts of Ter-bin-a-fiene It's on a day, I'll give you fifty six.
[37] [...] So we'll se how you are.
[38] If it looks like there's been very little response then we'll probably keep you going for yet another month after that.
(PS2BU) [40] Mm.
(PS2BT) [41] Er provided everything's okay.
[42] But we don't need to do any blood tests if you're fine, you'll be delighted to hear, having checked in the first place .
Unknown speaker (G5SPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS2BT) [43] Any questions?
Elizabeth (PS2BV) [44] No.
(PS2BT) [45] No?
[46] Okay.
[47] you're not on any pills and tablets are you?
Elizabeth (PS2BV) [...]
(PS2BT) [48] Good.
(PS2BU) [49] Well she's supposed to take Melkrom but she doesn't take them.
(PS2BT) [50] Taking?
(PS2BU) [51] Melkrom.
[52] She has this [...] allergy to cow's milk and what have you.
[53] She's supposed to take that when she's
(PS2BT) [54] [...] Ooh, what's Melkrom
(PS2BU) [55] Capsules that she had for years .
Elizabeth (PS2BV) [56] Mm.
(PS2BU) [57] But she doesn't take them any But
(PS2BT) [58] It's probably an o One of these old fashioned trade names.
(PS2BU) [59] Oh.
(PS2BT) [60] So let's have a look .
(PS2BU) [61] She's supposed to take them half an hour before she has any to eat.
(PS2BT) [62] Oh there's a lot of funny trade names that Oh it's here, no Yes it is Melkrom two oh eight.
[63] Let's have a look what Melkrom really is.
[64] [cough] What by mouth?
[65] Ooh.
(PS2BU) [66] [laugh] [laughing] For the last ten years you shouldn't have been taking it. []
Elizabeth (PS2BV) [laugh]
(PS2BT) [67] No, it's Serumchromoglycate with it What it What's it Now we know We [...] know all about that cos we a lot of it in aspirin and problems with noses and things like that, but er I wasn't aware that it was actually used by mouth for this.
[68] Well, yeah.
[69] But if you're not taking it and you're okay you probably don't need it.
[70] But I'd say
Elizabeth (PS2BV) [...]
(PS2BT) [71] I mean if you are taking it it won't interfere with it.
[72] That's the important
(PS2BU) [73] That's alright yeah.
(PS2BT) [74] thing.
[75] [laugh] Oh well I've learned something there .
(PS2BU) [76] [...] Er you were going to make some enquiries about erm Oh er T B er B C G.
(PS2BT) [77] Yes I have spoken to Mrs who is the er er the woman involved and what she has said is this, the We can't directly we can't directly get hold of it, they won't send it out into the community.
[78] But if we
(PS2BU) [79] Mm.
(PS2BT) [80] if I if I let her know who're the people I who are the people involved who [...] had it.
[81] And what school they are at, they will do everything to everything required through the school health service.
[82] The lot.
(PS2BU) [83] Well that's fine for Elizabeth but Catherine's sort of half left school, if she hasn't she's waiting for her G C S Es and she's not sure whether she's got to go back or what she's doing.
(PS2BT) [84] Ah.
[85] Right, well in that case I'll get that to Mrs then in that on on her.
(PS2BU) [86] Well I can let you know more at the end of week actually, what she's doing, [...]
(PS2BT) [87] Okay well that'd that'll be better.
(PS2BU) [88] I mean [...] cos we moved
(PS2BT) [89] That'll be better
(PS2BU) [90] half way through do we haven't got a clue what the poor girl's doing at the moment.
(PS2BT) [91] Oh right, so let me know at the end of the week.
[92] So it's Elizabeth and Cath Is Catherine with a K or a C
(PS2BU) [93] C
(PS2BT) [94] Catherine with a K.
(PS2BU) [95] They're both at All Saints at present but whether she goes back or not is
(PS2BT) [96] All Saints in Catholic ,
(PS2BU) [...]
(PS2BT) [97] yeah.
[98] All Saints R C comprehensive.
[99] I keep hearing good reports about that. [...]
(PS2BU) [100] It's a very good school.
(PS2BT) [101] school [...]
(PS2BU) [102] Mm.
(PS2BT) [103] Er so if you let me know about Catherine.
[104] Er now unfortunately I'm away next week, so if if the message doesn't get to me before I've gone, it'll be the week after that I then get back to Mrs .
(PS2BU) [105] Mm.
(PS2BT) [106] In fact it's going to be done through a school anyway, it's not [laughing] desperately relevant [...] []
(PS2BU) [107] No cos it wer No it's just the fact she wants to go to a veterinary nurse you see, I wanted t them Don't want her be in contact with too many animals in case they have s don't wanna get .
(PS2BT) [108] Wel , yes I mean T B in animals is actually very very rare, cos of course all the cow
(PS2BU) [...]
(PS2BT) [109] the cows are tested anyway.
(PS2BU) [110] Mm.
(PS2BT) [111] And the cow testing programme in I think is still very very thorough.
[112] Er human testing and immunizations is still going gone in this are and I hope it won't ever stop.
[113] They've got no intention of stopping it at
(PS2BU) [114] Mm.
(PS2BT) [115] the health authority.
[116] And I sit on the immunization su subcommittee anyway, so they better not dare.
[117] They won't they won't dare.
(PS2BU) [laugh] [...]
(PS2BT) [118] But I'll I'll make enquiries, and if it looks like she has gone out I will have to get in and we I'm sure we can twist an arm.
[119] I'm in the right place to twist an arm.
(PS2BU) [laugh]
(PS2BT) [120] That's the important thing .
(PS2BU) [...]
(PS2BT) [121] But we can certainly get er you done Elizabeth at [...] School.
[122] But if you get
Unknown speaker (G5SPSUNK) [...]
(PS2BT) [123] back to me about Catherine and we'll sort things out .
(PS2BU) [124] Yes okay, we'll [...]
(PS2BT) [125] Is that okay?
(PS2BU) [126] Yes.
(PS2BT) [127] And I will put B C G.
[128] And that'll remind me .
(PS2BU) [129] [...] slip through the net so far but they've got to be done.
(PS2BT) [130] Yes, you'll get
Unknown speaker (G5SPSUNK) [...]
(PS2BT) [131] done, don't worry.
[132] You'll
(PS2BU) [133] Right.
(PS2BT) [134] get done.
(PS2BU) [135] [laugh] No escape.
Unknown speaker (G5SPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS2BT) [...]
(PS2BU) [136] Right thanks very much.
(PS2BT) [137] Okay. [tape change]