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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 1731 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C229

PS2BW Ag3 m (No name, age 35, general practitioner) unspecified
PS2BX X m (No name, age unknown) unspecified
G5TPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
G5TPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 098907 recorded on 1993-07. LocationNottinghamshire: Farnsfield ( G P's surgery ) Activity: Doctor/patient interview Consultation

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(PS2BW) [1] What can I do for you this morning?
(PS2BX) [2] Well I'm still getting myself in a tangle, like I was when I came.
(PS2BW) [3] Right.
(PS2BX) [4] But I didn't take those tablets, I tried not to do.
(PS2BW) [5] That's the low dose Dizapac
(PS2BX) [6] Yeah, whatever it is.
(PS2BW) [7] Yeah.
(PS2BX) [8] And also I keep getting a pain in my arm just here, it's a
(PS2BW) [9] Mm.
(PS2BX) [10] bit of a
(PS2BW) [11] Right in there.
(PS2BX) [12] As if If I press it,
(PS2BW) [13] Yeah.
(PS2BX) [14] and if I put any weight on it.
(PS2BW) [15] Aha.
[16] Any idea what's brought that on?
(PS2BX) [17] I don't really know, I've had it for about three week.
[18] I keep trying one of those lamps.
(PS2BW) [19] Yeah.
[20] Okay, let's have a closer look at that arm.
(PS2BX) [21] But it's er It's noting You know I can move it alright, there's
(PS2BW) [22] Yeah.
(PS2BX) [23] no problem [beeping] [...] want to go. [...]
(PS2BW) [24] Ah.
(PS2BX) [25] Are you jogging?
(PS2BW) [26] No no.
[27] Just normal summer ware.
(PS2BX) [28] I'd thought you'd been getting exercise in.
(PS2BW) [29] No no no no no no no, no just casual ware this summer.
[30] It's too hot otherwise.
[31] It's hot enough as it is in this place.
[32] I've got three internal walls and the wall's about eighteen inches thick with a double glazed window.
[33] I mean there's You know what [...]
(PS2BX) [laugh]
(PS2BW) [34] What's it like up the fore arm?
[35] Is that er
(PS2BX) [36] I it's alright, but it seems if I if I press in there
(PS2BW) [37] Yeah.
(PS2BX) [38] somewhere.
(PS2BW) [39] Okay.
[40] you okay in this area here?
(PS2BX) [41] Yeah.
(PS2BW) [42] No problems there ?
(PS2BX) [43] Nothing at all.
(PS2BW) [44] Nothing on the
(PS2BX) [45] No.
(PS2BW) [46] backside of the elbow.
[47] You're okay there.
[48] Now let me just [...] Is that okay?
(PS2BX) [49] Mm.
(PS2BW) [50] Okay, just pull your hand in towards your face a bit.
[51] Okay, you haven't ruptured the tendon.
[52] Is that tender?
(PS2BX) [53] Not really no.
(PS2BW) [54] In there.
[55] Under there?
(PS2BX) [56] No.
(PS2BW) [57] So it is Really is on and off cos there's nothing much there now, is there ?
(PS2BX) [58] No , no.
(PS2BW) [59] It's funny that isn't it?
(PS2BX) [60] I don't know It's
(PS2BW) [61] Okay.
(PS2BX) [62] comes on and it
(PS2BW) [63] Push out for me, push that [...] .
(PS2BX) [64] To you?
(PS2BW) [65] Yeah.
[66] Well that's okay when you do that?
[67] Nothing [...]
(PS2BX) [68] Hmm, feel a little bit, nothing at the back.
(PS2BW) [69] Yeah. [...]
(PS2BX) [70] It seems if it's
(PS2BW) [71] [...] okay.
[72] Just hold my hand and turn as if you were turning a door handle.
[73] Okay.
[74] And the other way.
[75] Does that hurt there?
(PS2BX) [76] No.
(PS2BW) [77] Er ... not sure what's causing that [...]
(PS2BX) [78] But i mean it's
(PS2BW) [79] Well yes I mean it's it's it's more likely to have been a muscle than anything else, with pain that comes and goes.
[80] Certainly won't be a bone that's causing it.
[81] But what's irritated the muscle in the first place is Your guess is as good as mine, cos it all works perfectly.
[82] Now.
(PS2BX) [83] Is it stress related?
(PS2BW) [84] Well can make anything worse and will often make a lot of things carry on longer than they otherwise would normally.
[85] I don't think stress would cause this sort of pain but it'll certainly make it feel worse, there's no doubt about that. ...
Unknown speaker (G5TPSUNK) [...]
(PS2BX) [86] what I'm think if I do get
(PS2BW) [87] Yeah.
(PS2BX) [88] a little bit up tight, it
(PS2BW) [89] Yeah.
(PS2BX) [90] seems as if that.
(PS2BW) [91] Yeah.
[92] Oh it'll make it worse.
(PS2BX) [93] So I don't know but er
(PS2BW) [94] Mm.
[95] How are you managing er things when you get up tight?
(PS2BX) [96] Well I'm doing things, you know [...] I'm not ...
(PS2BW) [97] Yeah.
[98] So you're keeping yourself occupied ?
(PS2BX) [99] avoiding th I've never had I mean [...] me I'm [...]
(PS2BW) [100] But if you I mean if you do get very anxious what do you do?
(PS2BX) [101] I just carry on.
(PS2BW) [102] You just carry on.
[103] And it wears off?
(PS2BX) [104] Mm.
(PS2BW) [105] Well that's probably a good a way of managing it as anything really.
(PS2BX) [106] I mean I'm not the sort of person who can sit down and watch telly all day, you know [...]
(PS2BW) [107] [laugh] I didn't think so.
(PS2BX) [108] Erm
(PS2BW) [109] Er and you haven't been taking any of those Diazepam at all?
(PS2BX) [110] I didn't take them because
(PS2BW) [111] No.
(PS2BX) [112] I I know
(PS2BW) [113] Well
(PS2BX) [114] I tried to I probably made myself a bit of a nuisance when I came in last time but ,
(PS2BW) [115] No.
(PS2BX) [116] as I told you before I'd been like it before and it
(PS2BW) [117] Yeah.
(PS2BX) [118] it's er
(PS2BW) [119] The advantage of those Diazepam is, they're there if you need them.
[120] You've still got them there if you need them.
[121] Er it's a very low dose, if you just take them every now and again you'll have no problems with them at all.
[122] And if you do feel things are overwhelming you then they may just help to bring you down again.
(PS2BX) [123] Yeah.
(PS2BW) [124] And that's what they're there for.
[125] Sometimes, just knowing you've got something else you can turn to is all you need cos you don't need
(PS2BX) [126] Yeah.
(PS2BW) [127] to take to anything,
(PS2BX) [128] Mm.
(PS2BW) [129] you just know they're there. [...]
(PS2BX) [130] I mean i it's it's it's funny thing this i It's a thing what seems to creep up on you isn't it ?
(PS2BW) [131] Yeah.
[132] Yeah.
[133] It's very common.
(PS2BX) [134] [...] I I really know I mean it it's not that I'm I'm no where near like I was before, I know because I was You know reservoir treatment before, but er
(PS2BW) [135] Yeah. ...
(PS2BX) [136] Doc er Dr , Colin , he
(PS2BW) [137] Yeah.
(PS2BX) [138] would call men a silly bugger he did. [laugh]
(PS2BW) [139] I know him, I know him well, yeah.
(PS2BX) [laugh]
(PS2BW) [140] Well he would say that yes. [laugh]
(PS2BX) [141] He's alright though, I mean [...]
(PS2BW) [142] Oh yes, yes he was a
(PS2BX) [143] Not meant offensive or anything like that.
(PS2BW) [144] Yeah, he were a great bloke.
(PS2BX) [...]
(PS2BW) [145] Yeah.
[146] [...] not taking Diazepam.
[147] Well I th I sus I suspect you will ma co continue to manage yourself.
[148] And I think for you that may be the best way of doing things.
(PS2BX) [149] Mm.
[150] And I've got
(PS2BW) [...]
(PS2BX) [...] [break in recording]
Unknown speaker (G5TPSUNK) [...]
(PS2BX) [151] This one [...]
(PS2BW) [152] Yeah.
(PS2BX) [153] Ta.
(PS2BW) [154] But this pain, I'm not sure what that is, I mean your arm seems to be in perfect working order, so
(PS2BX) [155] Er
(PS2BW) [156] keep an open mind on that.
[157] It'll probably go now I've had a look at it.
[158] Like it does.
Unknown speaker (G5TPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS2BW) [159] This'll squeeze your arm a bit, okay?
[160] [pumping up blood pressure armband] Still smoking?
(PS2BX) [161] Mm.
(PS2BW) [162] Drinking?
(PS2BX) [163] No. ...
(PS2BW) [164] Smoking's bad for you of course but I mean [...]
(PS2BX) [165] You r you really think I ought to stop?
[166] Be honest, give me a real
(PS2BW) [167] Well,
(PS2BX) [168] professional.
(PS2BW) [169] smoking will help stress ... but smoking is much more likely to cause serious physical problems, than stress is.
[170] That's the catch.
[171] Er And it it's reckoned a hundred and sixty thousand people die a year, of smoking related diseases.
[172] Er I don't know how many people die of stress related diseases but it's probably under a hundredth.
[173] Er And I think that puts it into context.
[174] Overall your health would be a lot better off your cigarette.
[175] And if you find then things like stress and anxiety come through, there are other ways of treating that and sorting that out.
[176] I can't think of any case where people are better off smoking than none smoking,
Unknown speaker (G5TPSUNK) [177] really
(PS2BX) [178] what about a pipe?
(PS2BW) [179] Well pipes are better than cigarettes because you don't inhale so much.
(PS2BX) [180] Mm.
(PS2BW) [181] [...] fact if you don't inhale at all you're doing yourself a big favour, but you nearly always get some down ion to the system and really the o the only thing I could ethically recommend as a doctor, is stopping.
[182] Difficult to be ethically safe, this is safer than that, you know.
[183] [...] I mean the decision is yours and you may find You may wish to sort of take take things very slowly and very gradually. ...
(PS2BX) [184] Mm.
(PS2BW) [185] I'm not going to tell you to do anything, that's not what I'm here for, but er
(PS2BX) [186] Well I mean er we have to take notice of you don't we?
(PS2BW) [187] Yeah.
[188] Well no you don't actually, I mean y you are free to [laughing] ignore our advice and [] Yeah I I know that ,
(PS2BX) [189] Yeah, but I mean
(PS2BW) [190] but I mean that would be my advice as a doctor, to stop smoking, in the long term.
(PS2BX) [191] Mm.
(PS2BW) [192] Certainly.
[193] Your blood pressure's absolutely fine.
[194] Impressive, it's better than mine.
(PS2BX) [195] Bet you tell everybody.
(PS2BW) [196] No it's true.
[197] It's true.
[198] Mine is er It's not high but it's higher than I would like but er [...]
(PS2BX) [199] So what am I going to do?
[200] Just carry on?
(PS2BW) [201] Yes I think so .
(PS2BX) [202] Do you think I ought to take anything or?
(PS2BW) [203] No I don't think you need to take anything at all.
[204] You've got the Diazepam if you need them [...]
(PS2BX) [205] No, I haven't got it.
(PS2BW) [206] Oh you haven't Oh Oh
(PS2BX) [...]
(PS2BW) [207] Oh you never got it.
[208] Oh, well the p Oh yes well it's now seven months old that prescription so that that'll now be invalid so ache in left arm [...]
(PS2BX) [209] I don't know what this is, whether it's something with work or
(PS2BW) [210] Yeah.
(PS2BX) [211] Comes and goes,y y y and sometimes
(PS2BW) [212] [...] wait and see would be the right approach for that.
[213] Cos it certainly isn't anything obviously serious, so I think we'll just see how things go, [...]
(PS2BX) [214] Yeah, [...] prescription [...] ?
(PS2BW) [215] No, not unless you want one.
(PS2BX) [laughing] [...] [] [laugh]
(PS2BW) [216] I think that's the answer to that one isn't it?
[217] You don't really want I'm certainly not going to give you something you don't want, so
(PS2BX) [218] Well let me put it to you like this, I feel sometimes that I need something,
(PS2BW) [219] Yeah.
(PS2BX) [220] ... to settle me down.
(PS2BW) [221] Yeah.
(PS2BX) [222] Er but sometimes I'm alright.
(PS2BW) [223] Right, well what I could do is I could give you another prescription now, that you can go and get if you feel you are going to need something .
(PS2BX) [224] L let me let me do that.
(PS2BW) [225] Yeah,
(PS2BX) [226] Let me let me do that [...]
(PS2BW) [227] And if it expires
(PS2BX) [228] that's alright.
(PS2BW) [229] Yeah, if it expires like the last one, that's okay, just chuck it on the fire.
(PS2BX) [230] I think what I'll do I'll er I'll get the prescription.
(PS2BW) [231] Okay.
[232] ... You can have one up to three times a day, er you're never going to take that I'm sure.
[233] As required.
(PS2BX) [234] Yeah.
(PS2BW) [235] [...] okay?
[236] And I think what you'll find is you just need one you know, perhaps even one every three or four months, that's okay.
[237] It's just there to take the edge off things when it's not settling on it's own.
[238] And that is entirely the appropriate way to use these and they really can make a huge difference like that.
(PS2BX) [239] Okay, thank you for your time .
(PS2BW) [240] There you go.
[241] That's okay.
[242] Nice to see you again.
(PS2BX) [243] Well it's nice to see you but I hate It's not personal but I
(PS2BW) [244] I know I know I know.
(PS2BX) [245] I really do it [...]
(PS2BW) [246] You don't like coming to doctors. [tape change]