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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 1275 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C233

PS2C6 Ag3 m (No name, age 35, general practitioner) unspecified
PS2C7 X f (No name, age unknown) unspecified

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  1. Tape 098911 recorded on 1993-07. LocationNottinghamshire: Farnsfield ( G P's surgery ) Activity: Doctor/patient interview Consultation

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(PS2C6) [1] There's nothing wrong with those.
[2] They're perfect.
[3] Absolutely perfect, now
(PS2C7) [4] Why is she
(PS2C6) [5] erm
(PS2C7) [6] getting her [...]
(PS2C6) [7] Well she thinks you're on a high dose, you're not, you're on an okay dose.
[8] Now we've had you w That's right.
[9] We're we're waiting inn here we we're still on three months so we're alright.
[10] So mid October, so we've actually
(PS2C7) [11] Mm.
(PS2C6) [12] got a a a while to go yet before we decide what we're going to do with that.
[13] But your levels are perfect, okay, it's got nothing to do with lithium.
(PS2C7) [14] No I I think it's just a really bad case of M E again .
(PS2C6) [15] Yeah , yeah.
[16] Well she she told me that your M E type symptoms had got a lot worse and I said that's we had at That's what I chatted with her about the other day but
(PS2C7) [17] I've I've been really housebound for five
(PS2C6) [18] Mm.
(PS2C7) [19] weeks now,
(PS2C6) [20] Yeah.
(PS2C7) [21] and it's driving me mad.
[22] I I'm
(PS2C6) [23] Yeah.
(PS2C7) [24] you know I feel just
(PS2C6) [25] Mm.
(PS2C7) [26] dreadful.
(PS2C6) [27] Yeah.
(PS2C7) [28] But it but it is typical M E symptom .
(PS2C6) [29] Well that's right, a sort of low achy, tired, tired
(PS2C7) [30] Yeah.
(PS2C6) [31] and more tired.
(PS2C7) [32] That's right and I'm very depressed.
(PS2C6) [33] Yeah.
[34] Are keepi You are I mean obviously you are keeping yourself going cos you're obviously getting out to come here and do bits and bobs but
(PS2C7) [35] Well this is the first time I've been
(PS2C6) [36] Yeah.
(PS2C7) [37] able to come here on my own.
(PS2C6) [38] Yeah.
(PS2C7) [39] Erm and that's not like me, I usually
(PS2C6) [...]
(PS2C7) [40] manage to you know .
(PS2C6) [41] [sneeze] Now you're usually okay, aren't you [...] ?
(PS2C7) [42] Yeah but er it really has knocked me for six this time.
(PS2C6) [43] Mhm.
(PS2C7) [44] Erm I think it's probably that infection that I had er
(PS2C6) [45] Yes.
[46] It may well be .
(PS2C7) [47] That thrush or whatever it was .
(PS2C6) [48] Yeah.
[49] Yeah.
(PS2C7) [50] Er it takes very little, well you know yourself
(PS2C6) [51] Mm.
(PS2C7) [52] don't you?
(PS2C6) [53] Yeah.
(PS2C7) [54] I mean I found it in the past, you know any infection what so ever just knocks you for six.
[55] And and I'm just, you know, I I think that's probably why Jo was
(PS2C6) [56] Mm.
(PS2C7) [57] c I think I she'd seen me at my worst on Friday
(PS2C6) [58] Yeah.
(PS2C7) [59] And and
(PS2C6) [60] Yeah.
(PS2C7) [61] I think it worried her a bit.
(PS2C6) [62] Yeah.
[63] Yeah.
[64] But er your Lithium levels are absolutely fine.
[65] They're almost exactly the same as you were four weeks ago.
(PS2C7) [66] I thought they were actually cos I I even at that part of
(PS2C6) [67] Yeah.
(PS2C7) [68] it it felt
(PS2C6) [69] Yeah.
(PS2C7) [70] erm
(PS2C6) [71] Yeah.
[72] Yeah.
(PS2C7) [73] normal .
(PS2C6) [74] Yeah.
[75] Good
(PS2C7) [76] I mean the headaches are I'm reluctant to say [laughing] better [] [laugh]
(PS2C6) [77] Yeah, but not so
(PS2C7) [78] But
(PS2C6) [79] bad.
(PS2C7) [80] but they're certainly no not so severe.
(PS2C6) [81] Yeah.
[82] Do you find they respond better if you take Dihydrocodeine when they're there as well?
(PS2C7) [83] Yes.
(PS2C6) [84] Yeah. [...]
(PS2C7) [85] Yeah [...]
(PS2C6) [86] exactly what I's expect and you may find they actually sort of are on a down-slope still.
[87] And maybe it's a very shallow down-slope but still on a down-slope.
(PS2C7) [88] Mm.
(PS2C6) [89] And that's what I'd [...]
(PS2C7) [90] I do actually feel better.
[91] I I eat I don't usually take my first lot of tablets till sort of around dinner time.
[92] And I find sort of about an hour or so afterwards I do
(PS2C6) [...]
(PS2C7) [93] actually start to feel
(PS2C6) [94] Anyhow we're g we're gonna summarize
(PS2C7) [...]
(PS2C6) [95] your Lithium in October of course, that's [...]
(PS2C7) [96] Mhm.
(PS2C6) [97] And that's fine.
[98] What I
(PS2C7) [...]
(PS2C6) [99] would Apart As far as the levels are concerned I'd check them again in Septem Erm no hang on we've just checked them.
[100] I'd probably check them in October again.
[101] Two months, cos you seem stable .
(PS2C7) [102] Two months.
(PS2C6) [103] You seem st Unless you get any particular [...]
(PS2C7) [104] Mhm.
(PS2C6) [105] to it I would recheck that in October.
[106] And then when we see you then we're going to sort sort of summarize what three months on effected levels of lithium has done for you.
[107] To decide whether to continue .
(PS2C7) [108] Is it a drug that you can stay on? [...]
(PS2C6) [109] They've got people who've been on it for years and years.
(PS2C7) [110] Mm.
(PS2C6) [111] You've got to keep checking the level.
(PS2C7) [112] Mm.
(PS2C6) [113] It it's a funny little drug it's related to sodium, old sodium, you've got loads of sodium.
[114] You take it it everyday as with salt.
[115] Er but i i it can replace sodium in certain systems of the body.
[116] In fact that's how it seems to work.
[117] But because of that you've got to watch it's effect on the kidneys, on the body biochemistry.
(PS2C7) [118] Mm.
(PS2C6) [119] So that's what we have to check from time to time.
(PS2C7) [120] Mm.
(PS2C6) [121] But it's very very safe provided you keep in within the sort of dosage Like driving on the motorway.
[122] It's safe if you st stick to the speed limit.
(PS2C7) [123] Mm.
(PS2C6) [124] Usually.
(PS2C7) [125] Could you give me some more of that
(PS2C6) [...]
(PS2C7) [126] hormone cream?
(PS2C6) [127] Yes.
[128] I was going to ask how you'd gone with that.
(PS2C7) [129] Well it's better but it's not right .
(PS2C6) [130] Yeah.
[131] Yeah.
[132] Well you've only
(PS2C7) [133] Mm.
(PS2C6) [134] been on it a fortnight.
(PS2C7) [135] Yeah.
(PS2C6) [136] So er but
(PS2C7) [137] Find I'm down to using it twice a week now .
(PS2C6) [138] Twice a week.
[139] Yeah.
(PS2C7) [140] So I haven't
(PS2C6) [141] Yeah.
(PS2C7) [142] used it this week.
(PS2C6) [143] Alright, okay.
[144] yeah.
(PS2C7) [145] But it's certainly an improvement
(PS2C6) [146] Yeah.
(PS2C7) [147] to what it was.
(PS2C6) [148] Oh good good.
[149] [...] I mean the advantage of that is you get loc You get the local benefits without generalized side-effects.
(PS2C7) [150] Mm.
(PS2C6) [151] Er and that can be a problem with some folk when you try to manipulate the hormones like that.
[152] But I'm actually using more and more of this cream, as I realize that er if you direct it towards the right part of the body in the right people,
(PS2C7) [153] Mm.
(PS2C6) [154] it works extremely well.
(PS2C7) [155] As I say it's just erm overall feeling generally
(PS2C6) [156] Well i mean
(PS2C7) [157] horrible. [laugh]
(PS2C6) [158] And you know to some extent it's just time and keeping yourself ticking over that's going to get that aspect of things better.
(PS2C7) [159] Yeah.
(PS2C6) [160] And that's frustrating for you and it's equally frustrating for me because I know there's absolutely nothing I can do
(PS2C7) [161] That's right.
(PS2C6) [162] to effect that.
[163] But it's important we keep other An eye on the other things, keep other things ticking over and things like the hormone cream and the lithium will be a help in that.
(PS2C7) [164] Yeah.
[165] I mean sometimes [...] just by resting really er you know puts me back again but er it hasn't
(PS2C6) [166] Yeah yeah.
[167] Don't overdo the rest.
(PS2C7) [168] Well I were going to say i can't rest. [laugh]
(PS2C6) [169] You've got to find a compromise.
[170] I mean it's it's always a com I mean the whole of life is a compromise but especially with this.
[171] the compromise between resting when you feel very very tired, and keeping yourself going so you don't seize up.
(PS2C7) [172] Mm.
(PS2C6) [173] But you can't overdo the mobility cos you get very very tired.
(PS2C7) [174] Yeah.
[175] Well I've been you know, very conscious of that.
[176] And I and when you've had it a long time you
(PS2C6) [177] Mm.
(PS2C7) [178] become And I'm not the sort of person to sit around willy nilly any way.
(PS2C6) [cough] [...]
(PS2C7) [179] But my legs [laugh] My legs are [laughing] like jelly, my body's like rubber, you know. []
[180] And I sort of Oof. [laugh]
(PS2C6) [laugh]
(PS2C7) [181] Ooh I get so mad.
(PS2C6) [182] Keep other bits of you going.
[183] Okay?
(PS2C7) [184] When When do you want to see me again?
(PS2C6) [185] Well.
[186] All else being equal, I would say October with the lithium level and then we're gonna have our review of lithium.
[187] Okay?
[188] If anything flares up in between that's fine.
[189] There should be enough cream there now for four to six weeks on a twice weekly basis, but if you run out just give a ring in.
(PS2C7) [190] Right.
(PS2C6) [191] That's fine.
(PS2C7) [192] Well I'll need my other tablets [...]
(PS2C6) [193] Yeah.
[194] Well of course you'll need those anyway.
(PS2C7) [195] So er [tape change]