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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 537 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C234

PS2C8 Ag3 m (No name, age 35, general practitioner) unspecified
PS2C9 X f (No name, age unknown) unspecified

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  1. Tape 098912 recorded on 1993-07. LocationNottinghamshire: Farnsfield ( G P's surgery ) Activity: Doctor/patient interview Consultation

Undivided text

(PS2C8) [1] Do have a seat,
(PS2C9) [...]
(PS2C8) [2] I'm trying to do eight things at once as usual.
(PS2C9) [3] Only eight ?
(PS2C8) [4] Now Sorry?
(PS2C9) [5] Only eight?
[6] Only eight things at once?
(PS2C8) [7] Oh it feels like yeah, extensions going on there, builders there, [...] Now your insurance company have written back saying can we have a report because your investigations have been completed.
[8] That's all very well but the hospital haven't written to me yet, so
(PS2C9) [9] I've not got my appointment through until the fifth of October.
(PS2C8) [10] Oh well they are complete then, oh that's okay then.
(PS2C9) [11] But the insurance company [...]
(PS2C8) [12] About this little thing at the back of the eye?
(PS2C9) [13] Yeah.
(PS2C8) [14] Oh well I'll keep the insurance company [...] er I w er we will send them a little note in that case, saying look, you know, this is the case, it appears to be an innocent lesion she's just been finely checked over on the eighth of October, do you feel you can now proceed?
(PS2C9) [15] I mean they they they've given
(PS2C8) [whispering] [...] []
(PS2C9) [16] me insurance but it's
(PS2C8) [17] Oh right, so you are covered ?
(PS2C9) [18] Sort of, they're going to review it.
(PS2C8) [19] Oh right.
(PS2C9) [20] When they've got the results from the hospital.
(PS2C8) [21] Okay, so that'll be what?
[22] Six weeks off or so?
[23] Yeah, okay.
(PS2C9) [24] Yeah, I mean that's that's not a problem any more.
(PS2C8) [25] Well I'll I'll erm Well if you've got the insurance the be the best thing to do is for me to tell them when you've actually been done.
[26] A letter to insurance company.
(PS2C9) [27] Yeah.
[28] Fifth
(PS2C8) [...]
(PS2C9) [29] of October, the [...]
(PS2C8) [30] Hospital review over , okay.
[31] So we'll do that.
[32] Now.
[33] What else can I do for you?
(PS2C9) [34] I just need a repeat prescription for Dianette please .
(PS2C8) [35] Dianette.
[36] Yeah.
[37] Are you okay?
(PS2C9) [38] Yeah fine.
(PS2C8) [39] Periods, water works, bowels, wastes?
(PS2C9) [40] Yeah, everything fine .
(PS2C8) [41] No [...] ?
(PS2C9) [42] No.
(PS2C8) [43] You've had a smear in nineteen ninety one.
[44] Paperwork, there's the paperwork.
[45] Get that up to date. [...]
(PS2C9) [46] Er possibly not Oh I might be.
(PS2C8) [47] Yes it's okay till December so we don't need to
(PS2C9) [48] Oh right.
(PS2C8) [49] do anything with that, [...] .
[50] It'll have to be back dated after Christmas.
[51] No problems.
[52] Right, blood pressures what i need to check please.
[53] ... Going away next week.
(PS2C9) [54] You are?
[55] Where you going?
(PS2C8) [56] Oh south Wales.
(PS2C9) [57] Mm, [...]
(PS2C8) [58] The trouble is there's a hundred and one things to do before we go.
(PS2C9) [59] [laugh] [...] teach you to go on holiday.
(PS2C8) [60] [...] This'll squeeze a little bit.
[61] [pumping up blood pressure armband] ... It's fine.
[62] Absolutely
(PS2C9) [...]
(PS2C8) [63] perfect.
(PS2C9) [64] Thank you.
(PS2C8) [65] Yeah.
[66] ... So we'll keep you on Dianette Do you smoke?
(PS2C9) [67] No.
(PS2C8) [68] Couldn't remember.
(PS2C9) [69] I used to.
[70] Don't any more.
(PS2C8) [71] Good, that's okay.
[72] ... Twenty four, eighth, ninety three.
[73] Okay ,
(PS2C9) [74] Right.
(PS2C8) [75] six packets of Dianette
(PS2C9) [76] Wonderful, thank you very much.
(PS2C8) [77] Okay and I'll talk to your insurance company as soon as this letter comes through, [...] hopefully
(PS2C9) [78] Right.
(PS2C8) [79] this [...] won't be far off now.
[80] Six weeks.
(PS2C9) [...]
(PS2C8) [81] [...] well.
(PS2C9) [82] Yes max s six seven
(PS2C8) [83] [...] about seven weeks [...] Okay.
[84] When you go
(PS2C9) [...]
(PS2C8) [85] i should actually ask them if they could write promptly because of this pending.
(PS2C9) [86] Yes I will.
(PS2C8) [87] Otherwise, you know, hospital letters can lag several weeks behind.
(PS2C9) [88] Right.
(PS2C8) [89] But if you actually deliberately ask them to write promptly.
[90] And the eye department
(PS2C9) [...]
(PS2C8) [91] are quite good actually, it must be said.
(PS2C9) [92] Right.
[93] Bye bye.
(PS2C8) [94] Good.
(PS2C9) [95] Thanks very much.
(PS2C8) [96] That's okay.
(PS2C9) [97] B [tape change]