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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 345 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C241

PS28K X u (No name, age unknown, doctor) unspecified
PS28L X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified

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  1. Tape 097301 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS28K) [1] Are you?
(PS28L) [2] Yeah.
[3] [cough] Well that's what I've er she said I've got to come and see you first.
(PS28K) [4] Oh I see, right, that's fine, yeah.
[5] Right, let's have a look, whereabouts is it?
(PS28L) [6] I've got two actually ... [...] There's one there. ...
(PS28K) [7] Ee.
[8] It's er, yeah that should be fine, we shouldn't have any great problem with that.
[9] Yeah, the other one?
(PS28L) [10] The other one is this high, that's a ...
(PS28K) [11] Yeah, well we could do the same with both of those.
[12] They're both, they're both, neither of them are actually warts, okay?
[13] They're both rather fleshy skin tanks.
(PS28L) [14] Skin tanks.
(PS28K) [15] There's two ways of doing this, you can either put some local anaesthetic in and actually burn them off, but that often leaves a bit of a scar.
[16] Or you can actually try freezing them to kill them and then they just drop off on their own.
[17] And that's
(PS28L) [18] Mm.
(PS28K) [19] probably the neater mes method of the two.
[20] And certainly the easiest for you.
[21] Erm I'd probably give it a go on freezing first, the only thing about the freezing is sometimes it doesn't work first time.
[22] But that'd be the tidiest thing for you.
[23] And we
(PS28L) [24] Mm.
(PS28K) [25] can get that set up.
[26] Now I'm actually, there isn't another session now until the week after next, cos I'm actually away next week.
(PS28L) [27] Mm.
(PS28K) [28] Er er but then we'll have more sessions booked in, we can just slot you in to one of those I should think.
(PS28L) [29] Yeah.
(PS28K) [30] There's someone away all August but I'm actually going to try to keep the sessions going,
(PS28L) [31] Yeah.
(PS28K) [32] cos there's actually quite a demand for them.
(PS28L) [33] Yeah.
[34] Well I'm away
(PS28K) [35] So
(PS28L) [36] er twenty second of August again so
(PS28K) [37] Yeah.
(PS28L) [38] er what will you do, let me know?
[39] Or
(PS28K) [40] No, what we'll do is go and actually get you booked in.
(PS28L) [41] Oh.
(PS28K) [42] So twenty one, where are we?
[43] Twenty first, so if we got you booked in for that.
[44] Follow
(PS28L) [...]
(PS28K) [45] me.
(PS28L) [46] Yeah.
(PS28K) [47] Follow me.
[48] As I said we may not have a [...] set up but if we haven't we'll set one now.