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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 1554 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C242

PS28M X u (No name, age unknown, doctor) unspecified
PS28N X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified

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  1. Tape 097302 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

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(PS28M) [...]
(PS28N) [1] Pardon?
(PS28M) [2] [laugh] ooh.
[3] Do have a seat Mrs anyway, what can I do for you today?
(PS28N) [4] Well it's this damn cough and cold [...] get.
(PS28M) [5] Still coughing?
(PS28N) [6] I've had it since just before Christmas and it keeps going and coming.
(PS28M) [7] Mm.
[8] Are you coughing anything up with it?
(PS28N) [9] No I can't I, I heave with it but I can't get nowt up.
(PS28M) [10] Right.
(PS28N) [11] I made myself some medicine, some er honey, glycerine and apple cider vinegar.
(PS28M) [12] Mm.
(PS28N) [13] It's an old remedy but I think
(PS28M) [14] But it still hasn't worked?
(PS28N) [15] No.
(PS28M) [16] No.
(PS28N) [17] No.
(PS28M) [18] Let's have a look.
(PS28N) [19] Nothing's worked.
(PS28M) [20] Now open wide for me, that's fine.
[21] Say ah.
(PS28N) [22] Ah.
(PS28M) [23] Stick your tongue right out.
[24] [...] . Good.
[25] Right let's have a quick listen, I think what we're going to need to do is to get a chest X- ray, even if your chest is fairly clear, I still suspect it's the hernia that's drying things up.
[26] [...] bit cold.
[27] Nice deep breaths [...] ...
(PS28N) [cough]
(PS28M) [28] [...] Clear at the front and your heart sounds fine too.
[29] Deep breaths again, that's fine.
(PS28N) [30] Oh [...] breathing hard, I go ever so dizzy.
(PS28M) [31] Oh I'm sorry.
[32] [...] . Breathe a bit more gently then if you wish.
[33] ... That's fine, your chest actually
(PS28N) [...]
(PS28M) [34] sounds absolutely clear.
(PS28N) [35] So what can it, what can it be cos it's worrying
(PS28M) [36] Don't know.
(PS28N) [37] me.
(PS28M) [38] Something, somewhere is irritating either the lungs or the airway or the back of the throat.
[39] Well in fact the back of the throat looks fine.
(PS28N) [40] Yeah.
(PS28M) [41] The lungs sound clear, so it's probably the airway.
[42] And if you get a hernia, hiatus hernia, with acid
(PS28N) [43] Yeah well I got that's what I have got one.
(PS28M) [44] That's right.
[45] And you have acid coming up the gullet,
(PS28N) [46] Yeah.
(PS28M) [47] it can irritate the airway too and you can cough because of hiatus hernias.
(PS28N) [...]
(PS28M) [48] No the important
(PS28N) [49] There's no way I can, I don't [...]
(PS28M) [50] Yeah.
(PS28N) [51] hiatus hernias.
[52] Don't
(PS28M) [53] Er
(PS28N) [54] they ever go? [...]
(PS28M) [55] Well
(PS28N) [56] themself or anything?
(PS28M) [57] They don't go by themselves, the problems they cause can go, but that's a bit different.
[58] What we need to do to start off with is to look at your chest in greater detail, get a chest X-ray.
[59] If that's clear we then need to go back and attack the hiatus hernia with more erm, but we'd better get your chest sorted out first.
(PS28N) [60] Should have gone in hospital last Monday to have me hand done.
(PS28M) [61] Yeah.
(PS28N) [62] And I'm going on holiday on Saturday.
(PS28M) [63] Right.
(PS28N) [64] So er, er it were daft weren't it?
[65] Going and having it done and then going on holiday.
[66] [...] to keep going and everything. ...
(PS28M) [67] That's alright.
[68] Now if I give you this you can actually go along at your own convenience,
(PS28N) [69] Yeah.
(PS28M) [70] so you can go before you go on holiday,
(PS28N) [71] Yeah.
(PS28M) [72] or in fact you can go afterwards.
[73] If, you know where the Victoria Hospital is?
(PS28N) [74] Yes.
(PS28M) [75] Now called Mansfield Community?
(PS28N) [76] Yes, yes, [...]
(PS28M) [77] If you if you nip down there you can go any day Monday to Friday, you can go any time between nine and four thirty, you've just got to remember to take your lunch.
(PS28N) [78] [...] tomorrow because I'm at me mam's tomorrow at
(PS28M) [79] Yeah.
(PS28N) [80] Mansfield and I can go when I come back from me mam's about three o'clock.
(PS28M) [81] Perfect.
(PS28N) [82] And I get the results for when I come back then.
[83] Won't I?
(PS28M) [84] Yeah.
[85] That's right.
[86] Okay, so let me just write that on the back, Monday to Friday and that's nine to four thirty.
[87] If you go there it's easier to get to.
(PS28N) [88] Yeah.
(PS28M) [89] Okay.
[90] That's the next step we st we may need to treat your tummy with something else after that but I think that's rather go going to depend on what the chest X-ray shows, and how you feel.
[91] You may find after goi coming back from holiday there's nothing wrong with you, so er
(PS28N) [92] Yeah but I mean I've had it since your fortnight before Christmas on and off.
(PS28M) [93] Yeah, I know, yeah.
(PS28N) [94] It's driving me blooming mad.
(PS28M) [95] Mhm.
(PS28N) [96] It's driving Derek mad as well, and I've
(PS28M) [...]
(PS28N) [97] got right down from about, what?
[98] Twelve fifteen cigarettes to four
(PS28M) [99] Yeah,go you're doing well. [...]
(PS28N) [100] So, and I'm trying to stop altogether but
(PS28M) [101] Yeah.
(PS28N) [102] I can't do it all in one
(PS28M) [103] No.
(PS28N) [104] go.
(PS28M) [105] [...] You're
(PS28N) [106] And
(PS28M) [107] doing the right things though, so
(PS28N) [108] You know it's not having this, this [...]
(PS28M) [cough]
(PS28N) [109] You know here?
(PS28M) [110] Mhm.
(PS28N) [111] And even here, I've got it.
[112] I, I, do you know I wish, I just wish that I could explain how I feel, but I can't.
(PS28M) [113] Mm.
(PS28N) [114] I'm trying to tell you how I feel in myself.
[115] All my bones feel as though they're seizing up.
(PS28M) [116] Yeah.
(PS28N) [117] That's how I feel.
[118] I hurt I really hurt.
(PS28M) [119] Mm.
(PS28N) [120] Here all up here, here in my arms I mean I had seven week physiotherapy on this arm, it's
(PS28M) [121] Mm.
(PS28N) [122] no better now than
(PS28M) [123] No.
(PS28N) [124] what it were when I started going.
(PS28M) [125] Mm.
(PS28N) [126] It's all, it dead, it's
(PS28M) [127] Mm.
(PS28N) [128] it hurts.
[129] I wake up like it, I go to bed like it, I've got it all the time that I'm living with a bloody nightmare, all the time.
[130] And I don't think it's from that hand.
(PS28M) [131] Mm.
(PS28N) [132] I don't, don't for a minute think it's from that hand, because you know the tingling, you're s are you supposed to get tingling all time?
(PS28M) [133] You can do, yes.
(PS28N) [134] Well I don't.
(PS28M) [135] You can do.
(PS28N) [136] I don't.
(PS28M) [137] Not necessarily.
(PS28N) [138] I it's these bones what hurt here.
(PS28M) [139] Mm.
(PS28N) [140] That's the main problem there.
[141] Th when I'm, I'm picking [...] doing owt it hurt, really hurt.
(PS28M) [142] Mm.
(PS28N) [143] It's like as though I've [...] in mangle.
[144] And this is like two day [...] where I just aching, burning.
[145] You know I don't know what to do with myself sometimes.
[146] I can't sit and watch television, I can't knit.
[147] I sit and read and I'm tightening up like this and I [gasp] like that to sort of
(PS28M) [148] Mm.
(PS28N) [149] I'm always doing that, [...] think I'm bloody daft when I do it, but it, it sort of releases tension.
(PS28M) [150] Mm.
(PS28N) [151] I don't know what it is, but it oh it's carrying me down, I know that much and I have it for years and years.
(PS28M) [152] Well there are one or two other things we can do to try and make you feel better er even if the, the hands aren't the principle cause er ... I think we'll see what happens, work your chest out of the way first though.
(PS28N) [153] Yeah.
(PS28M) [154] I'm certainly not going to er w to say let's give you a trial of this or a trial of that, until we know what's happened with your chest, so
(PS28N) [155] Yeah, well I've b t to tell you honest truth, I've been on th I've been down that road.
[156] I've
(PS28M) [157] Mm.
(PS28N) [158] been down that road,
(PS28M) [...]
(PS28N) [159] If you've got me on the records it'll show you.
(PS28M) [160] Yes, we're short of
(PS28N) [161] Cos I er I've just asked, they haven't found them yet.
(PS28M) [162] No, we don't know where they've gone.
(PS28N) [163] Cos I mean it tells you on there, I can't remember, it tells you on there every tablet I've had, all for this.
[164] To
(PS28M) [165] Yeah.
(PS28N) [166] no avail.
(PS28M) [167] Yeah.
(PS28N) [168] They go here, they go here and they make me dizzy.
(PS28M) [169] Mm.
(PS28N) [170] They make me light-headed, they make me feel sick, they go to my stomach,
(PS28M) [171] Mm.
(PS28N) [172] I'm bilious and they don't do anything for this
(PS28M) [173] No.
(PS28N) [174] what I want
(PS28M) [...]
(PS28N) [175] to happen.
(PS28M) [176] We, we need to watch what we give you because of your
(PS28N) [177] Yeah.
(PS28M) [178] hiatus hernia.
(PS28N) [179] Yeah.
(PS28M) [180] Anyway.
[181] Let's have you having a chest X-ray and have a holiday.
(PS28N) [182] Yeah.
(PS28M) [183] And then we'll have another look
(PS28N) [184] Well,
(PS28M) [185] when we come back.
[186] But your chest y
(PS28N) [187] I've had an holiday [...]
(PS28M) [188] That's right.
[189] But your chest is, is sounding clear and I expect it's management of the hernia that's going to [...]
(PS28N) [190] Ooh, can I have a prescription for them tablets?
(PS28M) [191] W the Sametadine Is
(PS28N) [192] Yeah, I didn't actually take any [...]
(PS28M) [193] The ones I gave you last w yeah
(PS28N) [194] Yeah, yeah.
(PS28M) [195] yeah, yeah.
(PS28N) [196] I'm nearly out of them.
[197] In fact I, I don't think I am.
[198] Sometimes er do I have to take them all the time?
[199] I'm not sure about that.
[200] If I do if I don't feel this hernia, if I ain't got any indigestion, I don't take them.
(PS28M) [201] I would for the moment, yeah, I would for the moment.
(PS28N) [202] Yeah, just, just keep taking them, one in the morning and one at night?
(PS28M) [203] Yes, yes.
(PS28N) [204] Alright then.
(PS28M) [205] And then we'll have a chat about that, as I said,
(PS28N) [206] Yeah.
(PS28M) [207] when you're back from holiday.
[208] Now fatty food, alcohol, large meals, fizzy drinks
(PS28N) [209] Yeah.
(PS28M) [210] will all tend to upset your tummy.
(PS28N) [211] Yeah.
(PS28M) [212] So be a little bit cautious.
[213] But
(PS28N) [214] Yeah.
(PS28M) [215] you are allowed to drink and you are allowed to splash out and you are
(PS28N) [216] Oh yeah.
(PS28M) [217] allowed to go and have sausage and chips at a caff
(PS28N) [218] Yeah
(PS28M) [219] you know.
[220] Just be, just be
(PS28N) [221] but drink in moderation.
(PS28M) [222] a bit careful, yeah,
(PS28N) [223] Yeah.
[224] Yeah.
(PS28M) [225] yeah.
(PS28N) [226] Yeah,
(PS28M) [227] Right?
(PS28N) [228] well I know I can't eat oranges, and I can't
(PS28M) [229] No.
(PS28N) [230] eat orange juice [...]
(PS28M) [231] No.
[232] You'll find your own things [...]
(PS28N) [233] Yeah that's it, yeah.
[234] If I, and salad cream I can't e I can't even put salad cream on a salad
(PS28M) [235] Oh dear.
(PS28N) [236] because that upsets me and all.
(PS28M) [237] Shame I like
(PS28N) [...]
(PS28M) [238] I like a bit of salad cream.
(PS28N) [239] I know, yeah.
[240] I've tried mayonnaise and I've tried [...] [door closing]