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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 1596 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C243

PS28P X u (No name, age unknown, doctor) unspecified
PS28R X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified

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  1. Tape 097303 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

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(PS28P) [1] The bad news they haven't arrived so, and that rather, it still
(PS28R) [2] Yes.
(PS28P) [3] it still ties my hands, hands somewhat
(PS28R) [4] I mean
(PS28P) [5] because I received no further communication from anyone so
(PS28R) [6] Erm I don't know if this would help, because, you know I'm, I, I said that.
(PS28P) [7] Ooh a D S S book.
(PS28R) [8] Yes that erm you know they wouldn't
(PS28P) [9] Yeah.
(PS28R) [10] actually give some money, well they've sent this, they've sent this letter so
(PS28P) [11] [...] still got a D S S book going so
(PS28R) [12] No this is the o yeah, this is the one that they sent you see?
[13] When I
(PS28P) [14] Yeah.
(PS28R) [15] came to you and said, you know they won't send any money because I haven't got a note, but because you was a bit, you know, doctor's
(PS28P) [16] Yeah.
(PS28R) [17] a bit suspicious. [...]
(PS28P) [18] Well you've got a book, so you can still actually er
(PS28R) [19] Yeah, but you see they sent this on the twenty ninth of June
(PS28P) [20] Yeah.
(PS28R) [21] but the thing is this doctor's note runs out yesterday, [...]
(PS28P) [22] Mm.
(PS28R) [23] see, so I can't really cash any more, you know?
(PS28P) [24] Why not?
(PS28R) [25] Well because I haven't had a doctor's note and it makes it a bit difficult if I cash it.
(PS28P) [26] But they would have only given you a book for
(PS28R) [27] Right.
(PS28P) [28] that long, if you had a valid doctor's note for that time, surely?
(PS28R) [29] No, no.
[30] You have to get another one, you see.
[31] It doesn't work like that.
[32] I mean that's some proof, [...] I mean [...] I [...]
(PS28P) [33] It's proof that someone's issued a book to you, yeah.
[34] I'm not quite, has, is th it gives no indication of why it's been issued, that's the catch.
(PS28R) [35] Well, see these are the ones that I sent in and I didn't think they would, they would agree with because they were duplicates unless they found the original.
(PS28P) [36] Mm.
(PS28R) [37] Do you follow?
(PS28P) [38] No they won't accept duplicates as a rule.
(PS28R) [39] Well they put those in anyway, so unless they found the original ones, [...]
(PS28P) [40] That's, that's two months and that keep [tongue-tied verbal babbling] that keeps you covered for a while, doesn't it?
(PS28R) [41] But you see the thing is, that's true but sometimes the way they deal with it, they deal with it say eight weeks, so which makes it what?
[42] About sevent
(PS28P) [43] Yeah, he's just put yeah he's just put depression.
[44] I mean how do you actually feel at the moment?
(PS28R) [45] Well, I feel better than I was, but I've been at Haywoods Heath which was a religious community
(PS28P) [46] Hmm.
(PS28R) [47] and er I feel, I feel as though I'm generally [...]
(PS28P) [48] Mm.
[49] Aye.
[50] What about sleep patterns?
(PS28R) [51] That's fine.
(PS28P) [52] And mood during the day?
(PS28R) [53] That's fine, not too bad. ...
(PS28P) [54] See if you're actually better medically
(PS28R) [55] Mm.
(PS28P) [56] you actually become fit for work.
(PS28R) [57] Right.
(PS28P) [58] Ah [laughing] in which case it'd be wrong for me to say that you're not fit for work anyway [] .
(PS28R) [59] Right.
(PS28P) [60] So er I mean if you, if you, you know, if you do feel you're looking better I mean you look, you know
(PS28R) [61] Right.
(PS28P) [62] fairly okay.
(PS28R) [63] Right.
(PS28P) [64] So I mean if you, if that's how you actually feel then what we should really do is to sign a note at some stage saying you are fit for work on a certain date.
(PS28R) [65] Mhm.
(PS28P) [66] And er then what will happen is the benefit you receive will change from
(PS28R) [67] Right.
(PS28P) [68] erm sickness benefit or invalidity benefit depending
(PS28R) [69] Mm.
(PS28P) [70] how long you've been off for, to unemployment
(PS28R) [...]
(PS28P) [71] benefit, if you're eligible.
[72] So I, and, and to be honest I think that's what we ought to do at this stage,
(PS28R) [73] Mhm.
(PS28P) [74] if you remain fairly well.
[75] Now obviously
(PS28R) [76] Mm.
(PS28P) [77] if how you are
(PS28R) [78] Mm.
(PS28P) [79] changes,
(PS28R) [80] Mhm.
(PS28P) [81] You know it's a different ball game
(PS28R) [82] Mm.
(PS28P) [83] and then we have to reassess you and say you're medically
(PS28R) [84] Mm.
(PS28P) [85] unfit and then we sign you off.
[86] But then
(PS28R) [87] Mm.
(PS28P) [88] also we ought to be treating it, are you not actually having any active treatment at the moment are you?
(PS28R) [89] No.
(PS28P) [90] No.
(PS28R) [91] You see ... you see I don't mean to be erm rude or anything but as I'm sure you understand you can't really you know, you know write a note without my doctor's notes, because you see I, I think if I get a job at the moment I think it'll just, it won't last
(PS28P) [92] No.
[93] Well I, I
(PS28R) [...]
(PS28P) [94] I could write a note
(PS28R) [...]
(PS28P) [95] on my own assessment,
(PS28R) [96] Right yes [...]
(PS28P) [97] but I have got nothing to back up, it's a bit like
(PS28R) [98] before you have the notes?
(PS28P) [99] Oh I can, oh yes I can, I could
(PS28R) [100] Yeah.
(PS28P) [101] write a note treating
(PS28R) [102] Right.
(PS28P) [103] you as my own patient
(PS28R) [104] Right.
(PS28P) [105] on a, on how I find you at a particular time.
(PS28R) [106] Right.
(PS28P) [107] But what I can't do is to look back and saying you've been, you are like this now but
(PS28R) [...]
(PS28P) [108] we know from your previous history, that this
(PS28R) [109] Right.
(PS28P) [110] is the course of events
(PS28R) [...]
(PS28P) [111] and perhaps it'd be reasonable to wait longer before we say you're fit for work.
[112] And I haven't got much evidence
(PS28R) [113] You can't do that until you get the notes can you?
(PS28P) [114] Well it's a bit i well I, well I could do but it's a bit tricky I mean to some
(PS28R) [115] Right.
(PS28P) [116] extent I'd be happy to keep you going for a bit longer.
(PS28R) [117] Right.
(PS28P) [118] There's no [...] .
[119] What I don't really want to do is to sign you off sick long term, without really knowing I mean
(PS28R) [120] Mhm.
(PS28P) [121] what's been happening before, what's been said
(PS28R) [122] Yeah.
(PS28P) [123] to you, what's been given
(PS28R) [124] Yeah.
(PS28P) [125] to you.
(PS28R) [126] Yeah.
(PS28P) [127] Exactly what sort of thing you've been in.
[128] And you can say some of
(PS28R) [129] Yeah that's, that's [...] what I [...]
(PS28P) [130] to me but I d I still, I don't get the same feeling from you as perhaps I might with medical notes, if you see what I mean?
(PS28R) [131] Well I, I, no I agree
(PS28P) [132] Yeah.
(PS28R) [133] with you precisely
(PS28P) [134] Yeah.
(PS28R) [135] I think that you can't really make a decision until you have that literature, you can't.
(PS28P) [136] It's tricky.
(PS28R) [137] But what I'm, what I'm, is because you've got this order book
(PS28P) [138] Yeah.
(PS28R) [139] and these, you know things from the benefits er agency, because if I cash any more it makes it so I mean
(PS28P) [140] Yeah.
(PS28R) [141] what, you see I don't know when these notes are going to come up
(PS28P) [142] Yeah.
(PS28R) [143] you see?
(PS28P) [144] Well what I
(PS28R) [145] And I need this cash .
(PS28P) [146] Yeah.
[147] I mean what I suggest we
(PS28R) [...]
(PS28P) [148] do
(PS28R) [149] Yeah.
(PS28P) [150] given you're, given how you are at the moment, which
(PS28R) [151] Right.
(PS28P) [152] is probably not one hundred percent medically fit,
(PS28R) [153] Yeah.
(PS28P) [154] [cough] is to actually give you another note for the moment for say
(PS28R) [155] Right.
(PS28P) [156] erm where are we now?
[157] We're July, so if I say another six weeks, that'll actually get
(PS28R) [158] Right.
(PS28P) [159] us through to the first week of September.
(PS28R) [160] Right, so these [...]
(PS28P) [161] And then
(PS28R) [162] you can [...]
(PS28P) [163] and then have another chat.
[164] And if you are fairly okay then we'll probably say well we'll sign you off at this stage anyway.
[165] But
(PS28R) [166] Mm.
(PS28P) [167] at least we'll have the notes to back up what we're doing, and I
(PS28R) [168] Right.
(PS28P) [169] think that'd be sensible.
[170] It'll
(PS28R) [171] Right.
(PS28P) [172] keep you ticking over for the moment
(PS28R) [...]
(PS28P) [173] which is what you need.
(PS28R) [174] Yeah, yeah.
(PS28P) [175] And it'll erm, and I think that'll be reasonable.
(PS28R) [176] Yeah.
(PS28P) [177] Is that okay?
(PS28R) [178] That seems okay for now, yeah but
(PS28P) [179] It's a sort of compromise
(PS28R) [180] when you
(PS28P) [181] decision but it is difficult to know which way to go, when you're actually up you know, I, I wouldn't say you're a hundred percent but I wouldn't say
(PS28R) [182] Right.
(PS28P) [183] there's anything too much wrong with you either.
(PS28R) [184] Right.
(PS28P) [185] Now what I've got to put a diagnosis on this, so if I write depression cos that has been the problem hasn't it?
(PS28R) [186] Right, yes.
(PS28P) [187] Yeah, is that fair enough?
(PS28R) [188] Yeah.
(PS28P) [189] And if I put six weeks, now this'll overlap slightly with the present one, that doesn't matter the D S S don't give two hoots from that point of view, and that'll then run out six weeks, which is about the beginning of September
(PS28R) [190] Right.
(PS28P) [191] exactly.
(PS28R) [192] But I, you know, I agree with this, thanks for the, writing the note, but
(PS28P) [193] That's okay.
(PS28R) [194] erm ... [...] especially that when you get those er notes from Haywoods Heath,
(PS28P) [195] Yeah.
(PS28R) [196] and then see what you think.
[197] But I mean I don't want to stay on the sickness but it is
(PS28P) [198] Yeah.
(PS28R) [199] invalidity.
[200] It's Sickness Benefit on your
(PS28P) [201] Mm.
(PS28R) [202] Income Support.
[203] So it's
(PS28P) [204] Mm.
(PS28R) [205] exactly the same amount of money
(PS28P) [206] Yeah, oh yeah.
[207] So you won't gain any extra, yeah.
(PS28R) [208] [...] not Unemployment Benefit, [...] ordinary Income Support
(PS28P) [209] Mhm.
(PS28R) [210] but, you know, when you get those notes if you could look at them and see what you think
(PS28P) [211] Mm.
[212] Yeah I think they'll be informative.
(PS28R) [213] Mm.
[214] Oh yes, yes .
(PS28P) [215] Yeah.
[216] It's a question of getting them back, they haven't long gone but er
(PS28R) [217] Right.
(PS28P) [218] they will return, complete I hope.
[219] Okay .
(PS28R) [220] Right.
[221] [...] is that there's no point in, in er me going to work if it's going to just, you know, work out
(PS28P) [222] No.
(PS28R) [223] so I'm just, you know, unemployed again.
(PS28P) [224] Yeah.
(PS28R) [225] But as I say, when you get those notes, if you really, you know, try and understand them so [sniff] you know [...]
(PS28P) [226] And if I can read the other doctor's handwriting.
(PS28R) [227] Yes.
(PS28P) [228] [laugh] Anyhow we'll sort that out in September, I'm sure they'll be there.
[229] We sent in an urgent request three
(PS28R) [230] Yes.
(PS28P) [231] weeks ago for those and I'd be very surprised if they don't [...] soon
(PS28R) [232] Apparently they should be on their way because Nottingham was er
(PS28P) [233] They should be.
(PS28R) [234] Yeah.
(PS28P) [235] They should be.
(PS28R) [236] Alright, thanks very much .
(PS28P) [237] Right okay, take care of yourself.