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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 1449 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C244

PS28S X u (No name, age unknown, doctor) unspecified
PS28T X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
GY8PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
GY8PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 097304 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

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(PS28S) [1] What shall I do with you then?
(PS28T) [2] Well I, do you mean for me?
(PS28S) [3] Yeah, yeah.
(PS28T) [4] Well I, I've come for b blood pressure.
[5] [...] those
(PS28S) [6] Right, let's have a look, oh yes.
[7] That's right.
(PS28T) [8] tablets you gave me
(PS28S) [9] That's right.
(PS28T) [10] I, I don't want to see any more of them.
(PS28S) [11] Oh dear I'm sorry to hear that.
(PS28T) [12] After after a fortnight I couldn't walk up the street without stopping for a breather.
(PS28S) [13] They made you short of breath?
(PS28T) [14] Ooh terrible.
(PS28S) [15] Right, okay.
[16] Oh dear.
(PS28T) [17] And er I couldn't I mean I do a lot of gardening there were n no problems at all, so I took them t well you can see what's left.
(PS28S) [18] So you've stopped them?
(PS28T) [19] I took thirteen and I've got some of me old Diodide so went back on to them.
(PS28S) [20] I, I think that was entirely the right thing to do, entirely the right thing to do.
[21] Well I'm sorry about that.
(PS28T) [22] Every time I sat down I went to sleep.
(PS28S) [23] Oh well, that's no good then is it?
(PS28T) [24] And er, No.
(PS28S) [25] Okay, let me check what it is today.
[26] It, I mean it has been going up rather high, this has been
(PS28T) [27] Yeah.
(PS28S) [28] a problem of course.
[29] Let
(PS28T) [30] Yeah.
(PS28S) [31] me see what it is and there's a chance it's actually down
(PS28T) [32] Yeah, [...]
(PS28S) [33] Because of the Etenalol but er
(PS28T) [34] [cough] But it's two
(PS28S) [35] Let's have a look.
(PS28T) [36] weeks since I took any of those.
(PS28S) [37] Well it's certainly right that you ought to stop anything that makes you feel worse.
[38] And
(PS28T) [39] Yeah.
(PS28S) [40] it's er
(PS28T) [41] No pain at all
(PS28S) [42] No.
(PS28T) [43] but you know, walking [...] I've had to stop twice.
(PS28S) [44] Well that's no use is it?
[45] That's what? [...]
(PS28T) [46] No apparent reason.
(PS28S) [47] Okay, this'll squeeze your arm a bit
Unknown speaker (GY8PSUNK) [...] [pumping]
(PS28S) [48] Any ankle swelling or palpitations?
(PS28T) [49] No I've nothing, any palpitations, nothing, I feel as fit as I did twenty years ago.
Unknown speaker (GY8PSUNK) [...]
(PS28T) [50] I've got two great [...] I do, [...] I'm always cycling I never, very seldom ride anyway on buses and I ain't got no car, no [...] car.
[51] And I feel as tip-top, I can eat, I've no bowel trouble or nothing.
(PS28S) [52] Yeah.
(PS28T) [53] I can sleep, eat.
(PS28S) [54] Good.
[55] [cough] Your blood pressure is still up,
(PS28T) [56] Yeah.
(PS28S) [57] a bit.
(PS28T) [58] Yeah.
(PS28S) [59] It's not up an awful lot but it is still up a bit.
[60] And I'm sure it'd be well worth er, er getting this down, no.
[61] Dies are you back on Diesiodinate [...] doing the trick
(PS28T) [62] Well I've been taking them yeah, [...]
(PS28S) [63] What I, what I suggest we do is we take this opportunity of having to review, to sort of have a complete overview and actually do, run a few er routine blood tests at this stage as well.
[64] Okay?
[65] I would erm ... suggest what we do is we stop the Dieside and put in something else, you know, just to keep you on on I don't really want to have you on a combination of lots
(PS28T) [66] No.
(PS28S) [67] of drugs.
(PS28T) [68] No, no.
(PS28S) [69] I'd rather just have you on one preparation and then we see what happens.
[70] Now the question is, what is erm going to be the most suitable for you?
[71] ... Hmm.
[72] I think what we'll do ... is try this, which is called Doxazocin there you go, that's an instantly forgettable name for you.
(PS28T) [73] Yeah , yeah.
[74] Mm.
(PS28S) [75] Okay, but it does have the advantage in it, it's a has it's a very clean drug.
(PS28T) [76] Yeah.
(PS28S) [77] It's a very clean, so side effects are very very rare, that's right, [...] ... [writing] Now we, I'm going to give you two sizes, cos you need to start on the lower dose first.
(PS28T) [78] Yeah [...]
(PS28S) [79] And what I would do, have you had your Dieside today?
(PS28T) [80] Yes.
(PS28S) [81] Okay, doesn't matter, your blood pressure's still up.
[82] What I should do is take the first one tonight.
(PS28T) [83] Yes.
(PS28S) [84] Because what new drugs can do is they can put your blood pressure down quite quickly.
[85] Which means if you're standing up, you
(PS28T) [86] Yeah.
(PS28S) [87] can get rather faint and wobbly.
(PS28T) [88] Yeah.
(PS28S) [89] So if you take the first one immediately before you go to bed, if your blood pressure does go down rather a lot, it doesn't matter cos you're lying down, you'll
(PS28T) [90] Yeah.
(PS28S) [91] be fine.
[92] And if you're okay, you can carry on taking one in the morning.
(PS28T) [93] One in the morning
(PS28S) [94] Okay?
(PS28T) [...]
(PS28S) [95] And the seven days at the low dose and then I'd like you to go onto the slightly higher dose, which is still a low dose,
(PS28T) [96] Yeah.
(PS28S) [97] for the rest of the time.
[98] And then we can bri check your blood pressure back.
[99] So,
(PS28T) [...]
(PS28S) [100] if that's okay, that's what we'll do.
(PS28T) [101] Yeah.
(PS28S) [102] Stop the Dieside
(PS28T) [103] Yes.
(PS28S) [104] take these back to the chemist,
(PS28T) [105] Yes.
(PS28S) [106] and if you can see our practice nurse in a few weeks
(PS28T) [107] Yes.
(PS28S) [108] okay, and then see me in about five weeks,
(PS28T) [109] Right, okay.
(PS28S) [110] something like that.
[111] Then we can
(PS28T) [112] How will
(PS28S) [113] have a look at the blood tests
(PS28T) [114] Yeah.
(PS28S) [115] I'll write down what I want her to do,
(PS28T) [116] Mm.
(PS28S) [117] we can have a look at the blood tests, we can see what the blood pressure is.
[118] If you have any side effects from the new ones, then you should come back straight
(PS28T) [119] Yes.
(PS28S) [120] away.
(PS28T) [121] Right.
(PS28S) [122] Okay?
(PS28T) [123] Yeah.
(PS28S) [124] But I think, I'd be very surprised if you do, so ... so
(PS28T) [125] Shall I know which is which in the tablets, [...]
(PS28S) [126] Yes they'll be clearly labelled.
(PS28T) [127] Yeah.
[128] Mhm. ...
(PS28S) [129] And I think I'll ask her to do an electrical tracing of your heart, just for completeness as well,
(PS28T) [130] Yeah.
(PS28S) [131] I think.
(PS28T) [...]
(PS28S) [132] Okay.
[133] Now then it's , isn't it??
(PS28T) [134] That's right, yeah.
[135] Well I've been on them Diodides for six year now.
(PS28S) [136] Yeah I know, but your blood pr I mean they did d they were doing you very well but blood pressure does tend to rise, as you get older
(PS28T) [137] [...] Yeah yeah.
(PS28S) [138] and I think that's what [...]
(PS28T) [139] Probably if it hadn't have been for Sister Helen and I would have never have been able to b catch the [...] at all because I never came to see a doctor.
(PS28S) [140] You d then we, we'd have er we'd have
(PS28T) [...]
(PS28S) [141] summoned you by now, don't worry.
(PS28T) [142] You think so?
(PS28S) [143] Oh yes.
(PS28T) [144] Ah ah.
[145] I'm saying years ago my old dad, he, he were eighty nine and he never had a blood test in his life.
(PS28S) [146] Well
(PS28T) [147] Pressure or anything.
(PS28S) [148] if you go back even
(PS28T) [149] You think I could have some of that I pu i m Melorose or something, for dry eyes.
[150] I, I have got it on the prescription I had to get it Doctor sent me to the hospital,
(PS28S) [151] Yeah.
(PS28T) [152] and there's nothing wrong with my eyes at all, they said [...] dry.
(PS28S) [153] Ju dry yeah I'll put one of those on for you.
(PS28T) [154] Cos they're a bit irritable at night.
(PS28S) [155] Yeah okay.
[156] If you only go back ten fifteen years, it wasn't realized fully how many problems are out there,
(PS28T) [157] Yeah, [...]
(PS28S) [158] that don't cause people any symptoms until something happens and it's too late.
(PS28T) [159] That's right, yeah.
(PS28S) [160] Er that's becoming more recognized, which is why we do more routine things on people who appear fa yeah, it
(PS28T) [161] Yeah, that's right, [...] .
[162] So as you say years at [...] I'm
(PS28S) [163] No no, I mean
(PS28T) [164] so ill because I couldn't afford it
(PS28S) [165] No no.
(PS28T) [166] but I [...] [laugh]
(PS28S) [167] Well sometimes we overdo I think, but anyway.
[168] So there's, there's two sixes.
(PS28T) [169] Yeah.
(PS28S) [170] The little ones there's only seven of and that's
(PS28T) [171] Yes.
(PS28S) [172] one a day.
(PS28T) [173] Yes.
(PS28S) [174] And I said, if you take the first dose tonight.
(PS28T) [175] Yes.
(PS28S) [176] I j write that, the first dose, dose tonight.
(PS28T) [177] Tonight, yeah.
(PS28S) [178] And then
(PS28T) [179] If I take [...] if I take one at night
(PS28S) [180] after that, it's [...]
(PS28T) [181] have I to take another one in the morning? [...]
(PS28S) [182] If you're okay , yes, yeah.
(PS28T) [...]
(PS28S) [183] And if you feel completely weak and wobbly,
(PS28T) [184] Yes.
(PS28S) [185] then we better see you before you have any more.
[186] That
(PS28T) [...]
(PS28S) [187] has never happened [laugh] to me yet, first dose problems
(PS28T) [188] No, no no [...]
(PS28S) [189] but it's something to be slightly aware of, so
(PS28T) [...]
(PS28S) [190] And if I can see, if you say you've had the blood test done in around, I dunno, two weeks, at your convenience and then if you see me in about five, which will be at the end of those, which [...]
(PS28T) [191] So [...] arrangements to have a blood test then,
(PS28S) [192] Mm.
(PS28T) [193] in about a fortnight?
(PS28S) [194] Please, yes.
(PS28T) [...]
(PS28S) [195] Yeah.
[196] Okey-doke.
(PS28T) [197] These, the chemist can have these back?
(PS28S) [198] Yes, please, he can then dispose of them.
(PS28T) [...] [laugh]
(PS28S) [199] I'm sorry about that but er [...] is this yours?
(PS28T) [200] Well I, I wondered.
[201] Yes, I
(PS28S) [202] Yes, don't forget that.
(PS28T) [203] I wondered what was going on really, because I mean it just [...] at least I can take them [...]
(PS28S) [204] Yeah, yeah.
[205] It's [...]
(PS28T) [206] got the wife worried, [...]
(PS28S) [207] It's not a common it isn't a common problem at all that.
(PS28T) [208] No
(PS28S) [209] Okay?
(PS28T) [210] Yes, [...]