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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 1283 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C245

PS28U X u (No name, age unknown, doctor) unspecified
PS28V X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
GY9PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
GY9PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 097305 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS28U) [...]
(PS28V) [1] I dunno really,
Unknown speaker (GY9PSUNK) [...]
(PS28V) [2] erm saw Doctor last week.
(PS28U) [3] See if he's written, I doubt if he's dropped a line
(PS28V) [...]
(PS28U) [4] to me.
[5] Er seventeenth of June, [...] so that's not last week's is it?
[6] No.
(PS28V) [7] He said you were going to change me on the medication, [...]
(PS28U) [8] Right, well so he's done that has he?
(PS28V) [9] Well I supp I imagine so, yeah.
(PS28U) [10] I don't know what to though.
[11] Have you, you haven't got them with you?
(PS28V) [12] Afraid I don't.
(PS28U) [13] Oh that's a shame.
(PS28V) [14] He [...]
(PS28U) [15] Oh he hasn't given you anything?
(PS28V) [16] No.
(PS28U) [17] He's letting me do that is he?
(PS28V) [18] Yeah.
(PS28U) [19] Oh well.
[20] Well the letter will arrive very shortly so, I'd be quite happy to do that without necessarily seeing you.
[21] So er we can write [spelling] [] , his initials, is changing medication.
(PS28V) [22] [...] see me in three month time.
(PS28U) [23] Right, did he mention anything else like angiograms or?
(PS28V) [24] Er he mentioned going to Leicester.
(PS28U) [25] Yeah, well that'll be the, what that's for, yeah.
[26] Ooh, I suppose i it, it's going to depend on how you respond to the change of medication.
(PS28V) [27] Yeah.
(PS28U) [28] But I don't know what it is yet, so er
(PS28V) [29] [laughing] Neither do I [] .
(PS28U) [30] I just have to wait for his letter, but I think the sensible thing to do would be to talk to you about what he's putting you on because a lot of these drugs are not without potential side effects.
(PS28V) [31] That's right, [...]
(PS28U) [32] So that's something we will need to talk to you about before we just give you a prescription willy-nilly.
(PS28V) [33] Yeah.
(PS28U) [34] So now that's okay.
[35] Now I don't think er the other lot have seen you, have they?
[36] Over the past week or so.
(PS28V) [37] No.
(PS28U) [38] No, that's okay.
[39] The Diasopan I think is still, are you about three a day?
(PS28V) [40] Yeah.
(PS28U) [41] Yeah.
[42] Now and you've just had another prescription for that haven't you?
(PS28V) [43] Yeah.
(PS28U) [44] Yeah.
[45] ... I mean you may find it's not very easy to cut it down further until
(PS28V) [46] I must admit I've been taking
(PS28U) [47] Yeah.
(PS28V) [48] more,
(PS28U) [49] Yeah.
(PS28V) [50] because I have had a lot of hassle
(PS28U) [51] Yeah.
(PS28V) [52] with Carol and [...]
(PS28U) [53] Yeah.
[54] ... Well I don't mind that I mean I, the er the overall amount is still much lower than you were
(PS28V) [55] Yeah.
(PS28U) [56] and you are allowed to take the occasional extra, if it is only the occasional extra,
(PS28V) [57] It is yeah .
(PS28U) [58] I'm quite happy with that.
[59] I really don't mind.
[60] I, I still want to have the downward trend but I suspect until this is sorted out we're not going to get you off it altogether.
[61] And er and it is, your chest is potentially the more serious one of the two anyway, so
(PS28V) [62] I went away for about five days, six
(PS28U) [63] Mhm.
(PS28V) [64] days.
[65] I went to the Norfolk Broads, and erm I think it was Saturday morning we went to have a look at a flat,
(PS28U) [66] Mhm.
(PS28V) [67] and it were like I don't know what had happened but
(PS28U) [68] Mm.
(PS28V) [69] I didn't feel very well.
(PS28U) [70] No.
(PS28V) [71] And something like hit me from the inside,
(PS28U) [72] Mm.
(PS28V) [73] and my mate was behind me and he's a, he's a big lad, and he just caught me.
(PS28U) [74] Mm.
(PS28V) [75] And I'd gone.
(PS28U) [76] Mm.
[77] How long did it take you for to come round?
(PS28V) [78] Five or ten minutes.
(PS28U) [79] Yeah.
[80] How did you feel when you came round?
(PS28V) [81] Well I went to bed at er ten o'clock in the morning and I woke up at ten o'clock at night.
(PS28U) [82] Mm.
[83] I mean it sounds more like a, a faint rather than anything with your
(PS28V) [84] That's right.
(PS28U) [85] heart, but er let me just check your blood pressure this morning.
[86] Cos that, that has been a bit up and down, [...]
Unknown speaker (GY9PSUNK) [humming]
(PS28U) [87] Could you just turn, [...] thanks.
[88] It'll squeeze a bit, [...]
(PS28V) [...] ... [pumping]
(PS28U) [89] Mm.
[90] Mm.
[91] Once again it's quite low an and er certainly if it dips much below where it is, you certainly can feel dizzy and faint, and of course the medication doesn't actually help that, which is one of the reasons why we need to
(PS28V) [92] I feel so
(PS28U) [93] Yeah.
(PS28V) [94] lethargic,
(PS28U) [95] Yeah.
(PS28V) [96] and
(PS28U) [97] Well some of that could be the tablets you're on.
[98] Unfortunately I'm not quite sure what he's suggesting we put you on.
(PS28V) [99] Well I brought all the tablets along.
(PS28U) [100] Yeah, let's see.
[101] Yeah.
(PS28V) [102] Er [laugh]
(PS28U) [103] I know it's quite a lot.
(PS28V) [laugh]
(PS28U) [104] There really are a lot here aren't there?
[105] Er there's the er
(PS28V) [106] [laughing] Chemical [...] []
(PS28U) [107] [...] Well the ... yeah.
[108] Well the aspirin and the g The aspirin is essential and you've got to carry on taking that.
(PS28V) [109] And I do take [...] ?
(PS28U) [110] The G T N, you only take if and when they're necessary, okay?
[111] The Diasopan you're already cutting down, we know all about that.
[112] The Dithiopin er won't affect your blood pressure and you really need to stay on that as maintenance, cos there's a
(PS28V) [113] [...] I don't think I've got any of them left.
(PS28U) [114] Oh no, they've just run out, yeah.
[115] I, I think you really should stay on those.
[116] If you stop them, you'll be fine initially but there's a fair chance you could actually get a lot worse without them.
[117] That's the catch, they won't affect your heart, your blood pressure or anything else.
[118] From that point of view you're fi that's fine.
[119] But they certainly will help you sleep.
(PS28V) [...]
(PS28U) [120] Mm.
[121] Let's put you back on those.
[122] And the erm ni the, the, the capsules and the er Nitrous Albide I expect are the ones he's going to change though the problem is exactly what to.
(PS28V) [123] Yeah, [...]
(PS28U) [124] I think, I think we have to wait for the letter, I suspect you'll probably find both those changed to some extent after that so er ... I think we really have to wait for that.
[125] [whispering] [...] seven ninety three [] .
[126] Okay that's Dithiopin I think the answer to your question, can you get rid of them?
[127] Yes I'd love to get rid of a lot of them but I'm yo you have got two ongoing problems both of which need to be treated so I think to start er cutting things out could make you a lot worse.
[128] ... Whereabouts was this flat?
(PS28V) [129] Norfolk Broads.
(PS28U) [130] Ooh whereabouts?
(PS28V) [131] Er Marton.
(PS28U) [132] Very nice.
(PS28V) [133] Yeah.
(PS28U) [134] Very nice indeed.
[135] It's a different sort of life out there, to some extent.
(PS28V) [136] Twenty five pound [...]
(PS28U) [137] Blimey.
(PS28V) [138] Absolute [...]
(PS28U) [139] Mm.
[140] Do you think you'll go?
(PS28V) [141] Er I've got negative
(PS28U) [laugh]
(PS28V) [142] equity in
(PS28U) [143] No.
(PS28V) [...]
(PS28U) [144] Oh I see.
(PS28V) [145] So if I haven't I'm going.
(PS28U) [146] Yeah.
[147] Mm.
[148] It's a lovely place of the world to live.
(PS28V) [149] [...] Yeah.
(PS28U) [150] I've actually been down to Norfolk this weekend so
(PS28V) [151] You have?
(PS28U) [152] Yeah.
[153] Heaterset which is near Norwich, we've got some friends living but er
(PS28V) [154] Yeah.
(PS28U) [155] I, I worked in Norwich for a year and a half, so I actually know it.
[156] And my work, wife worked there even longer so we know the are area quite well.
(PS28V) [157] Oh it's lovely.
(PS28U) [158] It is, very nice.
(PS28V) [...]
(PS28U) [159] Mm.
(PS28V) [160] I stay at my [...]
(PS28U) [161] Mm.
(PS28V) [162] Er we went to er the coast, what's it called, [...]
(PS28U) [163] Mm.
(PS28V) [164] [...] two miles away.
(PS28U) [165] Yeah, that's lovely.
(PS28V) [166] And [...] magic.
(PS28U) [167] Very relaxing.
(PS28V) [168] Yeah.
(PS28U) [169] That's what you need every now and again.
(PS28V) [170] And I was, I wa actually going to live down there.
(PS28U) [171] Mm.
(PS28V) [172] [...] sell the house or whatever but er there's this pal of mine and er he's going on for, for ten years, [...]
(PS28U) [173] Oh, it happens, it happens.
(PS28V) [174] That's cocked that up.
Unknown speaker (GY9PSUNK) [laugh]
(PS28U) [175] Right, well see how things go, what I would do is enquire in about a week whether that letter has come back and then we can arrange to see you.
[176] So I think we ought to have a chat about the sort of things he's putting you on, and then what side effects or anything you might get from those, but
(PS28V) [177] Yeah.
(PS28U) [178] we'll, we'll have to see.
[179] Fine idea [...] but
(PS28V) [...]
(PS28U) [180] Okay?
(PS28V) [181] Okay.
(PS28U) [182] [...] take care, bye then.