Medical consultation. Sample containing about 362 words speech recorded in public context

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PS28W X u (No name, age unknown, doctor) unspecified
PS28X X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified

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  1. Tape 097306 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

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(PS28X) [...]
(PS28W) [1] I [...] do have a seat.
(PS28X) [2] Thank you.
(PS28W) [3] What can I do for you today?
[4] Oh yes.
(PS28X) [5] I [...] clinic on this blood test, [...]
(PS28W) [6] We did some blood tests, that's right.
(PS28X) [7] We did.
(PS28W) [8] That's right, because you had sugar in your wee and we thought we really must have a look at what we've got, your fasting blood sugar was absolutely fine, so that looks normal.
[9] ... Had you had your breakfast that morning?
(PS28X) [10] Yeah, erm
(PS28W) [11] Good.
(PS28X) [12] [...] spot of, of [...] er when?
[13] For the blood test you mean?
(PS28W) [14] Yeah.
(PS28X) [15] Oh yeah, no I had [...]
(PS28W) [16] So you'd had a big breakfast and it's still normal which implies you're going to be fine, now
(PS28X) [...]
(PS28W) [17] what we really need to do is keep an eye, if it looks like you keep leaking sugar out,
(PS28X) [18] Mhm.
(PS28W) [19] we may have to do what's called a glucose tolerance test.
(PS28X) [20] Right.
(PS28W) [21] I hope not, it's a real hassle to do, so
(PS28X) [22] Mm.
(PS28W) [23] erm ... er and it involves going to the lab and sitting around for about a couple of hours while they feed you a bit of sugar and then take some blood tests every half hour.
[24] But, but we've done er a completely normal random sample and that should be fine.
[25] So if it settles down, and you don't have any more next time, [...] keep an eye on you as we normally do every few ... [tonguetied babbling] Well we'll be seeing you fairly soon, won't we?
[26] We'll be seeing you in another two weeks anyway, won't we?
[27] Yeah.
(PS28X) [28] Two weeks, yeah.
(PS28W) [29] Okay.
[30] Well we'll have a chat about what you're like then,
(PS28X) [31] Okay.
(PS28W) [32] nice fresh sample of wee, not the first wee of the morning,
(PS28X) [33] No.
(PS28W) [34] okay?
[35] But a nice fresh sample.
(PS28X) [36] Okay.
(PS28W) [37] Okay.
[38] Have you got a bottle?
(PS28X) [39] I have yes, thanks.
(PS28W) [40] You've got your bottle?
[41] Yes
(PS28X) [42] Yes I have.
(PS28W) [43] make sure you wash it out.
[44] And then we'll see if, take things from there, is that okay?
(PS28X) [45] That's fine, thanks
(PS28W) [46] Great.
(PS28X) [47] great news, thanks
(PS28W) [48] Okay
(PS28X) [49] very much.
(PS28W) [50] [...] and everything else
(PS28X) [51] Yes, [...]
(PS28W) [...]
(PS28X) [52] I'm a bit [...] bum but er
(PS28W) [53] Well
(PS28X) [laugh]
(PS28W) [54] you're going to get bigger I'm afraid.
(PS28X) [55] I've finished work, now so [...]
(PS28W) [56] Oh right.
[57] Okay.
(PS28X) [58] Right then, [...]
(PS28W) [59] Right,
(PS28X) [60] very much.
(PS28W) [61] see you.
(PS28X) [62] Bye.
(PS28W) [63] Bye.