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PS291 X u (No name, age unknown, doctor) unspecified
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  1. Tape 097308 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

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(PS292) [1] last week, week before, I was told a chest infection and throat infection and well I just don't feel no better.
[2] Coughing all the while.
[3] I've also been sick but er
(PS291) [4] [...] yeah.
(PS292) [5] I sto I haven't been sick for er about a week
(PS291) [6] Right.
(PS292) [7] now.
(PS291) [8] Right.
[9] you've just finished a course of antibiotics, haven't you?
(PS292) [10] Yes.
(PS291) [11] And that's fine and before that er yeah
(PS292) [cough]
(PS291) [12] [whispering] [...] [] .
[13] Do you smoke [...] ?
[14] Do you smoke?
(PS292) [15] No. [cough]
(PS291) [16] [...] right, okay and nothing coming up?
(PS292) [17] No I, I, I get a bit there every now and then and heave, and that
(PS291) [18] Yeah.
(PS292) [19] makes me feel even worse
(PS291) [20] Yeah.
(PS292) [21] like cos I
(PS291) [22] Yeah, what job do you do?
(PS292) [23] A miner. ...
(PS291) [24] Okay, open wide for me.
[25] Stick your tongue out.
[26] Say ah.
(PS292) [27] Ah.
(PS291) [28] Yeah, it looks pretty good down there, okay, well let's have a listen to your chest.
(PS292) [...]
(PS291) [29] Yeah, they'll be fine, bit cool.
[30] Nice deep breath.
[31] ... Mm.
[32] [...] Keep breathing for me.
[33] ... Very deep breaths out.
[34] ... Well.
(PS292) [cough]
(PS291) [35] How would you feel if er a if I said sort of describe how you feel on a scale of one to ten?
(PS292) [36] Er right now I'm two one, two or lower.
(PS291) [37] Yeah, do you get
(PS292) [38] Feel really low and out of breath easily.
(PS291) [39] Yeah.
[40] Are you getting hot sweats?
(PS292) [41] Yeah, do now and then, yeah.
(PS291) [42] Have you been anywhere exotic on holiday in the past three months?
(PS292) [43] No.
(PS291) [44] Past year?
(PS292) [45] No.
(PS291) [46] And conditions down the pits? [...]
(PS292) [47] Hot.
(PS291) [48] [...] .
[49] Damp?
[50] Water?
(PS292) [51] Well our pits there's a lot of water but it's, it's mostly body sweat and s I do get some water off a, a machine that I drive.
(PS291) [52] Yeah.
(PS292) [53] But er it's, it is very hot.
[54] It's n no [...] a hundred degrees [...] .
[55] Humid.
(PS291) [56] Yeah, okay.
[57] Previous to this you've been fit and well?
[58] Cos we've
(PS292) [59] Yeah, yeah.
(PS291) [60] hardly seen you at all.
(PS292) [61] No.
(PS291) [62] Okay.
[63] You've got a nasty chest infection.
[64] [...] down here, the whole of the left side on the back.
[65] Are you getting any
(PS292) [...]
(PS291) [66] chest pain?
(PS292) [67] I have been on, you know with
(PS291) [68] Yeah.
(PS292) [69] the breathing?
[70] I couldn't.
(PS291) [71] Yeah.
(PS292) [72] You know when
(PS291) [73] Yeah.
(PS292) [74] I, I wanted to cough and I couldn't
(PS291) [75] Yeah.
(PS292) [76] because I couldn't take a [...]
(PS291) [77] Okay.
(PS292) [78] big breath.
(PS291) [79] Right.
(PS292) [80] Every time I took a big breath I were getting short pains all down this side?
(PS291) [81] Yeah.
(PS292) [82] Well it, it, not yesterday, the day before, I got them under my right shoulder blade,
(PS291) [83] Yeah.
(PS292) [84] like, when I took a big breath it were the [cough]
(PS291) [85] Right, okay.
[86] We erm probably ought to do some blood tests too
(PS292) [87] Yeah.
(PS291) [88] and a chest X-ray, and some antibiotics.
[89] Are you not fit for work?
(PS292) [90] Well I should have started back yesterday
(PS291) [91] No
(PS292) [92] but, [...]
(PS291) [93] so you're not fit for work.
[94] You're not fit for work.
[95] Don't often tell people they're not fit.
(PS292) [laugh]
(PS291) [96] I normally say how do you feel, but not in your case, [...]
(PS292) [97] [...] I was worried about the, the work I, I couldn't get in to see you until today
(PS291) [98] Yeah.
(PS292) [99] and I should have started back yesterday like.
(PS291) [100] [...] .
[101] Do you think you can roll your sleeve up?
[102] Have you had blood taken before?
(PS292) [103] I think so yeah, but a while ago.
(PS291) [104] Right.
(PS292) [105] Which sleeve, left or right [...]
(PS291) [106] Whichever you've got good veins in really. [laugh] ...
(PS292) [cough]
(PS291) [107] [...] Just er [...]
(PS292) [cough]
(PS291) [108] has anyone else been unwell with anything similar that you're aware of, [...] ?
(PS292) [109] My son was about three week ago but ... it w it wasn't as bad as this, he got a bad cough and
(PS291) [110] Yeah.
(PS292) [111] things like but he wasn't
(PS291) [112] You're not taking any pills and tablets at all are you? [...]
(PS292) [113] No.
[114] Only I have had those what the
(PS291) [115] Yeah, [...]
(PS292) [...]
(PS291) [116] they obviously haven't worked.
(PS292) [117] [cough] Er I keep getting a lot of headaches and I think it's with the hacking and coughing I'm doing.
(PS291) [118] I should think so [...]
(PS292) [119] And I just er you know I have paracetamol or aspirin.
(PS291) [120] [...] okay, [...] one two three.
[121] ... I'm sure you've got one of these really strange chest infections, and these are the ones that tend to hit young, healthy, fit, young adults.
(PS292) [122] Yeah well [...] it's rare for me to come to the doctor's but last three week I've been here like every week, kind of thing.
(PS291) [123] Mm.
[124] Well ... they're not common but every now and again we see someone who looks like they've got a straightforward problem that doesn't get better.
(PS292) [125] Yeah.
(PS291) [126] And it's the not, do you want to press over there?
[127] It tends to be the
(PS292) [cough]
(PS291) [128] the not getting better with normal things that gives it away.
(PS292) [129] Yeah.
(PS291) [130] And I'm sure when we do these blood tests ... we'll find that things are not altogether normal, now sometimes it's actually the way you respond to treatment that gives it away rather than
(PS292) [131] Mm.
(PS291) [132] doing blood tests but er we're going to treat you somewhat differently.
[133] ... Now we'll probably need to repeat some of these in about ten to fourteen days.
[134] The lab really want two samples.
[135] I'm going to ask them to run them today.
[136] To, well to run them now, they'll still take a week to come back, even if they do run them today, [...]
(PS292) [...]
(PS291) [137] That's okay, isn't it?
(PS292) [138] Yeah.
(PS291) [139] Okay.
[140] The other thing you need is a chest X-ray, and that's very important er to see exactly what degree of trouble is going on.
[141] Because there's an awful lot of rubbish to hear rattling around.
(PS292) [cough]
(PS291) [142] We'll find there's a, quite a lot to see on a film.
[143] It's isn't it?
(PS292) [144] Yes, that's right. ...
(PS291) [145] Now if you nip down to the Victoria Hospital, if you know where that is in Mansfield?
(PS292) [146] Yeah, the one
(PS291) [147] It's called Mansfield community [...]
(PS292) [148] Yeah I know which one you mean, yeah.
(PS291) [149] Er you can go to the X-ray department there any day Monday to Friday, any time between nine and four thirty, so it's basically all day every day.
[150] Okay?
(PS292) [...]
(PS291) [151] If you get yourself down there, they'll do a chest X-ray, you don't need an appointment, there should be minimal waiting time, in and out.
[152] Okay?
(PS292) [153] Have I go that, have I to hang about for the re the recor the
(PS291) [154] No they, they send it
(PS292) [155] They'll sort it all out.
(PS291) [156] they send the report to me.
(PS292) [157] Okay, yeah.
(PS291) [158] Okay.
[159] Now ... it's important that we review you.
[160] You do need to be seen next week really.
[161] Ah unfortunately I'm not here to follow you up cos I'm actually away next week, sorry about that.
(PS292) [...]
(PS291) [162] But you really do need to be seen next week to have a look at the initial blood results, the chest X-ray, more importantly, how are you getting on.
(PS292) [cough]
(PS291) [163] That's more important.
[164] Now this stuff is two a day, as a single daily dose, on an empty stomach, okay?
[165] For, I think we'd probably better keep you going for, how about six da hmm [...] for five days, that's actually quite a long course for this stuff cos it lasts an awful long time in the body.
[166] So that's a, these are a pretty hefty dose of antibiotics.
(PS292) [167] Yeah.
(PS291) [168] Two a, a day as a single dose, strictly on an empty stomach so at least half an hour to an hour before food.
(PS292) [169] Yes okay [...]
(PS291) [170] for five days, boom boom boom boom boom.
[171] It's completely different from what you've had before.
[172] Er if it upsets your tummy let us know, but that's actually very uncommon.
[173] This is the stuff I used for my sinusitis, it's wonderful.
[174] Okay?
[175] It's not quite like Domestos by mouth but it's not far short.
[176] If the blood tests show anything specific that we need to get back to you on, we will contact you directly.
[177] Are you on the phone?
(PS292) [178] Yes.
(PS291) [179] Lovely, okay, and you need a note.
[180] I'm gonna put two weeks cos I'm sure you're not going to be g fit e you won't feel fit,
(PS292) [181] Okay, [...]
(PS291) [182] to go back that quickly, even if your chest is clearing rapidly.
(PS292) [...]
(PS291) [183] I'll put atypical chest infection.
[184] We may be able to actually narrow it down to a particular bug and that's what these are for.
(PS292) [185] Yeah.
(PS291) [186] But er we will see.
[187] Okay?
(PS292) [188] [...] thank you very much.
(PS291) [189] So it's very important we get you seen next week, even if you feel a lot better.
[190] Er note, chest X-ray
(PS292) [191] Do you want me to make an appointment next week, while I'm here?
(PS291) [192] blood s yes i you'll have to see one of either Doctor or Doctor I'm afraid but er if I, if I write everything down they'll know exactly where we are and what's going on.
(PS292) [cough] [...] []
(PS291) [193] Okey-doke?
(PS292) [194] [cough] Thank you. [cough]
(PS291) [195] Not at all, take care of yourself.
[196] Plenty to drink, ordinary wise.
[197] I would avoid alcohol
(PS292) [...]
(PS291) [198] even though they don't actually [...] antibiotics, it'll probably make you feel more knackered than you already are.
(PS292) [199] Yeah.
[200] [...] thanks.
(PS291) [201] [hiccup] .
[202] Right.
(PS292) [203] Right, thank you very much then.
(PS291) [204] Okay, take care of yourself.
(PS292) [205] Right, cheers.
(PS291) [206] Bye now.