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  1. Tape 097310 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

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(PS295) [1] Right Mrs do have a seat.
[2] What can I do for you?
(PS296) [3] It's the eczema again.
(PS295) [4] Oh.
(PS296) [5] Actually it started getting a bit better from when I telephoned.
(PS295) [6] Ah good. [laugh]
(PS296) [laugh]
(PS295) [7] What are you taking at the moment?
[8] Are we putting anything much on?
(PS296) [9] Erm I use the Dipabase and the erm
(PS295) [10] Betnovates
(PS296) [11] Betnovates
(PS295) [12] Ointment I think.
(PS296) [13] Mm.
(PS295) [14] It was back in February I saw you isn't it?
[15] Let's have a look.
[16] And it really is very localized but that is quite angry, it's bubbly too and spreading, little finger.
[17] But these two are fine.
(PS296) [18] Mm.
(PS295) [19] Mm.
[20] Hmm.
[21] This [...] bubbly area.
(PS296) [22] You say that's [...] .
[23] Mm.
(PS295) [24] Yeah.
[25] Right are you still using Betnovates And
(PS296) [26] Mm.
(PS295) [27] Dipabase And
(PS296) [28] Yeah.
(PS295) [29] it's flared up despite that?
(PS296) [30] Yeah.
(PS295) [31] Right, [...] .
[32] Okey-doke.
[33] Hmm.
[34] It's, it's a bit cracked [...] .
[35] It makes it very [...] [cough]
(PS296) [36] As I say it's better than, it's a bit better than it was.
(PS295) [37] But it's still not that
(PS296) [38] No.
(PS295) [39] good is it?
[40] No.
(PS296) [41] No.
(PS295) [42] Right, what we need to do is to hit it fairly hard and try to get it damped down as quickly as we possibly can.
[43] Now don't get rid of the Betnovate have you still got some left?
(PS296) [44] Mm.
(PS295) [45] Okay.
[46] Because as soon as it starts to die down you could probably go back on to Betnovate to keep it maintained.
[47] And you may actually have to use Betnovate on a preventative basis every now and again.
[48] Even if there's not a deal there, as soon as it starts [...] it's slightly flaky [click] straight in.
[49] But what I'm gonna do is give you erm Dermavate Dermavate is actually more potent than Betnovate in the ointment form again to get the rapid penetration.
[50] And once again, like Betnovate it's used twice a day.
[51] And in a similar fashion you should use the Dipabase to keep the skin as soft and moist as you can
(PS296) [52] Mhm.
(PS295) [53] rather than letting it get dried out and cracked.
[54] Dermavate is, as I say, it's more potent, it's probably not so suitable for keeping going with, but for jumping on top of things in a hurry, it's fine.
[55] And I think that's what we ought to use.
[56] Sometimes you actually need to use it under something, but it's difficult to use under things and part of the hand. [laugh]
(PS296) [57] I don't know what you mean under [...]
(PS295) [58] Well sort of under a dressing, or
(PS296) [59] Oh right.
(PS295) [60] under a bit of polythene, so it, it actually gets absorbed even quicker.
(PS296) [61] Mm.
(PS295) [62] But er I don't think we need to go to that er length with you.
(PS296) [63] I've still got those erm, you know, the little purple tablets?
(PS295) [64] Yeah.
(PS296) [65] That dissolve in water, [...]
(PS295) [66] Yeah, to soak them.
[67] Mm.
[68] You could, you could go back on the Permitabs if you want.
[69] It's not desperately moist, although certainly one of them is cracking quite a bit, and if that helps to dry it up and make it more comfortable then it's worth giving them a soak ten minutes a day.
(PS296) [70] Mm.
(PS295) [71] If you want to try those, you dissolve one in four litres of water which is er which is a little, just short
(PS296) [...]
(PS295) [72] just short of a gallo yeah you need a bowl.
[73] Yeah, but then you get the right concentration.
[74] If you use too high a concentration, it irritates and it stains even more than the dilute stuff does.
[75] But that may be worth a go if you've got some Permitabs left.
(PS296) [76] Mm.
(PS295) [77] But I think we'll use some Dermavate Have you got plenty of Dipabase
(PS296) [78] Yeah.
(PS295) [79] Good.
[80] A big tub, yeah?
(PS296) [81] Mm.
(PS295) [82] That's fine.
(PS296) [83] Is it alright to put that on, you know, when it's broken?
[84] The skin
(PS295) [85] Yes, you've got, you've got to be a bit careful with broken skin because if you put things directly on it, they tend to irritate.
[86] It won't do the skin any harm particularly, but it can smart.
[87] And
(PS296) [88] Mhm.
(PS295) [89] that might be one good reason for using the er the soaks.
[90] The other think I'd recommend, is, using a fine pair scissors, is take off the scaly bits, the bits that stick out, cos they're the bits that catch
(PS296) [91] Mm.
(PS295) [92] and hurt and
(PS296) [93] Yeah.
(PS295) [94] pull the skin apart.
[95] And once they're all sticking out, dead and scaly, they're redundant anyway, so you may as well trim it all down.
[96] Neaten it up.
[97] And you're less likely to catch your hands then.
[98] Okay?
(PS296) [99] Okay.
[100] I'm
(PS295) [...]
(PS296) [101] going on holiday, a week on Sunday, and that was mainly why I wanted
(PS295) [102] Mm.
(PS296) [103] you know, to get sorted
(PS295) [104] Yeah.
[105] Yeah.
(PS296) [106] before then, because
(PS295) [107] Yeah.
(PS296) [108] I think if I'm in
(PS295) [109] Yeah.
(PS296) [110] I'm going to Spain, it's gonna be even
(PS295) [111] Right.
(PS296) [112] more of a nuisance.
(PS295) [113] Yeah I think so.
[114] Well let me give you two tubes just in case you need to keep going for er longer than we might think.
[115] Okay.
[116] And then you can take that with you.
[117] So if [...] .
[118] The other thing about the ointment's, of course, it waterproofs the hand, which is handy if you're going into the Med.
(PS296) [119] Mm.
(PS295) [120] If you will get some er protection then from the horrible Med wa soup getting in and infecting it.
(PS296) [121] What about swimming and things?
[122] I mean [...]
(PS295) [123] Yeah you're okay, you can go swimming, it shouldn't do you any harm.
[124] I mean in n things like swimming baths are chlorinated so they've got a low bug count anyway, so, so you'll be at low risk of getting anything there. [...]
(PS296) [125] Right, so I, I use this till it clears
(PS295) [126] Yeah.
(PS296) [127] up?
(PS295) [128] Yeah, and then you you've got your Betnovate to keep yourself ticking over with I hope.
(PS296) [129] Mm.
(PS295) [130] Okay.
[131] Some people need Dermavate to tick over with but er it's a bit potent to keep people going and going and going on so we'll see how you go with that.
(PS296) [132] Lovely. ...
(PS295) [133] Take care of yourself.
(PS296) [134] Okay, thanks.
(PS295) [135] Bye.
(PS296) [136] Bye.