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  1. Tape 097311 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

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(PS297) [1] So the patches
(PS298) [2] Yes.
(PS297) [3] the patches, right now, you're on, we put you the Oestraderm fifties?
(PS298) [4] Yeah.
(PS297) [5] Right.
[6] Because you'd stopped the Premeren and how are you getting on with those?
[7] You've had your first month's worth.
(PS298) [8] Er the first couple of weeks were fine,
(PS297) [9] Yeah.
(PS298) [10] I felt a lot better.
[11] But I just feel tired again, [...]
(PS297) [12] Oh it's got worse?
(PS298) [13] Yeah, I'm just tired.
(PS297) [...]
(PS298) [14] And I notice as well er more so at night when I'm watching T VCV or even when I, I go to bed
(PS297) [15] Mm.
(PS298) [16] my heart starts racing and I can feel the pulses in my neck and like my throat's constricting.
(PS297) [17] Mm.
(PS298) [18] And I don't know why.
(PS297) [19] Right.
[20] Any hot flushes?
(PS298) [21] No.
[22] That I haven't had.
(PS297) [23] Right.
[24] ... Now then you was put on Premeren it was given at the hospital, wasn't it?
(PS298) [25] Yes it we because I was er my heart was racing and
(PS297) [26] Yeah.
(PS298) [27] er what have you there.
(PS297) [28] And before that you were having er horrendous irregular periods?
(PS298) [29] Yeah.
(PS297) [30] Yeah.
[31] Let's have a look at er ... oh that's right, oh that's, that's a seven [...] .
[32] Hmm.
[33] No, well yeah.
[34] Well I think the thing to do is to actually give you the higher dose patches.
(PS298) [35] Mhm.
(PS297) [36] Wh when you put people on the patches for the first time because the hormone goes straight into the system, rather than having to go through the gut,
(PS298) [37] Aha.
(PS297) [38] if you've been short of hormone, you'll get a big boost straight away and, and you'll get the benefits.
[39] But if it's not quite enough, although you'll get the initial benefits they, they can tend to wear off, so some people are better on the higher, some people are better on the lower dose.
[40] And it looks like you could do with more.
(PS298) [41] Aha.
(PS297) [42] The next step up is the hundreds, and you use them in exactly the same way, one twice a week.
[43] Instead of being round they're sort of, sort of rectangular
(PS298) [44] Aha.
(PS297) [45] type.
[46] Now the last person I had moved on to the hundreds had enormous problems with the stickiness of them.
[47] So if you find they're not sticking, I would be delighted to hear, cos that means it's not just this woman it's actually
(PS298) [48] Aha.
(PS297) [49] the patches that are causing
(PS298) [50] Yeah.
(PS297) [51] problems.
[52] Now in her case we put her on two fifties but that i [laughing] uses up an awful lot of skin [] and it's a real hassle, so er
(PS298) [53] [laugh] I can imagine.
(PS297) [54] so er I think that'd be the, the sensible thing to do.
[55] Now
(PS298) [...]
(PS297) [56] I checked your blood pressure only four weeks ago and that was absolutely
(PS298) [57] Yeah.
(PS297) [58] normal.
[59] [...] Er what we'll do is that I'll give you another eight of these, now if they're a lot better just s give a ring in
(PS298) [60] Yeah.
(PS297) [61] okay?
[62] Er that's ring for repeat and wh what we'd do is give you three monthly repeats,
(PS298) [63] Mm.
(PS297) [64] after that, well I would, er it all depends who does the repeat prescription I suppose but er I would give you three monthly repeats.
(PS298) [laugh]
(PS297) [65] Is that okay?
(PS298) [66] Yeah, that's fine.
(PS297) [67] You've just got to be aware, they're a slightly different shape, and they're also bigger.
(PS298) [68] Aha.
(PS297) [69] And that's the other thing about it you see, you've got to stick them down carefully.
[70] But they say that they won't come off when you go swimming, and you take your clothes on and off. ...
(PS298) [71] We shall see.
(PS297) [72] Mm.
(PS298) [laugh]
(PS297) [73] Unfortunately they've got the market cornered with these patches.
(PS298) [74] Mhm.
(PS297) [75] One twice weekly the, so they're, there's only the these.
[76] No other firm does them so you can't say, let's try this firm's patches, cos they don't do them.
(PS298) [77] Actually I found them a lot more convenient than [...]
(PS297) [78] Yeah.
(PS298) [79] than the other form.
(PS297) [80] Mm.
(PS298) [81] Cos you tend to forget,
(PS297) [82] Yes.
(PS298) [83] with the pills.
(PS297) [84] Yes.
[85] Some people say they're so convenient they forget these as well.
Unknown speaker (GYFPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS298) [86] Oh no I keep it at the side of my bed with the, the strip telling me
(PS297) [87] Oh right.
(PS298) [88] which day I've got to, to change them.
(PS297) [89] Right.
(PS298) [90] And I, they're there all the time, so
(PS297) [91] Good.
(PS298) [92] I, I always remember.
(PS297) [93] that's fine.
(PS298) [laugh]
(PS297) [94] Okay then?
(PS298) [95] Okay then, thanks a lot.
(PS297) [96] See you.
(PS298) [97] Bye.