Medical consultation. Sample containing about 899 words speech recorded in public context

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PS299 X u (No name, age unknown, doctor) unspecified
PS29A X m (No name, age unknown) unspecified
GYGPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
GYGPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 097312 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS299) [1] [...] Mr , do have a seat.
[2] What can I do for you this morning?
(PS29A) [3] Well I [...] seem to have a sore throat I can't get rid of.
[4] I've had it
(PS299) [...]
(PS29A) [5] three week, I've got bad breath and it's all like coming down here and in my ear.
[6] But the thing that concerned me, my little lad's had tonsillitis three times on the trot.
[7] And I'm
(PS299) [cough]
(PS29A) [8] wondering whether it's I'm giving it to him, to him or what.
[9] I don't know whether I am or not.
(PS299) [10] Is he giving it to you, or are you giving it him.
(PS29A) [11] [...] I don't know but he can't shake it off.
[12] He's had antibiotics right, three times, and he's still got it.
(PS299) [13] Have a quick look at your right ear, your left one looks fine.
[14] What job do you do?
(PS29A) [15] Er well I'm, I'm not working at the moment, cos I've hurt my back.
(PS299) [16] Oh right.
(PS29A) [17] I've got arthritis of hips and [...] ...
(PS299) [18] You haven't been down drains or anything like that of late?
(PS29A) [19] [laugh] No.
[20] No.
(PS299) [21] [...] Stick your tongue out.
[22] Say ah.
(PS29A) [23] Ah.
(PS299) [24] Still can't see much.
[25] ... You smoke?
(PS29A) [26] No.
(PS299) [27] Any false teeth?
(PS29A) [28] No.
(PS299) [29] [...] right.
[30] Open [...] mouth for me.
[31] Say ah.
(PS29A) [32] Ah.
(PS299) [33] Yes, very nasty looking.
[34] Okay, let's have a quick look around the rest of your mouth.
[35] Would you breathe out for me.
[36] Yeah.
[37] Breath is fine.
(PS29A) [38] It's usually in the morning when it's really
(PS29A) [39] Yeah.
(PS299) [40] really s I've been to dental hygiene cos I thought
(PS299) [41] Yeah.
(PS29A) [42] it were my teeth, but she says
(PS299) [43] No.
(PS29A) [44] you've got no problem there.
(PS299) [45] No, I suspect what's happening is the, the stuff that's oozing out of your tonsils is what you're tasting, and
(PS29A) [46] Yeah.
(PS299) [47] is what is making the horrible taste.
[48] So your breath is fine, your teeth are fine, your gums are fine, your tongue's fine, but your tonsils look very unhealthy, they really do look nasty.
[49] And you can see little beads of pus oozing out.
[50] I think you've got a really nasty infection down there.
(PS29A) [51] Yeah.
(PS299) [52] Okay.
(PS29A) [53] [...] coming under
(PS299) [54] Yeah.
(PS29A) [55] the armpit.
[56] You know
(PS299) [57] Yeah.
(PS29A) [58] and round
(PS299) [59] Yeah.
(PS29A) [60] here, I don't whether [...]
(PS299) [61] Yeah.
(PS29A) [62] any?
(PS299) [63] Yeah, the inflammation will often spread down here and make you feel grotty.
(PS29A) [64] Yeah.
(PS299) [65] Now you rea fo w with a story like this you really need a erm a, a decent does of antibiotics and given the [...] of the unpleasant taste and the pus you can see, ordinary penicillin probably won't do the trick, so we need to use something with a bit more oomph
(PS29A) [66] Yeah.
(PS299) [67] than that.
[68] And that's what I suggest we do.
[69] You're not allergic to anything you know of are you?
(PS29A) [70] No.
(PS299) [71] Okay.
[72] Do you pay for your prescriptions?
(PS29A) [73] Yeah.
(PS299) [74] Right.
[75] And antiseptic mouthwash of some sort might be a good idea.
(PS29A) [76] Well I've been using that what you buy from
(PS299) [77] Oh good, yeah.
[78] Keep going, keep going, gargle.
(PS29A) [79] chemist and I've also had a throat spray.
(PS299) [80] Yeah.
[81] Gargling will help, just to sort of clean out any gunge that's accumulating.
[82] That's it, that's the reason for using it.
[83] You won't actually make the tonsils better any quicker, but it will help to prevent some of the taste and the gunge.
(PS29A) [84] Yeah.
(PS299) [85] This is a penicillin antibiotic.
[86] It's been sort of turbo charged
(PS29A) [87] Yeah.
(PS299) [88] by something extra with it.
[89] Th one three times a day, for seven days.
[90] You can take it with food, after food, between meals, makes no odds.
[91] Y you can take
(PS29A) [92] Yeah.
(PS299) [93] paracetamol, if you're getting hot and achy.
(PS29A) [94] Yeah. [...]
(PS299) [95] You can erm yeah.
[96] You can still drink alcohol if you want to, it doesn't interfere with anything, okay.
(PS29A) [97] Yeah.
(PS299) [98] The side effects of penicillin, the commonest one is loose motion.
[99] So if your bowels go a bit loose, don't be
(PS29A) [100] Yeah.
(PS299) [101] too concerned.
(PS29A) [...]
(PS299) [102] But I'd very surprised if that doesn't do the trick.
[103] If it's not settling, then we should do some blood tests and a throat swab, but it's bit late to do those today I'm afraid.
(PS29A) [104] Yeah.
(PS299) [105] Okay?
(PS29A) [106] Yeah.
(PS299) [107] And hopefully that'll do the trick.
[108] And if your son isn't settling down then we may need to have another look at him, and run some tests on him.
(PS29A) [109] [...] doctor and he's still with my wife you see.
(PS299) [110] Oh I see well
(PS29A) [111] [...] sending him to a throat specialist because
(PS299) [112] Yeah.
(PS29A) [113] he's had it
(PS299) [114] Oh.
[115] I see.
(PS29A) [116] like a month now he's had it.
(PS299) [117] Yeah, that's a long time.
[118] It implies there's something more to it, more to it than just a standard bug I must say.
[119] And if I come down with a sore throat now, I'll know who to blame. [laugh]
(PS29A) [120] [laughing] Yeah [] .
[121] I've got a, a spot here.
(PS299) [122] Yeah.
(PS29A) [123] I've, I've got to ask you to have a look at it, [...]
(PS299) [124] Yeah.
(PS29A) [125] my wife says she's seen a programme on telly.
[126] I don't think it's owt anyway, but
(PS299) [127] Yeah.
(PS29A) [128] I'll show you anyway.
(PS299) [129] Yeah
(PS29A) [130] It's just there look I've had it
Unknown speaker (GYGPSUNK) [cough]
(PS29A) [131] about three years and it has bled a couple of times.
(PS299) [132] Mm, that looks like an innocent little er
(PS29A) [133] I don't think it's owt but just to prevent my [...]
(PS299) [134] I don't know how you'd describe that but it's er it's got all the features of an innocent little blob.
(PS29A) [135] Right.
[136] I'm okay then.
(PS299) [137] Yeah, I think that's okay.
(PS29A) [138] Thank you.
(PS299) [139] Right, not at all.
(PS29A) [...]
(PS299) [140] Take care of yourself.
(PS29A) [141] Yeah, [...] [beep]
(PS299) [142] See you bye now.
(PS29A) [143] Bye. [intercom on]
Unknown speaker (GYGPSUNK) [144] Hello.
(PS299) [145] Hel hello Dorothy.
Unknown speaker (GYGPSUNK) [146] Doctor for you Doctor.
(PS299) [147] Doctor ?
Unknown speaker (GYGPSUNK) [148] Mhm. [intercom off]
(PS299) [149] Hang on. ... [phone rings phonecall starts]