Medical consultation. Sample containing about 502 words speech recorded in public context

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  1. Tape 097313 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

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(PS29B) [1] Right just [...]
(PS29C) [2] Right, first thing,
(PS29B) [3] We'll make a list.
(PS29C) [4] I lost me prescription when he gave me, and we've been away.
[5] The, my eye I got some drops from the chemist cos my eye was bad.
[6] And it feels as if there's grit all in it now.
(PS29B) [7] Yeah.
[8] So you hav t haven't actually had any Eyecron
(PS29C) [9] No I had, I had [...] of the chemist in Chapel because it came
(PS29B) [10] Yeah.
(PS29C) [11] so bad.
(PS29B) [12] Yeah.
[13] So you really need
(PS29C) [...]
(PS29B) [14] some Eyecron don't you?
(PS29C) [15] Yeah.
[16] I think I do with this.
(PS29B) [17] You really need some Eyecron
(PS29C) [18] Yeah.
[19] I wouldn't go to a doctor there because of this malignant thing so I just managed till we came back [...]
(PS29B) [20] Yeah , well I
(PS29C) [21] Getting better but it's just this gritty thing in the back of my eye, I mean I
(PS29B) [22] Yeah.
(PS29C) [23] was
(PS29B) [24] Just er look up for me.
[25] It still looks rather boggy doesn't it?
(PS29C) [26] Mm.
[27] It's terrible.
(PS29B) [28] Er [...] the other eye.
[29] That one
(PS29C) [30] Mm.
(PS29B) [31] doesn't look too bad but that one [...]
(PS29C) [...]
(PS29B) [32] Just look straight at me.
[33] Yeah I, the front of the eye looks quite, [...]
(PS29C) [34] Mm.
[35] It just feels horrible.
(PS29B) [36] Yeah. ...
(PS29C) [37] It's nothing to do with hay fever is it, this, do you think?
(PS29B) [38] Yeah.
(PS29C) [39] Cos when I blow nose, this thing, [...] pops.
[40] It's ever so queer.
(PS29B) [41] There's a drainage tube,th
(PS29C) [42] I've always suffered with my sinuses.
(PS29B) [43] there's a drainage tube that goes from
(PS29C) [44] Yeah.
(PS29B) [45] this corner of the eye, to
(PS29C) [46] Yeah.
(PS29B) [47] the top of the nose.
[48] Which is
(PS29C) [49] Mm.
(PS29B) [50] why, when you cry, your nose runs.
[51] Okay, and
(PS29C) [52] Mm.
[53] Mm.
(PS29B) [54] if that is a little, that keeps blocking,
(PS29C) [55] Mm.
(PS29B) [56] when you blow your nose it will tend, it can go the
(PS29C) [57] Mm.
(PS29B) [58] other way as well.
(PS29C) [59] Yeah.
[60] But are they okay with leaving it
(PS29B) [...]
(PS29C) [61] for another week will I?
[62] It'll be okay with
(PS29B) [63] Mm.
(PS29C) [64] leaving it.
[65] I hope.
(PS29B) [66] Well I hope the Eyecron will actually get it to settle down.
[67] So, you said that was the first thing, or were, was it [...] that were both [...] it
(PS29C) [68] No that was it.
[69] I wanted to be honest and say I'd
(PS29B) [70] Yeah.
(PS29C) [71] lost a prescription.
[72] Then we
(PS29B) [...]
(PS29C) [73] went away you see?
[74] And I thought, well I'll just pop in chemist and I was hoping it would clear it up, so I wouldn't
(PS29B) [75] Yeah.
(PS29C) [76] have to confess.
(PS29B) [77] No don't wor
(PS29C) [78] But it's not.
(PS29B) [79] Still gritty?
(PS29C) [80] Yeah.
(PS29B) [81] So we'll see what the Eyecron does.
[82] If it still remains uncomfortable, then we, then we need to have a closer look and we may need to get the eye specialist involved if it's refused to settle down.
[83] But you can still see clearly?
(PS29C) [84] Yeah.
[85] Yeah.
(PS29B) [86] That's good yeah.
(PS29C) [87] I [...] a lot of pain at the back of my eye though
(PS29B) [88] Yeah.
(PS29C) [89] while I were on
(PS29B) [...]
(PS29C) [90] holiday, it was terrible.
(PS29B) [91] Well it's bit brighter at the coast, and
(PS29C) [92] Yeah.
(PS29B) [93] Well we'll, we'll see what happens with the Eyecron I think that'll turn it off, but [...] doesn't then we must have another look, very
(PS29C) [...]
(PS29B) [94] important.
(PS29C) [95] I'm very [...] Bye bye.
(PS29B) [96] Okay.
[97] See you.
[98] Bye now.