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Oral history project: interview. Sample containing about 718 words speech recorded in leisure context

3 speakers recorded by respondent number C270

PS2AH X f (No name, age unknown) unspecified
PS2AJ X f (No name, age unknown, carpet factory worker) unspecified
PS2AK X m (Ken, age unknown) unspecified

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  1. Tape 098404 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Kilmarnock () Activity: interview

Undivided text

(PS2AJ) [1] ... the apartments that [...] going, we just supply one.
[2] Our work goes to the Axminster
(PS2AH) [3] Mhm.
(PS2AJ) [4] department.
(PS2AH) [5] Mhm.
[6] Have you been in B M K like for a number of years, is this your first job or do you do jobs [...] ?
(PS2AJ) [7] [cough] No I worked at er [cough] in an office, I worked in [...] offices before I got married and eventually had my daughter.
[8] And then after I had my daughter I was going to go back in there but at the time it was just like a junior's position,
(PS2AH) [9] Mhm.
(PS2AJ) [10] and now it's [cough] a wee bit further on than that
(PS2AH) [...]
(PS2AJ) [11] and I thought it was demeaning.
[12] But in retrospect thinking back I should just have [...] and waited for something else come along.
(PS2AH) [13] Aha.
(PS2AJ) [14] So I had a job for about a year er in a fruit shop and then I didn't like the [laughing] Saturday work [] [laugh]
(PS2AH) [laugh]
(PS2AJ) [15] so I decided I'd have a go in a factory, aha, and I come in it was over in the other place, the noise was unbelievable, really unbelievable.
(PS2AH) [16] Mhm.
(PS2AJ) [17] I said, I'll never stick this, and all these women and they said, no it isn't very, so twenty one years later [laugh]
(PS2AH) [laugh]
(PS2AJ) [18] here I am, I'm still here.
(PS2AH) [19] You're quite settled now, aye.
(PS2AJ) [20] No I'm not settled and I'm not happy but
Ken (PS2AK) [laugh]
(PS2AJ) [21] but the, the work market is not that good, I mean I don't
(PS2AH) [22] That's right.
(PS2AJ) [23] have a, a degree
(PS2AH) [24] Yeah.
(PS2AJ) [25] in anything, all I
(PS2AH) [26] Yeah.
(PS2AJ) [27] was doing was a shorthand typist.
(PS2AH) [28] Aha, aye.
(PS2AJ) [29] So a a and there's nothing much in , I'm at the
(PS2AH) [30] No.
(PS2AJ) [31] stage that I want to put
(PS2AH) [32] That's right.
(PS2AJ) [33] my knapsack on my back
(PS2AH) [laugh]
(PS2AJ) [34] and find out what's going on in the world.
[35] Before it's too late, I mean I don't want to reach
(PS2AH) [36] Mm.
(PS2AJ) [37] fifty or sixty and say is
(PS2AH) [38] Mm.
(PS2AJ) [39] this it?
[40] Because that's it.
(PS2AH) [41] Yeah, mhm.
(PS2AJ) [42] But I would, I would like to just like pack it in and go.
[43] I'm trying to wait till my daughter's married. [laugh]
(PS2AH) [44] Aha.
[45] Mm.
(PS2AJ) [46] Cos she's still erm ... she finishes in December up in Glasgow, this her ... it's like her fourth, fourth term at Glasgow
(PS2AH) [47] Mhm.
(PS2AJ) [48] doing an honours degree in maths, so I'm waiting till she's finished and then
(PS2AH) [49] Mhm.
(PS2AJ) [50] that'll be it.
(PS2AH) [51] Mhm.
[52] Mm.
(PS2AJ) [53] I feel as if I'll have done my bit. [laugh]
(PS2AH) [54] [laugh] I find that actually speaking to people my dad, mum and dad, well my mum works in an office, my dad works in a factory, and they've always been very much sort of you know go out and get your education and
(PS2AJ) [55] Mhm.
(PS2AH) [56] Do you find that people working in here are like that with their children, do you think they sort of push them so you don't, you know don't end up working in a factory like me?
(PS2AJ) [57] No, I wouldn't say that at all, you, you can only guide your children or show, show them the road, you can't actually force them
(PS2AH) [58] Mhm.
(PS2AJ) [59] unless they want to do it themselves.
(PS2AH) [60] Aha.
(PS2AJ) [61] Cos I often wonder, don't you get fed up all these exams and
(PS2AH) [62] Mhm.
(PS2AJ) [63] my daughter travels up and down to Glasgow cos she didn't want to stay, she wanted to be at home,
(PS2AH) [64] Mhm.
(PS2AJ) [65] she must be fed up going up and down to Glasgow.
[66] And, and all these tests and they've a project here and this, that and the other
(PS2AH) [67] Mhm.
(PS2AJ) [68] But no, she must do it while she's young
(PS2AH) [69] Mhm.
(PS2AJ) [70] cos she found out, in her first year, she had a, a mature student and I wondered how old a mature student and he turned out to be thirty five, and he was married,
(PS2AH) [laugh]
(PS2AJ) [71] his wife was supporting him and he was doing jobs on the side,
(PS2AH) [72] Yeah.
(PS2AJ) [73] and he couldn't hack the first year, he failed the first year, and he failed the resits.
(PS2AH) [74] Mhm.
(PS2AJ) [75] So she decided this is the time to do it, when you're young,
(PS2AH) [76] Yeah.
(PS2AJ) [77] and you've no re no hang ups, no responsibilities, nothing in the sign.
(PS2AH) [78] Mhm.
(PS2AJ) [79] So er when she wants to do it I'm behind her,
(PS2AH) [80] Yes.
(PS2AJ) [81] she's had her chance and I'm doing all I can to help her but at the end of the day it's on her shoulders.
(PS2AH) [82] Aha, aha. [...]
(PS2AJ) [83] If she, she fails at, at the last hurdle well she's gave it her best shot.