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Oral history project: interview. Sample containing about 3375 words speech recorded in leisure context

3 speakers recorded by respondent number C273

PS2AT X f (No name, age unknown) unspecified
PS2AU X f (No name, age unknown, carpet factory worker) unspecified
PS2AV X m (Ken, age unknown) unspecified

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  1. Tape 098407 recorded on unknown date. LocationStrathclyde: Kilmarnock () Activity: interview

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(PS2AT) [1] So what job is it you do in the factory?
(PS2AU) [2] Oh I get the samples, now.
[3] I used to be a spooler, worked a machine, but I got moved to the samples about six years ago.
(PS2AT) [4] Aha.
[5] Have you worked in B M K in a long while?
(PS2AU) [6] Er forty years.
(PS2AT) [7] Forty years?
(PS2AU) [8] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [9] Is this, was this your first job?
[10] Or did you
(PS2AU) [11] Yes.
(PS2AT) [12] [...] ?
(PS2AU) [13] No, [...] I came straight here from school.
(PS2AT) [14] Mhm, you have a wealth of experience then. [laugh]
(PS2AU) [laugh]
(PS2AT) [15] So have you enjoyed working here?
[16] Do you like it?
(PS2AU) [17] Yes, I liked the spooling.
(PS2AT) [18] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [19] And I like the job I've got now.
(PS2AT) [20] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [21] But er
(PS2AT) [22] So what d what is your job now involve, what do you do?
(PS2AU) [23] We cut up small pieces of carpet into different sizes and we've got about fifteen different folders
(PS2AT) [24] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [25] for each range of carpet.
[26] We stick it on with a hot glue gun.
(PS2AT) [27] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [28] and it gets sent out to all the representatives and all the shops.
(PS2AT) [29] Mhm and is it basically kind of regular hours you do?
[30] You don't do shift work?
(PS2AU) [31] No, we do overtime but no shift work.
(PS2AT) [32] Mhm, mhm.
[33] And what first attracted you to the job?
[34] Did you have er relatives that worked here or was it the pay or?
(PS2AU) [35] When I left school I had an aunt
(PS2AT) [36] Aha,
(PS2AU) [37] in the factory.
(PS2AT) [38] And that was basically how you got [...] ?
(PS2AU) [39] Yes, yes.
(PS2AT) [40] Do you have a lot of friends [...] ?
(PS2AU) [41] It used to be quite a custom that, you know that
(PS2AT) [42] Aha.
(PS2AU) [43] the families just followed
Ken (PS2AV) [44] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [45] one another in
(PS2AT) [46] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [47] into the, the works and that, and that was how I started.
(PS2AT) [48] Mhm.
Ken (PS2AV) [49] It's not so much like that now?
(PS2AU) [50] No it's not.
[51] No it's not.
(PS2AT) [52] So do you have a lot of friends in B M K, you know over the years have you made any firm pals?
(PS2AU) [53] Oh aye, aye, you do.
(PS2AT) [54] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [55] You get attached especially at the spooling because you're working in twos.
(PS2AT) [56] Oh I see.
(PS2AU) [57] And over the years if you've been working with the same partner
(PS2AT) [58] Aha.
(PS2AU) [59] but my friend Jet is still a spooler and we still work together too.
(PS2AT) [60] Mhm.
[61] Mm.
(PS2AU) [62] Oh aye you get to know people that you've for years and years.
(PS2AT) [63] Have you any nicknames for each other?
(PS2AU) [64] Er ... no I don't think so. [laugh]
(PS2AT) [65] [laugh] Really?
(PS2AU) [66] I know some of them do but
(PS2AT) [67] Not ones that you talk about anyway. [laugh]
(PS2AU) [laugh]
(PS2AT) [68] Does, do, has technology affected your job?
[69] Have they brought any, in any machines that change things? [...]
(PS2AU) [70] Er ... not in my job, no.
(PS2AT) [71] No.
(PS2AU) [72] No.
(PS2AT) [73] In other parts of the factory maybe?
(PS2AU) [74] Aye, but not where I work.
(PS2AT) [75] Not where you work.
(PS2AU) [76] Everything's, you, just done with your hand.
(PS2AT) [77] Mhm.
Ken (PS2AV) [78] Aye.
(PS2AT) [...]
Ken (PS2AV) [79] Cheaper.
(PS2AU) [laugh]
(PS2AT) [80] [laugh] Are there no union any more?
(PS2AU) [81] We're in a union, oh I'm in a union.
[82] I pay union every week but er
(PS2AT) [83] Which union is it that you're in?
(PS2AU) [84] It'll be the ... like the carpet general workers in carpet industry.
(PS2AT) [85] Yes, aha.
(PS2AU) [86] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [87] Aha.
(PS2AU) [88] But er, never have I seen [laughing] anybody for it [] ,
(PS2AT) [89] No.
(PS2AU) [90] I just joined it after we came over but
(PS2AT) [91] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [92] I know a lot have pulled out of it
(PS2AT) [93] Mhm.
Ken (PS2AV) [94] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [95] Mm, why is that?
[96] Do they think it's useless?
(PS2AU) [97] A lot do think it's useless.
(PS2AT) [98] Mhm, mhm.
(PS2AU) [99] But there again if there ever was a strike or that you've a wee bit protection.
(PS2AT) [100] Aha.
Ken (PS2AV) [101] Mm.
(PS2AU) [102] So you have
(PS2AT) [103] What do feel about the changeover to non union and these new committees that they've now set up?
[104] Is it a big difference or?
(PS2AU) [105] Oh it's ... just a fact now you've just have to go and do as you're told.
(PS2AT) [106] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [107] I mean you, if you're sent to do a certain job now you've just got to go and do it.
(PS2AT) [108] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [109] Years ago that just wouldn't have been.
[110] The idea of changing a light bulb, years ago,
(PS2AT) [111] Really?
(PS2AU) [112] [laugh] I mean if it had been an electrician's job and
(PS2AT) [113] They had quite strong union years ago?
(PS2AU) [114] Oh aye, oh aye, just wouldn't have got given these jobs years ago.
(PS2AT) [115] Aha.
(PS2AU) [116] But now everybody just kind of mucks in and gets on with it.
(PS2AT) [117] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [118] So they do.
(PS2AT) [119] So how do you find er arrangements things do, do you think the women ... are satisfied with the kind of provisions that there are made for them, the like of maternity leave and pay and things like that, health and safety?
(PS2AU) [120] Och I think so, aye I think they are.
(PS2AT) [121] It's [...]
(PS2AU) [122] Because er I mean you, they still get their maternity leave
(PS2AT) [123] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [124] and they've got to have their job kept open for them.
(PS2AT) [125] Is that right?
[126] Oh that's good, quite
(PS2AU) [127] Aha, mhm, the job's got to be there for them up till twenty six weeks I think.
(PS2AT) [128] So you feel quite secure?
(PS2AU) [129] Oh I think so.
(PS2AT) [130] And er are there any opportunities like to come back and work part time if you've got children?
(PS2AU) [131] No, we don't have a lot of part-timers.
[132] They have recently started
(PS2AT) [cough]
(PS2AU) [133] in this factory here, they do a twilight shift.
(PS2AT) [134] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [135] I think it's at the picking.
(PS2AT) [136] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [137] But er not that factory over there, they don't.
(PS2AT) [138] Mhm, mhm.
[139] ... Erm ... so do you have a family?
(PS2AU) [140] Yes I've got two daughters.
(PS2AT) [141] And do you, how do you organize things like looking after your family will everybody muck in or
(PS2AU) [142] Well they're all married, aye, they've all grown up you see.
(PS2AT) [143] Grown up now?
(PS2AU) [144] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [145] When you were working here did you always kind of?
(PS2AU) [146] When I started at first erm
(PS2AT) [...]
(PS2AU) [147] I just de depended on my mother.
(PS2AT) [148] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [149] Because I had some personal problems at the start and the two girls were small when I come working
(PS2AT) [150] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [151] but my mother was there.
(PS2AT) [152] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [153] And then they've grew up now.
(PS2AT) [154] Oh that's good.
(PS2AU) [155] Cos one got married in December, oh the oldest one's still in the in the house
(PS2AT) [156] Aha.
(PS2AU) [157] just having me that we manage fine.
(PS2AT) [158] And what do your daughters do, do they work?
(PS2AU) [159] Er Larine [...] but she's not working just now,
(PS2AT) [160] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [161] and Leigh works at the airport
(PS2AT) [162] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [163] at Prestwick.
(PS2AT) [164] So you wouldn't encourage them to work in, work in here? [laugh]
(PS2AU) [165] Och it's been a good job to me.
(PS2AT) [166] Aha.
Ken (PS2AV) [167] Mm.
(PS2AU) [168] I mean ... and when I was a spooler I, I really enjoyed it because I had job satisfaction at the spooling, [...]
(PS2AT) [169] Aha.
(PS2AU) [170] with nice carpets and
(PS2AT) [171] Aha.
(PS2AU) [172] it's good to know they're maybe still lying on somebody's floor.
Ken (PS2AV) [laugh]
(PS2AT) [173] [laugh] Do you think there is a lot of that, people are quite proud of the work they're putting in?
(PS2AU) [174] Not so much now.
(PS2AT) [175] No.
(PS2AU) [176] No.
(PS2AT) [177] In the past?
(PS2AU) [178] Mhm
(PS2AT) [179] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [180] Mhm, don't have the same pride now.
Ken (PS2AV) [181] Why do you think that is?
(PS2AU) [182] I don't know it's ... I think it's now jus just a job now, you know it's
Ken (PS2AV) [183] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [184] just
(PS2AT) [185] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [186] specially after it was taken over I think it was
(PS2AT) [187] The, the kind of spirit of things is
(PS2AU) [188] Mhm, mhm.
(PS2AT) [189] Mm, so it's a big change from
(PS2AU) [190] Aye.
(PS2AT) [191] the way it used to be?
(PS2AU) [192] It is, oh aye.
(PS2AT) [193] Do you feel it's kind of downhill?
(PS2AU) [194] It's er ... it's still running but that's it.
(PS2AT) [195] Aha.
(PS2AU) [196] It's still a job to come to but
(PS2AT) [197] So do you feel that, I mean in the, in the years you've worked here is the women as important as they always were in the factory?
[198] You know how they used to do a lot of weaving, they don't do so much now.
(PS2AU) [199] No there are only two women at the weaving now.
(PS2AT) [200] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [201] There used to be about, a lot of them, there used to be a whole floor, er
(PS2AT) [202] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [203] when it was in Street.
[204] They were all women
(PS2AT) [205] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [206] but we've only got two now.
(PS2AT) [207] Mhm.
[208] The majority [...]
(PS2AU) [209] Er
(PS2AT) [210] now working in different departments then?
(PS2AU) [211] the spoolers are all women.
(PS2AT) [212] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [213] And the winding is all women, they do shift work.
(PS2AT) [214] Mhm, do you think that women are just better suited to these jobs, is that right? [...] women.
(PS2AU) [215] Well I don't know because years ago they trained er chaps to do the spooling and they were goo they were managing fine
(PS2AT) [216] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [217] they were on a night shift too then.
(PS2AT) [218] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [219] When they had the boys in.
(PS2AT) [220] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [221] And you could do it.
(PS2AT) [222] Mm.
(PS2AU) [223] But er they just don't seem to employ the boys
(PS2AT) [224] Aha.
(PS2AU) [225] to do it now.
(PS2AT) [226] And how about apprenticeships and things, are there any apprenticeships for women?
(PS2AU) [227] They've started recently, they d they didn't do it for years, we hadn't been training anybody and that was unusual because when it was the big factory you were always bringing in the school leavers
(PS2AT) [228] Aha.
(PS2AU) [229] but we've got apprentice tenters, I mean er now being trained and there's er four new spoolers
(PS2AT) [230] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [231] young girls being trained for the spool.
(PS2AT) [232] Mhm do you
(PS2AU) [233] So that's
(PS2AT) [234] feel that's, that's maybe a good thing?
(PS2AU) [235] Oh aye, had to be because I mean you don't stay young forever,
Ken (PS2AV) [236] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [237] you've got have somebody
(PS2AT) [238] That's right.
(PS2AU) [239] coming behind you that's able to do it.
(PS2AT) [240] That's right, aha.
(PS2AU) [241] It's bound to be a good thing.
(PS2AT) [242] And is it, I mean it used to just be men who would do these things and
(PS2AU) [243] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [244] women maybe worked in the jobs and yet didn't have a, a piece of paper to prove
(PS2AU) [245] Aha.
(PS2AT) [246] they were only going on their reputation [...]
(PS2AU) [247] Yes.
(PS2AT) [248] factory [...] .
(PS2AU) [249] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [250] Mhm.
[251] So what do you, I mean do you get on alright with the management or do you feel that it's mostly, is the management mostly male and do you feel that er there should maybe be a wee bit more representation for the women workers in management?
(PS2AU) [252] Oh I suppose there could be better representation for the women because the management is all male.
(PS2AT) [253] Mhm, mhm.
(PS2AU) [254] So it is,
(PS2AT) [255] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [256] but er [...]
(PS2AT) [257] Have they not had pressure from people that would
(PS2AU) [258] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [259] prefer [...] bit more er maybe more opportunities for women to go into management?
(PS2AU) [260] To go up into management, aha, there's nothing like that in here.
(PS2AT) [261] Mhm, rather than bringing people in
(PS2AU) [262] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [263] from outside.
(PS2AU) [264] I mean the management we've still got is the same as what we had
(PS2AT) [265] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [266] seven year ago when it was changed over, nothing's changed there so
Ken (PS2AV) [267] Mhm
(PS2AT) [268] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [269] it's just the same.
(PS2AT) [270] And what happened at the changeover, did they just fire you all and then reinstate you?
(PS2AU) [271] They, they worked it down, and down and down, for two or three months,
(PS2AT) [272] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [273] there were always people getting paid off, and eventually out of about two hundred spooler there were only eight left
(PS2AT) [274] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [275] and that's, we, we come over here then, and that
(PS2AT) [276] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [277] was all we had.
[278] Two or three weavers, eight spoolers, I think it was four winders
(PS2AT) [279] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [280] er but gradually they've been building the workforce back up again,
(PS2AT) [281] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [282] it's quite healthy just now.
(PS2AT) [283] So where were you based before this?
(PS2AU) [284] Just on the other side of the river, it's been knocked
(PS2AT) [285] Oh I see.
(PS2AU) [286] down now.
[287] [...] office block is, have
(PS2AT) [288] [...] aha.
(PS2AU) [289] you seen the big glass offi
Ken (PS2AV) [290] Aha.
(PS2AU) [291] that's all that's left standing, that
(PS2AT) [292] Aha.
(PS2AU) [293] was all [...] B M K, right round about it.
(PS2AT) [294] Aha.
(PS2AU) [295] They had the ... the winding place
(PS2AT) [296] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [297] and the, the dye work and the spinning mill, they did their own spinning and everything.
(PS2AT) [298] Mhm.
[299] They don't do that now?
(PS2AU) [300] No.
(PS2AT) [301] No.
(PS2AU) [302] They still do their own winding but they d they don't do their own dyeing
(PS2AT) [303] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [304] or spinning, that's bought in now.
(PS2AT) [305] Mhm.
Ken (PS2AV) [306] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [...]
Ken (PS2AV) [307] We get told that erm in the early times there was quite a bit of social activities going on, lots of clubs and things
(PS2AT) [308] Mhm.
Ken (PS2AV) [309] and er
(PS2AT) [310] film shows and things like that.
(PS2AU) [311] Oh years ago?
(PS2AT) [312] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [313] They used to have a photographic club, and all the sports, they had the golf and er billiards and pool and [...] swimming
Ken (PS2AV) [314] [...] like that?
(PS2AU) [315] Swimming club, I used to go to the swimming club.
(PS2AT) [316] Mhm.
[317] Did you ever win anything?
(PS2AU) [318] [laughing] Er no [] . [laugh]
(PS2AT) [319] Just for the fun. [laugh]
(PS2AU) [320] No, just for fun.
(PS2AT) [321] How about the works dances?
[322] What were they like?
[323] Were they good?
(PS2AU) [324] Oh aye, yes, oh aye they were good.
[325] Yes they were.
(PS2AT) [326] Big occasions?
(PS2AU) [327] We used to have er what they called the [...] Dance in summertime,
(PS2AT) [328] Aha.
(PS2AU) [329] when the boys were out with their flannels and [laughing] sports jackets and []
Ken (PS2AV) [laugh]
(PS2AT) [laugh]
(PS2AU) [330] and girls all in their big sticky out underskirts.
(PS2AT) [331] Whereabouts would that be held?
(PS2AU) [332] They were all held in the grand hall.
(PS2AT) [333] Oh aha.
Ken (PS2AV) [334] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [335] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [336] Er did everybody go?
(PS2AU) [337] Oh aye, five hundred people at a time went to them, and
(PS2AT) [338] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [339] then we had works big ball in the wintertime, when you went with your long dress on, and your gloves, you know your [...] .
[340] Used to be great. [...]
(PS2AT) [341] [...] did you do, was it spot waltzes and raffles and things?
(PS2AU) [342] Oh aye. [laugh]
(PS2AT) [343] All that kind of thing?
(PS2AU) [344] Aye, that's
(PS2AT) [345] Did you have like a buffet?
(PS2AU) [346] Yes.
(PS2AT) [347] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [348] Mhm, good.
Ken (PS2AV) [349] [...] I mean [...] went to this kind of thing, it was
(PS2AU) [350] Oh aye it was
Ken (PS2AV) [351] awfully popular.
(PS2AU) [352] Mhm, mhm.
(PS2AT) [353] Talked about for a week afterwards?
(PS2AU) [354] Aye [laugh]
Ken (PS2AV) [laugh]
(PS2AU) [355] Oh it was a highlight, the works dance. [laugh]
(PS2AT) [356] You don't have anything like that now?
(PS2AU) [357] No, no nothing, I think it's discos now.
(PS2AT) [358] Aha.
Ken (PS2AV) [359] Er
(PS2AU) [360] They still have a, they hold a Christmas disco.
(PS2AT) [361] Do they?
(PS2AU) [362] Aye, but it's
(PS2AT) [363] Is it mostly younger ones that go to that, [...]
(PS2AU) [364] No I find that usually quite a mixed crowd goes to it.
(PS2AT) [365] Oh that's good.
(PS2AU) [366] Aye they do.
(PS2AT) [367] So how about trips, did you go on any works trips?
(PS2AU) [368] Oh we used to go on the works trips, aha, we used to go to Rothesay
(PS2AT) [369] Rothesay?
(PS2AU) [370] Aye, we went on the train to Dunfermline and we used to have a lot of trips.
(PS2AT) [371] Was that quite a kind of regular thing? [...]
(PS2AU) [372] Mhm, that was your that was your summer outing.
(PS2AT) [373] Aha.
(PS2AU) [374] Aye, we used to have a works magazine.
(PS2AT) [375] Aha.
(PS2AU) [376] In fact if I'd known I was coming here I could have brought you some in, let you seen what we used to do.
(PS2AT) [377] [...] smashing, aha.
(PS2AU) [378] Er ... we used to have the ... the works magazine that was come out every month.
(PS2AT) [379] Aha.
(PS2AU) [380] Cos we used to have a lot of factories you see
(PS2AT) [381] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [382] there was , and in Ireland,
(PS2AT) [383] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [384] Yeah that's right.
(PS2AT) [385] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [386] and the one that, that [...] in Canada,
(PS2AT) [387] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [388] well we used to get the news for the [...] and that was put in the magazine too.
Ken (PS2AV) [389] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [390] That's right.
(PS2AU) [391] Who got married, who'd babies, who died.
(PS2AT) [392] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [laugh]
(PS2AT) [laugh]
(PS2AU) [393] I just let everybody [...] big family Ken, you know everything about everybody, [laugh]
(PS2AT) [394] That's good aha.
(PS2AU) [395] But er
(PS2AT) [396] I heard they was maybe gonna start up another magazine.
(PS2AU) [397] We've had a magazine since we came over but I don't think they just had enough to put in it and
(PS2AT) [398] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [399] there
Ken (PS2AV) [400] Right.
(PS2AU) [401] hasn't been one published for a long while.
(PS2AT) [402] Mm.
(PS2AU) [403] Er the News Shuttle they called it.
(PS2AT) [404] Yes, [...]
(PS2AU) [405] Mhm, it was just a wee bit [...] quite a big one we used to call it
(PS2AT) [406] Mhm, mhm.
[407] Quite a good thing.
(PS2AU) [408] Aye it was good.
(PS2AT) [409] Full of gossip?
(PS2AU) [laugh]
(PS2AT) [410] Did you have any children's parties or things like that? [...]
(PS2AU) [411] They used to have that too but they don't have that
Ken (PS2AV) [412] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [413] now because they
(PS2AT) [414] No.
(PS2AU) [415] used to have a welfare committee
(PS2AT) [416] Aha.
Ken (PS2AV) [417] Aye.
(PS2AU) [418] and they had and the older children were, were taken to the pantomime
(PS2AT) [419] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [420] and the young ones go to the Christmas party.
[421] They were held in the canteen.
(PS2AT) [422] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [423] And er oh it used to be great fun [...]
(PS2AT) [424] And how did you raise funds for that?
(PS2AU) [425] It was just taken out of the welfare every week.
(PS2AT) [426] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [427] We used to pay for
(PS2AT) [428] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [429] [...] but they don't have a committee or anything
(PS2AT) [430] Mm.
(PS2AU) [431] like that
Ken (PS2AV) [432] No.
(PS2AU) [433] now.
(PS2AT) [434] Mhm, and do you do things like maybe send people out to visit the sick people that were off?
(PS2AU) [435] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [436] Off their work?
(PS2AU) [437] Yes.
(PS2AT) [438] Mhm, with a basket of fruit or something?
(PS2AU) [439] Oh and send flowers.
(PS2AT) [440] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [441] Oh we still do that if we know anybody's off
(PS2AT) [442] Do you, aha.
(PS2AU) [443] and from our own departments, in each
(PS2AT) [444] Aha.
(PS2AU) [445] department does it if there's anybody off ill.
[446] Send flowers and that.
(PS2AT) [447] And how about pay offs, do you go through the whole with the chanting and that?
(PS2AU) [448] Yes. [laugh]
(PS2AT) [laugh]
(PS2AU) [449] That's still going on.
(PS2AT) [450] And take them round the factory?
(PS2AU) [451] Yes, take them round the factory.
(PS2AT) [452] Does that happen so much now?
(PS2AU) [453] Aye still do it.
(PS2AT) [454] Quite a lot?
(PS2AU) [455] Mhm.
Ken (PS2AV) [456] Aha.
(PS2AU) [457] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [458] That's good.
(PS2AU) [459] We had one just the other about a fortnight ago
(PS2AT) [460] Aha.
(PS2AU) [461] so we did.
[462] Oh aye, still have the pay off. [laugh]
Ken (PS2AV) [463] You're wild.
(PS2AU) [464] And wild's the word.
[465] [laugh] [...] big woman out there at the wi the weaving, one of the weavers, and if there's one of the chaps who [...] there getting married oh she straps them down to the weaving [...] .
(PS2AT) [laugh]
(PS2AU) [466] So she does, she ties them, see you come in in the morning to clock in and ... and it's oh my God, it's
(PS2AT) [laugh]
Ken (PS2AV) [laugh]
(PS2AU) [467] it's [...] , I mean she covers them with waste and oil
(PS2AT) [...]
(PS2AU) [468] But she'll not let anybody by without putting something in his box.
(PS2AT) [469] Do they still do that now with people that are maybe er completed their apprenticeships, do they anything to them?
(PS2AU) [470] No, no they don't [...] much, they used to do that, mhm, mhm
(PS2AT) [471] I know they used to do that, aha.
(PS2AU) [472] Mm, no, Madeleine's great fun. [laugh]
(PS2AT) [laugh]
Ken (PS2AV) [laugh]
(PS2AU) [473] Tie them up.
(PS2AT) [474] Did I ask you about nicknames?
(PS2AU) [475] Aye, you did.
Ken (PS2AV) [...]
(PS2AT) [476] You're not letting us know anyway.
(PS2AU) [laugh]
(PS2AT) [477] [laugh] Oh you must have some nicknames for the bosses.
(PS2AU) [478] There must have been nicknames but er can't really, don't really remember.
(PS2AT) [479] Mhm.
Ken (PS2AV) [480] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [481] Do you find that erm the likes of yourself and your workmates do you have a lot of kind of views in common and things, do you think that you're maybe kind of the same political persuasions or whatever?
(PS2AU) [482] Oh aye, oh aye, I think it's, mhm
(PS2AT) [483] That comes through the job
(PS2AU) [484] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [485] maybe.
(PS2AU) [486] Aye, you usually find that.
(PS2AT) [487] The same kind of outlook on life.
(PS2AU) [488] Mhm, mhm.
Ken (PS2AV) [489] So I mean your yourself how do you feel the town's been changed over these few years?
(PS2AU) [490] ?
Ken (PS2AV) [491] Aye.
(PS2AU) [492] Oh there's nothing left in it.
[493] ... You know you used to have a choice of jobs but you don't now.
(PS2AT) [494] [...] declined very much [...] it?
(PS2AU) [495] Mhm.
[496] The industry in this town used to be great but everything's shutting.
[497] ... Just not there any more, you've got to go to the town now to work.
(PS2AT) [498] Do you think the younger generation are in a worse position than what you were in when you started work?
(PS2AU) [499] Aye, aye, mhm.
[500] Oh aye, aha.
[501] Definitely.
Ken (PS2AV) [502] Do you see improvement on
(PS2AU) [503] I don't think so.
[504] Maybe in the, in the, outlying districts maybe, but I think they'll have to travel to go to work.
Ken (PS2AV) [505] Aye.
(PS2AT) [506] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [507] I can't see much more coming back to the town now.
(PS2AT) [508] Mhm, that's right.
(PS2AU) [509] They've just made it into a town where people are travelling out to go to work
Ken (PS2AV) [510] Aye.
(PS2AU) [511] cos they've developed urban [...] job.
[512] ... I can't ever see the factories coming back that used to be with, you know they're all be smaller work loads now
Ken (PS2AV) [513] Aye.
(PS2AT) [514] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [515] where they're at one and two thousand people working for them, I can't see that ever coming back, you know like the ?
Ken (PS2AV) [516] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [517] Mhm.
Ken (PS2AV) [518] How many folk used to work here when it was kind of at it's [...] ?
(PS2AU) [519] I think there was eleven hundred before they started
Ken (PS2AV) [520] Chopping.
(PS2AU) [521] Aha.
Ken (PS2AV) [522] Mm.
(PS2AU) [523] I think it was about eleven hundred.
(PS2AT) [524] So what would you say now, maybe about four to five hundred?
(PS2AU) [525] Aye, we're back up to about five hundred I think.
(PS2AT) [526] Mhm, right.
(PS2AU) [527] So
(PS2AT) [528] Do you feel quite erm your jobs are quite safe, you don't feel under
(PS2AU) [529] Not really, not really, you just, we've been there seven years now
(PS2AT) [530] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [531] and it's just been another seven years you've been able to work
(PS2AT) [532] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [533] but you don't know just how long it's going to be going on.
[534] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [...]
(PS2AU) [535] Mhm.
(PS2AT) [536] Mhm.
(PS2AU) [537] Cos if it ever gets where it's not making money I suppose it'll just shut.
(PS2AT) [538] Mhm, mhm.
(PS2AU) [539] So it will but however it's been quite ... fortunate just now, quite busy.
(PS2AT) [...]
Ken (PS2AV) [540] [...] Thanks a lot.
(PS2AT) [541] Thanks very much.
(PS2AU) [542] You're welcome.
(PS2AT) [...]