BNC Text H4N

Medical consultations. Sample containing about 273 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C289

PS1YV Ag5 m (No name, age 60, general practitioner) unspecified
PS1YW X m (William, age unknown) unspecified

1 recordings

  1. Tape 090912 recorded on 1993-04-13. LocationStrathclyde: Glasgow ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS1YV) [1] Come in.
William (PS1YW) [2] How do you do.
(PS1YV) [3] Hello.
[4] Now then.
[5] What can we do for this young man?
William (PS1YW) [6] I [...] to see you [...] my chest.
(PS1YV) [7] Your chest?
William (PS1YW) [8] Er it's, I cannot get to sleep for nothing for it.
(PS1YV) [9] What [...] ?
William (PS1YW) [10] And every time I cough [...] I think that's just bringing it back on again.
(PS1YV) [11] Right.
[12] ... Are you getting anything coming up though?
William (PS1YW) [13] No.
[14] No.
[15] No blood or nothing [...] it's just er
(PS1YV) [16] No, no phlegm?
[17] Nothing like that?
William (PS1YW) [18] [...] green. [...]
(PS1YV) [19] Green stuff?
William (PS1YW) [20] Aye.
(PS1YV) [21] Green stuff.
[22] Right. ...
William (PS1YW) [23] I'm not getting any sleep at all.
[24] I, I maybe fall asleep for maybe an hour or two and then I'm woken and I'm coughing all the time.
[25] And I think it's irritating my hip again you know?
[26] The [...]
(PS1YV) [27] Yes.
[28] Oh aye.
William (PS1YW) [29] [...] coughing?
[30] ... That funny stuff [...] you gave me [...] you gave me?
(PS1YV) [31] Yes.
William (PS1YW) [32] Well what I've been using is Vick and it seems to be burning.
[33] Into me [...] but it's, I don't know if it's doing me good
(PS1YV) [...]
William (PS1YW) [34] or bad. ...
(PS1YV) [35] Now a teaspoonful in the morning.
[36] Teaspoonful at tea time.
[37] And two teaspoonsful before you go to your bed.
[38] And that'll get the inside of that sorted out for a wee while again young William.
William (PS1YW) [39] Right.
(PS1YV) [40] Okay [...] ?
William (PS1YW) [41] Right.
[42] Thank you.
[43] Eh?
(PS1YV) [44] Have you got your insurance line alright?
William (PS1YW) [45] Er I don't know I, I, I don't know when it is.
[46] I think it I think it's a few months to go yet.
[47] I don't know.
(PS1YV) [48] Got a wee while to go.
William (PS1YW) [49] Aye.
[50] It's a year one wasn't it?
(PS1YV) [51] Oh aye.
[52] Six months to go then.
William (PS1YW) [53] Oh [...]
(PS1YV) [54] Six months to go eh?
[55] Right ho.
[56] Right.
William (PS1YW) [57] See you later.
(PS1YV) [58] Cheerio now.
William (PS1YW) [59] Cheerio.