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Medical consultations. Sample containing about 507 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C290

PS1YX Ag5 m (No name, age 60, general practitioner) unspecified
PS1YY X f (June, age unknown) unspecified

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  1. Tape 090913 recorded on 1993-04-13. LocationStrathclyde: Glasgow ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

June (PS1YY) [1] Good evening.
(PS1YX) [2] Hello. [...]
June (PS1YY) [3] Hi.
(PS1YX) [4] What can I do for you?
June (PS1YY) [5] Right, Doctor I'm here for a er prescription for Endoril L A [...]
(PS1YX) [6] Pink?
[7] Pink capsule?
June (PS1YY) [8] Well I'll tell you [...] I, I, I was here last month and you know Doctor ?
(PS1YX) [9] Mhm.
June (PS1YY) [10] She said she would put on the computer or something like
(PS1YX) [11] Mhm.
June (PS1YY) [12] that for three months.
(PS1YX) [13] Yeah.
June (PS1YY) [14] Now I couldn't rem quite remember.
[15] She told me to come back to get my blood pressure checked again.
(PS1YX) [16] Right.
June (PS1YY) [17] And I couldn't remember whether she said at the end of the three months or
(PS1YX) [18] End of the month.
June (PS1YY) [19] just now?
[20] I'm not quite sure [...]
(PS1YX) [21] E every month June.
June (PS1YY) [22] Basically that's why I'm here.
(PS1YX) [23] Mhm.
June (PS1YY) [24] For the prescription and to get it checked. ...
(PS1YX) [25] Slip your coat off and we'll get
June (PS1YY) [...]
(PS1YX) [26] the pressure checked for you.
[27] Ah.
[28] ... [...] . ... [whispering] Slip that round your arm.
[29] That's it.
[30] [...] [] Right.
[31] That's okay.
[32] ... There we are.
[33] There.
[34] Just let your arm rest on there.
[35] ... [...] doing very well.
[36] ... You're not getting any funny fits from that at all, June?
June (PS1YY) [37] Er no.
(PS1YX) [38] Nothing?
[39] ... Ah.
[40] That's excellent.
[41] Excellent.
[42] No problem. ...
June (PS1YY) [43] It did mention ... in the, the sort of packet that maybe [...] feel cold with cold hands and what have you.
[44] But I think I could live with that.
(PS1YX) [...]
June (PS1YY) [45] I haven't actually noticed
(PS1YX) [...]
June (PS1YY) [46] that there's
(PS1YX) [47] Aye.
[48] Y you'll find
June (PS1YY) [49] no [...]
(PS1YX) [50] that's really only a problem in the winter time.
June (PS1YY) [51] Aye.
(PS1YX) [52] You will be getting very cold weather
June (PS1YY) [53] Aha.
(PS1YX) [54] during the winter here.
[55] You know a lot of frosty weather.
June (PS1YY) [56] [...] a coincidence cos at the time I started taking them [...] actually trying to spare my branch [...] work in a bank.
(PS1YX) [57] Mhm.
June (PS1YY) [58] So I was trying to spare [...] and it's really the most coldest branch I've ever been in.
(PS1YX) [59] Mhm.
June (PS1YY) [60] Er the heating had broken down and I don't know whether it was [cough] because of the heating or because of the tablets or whatever but they're, they're alright now.
(PS1YX) [61] Yes.
[62] Well I think er th th the time that people notice this most is definitely in the winter.
June (PS1YY) [63] Aha.
(PS1YX) [64] You know if you get maybe a week of fairly hard frost
June (PS1YY) [65] Aha.
(PS1YX) [66] you feel the tips of your fingers [...] [...]
June (PS1YY) [67] Yeah.
(PS1YX) [...]
June (PS1YY) [68] Cos it'll actually take me till about half past [...] the day to get any feeling in it, but as I say
(PS1YX) [...]
June (PS1YY) [69] I don't know if it was the tablets.
(PS1YX) [70] It wasn't, it definitely wasn't the tablets because i if, if it had done that to you, it would have been all day.
June (PS1YY) [71] Aha.
(PS1YX) [72] There'd have been no improvement.
June (PS1YY) [73] I see.
[74] Aye.
(PS1YX) [75] Because it works all the time right
June (PS1YY) [76] Aha.
(PS1YX) [77] through the twenty four hours.
June (PS1YY) [78] Right.
(PS1YX) [79] So you wouldn't have had any, so it couldn't have been the tablets [laughing] doing that to
June (PS1YY) [...]
(PS1YX) [80] you [] .
June (PS1YY) [...]
(PS1YX) [...]
June (PS1YY) [81] If it helps my [laughing] blood pressure I could live with the cold
(PS1YX) [82] Yes.
[83] Oh yes.
June (PS1YY) [84] fingers [] . [laugh]
(PS1YX) [85] Oh aye.
[86] Oh it's doing really nicely.
[87] ... And w we'll see you in four weeks again.
June (PS1YY) [88] That's fine.
(PS1YX) [89] And get it checked again June.
June (PS1YY) [90] Okay.
(PS1YX) [91] Okay.
June (PS1YY) [92] Thanks a lot. [...]
(PS1YX) [93] There we go.
[94] Right?
June (PS1YY) [95] Thank you.
[96] Bye bye.
(PS1YX) [97] Okay.
[98] Right.
[99] Bye now.