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Medical consultations. Sample containing about 445 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C292

PS202 Ag5 m (No name, age 60, general practitioner) unspecified
PS203 X m (Bob, age unknown) unspecified
H4SPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
H4SPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 090915 recorded on 1993-04-13. LocationStrathclyde: Glasgow ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS202) [1] Evening.
[2] [...] . What can we do for you tonight?
Bob (PS203) [3] I'm up to get my ears syringed.
(PS202) [4] Your ears?
Bob (PS203) [5] I went er for a hearing test er [...] last week and they tell me that my left ear's a bit full up.
(PS202) [6] [laugh] Sit yourself down. ...
Bob (PS203) [7] The right one they say [...] but the left one is
(PS202) [8] Too much. ...
Bob (PS203) [9] So they said I had to come in and get it syringed.
(PS202) [10] Mm.
[11] We'll give it a nice gentle run through.
[12] ... There we have it.
Unknown speaker (H4SPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (H4SPSUNK) [...]
(PS202) [13] I can do both of them tonight Bob.
Bob (PS203) [...]
(PS202) [14] Aye.
[15] If you go, that's fine.
[16] Just let your head turn very slowly.
[17] That's [...] .
[18] That's great.
[19] ... Ah there's not a great deal in there.
[20] There's a lot of
Bob (PS203) [21] Pardon?
(PS202) [22] th there's not a great deal in this side.
[23] Some broken up bits.
[24] ... Last wee shot there.
[25] ... Were you away with this British Legion thing?
Bob (PS203) [26] I was.
(PS202) [27] Right.
[28] Do this one.
Bob (PS203) [29] I, I've got a hearing aid for my right ear
(PS202) [30] Mhm.
Bob (PS203) [31] you know?
[32] And I was just [...] told me I should go up to I just needed a [...] .
(PS202) [33] Right.
[34] Just [...] just a wee fraction.
[35] That's it.
[36] That's the angle I want now.
[37] ... I think, I think I'll need to see about it myself.
[38] See if I can get some money out of them.
[39] ... I keep hearing some weird and wonderful stories.
[40] Telling me, one of the lads was telling me there was a guy he was a cook, and he'd got sixteen hundred pounds from this.
Bob (PS203) [41] I know [...] got three thousand.
(PS202) [42] Is that right?
Bob (PS203) [43] That's true.
(PS202) [44] Ah.
[45] ... [...] ... A whole of money.
[46] Very lucky.
Bob (PS203) [47] He was too. ...
(PS202) [48] Well if there's, if there's some wax in here it's got a good grip.
Bob (PS203) [49] I, I can hardly hear you [laughing] talking [] .
(PS202) [50] Aye.
[51] ... [...] a wee look in with my, my torch for a moment.
[52] Just sit there.
[53] ... [sigh] Well it's like concrete.
[54] It's solid.
[55] ... Did they give you any drops to use Bob?
Bob (PS203) [56] No.
(PS202) [57] Nothing?
Bob (PS203) [58] They didn't give me anything.
(PS202) [59] I I'll need to give you some drops to use in that [...]
Bob (PS203) [60] Drops.
[61] [...] they said that if I didn't get it done within the next fortnight it would close [laughing] up [] .
(PS202) [62] Ah.
[63] No.
[64] No.
Bob (PS203) [65] They said
(PS202) [66] No.
[67] No.
[68] It's [...] .
[69] [laugh] A wee look in this side, see if you need to ... That one's beautiful.
[70] We've got that one completely clear.
[71] But the resin off that, that other side's terrible.
Bob (PS203) [72] It's terrible [...]
(PS202) [73] Terrible.
Bob (PS203) [...]
(PS202) [74] Have yourself a good clean up.
[75] That's fine.
[76] ... Thirteen [...]
Bob (PS203) [77] Quate Q U A T E.
(PS202) [78] Thirteen.
[79] ... Here we are Bill.
[80] Next week.
[81] Tell the girls I want you to come in next Friday morning.
Bob (PS203) [82] Next Friday morning?
(PS202) [83] Next Friday morning.
[84] Okay?
Bob (PS203) [85] Rightio.
[86] Thank you.
(PS202) [87] Right.
[88] Cheerio now.
Bob (PS203) [89] Cheerio.