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Medical consultations. Sample containing about 529 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C295

PS208 Ag5 m (No name, age 60, general practitioner) unspecified
PS209 X m (Robert, age unknown) unspecified

1 recordings

  1. Tape 090918 recorded on 1993-04-13. LocationStrathclyde: Glasgow ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

Robert (PS209) [1] Hello.
(PS208) [2] Yes sir.
[3] ... Well what hat can I do for you tonight?
Robert (PS209) [4] Er I feel a bit plagued my mouth ul ulcers for about three weeks now.
(PS208) [5] Three weeks?
Robert (PS209) [6] Aye.
(PS208) [7] That's a [...] .
Robert (PS209) [8] [...] nonstop.
[9] When one goes away I get another.
(PS208) [10] Another one comes.
Robert (PS209) [11] I've got about five just now.
(PS208) [12] Let me look at them.
[13] Look inside.
Robert (PS209) [14] I've got them in my [...] .
(PS208) [15] Aye.
[16] Your gums are all inflamed as well.
[17] Aye.
[18] Put your tongue back out for a wee look.
[19] That side of your mouth's all infected as well.
Robert (PS209) [...] [...]
(PS208) [20] [...] that's a, that's a form of thrush.
Robert (PS209) [21] See I've been coming for years with mouth ulcers.
[22] You know
(PS208) [23] [...] mhm.
Robert (PS209) [24] but don't get me wrong after a while I just gave up and I was getting them in bouts and I was getting through the Bonjela and the
(PS208) [25] Oh no.
[26] No.
[27] They're not
Robert (PS209) [28] I'd done a round but and really this time it's not going away you know?
(PS208) [29] Mhm.
Robert (PS209) [30] And I don't know
(PS208) [31] Tt.
[32] There's a special place in Glasgow where you go to see the specialist who looks after folk
Robert (PS209) [33] Mm.
(PS208) [34] with mouth ul ulcers like yourself.
[35] Where they keep coming back like that.
Robert (PS209) [36] Aye.
[37] [...] If, if
(PS208) [...]
Robert (PS209) [38] if you could maybe refer me I would be happy with that.
(PS208) [39] Mhm.
[40] Sure.
[41] I will do that.
[42] I'll get that organized. ...
Robert (PS209) [43] I thought I'd a had a, I thought I'd had a problem but I, I injured myself as well.
[44] And er that's why I didn't cancel appointment with you
(PS208) [45] Yeah.
Robert (PS209) [46] you know?
(PS208) [47] Right. ...
Robert (PS209) [48] I've got a medical coming up, a work's medical coming up in er
(PS208) [49] Mhm.
Robert (PS209) [50] for a job and I'm just, that would be another
(PS208) [...]
Robert (PS209) [51] reason I had to get it [...]
(PS208) [52] Wanted to get it sorted out.
[53] ... Er you're Robert that's right?
Robert (PS209) [54] Mm.
(PS208) [55] You're Robert.
[56] ... Sorry I've forgotten your address Robert.
Robert (PS209)
(PS208) [57] Right.
[58] ... Right.
[59] Now what other injury have you done yourself?
Robert (PS209) [60] I was carrying wall units [...] and I'd taken fourteen wall units one after another up two flights of stairs.
[61] And I think I had about, I don't what I've done really but I just, the following day I felt it in my, my groin, the left side of my groin down my leg and up my stomach.
[62] And I went to my mate this morning who's a boxer and he said that it's now maybe, maybe a groin strain
(PS208) [63] Mm.
Robert (PS209) [64] or a [...] hernia
(PS208) [...]
Robert (PS209) [65] or something.
(PS208) [66] Let's have a wee look at you.
Robert (PS209) [67] No.
[68] But I've [...]
(PS208) [69] [...] .
[70] Sounds as if you've a strain, the way you're walking you know the
Robert (PS209) [71] Aye.
[72] I'm not right sure I, I've been what it was you know?
[73] Because I just sort of went to work the following day and I worked away as normal.
(PS208) [74] That's right.
Robert (PS209) [75] So maybe I'm maybe about fourteen stone I'm [...] at [...] .
[76] [...] . Any ...
(PS208) [77] Where does it start Robert?
Robert (PS209) [78] Well it's actually on my left, my left testicle and under underneath
(PS208) [79] Mm.
Robert (PS209) [80] d down my leg and, and up you know. ...
(PS208) [81] And
Robert (PS209) [82] Aye.
(PS208) [83] and about here?
[84] ... Aye.
[85] Yes.
[86] You have a strained [...] just through there.
[87] That big muscle.
[88] This big muscle here [...] [...] ?
Robert (PS209) [89] Mm.
(PS208) [90] And at the same bit the muscle [...] up here
Robert (PS209) [91] Aye. [...]
(PS208) [92] and it joins with [...]