BNC Text H4Y

Medical consultations. Sample containing about 967 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C298

PS20E Ag5 m (No name, age 60, general practitioner) unspecified
PS20F X f (Mary, age unknown) unspecified
H4YPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
H4YPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 091003 recorded on 1993-04. LocationStrathclyde: Glasgow ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (H4YPSUNK) [1] Hello.
(PS20E) [2] Ah, [...] .
[3] Sit yourself down Mrs [...] .
Mary (PS20F) [4] Aye.
(PS20E) [5] Now then, young lady, what can we do for you
Mary (PS20F) [6] Now, it's
(PS20E) [7] today?
Mary (PS20F) [8] I've had a terrible pain in my arm for maybe six weeks, and [...] right down.
[9] Now, the last couple of weeks, this is, er I just thought, och that'll be [...] .
[10] And I've had pain right down the bottom of my back, down my leg and right round here.
(PS20E) [11] Oh dear goodness.
[12] The dry rot's set in.
[13] The dry rot's set in.
[14] The [...] the pain goes [...] .
Mary (PS20F) [15] It's right right down.
(PS20E) [16] It's right [...] the tips of your fingers?
Mary (PS20F) [17] Aye.
(PS20E) [18] Aha.
Mary (PS20F) [19] Up here and right down
(PS20E) [20] Aye.
Mary (PS20F) [21] but this is even worse I could
(PS20E) [22] Aye.
Mary (PS20F) [23] hardly bend, you know.
(PS20E) [24] That's right.
Mary (PS20F) [25] And it went right down there [...]
(PS20E) [26] It goes right, right down the top bit of your leg and comes right round
Mary (PS20F) [27] and then it comes round here and
(PS20E) [28] the top.
Mary (PS20F) [29] That's right.
(PS20E) [30] Aye.
Mary (PS20F) [31] Aye.
(PS20E) [32] Now then,
Mary (PS20F) [...]
(PS20E) [33] just tw okay now, just keep, stand here and tell me when I come to the good bit.
[34] Now then, see that wee [...] ?
Mary (PS20F) [35] Aye, that's [...]
(PS20E) [36] That's a good bit is it?
[37] What about that?
Mary (PS20F) [...]
(PS20E) [laugh]
Mary (PS20F) [38] the last [laughing] that's [...] .
[39] That's sore [] .
(PS20E) [40] [laughing] Oh, [...] [] .
[41] And that one as well.
Mary (PS20F) [42] [...] Aha.
(PS20E) [43] [...] Now then, let's, let's ...
Mary (PS20F) [44] Aye.
[45] I felt it then.
(PS20E) [46] Just in there. [...]
Mary (PS20F) [47] Aha.
(PS20E) [48] in, in through that bit?
[49] Not so
Mary (PS20F) [...]
(PS20E) [50] bad?
[51] We'll so soothes that soothes
Mary (PS20F) [52] [...] right down.
(PS20E) [53] soothes you right.
Mary (PS20F) [54] Aha.
(PS20E) [55] I'm not gonna poke about, right?
Mary (PS20F) [56] Aha.
(PS20E) [57] I know what's happened.
Mary (PS20F) [58] Oh well, that's good.
(PS20E) [59] This, this, this a neuralgia you've got.
Mary (PS20F) [60] Is that what it is?
(PS20E) [61] That's what it is.
Mary (PS20F) [62] Aha.
(PS20E) [63] That's what it is.
[64] This, this coming down here, that's the big nerve
Mary (PS20F) [65] Right [...] .
(PS20E) [66] at the bottom of the back
Mary (PS20F) [67] Yeah.
(PS20E) [68] and down into the top of the leg.
Mary (PS20F) [69] Aha.
(PS20E) [70] And [...] a wee bit [...] .
Mary (PS20F) [71] And why it comes round here.
[72] And I thought, oh, I wonder what this is?
(PS20E) [73] It's the same with this one here.
[74] It comes right down your arm,
Mary (PS20F) [...]
(PS20E) [75] right down to the tips of your fingers.
Mary (PS20F) [76] That's right.
[77] Aye.
[78] Cos I thought, och,
(PS20E) [79] [whispering] [...] [] .
Mary (PS20F) [80] I think it's about time I'm calling because
(PS20E) [81] Yeah.
[82] Och.
Mary (PS20F) [...]
(PS20E) [83] [...] get [...] .
Mary (PS20F) [84] Cos it was really quite bad
(PS20E) [85] Quite [...] .
Mary (PS20F) [86] and I don't usually [...]
(PS20E) [87] Yes, oh it's, it's a
Mary (PS20F) [88] you know with
(PS20E) [89] it's a very severe pain.
[90] It's like a toothache.
Mary (PS20F) [91] So it is and it goes [...] .
(PS20E) [92] It's right inside the nerve.
Mary (PS20F) [93] Isn't that [...] [...] ?
(PS20E) [94] That's wh that's why it's so sore.
Mary (PS20F) [95] Oh.
(PS20E) [96] And it doesn't matter what you do, it doesn't matter how you [...]
Mary (PS20F) [97] Aye or anything, [...]
(PS20E) [98] Powers up, powers down, bed.
[99] D doesn't matter.
Mary (PS20F) [100] And we were, and I was beginning to wonder is it something to do, you know how it tells you, maybe if you swallow [...] there's [...] ?
(PS20E) [101] No.
Mary (PS20F) [102] You know how it [...] ?
[103] And I thought now
(PS20E) [104] No.
[105] No.
[106] No.
[107] No.
[108] No.
[109] It
Mary (PS20F) [110] I'd better go and see, you know, because I
(PS20E) [111] No.
[112] No.
[113] No.
[114] It it's
Mary (PS20F) [115] take my [...] every day [...] .
(PS20E) [116] Yes.
[117] Aye.
[118] No it's er ... that's er that is, it's actually quite a common thing.
Mary (PS20F) [119] Is it?
(PS20E) [120] Aye.
Mary (PS20F) [121] Right.
(PS20E) [122] [...] I mean it's painful, I mean it's not that this
Mary (PS20F) [123] Oh aye, it is painful but I thought it's not going away so I'd better go and see about it.
(PS20E) [124] That's right.
[125] You're bet you're better knowing what it is.
Mary (PS20F) [126] Aye, because I've, I've gone on for weeks with it, you
(PS20E) [127] Mhm.
Mary (PS20F) [128] know?
(PS20E) [129] Mhm.
[130] Right.
[131] Now. ...
Mary (PS20F) [132] [laughing] This whole thing [...] [] . [laugh]
(PS20E) [133] No.
Mary (PS20F) [134] Well, I keep saying it's a muscle, but I thought I'd
(PS20E) [135] No.
[136] No.
[137] No.
[138] M
Mary (PS20F) [139] better
(PS20E) [140] You get folk in their, in their thirties and forties with this [...]
Mary (PS20F) [141] With the same thing?
(PS20E) [142] Aye.
[143] It's, it just er I'm not sure what happens, I, I think what happens is that the, the circulation into the nerve
Mary (PS20F) [144] Aha.
(PS20E) [145] gets blocked somehow.
Mary (PS20F) [146] Oh.
[147] Aha.
(PS20E) [148] And you're not getting the proper circulation down through
Mary (PS20F) [149] So [...] .
(PS20E) [150] the nerve, so it's sending the wrong messages back up.
Mary (PS20F) [151] [whispering] I didn't know that [] .
[152] Aye.
(PS20E) [153] And you, you're getting this
Mary (PS20F) [154] And you're getting the pain.
(PS20E) [155] And it feels absolutely terrible, especially in the cold mornings.
Mary (PS20F) [156] That's right.
(PS20E) [157] If you go outside in the cold mornings
Mary (PS20F) [158] Aha.
(PS20E) [159] and it feels all as if it's numb?
Mary (PS20F) [160] It does.
[161] Aye.
(PS20E) [162] Mhm.
Mary (PS20F) [163] And it, it's just right up my shoulder here [...] .
(PS20E) [164] Just [...] here.
Mary (PS20F) [165] That's
(PS20E) [166] And
Mary (PS20F) [167] right.
(PS20E) [168] and there and right down
Mary (PS20F) [169] And right down to my fingers.
(PS20E) [170] right down.
Mary (PS20F) [171] Mhm.
(PS20E) [172] With one, one man said I used to put, in the cold mornings I used to put my other hand at the bottom to see if I could get heat, but he couldn't touch his fingers because they were so tender.
Mary (PS20F) [173] Aye this was frozen to me,
(PS20E) [174] That's right.
Mary (PS20F) [175] this hand, you know?
(PS20E) [176] And he just wanted to get the heat in so he kept his other hand round about it.
Mary (PS20F) [177] I couldn't [...] , [...]
(PS20E) [178] So it's I mean it's not, it's not just yourself.
[179] But it is
Mary (PS20F) [180] Aha.
(PS20E) [181] a painful thing.
Mary (PS20F) [182] Oh, it is painful right enough. [...]
(PS20E) [183] Now I've given you some good tablets for this
Mary (PS20F) [184] Yeah.
(PS20E) [185] to help to unblock the circulation and to kill the pain.
Mary (PS20F) [186] Aha.
(PS20E) [187] Now they are, because there're two things in them, they're quite strong.
[188] Never take them on an empty stomach.
Mary (PS20F) [189] No, even [...] with my breakfast.
(PS20E) [190] Mm.
[191] Cup of tea, with
Mary (PS20F) [192] Yes.
(PS20E) [193] a bit of toast.
Mary (PS20F) [194] Yes.
[195] Aye.
(PS20E) [196] With a biscuit.
Mary (PS20F) [197] I'm the same
(PS20E) [198] Right.
Mary (PS20F) [199] with that other one too.
(PS20E) [200] Right?
Mary (PS20F) [201] You know how it
(PS20E) [202] That's [...] .
Mary (PS20F) [203] says on it
(PS20E) [204] Yeah.
Mary (PS20F) [205] you know, to take?
(PS20E) [206] Not to take [...]
Mary (PS20F) [207] but I never take it
(PS20E) [208] Aye.
Mary (PS20F) [209] before my breakfast
(PS20E) [210] Well then, you get started on that
Mary (PS20F) [211] or with water.
(PS20E) [212] and that'll do you the world of good.
Mary (PS20F) [213] [laughing] Right then.
[214] Thanks
(PS20E) [215] Okay?
Mary (PS20F) [216] very much Doctor [] .
(PS20E) [217] Right Mary?
Mary (PS20F) [218] Thank you.
(PS20E) [219] Right.
[220] Cheerio now.
Mary (PS20F) [221] [...] .
[222] Cheerio.