BNC Text H54

Medical consultations. Sample containing about 688 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C303

PS20R Ag5 m (No name, age 60, general practitioner) unspecified
PS20S X f (Mary, age unknown) unspecified
H54PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
H54PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 091008 recorded on 1993-04. LocationStrathclyde: Glasgow ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS20R) [1] Good morning.
Mary (PS20S) [2] Good morning.
(PS20R) [3] Well now, what were you doing [...] ?
Mary (PS20S) [4] Ah.
[5] This pain in my back, [...]
(PS20R) [6] Is the dry rot getting further in do you think?
Mary (PS20S) [7] It is.
[8] And it's coming down my shoulder to my hand.
(PS20R) [9] Aargh.
Mary (PS20S) [10] And erm my head's fuzzy you know.
(PS20R) [laugh]
Mary (PS20S) [11] It's like bells in my ears. [cough]
(PS20R) [12] Right.
Mary (PS20S) [13] This catarrh, I don't know I think it's catarrh.
(PS20R) [14] Aha.
Mary (PS20S) [15] It's in there.
(PS20R) [16] Spitting.
Mary (PS20S) [17] And I get into kinks, coughing
(PS20R) [18] Right.
Mary (PS20S) [19] to get it up.
(PS20R) [20] Right.
Mary (PS20S) [21] And it makes me [...] .
[22] Sometimes I cannot get the cough out.
[23] And I'm coughing like, it's [...] coughing.
[24] You know like, is [...]
(PS20R) [25] Like the whoop?
Mary (PS20S) [26] whooping cough?
(PS20R) [27] Like the whooping cough?
[28] ... Right.
[29] Now now.
Mary (PS20S) [30] And erm I get a letter back, I'm getting the Attendance Allowance.
(PS20R) [31] Mhm.
Mary (PS20S) [32] Have not got
(PS20R) [...]
Mary (PS20S) [33] it yet, but
(PS20R) [34] Yeah.
[35] Och aye.
[36] So the, with this
Mary (PS20S) [37] it's the only thing I've got.
(PS20R) [38] with this changing the rules, about eighteen months ago,
Mary (PS20S) [39] Aha.
(PS20R) [40] [...] they're giving away money.
Mary (PS20S) [41] Mhm.
(PS20R) [42] Can't can't get rid of it fast enough.
[43] Can't get rid of it fast enough.
[44] Now, let's get a wee listen
Mary (PS20S) [...]
(PS20R) [45] to the back of this chest to see if you
Mary (PS20S) [46] [...] [...] ?
[47] Are you going to take my blood pressure today?
(PS20R) [48] Mhm.
Mary (PS20S) [49] I haven't had it taken
(PS20R) [50] Sure.
Mary (PS20S) [51] for October, I think, when I was up at the hospital and it was down not I was below. ...
(PS20R) [52] Whoops!
Unknown speaker (H54PSUNK) [53] Sod it!
Mary (PS20S) [54] Not [...]
(PS20R) [55] Pressure is alright.
Mary (PS20S) [56] Up in the hospital the girl
(PS20R) [57] Ah.
Mary (PS20S) [58] told me it was down.
(PS20R) [59] Och, [...] heat.
[60] ... You don't want to listen to what these women tell you.
Mary (PS20S) [laugh] ...
(PS20R) [61] [...] .
[62] ... [...] [whispering] And that's [] ... a hundred and seventy, which is what you would expect for your age.
[63] ... A hundred and seventy over eighty.
Mary (PS20S) [64] Mm.
(PS20R) [65] It can't be any better than that.
[66] Can't be any better than that [...] .
Mary (PS20S) [67] I thought that maybe what was making me [...] feel a bit dizzy?
(PS20R) [68] No.
[69] No.
Mary (PS20S) [70] No?
(PS20R) [71] No.
[72] No.
[73] ... Not that.
[74] Not that, that's as near perfect as [...]
Mary (PS20S) [75] Also
(PS20R) [76] [...] most people get.
[77] It's near perfect, it makes no difference.
[78] N never been perfect
Mary (PS20S) [79] Aye.
(PS20R) [80] in your life, but you're nearly perfect
Mary (PS20S) [laugh]
(PS20R) [81] you're nearly perfect now.
[82] Right.
[83] Let's stop with this and this for you as well.
[84] ... Now ... I've given you er a tablet to take Mary, it's the, it's a one that they've used in fact down [...] at the Pain Clinics, these special Pain
Mary (PS20S) [85] At the what?
(PS20R) [86] The Pain Clinic, at the, at the Monklands and at the Royal.
Mary (PS20S) [87] Mhm.
(PS20R) [88] Now, there's a stuff in it that'll help to dry up the catarrh as well.
Mary (PS20S) [89] Mhm.
(PS20R) [90] You'll feel the inside of your mouth dry up.
Mary (PS20S) [91] My mouth's awful dry and my lips and
(PS20R) [92] Yes.
[93] That's right.
[94] Right.
Mary (PS20S) [95] and I thought I'd
(PS20R) [96] Yeah.
Mary (PS20S) [97] I thought I knew, I knew with it I couldn't wear my bottom teeth all week because of the ulcers right beside near the bottom of my gum.
(PS20R) [98] Right.
[99] ... [...] right.
[100] That's [...] .
Mary (PS20S) [101] Fed up with myself not being well.
(PS20R) [102] Oh, you get yourself looking at yourself.
[103] Indeed.
Mary (PS20S) [104] Mm.
(PS20R) [105] Indeed you do.
[106] [laughing] You get fed up working at the [...] cos you have no day in it [] . [laugh]
Mary (PS20S) [...] [laugh] ...
(PS20R) [107] But er, no, definitely not your blood pressure causing any problem
Mary (PS20S) [108] That's good.
(PS20R) [109] Mary, no. ...
Mary (PS20S) [110] No, cos I'm taking the [...] faithfully.
(PS20R) [111] Yes.
[112] Och aye, it's definitely nowt to do with that.
[113] Now what about?
[114] Are you using any of your [...] ?
Mary (PS20S) [115] No.
[116] I've got, you gave me some last time and I'd got them the week before, so I've got enough.
(PS20R) [117] So you've got enough in the house just now, Mary,
Mary (PS20S) [118] I
(PS20R) [119] right?
Mary (PS20S) [120] I would like er a prescription
(PS20R) [121] [...] ?
[122] Aye.
Mary (PS20S) [123] I've got the spare tablets but I mean [...] getting the prescription.
(PS20R) [124] Aye.
[125] Well as long as you've got enough
Mary (PS20S) [...]
(PS20R) [126] to keep you going, that's that's
Mary (PS20S) [127] Mhm.
(PS20R) [128] the main thing.
[129] But there's no terrible worries
Mary (PS20S) [130] Hey?
(PS20R) [131] no terrible worries.
[132] You're gonna live for a wee while yet.
Mary (PS20S) [133] [laughing] Thank you [] .
(PS20R) [134] Aye. [...]
Mary (PS20S) [135] My grandson asked me the other morning, when was I gonna die?
(PS20R) [laugh]
Mary (PS20S) [136] [laughing] Oh, I'll tell you, it doesn't make me feel good or [...] [] .
(PS20R) [137] [laugh] [laughing] You should've told them []
Mary (PS20S) [138] Oh.
(PS20R) [139] ten years on Friday.
Mary (PS20S) [laugh]
(PS20R) [140] Ten years on Friday.
[141] Right Mary.
Mary (PS20S) [142] [...] Thanks very much.
(PS20R) [143] Right.
[144] Cheerio now.
Mary (PS20S) [145] Cheerio.