BNC Text H57

Medical consultations. Sample containing about 891 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C306

PS20X Ag5 m (No name, age 60, general practitioner) unspecified
PS20Y X m (Steven, age unknown) unspecified
H57PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
H57PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 091011 recorded on 1993-04. LocationStrathclyde: Glasgow ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS20X) [1] Yes sir, what can I do for you [...] ?
Steven (PS20Y) [2] I was er I woke up Monday morning right, and I had that
Unknown speaker (H57PSUNK) [...]
Steven (PS20Y) [3] and [...] the Monklands on Tuesday, right?
[4] Because, and they told m he t he told me to come and see
(PS20X) [5] Aye.
Steven (PS20Y) [6] my doctor in a couple of days to see how it was.
(PS20X) [7] Ah, that's not ready for opening yet, Steven.
[8] Did they give you any antibiotics?
Steven (PS20Y) [9] [...] .
[10] Aye, he gave me, he gave me some tablets I don't know whether
(PS20X) [11] What, what sort of stuff did they give you?
Steven (PS20Y) [12] I don't know the name of [...] actually.
(PS20X) [13] That's it.
[14] Erm
Steven (PS20Y) [15] It was a wee capsule, brown capsule.
(PS20X) [16] What brown?
[17] Brown and brown and white?
Steven (PS20Y) [18] Aye I think it was.
[19] ... Ah, is it, is that penicillin?
(PS20X) [20] Mhm.
[21] Yeah.
[22] There's a form penicillin in that.
[23] What sometimes happens you s it sometimes comes up to a wee yellow head.
Steven (PS20Y) [24] Aye.
(PS20X) [25] And when it does that, you can put a needle in there and just all the stuff comes out all the
Steven (PS20Y) [...]
(PS20X) [26] yellow stuff that's underneath.
[27] How many of the er wee capsules have you got left Steven?
Steven (PS20Y) [28] Oh, maybe about half the
(PS20X) [29] About half the amount?
Steven (PS20Y) [30] Aye.
[31] About maybe about half.
(PS20X) [32] Right.
Steven (PS20Y) [33] [...] take
(PS20X) [34] See you do.
Steven (PS20Y) [35] Is it four?
[36] Or three a day or four a day.
(PS20X) [37] Three or four a day.
[38] [...] [...] four.
[39] Er I would keep on with those right till they're finished and then come up towards the end of next week.
[40] Let's have a look at it again.
Steven (PS20Y) [41] Mhm.
(PS20X) [42] It might be ready for opening, or it might just have dissolved away itself.
Steven (PS20Y) [43] Aye.
(PS20X) [44] Sometimes it dissolves away itself.
Steven (PS20Y) [...]
(PS20X) [45] But occasionally that one it's sort of in between, it could come out
Steven (PS20Y) [46] Aye.
(PS20X) [47] to the surface.
[48] Get a needle and [...] .
Steven (PS20Y) [49] Or it may dissolve away itself?
(PS20X) [50] Yeah.
[51] Or it might disappear itself, but don't put, don't go putting bandages on it.
[52] Don't put [...]
Steven (PS20Y) [...]
(PS20X) [53] leave it alone.
[54] And it will go [...] either it will come up to the surface itself or it'll just disappear.
Steven (PS20Y) [55] Mm.
(PS20X) [56] It depen it depends on your own system but [...]
Steven (PS20Y) [57] [...] [...] it's come up a wee bit [...] [...] .
(PS20X) [58] Aye and what happens is, it usually starts in at the corner of your finger
Steven (PS20Y) [59] Aye.
(PS20X) [60] and then it spreads down towards your knuckle.
Steven (PS20Y) [61] Aye, well, that's
(PS20X) [62] That's [...]
Steven (PS20Y) [63] what's happening.
(PS20X) [64] It sometimes goes the, the colour as it, as it starts to heal up the, colour gets a wee bit lighter
Steven (PS20Y) [65] Aye.
(PS20X) [66] and ste starts to spread down towards your next knuckle.
Steven (PS20Y) [67] Mm.
(PS20X) [68] That's okay.
[69] No terrible worry about that Steven.
Steven (PS20Y) [70] Right.
(PS20X) [71] That's okay.
Steven (PS20Y) [72] And er
(PS20X) [73] That's fine. [...] .
Steven (PS20Y) [74] [...] .
[75] See I've been getting a kind of rash on my face [...]
(PS20X) [76] Mhm.
[77] Right.
Steven (PS20Y) [78] even see it now, there.
(PS20X) [79] Yeah.
[80] You can see it quite clearly.
[81] And you're
Steven (PS20Y) [82] Can you?
(PS20X) [83] getting it on your forehead
Steven (PS20Y) [84] Aye.
(PS20X) [85] as well.
Steven (PS20Y) [86] Aye.
(PS20X) [87] [...] .
[88] Aye.
Steven (PS20Y) [89] see like, see like some kind of spots [...] for the past few
(PS20X) [90] Yeah.
Steven (PS20Y) [91] months and it's [...] it's annoying me [...] .
(PS20X) [92] Right.
Steven (PS20Y) [93] I mean I got that one, see it?
(PS20X) [94] Yes.
Steven (PS20Y) [...]
(PS20X) [95] Aye.
Steven (PS20Y) [96] And it's gone away yet, I mean that's been
(PS20X) [...]
Steven (PS20Y) [97] there about three we about three weeks.
(PS20X) [98] [whispering] Right [] .
[99] ... Now, once you've, once you've finished this penicillin stuff the hospital have given you,
Steven (PS20Y) [100] Mm.
(PS20X) [101] I want you to go onto this.
[102] It's a tablet that you take, one in the morning and one before you go to bed at night.
Steven (PS20Y) [103] Mhm.
(PS20X) [104] And that's for your er for your skin.
[105] And that'll give it a good help. [...] .
Steven (PS20Y) [106] So am I to take that with
(PS20X) [107] Not while you're
Steven (PS20Y) [108] the penicillin?
(PS20X) [109] not while you're taking the penicillin.
Steven (PS20Y) [110] Just finish the penicillin first?
(PS20X) [111] Finish your penicillin first Steven and then
Steven (PS20Y) [112] Mm.
[113] Take that.
(PS20X) [114] and then start on this stuff.
Steven (PS20Y) [115] Is that for my skin?
(PS20X) [116] This is for your skin.
Steven (PS20Y) [117] Right.
[118] Ah cos th m people won't [...] my skin about [...] .
(PS20X) [119] [whispering] Aye.
[120] That's rubbish [] .
Steven (PS20Y) [121] You know what I mean?
(PS20X) [122] [whispering] That's rubbish.
[123] Don't listen to half of what they say [] .
Steven (PS20Y) [laugh] ...
(PS20X) [...]
Steven (PS20Y) [124] And [...] my, my granddad was telling me to see my eyes.
(PS20X) [125] Mhm.
Steven (PS20Y) [126] Mm.
[127] Eyes.
[128] Now I know I went to a sp a specialist and that I mean it just keeps on coming back you know, maybe I'll
(PS20X) [129] That's right.
[130] Aye.
Steven (PS20Y) [131] just have to keep on [...] .
(PS20X) [132] Aye.
[133] No.
[134] That's part of the skin problem as well.
Steven (PS20Y) [135] Is it?
(PS20X) [136] Aye.
[137] That's part of the skin problem.
Steven (PS20Y) [138] Is it really?
(PS20X) [139] Once you get started on this
Steven (PS20Y) [140] It should?
(PS20X) [141] it'll die away as well.
Steven (PS20Y) [142] Oh, that's good cos [...] .
(PS20X) [143] No problem.
[144] No terrible problem there, Steven.
[145] But don't mix these with your penicillin.
Steven (PS20Y) [146] Right.
(PS20X) [147] Finish your penicillin first and then and then go
Steven (PS20Y) [148] [...] penicillin first.
(PS20X) [149] on to that.
Steven (PS20Y) [150] Right. [...]
(PS20X) [151] And that'll get it sorted and [...] come back up
Steven (PS20Y) [152] Aye I'll
(PS20X) [...]
Steven (PS20Y) [153] I'll put [...] appointment [...] just in case you know
(PS20X) [154] Mhm.
Steven (PS20Y) [155] what I mean?
(PS20X) [156] Yes.
Steven (PS20Y) [157] For next week.
(PS20X) [158] Aye. [...]
Steven (PS20Y) [...]
(PS20X) [159] ev even with your skin.
[160] I mean don't be frightened to come back and see us about that
Steven (PS20Y) [161] Aye.
(PS20X) [162] because it can last for anything up to six months.
[163] This spots
Steven (PS20Y) [164] Aye.
(PS20X) [165] on your skin.
[166] So I mean
Steven (PS20Y) [167] Aha.
(PS20X) [168] y you might need a wee [...] these tablets
Steven (PS20Y) [169] Again.
(PS20X) [170] maybe two or three times again.
[171] And if you do, don't be frightened to come back.
Steven (PS20Y) [172] Right.
(PS20X) [173] Okay, Steven.
Steven (PS20Y) [174] No bother.
(PS20X) [175] Right.
[176] We'll see how things are doing next week.
Steven (PS20Y) [177] Right.
(PS20X) [178] Right.
Steven (PS20Y) [179] Thanks Doctor [...] .
(PS20X) [180] Right.
[181] Cheerio now.
Steven (PS20Y) [182] Cheerio.