BNC Text H59

Medical consultations. Sample containing about 730 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C308

PS212 Ag5 m (No name, age 60, general practitioner) unspecified
PS213 X f (Alison, age unknown) unspecified

1 recordings

  1. Tape 091013 recorded on 1993-04. LocationStrathclyde: Glasgow ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS212) [1] Thank you.
[2] ... Hello. [...]
Alison (PS213) [...]
(PS212) [3] What can we do for you today?
Alison (PS213) [4] Er well, I've had a sore throat.
[5] It's about three weeks now.
[6] The er not a sore throat th you know, it's there for a couple of days and then it kind of eases off, I think it's getting better and then
(PS212) [...]
Alison (PS213) [7] the next day it's as bad as ever.
(PS212) [8] As bad as ever. [...]
Alison (PS213) [9] This morning I can kind of feel it, but last night it was as if I was when I swallowed there was a big lump.
(PS212) [10] Like a lump at the back?
Alison (PS213) [11] Erm
(PS212) [12] Mm.
[13] [...] . Stick your tongue out.
[14] Oh, aye, [...] a way down, see just in through there?
Alison (PS213) [15] Aha.
(PS212) [16] Down the sides there, not up beside your tonsils.
[17] It's a way down the back.
Alison (PS213) [18] Right.
(PS212) [19] And see that wee thing that hangs down the back?
[20] That's what [...] [...]
Alison (PS213) [21] Aha.
(PS212) [22] And it's rubbing up against your tongue.
Alison (PS213) [23] Aye.
(PS212) [24] That's what you're feeling [...] .
Alison (PS213) [25] But I didn't feel it as bad this morning
(PS212) [26] No.
[27] That's right.
[28] Oh no.
[29] Aye. [...] .
Alison (PS213) [30] [...] up here and I, I've been keeping putting it off and putting it off.
(PS212) [31] It, it comes back into [...] it, some, some nights it's quite good and then other nights it feels all
Alison (PS213) [32] Aye.
[33] It's
(PS212) [34] dry and it feels like [...]
Alison (PS213) [35] Ah, aye, I'm not
(PS212) [36] in the morning.
Alison (PS213) [37] I've a right cough as well and a tickle and [...]
(PS212) [38] That's [...] .
Alison (PS213) [39] [...] what I'm bringing up.
[40] It's
(PS212) [41] Aye.
Alison (PS213) [42] filthy.
(PS212) [43] You have trouble with your sinuses at all?
Alison (PS213) [44] [...] Erm aye, I can do.
(PS212) [45] [...] Choke.
[46] Kind of choke down
Alison (PS213) [47] Kind of choke down.
(PS212) [48] again.
[49] It might well be coming
Alison (PS213) [50] I've [...]
(PS212) [51] from there.
Alison (PS213) [52] See I've had a couple of colds the past few months and then you think, well that's me, I'm getting better.
[53] And then the next morning I'm up I feel as I was going to take it again.
(PS212) [54] It feels all choked up again.
Alison (PS213) [55] Aye.
(PS212) [56] Right.
[57] Er it sounds as though it might well be stuck in your sinuses here and this stuff's running down the back
Alison (PS213) [58] Mhm.
(PS212) [59] and ca la landing in the back of your throat here.
[60] Er you're what,?
Alison (PS213) [61] Aye.
[62] Three. ...
(PS212) [63] Now, I've given you some antibiotics.
[64] They're to take during the day.
[65] And I've given you special stuff for nighttime to keep the back of your throat clear at night.
[66] Because that's half the battle if you can keep
Alison (PS213) [67] [...] nights, I didn't have a decent night's sleep just for the tickle you know, the [...] .
(PS212) [68] That's right, the continual it's this continual stuff running down the back that goes for it.
[69] ... Mhm.
[70] ... Oops!
[71] [whispering] [...] [] ... There we are.
[72] Right,
Alison (PS213) [73] Thanks Doctor.
(PS212) [74] Mrs .
Alison (PS213) [75] I wonder if I could show you a mole?
(PS212) [laugh]
Alison (PS213) [76] I've got, I feel as if it's getting [...] and I don't know if it's erm to be [...]
(PS212) [...]
Alison (PS213) [77] I've had it for years and never bothered.
(PS212) [78] Aye, I know but [...] they change.
[79] Let's look.
[80] ... Yeah.
[81] It's starting to get black at one side alright [...]
Alison (PS213) [82] You see I cannot not see it [...]
(PS212) [83] No.
Alison (PS213) [84] but I just felt it
(PS212) [85] Right.
Alison (PS213) [86] something's up.
[87] I'm not scratching it because I can't scratch it but
(PS212) [88] No.
Alison (PS213) [89] I'm worried about it.
(PS212) [90] Yeah.
[91] Well I think you better get this seen to.
[92] It's, there's a tiny wee corner at the top there where the colour's changing.
Alison (PS213) [93] Is it?
(PS212) [94] And there's another wee bit there.
[95] Aye.
[96] Get it off.
Alison (PS213) [97] Right.
(PS212) [98] Get it off. [whispering] [...] [] ...
Alison (PS213) [99] [cough] ... I've been going to come up about it and g
(PS212) [100] Aye.
[101] It's, och aye, it's one of these things.
Alison (PS213) [102] Do you think it [...]
(PS212) [...]
Alison (PS213) [103] I've had it for all this time, I hope.
(PS212) [104] Yeah.
[105] Well it wouldn't make
Alison (PS213) [...]
(PS212) [106] any difference.
[107] Now, all I need for you to go and see the skin specialist and [whistling] get it in the bucket and then there's
Alison (PS213) [108] Right.
(PS212) [109] no worry about it.
Alison (PS213) [110] Okay then.
(PS212) [111] Right.
[112] Okay Alison.
Alison (PS213) [113] Thanks a lot.
(PS212) [114] Right.
[115] Cheerio now.
Alison (PS213) [116] Bye.
[117] Are you alright yourself?
(PS212) [118] Yeah.
[119] Yeah.
[120] It's no [laughing] no problem [] .
Alison (PS213) [121] [laughing] [...] it's just typical isn't it [] ?
(PS212) [122] That's it.
Alison (PS213) [laugh]
(PS212) [123] Right.
Alison (PS213) [124] Thanks.
(PS212) [125] Cheerio now.
Alison (PS213) [126] Cheerio. [end of consultation] ...
(PS212) [127] [recording a memo] Letter to [...] District Hospital, [...] thirty two.
[128] Dear Doctor, this woman has a mole on her right upper arm.
[129] She tells me that this has recently become quite itchy, and when [...] there appear to be one or two areas that have er become discoloured [...] darker than, than the main part of the mole.
[130] I [...] appointment to [...] removal and would be grateful for your advice [...] .
[131] Yours sincerely.
[132] And could you mark that one very urgent, please.