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Medical consultations. Sample containing about 1079 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C309

PS214 Ag5 m (No name, age 60, general practitioner) unspecified
PS215 X m (William, age unknown) unspecified

1 recordings

  1. Tape 091014 recorded on 1993-04. LocationStrathclyde: Glasgow ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS214) [1] Come in.
[2] Good morning.
William (PS215) [3] Hello Doctor.
(PS214) [4] Now stranger, what can we do for you this morning?
William (PS215) [5] [...] a long time.
[6] A number of years.
(PS214) [7] Aye, it's a long number of years.
[8] You've got spots [...] .
William (PS215) [9] Mhm [...] .
(PS214) [...]
William (PS215) [10] I was told it was chicken pox, but I haven't
(PS214) [11] Mhm.
William (PS215) [12] been to a doctor.
(PS214) [13] Aye.
William (PS215) [14] I've had this for over a fortnight. ...
(PS214) [15] Did it just come on all of a sudden?
William (PS215) [16] I think what happened it started on my legs, here.
[17] Right? ...
(PS214) [18] [whispering] Oh deary me [] . ...
William (PS215) [19] Now [...] for a while, before I went to, I went to [...] .
(PS214) [20] That's turned into [...] .
[21] Right.
[22] It's okay.
[23] [...] we'll get that cleared for you.
William (PS215) [24] I thought it was [...] [...]
(PS214) [25] Yeah.
William (PS215) [26] [...] like that.
(PS214) [27] No.
[28] Four or five days and it should all be starting to
William (PS215) [29] I hope it's not turning [...] .
(PS214) [30] A germ, there's a germ that floats about in the air and if it gets onto the skin when it's broken.
[31] It [...]
William (PS215) [32] Was it?
[33] Was it originally
(PS214) [34] [...] .
[35] Well it looks as though it could well have been
William (PS215) [36] originally chicken pox?
(PS214) [37] [...] like chicken pox.
[38] Yeah.
[39] But that's all it takes, it's just the skin to get broken, and underneath the skin and it just spreads and it's [...]
William (PS215) [40] And you haven't seen my arms.
(PS214) [41] Same.
[42] Alright.
[43] Okay.
William (PS215) [44] My arms are really bad.
(PS214) [45] Let's get that sorted for you.
William (PS215) [46] [...] it was chicken pox and I'm saying to myself it's very infectious.
[47] What about [...] , is that infectious?
(PS214) [48] Yes.
[49] That's contagious as well.
William (PS215) [50] And the funny thing was I've
(PS214) [51] Mm.
William (PS215) [52] only been off my work for about er seven days.
[53] I was at my work for a couple of days,
(PS214) [54] Mhm.
William (PS215) [55] when this started.
(PS214) [56] Yeah.
William (PS215) [57] So I must have passed it on [...] .
(PS214) [58] Aye.
[59] Impetigo isn't nearly as easy to pass on as chicken pox.
[60] In fact it's, it's really You have to be living in the same house as somebody who's [...]
William (PS215) [61] I was ask asking myself [...] .
(PS214) [62] Aye.
[63] You, you've got to be using that same towels, you know, that sort of thing.
William (PS215) [64] Aha.
(PS214) [65] You know, actually,mo all more or less direct contact
William (PS215) [66] Aha.
(PS214) [67] before you can pick it up.
William (PS215) [68] Mhm.
(PS214) [69] So there's no terrible worry in that way, that you've passed on to anybody.
[70] And that, I wouldn't worry about that.
William (PS215) [71] [...] get that thing?
(PS214) [72] Ah, you could get it anywhere, I mean even, see the likes of that, that wee cut in the back of my hand?
William (PS215) [73] Aha.
(PS214) [74] Well it could start off in that.
[75] Just [snaps fingers] just [...] .
William (PS215) [76] See I always wondered because er ... it seemed awfully slow in spreading it, it was there
(PS214) [77] [...] that's right.
William (PS215) [78] and a couple of days with nothing happening I'm saying, well, at least it's started clearing up, but then
(PS214) [79] And then it moved somewhere else.
William (PS215) [80] it moved somewhere else and I'm saying I'm looking at it
(PS214) [81] That's right.
William (PS215) [82] the only place I've not got it is my abdomen and my chest.
(PS214) [83] Right down the front. [...]
William (PS215) [84] It had nowhere to go.
(PS214) [85] Aye.
William (PS215) [86] And it started on my back quite a bit, three of four days ago, well it's not just as bad but my arms are real bad.
(PS214) [87] Right.
[88] Let's see if we can get you turned into a human being. ...
William (PS215) [89] Oh dear, and I'm saying to myself it was chicken pox [...]
(PS214) [90] Aye, but [...]
William (PS215) [91] [...] [...] I don't think I've heard of that impetigo Doctor to be honest.
(PS214) [92] Yeah.
[93] [...] it's years and [...] .
[94] It used to be quite a common thing.
William (PS215) [95] Yes.
[96] Correct.
[97] Aye, I remember.
(PS214) [98] Ah, but it's y you still see it, I mean we still see it about once or twice every week.
William (PS215) [99] Mhm.
(PS214) [100] But I mean it used to be every day
William (PS215) [101] Aye.
(PS214) [102] we used to see it.
William (PS215) [103] So, it all cleared up okay?
[104] It won't
(PS214) [105] Yes.
[106] Och aye.
William (PS215) [107] leave a lot of marks?
[108] No?
[109] Well, I suppose it [...] .
(PS214) [110] [...] hopefully not.
[111] No.
[112] No.
[113] No.
[114] Now not nowadays, not with the, not with the stuff we get nowadays. ...
William (PS215) [cough]
(PS214) [115] Now.
[116] Now.
[117] Now.
William (PS215) [118] And what I've noticed is I've seen my bed linen.
[119] It's been weeping at night when I'm sleeping.
(PS214) [120] That's right.
[121] That's right.
[122] In your sleep.
[123] That's right. [...]
William (PS215) [124] [...] [...] most of this is drying up but the skull must get It seems to [...]
(PS214) [125] Right. [...]
William (PS215) [126] weep.
(PS214) [127] That's right.
[128] When the skin when we ju move around in the bed, the skin cracks open
William (PS215) [129] Oh that's it,
(PS214) [...]
William (PS215) [130] it's all cracking here.
(PS214) [131] Aye.
William (PS215) [132] Mhm.
(PS214) [133] And the same with the crusty bits [...]
William (PS215) [134] Oh aye.
(PS214) [135] [...] , when you move around at night it's the crust cracks open
William (PS215) [136] Mm.
(PS214) [137] as well and you get this weepy, sticky
William (PS215) [138] Aha.
(PS214) [139] yucky er yellowy green
William (PS215) [140] That's correct.
[141] Aye.
(PS214) [142] coming out.
[143] That's right, isn't it?
[144] That's it.
[145] That's er here you are young William and that should get rid of that for you no bother at all.
William (PS215) [146] Right and er
(PS214) [147] [...] two things, you've got a special stuff for during the day and a different stuff for bedtime.
William (PS215) [148] Aha.
[149] I is it
(PS214) [...]
William (PS215) [150] is it oral?
[151] Or what is it er?
(PS214) [152] Tablets.
William (PS215) [153] Both of them's tablets?
(PS214) [154] Both tablets.
[155] Both tablets to take.
William (PS215) [156] Aha.
(PS214) [157] And that'll get rid of that for you.
William (PS215) [158] So I can get in [...] ?
(PS214) [...]
William (PS215) [159] What about work?
(PS214) [160] An anything.
William (PS215) [161] I can go to work?
(PS214) [162] Yeah. [...]
William (PS215) [163] I feel a bit, I feel a bit embarrassed [...] .
(PS214) [164] Aye.
[165] The only thing about work is are you working with oil?
William (PS215) [166] I do work with oil, aye.
(PS214) [167] Ah well, no chance.
[168] No chance cos that
William (PS215) [169] I'm working on Thursday so I'm [...] [...]
(PS214) [170] Aye.
William (PS215) [171] but I work with turbines and it's
(PS214) [172] Aye.
[173] No.
[174] It's for your own sake, because the o if the oil gets underneath the skin it can irritate your skin.
William (PS215) [175] Aha.
(PS214) [176] So you're better er out the way of that for [...] a week
William (PS215) [177] [...] ?
(PS214) [178] or so.
[179] Yeah. ...
William (PS215) [180] How are you keeping yourself, Doctor?
(PS214) [181] Me?
[182] Fine.
William (PS215) [183] Oh, good.
(PS214) [184] [...] .
[185] Don't have much choice.
William (PS215) [186] I would say I've been pretty lucky recently myself [...] .
(PS214) [187] Oh, that's a good way to be.
[188] It's a good time to be a stranger in here.
William (PS215) [189] [...] a bit guilty, you know?
(PS214) [190] Right.
[191] See if we can keep it that way for another twenty years.
William (PS215) [192] Aha.
[193] Right.
[194] Thanks Doctor .
(PS214) [195] Okay.
William (PS215) [196] Right.
[197] Much obliged.
[198] So, what will I gi
(PS214) [199] [...] things right now.
William (PS215) [200] give it another week?
(PS214) [201] Give it a week, [...] oh, within the week it should be a big lot better.
William (PS215) [202] So that'll be the following
(PS214) [203] [...] .
[204] Let's say a week on Monday.
William (PS215) [205] Back to work a week
(PS214) [206] Aye.
William (PS215) [207] Monday.
(PS214) [208] A week Monday.
William (PS215) [209] Great.
(PS214) [210] [...] .
[211] Aye.
William (PS215) [212] Thanks very much.
(PS214) [213] Okay.
[214] Right, Bill.
William (PS215) [...]
(PS214) [215] Right?
[216] Look after yourself
William (PS215) [217] Bye now.
(PS214) [218] now.
[219] Bye.
William (PS215) [220] Thank you.