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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 842 words speech recorded in public context

5 speakers recorded by respondent number C317

PS2CP Ag5 m (No name, age 60, general practitioner) unspecified
PS2CR Ag4 f (No name, age 50+) unspecified
PS2CS Ag1 m (David, age 24) unspecified
H5KPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
H5KPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 099401 recorded on 1993-04. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS2CP) [1] [shouting] Come in! [] ...
(PS2CR) [2] [...] my son, Doctor.
(PS2CP) [3] Oh.
[4] What've you been doing to this poor soul?
Unknown speaker (H5KPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS2CP) [5] Has she been bad to you?
(PS2CR) [6] He did [...] trying to get off the drink.
(PS2CP) [7] Oh right.
(PS2CR) [...]
(PS2CP) [8] Aha.
(PS2CR) [9] He got two week ones then he got a four week one.
[10] But he fell back on it on Saturday there.
(PS2CP) [11] Aye.
(PS2CR) [12] So [...] it's bad with his nerves and everything.
(PS2CP) [13] What's happened to your nerves dear? ...
David (PS2CS) [14] Sleeping all day and then at night time [...]
(PS2CR) [15] [...] house.
(PS2CP) [16] What's making you sleep all day pal?
[17] Do you think it's the drink that's doing that?
David (PS2CS) [18] Aye it must be [...] .
[19] Looking at one [...] you know.
(PS2CR) [...]
(PS2CP) [20] Let's get you ... sorted out.
[21] Er what age are you now, David, sixteen?
David (PS2CS) [22] No, twenty four.
(PS2CP) [23] Are you!
[24] Already?
David (PS2CS) [laugh]
(PS2CR) [25] Twenty four. [laugh]
(PS2CP) [26] How'd you get as old as that, eh?
[27] Fifty was it fifty two?
[28] Fifty two.
[29] ... You're in , aren't you?
Unknown speaker (H5KPSUNK) [30] Aye. ...
(PS2CP) [31] Now, do you want to go and see the specialist about this drink problem, David?
[32] I [cough] mean I can help you a certain, a certain amount,
David (PS2CS) [33] Mm.
(PS2CP) [34] but I mean er there is, there is a, a clinic, a special clinic ... f for fellows that have got trouble with drink.
[35] Would you like to go and see the specialist?
(PS2CR) [36] He was going to the A A meetings
(PS2CP) [37] Mhm.
(PS2CR) [38] and he was doing alright till then but his pal came back again, but I've chased him now,
(PS2CP) [39] Aye.
(PS2CR) [40] so he's trying hard again.
[41] He says he's going to start going to his meeting again.
(PS2CP) [42] Aye.
David (PS2CS) [43] I'm too nervous, I cannae go out the house without control [...] .
(PS2CP) [44] We can soon stop your nerves and that, that's an easy bit.
[45] That's the easy bit.
[46] [cough] We'll try this for a couple of weeks and see how things do.
[47] If this isn't enough then we'll get in touch with the specialist.
(PS2CR) [48] Aha.
(PS2CP) [49] Right?
[50] ... Come back and see me in, what, a fortnight today?
David (PS2CS) [51] Aye.
(PS2CP) [52] Right.
[53] Okay.
[54] ... Now one in the morning, one at teatime, and two at bedtime.
[55] ... Here we are David, and I've got, er now you've some special tablets to get your system boosted up again.
[56] I've given you some other special ones to take during the day just to settle your nerves
David (PS2CS) [57] Aye.
(PS2CP) [58] and take an extra dose at night to try and get you into a sleep so we can get you back into sleeping ... rather than up prowling about during the night, cos it does no good at all.
(PS2CR) [59] He got a big pellet in his leg Doctor and he went for X-rays, up to Monklands, wasn't it?
David (PS2CS) [60] Aye.
(PS2CP) [61] Aye.
(PS2CR) [62] And he, he was drunk and he got into the back of his leg with his glass and he got it out, it was a great big steel
(PS2CP) [63] Right.
(PS2CR) [64] thing.
David (PS2CS) [65] Do you know [...] .
(PS2CR) [...]
David (PS2CS) [...]
(PS2CP) [66] Oh it should, it should come alright.
[67] Wh when was that David?
David (PS2CS) [68] Well I was [...] I was [...] me leg for a bit too [...] But I went up to Monklands and
(PS2CR) [69] Taken X-rays.
(PS2CP) [70] [...] X-rays.
(PS2CP) [71] Aha.
[72] And did they
David (PS2CS) [...]
(PS2CP) [73] did they take it out for you?
David (PS2CS) [74] No they
(PS2CR) [75] No [...]
David (PS2CS) [76] No
(PS2CR) [77] No they [...]
(PS2CP) [78] It's still there?
David (PS2CS) [79] I took it out the other night?
(PS2CP) [80] You took it out the other night, right?
[81] Let's have a wee look and see what it's like.
[82] ... [...] Oh aye.
David (PS2CS) [...]
(PS2CP) [83] Aye [...] are you gonna take the [...] ?
(PS2CR) [...]
David (PS2CS) [...]
(PS2CP) [84] Oh aye right, the [...] right.
[85] That feels okay here and now [...] all right.
[86] Keep it, keep it clean outside and inside, you don't need to, if you want to go swimming or anything, fine no problem at all.
[87] [...] like that
(PS2CR) [88] [...] Doctor.
(PS2CP) [89] You [...] as well did you?
(PS2CR) [90] Aye [...] . ...
(PS2CP) [91] There you are David.
[92] We'll see you in a couple of weeks again and see how you're doing.
(PS2CR) [93] I'll have to come up I'll have to come up and see your [...]
(PS2CP) [94] [laughing] Right [] .
(PS2CR) [...]
(PS2CP) [95] We'll get, I'll give you it just now.
(PS2CR) [96] Er [...] it away, I might use it
(PS2CP) [97] Ah.
(PS2CR) [98] in my sitting room. ...
(PS2CP) [99] It's an eight week, is it an eight week one you get?
(PS2CR) [100] No it's thir [...]
(PS2CP) [101] Is it a thirteen?
[102] Thirteen weeks.
(PS2CR) [103] No, twenty six weeks, [...] .
(PS2CP) [104] Twenty six is it?
[105] Twenty six.
(PS2CR) [106] Aye.
[107] Six months or something.
(PS2CP) [108] Six months.
[109] What was on your last line, can you remember?
(PS2CR) [110] He never [...]
(PS2CP) [111] Just, just
(PS2CR) [112] Listen Doctor, I wonder if you could ... I'm eating seven boxes of chocolate a week.
(PS2CP) [113] Mhm.
(PS2CR) [114] It started with the grandwean, you know, when she's [...] and I'm taking a bit, and then I seem to get addicted to it, and I'm buying seven boxes.
[115] What's caus David says it's a lack of vitamins,
(PS2CP) [117] [whispering] No no []
(PS2CR) [118] Is it no?
(PS2CP) [119] [whispering] No no []
(PS2CR) [120] Do you think it'll do any harm?
(PS2CP) [121] Yes.
(PS2CR) [122] Oh my God.
(PS2CP) [123] Through time it will.
(PS2CR) [124] Will it?
(PS2CP) [125] Yes.
[126] You could well get sugar
(PS2CR) [127] Oh.
[128] That's about a year ago now.
(PS2CP) [129] [whispering] Let's see if we can do something to, to help you [] .
[130] Are you in ?
(PS2CR) [131] Aye that's right.
[132] Aha.
(PS2CP) [133] [whispering] [] .
[134] Eighty one?
(PS2CR) [135] Eighty one. ...
(PS2CP) [136] There you are, you get started on that, and see
(PS2CR) [137] Oh good
(PS2CP) [138] if that can keep things under control.
(PS2CR) [139] Right.
[140] Thanks Doctor.
(PS2CP) [141] Right, okay now.
(PS2CR) [142] Cheerio.
(PS2CP) [143] Cheerio just now. [cough]