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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 611 words speech recorded in public context

4 speakers recorded by respondent number C318

PS2CT Ag5 m (No name, age 60, general practitioner) unspecified
PS2CU Ag5 m (Jonathan, age 60+) unspecified
H5LPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
H5LPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 099402 recorded on 1993-04. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS2CT) [1] [cough] Come in, come in, come in Jon.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [2] Morning.
(PS2CT) [3] Good morning.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [4] Is it?
(PS2CT) [5] Oh aye.
[6] I was laying a heavy carpet yesterday, and my
Jonathan (PS2CU) [7] Oh right.
(PS2CT) [8] my chest's full of st ...
Jonathan (PS2CU) [9] It's er
(PS2CT) [10] gunge.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [11] [...] .
(PS2CT) [12] Was it a s ... this time of the month already?
Jonathan (PS2CU) [13] Aye. [...] . ...
(PS2CT) [14] Good?
Jonathan (PS2CU) [15] I dunno er are you taking blood cos I've Doctor to see this afternoon.
(PS2CT) [16] Er ... it's immaterial to me I mean I'm, I'm, I'm totally unprejudiced.
[17] I mean if ... maybe it'd be better if he does it Jon because he
Jonathan (PS2CU) [18] Oh I was
(PS2CT) [19] Aye.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [20] I was thinki no I'm no being facetious.
(PS2CT) [21] No no no no no no no
Jonathan (PS2CU) [22] It's just
(PS2CT) [23] I'm just thinking.
[24] He'll, cos he'll see the results then,
Jonathan (PS2CU) [25] Aye.
(PS2CT) [26] and there's less chance of them getting lost because if we send it over to Monkland and it comes back here, it goes to Doctor , you know how he's all over the place,
Jonathan (PS2CU) [cough]
(PS2CT) [27] and he's doing it all day, seeing
Jonathan (PS2CU) [28] [...] clinic.
(PS2CT) [29] as he's got Strathclyde, and he's got er
Jonathan (PS2CU) [30] Aye.
(PS2CT) [31] Stonehouse as well.
[32] May be better if he does it this afternoon pal
Jonathan (PS2CU) [33] Well that's
(PS2CT) [34] for, you know for, for the sake of getting the, the, the stuff all in the right place at the right
Jonathan (PS2CU) [35] Aye
(PS2CT) [36] time.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [37] Aye aye.
(PS2CT) [38] But urine test, absolutely fine, no problem there at all young Jon.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [39] That's smashing.
[40] ... Got a wee bit of reaction to the Sulfasalazine and the penicillin, mind.
(PS2CT) [41] Oh right, aye.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [42] Er ... normally thirst.
(PS2CT) [43] Right.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [44] I'm drinking water and [...] and tea
(PS2CT) [45] That's okay.
[46] That's alright.
[47] Anything.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [48] Coffee.
(PS2CT) [49] Anything at all.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [50] But that's about the most I had.
[51] I started off at the s at the start I was er I was getting mouth ulcers, and then well I didn't get them to the severity that I got them with the sulfasalazine
(PS2CT) [52] That's
Jonathan (PS2CU) [53] Er
(PS2CT) [54] funny, cos sulfasala [...] I've been s I've certainly been using it for years and years and years with different folk fo er for something completely different.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [55] Aha.
(PS2CT) [56] I mean it didn't come for, come out for ... arthritis.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [57] Arthritis , no.
(PS2CT) [58] It came out for something else.
[59] And I've used it oh, for about thirty odd years.
[60] I never found anybody with any trouble ... ever having any trouble with it.
[61] And yet when folk got it for their arthritis, okay?
Jonathan (PS2CU) [62] Yeah
Unknown speaker (H5LPSUNK) [...]
Jonathan (PS2CU) [63] There's no trouble with er with the Sulfasalazine
(PS2CT) [64] Aye.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [65] So there should be no problem.
(PS2CT) [66] Yeah, that's right.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [67] Renal problems and er I was having bowel problems ... [...] ulcers in my mouth.
(PS2CT) [68] Mhm.
[69] That's right.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [70] And I was quite amazed.
(PS2CT) [71] Eh?
[72] Oh aye.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [73] I was quite amazed.
[74] But er if you [...] .
(PS2CT) [...]
Unknown speaker (H5LPSUNK) [cough] [sounds like a duck]
Jonathan (PS2CU) [75] [...] said ... you know?
(PS2CT) [76] Aye.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [77] But er ... I was away for a week there, I only came back on Saturday.
(PS2CT) [78] Good, good
Jonathan (PS2CU) [79] Er
(PS2CT) [80] [...] did you get to?
Jonathan (PS2CU) [81] I was away up er Nunkton Kildray it's between Invergordon and Paine
(PS2CT) [82] It's not my part of the world at all,
Jonathan (PS2CU) [83] It's beautiful
(PS2CT) [84] don't know it , I don't [laughing] know it [] , is it?
Jonathan (PS2CU) [...]
(PS2CT) [85] Oh.
[86] Oh, right.
[87] Right aye.
[88] Oh [...]
Jonathan (PS2CU) [89] [laugh] So my w Jessie and I had a wee break.
(PS2CT) [90] Peace and quiet?
Jonathan (PS2CU) [91] Aye,we we've been having a lot of trouble with the people next door, and er
(PS2CT) [92] Mhm.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [93] it, it's really quite amazing.
(PS2CT) [94] Oh [unimpressed noise] .
[95] I can believe it.
[96] Erm trouble with neighbours is
Jonathan (PS2CU) [97] Well it's
(PS2CT) [98] not unusual in .
Jonathan (PS2CU) [99] I hardly think that I'm able to run about banging doors at four o'clock in the morning.
[100] ... It's [...] I'm up a
(PS2CT) [101] [laugh] [laughing] I haven't seen you too often [] . [laugh]
Jonathan (PS2CU) [102] I'm up against the six footer, and a five foot ten [...] wife
(PS2CT) [103] Aha.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [104] er ... and [...] you know.
(PS2CT) [laugh]
Jonathan (PS2CU) [105] [...] having a [...] that's what it's [...] .
(PS2CT) [106] That's right, that's right.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [107] Thanks [...] .
(PS2CT) [108] Okay.
[109] [...] , Jon.
[110] Right.
Jonathan (PS2CU) [111] Bye.