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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 1778 words speech recorded in public context

5 speakers recorded by respondent number C320

PS2D0 Ag5 m (No name, age 60, general practitioner) unspecified
PS2D1 Ag4 f (Flora, age 45) unspecified
PS2D2 Ag4 m (John, age 50) unspecified
H5NPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
H5NPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 099404 recorded on 1993-04. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS2D0) [cough] ...
Flora (PS2D1) [...]
Unknown speaker (H5NPSUNK) [1] Oh.
Flora (PS2D1) [2] You can ask him if it's alright to keep you in your tablets.
[3] I'm going to start [...] .
[4] I tell you when I was in here it was just keeping calm.
[5] And I'd no been to [...] bloody.
John (PS2D2) [6] Aye well ... Nothing Doctor can do, [...]
Flora (PS2D1) [7] I know but he [...] .
John (PS2D2) [8] He would need to go up and see .
[9] [...] Doctor [...]
Unknown speaker (H5NPSUNK) [10] Ah.
(PS2D0) [11] What's up with young John today?
John (PS2D2) [12] Oh my [...] Strathclyde Hospital on Wednesday,
(PS2D0) [13] Aha.
John (PS2D2) [14] and they er sort of X-rayed me, took a urine sample, took a blood sample, er Doctor
Flora (PS2D1)
John (PS2D2)
(PS2D0) [15] Aha.
John (PS2D2) [16] He examined me.
[17] Erm he f he found, know how they were wrong about a slight murmur on my heart?
(PS2D0) [18] Mhm.
John (PS2D2) [19] He couldn't find it.
[20] He says it could have been [...] anxiety
(PS2D0) [21] Mhm.
John (PS2D2) [22] or
Unknown speaker (H5NPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (H5NPSUNK) [...]
John (PS2D2) [23] hospital
(PS2D0) [24] Aye just
John (PS2D2) [25] So there was nothing really
(PS2D0) [26] [...] nothing to worry about.
[27] Good.
[28] I'm delighted to hear that.
John (PS2D2) [29] But he did say that er it'll take three weeks before he can get back to me about sending me to the Law [...]
(PS2D0) [30] Mhm.
John (PS2D2) [31] He says that, see the biopsy and the other?
(PS2D0) [32] Yeah.
John (PS2D2) [33] He says that I might not need to get it right?
[34] Because he, he'll be able to tell off my blood.
(PS2D0) [35] Mhm.
John (PS2D2) [36] So he, he's still to decide about that.
(PS2D0) [37] Yeah.
[38] Right.
John (PS2D2) [39] Aye, and he also agreed with you about the lump in my back.
(PS2D0) [40] Mhm.
John (PS2D2) [41] Right?
(PS2D0) [42] Yeah.
John (PS2D2) [43] And he s he said the same as you, that er
(PS2D0) [44] If it's not bothering you, leave it alone.
John (PS2D2) [45] Aye.
[46] [laugh] Said the exact same as you.
(PS2D0) [47] Oh aye.
[48] Och aye.
[49] It's not, not sensible.
[50] Now then.
[51] ... Here you are young John.
John (PS2D2) [52] [cough] Honestly, I'm gutted with this cold the noo, could you give me
(PS2D0) [53] Mhm.
[54] Yeah,
John (PS2D2) [55] something for it?
(PS2D0) [56] sure.
[57] ... How're you doing with the, the drink?
John (PS2D2) [58] Oh.
[59] I have my good days and bad days.
(PS2D0) [60] How many good ones and how bad ones?
Flora (PS2D1) [61] [...] during the day.
John (PS2D2) [62] Too many bad ones.
[63] ... I just cannae seem to get off it at all. ...
(PS2D0) [64] Well, keep it down as low as you can because the lower you keep it, the less chance there is of getting this biopsy done. ...
John (PS2D2) [65] I thought they were just going to X-ray me back, but they X-rayed everything.
(PS2D0) [66] Oh they would do.
John (PS2D2) [67] They done the lot,
(PS2D0) [68] Yeah.
John (PS2D2) [69] front, back, side.
(PS2D0) [70] Yeah.
[71] Oh aye.
[72] ... There you are John, And
John (PS2D2) [73] Right.
(PS2D0) [74] that'll get you rid of that.
Flora (PS2D1) [75] Doctor [...]
John (PS2D2) [76] Aye, we're really worried about him now.
Flora (PS2D1) [77] He's getting worse.
(PS2D0) [78] Aye.
Flora (PS2D1) [79] I mean see last night, we went to bed last night, he came in at noon didn't he?
[80] I'm moving out.
[81] I'm moving out, I'm going to go stay at me granny's.
[82] I cannae stick my dad.
[83] I'm just, I'm just moving out and er I just cannae cope any more.
[84] They're
(PS2D0) [85] Mhm.
Flora (PS2D1) [86] [...] everybody's talking about me.
(PS2D0) [87] Mhm.
Flora (PS2D1) [88] I mean I, see the tablets you gave him?
(PS2D0) [89] Mhm.
Flora (PS2D1) [90] I've got them.
(PS2D0) [91] Mhm.
Flora (PS2D1) [92] I'm actually scared.
John (PS2D2) [93] He's threatened, just a couple of times to take an overdose.
Flora (PS2D1) [94] I'm scared to [...] too
(PS2D0) [95] Mhm.
[96] Right.
Flora (PS2D1) [97] too many at the one you know what I mean?
John (PS2D2) [98] He's seeing Doctor and
Flora (PS2D1) [99] I was wondering if you'd heard anything from Doctor [...] ?
John (PS2D2) [100] Doctor [...] what, if that happens Doctor says that the next time he wants to see us along with him.
(PS2D0) [101] Mhm.
[102] Yeah yeah.
John (PS2D2) [103] Because he's worrying us.
(PS2D0) [104] Yeah.
Flora (PS2D1) [105] See I don't know if it's just part real ... or if he's just trying to frighten me.
(PS2D0) [106] Mhm.
[107] It could be.
[108] This i this is the thing, with youngsters like that, you never know.
Flora (PS2D1) [109] I mean he doesn't want for nothing, he gets as much as I can give him.
(PS2D0) [110] It's nothing it's nothing to do
Flora (PS2D1) [111] He's got, he's got everything he could want.
(PS2D0) [112] Aye, it's nothing to do with wanting.
Flora (PS2D1) [113] I mean see my see my next door neighbours, they're good
(PS2D0) [114] Mhm.
Flora (PS2D1) [115] neighbours aren't they?
John (PS2D2) [116] We don't even take any money off him for keep
(PS2D0) [117] Aye.
John (PS2D2) [118] or anything like that.
Unknown speaker (H5NPSUNK) [...]
Flora (PS2D1) [119] And he came in
John (PS2D2) [120] [...] let him keep everything.
Flora (PS2D1) [121] he's sitting he's sitting in the living room on Sunday night.
[122] Now these new wheely-bins, you take a turn each.
(PS2D0) [123] Mhm.
Flora (PS2D1) [124] I'll just take the two, and Billy'll take them out the next week.
(PS2D0) [125] Mhm.
Flora (PS2D1) [126] But on Sunday night we weren't in, and Billy looked in the kitchen.
John (PS2D2) [127] We were at a night out.
Flora (PS2D1) [128] He must have looked in the kitchen window.
[129] Just to see
(PS2D0) [130] Mhm.
Flora (PS2D1) [131] whether to take the bins out or not.
[132] But our John was sitting reading the paper.
[133] He's got a, they're all talking about me, he says they're listening at the walls or standing in the clossies
(PS2D0) [134] Mhm.
Flora (PS2D1) [135] I mean the things he's coming away with aren't real.
(PS2D0) [136] Aye.
[137] Why is he seeing Doctor [...] ?
Flora (PS2D1) [...]
John (PS2D2) [138] He's [...] .
Flora (PS2D1) [139] He's gonna see him again, don't get me wrong, Doctor said he'll send for the both of us, right?
(PS2D0) [140] Mhm.
Flora (PS2D1) [141] But he's getting to the point where I'm ready for saying to him away you go down to your granny's right, but my mam cannae live with him either.
(PS2D0) [142] No no.
Flora (PS2D1) [143] Cos she's the same way.
[144] She's phoning me.
[145] She
John (PS2D2) [146] I think Doctor only sits once a month, and [...]
(PS2D0) [147] Oh no.
[148] No.
Flora (PS2D1) [149] No.
(PS2D0) [150] Every week.
John (PS2D2) [151] Is it every week?
[152] Is it?
(PS2D0) [153] Mhm.
John (PS2D2) [154] I thought it was only once a month.
(PS2D0) [155] No.
Flora (PS2D1) [156] See when he's thing, you see when he's er down at his granny's, my mummy and my daddy are actually talking round about him trying to kid on that they're, they're ignoring him.
John (PS2D2) [157] They they try to ignore him.
Flora (PS2D1) [158] Know what I mean?
(PS2D0) [159] Mm.
[160] Right.
[161] I'll get on to him and we'll soon get this [...] .
Flora (PS2D1) [162] See I cannae walk by a bus stop.
[163] There're two people at a bus stop, they two people's talking about him.
(PS2D0) [164] Yeah.
Flora (PS2D1) [165] The night that they brought him up here.
[166] ... A man walked in and he says hello to John and that and how's it going and that, he came into see you and I sat, I mean I came in
(PS2D0) [167] Mhm.
Flora (PS2D1) [168] out of the road, what's that man saying about me?
[169] Aye I heard him saying how do you put up with an arsehole like that?
John (PS2D2) [170] Thinks, he's paranoid.
[171] He thinks everybody's talking about him.
(PS2D0) [172] Aye.
John (PS2D2) [173] You know what I mean?
Flora (PS2D1) [174] But this has just come on.
(PS2D0) [175] Mhm.
[176] Oh aye.
[177] This is how it comes.
[178] This is how it comes, just
Flora (PS2D1) [179] And I mean ... I'm not wanting to make up any [...] .
[180] Ah but Doctor , it's plain to you, John's
John (PS2D2) [181] It may be the best thing for him.
Flora (PS2D1) [182] John has been ... put under psychologist because he was slow at school right?
(PS2D0) [183] Aha.
[184] Aye.
Flora (PS2D1) [185] And this is the start.
[186] This is what's in his head.
[187] ... He's no equal with anybody else.
[188] Yet
(PS2D0) [189] Ah.
Flora (PS2D1) [190] he is cos we paid dear.
(PS2D0) [191] Yes yes yes.
[192] But this is the thing, if he doesn't go there, if he needs to go there and he doesn't go there, he's going to get worse.
John (PS2D2) [193] Aye.
Flora (PS2D1) [194] Aye.
(PS2D0) [195] I mean he's going to get worse and worse and worse.
Flora (PS2D1) [196] See, the way I feel I've, it's not a case
John (PS2D2) [197] She even thinks
Flora (PS2D1) [198] I know there was [...]
John (PS2D2) [199] see because he w he was slow, he had trouble with learning
(PS2D0) [200] Mhm.
John (PS2D2) [201] at school, right?
(PS2D0) [202] Mhm.
Flora (PS2D1) [203] See he [...]
John (PS2D2) [204] S he thinks that all the ones that were at school with him are s talking
Flora (PS2D1) [...]
(PS2D0) [205] about him.
(PS2D0) [206] Mhm.
[207] That's right
John (PS2D2) [208] Still yet.
(PS2D0) [209] that's what he said, the first night he came in.
John (PS2D2) [210] Aye.
(PS2D0) [211] The f the thing is if he needs to go in for treatment, he's only going to get worse if he doesn't get it.
Flora (PS2D1) [212] But he'll say to me
John (PS2D2) [213] I said that and all.
Flora (PS2D1) [214] But as I, like you know John when he talks about it.
[215] If they found out
Unknown speaker (H5NPSUNK) [...]
Flora (PS2D1) [216] I'm up there like I'm just going to stay up there, I'm never mind to come back here.
John (PS2D2) [217] Do you know, she went to the bingo yesterday [...] her mother, right?
[218] For that day out at the bingo with her mam.
[219] And er he roa er he ranted for three hours too.
(PS2D0) [220] Mhm.
John (PS2D2) [221] Kept repeating himself and, right?
(PS2D0) [222] Yeah.
John (PS2D2) [223] And I'm sitting watching the telly trying to watch a film.
Flora (PS2D1) [224] Tell him what happened with the police
Unknown speaker (H5NPSUNK) [...]
Flora (PS2D1) [225] [...] the police a fortnight ago.
John (PS2D2) [226] I had to send for the police.
(PS2D0) [227] Mm.
Flora (PS2D1) [228] Because he didn't
John (PS2D2) [229] I thought he was I thought he was going to do something to himself.
Flora (PS2D1) [230] Or smash up the house or something.
John (PS2D2) [231] See he smashed up the house on Christmas day.
(PS2D0) [232] Aha.
Flora (PS2D1) [233] But he never
John (PS2D2) [234] For no reason at all,
(PS2D0) [235] Aye.
John (PS2D2) [236] right.
[237] Er then he, he, I sent for the police because he walked out the door and he, he threatened to kill himself.
[238] I had to get the police to get him back.
Flora (PS2D1) [239] See and I don't know whether he's tormenting us, or whether he's
(PS2D0) [240] Oh, you never know.
[241] You cannae take the chance.
Flora (PS2D1) [242] And I've got every tablet.
[243] Even his.
(PS2D0) [244] Mhm.
Flora (PS2D1) [245] I've got [...] of them all.
(PS2D0) [246] You can't, I mean there's, there's no way you can take a chance on it, Flora.
[247] I mean if he's just [...]
John (PS2D2) [248] I mean he's, he's the only kid we've got, and he's been
(PS2D0) [249] Aye.
John (PS2D2) [250] spoilt, you know what I mean?
[251] It's no as if we've [...]
(PS2D0) [252] Doesn't, doesn't matter who it is.
[253] Doesn't matter what age they are.
[254] I mean, we've had them doing this at eight year old.
John (PS2D2) [255] Aye.
(PS2D0) [256] And I've seen them doing this right up till they're in their eighties.
Flora (PS2D1) [257] Do you think if I, do you think if I gave him a fright,s see the, time he says he's going off to his granny's and I say away you go, and my mam says she's not taking him. [...]
(PS2D0) [258] Would you would you like to take the chance?
John (PS2D2) [259] No.
[260] I wouldn't either.
Flora (PS2D1) [261] I know he's starting all these things, see his computers and that?
[262] S maybe if I says to him away you go to your granny's and then and you're not taking anything with you.
[263] ... No?
(PS2D0) [264] No.
[265] It's not worth the risk Flora.
[266] If he did anything
Flora (PS2D1) [267] Well that night he walked out I was [...] wasn't I?
(PS2D0) [268] Mhm.
Flora (PS2D1) [269] And he must have been, I've a feeling he was standing somewhere bloody well
John (PS2D2) [270] Watching you.
[271] Aye.
Flora (PS2D1) [272] watching me.
(PS2D0) [273] Yeah.
[274] Oh aye.
[275] I mean,i if he, if you said something like that to him and he went away and he didn't turn up for two or three days, you would never live with yourself.
Flora (PS2D1) [276] Maybe that
John (PS2D2) [277] Exactly.
(PS2D0) [278] Oh no.
[279] No no.
[280] Ju hold on.
[281] Leave it with me.
[282] I'll get in touch with Doctor .
[283] Hope we'll get it organized as quick as we can.
John (PS2D2) [284] Right, thanks Doctor .
(PS2D0) [285] Okay?
[286] Right.
Flora (PS2D1) [287] Right, thanks Doctor.
(PS2D0) [288] Okay, right Flora.
John (PS2D2) [289] Right.
(PS2D0) [290] Don't do anything
Flora (PS2D1) [291] I wouldn't.
John (PS2D2) [292] Aye.
(PS2D0) [293] o okay.
Flora (PS2D1) [294] Right then.
(PS2D0) [295] Right.
John (PS2D2) [...]
(PS2D0) [296] Right, cheerio now.