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Medical consultation. Sample containing about 733 words speech recorded in public context

3 speakers recorded by respondent number C325

PS2DC Ag5 m (No name, age 60, general practitioner) unspecified
PS2DD X f (No name, age unknown) unspecified
PS2DE X f (No name, age unknown) unspecified

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  1. Tape 099409 recorded on 1993-04. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS2DD) [1] Doctor, we're now, Doctor , we now have no appointments for the rest of the week.
[2] ... Would you maybe do a surgery on Thursday morning?
(PS2DC) [3] Oh aye, aye, sure.
(PS2DD) [4] Instead of going out with [...] .
[5] Would be a, be quite a few calls, but we'll just maybe have to try and I don't know what we'll do.
(PS2DC) [6] [...] to clear the surgery.
(PS2DD) [7] Whether we'll have to take them off Thursday now, put them forward to Wednesday.
[8] There's o a couple of erm p poor blood counts, but Alan reckons they don't need done.
[9] ... So
(PS2DC) [10] Aye.
(PS2DD) [11] you know
(PS2DC) [12] Yeah. [...]
(PS2DD) [13] just put it in for Thursday morning, see what
(PS2DC) [14] Yeah, sure.
[15] Aye.
[16] Aye.
[17] More work
(PS2DD) [...]
(PS2DC) [18] for Thursday, yes, no problem.
(PS2DD) [19] [talk distant] Right thank you Doctor [...] ...
(PS2DC) [20] Good morning.
(PS2DE) [21] Morning Doctor .
(PS2DC) [22] Now then.
(PS2DE) [23] [laugh] Busy place this morning [...]
(PS2DC) [24] Och yes.
[25] Oh yes.
[26] Keeps us out of mischief.
(PS2DE) [laugh]
(PS2DC) [27] Keeps us out of mischief.
(PS2DE) [...]
(PS2DC) [28] [...] what can I do for you?
(PS2DE) [29] My [...] due in today, Doctor.
[30] ... Lot of kids in this morning.
[31] ... Is there a lot of wee bugs?
(PS2DC) [32] School.
[33] The school holidays.
(PS2DE) [34] Aye.
(PS2DC) [35] It's always, always the same.
(PS2DE) [36] Lot of wee bugs going about?
(PS2DC) [37] Yeah. ...
(PS2DE) [38] I'll get my prescription when I'm here too Doctor.
(PS2DC) [39] Mhm.
(PS2DE) [40] I've cut myself, know how I was twenty?
[41] And I've cut myself down to one.
(PS2DC) [42] Aye.
(PS2DE) [43] And my Tamacipan
(PS2DC) [44] Mhm.
(PS2DE) [45] Well, Bill's er got that patch he was trying to stop smoking and he wasn't sleeping at night, you know.
[46] So I gave him half of mine, half of it, you know how it's a tablet now?
(PS2DC) [47] Yes.
(PS2DE) [48] I've been giving him half of it.
[49] And he's
(PS2DC) [50] I'll give him I'll give him something to get a good sleep.
(PS2DE) [51] Aye, he, I mean he's been doing quite well, cos that's [...] George usually smoked you know?
[52] And
(PS2DC) [53] The patches are great.
(PS2DE) [54] Aye.
[55] He only bought three weeks.
(PS2DC) [56] Mhm.
(PS2DE) [57] Then he bought the chewing gum.
(PS2DC) [58] Mhm.
(PS2DE) [59] Mm.
[60] It was my wee, my wee granddaughter that got through to him.
[61] I mean he wouldn't listen to anybody else, and she said one day, papa you er you give me a cough with that smoking.
[62] He's the only one in the family that smokes.
[63] And it gets in your hair and it gets in your clothes, she must have been listening to the television.
(PS2DC) [64] Yeah.
[65] Oh aye.
(PS2DE) [66] So it was him who sh I think it got, how it got through to him.
(PS2DC) [67] [whispering] Oh yeah [] .
[68] I was just, I was hearing the other day that somebody had smoked sixty a day
(PS2DE) [69] Aye.
(PS2DC) [70] and didn't make any difference ... until her best friend went into hospital for a heart operation.
(PS2DE) [71] And that [...] .
(PS2DC) [72] Stopped it.
(PS2DE) [73] Aye.
(PS2DC) [74] Stopped it dead. ...
(PS2DE) [75] It's great what can just move you, isn't it?
(PS2DC) [76] Yes, oh aye, it's
(PS2DE) [77] Oh I had an awful last couple of days.
[78] See those very wet days last week?
[79] I would be sitting then I get up and this pain would come through me ankle, right into this p remember I fell down the stairs, and this always was the weak bit?
[80] It goes right into there, and I was staggering all day, you know when I would get up?
[81] So obviously she doesn't [...] .
[82] I just take a couple of paracetamol.
(PS2DC) [83] Ah that's, yes that's right.
[84] And just keep going.
(PS2DE) [85] Aye.
(PS2DC) [86] And just keep going.
(PS2DE) [87] Keep going.
(PS2DC) [88] There we are.
(PS2DE) [89] [...] when you're [...] it's not so bad [...] sat down.
(PS2DC) [90] It's not so bad.
[91] That's right.
[92] When you sit down for a wee while.
(PS2DE) [93] And you go to [...] up
(PS2DC) [94] And you
(PS2DE) [95] Doctor [...]
(PS2DC) [96] I know the feeling.
[97] I know the feeling only too well.
(PS2DE) [98] Can I just get my Tryptophan
(PS2DC) [99] Oh oh you need some Tryptophan as well?
(PS2DE) [100] Aye, and [...] the Carisamol
(PS2DC) [101] Excuse me.
[102] [phonecall starts] [...] [telephone conversation ends] Eh. [...]
(PS2DE) [103] Tryptophan Doctor.
(PS2DC) [104] There we are now.
(PS2DE) [105] Good have you given me something for the [...] ?
(PS2DC) [106] Yes, aye.
[107] Put it put it on there.
[108] And that'll keep him right,
(PS2DE) [109] Oh well.
(PS2DC) [110] keep him out of mischief.
(PS2DE) [111] Er he doesn't pay for his, he's a pensioner now.
[112] [...] I'll send away
(PS2DC) [113] Is he?
(PS2DE) [114] for my, I've go I've got my ... I send away my [...] thing.
(PS2DC) [115] Aye, aye I sh I would hope so.
(PS2DE) [116] It's due to go.
[117] It's due to go again.
[118] In fact
(PS2DC) [119] Ah.
(PS2DE) [120] I'll do it today.
(PS2DC) [121] Yeah, put that in today.
(PS2DE) [122] And I'll not put that prescription in till
(PS2DC) [123] Right.
(PS2DE) [124] that's fine.
(PS2DC) [125] Okay.
(PS2DE) [126] Okay.
(PS2DC) [127] Away and look after him.
(PS2DE) [128] Thanks very much.
(PS2DC) [129] Right.
(PS2DE) [130] Thank you.
(PS2DC) [131] Cheerio now.
(PS2DE) [132] Bye bye.