BNC Text H60

Medical consultation. Sample containing about 338 words speech recorded in public context

2 speakers recorded by respondent number C330

PS2DP Ag5 m (No name, age 60, general practitioner) unspecified
PS2DR Ag5 f (Cathy, age 60+) unspecified

1 recordings

  1. Tape 099414 recorded on 1993-04. LocationStrathclyde: Lanark ( doctor's surgery ) Activity: medical consultation

Undivided text

(PS2DP) [1] Well, Cathy what's sister do to you?
Cathy (PS2DR) [2] Just me back Doctor.
[3] I've had an awful weekend, right.
[4] I think maybe I've got a chill or something.
[5] And I was
(PS2DP) [6] Aha.
Cathy (PS2DR) [7] just in there.
(PS2DP) [8] You're a bad woman.
[9] You're a bad woman doing that to yourself.
Cathy (PS2DR) [10] That and constant headaches, [...] .
[11] ... But I had to get an appointment, I had to get something I [laughing] I put hot water [...] []
(PS2DP) [12] And it's made no difference, made no difference.
[13] Right.
[14] ... Now what are you on in the way of tablets, [...] Cathy?
[15] ... Are you still on your Froben
Cathy (PS2DR) [16] Aye.
(PS2DP) [17] Still on the Froben What about the Tylex
Cathy (PS2DR) [18] I tried the they keep me, now and again with them Doctor, they make
(PS2DP) [19] They're not
Cathy (PS2DR) [20] me awfully sick.
(PS2DP) [21] They make you sick?
Cathy (PS2DR) [22] But I don't tell that doctor.
[23] I've told him and he gave that wee white one and it's, I still take the kind of, but I do go on them you know, when I'm really bad.
(PS2DP) [24] Aye.
Cathy (PS2DR) [25] But this pain's down in here, it's
(PS2DP) [26] Right.
Cathy (PS2DR) [27] it's awfully sore.
[28] ... I, I told them when I was over week, but he just says to keep giving 'em a tr ... give 'em a chance. [laugh]
(PS2DP) [29] Aha.
[30] ... Well don't keep going too long with them if they're doing that to you Cathy cos
Cathy (PS2DR) [31] No.
(PS2DP) [32] nobody thanks you for it.
Cathy (PS2DR) [33] It's the sickness, it just, you seem to take in every kind of sickness with it.
(PS2DP) [34] That's right.
Cathy (PS2DR) [35] Even with the wee tablet.
(PS2DP) [36] Yeah. ...
Cathy (PS2DR) [37] If it really gets bad [...] take them.
(PS2DP) [38] Well.
[39] ... There we are now.
[40] I've given you something to kill the pain, Cathy, and I've given you an antibiotic
Cathy (PS2DR) [41] Aha.
(PS2DP) [42] to get the insides cleaned out as well. ...
Cathy (PS2DR) [43] Think maybe it's a chill or something?
(PS2DP) [44] Sounds awful like it.
Cathy (PS2DR) [45] Oh it's awfully sore.
(PS2DP) [46] Sounds awful like it.
[47] There we are curly, and that'll set you [...] out of mischief
Cathy (PS2DR) [...]
(PS2DP) [48] for a wee while [...] .
Cathy (PS2DR) [49] Just for a [...]
(PS2DP) [50] Just for a wee while. [laugh]
Cathy (PS2DR) [51] [...] .
[52] Geriatrics.
(PS2DP) [53] [laughing] Coming to bits, coming to bits [] .
Cathy (PS2DR) [laugh]
(PS2DP) [54] Right Cathy.
Cathy (PS2DR) [55] Thanks very much.
(PS2DP) [56] Right, cheerio now.
Cathy (PS2DR) [57] Cheerio.