Trade Union Annual Congress: trade union congress. Sample containing about 751 words speech recorded in business context

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  1. Tape 100905 recorded on 1993-06-06. LocationHampshire: Portsmouth ( The Guildhall ) Activity: trade union congress speech

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Unknown speaker (HDSPSUNK) [1] We regret the use of the word genocide in the motion since it is quite out of proportion erm as well as being offensive to many.
[2] Motion three three eight calls for full implementation of the content and intention of the European directives.
[3] Congress, G M B has been to the forefront of the campaign to ensure that the laws of this country are brought into line with European legislation.
[4] It is ironic that a government that talks so loudly about law and order should subvert the rule of law by blandly disregarding its obligations under international treaties.
[5] This government is subversive in the true sense of that word.
[6] G M B has brought cases under the equal pay directive and the enquir acquired rights directive.
[7] We are lobbying hard both here and in Europe to ensure that directives are fully implemented but any revisions to existing directives do not weaken their impact
Unknown speaker (HDSPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (HDSPSUNK) [8] and that new directives are as strong and effect effective as is possible.
[9] We have alerted the T U C and European Commission to the danger to workers in insolvent enterprises if the acquired rights directive is watered down.
[10] We have done more than any other union to help prepare the T U C's complaint to the European Commission that the abolition of the Wages Council is a breach of the U K's obligations under European law, and London region has recently won a test case on the application of the acquired rights directive to the opting out of schools, and potentially of sixth form colleges and hospitals.
[11] The C E C also, also wi wish to make a statement on motion thee five two.
[12] A widespread myth among personal, personnel managers is that they can change terms and conditions by simply giving notice of intent.
[13] In fact they have no contractual right to do so any more than we can give twelve weeks' notice to increase the pay of our members.
[14] Unless the contractor expr expressly says otherwise, employers need the consent of workers or their union to any change in terms and conditions.
[15] Our difficulty is that the contractual position is clearer than unfair dismissal law so employers can sometimes, though by no means always, achieve the same result by issuing notices of dismissal and offering new contracts of employment.
[16] However, the new Trade Union Act applying a European directive will require employers to consult with trade unions before issuing dismissal notices in such cases.
[17] Such consultation will have to be with a view to reaching agreement.
[18] A requirement which will strengthen our hand in erm holding employers to their contracts.
[19] They may not find it, they may not find it impossible to change contracts but it will become increasingly harder for them to do so.
[20] Congress, please accept motions three three eight, three fifty, three five two, three five three, and three six five, and accept the motion three two three with a qualification, thank you.
Unknown speaker (HDSPSUNK) [clapping]
(PS2FS) [21] Thanks very much indeed [...] .
[22] Put the motions to the vote.
[23] Motion three two three, all those in favour?
[24] ... Against?
[25] ... That's carried.
Unknown speaker (HDSPSUNK) [...]
(PS2FS) [26] Motion three three eight, all those in favour?
[27] ... Against?
[28] ... That's carried.
[29] Motion three five O, all those in favour?
[30] ... Against?
[31] ... That's carried.
[32] Motion three five two, all those in favour?
[33] ... Against?
[34] ... That's carried.
[35] Motion three five three, all those in favour?
[36] ... Against?
[37] ... That's carried.
[38] Motion three six five, all those in favour?
[39] ... Against?
[40] ... That's carried.
[41] I think, colleagues that's as far as we can go today.
[42] Just one or two announcements.
[43] We've had sixty nine speakers in total today, fifty two men, seventeen women.
[44] The important point is there's been fifty eight regional speakers and eleven C E C and officers.
[45] Can I remind conference that there'll be a collection for the Burnsall strikers, that's being taken at the door, immediately you going out.
[46] Tonight should be pretty lively, political rally, we all know what the subject's gonna be about.
[47] Seven thirty to nine o'clock.
[48] John Edmonds, John Prescott, Claire Short, chaired by Tom , should be very interesting indeed colleagues, try and get there.
[49] There's gonna be yeah sorry that's here,
Unknown speaker (HDSPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (HDSPSUNK) [50] yeah, he left his notes
(PS2FS) [51] the Banqueting Hall at the Guildhall.
[52] Cambridge anti-apartheid sponsored walk [cough] John from the London region, he's trying to get sponsors, he'll be circulating er leaflets to that effect.
[53] Colleagues, don't forget, conference tomorrow morning doesn't start at ten o'clock, it's nine thirty.
[54] Please be on time, conference stands adjourned till nine thirty tomorrow morning.
[55] Have a good night, thank you.