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  1. Tape 104201 recorded on 1993-11-13. Location: Channel 4 ( Broadcasting studio ) Activity: Television broadcast Reporting/discussion

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derek thompson (PS2W8) [1] [music] Good morning.
[2] It's Mackeson Gold Cup Day, it's been raining heavily at Cheltenham, there's a non-runner in the big race details coming up.
[3] We'll also be looking back a little bit at the Breeder's Cup, we'll also have the result of your poll for the Channel Four racing personality of the year, there's the picture puzzle and lots of other things as well which I can't remember.
[4] You look a bit like Annie Oakley this morning.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [5] Or Annie get your gun if you're not careful
derek thompson (PS2W8) [6] Exactly.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [laugh]
derek thompson (PS2W8) [7] And Oakes I do like your tie.
john oaksey (PS2WA) [8] I'm glad you mentioned that cos it was given to me by the wife of the steeplechase handicap a very important man today cos for more than
derek thompson (PS2W8) [9] She didn't whisper
john oaksey (PS2WA) [10] and Melinda his wife runs Simply Delightful which is wh that's one of the things she has a shop
derek thompson (PS2W8) [...]
john oaksey (PS2WA) [11] in Malton and that's something
derek thompson (PS2W8) [12] Didn't whisper anything that's well in today in the Mackeson did she?
john oaksey (PS2WA) [13] No.
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [laugh]
derek thompson (PS2W8) [14] What's on today?
[15] It's a busy old day.
john oaksey (PS2WA) [16] Well it's lacing there's racing all over the all over the country and except at Ayr in Scotland it's raining everywhere I'm sorry to say.
[17] Racing at Ayr up in Scotland where it is dry, Nottingham, Cheltenham where the Mackeson Gold Cup is, big card at Windsor with a lot of runners and finally the all-weather racing at Lingfield.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [18] ... Well as John said wet and windy everywhere unless you go very far north but those people up at Ayr it's gonna be cold so you can't have everything.
[19] Main meeting as we've said is Cheltenham let's have the news from there ... .
[20] First race there twelve fifty the going at the moment is good but they have had a quarter of an inch of rain overnight so of course I suppose there's every chance it could go to good to soft by this afternoon.
[21] Two important non runners there in the twelve fifty, number seven Far Senior and in the two o'clock number thirteen the I wouldn't say old timer but Panto Prince anyway shame he's not going to get a run.
[22] It is raining at the moment and it's gonna be wet and windy but quite mild for the rest of the day.
[23] No hazards but there'll be a good crowd so get there in plenty of time.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [24] ... Actually there's a race at eleven thirty it's a running race between members of the Press and the jockeys, people like Peter Scudimore, Deckland Murphy, Ben Newton for the press he could be the dark horse.
[25] It's over hurdles as well that could be good for a laugh especially if er you don't clear them as well as you should do.
[26] Erm
john oaksey (PS2WA) [27] Scu's Scu's for the press.
[28] Scu's running for the press.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [29] Scu's yeah
lesley graham (PS2W9) [30] Yeah
derek thompson (PS2W8) [31] Yeah is that a help or a hindrance ?
lesley graham (PS2W9) [...]
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [laugh]
derek thompson (PS2W8) [32] I don't [laugh] anyway this is just one of the highlights of what has been two marvellous days at the Mackeson meeting sponsored of course by Whitbread and the big race today is the fifty thousand pound Mackeson Gold Cup confirming fifteen runners over two and a half miles.
[33] Panto Prince is out and General Pershing is now new [...] favourite and clear favourite.
[34] Neil Doughty eleven to two, Bradbury Star that has to be the favourite easing slightly this seven to one with General Idea.
[35] Just looking at those prices on the screen I suppose Oakes General Pershing is a worthy favourite or is he?
john oaksey (PS2WA) [36] Well it's a very very competitive race I I I suppose he may have the best chance but there are an awful lot with good chances.
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [37] I think he's got a great chance.
[38] I saw him around two weeks ago at Wetherby and er I think he'll run well.
[39] He was ten to one earlier in the week and the rain will have helped.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [40] Yes I mean if it if it does go to good to soft he will like the ground.
[41] There's a couple in there that would prefer it faster.
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [42] Mm.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [43] Erm but at that sort of price I think he's opposable.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [44] Well let's see what we can oppose him with.
[45] Bradley Star is a very nice horse he's a classy performer this one, Josh Gifford's horses are in tremendous form and I was talking to the man who who rides him Deckland Murphy he's my next door neighbour he thinks he'll run a big race.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [46] He would be my pick I must say, of them ... He's he's
john oaksey (PS2WA) [47] The trouble is he's run he's run some marvellous races but somehow when it comes to the crunch and er in in in better class races he just gets just gets beat.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [48] He loves Cheltenham though I mean he's had four firsts and a second
john oaksey (PS2WA) [49] Erm, he's only won I admit
lesley graham (PS2W9) [50] yeah
john oaksey (PS2WA) [51] he's only once been beaten at Cheltenham .
lesley graham (PS2W9) [52] Erm another I know er I've spoken to Deckland Murphy as well being the Newmarket's jumps jockey and erm they think he's the Gold Cup horse well if he is he's gonna have to put in a good performance today then I'd stick with him.
john oaksey (PS2WA) [53] Think he's gonna win?
lesley graham (PS2W9) [54] Yeah exactly.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [55] It's a it's a very very good race this and one of the good horses is a horse called General Idea.
[56] Now what a training performance this would be if this horse could win because he's trained by Dermott Wilde and do you remember ten days ago he sent out Vintage Crop to win the Melbourne Cup down in Australia.
[57] Well the word from Ireland this week is that this horse is jumping out of its skin.
[58] The only problem is that the ground now might well have gone against this horse.
[59] But he did win the Galway Plate earlier this summer. ...
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [60] This is fast ground [noise - background]
john oaksey (PS2WA) [61] At Galway and that's the problem with General Idea as you say Derek er if it gets softer like at Cheltenham that will be very much against him.
[62] But er it doesn't look like a steeplechase but [laughing] it is in fact [] [laugh]
john oaksey (PS2WA) [63] a two mile [...] steeplechase the Galway Plate and General Idea running really well from [...] and [...] Express ... but the ground's the problem.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [64] [...] and lighter weight as well last year and has more weight today so he's had he would have had to have improved about four or five pounds to win today?
john oaksey (PS2WA) [65] That's right.
[66] And there's very li very little between him and er the the other ex-Irish horse Second Schedule.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [67] Exactly.
[68] Well let's have a look we've got er Second Schedule.
[69] Now he's recently joined David Nicholson's stable.
john oaksey (PS2WA) [70] Yes that's right er I er believe in fact I know because the Duke says so in the Racing Post today the reason he's gone there is to get Adrian Maguire because Adrian has ridden him already in Ireland and the owner wanting to stick with Maguire which you can't blame him for [...]
derek thompson (PS2W8) [71] Exactly
lesley graham (PS2W9) [72] As David Nicholson said he'll be taking orders from the jockey today instead of the other way around.
[73] I don't imagine he says that very often.
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [laugh]
derek thompson (PS2W8) [74] Perhaps he's given the Duke his orders.
alastair down (PS2WB) [75] Oh I'd like to do that.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [76] [laugh] Now well let's have a look at this horse and another schedule because as I say he was trained in Ireland by Arthur [...] and er we saw them at Punchestown back in April where he finished second to another of his rivals today ... Bishops Hall.
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [77] As they come to the final fence Second Schedule being pressed by Ebony Jane and Bishops Hall on the nearside and over the last Second Schedule and Bishops Hall on the nearside, Ebony Jane in third, in fourth place is Joe White and racing into the closing stages it's Second Schedule with Bishops Hall on the nearside Graham Bradley again as they go to the line, Bishops Hall wins it for Harry [...] , Second Schedule is second, Joe White is third, Ebony Jane four.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [78] Bishops Hall doing it nicely under Brad and it's good to see him in the saddle today because he was offered the ride on Morley Street but he'd already said yes and he's a man of his word and he agreed to ride this horse.
[79] And there's been a lot of hoo-ha in the Press about should be ride Morley Street or shouldn't he.
[80] Once you say yes you gotta stick to your word and Morley Street, good horse, but has a lot of weight today.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [81] Lot of weight and again it's it's fences isn't it.
[82] He'd last time tried over these he he wasn't at his best.
[83] Erm ... had a run on the flat so you know I mean I think we should be [...] but
john oaksey (PS2WA) [84] It's a it's a very bold thing of Toby Baldwin to run him in this race it seems to me, you know I mean he definitely appeared to not like [...] .
derek thompson (PS2W8) [85] Yes [...]
john oaksey (PS2WA) [86] It's only his third run and he's he's in the most competitive two and a half mile chase in the year.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [87] But he oozes class and he's had a strange preparation.
[88] You mention the flat race.
[89] Let's let's have a look at that race.
[90] It was at Newmarket just a couple of weeks ago.
john oaksey (PS2WA) [91] And I can tell you he he does an an awful lot.
[92] Here you can see him second last but making ground now.
[93] Er My Patriarch and er is is taking the lead from Ritto who later ran so well in the Cesarovitch but just look at Morley Street now.
[94] Here he comes past one past another past yet another into third place in the end ... and that was an extraordinarily good performance.
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [95] No.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [96] It's a very good turn of
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [...]
lesley graham (PS2W9) [97] foot for a for a jumper isn't it though ?
john oaksey (PS2WA) [...]
lesley graham (PS2W9) [98] Very nice.
john oaksey (PS2WA) [99] And he he very nearly won the Doncaster Cup wasn't it.
[100] Yes I think it was the Doncaster Cup.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [101] Yes mm.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [102] I seem to remember Toby Baldwin has said that erm
derek thompson (PS2W8) [103] Could be the short head.
[104] I backed it with thirty three to one is that it?
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [laugh]
derek thompson (PS2W8) [105] I remember that.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [106] [laughing] Trust you to remember that. []
[107] [laugh] Now he does say he would you know he even thinks he could be a Gold Cup horse and emulate Dawn Run I mean again it's it's great claims this early on but er they wouldn't be running him if they didn't think he's got a chance.
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [108] [...] Light would be a topical tip wouldn't it?
lesley graham (PS2W9) [109] Yeah wouldn't it just.
[110] And will like the ground.
[111] There's just got to be a bit of a stamina question mark there.
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [112] Mm.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [113] The connections and I know John as well are sure he get the trip.
[114] Erm he will like the ground.
[115] I suppose he's every you know he's got every chance if he gets home.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [116] Andy Turner's horses running well .
john oaksey (PS2WA) [117] Just doesn't They're they're running really well
derek thompson (PS2W8) [118] Mm.
john oaksey (PS2WA) [119] but it just doesn't want to get too soft because that old hill you know it it does get a big of a drag.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [120] Okay.
[121] We've talked about it.
[122] What's going to win the Mackeson?
lesley graham (PS2W9) [123] I'll go Bradbury Star.
alastair down (PS2WB) [124] Yeah he's gotta be there.
john oaksey (PS2WA) [125] Storma Lad.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [126] Storma Lad?
john oaksey (PS2WA) [127] Mhm.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [128] Mm.
[129] Well I think General Pershing will win but watch out for Our Margaret, twenty five to one.
[130] How's the betting looking Alastair?
alastair down (PS2WB) [131] Well General Pershing is the buzz horse this morning.
[132] Victor Chandler the longest eleven to two, I should think he's been trampled to death in the rush.
[133] Er Ladbrokes went five to one.
[134] That is being taken to good money they say, it was the professional's choice yesterday the faces were all backing it yesterday.
[135] The five to one will last to the end of the ten minute guarantee at the shops, it will then go four and by the [...] General Pershing could be as low as seven to two or a hundred to thirty according to Ladbrokes.
[136] Hills have had erm [...] each way for [...] Nephew and Our Margaret but the focus of the betting today with this rain coming at Cheltenham is going to be Gordon Richard's General Pershing and he's gonna go off a short price.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [137] Is your money going to be on the favourite?
alastair down (PS2WB) [138] Er my money's gone on Storm Storm Alert about ten days ago at twelves and
derek thompson (PS2W8) [139] Mm.
alastair down (PS2WB) [140] that's almost certainly enough to nail it to the floor I would have thought.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [141] Are you worried that you were obviously worried about this rain as well?
alastair down (PS2WB) [142] Er likes it likes the ground.
[143] It needs the ground.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [144] Mhm.
alastair down (PS2WB) [145] And I've said that you know I'd rather it was on the soft but whether it will get
derek thompson (PS2W8) [146] Yeah.
alastair down (PS2WB) [147] the trip or not we'll find out this afternoon.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [148] It's gonna be a cracking good race at [...] too.
[149] But what about the other race meetings today?
[150] Let's have the early news.
[151] Oakes.
john oaksey (PS2WA) [152] Yes.
[153] Wind's up.
[154] There's no danger of the river rising so fast [music in background] it floods the course as it sometimes does but sadly [...] as you can see, rain overnight and it's raining now.
[155] And do watch out for those roadworks on the M four just by the M twenty five junction. [music in background]
lesley graham (PS2W9) [156] [music in background] Well at Nottingham as well as first race twelve forty five there's a wedding.
[157] The prospective Mr and Mrs Martin are celebrating their wedding in a private hospitality suite and as well as er entertaining their guests they're sponsoring the Andy and Tracy wedding day novelties chase.
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [laugh]
lesley graham (PS2W9) [158] And they have a runner in [...] .
[159] So all the very best to them.
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [laugh]
lesley graham (PS2W9) [160] The going however whether their horse will like it or not is good from good to firm and there's a non runner in the one fifteen that's number one urgh Canderbill, there we go.
[161] [music in background] That's about a third of an inch of rain overnight and again it's gonna be wet for the rest of the day.
[162] When you go into the course follow signs for Colic Park. [background music]
john oaksey (PS2WA) [163] [music in background] [...] celebrating your wedding with [...] Chase but this is Ayr and it's the only dry spot in the British Isles.
[164] There was no rain overnight so that the ground er is good with just a few soft places.
[165] No hazards on the roads. [music]
lesley graham (PS2W9) [166] And the [...] where the meeting of the day is at Lingfield Park.
[167] First race there twelve twenty because there are eight races so an action-packed good value afternoon there.
[168] An eighth of an inch of rain overnight but that shouldn't make any difference at all but a wet windy day.
[169] No reported hazards. [music]
derek thompson (PS2W8) [170] Doesn't look a brilliant day does it weatherwise at the races [...] clouds.
[171] Wetherby by the way [...] Tuesday third annual charity meeting in aid of the International Spinal Research Trust.
[172] It's on Tuesday sixteenth of November.
[173] A lot of local people have certainly er given generously so should be a good day's racing.
[174] Always is at Wetherby if you can win there you can win anywhere.
[175] But what about the guy who's won the Channel Four champion tipster competition for last week?
[176] Let me first of all give you his name and I'll tell you what this guy's damn brilliant.
[177] It is Robert from road in [...] in Oxfordshire who got an amazing a hundred and thirty points.
[178] Now I say amazing let's just see where he got his winners.
[179] Now [...] that okay no problems there, [...] second and third but look at this, he gave the first second and third and they didn't even have a handicap.
[180] Er the [...] Looking for a Rainbow, Flight Lieutenant, all skill of course, well you deserve that.
[181] Well done Robert and you get five hundred pounds.
[182] We'll have another champion tipster competition in a fortnight here on Channel Four which will be coming from Newcastle.
[183] Now let's test your turf knowledge as we go into the commercial break.
[184] This er turf trivia today has been sent in by S who comes from Great Lumley in County Down.
[185] Know it well.
[186] He asks quite simply ... with which horses did trainer Fred Rival win the Mackeson Gold Cup four years running in nineteen sixty eight, sixty nine, seventy and seventy one?
[187] You get scratching those ... heads and I'll give you the answer in three minutes from now.
[188] [music] Okay did you get it right?
[189] With which horses did trainer Fred Rival win the Mackeson in sixty eight, sixty nine, seventy and seventy one four years running.
[190] They were ... Jupiter Boy, Gay Trip, Chatham and Gay Trip again.
[191] What an incredible performance that was.
[192] Three different horses won it four years running.
[193] The late and much missed Fred Rival By the way I saw Mercy at the horse of the year show a few weeks ago.
[194] Still looking as good as ever.
[195] Erm ... non runners, non runners there were three in so far, two of them were at Cheltenham.
[196] They are Far Senior in the first in the twelve fifty and Panto Prince did not run in the Mackeson at two o'clock.
[197] And Canderbill is out of the one fifteen at Nottingham.
[198] ... Any good news in the papers Alastair?
alastair down (PS2WB) [199] Well Derek for a change there is.
[200] And here in the Sporting Life there's the man who rode Gay Trip to Mackeson victory one of his Mackeson victories, Terry Biddlecombe.
[201] Large as life and smiling.
[202] He's been in the wars a bit since his racing career.
[203] He was one of my childhood heroes, a marvellous jockey and a great chap.
[204] He's been on the sauce basically but he's kicked the habit and he says of kicking the drinking habit [reading] I've had a lot of help and a lot of good counselling, in the end it's up to me.
[205] I don't want to be complacent but since March I seem to be winning [] .
[206] Well that's great news.
[207] And a lot of people have rallied round Terry Biddlecombe, very popular man, Injured Jockeys' Fund among others and he's back in the back in the swim fully employed and in action for Mackeson today at er Cheltenham.
[208] Here in the Mail Peter Scudimore wearing his new hack's hat.
[209] Pipe can still meet the gold standard.
[210] There are a lot of people saying that Mike Martin Pipe is not the force he was etcetera but there's been a change of policy down at [...] and if anyone thinks that Pipe has lost his touch they're talking twaddle.
[211] He'll be back and he might be back at working men's prices.
[212] You pay your money and you take your choice on the Mackeson and here J A Magrar in the Telegraph [reading] idea represents Mackeson value [] .
[213] He has some very harsh words for the Japanese about their ban on Frankie Detory saying it's shortsighted and harsh in the extreme and we'll all say yes to that.
[214] Er in the Star Brad's a star.
[215] This is Josh Gifford exclusive another one of these trainers learning to be a journalist.
[216] Time some journalists learned to be trainers I think.
[217] He says
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [laugh]
alastair down (PS2WB) [218] I'm convinced he's a mu this is Bradbury he's a much better stronger horse this season and really do think he can bring the beer money back to Sussex.
[219] We will see.
[220] And here today's bandwagon rolling tip, [reading] Pershing po poised to fulfil his promise [] , that's Paul Johnson in the Racing Post, John de Moreville in the Express [reading] Pershing to strike his target [] and now here is something of which nobody can be proud [reading] Gosforth Park South Africa [] .
[221] This is in the Sporting Life and it's also in the Racing Post and this is a cynical move by the bookies to pick your pocket.
[222] There are five race meetings today.
[223] There are more dog cards than you shake a stick at yet the bookies are peddling this tripe from South Africa through the morning.
[224] Now in the first race the ten fifty, number nine is called Jew Wanna Bet
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [laugh]
alastair down (PS2WB) [225] Now when you hear that mentioned in the betting shops go no and pull the plugs out of the television.
[226] We do not want to bet thank you very much on South African racing, we've got quite enough of our own without the bookies .
john oaksey (PS2WA) [227] I like South Africa. [...]
alastair down (PS2WB) [228] Well you're barmy.
[229] We've got quite enough of our own without you peddling the
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [laugh]
alastair down (PS2WB) [230] South Africans.
[231] Now controversial stuff here in the Sporting Life David Ashforth.
[232] ... Now Jerry Bailey the man who rode Ah Kong This is at a press conference after the Breeders' Cup.
[233] Jerry Bailey typically articulate was being asked about his success on Ah Kong He described how he had moved alongside a European ridden horse.
[234] He didn't know which one it was he just knew it wa was a European rider.
[235] How did he know that?
[236] The Americans all sniggered.
[237] Bailey smirked a bit.
[238] Well he replied he was kind of flopping about.
[239] And everyone laughed.
[240] Well all the Americans did.
[241] We didn't.
[242] That was Walter Swinburne he was talking about.
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [laugh]
alastair down (PS2WB) [243] And Bailey's comments are backed up by the trainer Derek Meredith who says American jockeys are better, they ride closer to the horse they're neater and they are stronger too.
[244] There was a warm hum of approval from the American hacks.
[245] You were there John, what did you think of all that ?
john oaksey (PS2WA) [246] I wasn't part of the warm hum of approval
derek thompson (PS2W8) [247] I don't suppose so.
john oaksey (PS2WA) [248] and Mr Meredith was a failed jockey in England.
[249] He ended up riding a few jumpers in France so its erm although he's a good trainer now I don't think he's an authority and it's poppycock er frankly.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [250] But when [...] appear over here they're a great success.
[251] Is there anything in it?
john oaksey (PS2WA) [252] Oh of course they're of course they are a great success.
[253] They are top class jockeys.
[254] But our top class jockeys in America do not flop about they use a slightly different style.
[255] Admittedly they're a little bit less streamlined but if you're going to say that that makes a serious difference [...]
lesley graham (PS2W9) [256] [...] but what's the difference in the courses
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [...]
lesley graham (PS2W9) [257] as well over here that our our guys have to cope with.
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [258] true
lesley graham (PS2W9) [259] The tracks in America okay we go over there and we say they're tight they're quite difficult to ride.
[260] There's nothing like an Epsom, there's nothing like the variety that our jockeys have to cope with
john oaksey (PS2WA) [261] Yes.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [262] day in day day out
john oaksey (PS2WA) [263] True.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [264] and it wasn't one of ours that dropped their whip
derek thompson (PS2W8) [265] That's true.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [266] out there so you know you can criticize .
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [267] Talking of the whip I mean we're only allowed to hit them five times over here.
[268] In America they seem to hit them twenty five times
john oaksey (PS2WA) [269] And in all sorts
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [270] everywhere they want to
derek thompson (PS2W8) [271] anywhere they want to
john oaksey (PS2WA) [272] Yeah
derek thompson (PS2W8) [273] So ... but there it's it's a very interesting point there because a lot of our young boys now the Dow Holland Alan Munroes are riding more the American style.
[274] It's an interesting point.
[275] I don't think he's right in what he says but I think it might have been a bit tongue in cheek as well.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [276] They certainly weren't saying it about Lester Piggott on Royal Academy a couple of years back either.
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [...]
john oaksey (PS2WA) [277] No but I did say about it Lester Piggott on [...] a few weeks ago .
lesley graham (PS2W9) [278] Yes.
john oaksey (PS2WA) [279] [...] Lester Piggott when he won on [...] .
derek thompson (PS2W8) [280] Mm.
john oaksey (PS2WA) [281] And the next [...] [mimicking] [...] [] .
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [laugh]
lesley graham (PS2W9) [282] [laughing] Very good. []
john oaksey (PS2WA) [...]
derek thompson (PS2W8) [283] Very good impression.
lesley graham (PS2W9) [laugh]
derek thompson (PS2W8) [284] Talking of Lester Piggott he of course was the winner of the first ever Channel Four personality of the year trophy which we awarded for the first time last year.
[285] He was a guest on the morning line at Newmarket and there it is that magnificent ... trophy which is valued at five thousand pounds.
[286] Now we couldn't have him in this year to give the others a chance so this is how you voted for the nineteen ninety three racing personality of the year on Channel Four and let's take it in reverse order starting with the person who finished fourth.
[287] In fourth place one of the hardest working and most successful trainers in Britain Jack Barry.
[288] He polled nine percent.
[289] In third place the most successful jockey in the history of national hunt racing Peter Scudimore.
[290] He polled eleven percent.
[291] Runner-up the ever popular Willie Carson.
[292] Willie received seventeen percent of the overall votes.
[293] So who did you vote for?
[294] Who's the nineteen ninety three Channel Four racing personality of the year?
[295] It is ... Mary Reevley who polled twenty percent.
[296] Just as successful on the flat or over jumps I think this is a very very worthy winner our congratulations to Mary Reevley and I'm gonna get her on the show and present the prize to her.
[297] If we get her on the show that really will be something cos I know she's shy but well done.
[298] Ling Dell can be proud of her up in ... North Yorkshire.
[299] ... Charity bets twenty five pounds and we came down in the car from Newmarket she had the she had the post out the light everything, now what's what's it going on?
lesley graham (PS2W9) [300] Exactly.
[301] I've not, Alastair accused me of being topical because of a member of the royal family this week this is not the reason but I've gone for Leotard in the one twenty five at Cheltenham.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [302] Could [...] a lot fitter than it did [...]
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [303] ah
derek thompson (PS2W8) [304] [laughing] I love it. []
lesley graham (PS2W9) [laugh]
derek thompson (PS2W8) [305] Oakes what are you going for?
john oaksey (PS2WA) [306] Mm.
[307] Ballasarly I'm going for.
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [308] Ballasarly?
john oaksey (PS2WA) [309] There's a slight I mean over hurdles there's a doubt about his stamina
derek thompson (PS2W8) [310] Mm.
john oaksey (PS2WA) [311] but erm he won at [...] a huge long was it the er Queen Alexandra
derek thompson (PS2W8) [312] Yeah.
john oaksey (PS2WA) [313] at Royal Ascot erm so that I'm confident he will stay and Mr Pipe is not dead yet.
alastair down (PS2WB) [314] That's true.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [315] And Alastair what do you fancy?
[316] What's your [...] ?
alastair down (PS2WB) [317] Er Front Street in a small race at Nottingham.
[318] Small prize big chance.
derek thompson (PS2W8) [319] Cor blimey.
[320] I haven't heard of that one.
[321] [laugh] General Pershing is the one to be on at the big race.
[322] That's mine let's check it out.
[323] Oakes is going for Ballasarly in the two thirty five Cheltenham, Leslie's going for Leotard that's the top weight in the first at one twenty five ... er oh in the second.
[324] Alastair's going for Front Street at Nottingham number five in the two twenty, Thomo's going for General Pershing in the two o'clock at Cheltenham.
[325] ... Picture puzzle.
[326] Picture puzzle.
[327] Can you work out today's picture puzzle?
[328] This horse is running somewhere ... today.
[329] Okay
lesley graham (PS2W9) [330] I wonder where?
derek thompson (PS2W8) [331] I promise three extra ice creams
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [laugh]
derek thompson (PS2W8) [332] a day now will you please come on the set.
[333] ... Something to do Miss er Sara Lingfield I wonder where that's running today?
[334] O eight nine one double nine double one double four ... [...] win a hundred pound do you win a copy of this book?
[335] ... This is the William Hill racing dates.
[336] It's a smashing book that Graham Sharp's brought out.
[337] What's the date today chaps?
[338] November the thirteenth?
[339] Peter Niven rode a five timer at Ayr in nineteen ninety two.
[340] Eighteen eighty nine the Foston selling plate at Derby was declared void after the whole field got lost in the thick fog covering the course and ended up running round the back of a cricket pavilion.
[341] Have you been round the back of a cricket pavilion recently?
john oaksey (PS2WA) [342] [laughing] No. []
[343] But there was a [...] one day in which Frenchie Nick Nicholson erm brought all the tail-enders across and [...] had been told the one thing he shouldn't do was be last he was thinking I'm not last and [...] behind you then he came in in front of him and he was last.
Unknown speaker (HEWPSUNK) [laugh]
derek thompson (PS2W8) [344] [laughing] I love it.
[345] Lovely story. []
[346] Anyway that's it from the morning line.
[347] I'm off to Windsor they're off to ... Cheltenham and everywhere else.
[348] We'll see you next Saturday.
[349] We'll give you the result of picture puzzle then.
[350] Till then from all of us ... bye bye.
[351] See you next week. [music]