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PS365 X m (Geoff, age unknown, radio presenter) unspecified
PS366 X f (No name, age unknown, Caller on 'Loot for Lunchtime' programme.) unspecified
PS367 X m (John, age unknown, weather forecaster) unspecified
PS368 Ag0 m (No name, age 10+, schoolchild, Giving clue for 'Kids' County' game.) unspecified
PS369 Ag0 m (No name, age 10+, schoolchild, Giving clue for 'Kids' County' game.) unspecified
PS36A Ag0 m (No name, age 10+, schoolchild, Giving clue for 'Kids' County' game.) unspecified
PS36B Ag0 m (No name, age 10+, schoolchild, Giving clue for 'Kids' County' game.) unspecified
PS36C Ag0 m (No name, age 10+, schoolchild, Giving clue for 'Kids' COunty' game.) unspecified
PS36D X f (Elizabeth, age unknown, Kids' County game caller.) unspecified
HMDPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
HMDPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 106301 recorded on 1993-11-09. LocationNottinghamshire: Bbc Radio Nottingham ( Radio broadcasting studio ) Activity: Radio broadcast Phone-in, discussion, news

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Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [...]
(PS366) [1] On kiss.
Geoff (PS365) [2] On kiss.
[3] [...] and they come in tubes and there's four in a tube of them.
[4] [...] you can have loads of those.
(PS366) [...]
Geoff (PS365) [5] I'll give you ten for that.
[6] Are you gonna come back tomorrow?
(PS366) [7] Am I allowed?
Geoff (PS365) [8] Well yes.
(PS366) [9] Oh alright then.
Geoff (PS365) [10] [...] yeah you can carry on till somebody knocks you off your perch.
(PS366) [11] Yeah [...]
Geoff (PS365) [12] And let's just hope it's soon.
[13] I'll talk to you tomorrow.
(PS366) [14] Oh thanks.
Geoff (PS365) [15] Tarrah.
(PS366) [16] Bye.
Geoff (PS365) [17] Bye bye, Loot at Lunchtime tomorrow then, ten to one, er quarter to oneish just after the Action Line bulletin, listen in then and we'll give you the qualifying question.
[18] [music] Sixteen minutes to two now [music] this is erm Vanity Fair and it's early in the morning.
[19] No it's not.
[20] [music] Vanity Fair and er it's early in the morning.
[21] It's er middle of the afternoon, it's er Radio Nottingham, thirteen minutes to two now.
[22] [jingle] On the trains no problems, East Midlands Airport say everything's running to time, in the city centre no huge delays anywhere, on the motorways they're all okay as well, on the A One there's major work just started on the roundabout, that's the er five lanes end roundabout affecting southbound traffic, there are long delays there in peak times, that's at er five lane ends, the work there on the A One just started, that's the Roundabout, southbound traffic is being affected, there are long delays there.
[23] Road in [...] the A Six Double O Five there's roadworks on the junction of Lane causing some delays.
[24] Newark town centre, Hill er area of the town, part of is closed so diversions are signed there.
[25] On the A Six O Nine there's resurfacing on Road between Drive and Drive and erm further up the M One junction eighteen, it's down to one lane on the southbound carriageway that is causing delays and there is a contraflow on the M One between junctions twenty one and twenty two in operation there in both directions.
[26] No problems there at the moment but if you're heading there later on watch it.
[27] Updates on the travel for you throughout the afternoon and a full service at teatime with John on Radio Nottingham from er half four till seven.
[28] F M one O three point eight and ninety five point five, Nottinghamshire's favourite station.
[29] And the weather forecast for this afternoon and this evening from John from off you go.
John (PS367) [30] Yes er rain reaching most parts of the region th this afternoon, tonight will be cloudy with further rain, becoming drier in the morning.
[31] The outlook for Wednesday, dry but isolated showers may occur [music] or develop.
Geoff (PS365) [32] Yeah.
John (PS367) [33] Thursday.
[34] Early mist and frost clearing leaving sunny spells, less than twenty five per cent chance of rain.
Geoff (PS365) [35] That's good isn't eh?
[36] Twenty five per cent.
John (PS367) [37] Yeah I dunno how they work that one out.
Geoff (PS365) [38] Well I don't know, it's er big of string isn't it or something like
John (PS367) [39] Ah that's it, string and a plumb bob.
Geoff (PS365) [40] Hold their finger up and see which way the wind's blowing.
John (PS367) [41] That's it.
Geoff (PS365) [42] Bye John.
John (PS367) [43] Okay, cheers Geoff.
Geoff (PS365) [44] Tarrah.
John (PS367) [45] Take care.
Geoff (PS365) [46] [...] Let me just do this from er Road police station.
[47] They want twelve volunteers for an I D parade.
[48] It's at seven o'clock tonight, it's at Road police station, they're looking for white males aged about fortyish, five foot five to six foot approximately tall, of slim build, need to be clean shaven, shoulder length dark brown hair.
[49] If you'll stand in the I D parade for them tonight at seven o'clock they'll give you ten pounds.
[50] Can you call and ask for Inspector , he'll tell you more.
[51] That's they'll give you a tenner, you need to be white male, fortyish, five foot five to six foot, slim build, clean shaven.
[52] They'll give you ten pounds, to call for an I D parade tonight.
[53] They need a dozen people, ask for Inspector when you ring.
[54] [music] Lee Marvin and er wandering star.
[55] It's Radio Nottingham and it's eight minutes to two.
[56] We'll do Kids' County these have been the clues for today's one.
(PS368) [57] It's got loads of mud loads of mud.
(PS369) [58] [...] loads of loads of egg [...] loads of eggs hatched.
(PS36A) [59] It's got a greenhouse next to it.
(PS36B) [60] It's got people I mean it's got someone's mums on it.
[61] It's got a lot of plants in it.
(PS36C) [62] People come and visit it and
Geoff (PS365) [63] Now we know it not a chicken factory, it's not the Farm, it's not Farm, it's not Park or Pond, or the arboretum or Hill.
[64] Elizabeth is on at work in town.
[65] Hello.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [66] Hello.
Geoff (PS365) [67] Where are you at work in town?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [68] At .
Geoff (PS365) [69] What?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [70] .
Geoff (PS365) [71] Where's that?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [72] It's on .
Geoff (PS365) [73] On where?
Elizabeth (PS36D)
Geoff (PS365) [74] Oh .
Elizabeth (PS36D) [75] yes.
Geoff (PS365) [76] Ah, who was the erm ... who, who [...] is it who makes th the curtains and blinds?
[77] And she has her picture on all the adverts?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [78] Oh I don't [...]
Geoff (PS365) [79] And she's she's up there somewhere and underneath it it says,
Elizabeth (PS36D) [laugh]
Geoff (PS365) [80] it says, I am the lady I make them.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [81] Oh yes well I don't know who that one i
Geoff (PS365) [82] Don't you know who it is?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [83] No.
Geoff (PS365) [84] It's always in the Post.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [85] Yes.
Geoff (PS365) [86] It's always in there, and er and I can remember walking around there and seeing the place where they make them, and her photograph's outside and underneath it says, I am the lady I make them.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [87] [...] me [laugh]
Geoff (PS365) [88] It's not you is it?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [89] [laughing] I don't think so. []
Geoff (PS365) [90] It's not you?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [91] No [...]
Geoff (PS365) [92] [...] Are you busy today?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [93] Yes we're always busy.
Geoff (PS365) [94] Are you?
[95] What d do you make them or sell them or what?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [96] Yes we do make them and sell them.
Geoff (PS365) [97] So have you got big machines there?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [98] Yes.
Geoff (PS365) [99] Have you?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [100] Yes.
Geoff (PS365) [101] Well d do you actually sort of make the lace fr from scratch or?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [102] Yes that's right yes.
Geoff (PS365) [103] Do you?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [104] Mhm.
Geoff (PS365) [105] Funny cos there aren't many places left that do that now are there?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [106] Oh no we don't make it from scratch, we just do the you know the m main machining [...]
Geoff (PS365) [107] Oh I see you just run 'em up?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [108] Yes, that's right make
Geoff (PS365) [laugh]
Elizabeth (PS36D) [109] the curtain yes.
Geoff (PS365) [110] I get it.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [laugh]
Geoff (PS365) [111] Look there's Kids' County Elizabeth where are we after?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [112] Where did I say?
[113] I've forgotten now.
Geoff (PS365) [114] I dunno know where you said.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [115] [...] I'm sorry darling Park.
Geoff (PS365) [116] [laughing] Park [] ?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [117] [laughing] Yes [...] []
Geoff (PS365) [118] No it's not .
Elizabeth (PS36D) [119] [...] just gave me the hint you see.
Geoff (PS365) [120] It's not but it's a lovely thought.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [121] Oh [...]
Geoff (PS365) [122] Yeah, have you been on before?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [123] Well I do ring up now and again yes.
Geoff (PS365) [124] Do ya?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [125] But I've never been talking to you before.
Geoff (PS365) [126] Oh haven't you?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [127] No.
Geoff (PS365) [128] So do you want a a Radio Virgin thing then?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [129] Oh alright then.
Geoff (PS365) [130] Well you can have one of those for being your first time on.
[131] Hang on the line we'll sort you out with one of them, alright?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [132] Oh my god it's not my [...]
Geoff (PS365) [133] Tarrah.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [134] Hello.
Geoff (PS365) [135] Bye bye.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [136] Bye bye [...]
Geoff (PS365) [137] Hang on the line we'll sort you o , she's getting all confused.
[138] Er Jerry's on from [...] , hello Jerry.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [139] Hello [...] .
Geoff (PS365) [140] How are ya?
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [141] Oh er not too bad you know.
[142] It's turned out nasty I know that .
Geoff (PS365) [143] It has hasn't it?
[144] Turned out drippy again.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [145] It's a good job I took the dog out this morning cos it ain't fit to take a dog out. [laugh]
Geoff (PS365) [146] It's not now, [...] to get a brolly for your dog.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [laugh]
Geoff (PS365) [147] Get one of those ones that you strap on its back.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [...]
Geoff (PS365) [148] Er n Kids' County, where they talking about?
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [149] Er er .
Geoff (PS365) [150] ?
[151] No it's not.
[152] It's not, never mind, tarrah.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [153] Tarrah.
Geoff (PS365) [154] Bye bye.
[155] Who's on next?
[156] Lillian from [...] , hello Lillian.
Geoff (PS365) [157] Hello.
Geoff (PS365) [158] How are you?
Geoff (PS365) [159] Fine thank you.
Geoff (PS365) [160] [...] and tell me about you, what do you do?
Geoff (PS365) [161] Well I'm a housewife and I've been painting most of the morning.
Geoff (PS365) [162] Oh have you?
[163] What room is it?
Geoff (PS365) [164] Well I've been doing the landing you know, paint w white paintwork.
[165] Er busy doing that.
[166] This afternoon ironing so
Geoff (PS365) [167] A oh
Geoff (PS365) [168] so [...]
Geoff (PS365) [169] oh now you've got all the jobs done haven't you today?
Geoff (PS365) [170] That's it.
Geoff (PS365) [171] What a time of it you've got.
[172] How many kids have you got?
Geoff (PS365) [173] Two but they're grown up.
[174] You know th twenty two and ninete er nineteen so mine aren't really small children.
Geoff (PS365) [175] I see you've got shut of them already you see?
Geoff (PS365) [176] Well I've got one at home but
Geoff (PS365) [177] Oh have you?
Geoff (PS365) [178] Yes.
Geoff (PS365) [179] Yeah.
[180] Anyway look [...] Kids' County, where do you think we need Lillian?
Geoff (PS365) [181] Well I think it's the School in the complex.
Geoff (PS365) [182] [...] erm
Geoff (PS365) [183] The greenhouse.
Geoff (PS365) [184] Yes go on then you can have it.
[185] [music] You can have it, they're talking about the farm that they've got at the School
Geoff (PS365) [186] Yes that's [...] yeah.
[187] I know they've got a farm
Geoff (PS365) [188] Yes,th
Geoff (PS365) [189] [...] they sell plants.
Geoff (PS365) [190] s so that's it.
Geoff (PS365) [...]
Geoff (PS365) [191] So erm now I've talked you for so long that I've not got time to play this bit about the werewolves at Retford you see
Geoff (PS365) [192] Really?
Geoff (PS365) [193] so I'll blame you for it entirely Lillian
Geoff (PS365) [194] Yes okay.
Geoff (PS365) [195] and er if the werewolves come out then er we'll send them round to your house.
Geoff (PS365) [196] Oh thank you. [laugh]
Geoff (PS365) [197] Do your kids go up to School then is that where they went?
Geoff (PS365) [198] No no they didn't used to go there but we lived in [...] .
[199] No they used to go to the .
Geoff (PS365) [200] Oh did they?
Geoff (PS365) [201] Yeah.
Geoff (PS365) [202] Oh I see.
Geoff (PS365) [laugh]
Geoff (PS365) [203] I see.
[204] What bit of W
Geoff (PS365) [205] [...] I can remember being built.
Geoff (PS365) [206] Can you?
Geoff (PS365) [207] Cos I used to go to Trent Bridge in er then, you know in the early fifties.
Geoff (PS365) [208] Yeah.
Geoff (PS365) [209] And I can remember that being built.
Geoff (PS365) [210] Ah right I see.
Geoff (PS365) [211] [...] School then.
[212] It was called the School.
Geoff (PS365) [213] Ah yeah [...] for Kids' County, you can have er a video called the Battle of the Atlantic, one of those, er a child's reading book, you can have loads of nuts and sweets er a T shirt and some recipes and things too, alright?
Geoff (PS365) [214] Oh yeah lovely thank you.
Geoff (PS365) [215] Hang on the line we'll lob it all off to you, well done it was the farm at School.
Geoff (PS365) [...]
Geoff (PS365) [216] Alright, tarrah.
Geoff (PS365) [217] [...] bye bye.
Geoff (PS365) [218] Bye bye there.
[219] Lillian getting that right.
[220] Er last one from me today will be this from everything but the girl. [music]
[221] [...] everything but the girl.
[222] And er love is strange.
[223] Dennis is next with afternoon special, it's Tuesday so it's [mimicking] where are you now [] ?
[224] And then John at teatime, the football from seven and then John from ten till midnight, on the county's favourite radio station, it's B B C Radio Nottingham at two o'clock. [music]
(PS366) [225] Radio Nottingham News with Andy .
[226] [reading] Within the past hour has announced that a review is being launched into the future of three pits in Yorkshire with the intention of closing them all down.
[227] The mines involved are and near Doncaster and near Pontefract.
[228] The company says the prospects for all three are bleak.
[229] Richard reports. []
John (PS367) [230] 's northern director told a meeting of union officials that prospects for the three pits are bleak.
[231] More coal is being produced that can be sold, even the coal burn at power stations this year is likely to be seven million tons less than expected.
[232] Half that amount comes from Yorkshire pits.
[233] says two of the collieries, and are operating at a loss.
[234] The third is producing coal cheaply but most of it is being stockpiled because no one wants to buy it.
[235] A spokesman for the National Union of Mineworkers says it's what was expected.
[236] The country will soon be without a viable coal industry, he said, and will have to rely increasingly on imported energy supplies.
(PS366) [237] [reading] Contempt writs have been served against the Home Secretary and his predecessor Kenneth Clarke.
[238] It's understood the proceedings arise from their decision to deport the legal guardian of six Nottingham children who were prohibited from leaving the country.
[239] has been looking after her younger brothers and sisters since they were made wards of court when their parents were sent back to India.
[240] This report from Jeremy . []
(PS368) [241] The family came to Britain from Assam when their home was burnt down during Hindu Sikh riots nine years ago.
[242] But after losing a protracted fight for asylum both parents were deported.
[243] Now their eldest daughter has been told to leave too, but her supporters believe the decision is a clear breach of the children's wardship order.
[244] Lawyers are expected to argue that Michael Howard and Mr Clarke are both in contempt of the court's decision by pursuing her deportation.
[245] If found guilty they could be fined and ordered to pay court costs.
[246] It'd also allow Miss 's lawyers to seek an injunction preventing the deportation which would set a legal precedent.
[247] Her supporters believe it would force the government to reexamine their deportation procedures.
(PS366) [248] [reading] The jury in the James murder trial at Preston Crown Court has been read a statement by a train driver who described how two days after James's disappearance, he saw human remains on the railway line at Walton.
[249] Two eleven year old boys deny the abduction and murder of James and the attempted abduction of another boy.
[250] Adam reports. []
(PS369) [251] The prosecution showed the jury at Preston Crown Court several bags of stones, bricks and masonry found on the railway embankment where James's body was discovered.
[252] Some of the stones were said to be stained with blood.
[253] They were also shown an iron bar.
[254] The judge Mr Justice described it as heavy and as it was handed to members of the jury he warned them not to drop it.
[255] A quantity of clothing was also shown to the court.
[256] The courtroom fell silent as the exhibits were passed round.
[257] Earlier there was evidence from a train driver who said he had seen human remains lying by the track at Walton.
[258] The trial continues.
(PS366) [259] [reading] Solicitors acting for the Princess of Wales have demanded that secret photographs of her working out in a gym should be handed over and that she should be given details of how much money was made from them.
[260] This morning writs were issued in the High Court against the editors of the and and against the gym and its owner.
[261] Police in Jersey searching for the bodies of Nicholas and Elizabeth who were killed six years ago have found what appear to be human remains.
[262] Their two sons Mark and Roderick have been charged with their murders.
[263] This morning Mark appeared in court on the island and again denied the charge.
[264] He was remanded in custody for a week.
[265] A school near Eastwood's been closed today after staff complained that fumes in the building were causing chest and throat problems.
[266] Health officials and experts from are trying to trace the cause of the gases at Junior School.
[267] People began to feel ill yesterday afternoon and today the head Jean has told all two hundred and forty four pupils to stay at home.
[268] She says experts think the fumes are coming from the drains. []
(PS36A) [269] People are experiencing a smell which is not particularly distressing.
[270] But it seems to be getting into the the the throat and and the chest.
[271] Adults have noticed throat and chest difficulties there.
[272] We've more or less pinned it down to coming from the the drainage systems.
(PS366) [273] [reading] And police on Merseyside have arrested thirteen people today in connection with the sale of the drug crack.
[274] More than two hundred officers took part in the operation which centred on the Toxteth area of the city.
[275] And the weather, overcast with rain soon reaching all parts today, becoming heavy at times, the maximum temperatures up to ten celsius fifty fahrenheit, it's going to be drier and brighter tomorrow. []
[276] B B C Radio Nottingham News, it's five minutes past two. [jingle] [music] .
(PS36B) [277] Hello and welcome to Afternoon Special this ... Tuesday afternoon, linking the East Midlands.
[278] [music] And with it being Tuesday it means that we've our missing persons feature, where are you now, round about three thirty today, so if you've lost touch with a friend, relative or neighbour we could find them for you if they're still in the East Midlands.
[279] Call us on if you'd like to be included in where are you now, the feature at three thirty.
[280] [music] On the hour the news and weather and we'd like to hear from you this afternoon.
[281] If you'd like to have a chat on the air call us on .
[282] You have to dial the code O six O two if you're ringing from outside the Nottingham area.
[283] [music] Got music throughout the programme and a musical competition to start.
[284] It's our music quiz, a question is asked about the record, you answer the question, win a prize.
[285] And the question about last week's postal competition was, what's Christmassy about this?
[286] [music] Last week's postal competition, what's Christmassy about that?
[287] Well the answer was holly, because it was Buddy Holly.
[288] So what's Christmassy about that?
[289] Holly.
[290] Now some winners coming up.
[291] Holly, holly.
[292] Er Mr and Mrs , Road, Evington, you're a winner.
[293] Er Mrs Joan of Street, Belper, a winner.
[294] Peter , Cottage,sp [start of a sneeze] ... at er near Buxton.
[295] And one more coming up, let's take it from the bottom of the pile, literally, and it turns out to be Mrs Diane , Street, Market Harborough.
[296] There y are.
[297] Those are the winners.
[298] All said, holly.
[299] That was what was Christmassy about that record.
[300] Now the question about this record is, tell me another singer with the same name.
[301] Don't normally get two singers with the same name but tell me another singer with the same name.
[302] I don't want to know the name of this singer, I want to know the name of the other singer with the same name.
[303] C all will be revealed very shortly.
[304] Call us on please.
[305] [music] Now this one's a bit strange.
[306] I do not want the name of that singer, but I want the name of a singer with the same name.
[307] If you got the answer right you'll know what I mean.
[308] John of Saxilby.
(PS36C) [309] Hello Dennis.
(PS36B) [310] What's the name of the singer with the same name but not the name of that singer?
(PS36C) [311] Donovan?
(PS36B) [312] That's it.
[313] Say no more than that and that wins you a prize.
[314] Can you call anywhere?
(PS36C) [315] Er Lincoln.
(PS36B) [316] Great, thanks a lot John.
(PS36C) [317] Okay.
(PS36B) [318] Bye.
(PS36C) [319] Bye.
(PS36B) [320] Donovan.
[321] Yes.
[322] Robert of [...] .
[323] What were you gonna say?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [324] Donovan.
(PS36B) [325] Why?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [326] Dunno just said it.
(PS36B) [327] Well what was the name of that singer?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [328] Pardon?
(PS36B) [329] What was the name of th s of that singer?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [330] What, Jason Donovan?
(PS36B) [331] Jason Donovan that's right.
[332] That'll win you a prize.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [333] Oh thanks .
(PS36B) [334] Can you call anywhere?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [335] Pardon?
(PS36B) [336] Can you call anywhere?
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [337] Derby.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [338] Derby.
(PS36B) [339] Right we'll have it ready for you.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [340] Oh thanks.
(PS36B) [341] Bye.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [342] Tarrah.
(PS36B) [343] Yes Jason Donovan, the name of the same singer, it was Donovan but er if you'd have said Jason Donovan yo of course you'd have been incorrect.
[344] Anyway right that's how we play it, that's how we play it.
[345] Bit weird.
[346] What sort of erm what yeah what pet is involved here?
[347] What pet is involved here?
[348] Call us on ple [music] Just want the name of the pet involved in that record, that's all I want the name of the pet involved in that record.
[349] And now on the line from Lutterworth, Pauline .
[350] Hello Pauline.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [351] Hello.
(PS36B) [352] [...] name of the pet.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [353] Dog.
(PS36B) [354] That's it.
[355] Erm
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [...]
(PS36B) [356] a prize for you.
[357] Can you call anywhere?
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [358] Er no.
(PS36B) [359] [...] we'll we'll send it you.
[360] We've
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [361] Erm
(PS36B) [362] got your address have we?
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [363] Erm yes thanks Dennis.
(PS36B) [364] Okay.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [365] Erm Dennis
(PS36B) [366] What love?
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [367] Er my sister won erm ... whatever you're sending, last week.
(PS36B) [368] Oh yeah?
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [369] Erm and she ain't received it yet.
(PS36B) [370] Yeah.
[371] Eh?
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [372] She's not received
(PS36B) [373] No er we've been told that Radio Leicester, our colleagues here at Radio Leicester tell us that there's a bit of a delay in sending out C Ds.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [374] Oh right.
(PS36B) [375] Only a bit of a delay so
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [376] Oh okay.
(PS36B) [377] But but well they've got all the names and everything and they'll be with you shortly.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [378] Right.
(PS36B) [379] Okay love ?
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [380] Good of ya.
(PS36B) [381] Okay.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [382] Thanks a lot Dennis.
(PS36B) [383] Bye.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [384] Bye.
(PS36B) [385] Now Raymond of Derby.
Geoff (PS365) [386] Hello.
(PS36B) [387] What we you gonna say?
Geoff (PS365) [388] I thought it was a dragon.
(PS36B) [389] Why did you think it was a dragon?
Geoff (PS365) [390] It was just the way the music was.
(PS36B) [391] Oh no.
[392] Oh so you don't know why it was dog?
Geoff (PS365) [393] I don't, no.
(PS36B) [394] Because it was the do Bonzo Dog Doodah Band.
[395] Yeah.
Geoff (PS365) [...]
(PS36B) [396] Never mind.
[397] Raymond thanks for trying.
Geoff (PS365) [398] Okay.
(PS36B) [399] Bye.
Geoff (PS365) [400] Bye.
(PS36B) [401] Now ooh it's the postal isn't it already?
[402] Yes the postal.
[403] What sort of brass is involved here?
[404] What sort of brass is involved here?
[405] Answers on a postcard to the music quiz and whichever town is nearest you, Derby, Leicester, Lincoln or Nottingham.
[406] That's where you send the postcard to be here by Tuesday of next week and the question is, what sort of brass is involved here?
[407] [music] Now the question is, what sort of brass is involved in that record?
[408] Postcards to the music quiz Derby, Leicester, Lincoln or Nottingham, whichever is closest to you.
[409] Postcards to be here by Tuesday of next week.
[410] Now let's take some calls and don't forget our feature at three thirty, our all important feature, I think it's the most important of the week don't you?
[411] Where are you now, the missing persons feature.
[412] Finding long lost friends, relatives and neighbours throughout the East Midlands.
[413] I think that's pretty important actually.
[414] Erm seems to be.
[415] Anyway, give us a ring on if you want to go on where are you now, if you've lost touch with someone we'll try and find 'em, especially if they're in the East Midlands.
[416] And you can give us a ring on that number if you'd like to have a chat on the air this afternoon about anything at all.
[417] Now we don't do wanted items or giveaways or anything like that, you know we don't do that on the programme, that's for other programmes.
[418] So wanted a port [...] er wanted a portable manual typewriter wanted in the Grantham area, lady is willing to pay, phone .
[419] Wanted portable manual typewriter, wanted in Grantham, willing to pay, phone ,.
[420] If you don't get these numbers you can always ring us on which is our administration number.
[421] That sound posher than saying it's the phone-in number.
[422] Here's a giveaway, er or no wait a minute, it isn't a giveaway cos they want a donation for children in need.
[423] It's a voucher with a three day mini-cruise for two people sharing from Harwich to Hamburg or Harwich to Esbjerg to be used weekdays, valid until the twentieth of December and it's worth a hundred and sixty quid.
[424] Meals not included.
[425] ... Anyway if you wanna give a donation to children in need for that, dial .
[426] I'll read it again cos it's quite complex innit?
[427] It's got me puzzled anyway.
[428] Erm [reading] a donation for children in need asked.
[429] This is a voucher worth a hundred and sixty pounds with for a three day mini-cruise for two people sharing from Harwich to Hamburg or Harwich to Esbjerg to be used weekdays, until the twentieth of December. []
[430] If you're interested, meals are not included, but if you're interested dial .
[431] Now we won't do any more of those.
[432] . At School in Lane Derby, there is cable-laying going on in Street, Lane and Street.
[433] This is causing traffic buildup and warning to parents when picking up children, be very careful.
[434] So if you're picking up children from the Primary School in Lane Derby, there's cable-laying going on in Street, Lane and Street.
[435] This is causing traffic buildup so it's a warning, be careful.
[436] Erm I've had a lovely letter from ... from George.
[437] And George is erm the district governor for Rotary, for the Alfreton area.
[438] And the thing is they're doing a huge charity dance, the Rotary Club of Alfreton, on Friday this week, the twelfth.
[439] Eight P M till midnight, food available, late bar er there's the big band sound of the Alfreton dance orchestra and special guest is Phil , the resident organist a the Tower Ballroom Blackpool.
[440] Now the tickets are four quid each, you can get 'em on the door, but if you'd like two tickets, phone us on , we'll send 'em by first class post, we need your postcode, give us a ring now, if you'd like two tickets for the grand charity dance, modern, old-time and sequence featuring Phil , resident organist at the Tower Ballroom Blackpool.
[441] And the big band sound of the Alfreton dance orchestra, it's all happening at the Leisure Centre Alfreton this Friday, eight till twelve, tickets are four quid, you can get 'em on the door, all organized by Rotary.
[442] But call us if you'd like two tickets.
[443] . Una of Mansfield.
(PS366) [444] H hello.
(PS36B) [445] Hello.
(PS366) [446] Hello.
(PS36B) [447] Hello.
(PS366) [448] Is that Dennis?
(PS36B) [449] Yes hello.
(PS366) [450] Hello Dennis, my name's Una .
(PS36B) [451] Yes.
(PS366) [452] Now I work as a care assistant in a nursing home at Bilsthorpe, nursing home.
(PS36B) [453] Th Bilsthorpe near Mansfield?
(PS366) [454] Yes.
(PS36B) [455] Yes.
(PS366) [456] And we are desperate to have a piano.
(PS36B) [457] Why?
(PS366) [458] Well we do lots of activities with our residents and they love sing- alongs but unfortunately we haven't our own piano.
(PS36B) [459] Have you never had one?
(PS366) [460] No.
(PS36B) [461] Well yo they sa you kn what they say?
[462] What you've never had you'll never miss.
(PS366) [463] But we are missing it.
(PS36B) [464] Are you?
(PS366) [465] We've got a nurse, er a trained nurse, er she does play the piano and she's quite willing to play for us if only we can get a piano donated.
(PS36B) [466] Well I mean you see
(PS366) [467] Erm
(PS36B) [468] lo [sigh] I've got this big problem really about people like you coming on asking for pianos.
[469] Very often
(PS366) [laugh]
(PS36B) [470] What's the matter?
(PS366) [471] Why?
(PS36B) [472] Who's tickling you?
(PS366) [473] Nobody.
(PS36B) [474] Oh.
[475] It sounds like you wish they were.
(PS366) [476] Mm.
(PS36B) [477] No I've got this big problem you see because very often pianos are at the centre of orgies.
[478] Now if you have an orgy there I could get the blame for this.
(PS366) [479] Oh.
(PS36B) [480] Do you have many orgies there?
(PS366) [481] Well
(PS36B) [482] Don't put it to the customers, don't put it to your clients cos they'll say we want one.
(PS366) [483] Well th they might well do.
[484] Yes.
[485] But you know I mean our oldest resident is a hundred and two.
(PS36B) [486] Makes no difference love.
(PS366) [487] You know so he h
(PS36B) [488] Never, never
(PS366) [489] might well enjoy a good rubdown and a massage.
(PS36B) [490] I beg your pardon?
(PS366) [491] But I d I'm not quite sure if [...] orgy .
(PS36B) [492] Oh hang on hang on.
[493] Oh oh my hair's standing up at the back of my neck.
(PS366) [laugh]
(PS36B) [494] I only y well you see the Romans did have a word you know they had a phrase, have you heard about that Roman phrase?
(PS366) [495] No I've not
(PS36B) [496] You're never
(PS366) [497] I'm sure you'll tell me.
(PS36B) [498] You're never too old for an orgy.
[499] Now
(PS366) [500] Oh.
(PS36B) [501] They had that as a phrase, that was a phrase in Roman times.
(PS366) [502] Mm.
(PS36B) [503] And they should know.
(PS366) [504] Oh.
(PS36B) [505] So I'm a bit worried ab cos pianos can you know i th they sort of, it's the it's the constant beat of the piano.
(PS366) [506] Right.
(PS36B) [507] It can
(PS366) [laugh]
(PS36B) [508] it can sort of engender orgies.
(PS366) [509] Yeah.
(PS36B) [510] Ah but you don't want an orgy there do you?
(PS366) [511] Oh I don't know
(PS36B) [512] Oh
(PS366) [513] I could ask.
(PS36B) [514] think of the local, think of the [...] and what it would say if you had an orgy.
[515] Oh
(PS366) [516] Well I I bet we'd make front page wouldn't we?
(PS36B) [517] You would make front page of the [...] .
(PS366) [518] Yeah we would.
(PS36B) [519] You would indeed.
(PS366) [laugh]
(PS36B) [520] Yeah yeah.
[521] I don't mean [...]
(PS366) [cough]
(PS36B) [522] orgy love, are you sure you want a piano?
(PS366) [523] Yes we definitely ne need a piano.
(PS36B) [524] Now the all important thing about a piano is, apart from the fact that it t can be at the centre of an orgy, the important thing is that are you able to collect it?
(PS366) [525] Well yes we could.
(PS36B) [526] Cos you know it takes t at least eighteen strong men or twenty four weak women?
[527] You know that ?
(PS366) [528] Erm well I think you'd have to make do with twenty four strong care assistants.
(PS36B) [529] Okay alright then.
[530] Well we'll try eh?
(PS366) [531] Oh that would lovely because
(PS36B) [532] And you
(PS366) [533] our party's we've arranged our Christmas party for our residents for the nineteenth of
(PS36B) [534] This is before you've got the
(PS366) [535] December.
(PS36B) [536] this is before you've got the piano.
(PS366) [537] Well we're still having a party anyway, but a piano would be a a big help.
[538] If someone, some nice kind person would donate one for us.
(PS36B) [539] Alright.
(PS366) [540] It would be great.
(PS36B) [541] From anywhere?
(PS366) [542] From anywhere.
(PS36B) [543] From anywhere alright
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [544] Anywhere.
(PS36B) [545] we'll see if we can get you a piano and if
(PS366) [546] Okay.
(PS36B) [547] anybody calls we'll give you a ring.
(PS366) [548] Yeah.
(PS36B) [549] Alright love?
(PS366) [550] Okay then .
(PS36B) [551] [...] .
(PS366) [552] Thank you very much.
(PS36B) [553] Eh listen you said your oldest is er a hundred and two?
(PS366) [554] Yes Mr our Albert.
(PS36B) [555] How lovely.
(PS366) [556] Yes he's a hundred and two and he's lovely.
(PS36B) [557] What about your youngest?
(PS366) [558] Our youngest?
[559] Well I think our youngest ooh well into their sixties.
(PS36B) [560] Are they?
(PS366) [561] Yeah.
[562] And we we do try to keep them busy and we have monthly parties and erm
(PS36B) [563] Parties?
(PS366) [564] occupa oh yes
(PS36B) [565] I told ya.
(PS366) [566] oh yes [...]
(PS36B) [567] You're halfway there alre you're halfway there already.
(PS366) [568] Yes [...]
(PS36B) [569] You're halfway there.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [570] Ooh.
(PS366) [571] Do you want to buy some raffle tickets Dennis?
(PS36B) [572] What for the next orgy?
[573] No.
(PS366) [574] [...] yes if you like.
(PS36B) [575] Ooh dear, I knew we shouldn't have done this.
(PS366) [576] Pound for five.
(PS36B) [577] Pound for five?
(PS366) [578] Yeah we'll let you have ten pounds' worth.
(PS36B) [579] [...] .
(PS366) [580] Yeah.
(PS36B) [581] That's very generous.
(PS366) [laugh]
(PS36B) [582] Very generous, I haven't had such a good offer for a long time.
(PS366) [laugh]
(PS36B) [583] How long have you been there at the nursing home?
(PS366) [584] I've been there six months now.
(PS36B) [585] Have you?
(PS366) [586] Yeah.
(PS36B) [587] Enjoy it?
(PS366) [588] I love it.
(PS36B) [589] What did you do before?
(PS366) [590] Well I've done a bit of all sorts rea Mainly I looked after my dad while he was ill.
(PS36B) [591] Yeah.
(PS366) [592] Erm but then I lost my dad so
(PS36B) [593] Yeah
(PS366) [594] I went to do what I thought I could do the best.
(PS36B) [595] Yeah.
(PS366) [596] Which was look after everybody else.
(PS36B) [597] And you enjoy it?
(PS366) [598] I love it yes. [...]
(PS36B) [599] So who's gonna to look after you?
(PS366) [600] Me?
(PS36B) [601] Yeah.
(PS366) [602] Well I've got two strong daughters so I suppose they'll hold me up when I'm when I'm you know sort of decrepit and ready.
(PS36B) [603] Oh you're gonna be decrepit and ready are you ?
(PS366) [604] [...] some days I feel it now Dennis .
(PS36B) [605] Probably, probably
(PS366) [laugh]
(PS36B) [606] before probably at the Christmas party.
(PS366) [607] Ye well yes we'll be pretty tired because it's a full day.
(PS36B) [608] Mm.
(PS366) [609] It's two thirty till six, everything going on [...]
(PS36B) [610] So listen
(PS366) [611] for the children that come and everything.
(PS36B) [612] what's what's happening at the nursing home on Christmas Day, do you know yet?
(PS366) [613] Well we're not quite sure yet.
[614] We we've sort of planned things for every day, for the week leading up to Christmas
(PS36B) [615] Yeah.
(PS366) [616] erm it's just
(PS36B) [617] It sounds like everybody's gonna be exhausted at your place.
(PS366) [618] Well it's good fun, you'll have to join us, you'll have to come through and have a look.
(PS36B) [619] I see [tape change] whereabouts of Hilda , last heard of in nineteen sixty nine, used to keep ... used to keep erm newsagent's shop in Ravenshead.
[620] A gentleman in Birmingham would like to make contact with an ex-member of the R A F who he served with, his name is Dennis , and it was known that he lived in West Bridgeford Nottingham.
[621] So whatever happened to Dennis of West Bridgeford Nottingham?
[622] Ex R A F. Call us on please.
[623] A listener would like to hear from any ex-pupils of School Worksop who were in the fifth year between nineteen sixty seven and nineteen sixty eight, to join in a celebration marking the success of one its pupils.
[624] Alright?
[625] Any ex-pupils of School Worksop, who were in the fifth year between nineteen sixty seven and nineteen sixty eight, to join in a celebration marking the success of one its pupils.
[626] I wonder what they've done?
[627] And we'd like to find Paddy who served in the R A F police unit at R A F Hunnington in Suffolk during nineteen fifty eight to nineteen sixty.
[628] Paddy , he's of Irish descent, he lives in the Newark area and if it's h found, if he's found it's hoped that Paddy can be included in a reunion.
[629] Paddy who lived in the Newark area.
[630] We're looking for Sandra who lived in the village of Headon near Retford.
[631] She used to work in a wool shop in Retford called Wool Shop.
[632] Sandra had a brother called Rodney and a sister named Sharon .
[633] It's believed that Sandra moved to either Newark or Leicester.
[634] Anybody know Sandra ?
[635] Came from Headon near Retford, worked in a wool shop in Retford called Wool Shop and Sandra had a brother called Rodney and a sister named Sharon .
[636] Sandra could have moved to either Newark or Leicester.
[637] Call us if you know her,.
[638] Now we're looking for Debbie and Tony.
[639] Dominic would like to get in touch with a couple he met on holiday in August at Innerlaken in Switzerland, who come from Derby.
[640] They're Debbie and Tony of Derby.
[641] Debbie and Tony.
[642] But unfortunately their surname cannot be remembered.
[643] Debbie who's blond, thirty eight years old, has two children a boy and a girl, works with the deaf in Derby.
[644] Tony er his mother lives with them.
[645] The couple Debbie and Tony o drove a blue Sierra and during the holiday it was their anniversary and Debbie's birthday.
[646] So anybody know of the whereabouts of Debbie and Tony who live we think ... where was it?
[647] In the Derby area?
[648] In the Derby area.
[649] Call us please.
[650] Now let's go to the phones.
[651] ... On the line from Calverton we've got Grenville .
[652] Who're you looking for Grenville?
John (PS367) [653] Hello Dennis.
[654] Er I'll try and take my time, I stammer a bit Dennis a you know.
[655] Er I'm l
(PS36B) [656] That's okay.
John (PS367) [657] I'm look looki looking for Hi Hilda .
(PS36B) [658] Hilda ?
John (PS367) [...]
(PS36B) [659] Is that is that her maiden name?
John (PS367) [660] That's her maiden name, well it's abo f about forty nine fifty years ago since I've seen her.
(PS36B) [661] And where did she live?
John (PS367) [662] Well she li liv on Estate, er on Estate, [...] .
(PS36B) [663] Nottingham?
John (PS367) [664] [stuttering] Avenue I think it was [...] .
(PS36B) [665] Yeah.
[666] Wha what work did she do?
John (PS367) [667] Well she worked at Brewery [...] I think she did labelling [...] you know in in [...] department [...] .
(PS36B) [668] Do you know if she got married?
John (PS367) [669] N no I don er [...] it's quite a long st we [...] it's quite a long story [...] .
[670] Well she go Hilda got a baby boy about eighteen month old when I knew her like you know, and er she lived by [...] I think it was [...] I think it was [...] you know and er [...] what happened to her I be I think she had to go in a home or er you see and er baby boy was adopted like, the baby boy [...] that's about all I know about her [...] that's about all.
(PS36B) [671] [...] alright, let's try for Hilda .
[672] And Hilda was her maiden name, last seen forty nine years ago, she lived on Estate, [...] , Nottingham and she worked as a labeller in the bottle department of Brewery.
[673] Hilda .
John (PS367) [674] That's right.
(PS36B) [675] We'll try and find her.
[676] If we do Granville, we'll give you a call.
John (PS367) [677] [...] thanks very much Dennis.
(PS36B) [678] Thank you.
John (PS367) [679] Okay Dennis thank you
(PS36B) [680] Bye bye.
John (PS367) [681] Thank you very much.
(PS36B) [682] if you know the whereabouts of Hilda .
[683] We have found, one of the letters.
[684] We've found Sandra er wh who was in Retford at the Wool Shop, we've found Sandra .
[685] Angela of Mapperley.
[686] Who're you looking for?
[687] ... Hello.
[688] ... Angela .
[689] Angela of Mapperley.
[690] ... Hello Angela .
[691] ... No Angela ?
[692] No?
[693] Right go onto the next customer.
[694] Roy of [...] .
[695] ... Roy .
[696] ... Roy .
[697] ... Hello Roy .
[698] ... No Roy .
[699] Oh dear.
[700] I wonder if anything's happened to our telephones?
[701] Er ... nobody on at all.
[702] ... Mm [sigh] Kathleen ... Kathleen from Bath.
[703] Kathleen.
(PS368) [704] Yes.
(PS36B) [705] Who are you looking for?
(PS368) [706] I'm looking for my cousin.
(PS36B) [707] Tell me her name.
(PS368) [708] Her name is Joyce, her christian name, and her maiden name was .
(PS36B) [709] Do you know did she get married?
(PS368) [710] Well I presume she did. [laugh]
(PS36B) [711] How long is it since you saw her?
(PS368) [712] Oh it must be fifty years since I've seen her.
(PS36B) [713] And where did she live?
(PS368) [714] She lived in Ward End in Birmingham.
[715] But she is now in the Leicester area.
[716] Erm some ab eight weeks ago she was in Cheltenham where I used to live, trying to find me.
[717] And the person she contacted didn't know my address.
[718] So we're sort of both playing [...] two sides against the middle.
(PS36B) [719] Er i she was in the Cheltenh Do you know what she does for a living?
(PS368) [720] I have a feeling, well I should think she's probably retired.
[721] I should think she was born about nineteen thirty.
[722] Erm I think she was a teacher, she's got a brother Jim who was a housemaster at School in Suffolk, last I heard of him, I saw him mm probably in the nineteen f fifties I should think.
(PS36B) [723] So it's Joyce , that's her maiden name, last seen fifty years ago, used to live in Birmingham but now lives in Leicester
(PS368) [724] Yes.
(PS36B) [725] and she was a teacher.
(PS368) [726] I think .
(PS36B) [727] Joyce and she's got a brother Jim .
(PS368) [728] Yeah.
(PS36B) [729] Alright.
[730] Anybody calls we'll ring you.
(PS368) [731] Okay lovely.
(PS36B) [732] Thank you Kathleen.
(PS368) [733] Okay bye .
(PS36B) [734] Bye.
[735] i you know the whereabouts of Joyce .
[736] That's her maiden name, she may have got married and changed that name of course, she was a teacher, lived in the Leicester area.
[737] Now I think we can try, is it Angela ?
[738] Or Roy ?
[739] ... Ida of Mansfield.
(PS369) [740] Mark
(PS36B) [741] Mark Markfield sorry.
[742] Ida.
(PS369) [743] Yes.
(PS36B) [744] Who're you looking for?
(PS369) [745] I'm looking for a school friend, her name is Mary .
(PS36B) [746] Is that her maiden name?
(PS369) [747] Yes.
(PS36B) [748] Er did she get married?
(PS369) [749] I don't know.
(PS36B) [750] Last seen when?
(PS369) [751] I've never seen her since we left school about nineteen forty eight.
(PS36B) [752] Where did she live?
(PS369) [753] She lived in er Road, Oadby.
(PS36B) [754] Er what does she do for a living?
(PS369) [755] I don't know.
[756] Can't tell ya.
[757] Went to School together.
[758] You know like school friends
(PS36B) [759] Mm.
(PS369) [760] but I haven't seen her since we left school in nineteen forty eight.
(PS36B) [761] Can you give us any more information?
(PS369) [762] Well I did hear, I don't know if it w if it's true, that she was er what you call a lollipop lady.
(PS36B) [763] Whereabouts?
(PS369) [764] In Oadby.
[765] That a that's all I know.
(PS36B) [766] [...] recently?
(PS369) [767] Yes I think so.
(PS36B) [768] So Mary but that's her maiden name,
(PS369) [769] Yes.
(PS36B) [770] it's nineteen forty eight, so she may well have married and changed her name.
(PS369) [771] That's right.
(PS36B) [772] Lived on Road, Oadby
(PS369) [...]
(PS36B) [773] and may have been a lady a lollipop lady in the Oadby area.
(PS369) [774] Yes, [...] she used to live with her mum and dad and she ha I know she had a sister but I don't know if her sister name was Betty.
[775] But where she used to live the houses have been pulled down ooh a few years ago and it's all shops now.
(PS36B) [776] Alright, we'll try and find Mary for you and if we do we'll give you a call Ida.
(PS369) [777] Yes thank you very much .
(PS36B) [778] Thanks love bye.
(PS369) [779] Bye bye.
(PS36B) [780] , the number to ring if you know the whereabouts of Mi Mary , her maiden name, last seen in nineteen forty eight, she may have married and changed her name.
[781] May have been a lollipop lady in Oadby.
[782] Call us if you know anything, please.
[783] Sybil of Northampton.
(PS36A) [784] Yes.
(PS36B) [785] Who're you looking for?
(PS36A) [786] I'm looking for my two cousins.
(PS36B) [787] Names?
(PS36A) [788] Names, Margaret and Joan, their si single name was but
(PS36B) [789] Do you know
(PS36A) [790] I don't know their married names.
(PS36B) [791] And did they both get married?
(PS36A) [792] Yes they both got married.
(PS36B) [793] Er last seen how long ago?
(PS36A) [794] Oh about fifty years ago.
(PS36B) [795] Living where?
(PS36A) [796] In South Wigston Leicestershire.
(PS36B) [797] Do you know what jobs Margaret and Joan had?
(PS36A) [798] No.
[799] Margaret was in the Air Force for some years but I couldn't say what they did for work.
(PS36B) [800] So you've no idea where they could be now?
(PS36A) [801] No idea.
[802] Er they've always lived in South Wigston, all their life.
(PS36B) [803] So Margaret and Joan
(PS36A) [804] That's their
(PS36B) [805] cousins and that's their maiden names ,
(PS36A) [806] that's their maiden name.
(PS36B) [807] last seen fifty years ago, lived in South Wigston
(PS36A) [808] Yes.
(PS36B) [809] and Margaret was in the R A F during the war,
(PS36A) [810] Yes.
(PS36B) [811] and Margaret and Joan are both married so they've both changed their names.
(PS36A) [812] Yes.
(PS36B) [813] Did they have any brothers?
(PS36A) [814] No.
(PS36B) [815] Alright.
[816] We'll try and find Margaret and Joan , if we do we'll give you a ring.
(PS36A) [817] Thank you very much indeed.
(PS36B) [818] Thanks bye .
(PS36A) [819] Thank you, bye .
(PS36B) [820] Bye Sybil.
[821] the number to ring there.
[822] Reg of Newark, who are you looking
(PS36B) [823] [...] Dennis
(PS36B) [824] who are you looking for?
(PS36B) [825] Er the descendants of John and Jane .
[826] They lived er at the turn of the century or just before in the Blankley Bath area which is round Methringham.
[827] The family w was made up of sons John, Thomas, William and Joseph and the girls were Mary and Harriet.
[828] Harriet married a William who was a gamekeeper.
(PS36B) [829] [...] we're talking about around the turn of the century ?
(PS36B) [830] Century yes.
[831] Er John actually of the John and Jane, he died in nineteen O three aged seventy six, he was buried at [...] .
(PS36B) [832] Erm, mm.
[833] So y descendants of John and Jane ?
(PS36B) [834] Yes.
(PS36B) [835] Who lived at Blankley Bath near Methringham?
(PS36B) [836] That's right.
(PS36B) [837] They had how many children?
(PS36B) [838] They had four boys, John, Thomas, William and Joseph and two girls, Mary and Harriet.
[839] Harriet married er William who was a gamekeeper.
(PS36B) [840] Are you in touch with any of them?
(PS36B) [841] Er not from that side of the family, no.
(PS36B) [842] Alright, well we'll try and get you some information and if we do we'll give you a ring.
(PS36B) [843] Well that's very kind of you.
[844] Thank you .
(PS36B) [845] Thank you Reg.
(PS36B) [846] Goodbye.
(PS36B) [847] So descendants of John and Jane , er John Wilson died in nineteen hundred and three, at age seventy six, so we're talking about the turn of the century.
[848] They lived at Blankley Bath near Methringham and they had six children, John, Thomas, William, Joseph, Mary and Harriet .
[849] Harriet married William a gamekeeper.
[850] And there the information ends, can you help fill in some details with John and Jane who lived at Blankley Bath near Methringham, turn of the century?
[851] Give us a call please.
[852] Christine of [...] .
(PS36C) [853] Hello.
(PS36B) [854] Who are you looking for?
(PS36C) [855] I'm looking for a work friend.
[856] Erm her name was Freddy, so I presume her name was Frederica and we
(PS36B) [...]
(PS36C) [857] worked in the lace market in nineteen sixty five
(PS36B) [858] mhm
(PS36C) [859] at a place called .
(PS36B) [860] Where did Freddy live?
(PS36C) [861] I think maybe erm Carlton way.
[862] I'm not sure.
(PS36B) [863] Did [...] was she married?
(PS36C) [864] No she was we were just teenagers, we were seventeen then.
(PS36B) [865] You don't know if Freddy got married?
(PS36C) [866] No.
[867] But she had long red hair and she was just a work friend.
(PS36B) [868] So Freddy
(PS36C) [869] Yeah.
(PS36B) [870] er she was last seen nineteen sixty five working in the lace market in Nottingham at
(PS36C) [871] Yeah.
(PS36B) [872] and she had long red hair.
(PS36C) [873] Yes and she she had er a tartan skirt and she swapped it with me for a an Indian blue dress.
(PS36B) [874] Alright we'll try and find Freddy for you.
[875] It's a bit er you know
(PS36C) [876] Yeah [laugh]
(PS36B) [877] bit sparse in information but we'll try
(PS36C) [878] Yes.
[879] But my name was Christine then.
(PS36B) [880] Christine .
(PS36C) [881] Yeah.
(PS36B) [882] Alright we'll try and find Freddy.
(PS36C) [883] Okay.
(PS36B) [884] Thank you.
(PS36C) [885] Bye.
(PS36B) [886] So we're looking for ... ah we've found Mary , last seen in nineteen forty eight at Oadby.
[887] We've found Mary .
[888] Now there is a difficult one.
[889] We're looking for Freddy, and that's all we've got.
[890] Freddy, young lady, last seen nineteen sixty five working in the lace market in Nottingham at , think she lived nearby at Carlton, Nottingham and had long red hair did Freddy.
[891] Where are you now? the number to ring.
[892] Betty of Evington.
[893] Who are you looking for?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [894] Hello.
[895] I'm looking for a friend of mine Hazel was her maiden name.
(PS36B) [...]
Elizabeth (PS36D) [spelling] []
(PS36B) [896] You know her er married name?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [897] And she married er a man named , Mr , I c don't know his christian name, and he was a warder at the Leicester prison.
[898] And then he was called up er in the Air Force in nineteen forty.
[899] She had a baby we she was expecting a baby and we called it P J,anyw and she said it was going to be Peter John and th anyway when it arrived it was a Pamela [laughing] Jane [] .
[900] Now I know she lives in the Nottingham area now although she's been widowed quite a few years.
[901] And I would like to get in touch with her again.
(PS36B) [902] So Mrs Hazel last seen when ?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [903] Mrs Hazel yes.
(PS36B) [904] Last seen when?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [905] Er in nineteen forty.
(PS36B) [906] And where did she actually live then?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [907] She lived on Road South.
(PS36B) [908] Leicester?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [909] Leicester.
[910] Mhm.
(PS36B) [911] And you think she's in Nottingham now?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [912] Yes I heard she'd gone to the Nottingham area.
(PS36B) [913] Where did she li work?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [914] Pardon?
(PS36B) [915] Where did she work?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [916] She worked at on the North Bridge in Leicester .
(PS36B) [917] In in Leicester.
[918] Do you know how many children she's got?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [919] Well I understood she had two.
(PS36B) [920] Mm.
[921] And one of one them
Elizabeth (PS36D) [922] I know she had one.
(PS36B) [923] One of 'em is Pamela Jane.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [924] Well sh yes.
(PS36B) [925] [...] er .
[926] Okay, we're looking for Mrs Hazel .
Elizabeth (PS36D) [927] Yes.
(PS36B) [928] Last seen in the last war, nineteen forty, she lived on the Road South in
Elizabeth (PS36D) [929] South
(PS36B) [930] Leicester.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [931] Yes.
(PS36B) [932] And her husband was a warder at Leicester prison but he's died.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [933] Yes.
(PS36B) [934] And Hazel worked at on
Elizabeth (PS36D) [935] Yes.
(PS36B) [936] the North Bridge
Elizabeth (PS36D) [937] Yes.
(PS36B) [938] and she's got some children including Pamela Jane.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [939] Yes.
(PS36B) [940] Pa Mrs Hazel ?
Elizabeth (PS36D) [941] Yes.
(PS36B) [942] We'll try and find her and we'll ring you if
Elizabeth (PS36D) [943] Thank you very much.
(PS36B) [944] we do.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [945] Thank you.
(PS36B) [946] Thank you Betty.
Elizabeth (PS36D) [947] Bye bye.
(PS36B) [948] Mrs Hazel .
[949] Er was at Leicester, might now live in Nottingham.
[950] Call us please if you know her whereabouts.
[951] Hazel of South.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [952] Hello.
(PS36B) [953] B Boston.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [954] Hello.
(PS36B) [955] Hazel who are you looking for?
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [956] Er Ken .
(PS36B) [957] Ken , last seen when?
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [958] Nineteen eighty two.
(PS36B) [959] And where did he live then?
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [960] In the Sleaford area.
(PS36B) [961] What did he work for a living?
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [962] Er senior nursing officer at Hospital Holbeach which of course is now closed.
(PS36B) [963] Was Kenneth married?
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [964] Er he was but er his wife is deceased erm but I understand he has remarried recently.
(PS36B) [965] And has he any children?
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [966] Er yes, one son Ian Mark and Ian will be about twenty.
(PS36B) [967] Er you think Kenneth will now be retired?
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [968] Yes he has retired.
(PS36B) [969] So Kenneth , last seen nineteen eighty two, lived at the Sleaford area, a retired nursing senior officer at Hospital Holbeach, he's married he's remarried er and he's got a son Ian Mark .
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [970] Yes.
(PS36B) [971] We'll try and find him, if we do, give you a ring.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [972] Thank you very much.
(PS36B) [973] Thanks Hazel.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [974] Thank you, bye.
(PS36B) [975] N the number to ring if you can help Hazel out.
[976] Hazel of er Boston looking for Kenneth .
[977] Kenneth , last seen nineteen eighty two, lived in the Sleaford area, a retired senior nursing officer at Hospital Holbeach, er m may have married for a second time, Kenneth he's got a son Ian Mark .
[978] Give us a call if you know him, please.
[979] Malcolm of Mansfield Woodhouse.
Geoff (PS365) [980] Hello Dennis.
(PS36B) [981] Who are you looking for?
Geoff (PS365) [982] Well I'm looking for a very good friend of mine er who I served in the army with called Tony .
(PS36B) [983] Last seen when?
Geoff (PS365) [984] Well it would be round nineteen seventy three seventy four.
(PS36B) [985] And where did he live at that time?
Geoff (PS365) [986] Er he was from Gedling but we lived together in the army barracks at that particular time.
(PS36B) [987] What mob were you in?
Geoff (PS365) [988] Er the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery.
(PS36B) [989] Oh them?
Geoff (PS365) [990] Yes. [laugh]
(PS36B) [991] Ah.
[992] What rank were you?
Geoff (PS365) [993] Sorry?
[994] I was a gunner, I'd only been in er
(PS36B) [995] Oh I see.
Geoff (PS365) [996] a couple of years [...]
(PS36B) [997] [...] Wha er Tony er did he have any brothers or sisters?
Geoff (PS365) [998] Well to be quite honest I can't honestly remember.
[999] I was the best man at his wedding.
(PS36B) [1000] Ah he got married?
Geoff (PS365) [1001] Yes he did and it was in Gedling I believe.
(PS36B) [1002] I what was his wife's name?
Geoff (PS365) [1003] Jean.
[1004] But I can't remember the second name.
(PS36B) [1005] Do you know if they had any children?
Geoff (PS365) [1006] Not at that time, they didn't no.
(PS36B) [1007] Do you know if er what er Tony er civilian occupation was?
Geoff (PS365) [1008] No I haven't a clue.
[1009] I don't know if he left the King's Troop and went into the First er Regiment Royal Artillery, but erm I went to Germany and of course we just lost contact.
(PS36B) [1010] So it's Tony , last
Geoff (PS365) [1011] Tony [...]
(PS36B) [1012] last seen nineteen seventy three seventy four, lived in Gedling Nottingham got
Geoff (PS365) [1013] Yeah.
(PS36B) [1014] married to Jean, Jean ,
Geoff (PS365) [1015] Yeah.
(PS36B) [1016] er and he was in the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery
Geoff (PS365) [1017] Yeah
(PS36B) [1018] he could've er got out of that, but he lived in Gedling Nottingham.
Geoff (PS365) [1019] Yes he did yeah.
[1020] Now one of the names which would come straight to his head was my nickname which was Schultz.
(PS36B) [1021] Yes.
Geoff (PS365) [laugh]
(PS36B) [1022] But Tony isn't listening.
Geoff (PS365) [1023] No that's right .
(PS36B) [1024] He he's not listening at the moment.
[1025] But a friend of his is.
[1026] And that's why we need as much information about Tony so that his friend will recognize him, ring through and then you'll be in touch him.
Geoff (PS365) [1027] Yeah.
(PS36B) [1028] But Tony isn't listening to this programme at this moment.
Geoff (PS365) [1029] Right.
(PS36B) [1030] Okay?
[1031] But er we'll try and get him Malcolm and if we do, we'll give you a call.
[1032] How long is it since you were called Schultz?
Geoff (PS365) [1033] Er well when I left in nineteen seventy six.
(PS36B) [1034] It finished?
Geoff (PS365) [1035] Sorry?
(PS36B) [1036] It finished then that nickname?
Geoff (PS365) [1037] Yes.
(PS36B) [1038] Yeah always does.
[1039] Alright Malc we'll we'll give you a ring if we find Tony .
Geoff (PS365) [1040] Lovely.
(PS36B) [1041] Bye.
Geoff (PS365) [1042] Thank you very much, bye.
(PS36B) [1043] Tony .
[1044] A [shouting] Oh [] , are you there, Malcolm?
[1045] Come back to me Malcolm.
[1046] ... Come back to me Malcolm.
Geoff (PS365) [1047] Hello.
(PS36B) [1048] We've found him.
Geoff (PS365) [1049] You haven't.
(PS36B) [1050] We have.
Geoff (PS365) [1051] As quick as that?
(PS36B) [1052] Yeah.
[1053] He's gonna ring you back straight away.
Geoff (PS365) [1054] Lovely.
(PS36B) [1055] Put your phone down and he's gonna ring you back.
Geoff (PS365) [1056] Thanks very much.
(PS36B) [1057] Bye.
[1058] That's a good 'un innit?
[1059] Found him, straight away, Tony .
[1060] Er last seen in the King's Troop Royal Artillery, Royal Horse Artillery, came from Gedling Nottingham.
[1061] Fred of [...] .
(PS366) [1062] Hello Dennis.
(PS36B) [1063] Who are you looking for?
(PS366) [1064] I'm looking for my cousin, a Dolly .
[1065] She used to live at Swindon, er sorry Swinford.
(PS36B) [1066] Swinford Leicester?
(PS366) [1067] Leicestershire yes.
(PS36B) [1068] Yeah.
(PS366) [1069] Now
(PS36B) [1070] Was she is that her maiden name?
(PS366) [1071] Er yes, she was only a young girl when I first kne when I [...]
(PS36B) [1072] How mu how long is it how long is it?
(PS366) [1073] Er just before the war when I saw her last.
(PS36B) [1074] So nineteen thirties?
(PS366) [1075] Er thirty nine, thirty eight thirty nine.
(PS36B) [1076] Nineteen thirty nine, right .
(PS366) [...]
(PS36B) [1077] Dolly , er was Dolly her real name?
(PS366) [1078] Er ... I'm not certain, Dorothy I think it was but she
(PS36B) [1079] Oh
(PS366) [1080] always used to be known as Dolly.
(PS36B) [1081] Dolly
(PS366) [1082] Yeah.
(PS36B) [1083] and that was her maiden name?
[1084] Do you know if she got married?
(PS366) [1085] I've no ideas.
(PS36B) [1086] Wh where did she live?
(PS366) [1087] She us
(PS36B) [1088] Swinford Leicester.
(PS366) [1089] Swinford in Leicestershire, yes.
(PS36B) [1090] Do you know what she did for a living?
(PS366) [1091] No she was still at school.
(PS36B) [1092] Oh.
[1093] Did
(PS366) [1094] Er
(PS36B) [1095] she have any brothers or sisters?
(PS366) [1096] Er no.
[1097] No er er her dad used to work at at Rugby, and I er saw him ooh nineteen forty seven I think.
[1098] Just after the war.
(PS36B) [1099] Yeah.
(PS366) [1100] Er he used to work at at Ru at er Rugby.
(PS36B) [1101] So Dolly
(PS366) [1102] Yeah.
(PS36B) [1103] that's her maiden name, Dolly
(PS366) [1104] Yeah.
(PS36B) [1105] lived at Swinford Leicester,
(PS366) [1106] Yes.
(PS36B) [1107] her father worked at er at Rugby.
(PS366) [1108] Yes.
[1109] And I've got an idea, er something keeps on cropping up in my mind [...] whether she moved there or not I don't know, but er those t two villages keep on recurring in my
(PS36B) [1110] Alright alright.
[1111] Well we'll try and find Dolly for you.
(PS366) [1112] Yes right.
(PS36B) [1113] Okay Fred.
(PS366) [1114] Okay Dennis.
(PS36B) [1115] Bye.
(PS366) [1116] Bye.
(PS36B) [1117] the number to ring if you know the whereabouts of Dolly , that's her maiden name, last seen nineteen thirty nine, lived at Swinford Leicester, maybe in a village n in Leicester near Swinsford now.
[1118] Dolly , that's her maiden name, she may have married and changed her mind.
[1119] Would Mrs Joan of Drive, Alveston Derby replace your receiver from your daughter, please.
[1120] Mrs Jo Mrs Jan .
[1121] Mrs Jan , Drive, Alveston Derby please replace your receiver from your daughter.
[1122] Now who've we got?
[1123] We got Angela of Mapperley.
[1124] Angela.
John (PS367) [1125] Hello.
(PS36B) [1126] Who are you looking for?
John (PS367) [1127] Erm Kitty .
(PS36B) [1128] Kitty .
[1129] Last seen when?
John (PS367) [1130] Erm nineteen eighty four.
(PS36B) [1131] Where did she live then?
John (PS367) [1132] Er Court [...] Green, Nottingham.
(PS36B) [1133] Yeah.
[1134] What did Kitty do for a living?
John (PS367) [1135] I don't know.
(PS36B) [1136] Er was she married?
John (PS367) [1137] No.
(PS36B) [1138] Not married?
John (PS367) [1139] No.
(PS36B) [1140] Any children?
John (PS367) [1141] Yes.
(PS36B) [1142] Er and Kitty .
[1143] Can you give us any more information at all?
John (PS367) [1144] No that's all I know.
[1145] No.
(PS36B) [1146] Kitty 's her maiden name?
John (PS367) [1147] Yes.
(PS36B) [1148] Kitty , last seen nineteen eighty four and Kitty lived at Court, [...] Green, Nottingham.
John (PS367) [1149] Yes.
(PS36B) [1150] How old will she be roughly?
John (PS367) [1151] Er late fifties.
(PS36B) [1152] Late fifties.
John (PS367) [1153] Yes.
(PS36B) [1154] Kitty in her late fifties, Kitty who lived at Court, [...] Green, Nottingham.
[1155] And that's all we got innit?
John (PS367) [1156] Yes it is.
(PS36B) [1157] Alright.
John (PS367) [1158] Okay?
(PS36B) [1159] Anybody calls we'll ring you Angela
John (PS367) [1160] Thank you.
(PS36B) [1161] Bye love.
John (PS367) [1162] Bye.
(PS36B) [1163] Kitty .
[1164] Where are you now? the number to ring.
[1165] Roy of Old Clipston.
[1166] Who are you looking for?
(PS368) [1167] Hello Dennis, hey I you got through er last time, few minutes ago [...] cut me off.
(PS36B) [1168] Well no I
(PS368) [1169] [...] the wrong button?
(PS36B) [1170] I didn't. [laugh]
(PS368) [1171] No what happened then?
(PS36B) [1172] Anyway come on we haven't got much time.
(PS368) [1173] Aye.
[1174] Er Ernest .
(PS36B) [1175] Ernest .
(PS368) [1176] He and I we we worked together on the electrical staff at colliery.
[1177] Nineteen or late thirties
(PS36B) [1178] Is that when you last saw him?
(PS368) [1179] No the early thirties.
(PS36B) [1180] You saw him in the early thirties?
(PS368) [1181] Yes that was the last time.
(PS36B) [1182] Right and where did
(PS368) [...]
(PS36B) [1183] Ernest live?
(PS368) [1184] He used to live er Road area at Mansfield.
(PS36B) [1185] Yeah.
(PS368) [1186] Somewhere up Road.
(PS36B) [1187] Was he married?
(PS368) [1188] I don't know.
[1189] He had a motorcycle, a lovely [...] .
(PS36B) [1190] But you don't know if he was married?
(PS368) [1191] I don't know, I would imagine he would be.
(PS36B) [1192] Er you never met his wife?
[1193] Has he got
(PS368) [1194] No.
(PS36B) [1195] any children?
[1196] No you don't know.
(PS368) [1197] I don't know, don't know Dennis.
(PS36B) [1198] Any brothers or sisters?
(PS368) [1199] Couldn't tell you.
[1200] I don't think he had but I'm not certain about that, I don't think so
(PS36B) [1201] So it's er
(PS368) [1202] he never spoke of them.
(PS36B) [1203] Ernest
(PS368) [1204] Ernest
(PS36B) [1205] who worked at
(PS368) [...]
(PS36B) [1206] [...] er he worked at Colliery?
(PS368) [1207] Yes ha he and I were both on the electrical staff, late twenties, early thirties.
(PS36B) [1208] And that's all the information?
(PS368) [1209] That's all I've got.
[1210] Can I give my telephone number?
(PS36B) [1211] Mm, yes a bit thin on information though Roy.
(PS368) [1212] Pardon?
(PS36B) [1213] A bit thin on information .
(PS368) [1214] I know it is.
[1215] We you see we were both single at that time.
(PS36B) [1216] Alright.
[1217] So Ernest
(PS368) [1218] Yes.
(PS36B) [1219] who lived in Road, Mansfield,
(PS368) [1220] In that area.
(PS36B) [1221] nineteen thirty nine, he worked at Colliery and he had a [...] motorcycle.
(PS368) [1222] Yes.
(PS36B) [1223] What's your phone number?
(PS36B) [1224] Ring you on , thank you Roy.
(PS368) [1225] Ah thanks a lot Dennis.
(PS36B) [1226] Bye.
(PS368) [1227] Bye.
(PS36B) [1228] Nottingham er the number to ring, but there if you know the whereabouts of Ernest who was at Road, Mansfield, nineteen thirty nine, give a ring on .
[1229] We've found Margaret and John from fifty years ago, who lived in Wigston.
[1230] The cous cousins Margaret and Joan have been found and I told you we found Tony while we were still on with Malcolm who was looking for him.
[1231] We that's where are you now, the number to ring if you know the whereabouts of anyone we were looking for.
[1232] [music] We go to the news with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra Pop Section and money, money, money.
[1233] [music] You're listening to the county's favourite radio station, B B C Radio Nottingham, it's four o'clock. [music]
(PS366) [1234] Radio Nottingham News with Andy .
[1235] [reading] Three coal mines in Yorkshire which employ fifteen hundred people between them are to have their futures reviewed with the intention of closing them down.
[1236] says a fall in coal consumption at power stations means their future is very bleak.
[1237] Two of the mines, and are operating at a loss.
[1238] The third produces coal cheaply but most of its output is being stockpiled.
[1239] The National Union of Mineworkers says it had expected the news but Trevor of the pit deputies' union NACODS had this message for miners. []
(PS369) [1240] It does not matter what says here today, you have a job at this moment in time, I'm asking them to stay in the pits and fight for the right to work those pits.
[1241] They're profitable pits and they're well worth keeping open.
(PS366) [1242] [reading] A Nottingham police inspector has been telling an inquest about the last time he saw his teenage daughter alive.
[1243] The body of nineteen year old secretary Helen was found in the grounds of a derelict house on Road in Sherwood last Wednesday.
[1244] She'd died from multiple stab wounds to the chest.
[1245] Rob reports. []
(PS36A) [1246] Police inspector Alex from Mapperley said he last saw Helen at bedtime on the second of November.
[1247] When she failed to return from work the next day he called the police.
[1248] And colleagues told him a body matching his daughter's description had already been found.
[1249] The Nottinghamshire coroner Dr Nigel adjourned the inquest pending the outcome of criminal proceedings.
[1250] Twenty eight year old Sean from Arnold has appeared before Nottingham magistrates charged with murder, and has been remanded in custody.
(PS366) [1251] [reading] The jury at the James murder trial has heard evidence from a Home Office pathologist about the injuries that led to James's death.
[1252] Two eleven year old boys deny abduction and murder.
[1253] Adam reports. []
(PS369) [1254] The Home Office pathologist, Dr Alan spoke of forty two injuries to James's body.
[1255] He said they were consistent with a series of heavy blows by heavy objects and kicks.
[1256] Earlier the court had been shown a quantity of bricks and stones some of which were said to be bloodstained, and a heavy iron bar.
[1257] All had been found at the scene of the crime.
[1258] The courtroom fell silent as Dr gave his evidence.
[1259] It was shocking testimony and the jury, people in the public gallery and reporters were clearly shaken.
[1260] The case continues.
(PS366) [1261] [reading] Rescue workers who helped in the Bilsthorpe disaster have been presented with a plaque bought by the widow of one of the men who died.
[1262] Peter was crushed in the rockfall at the colliery on August the eighteenth.
[1263] Around five hundred pounds was given to his wife Pam at his funeral.
[1264] She's used some of that money to buy plaques for the three mine rescue teams who helped in the operation.
[1265] Superintendent Jim from Mansfield mines rescue service says it's a touching gesture. []
(PS36B) [1266] It's what the job's all about er and they are professionals and this is the work they're trained for.
[1267] But little things like this mean a an awful lot to them.
[1268] Erm ... it's what it's all about basically.
(PS36C) [1269] Cos presumably they don't expect anything like this, they're just doing their work.
(PS36B) [1270] They don't.
[1271] And that's what makes it even nicer because er it's recognition from outside of of , the people that pay their wages, of the job they're doing and er they're very grateful for it.
(PS366) [1272] [reading] The editor of the who published photographs of the Princess of Wales exercising at a gym has described himself and the man who took the photographs as ratbags.
[1273] David was speaking to an Australian radio station shortly before lawyers acting for the Princess issued writs against and the gym owner. []
Elizabeth (PS36D) [1274] I think it was a particularly sneaky trick frankly.
[1275] Er an and the the bloke who did it erm has got to go down as one of the ratbags of the year.
[1276] I don't exclude myself from [...] myself, but I I I'd give him a nine and I I'd come in at a seven I think.
(PS366) [1277] [reading] Workers at one of main car plants, Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, have voted narrowly in favour of an all out strike over pay.
[1278] A union spokesman said a two and a half per cent pay offer failed to reflect the record profits made by and the huge improvements in productivity at the plant.
[1279] Contempt writs have been served against the Home Secretary and his predecessor Kenneth Clarke for trying to deport the legal guardian of six Nottingham children who were prohibited from leaving the country.
[1280] has been looking after her younger brothers and sisters since they were made wards of court when their parents were sent back to India.
[1281] And police in Jersey are examining what they believe may be the remains of Nicholas and Elizabeth who are believed to have been murdered on the island six years ago.
[1282] The couple's sons, Roderick and Mark have been accused of their murders.
[1283] Yesterday Roderick, a former army officer who was flown back to Jersey at the weekend after fighting extradition from Gibraltar, went with police to an area where it's thought the bodies had been buried.
[1284] And the weather, tonight starting cloudy, becoming drier later on tomorrow. []
[1285] Radio Nottingham news, it's five past four. [jingle] [music]
(PS36B) [1286] Great Shirley Bassey and Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me.
[1287] Did you know that she started her career in [...] ?
[1288] At the [...] Olympia, she appeared at the [...] Olympia.
[1289] In er in variety.
[1290] Many many years ago did Shirley Bassey.
[1291] Told me about it once she did.
[1292] Never been on the programme though.
[1293] We carry on through till four thirty with the calls and if you'd like to take part in our phone-in, the number to ring is .
[1294] At four thirty John's here.
Unknown speaker (HMDPSUNK) [1295] [music] Oh yes my old beauty, it's all getting back to normal now.
[1296] About as normal as could be with me.
[1297] My name's John and I'm here with the teatime show this afternoon, just after Dennis, at half past four.
[1298] And Paul is gonna be on.
[1299] No relation and it's not the fella who's been to Memphis Tennessee to see Graceland either.
[1300] He's the chief executive of the one of the biggest advertising agencies in the country, he's coming in to talk about the thirty something phenomena here in the nineties now.
[1301] And also joining us poet Michael with a bit of poetry as well.
[1302] It's all to come on the teatime show this afternoon. [music]
(PS36B) [1303] Cor he's in the mood int he.
[1304] John [laugh] with teatime.
[1305] Invitation you can't refuse there.
[1306] That's at four thirty on.
[1307] Calls through till then if you'd like to have a chat.
[1308] Martin of Carlton.
[1309] Hello.
Geoff (PS365) [1310] Hello.
(PS36B) [1311] Yes Martin.
Geoff (PS365) [1312] Yeah.
[1313] Er what is right erm it's er like a special word like for erm your [...] okay?
[1314] Er what it is, I'm a music writer right?
(PS36B) [1315] Yeah.
Geoff (PS365) [1316] Okay and erm when Dennis was on okay about a week ago
(PS36B) [1317] Mm.
Geoff (PS365) [1318] right erm he mentioned something about erm my friend Paul, okay he had a conversation about when my dog goes in my garden an and he does a doggy-do.
(PS36B) [1319] Yeah.
Geoff (PS365) [1320] Okay.
[1321] Now apparently what happened is I went up to him and said look [...] I might have to do something with it.
[1322] So I did actually, I t actually turned it into a ro er song you see.
(PS36B) [1323] You've turned
Geoff (PS365) [1324] I turn the doggy-do song about the dog
(PS36B) [1325] Yeah.
Geoff (PS365) [1326] Into a song.
(PS36B) [1327] You've turned doggy-do into a song?
Geoff (PS365) [1328] That's right, I've actually erm what it is, I write music okay?
[1329] Using the Amiga Five Hundred okay, er stripped it down, I sampled it and I actually made a song, a complete song, and it's finished okay?
[1330] Also I done a a twelve inch version
(PS36B) [1331] Based on the call that we had onto the programme?
Geoff (PS365) [1332] Yes, about the doggy-do.
[1333] Remember, my dog goes in your garden.
(PS36B) [1334] Yeah.
Geoff (PS365) [1335] I did a a complete song and it's finished, right and I was thinking of actually erm seeing my mate in London who'd get it cut on vinyl record.
(PS36B) [1336] And make a commercial record?
Geoff (PS365) [1337] Yeah.
(PS36B) [1338] So I do I get a percentage?
Geoff (PS365) [1339] Of course.
[1340] If you er give me your permission.
(PS36B) [1341] We Well can you sing it to us?
Geoff (PS365) [1342] Er well I can't really sing it to you, cos it's on tape at the moment.
[1343] But it's erm the only way to do it is erm to bring the tape in to your erm into Nottingham station itself, you know the er radio station .
(PS36B) [1344] We well can't you sort of give us an idea of what it's about, the words and things you know and
Geoff (PS365) [1345] It's erm it's about well you could
(PS36B) [1346] There's no rude words in it are there?
Geoff (PS365) [1347] Oh no no no.
[1348] No there's no rude words in it at all.
(PS36B) [1349] I mean do you think it'll be a top ten hit?
Geoff (PS365) [1350] I dunno it might be.
[1351] It's er it's funny.
[1352] It's very very funny [...] because I actually laughed about it when I listened to it on tape first of all and I felt well maybe
(PS36B) [1353] And have you, who's sung it, you?
Geoff (PS365) [1354] No it's er see see the thing it's the song right.
[1355] It's like talking.
[1356] You're talking and Paul's talking and I actually did something with it, I actually turned it into a song.
[1357] With my erm instrument playing at the background.
(PS36B) [1358] Really?
Geoff (PS365) [1359] Yes, its a bit like rapping yeah.
(PS36B) [1360] We whose voice is it?
Geoff (PS365) [1361] Well there's Dennis's voice and Paul's voice.
(PS36B) [1362] Is it?
Geoff (PS365) [1363] Yes.
(PS36B) [1364] And ha you got a recording of it there?
Geoff (PS365) [1365] No.
(PS36B) [1366] Can we not hear a little bit of it now?
Geoff (PS365) [1367] Well no [...] because what I did I actually gave a copy to er to Paul okay, this is er ja erm [...] .
(PS36B) [1368] Yeah.
Geoff (PS365) [1369] Okay, now it's got two versions, it's got the first version which is a short version okay?
(PS36B) [1370] Yeah.
Geoff (PS365) [1371] It's er the title song is er [...] and the second version which is a remix version which I've done, which I was working on last night.
[1372] Now the song took five hours to do
(PS36B) [1373] Yeah.
Geoff (PS365) [1374] Okay a and erm
(PS36B) [1375] Bu but I mean if you use if you use the voices that you heard,i it wasn't in rhyme or anything.
Geoff (PS365) [1376] I know but it's the way I did it.
[1377] ... And y y you will understand as soon as you hear it.
[1378] It's it's it's really unbelievable.
(PS36B) [1379] Is it?
Geoff (PS365) [1380] Yeah, incredible cos a lot of people said already, like they've heard it and they think it's amazing.
[1381] ... You know.
[1382] And no only that it's you've got w one or the Twelve Hundred ... , it's four o'clock. [music]
(PS36B) [1383] theWh Wh what's the Amiga Five Hundred?
Geoff (PS365) [1384] It's the erm oh what it is right it's a computer.
[1385] P C
(PS36B) [...]
Geoff (PS365) [1386] personal computer yeah.
(PS36B) [1387] A musical computer.
Geoff (PS365) [1388] Well it's not just a music computer it's, everyone uses a
(PS36B) [1389] So what's what's your occupation Martin, are you a songwriter?
Geoff (PS365) [1390] Erm well not as such as a songwriter, I mean I do that yes but I'm my occupation I'm a self-employed window cleaner. [...]
(PS36B) [1391] [...] but Martin you can't do a song about doggy-dos.
[1392] Can you?
Geoff (PS365) [1393] Course you can.
[1394] I've done one. [...]
(PS36B) [1395] [...] so can I hear it?
Geoff (PS365) [1396] You can hear it yeah, but the only way to hear it
(PS36B) [1397] Yeah.
Geoff (PS365) [1398] is for me to bring it in.
(PS36B) [1399] Have you got it on a reel to reel tape?
Geoff (PS365) [1400] Yes.
(PS36B) [1401] [...] I'd like to hear it.
Geoff (PS365) [1402] Yeah.
[1403] Now listen you got erm a [...] have ya?
(PS36B) [1404] I don't know wha but I'm not technically minded, I don't know what we've got here [...] .
Geoff (PS365) [1405] Well [...] erm a Walkman what people carry around?
(PS36B) [1406] I don't think we've got one of them.
Geoff (PS365) [1407] Or or erm what they call those music things you know like erm it's got a cassette, tape cassette and a radio and you know people
(PS36B) [1408] What, hi-fi thing?
Geoff (PS365) [1409] Yeah that's right and you put a tape in don't you?
(PS36B) [1410] Well I think yes I think we can play cassettes I think.
Geoff (PS365) [1411] That's good because I'll bring you a copy in
(PS36B) [1412] Yes.
Geoff (PS365) [1413] Okay now if you think it's good, funny
(PS36B) [1414] Mm, yeah.
Geoff (PS365) [1415] okay, I'll contact my mate in London
(PS36B) [1416] Yeah.
Geoff (PS365) [1417] okay and they'll get it cut onto vinyl.
(PS36B) [1418] And we could make a number one.
Geoff (PS365) [1419] Yeah, who knows?
[1420] Because
(PS36B) [1421] Yeah.
Geoff (PS365) [1422] its a and partly right it was done before.
[1423] But not the same thing what I'm doing you see.
[1424] Erm two guys it was in the Amiga format, two guys right
(PS36B) [1425] Yeah.
Geoff (PS365) [1426] actually made it in the charts using two Amigas but I'm only using the one m one Amiga.
(PS36B) [1427] Mm.
[1428] Well this is all you know I I don't understand anything about computers and things.
[1429] And normally if I get near a computer it goes wrong.
[1430] Computers hate me.
Geoff (PS365) [1431] Well sometimes they hate me too, you get a virus on it you know and it crashes doesn't it? [laugh]
(PS36B) [1432] Does it?
[1433] I don't know, I don't know.
[1434] And I don't know anything technical at all I mean just, I just turn a knob here and open the microphone and that's it you know.
Geoff (PS365) [1435] Yeah.
(PS36B) [1436] Alright well I'll like to hear it.
[1437] When you gonna bri when can you bring it in?
Geoff (PS365) [1438] Well I can bring it in erm er let's see.
[1439] I can bring i in today if you wish.
[1440] Or that's too late
(PS36B) [1441] Well no I'm here till till five
Geoff (PS365) [1442] Five o'clock?
(PS36B) [1443] Yeah.
[1444] Half past four to five you can bring it in.
[1445] I'd like to hear it.
Geoff (PS365) [1446] Yeah alright.
[1447] I'll tell y what I'll I'll bring i about five o'clock.
(PS36B) [1448] Yeah okay.
Geoff (PS365) [1449] And what I need to do I'll I'll catch a taxi at my place and I'd do a copy and then bring it in.
(PS36B) [1450] Er well I don't want you to go to any expense Martin, I mean
Geoff (PS365) [1451] No I'm not going to expense, I can afford it I assure you.
(PS36B) [1452] Can you?
Geoff (PS365) [1453] Yes.
(PS36B) [1454] Are you wealthy?
Geoff (PS365) [1455] Wealthy, I wish I was.
[1456] Er I mean one maybe one day I will if if it makes a hit eh [laugh]
(PS36B) [1457] That's right yeah and we could both be wealthy couldn't we?
[1458] Yeah be good that.
[1459] Alright Martin I'll see you later.
Geoff (PS365) [1460] I'll see you later anyway.
[1461] I'll
(PS36B) [1462] Okay yeah
Geoff (PS365) [1463] I'll ask the, when I go there I'll just say who I am and then
(PS36B) [1464] Yes.
Geoff (PS365) [1465] we'll sort it out okay?
(PS36B) [1466] Okay [...] .
Geoff (PS365) [...]
(PS36B) [1467] Cheers.
Geoff (PS365) [1468] Bye.
(PS36B) [1469] Could be interesting.
[1470] See me now in the top ten.
[1471] Iris of Stapleford.
(PS366) [1472] Hello Dennis.
(PS36B) [1473] Yes Iris.
(PS366) [1474] You've been talking about doggy-dos I'm gonna talk to you about my dog.
(PS36B) [1475] Oh yes.
(PS366) [1476] [laugh] Do you remember Christmas time.
[1477] Er I was t I told you about Victoria who was in the [...] pantomime?
(PS36B) [1478] Oh is she the one that was with the er magician?
(PS366) [1479] Yes.
(PS36B) [1480] It was erm er er was it an old English sheepdog ?
(PS366) [1481] Old English sheepdog.
(PS36B) [1482] And he was with the magician and he made her disappear.
(PS366) [1483] Yes that's right.
(PS36B) [1484] No he made her appear.
(PS366) [1485] That's right.
(PS36B) [1486] Yes I remember.
(PS366) [1487] Well she's just been in er Longeaton Operatic Society playing the dog in Annie for a week .
(PS36B) [1488] Really?
(PS366) [1489] Yes [...]
(PS36B) [1490] So she's star struck int she?
(PS366) [1491] Yes she's fantastic.
(PS36B) [1492] Cos, how did the magician work out at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham in the pantomime last year?
(PS366) [1493] How you mean how did it work out?
(PS36B) [1494] Well did it how many how many performances did you do?
(PS366) [1495] She did thirty two.
(PS36B) [1496] Did she?
(PS366) [1497] Yeah.
(PS36B) [1498] Never put a foot wrong?
(PS366) [1499] No she was very good.
(PS36B) [1500] Have you been in touch with that magician since?
(PS366) [1501] No we haven't actually, no.
(PS36B) [1502] I wonder what I wonder what's happened cos he's er he's from Leicester wasn't he?
(PS366) [1503] Yeah, we kno I've forgotten now where he was playing as er we know where his summer season was but I can't just can't remember .
(PS36B) [1504] Er he was very good.
(PS366) [1505] He was good.
[1506] Very good .
(PS36B) [1507] Ever so good.
[1508] Oh so you
(PS366) [1509] Yeah.
(PS36B) [1510] what's your sheepdog called?
(PS366) [1511] Victoria.
(PS36B) [1512] Victoria of course yes Victoria.
[1513] So she's just
(PS366) [1514] Yeah, yeah [...]
(PS36B) [1515] done Annie?
(PS366) [1516] Annie for
(PS36B) [...]
(PS366) [1517] the Longeaton er Operatic Society.
(PS36B) [1518] And was she good again?
(PS366) [1519] Yeah.
(PS36B) [1520] Never put a foot wrong?
(PS366) [1521] Well you know wha when I knew what she had to do, I thought well erm she had to walk on by herself to Annie.
(PS36B) [1522] That's right, it was an acting part wasn't it ?
(PS366) [1523] Yes because er they'd found these stray dogs and she says I'll look after her and then she sang a song t to my dog.
(PS36B) [1524] Mm.
(PS366) [1525] Then the policeman come on and said, is that your dog?
[1526] You know er or is it a stray?
[1527] And then later on the script she ha to say he had to say to her well, call her, you leave her and if she doesn't come to you that's not your dog and [...] take her to the pound and have her put down.
(PS36B) [1528] Mm.
(PS366) [1529] But of course we were [...] you know crossing our fingers and she went to her every time.
(PS36B) [1530] Did she?
(PS366) [1531] But actually I had her for half an hour to [...] the commands and everything.
(PS36B) [1532] Yeah.
(PS366) [1533] Cos she's obedience trained.
(PS36B) [1534] So when's your next starring role?
(PS366) [1535] Well she's resting between
(PS36B) [1536] Oh resting.
(PS366) [laugh]
(PS36B) [1537] Has she got an agent?
(PS366) [1538] Wish she had.
[1539] Really do.
[1540] Yeah.
(PS36B) [1541] Is she is she a real Dulux old English sheepdog ?
(PS366) [1542] She's a real Dulux [...] she's beautiful
(PS36B) [1543] She really is?
(PS366) [1544] Yes.
(PS36B) [1545] Is she?
[1546] Long coat and everything?
(PS366) [1547] Long coat she looks lovely.
(PS36B) [1548] You don't take the coat off?
(PS366) [1549] No.
(PS36B) [1550] I do think it's a pity when
(PS366) [1551] No.
(PS36B) [1552] people take the coat off
(PS366) [1553] No.
(PS36B) [1554] of an old English sheepdog.
(PS366) [1555] Yes.
(PS36B) [1556] I hate to see that I must say .
(PS366) [1557] Yeah.
[1558] Then she had to run across the stage on her own.
(PS36B) [1559] Did she?
(PS366) [1560] Yeah.
(PS36B) [1561] And she did that, how many performances were you there?
(PS366) [1562] Erm we did every night and twice on Saturday.
(PS36B) [1563] Did you?
(PS366) [1564] Yeah.
(PS36B) [1565] And never put a foot wrong.
(PS366) [1566] It was lovely absolutely marvellous .
(PS36B) [1567] Gotta be good.
[1568] How old is she now?
(PS366) [1569] She's two.
(PS36B) [1570] Is she?
(PS366) [1571] Two years of age.
(PS36B) [1572] Oh [...]
(PS366) [1573] But I belong to the Derby dog training club and also Sheila I go to training.
(PS36B) [1574] Oh yeah.
(PS366) [1575] And we go to agility with her.
(PS36B) [1576] So she's really well behaved anyway ?
(PS366) [1577] Oh she's yes she's lovely.
[1578] And it's all done by kindness you know.
(PS36B) [1579] Mm.
(PS366) [1580] It's all done by [...] .
(PS36B) [1581] And did they do good business at the er Longeaton
(PS366) [1582] Yeah
(PS36B) [1583] Annie?
(PS366) [1584] Yeah it was lovely.
(PS36B) [1585] Ah.
(PS366) [1586] It was really nice .
(PS36B) [1587] Alright well tell us when she's next on.
(PS366) [1588] Yes I will.
(PS36B) [1589] Alright love.
(PS366) [1590] Right.
[1591] Bye.
(PS36B) [1592] Bye.
[1593] Hey Victoria really is a star int she?
[1594] Erm now we've got a oh a message, is anyone going to Albania or Bosnia or Rumania?
[1595] There's a a big bag of blankets and warm clothing needs to be taken from Nottingham.
[1596] Phone if you can help.
[1597] Anyone going to Albania or Bosnia or Rumania?
[1598] A big bag of blankets and warm clothing needs to be taken from Nottingham.
[1599] Phone if you can help.
[1600] . Robert of Mansfield ... Robert ... Hello Robert
John (PS367) [1601] Yes.
(PS36B) [1602] Yes there you are.
John (PS367) [1603] Er I've organized a children's Christmas party, it's called [...] Christmas party.
[1604] Er [...] is [...] .
(PS36B) [1605] Mm.
John (PS367) [1606] Er tickets are a pound each.
[1607] It's on Sunday the fifth of December at Mansfield Leisure Centre.
[1608] And er we we're in need of er raffle prizes and things like that and if anyone wishes tickets they can er reach me on .
[1609] Now all the proceeds are going to Fiona appeal.
(PS36B) [1610] Yeah.
[1611] So it's a Christmas party
John (PS367) [1612] Yes.
(PS36B) [1613] on the fifth of December, Sunday the fifth of December at the Mansfield Leisure Centre,
John (PS367) [1614] Yeah.
(PS36B) [1615] pound to get in.
John (PS367) [1616] Yeah.
(PS36B) [1617] It's [...] Christmas party, it's for children?
John (PS367) [1618] Yes.
(PS36B) [1619] Pound a ticket
John (PS367) [1620] Er and adults er adults er cos we're holding a Christmas raffle and [recording ends]