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  1. Tape 106901 recorded on 1993-10-24. LocationNottinghamshire: Central Television ( Television broadcasting studio ) Activity: Television sports broadcast Commentary, discussion, interview

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Unknown speaker (HMNPSUNK) [1] Hello.
[2] Local rivalry unlimited as the two big footballing cities of the East Midlands lock antlers.
[3] And you know who's here to survey the wreckage if indeed there is any.
[4] Greavesey of course and at the risk of overdosing on goals you can see all the action that mattered from the First Division yesterday.
[5] And there's more, our profile of one of Europe's men of the week Aston Villa's Aussie Mark Bosnich.
[6] Now on the subject of Aston Villa we can confirm that despite today's report to the contrary, the two million pound transfer of Tony Daley to [...] is on.
[7] The former England winger will shortly be on his way to Italy as we're about to hear from Ron Atkinson and Gary Newbon.
gary newbon (PS3B9) [8] There are reports in today's paper Ron that there are problems with the Tony Daley deal to Italy because of personal terms is this true?
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [9] I don't think so I mean I left it all last night and everything seemed er amicable and er I haven't heard anything to the contrary today.
[10] Erm the way I understand the situation is Tony's happy with er his arrangement and that the clubs have agreed and I think it's just a matter of them going back now to report back to their President the Italian people and then the way I see it he'll he'll go after the er [...] game for a medical and you know there shouldn't be any problems there.
gary newbon (PS3B9) [11] Looks good business at Villa I mean he's an exciting player but two million pounds that's a huge fee.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [12] Well in this day and age you get your reserve team player normally.
[13] Erm I think what it is I think it's a it's a it's a deal that's should suit all parties.
[14] I mean Tony's been at the club a long time he's expressed a wish to go erm his style and his age is probably just right to go on the continent, he's twenty six years of age and er I would guess that his particular style wou possibly would be better suited to continental play than it is in England.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [15] Yeah good diplomacy from Ron cos I think that's a cracking deal for Villa but anyway that's that sorted out .
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [16] Not half oh.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [17] Let's turn our attention to today's little matter Leicester and Nottingham Forest.
[18] Yet another Midlands Derby and I think this season
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [19] Well
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [20] we've worked out each of the Midlands clubs has to play sixteen Midlands Derbies
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [21] Yeah we
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [22] which is great for us.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [23] It's great for us we we
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [24] Is it good for them?
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [25] well we say that but I mean they're not really Derbies.
[26] If you take the extreme Stoke Peterborough you wouldn't call that a Derby or Oxford versus Derby County.
[27] You would hardly call that a Derby.
[28] There are games in our region and as you rightly say they're great for us but er I wouldn't say that they're Derbies I mean the Derbies are are Birmingham West Brom and West Brom
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [29] Wolves
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [30] and Wolves and obviously today's game is a Derby
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [31] Leicester Forest Derby yeah
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [32] That's right but but you wouldn't say that they're all Derbies Tony would you not really I wouldn't have thought so anyway.
[33] Fergy's at the game is he?
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [34] Yeah Alex Ferguson.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [35] Alex Ferguson I wonder who he wants er I I think it could be that he's after you know.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [36] [laugh] He certainly needs some more players you know he's not got enough.
[37] Well we'll probably find out now let's er go straight over to Filbert Street where we can join our commentators Alan Parry and Ron Atkinson.
alan parry (PS3BC) [38] Well the new Filbert Street taking shape the five million pound main stand official open since our last visit here and when the lower tier is completed by the end of the year the stand will house about ten thousand people all seated and under cover.
[39] One facility has already had plenty of use and that's the physio's room.
[40] Leicester have had to cope with a lot of injuries in the early part of the season the most serious blow the loss of Steve Walsh.
[41] His height and strength will be badly missed in attacked as Leicester field what must be the smallest striking partnership in the First Division.
[42] Julian Jochim the star of England's youth team last season is just five feet six inches tall and David Speedy towers over him with a lofty five feet seven.
[43] The message to Leicester's midfield is, keep the ball on the ground.
[44] Well Leicester could go third in the table if they win today and as Brian Little points out that's a big improvement on their early position.
brian little (PS3BD) [45] I think the last time you were here we were actually in the bottom half of the table but shot up to about seventh and since then once we got close to the people with games in hand and catching on the extra games we've come up into the top three sometimes.
[46] So today puts us back into third place if we win and and obviously we want to be there.
alan parry (PS3BC) [47] And you hit a Forest team that's unbeaten for the last five matches.
brian little (PS3BD) [48] Yeah I think we're going to have a major say in what goes on this season.
[49] I mean er they've had so many problems injury wise I doubt whether they've played the same tw the same team twice at any stage this season and er on the day with the players they've got available they're going to have a a major say in this league this season.
alan parry (PS3BC) [50] Well like Leicester Nottingham Forest have been ravaged by injuries.
[51] Carl Tyler and Gary Bull yet to kick a ball this season.
[52] Ian [...] Leigh Glover making slow recoveries but at least there's good news in the return of centre half Colin Cooper who starts his first game for two months and two recently injured strikers are back in tandem, ironically the biggest partnership in the Division.
[53] Leading scorer Stan Collimore a massive six feet four and his sidekick Robert Rozario a diminutive six foot three.
[54] Does that mean Forest midfield will keep the ball in the air I wonder.
[55] Well Forest have recently enjoyed an unbeaten spell, Frank Clark a much happier man.
frank clark (PS3BE) [56] Yes er we've five games now and er although we haven't won as as many as I would've liked at least erm we've stayed unbeaten.
[57] Er we're getting a few bodies back into the team emptying the treatment room and and things are looking a lot better.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [58] A very hard game for you this against Leicester but you do have Collimore in form.
frank clark (PS3BE) [59] Yes I mean Stan missed Wednesday and I think we missed him and it's good to have him back today it it will be a very difficult game.
[60] You know I think Leicester are one of the er one of the real favourites in this Division to go up.
[61] It's a local Derby er and let's just hope it's a good game and everybody enjoys it.
alan parry (PS3BC) [62] And the referee John Kirby from Sheffield starting the game and that's earlier than he should have done.
[63] You haven't missed anything though.
[64] Cooper gets the first header away.
[65] It's a very very windy day here by the way and cold as well and I think that's gonna have some affect on the game.
[66] Difficult to see which way the wind is blowing at the moment it's quite swirling.
[67] Anyway he'll judge that one well but it's er falls neatly for Gemmell and a good lay off here to Kingsley Black early chance for Nottingham Forest and really Kingsley Black will be as they say rather disappointed he didn't do better there Ron Atkinson.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [68] Well a great situation Scott Gemmell followed up the long ball picked up the [...] as they ran at the defence and then he's committed to play it and then he's just just slid it in nicely for Kingsley Black on his left side.
[69] And really he should really have gone across the face of the goal with it.
[70] He's gone for the narrow side he's tried to squeeze it in the in the near post when he'd got all the far post to go for.
[71] But that's a shocking that's a shocking let off.
alan parry (PS3BC) [72] And that was only about a minute of the game gone and I dare say er Ian [...] whose place he's taking on that left-hand side would have relished that kind of opportunity.
[73] Anyway Leicester have won a free kick midway inside the Forest half.
[74] The ball set up for to drive it straight into the wall Speedy then tried the shot ... Oldfield takes over.
[75] ... And Leicester forced to go all the way back into their own half.
[76] ... This is Hill Speedy an excellent ball and a very good tackle on Speedy by Cooper.
[77] Speedy won't agree at the moment because he's writhing in agony and there's a little bit of retribution that followed that.
[78] But I personally felt that that was a good tackle on Speedy, Ron how did you see it?
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [79] Yeah I think Colin Cooper stepped in to play very very very quickly and that's something I think Frank Clarke w will be looking for from him.
[80] He's he's a quick nimble defender Speedy was just hanging hanging on waiting for the ball to be played into him and I must confess I didn't really see anything afterwards I mean well if you look at that that doesn't seem anything untoward does it?
[81] Well he's probably just caught him on the back of on the back of the calf but er I thought it was as you say I thought it was a nice sharp incisive tackle.
alan parry (PS3BC) [82] Another second Forest player seemed to go in then I don't know whether it was him that caught Speedy rather than Cooper with the initial challenge.
[83] Anyway David Speedy
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [84] Yeah [...] was in a little tumble job there but I I honestly don't think he if he caught him it was quite accidental.
alan parry (PS3BC) [85] Yeah I'm sure you're right.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [86] And I was just thinking then that er Frank Clarke will want will want that sort of speed across the across the ground from Cooper, it's perhaps something they've lack in recent games stability at the heart of their defence of Notts Forest.
alan parry (PS3BC) [87] Turn forward by Phillips and then Agnew captaining Leicester wins it back again.
[88] This is Whitlow driving it long to Speedy.
[89] Agnew loses out in the challenge in midfield but Gemmell manages to find Black not long for Collimore but too long.
[90] ... Gavin Ward has missed only one game in Leicester's goal since he arrived in the summer from Cardiff City.
[91] ... And with the aid of the wind got an awful lot of distance on that kick and almost earned side a corner, it was only just kept in by his opposite number Tommy Wright.
[92] I think the wind Ron is er behind Leicester's backs in this half.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [93] Yes you would you just wonder whether Forest back four might just push up a little bit higher and let the ball carry through to the keeper every time.
alan parry (PS3BC) [94] Here goes Kingsley Black again getting in behind the defenders but he rather over played his first touch then.
[95] And the Northern Ireland International surprisingly finding himself in the clear twice already in the first five minutes, although that was er obviously not a chance.
[96] The first one certainly was.
[97] Cooper's header clear Thomson wins it back for Leicester, gets it back again from Greyson.
[98] Lovely passer of the ball Steve Thomson and he finds young Neil Lewis on the left and this lad's very effective indeed going forward.
[99] Hill and Collimore collide and Leicester did well to win that back.
[100] A long ball by Greyson, Chettle is underneath it.
[101] Kingsley Black ...
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [102] A little bit unfortunate there Kingsley Black he's played he's played a nice ball down the side down the channel but that's the sort of ball Collimore would have thrived on.
[103] I don't think it was that Robert Rozario'd admit to being the quickest player in the world.
[104] But that so we think that's an area where Forest will try and try and exploit just playing down the sides of the er Leicester centre halves and let er Collimore use this great pace of his.
[105] I saw him play here last year for Southend and to be fair he absolutely ripped er the Leicester defence apart.
alan parry (PS3BC) [106] Oldfield taking a bit of a risk there on the edge of his own box but Leicester got away with it.
[107] Lewis forward to Ormanroyd, Moore sticking very very tight and in the end pushing the Leicester man.
[108] ... And the free kick goes in early to Jochim. [...] just cajoles his goalkeeper to come out and collect that one.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [109] Yes they're gonna have a little bit of a problem Leicester.
[110] I mean their stock play normally is er a quality ball from Thomson into big Walsh well you know with Walsh missing they they've gotta sort of be a little bit more inventive with their free kicks.
[111] Speedy can of course you know he's a good little leaper for a small lad but they're not just gonna be able to whack the ball up there.
[112] They're gonna have to play their way in.
alan parry (PS3BC) [113] Yes incidentally Steve Walsh has er that serious knee injury [...] ligaments have been injured I think they're still not sure exactly how long he's gonna be out.
[114] But it is gonna be a lengthy er injury and that is a major blow so successfully converted from centre half to striker.
[115] The linesman has flagged there and it's gone Nottingham Forest way.
[116] Just talking of Walsh incidentally he scored twenty goals in his thirty seven games since moving in to attack.
[117] That's how effective he'd been.
[118] Rozario calling for the high ball and wins it Colin Collimore won back then by Greyson and a difficult one for the goalkeeper as Phillips came in on him and Forest win the throw.
[119] ... Stewart Pierce very deep cross towards Rozario and it dropped nicely for Whitlow to clear.
[120] Speedy's lay-off Thomson collides the Forest man Gemmell and the whistle has gone eventually for a free kick to Forest.
[121] Foul on Steve Stone.
[122] ... Gemmell Rozario he's gone well here Rozario he's done very well and then he hit it straight against his own man.
[123] Collimore Thomson for Leicester Speedy Agnew Lewis on the left, it's a bit short that ball Lewis did well to get it.
[124] Now Agnew again, great ball for Speedy and that's the kind of defending that Forest have been missing from Colin Cooper ... Just hurt his shoulder then but he's er still holding it as play goes on and Whitlow quite clearly holding Collimore then ...
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [125] Yes I think you saw there Whitlow's respect for Collimore he doesn't want him to get turn round and running at him because big Stan's got great touch and he's got very very he's got explosive pace.
alan parry (PS3BC) [126] Here is Collimore Phillips down the right flank he was offside that was unlucky from Forest's point of view and Collimore dumped to the ground when he played the ball away then and er ... he's just holding er his shin just above his ankle there ... and Cooper is still in trouble from that er shoulder he injured moments ago ... Cooper's all right to continue and the Forest physio Graham Myers busy treating Collimore.
[127] Busy is something Graham Myers has been all season with all Forest injuries ... Ward with a free kick gets it clear straight to Thomson though ... Greyson ... Thomson Gemmell closes down the room immed that's a very good ball.
[128] Agnew ... Speedy coming in Ormanroyd then got in his way rather but it comes still to Thomson he lays it off to Lewis and the cross is too hard.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [129] Some good football there from Leicester City all inspired by Steve Thomson.
[130] Given time and space he's he's an excellent midfield player you know.
[131] He's got great feet he can pass the ball superbly and he he sees things he spreads the play.
[132] I mean he tried the Forest defence out on the left-hand side t to start with switched the player and got young Lewis in and really Forest could have done with a better ball er sorry Leicester could have done with a better final ball from Lewis.
alan parry (PS3BC) [133] Well this is worrying now for Forest because Cooper's gone down again holding that shoulder.
[134] It's his first er match or at least the first he's started since the opening weeks of the season.
[135] He did come on as a substitute against er Oxford in midweek and Frank Clarke's first signing injured his shoulder in this collision with Speedy.
[136] Complete accident.
[137] Got a kick on the head as well.
[138] ... It's the shoulder that's giving him a problem and er that's always tricky because er it can er obviously affect the way a defender approaches the more physical aspect of his job.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [139] They can't really expect him to have a physical game this afternoon can they with David Speedy?
alan parry (PS3BC) [140] [laugh] Well another physical challenge in midfield seen there by the referee and Forest get the free kick and the ball was rolling when Pearce took it.
[141] It [laughing] was a great kick actually [] out to Phillips on the right it was a pity it was moving.
[142] ... Still nil nil eleven and a half minutes gone.
[143] ... Chettle looking for Rozario and finds him and it goes towards Collimore just cleared in the nick of time by Whitlow.
[144] Now Oldfield for Leicester City.
[145] ... Greyson ... All too easy for Stone to win back.
[146] Nice control on the ball by Gemmell Rozario shakes off the first challenge from Whitlow and feeds Black.
[147] Has Collimore outside him ... and Collimore drives his cross in and is cleared by Hill Thomson playing it back in, difficult one for Greyson and he was a little bit fortunate I think there to find Thomson who's given it away anyway.
[148] Stewart Pearce Rozario wants it played in quickly.
[149] Oldfield prevented the cross now Collimore ... not quite and Agnew did well.
[150] Ormanroyd good ball for Speedy and on it goes to Jochim but it's too long. ...
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [151] There's a little bit of a more measured ball there by David Speedy could have put Jochim with a real shout.
[152] He'd made a super little dart across the line of Forest defenders. ...
alan parry (PS3BC) [153] Phillips straight to Hill ... and that's a long ball aimed at Ormanroyd Cooper across to cover and you just saw him grimace a little bit again there as he charged in on Ormanroyd.
[154] That shoulder obviously still him a problem he seems to be holding it a little bit awkwardly as it comes in to Speedy now.
[155] Chettle gets it away.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [156] That would be a little bit of a problem for Frank Clarke if er Cooper has got a problem with his shoulder you know if it's if it's serious because looking at his people on his bench you know Neil Webb and Crosby and looking at the make-up of his team he hasn't really got anybody he could slot back in there unless he put er Rozario in there.
alan parry (PS3BC) [157] Yes that's true it's a good point.
[158] So it'll be er very important that the injury doesn't affect Cooper for too long here.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [159] Having said that he's been out that long you know Alan and Cooper he'll not want to miss any more football surely?
alan parry (PS3BC) [160] Leicester City get the throw-in.
[161] Jochim won it ... Greyson not a very good ball Gemmell wins it back for Forest now Black forward Collimore's offside and that looked a very close decision.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [162] Ooh I'd like [laughing] to look at that one again Alan [] .
[163] I mean that's bang in front of us and that's that's the sort of area they'll be looking to play the ball down the sides for Collimore's pace and I wouldn't wonder on it.
[164] I would wonder I made him, well it doesn't clearly show it there, I made him onside from our position.
alan parry (PS3BC) [165] Meanwhile Agnew lifts it in and there is another offside decision and this time it's gone in Forest's favour.
[166] Speedy was offside.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [167] I think Stan Collimore's just said to the ref to the linesman on this side you know I started my run from m my half of the field ... but that would be a dangerous game to play against somebody with his pace is to give him too much space at the back of him.
alan parry (PS3BC) [168] Oh that's a lovely header on as well it almost reached Rozario Greyson gets it clear.
[169] Chettle back into the Leicester half now Thomson and Agnew combining well and the first time Ball volleyed out towards Ormanroyd.
[170] ... Needs some help and gets it from Thomson who started this move off and lifted in towards Agnew, Cooper clears it still hasn't gone out and er Phillips just prevented it I think going for a corner, yes it's a throw.
[171] Thomson again for Leicester City looking very influential early on here.
[172] This is Lewis only nineteen this lad and very pacey and wins the corner. ...
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [173] Yes you're spot there Alan erm Stevie Thomson is pulling all the strings for Leicester.
[174] I'm a little bit surprised Stone hasn't tried to get a bit closer to him although I think he's been given the job of tracking Agnew who's more of an attacking midfield player.
alan parry (PS3BC) [175] Thomson takes the corner as well.
[176] Whitlow coming in on that near post the goalkeeper was very decisive then and er has benefited by getting the free kick Tommy Wright.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [177] Yeah that might be of those situations with the referee being over protective towards the goalkeeper.
[178] I don't really think he had a claim on that ball the goalie.
[179] I mean he's come out over the top of his own defenders and i over big Ormanroyd and he can do little else but push it back down into the pack.
alan parry (PS3BC) [180] Couldn't really see how there was a foul there.
[181] ... Another free kick has been given this time against big Mike Whitlow ... Lively start to the game and a lively start for the referee.
[182] Eleven free kicks for fouls already.
[183] Gemmell swings the latest free kick into the box Pearce did well to win that one.
[184] Hill only half clear and that's a goal kick.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [185] But I think we're seeing something in the Forest side we haven't see for what twelve fourteen years are we.
[186] They just they th they refu you know they lift balls into the box now.
[187] I mean we've always associated Forest with playing their way into the penalty area now with Rozario er with Collimore they've got the licence or the facility just to knock long balls through the air at them. ...
alan parry (PS3BC) [188] This is Kingsley Black and again he looks to use Collimore's pace and he moved into a great position there Collimore.
[189] Whitlow across to block he still gets the cross in that was dangerous.
[190] Agnew and Hill combining to get is clear but it's a corner and that cross caused real problems to Leicester.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [191] There's no danger if Leicester don't seal off this space.
[192] Here's that ball again up alongside.
[193] Defenders gone deep and kept Collimore on side and this is where you expect Stan to do his trick.
[194] Actually he's tried to play it in early there. ...
alan parry (PS3BC) [195] Collimore will remain a threat from the corner he has just won.
[196] Rozario on the near post Chettle also has come forward for this kick and it goes in towards that near post area where Oldfield takes no chances.
[197] Second successive corner then for Forest and again it's aimed at Rozario who wins it this time that's dangerous.
[198] Scrambled away by Hill to Jochim.
[199] Lovely little turn he's deceived Cooper he's got the pace to go all the way here Jochim.
[200] How does the referee interpret that foul?
[201] Moore's the guilty player Jochim had got away from him and unless the referee decides that there was another defender coming round on the cover there Moores could be in big trouble.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [202] I think you'll find Cooper was just a touch deeper than him albeit very wide.
[203] I think Colin Cooper just got round the side of this a brilliant run from Young good turn and he's a he's attacked the heart of the defence and look at Cooper's position now I think he's just slightly nearer to the keeper than Laws.
alan parry (PS3BC) [204] The yellow card for a foul on Jochim and but Laws will be relieved he certainly could have gone for that.
[205] Some referees might have interpreted that as a sending off offence.
[206] ... Whitlow driving the free kick into the wall and then lays it off to Lewis stabbed in and away by Collimore.
[207] Whitlow again finding Thomson ... now Agnew ... Pearce up well and Agnew on to it again ... Lewis ... Oldfield comes into the game Thomson.
[208] Good football this by Leicester Jochim across by Greyson Ormanroyd coming in on the back post.
[209] Pearce gets it away to Oldfield ... well he's scored some really spectacular goals in his career David Oldfield and he wasn't far off with that shot.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [210] I must confess when this one dropped down at him and he chested it out it's a lovely little bit of link up play by Jochim again.
[211] Good early ball in partial clearance I thought Ormanroyd might have got on that.
[212] Partial clearance here from Stewart Pearce.
[213] Now this is [...] and I must admit when he pulled the trigger then I thought that was going to go right in the back of the net.
[214] But a good piece of attacking play from Weston.
[215] All credit to them they know they haven't got a big guy apart from Ormanroyd as an outlet player so they're prepared to be patient and build up and pass the ball al pass their way through.
alan parry (PS3BC) [216] Leicester City in the middle of a good spell of form here.
[217] Seventh in the table of the start of play nineteen points from their ten games six wins a draw and three defeats.
[218] And unbeaten here at Filbert Street in six matches in League and Cup.
[219] Matches in hand on the sides all around them in the table and of course the team that has gone very very close to promotion the last two seasons loing losing in the playoff final.
[220] Looking in the mood and the form to be up there again.
[221] ... Greyson Gemmell comes in to win it back for Forest.
[222] Black was weak in possession and this is Thomson ... now Oldfield Lewis moving down the left ... and here he is eventually in possession.
[223] But he's lost it again, Forest throw.
[224] ... Stone no problem for Whitlow although that almost dropped in a bit short for Gavin Ward.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [225] We do see the problems we've seen it at both ends the goalkeepers have when people chase a lost cause like Rozario's just done there.
[226] You know rea no real no real problems at first but then they chase put the keeper under pressure and the keepers tend to panic.
alan parry (PS3BC) [227] Midway through the first half here at Filbert Street still Leicester City nil Nottingham Forest nil but a good game.
[228] Good kick there by Ward Chettle wins it Thomson finding Agnew there's Leicester build [...] now with Greyson ... Thomson ... Lewis making a run down the left ... Agnew wins it back again for Leicester, he's playing well.
[229] ... Thomson Jochim and Gemmell accepts the gift and then gives it back to Oldfield.
[230] And a little untidy period of play but here's Lewis to Ormanroyd ... Speedy ... sets it up for Greyson ... and in it goes again towards Agnew the captain ... and did that cross the line yes it's a corner.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [231] Well some of the football Leicester have played in this opening twenty o twenty minutes has been some of the best I've seen them.
[232] I I've probably seen them about four or five times in the last six months and they do tend to go a bit route one when Walsh is playing but today their link up play has been excellent.
alan parry (PS3BC) [233] Thomson with the corner he's looking for Whitlow but it was headed by Rozario Thomson can try again.
[234] And that flicked off the defender and bounced kindly with Tommy Wright.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [235] But apart from this er for Leicester this Alan now they're starting to s squeeze a little bit and they've got to be a little bit careful they don't leave Collimore too much space to run into.
[236] But at the moment they're starting to dominate the game. ...
alan parry (PS3BC) [237] Good header by Rozario Collimore couldn't control it and that's the sort of link up Frank Clarke'll be looking for.
[238] Ball onto Rozario a little touch through and then the blistering pace of er Collimore.
[239] Rozario wearing a vest I notice there Ron he wouldn't get into your team wearing a vest would he?
[240] Jochim turns it through to Speedy who couldn't repeat the dose.
[241] Here's Thomson and now Lewis ... turned back again by Ormanroyd and Leicester playing some good football in Forest's half. ...
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [242] I think Leicester public are gonna have to be a little bit patient with their team.
[243] I mean Forest are pulling everybody behind the ball and you know they can't just sling the ball through.
[244] They're working is through and they they're playing some super little link up stuff.
alan parry (PS3BC) [245] He's offside here it won't count.
[246] Long before er it got to Oldfield Speedy was offside.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [247] I mean we haven't seen an awful lot of er Julian Jochim yet but th the two occasions when the ball's been fed into him he's shown a brilliant ability to turn with the ball and get at the defenders.
[248] And I think if if people like Thomson can sort of give him that sort of service he's going to make life awfully difficult for the Forest de central defence.
[249] And his partner there of course Speedy he knows h you know he knows what's what in the game doesn't he.
[250] He's seen it all he's been there.
alan parry (PS3BC) [251] Yes this is his eleventh League Club Leicester City. ...
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [252] I was reading somewhere this morning where he'd been with eight clubs in one season.
alan parry (PS3BC) [253] [laugh] Good quiz question that one.
[254] Agnew turning it on towards Ormanroyd and the header by Laws was excellent.
[255] Back in the side now played six in a row.
[256] Des Little the signing from Swansea has been rested because er Frank Clarke felt he'd lost a little bit of confidence in Forest's poor start to the season.
[257] ... Ormanroyd wins the header Speedy flicks it on again and Chettle er [laughing] Chettle rather [] got it away as Jochim came in on him.
[258] Collimore doing well there he really turned Greyson and he's got Black storming down the left and Rozario to the right.
[259] Good running by Oldfield to get back.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [260] I have to say I think big Stan took the wrong option then you know.
alan parry (PS3BC) [261] It's still chances here for Forest Phillips playing it in again towards Collimore good one handed catch by Ward.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [262] I thought Collimore had good break three against two and I thought the the ball he should have played he should have measured a ball into er Kingsley Black's stride.
[263] It would have given a similar sort of chance to the one he missed in the first minute. ...
alan parry (PS3BC) [264] Ormanroyd winning another header inevitably.
[265] Jochim to Speedy ... Ormanroyd's lay-off a good one for Lewis gets it in quickly on the left foot Ormanroyd and then Speedy collided with Pearce as he went in to try and turn the ball goalwards and it's all ended up a goal kick.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [266] Another very dangerous tact.
[267] I thought Ormanroyd g got more on that actually when he headed it.
[268] I thought he'd actually caught a defender as he headed it but er he hasn't really got a good contact on the ball.
[269] ... I think as you said earlier the wind is playing a big part in the game and I I would I would imagine er the Forest the Forest management'll be very happy to get to half time no score.
[270] I think they would fancy their chances going er with the wind behind them.
alan parry (PS3BC) [271] It's a cold wind too I can tell you a real wintry afternoon here.
[272] ... On the day we lost the hour on the clock it looks as though winter's started in earnest.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [273] I think winter started in August.
[274] [laughing] I don't know about in earnest. []
alan parry (PS3BC) [275] [laugh] Well you should never worry you always manage to find the sunshine somewhere don't you?
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [276] I could do with a little bit up here pall.
alan parry (PS3BC) [277] Here's Collimore.
[278] Oh it's a great effort by Collimore.
[279] ... Splendid work there Ron by the big man.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [280] Yes he did well.
[281] It it's not his best side er his right foot but you know he can weigh in on that side but er he does have a hunger for goals.
[282] Which is understandable considering the vein he's in at the moment.
alan parry (PS3BC) [283] That's er eight in seven games for him the last seven.
[284] There goes Oldfield ... Lewis it's exciting this young man when he goes forward like this.
[285] Oh it's a tremendous run and it took a very fine tackle by Chettle to stop him.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [286] Oh that was brilliant wasn't it?
[287] Picked up the pace picked up the square ball here and attacked he went [laughing] went like a bomb [] .
[288] That's brill no defender in the world whatever level they are likes being attacked with by a pace player running at them.
alan parry (PS3BC) [289] He really forced the issue there didn't he Lewis and caused the corner.
[290] That's a tricky corner too [...] turns it back in an Agnew's header and [shouting] Speedy has turned it in [] .
[291] ... Half an hour gone the captain has an injury but his side have taken the lead.
[292] David Speedy's goal.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [293] Yes and thoroughly deserved.
[294] I mean we could sense a goal was coming.
alan parry (PS3BC) [295] Good ball in they they've ch changed the tactic a little bit on this one.
[296] Thomson he's hit a deeper corner.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [297] Yep they've get in each other 's way but there's Speedy a predator yard off the keeper.
[298] That's a good area to be on corner kicks when the ball's bobbling about.
[299] Just in front of the keeper because it's amazing how many things fall down just in front of the keeper.
alan parry (PS3BC) [300] David Speedy's eighth goal of the season he's top scorer here he got a couple in the last home game against Notts County and that was as Ron perfectly described it a real predator in action there.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [301] Well I think it's reasonable to say as well it was one that was deserved wasn't it?
[302] They've been threatening that for the last fifteen minutes or so.
[303] Had a er not the best of starts but they've taken control of the game for my money o over the last period.
alan parry (PS3BC) [304] Agnew has just er received treatment from Alan Smith.
[305] He got kicked in the head by his own player Mike Whitlow there but I don't think he'll mind because er it all contributed to the goal.
[306] Fourteen minutes of the first half remaining and Leicester City deservedly in front.
[307] Here goes Collimore and Black good ball for Rozario ... Stone ... Black again.
[308] Needs the cross now and he supplies it towards Collimore touched away and a shot by Phillips took a deflection off Lewis for a corner.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [309] And you wouldn't have bet against that fellow volleying one in would you Phillips.
[310] I mean that's that's one of his stock in trades he's a superb volleyer of the ball and it was there for a second with a chance was there for a second.
alan parry (PS3BC) [311] Very good signing Phillips has been already he's er played both sides of midfield filled in at centre back as well in recent matches.
[312] He's only been with the club a few weeks.
[313] Black lifts the corner into the near post and that astonishingly evaded everyone.
[314] Jochim took that beautifully Agnew to Speedy good ball.
[315] Oldfield nice [...] form out from Leicester.
[316] My word they're spraying it around beautifully.
[317] Lewis great running by Oldfield just played it in too long for him but he's gonna get it anyway.
[318] And a good ball to Lewis Thomson Agnew splendid football from Leicester City.
[319] Greyson's cross into the near post Speedy just missed it it almost sat up perfectly for him.
[320] Forest on the record a little bit here but they suddenly break themselves and that's great defending again by Whitlow.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [321] But at the moment they're on fire Leicester are on fire at the moment.
[322] As I say this this fellow the last twenty minutes are the best I've seen Leicester City play for a long long time.
[323] And it's been bought upon by necessity really they've had to play their way through and they certainly should be capable of doing that.
[324] And some of the buildup play has been tremendous in this period of time.
alan parry (PS3BC) [325] Here was that previous attack Ron.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [326] Yeah it's a good good early ball in from Greyson as well.
[327] A combination of I would think of about twelve passes but tha they switched the play from side to side ...
alan parry (PS3BC) [328] Whitlow judging a difficult bounce well.
[329] He looks the part at centre back as well.
[330] But here's Rozario ... Gemmell ... Black Pearce is up in support but he goes for the long ball in and Hill met it first.
[331] And that came off Simon Greyson.
[332] Oh no it didn't the the linesman changed his mind.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [333] I think it was very very important as well for Leicester to get a goal while they're having a good good spell because er there's no there's no doubt I would expect Forest to put a far more sustained pressure on the second half with the wind in their backs.
[334] I could see them able to hit their front players a lot easier.
alan parry (PS3BC) [335] What lovely skill that was by Thomson in a very tight situation although in the end he's given it away.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [336] For me he's been the best player on the field this first half.
alan parry (PS3BC) [337] Yes.
[338] Rozario's lay off well read by Whitlow Agnew Ormanroyd and now Oldfield.
[339] Good work though Gemmell came back to rob him.
[340] Kingsley Black on the counter attack ... Rozario slipped I think fortunate to get it back and finds Black in a good position.
[341] And Leicester worked hard to win that back.
[342] ... Chettle wins back the header but it's gone straight to Whitlow Thomson takes over and why not the way he's played.
[343] ... Always one to get ... and usually using it well and he's got a throw-in.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [344] Yeah I think the biggest single difference in the two sides at the moment, let's see what happens here first.
alan parry (PS3BC) [345] Turned back to Ormanroyd who couldn't control it first time and that was enough for Forest to win it back.
[346] Rozario did well then.
[347] Black seeing quite a bit of the ball on this side of the field.
[348] Pearce look for Phillips on the right Lewis got there first but it dropped to Stone.
[349] Rozario Stone again ... that was a clever effort really was.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [350] It was clever.
[351] I don't think the keeper was entitled to do that was he?
[352] I think Gavin Ward might have got er got a catch on that.
[353] But I was just saying, here let's have a little look at this as he pops it off now.
[354] Stone stood it in there just stood it in there but it's it's a bit innocuous really.
[355] I suppose safety first is the order of the day.
alan parry (PS3BC) [356] It has produced a corner though.
[357] Black will take it swinging it in ... flicked on by Rozario and the goalkeeper made up for er what might have been an error a moment or two ago by coming bravely in with Pearce right in front of him and Rozario I mean on the flick.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [358] I was saying the single biggest difference for me between the two sides has A been the passing but also the movement.
[359] There's been some tremendous movement from the Leicester City, if you like the front six the midfield players and the er front three.
[360] You know I've talked about Thomson's passing from midfield but you've always got to be have targets to hit you see if you're a passing player and certainly the Leicester players have given him that.
alan parry (PS3BC) [361] And Phillips found Collimore a willing target then but Hill came back to deny it.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [362] Yes at the moment he's sort of he he's the lone ranger isn't he Collimore.
[363] Always a threat.
[364] Oh no what's he Gavin Ward has picked up a back pass.
alan parry (PS3BC) [365] And they've taken the free kick quickly and tried to take full advantage of the situation and the referee has said you can't do that. [laugh]
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [366] I think they can Alan I think they can.
[367] Be interesting that one isn't it?
[368] The goalkeeper's he's committed the cardinal error by picking up the er the back pass, oh he's given a free kick the other way.
alan parry (PS3BC) [369] Well that's mystified me.
[370] That's why it happened.
[371] Could you call that a deliberate back pass it almost came off Greyson's er foot by mistake.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [372] Well I can't see what else he's given this decision for now.
alan parry (PS3BC) [373] Well that was a mystery a little bit initially.
[374] Why the second free kick was given in Leicester's favour must remain an even greater one.
[375] We need Alfred Hitchcock to sort that one out.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [376] Well Gary Newbon somebody's got to unravel the mystery.
alan parry (PS3BC) [laugh]
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [377] I mean for me they [laughing] for me they should be drawing one each actually now [] .
alan parry (PS3BC) [378] What Alfred Hitchcock and Gary Newbon you mean, or the teams right fair enough.
[379] Thomson good ball out to Lewis.
[380] That's a fine ball into Speedy and a lovely little lay off to Jochim.
[381] Yes that was a very interesting talking point and er no doubt Greavesie'll have a view on that at half time.
[382] ... There's Black ... Gemmell Pearce bit long to Rozario good ball that, oh he almost chested it down into the path of Stone.
[383] Now don't pick this one up Gavin Moore, no he knew about that.
[384] ... Good spell this for Nottingham Forest.
[385] Law's in possession looks for Colin Moore in the middle, hand ball.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [386] Well that was totally unnecessary from Pete [...] .
[387] The ball's he let the ball drop behind him but er he still had a chance to get back on this.
[388] I mean Simon Greyson is not not picking up here neither is Colin Hill and really it's come on a little bit sudden but that was totally unnecessary as well.
[389] That well we've seen some comic cuts things going in the last five minutes or so haven't we.
[390] But I must admit I've got to know what happened with that goal, or free kick in
alan parry (PS3BC) [391] Yes another assignment for the dreaded Newbon I think he'll have to speak to the referee about that.
[392] ... Gemmell straight on to the head of Hill and Thomson dispossessed by Gemmell.
[393] Pearce whips it in dangerously and no risks taken by big Mike Whitlow.
[394] Corner.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [395] Actually they've picked up the pace Forest since the goal erm don't this Leicester are playing anywhere near as well as they were at the time they scored.
alan parry (PS3BC) [396] Corner goes in deep Pearce getting up well and Ward got up better than anyone and good safe hands as well by the keeper.
[397] Can smile now.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [398] Were we right did he give a free kick?
[399] In my book he gave a free kick for Forest.
[400] Certainly looks as if he did I mean he didn't give any other indication.
alan parry (PS3BC) [401] Well I can't think why a free kick would have been given for anything else.
[402] Er certainly Forest believed it was and Ward believed it was a free kick you could tell by the expression on his face.
[403] It's one to leave to half time when we've got a bit more time to er examine the incident perhaps.
[404] Here we've only got er what four minutes less than that remaining Leicester leading [tape change]
alan parry (PS3BC) [405] remaining.
[406] Leicester leading one nil against Nottingham Forest.
[407] Fortunately no dispute about the goal.
[408] ... Agnew Speedy Thomson not long for Jochim and it's a good ball.
[409] Oh well played Colin Cooper.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [410] Oh that was almost a classic build up wasn't it?
[411] Little ball up to Speedy drops it off to Thomson a good through ball to a running forward Jochim.
alan parry (PS3BC) [412] Ormanroyd Phillips denying the room and Lewis with the cross Speedy getting up well with Pearce and it breaks to Black.
[413] Against the wind he can't get any er meat behind the clearance.
[414] Greyson Thomson back to the fullback again and he wins it back off Chettle but Cooper's there and that was a foul by Whitlow in the back of Rozario.
[415] Play on says the referee Forest in possession.
[416] A bit of a luck break there off Oldfield takes it to Collimore.
[417] ... Typical Stan Collimore and now Black.
[418] Phillips on the far post well he is a great volleyer of the ball as Ron mentioned before.
[419] He's not the greatest header of the ball although he has won a corner.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [420] Yeah but you see that was a good chance you know.
[421] I mean s Kingsley Black has stood it in here to the second post now if he doesn't feel he can get enough on it to go for goal he should keep it in the danger area just turn it back across the face of the goal and let one of the other lads have a go at it, Collimore or Rozario.
alan parry (PS3BC) [422] Corner kick.
[423] Black headed away by Oldfield.
[424] And did that cross the line it hasn't yet and Ormanroyd comes out with the ball.
[425] I think they're actually appealing for hand ball you know the Forest players.
[426] Here's Phillips for Forest still one down Black onto Hill's head.
[427] Good clearance Speedy.
[428] ... Oldfield Lewis making a great break again down the left.
[429] He really is quick and he's got the chance of a cross here.
[430] Knocks it in towards Speedy and got the final ball wrong but a shame he'd done so well.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [431] Great great sort of break from the kid there.
[432] Think Ed took out one club too many there didn't he?
[433] Little little sand wedge would have found er [...] Speedy on the on the back
alan parry (PS3BC) [434] Yes
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [435] post. ...
alan parry (PS3BC) [436] And Hill finds Speedy.
[437] He's playing well as well Speedy leading the line very well.
[438] Here's Jochim.
[439] ... Cooper gets it clear.
[440] Phillips for Nottingham Forest.
[441] Only about half a minute of the first half remaining and er certainly Whitlow has hardly put a foot wrong at the back for Leicester so far.
[442] Played at left back and centre back this season Mike Whitlow.
[443] ... Here's Jochim ... He needs a bit of help here Cooper breathing down his neck.
[444] Did well.
[445] Agnew turned in towards Speedy Pearce gets it clear.
[446] Good defending in the nick of time but still Leicester press Greyson and again Greyson headed away by Laws to Ormanroyd.
[447] That was a chance.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [448] Well that was a glorious opportunity wasn't it.
[449] Coming off the back of some more good build up play from er Leicester.
[450] Good little stand in ball there you see Laws can't quite get it up on it.
[451] No he big sticks there falling on his left foot.
[452] It maybe came down a little bit too slow for him.
[453] I think that's about er the saving grace on that one.
alan parry (PS3BC) [454] He's there to win it back and find Jochim nice turn by him.
[455] Taken off him though by Stone.
[456] Good work from Rozario now Black down the left-hand side for him.
[457] Five men forward here Nottingham Forest.
[458] Swung back in towards Rozario.
[459] Collimore good tackle by Hill a really effective challenge and Collimore and Hill having a real scrap as the ball comes over and the referee steps in and stern action might be required here by referee Kirby.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [460] The referee's got a real problem here.
[461] It's bad enough with er Collimore and Hill wrestling on the floor but without the goalkeeper coming and getting involved.
alan parry (PS3BC) [462] Now he was lenient earlier on in the half the official when he might have shown a red card to Laws.
[463] Is he going to be similarly lenient again with the two players here.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [464] Came on the back of a very very good move as always.
[465] And you see the two players tangling on the ground here.
[466] ... I think I don't think big Stan will be very happy with what he's done there.
alan parry (PS3BC) [467] No he was certainly the aggressor more so that Hill.
[468] ... What's it to be?
[469] Yellow yellow.
[470] ... Well fair enough we criticize referees often enough for perhaps harshly sending players off I suppose we should compliment Mr Kirby for not showing the red card there.
[471] Though I'll say as I said earlier in the half there's some play some referees might have seen that as a sending off offence.
[472] What d'you think Ron?
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [473] Well I saw a sending off yesterday on television that er I thought was nowhere near as severe as that and I must say that he's a very luck man Stan.
alan parry (PS3BC) [474] So the first half ends in real drama.
[475] And a lot of talking points for Jimmy Greaves and Tony back in the studio at half time to discuss when they rejoin us after the break with the score here at Filbert Street Leicester City one Nottingham Forest nil. ... [music]
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [476] Welcome back.
[477] Well not the least interesting moment in that first half was that peculiar back pass and the free kwick kick which followed it and we'll come to that in a moment.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [478] Mm.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [479] But I think Leicester as Ron was saying look a lot better side without Steve Walsh funny to say.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [480] Well what they're doing actually it's quite right because they're they tended to play the long ball to Steve Walsh so that he could head it down and what they're doing actually they've got two four foot eight forwards in Jochim and Speedy and a nine foot seven winger Ormanroyd
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [laugh]
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [481] but because
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [...]
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [482] exactly but because of that they're playing the ball through the Forest er midfield and they are looking a lot better side.
[483] This is the best I've seen them play for a long time Leicester [...]
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [484] They're playing Forest type football
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [485] They're playing very well.
[486] Very well indeed
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [487] Although Forest should have gone ahead within a minute.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [488] Forest should have gone ahead first first forty seconds of the game.
[489] I mean Black who is consistently doing this along with and Crosby and co.
[490] I'd if I if if I was poor old Frank Clarke I'd be tearing me heart out.
[491] That that look at that.
[492] That's that's that's a terrible terrible effort from from there.
[493] And they could have easily been one up at that particular time which was a minute.
[494] Then there's a whole different ball game isn't there after that but er
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [495] And then Leicester got the bit between the teeth and scored what was a very goal really by your standards wasn't it?
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [496] It was a good goal erm they they played well it was a good move it, we we saw a great run by Lewis to get this corner which was a smashing bit of football.
[497] Then Agnew who doesn't [laughing] [...] out there at all [] heads it back in and Speedy in the ideal spot in the six yard box a nice little flick on.
[498] Er a lot of courage here by Agnew because he can see his own player's gonna go to kick the ball but he doesn't flinch out of it, knows exactly what he's gonna do.
[499] Tailor made for Speedy that isn't it.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [500] Cos there's always defenders
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [501] Good goal
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [502] on the line you can't
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [503] Yeah
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [504] be offside.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [505] No no no it's a well taken goal and and that's that's what he was looking for just a little touch on.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [506] Now let's try to clarify this peculiar moment about the back pass
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [507] Right mm yes yes yes it was peculiar wasn't it?
[508] Well as far as we can work out what actually happened is is the referee does give a free kick for this back pass there.
[509] Now it wasn't really a back pass although it did actually come off of Greyson.
[510] Keeper picks it up now Rozario you can see is is is protesting.
[511] Now the referee's given it and what we reckon here is Rozario's taken the free kick to Gemmell but Gemmell is now offside.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [512] Which is fair enough.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [513] And that's how we look at it.
[514] Now I don't know whether that is the fact that's the sort of assessment we've made.
[515] Er that as far as we know is the referee's confirmed that it was offside and actually if you look at that it was offside.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [516] I don't think there's much doubt about it is there ?
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [517] But justice was done really cos it wasn't really [laughing] a back pass [] in the first place.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [518] No.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [519] Er it's just one of those marginal things.
[520] Quick thinking by Forest.
[521] Penalized there bit unfortunate but justice was done.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [522] [clears throat] Yes and Forest have got to find a better route to goal than that and we'll find out whether they can in a few moments.
[523] [music] Hello again.
[524] One nil to Leicester City good game so far.
[525] Let's just have a look at some of the statistics from that eventful first half and er an eye-catching one at the bottom there look fouls conceded twelve to Leicester four to Nottingham Forest.
[526] One that Forest got away with Jim.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [527] Somewhat surprising that actually isn't it you wouldn't have thought there
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [528] [...] by Laws
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [529] would have been that er discrepancy.
[530] The the laws for I don't know I mean I get a bit fed up.
[531] I keep harking on it and I don't want to be labelled as the man who who constantly whinges about forwards diving.
[532] But I don't know there was no attempt really to he went down after Laws had tackled him.
[533] I'm sorry I I okay you book the player but it it appears to me that that forwards just don't want to stay on their feet or even try to stay on their feet.
[534] And if I was the referee
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [535] And since it was such a long way from goal there was no no advantage in going down was there ?
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [536] Oh there was no question of him being no not really.
[537] And there was not question of Laws being being er sent off for that.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [538] Professional foul and [...]
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [539] But if I was a referee now unless I saw the forward actually trying to stay on his feet I would view all of those fouls very suspiciously.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [540] Right Forest are gonna have the wind behind them
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [541] Yes
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [542] in the second half so we can expect to see Collimore racing on to all sorts of long balls now .
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [543] Well it's up to Stan to yeah to have a go he's got the pace he's the quickest man on the field probably.
[544] Apart from Lewis who looks a bit lively
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [545] Yes.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [546] the Leicester full back.
[547] Erm and you would expect Stan to with his with him facing goal to have a go.
[548] But it doesn't always necessarily apply Ton.
[549] Sometimes I [...] we always felt that you'd like to play against the wind it gives you just that
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [550] Cos it holds the ball up.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [551] little bit more control.
[552] And er and with the wind sometimes the ball's al that ball's always running away from you and the way goalkeepers play now they tend to come out very quickly and more times than enough they get there [laughing] first [] .
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [553] All right we can grab a quick word with Frank Clarke the Forest Manager who's talking to Garry Newbon.
gary newbon (PS3B9) [554] Frank what about this argument that's going on about the free kick that was disallowed?
frank clark (PS3BE) [555] Well I mean I'm not interested in that really till after the game.
[556] Erm the referee said it was for offside I mean I'm not I'm not arguing about we'll we'll think about that after the game.
gary newbon (PS3B9) [557] Leicester were quite a handful in the first half.
frank clark (PS3BE) [558] Yes yeah they played quite well but I thought we got our game together after the goal and created a few chances ourselves and er [...] if we keep that going we're get something from this.
gary newbon (PS3B9) [559] And finally Cooper's shoulder's obviously very bad you've had it taken
frank clark (PS3BE) [560] Yeah er doctor thinks it's best if he comes off.
[561] So er we've had to take him off.
gary newbon (PS3B9) [562] Thank you.
alan parry (PS3BC) [563] And as a result of that David Phillips who as I was saying in the first half has proved himself to be a very valuable all-rounder already to Forest has slotted back in at centre back again and that Garry Crosby has come on as substitute and taken up his usual position and Phillips' first half position on the right wing.
[564] So that's going to be a problem for Nottingham Forest who threatened towards the end of that first half to get back into this game one down remember.
[565] David Speedy's goal for Leicester in the first half and with the wind behind Nottingham Forest now [...] ironically is often happens in these cases it seems to have just calmed a little.
[566] But with the wind behind Forest I I would think Leicester would be expecting a lot of pressure.
[567] ... Whitlow and his colleagues have looked good under any kind of pressure that Forest have managed to exert so far.
[568] ... It won't be a problem for Phillips slotting in there a very good footballer.
[569] ... Rozario finding Collimore, that's a great turn by Collimore my word the shot has actually gone into the second tier of the stand behind the goal.
[570] And having done so beautifully in the buildup how did he get it so wrong with the shot?
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [571] I think we'll see a lot of this the second half.
[572] Rozario looking for the first flick on as you say.
[573] He's leaning well back there.
[574] There was a suggestion he might just have got [...] you know as he went past the defender here Collimore.
[575] I mean his first touch is decent he's gone past there's a suggestion I think that he he could have gone down.
[576] There may have been free kick there.
[577] But he looks as if he was still left with a shooting chance.
[578] Could even you know have possibly have driven it another yard, taken it a yard further and killed the keeper off.
[579] I think we'll see a lot of that this half now the ball up and Rozario winning his share of flick on headers.
[580] And that fellow trying to pounce and everything.
alan parry (PS3BC) [581] Colin Hill injured.
[582] Still has that remarkable record of not having missed a single game since he signed for Leicester from Sheffield United.
[583] He was the only player who played in every single match last season.
[584] ... Leicester fans taking every single vantage point they can around the ground.
[585] And of course they have a marvellous view of the beautiful new stand that we're sitting in.
[586] Hill fit to continue here for Leicester.
[587] ... Greyson forward won back by Chettle. [...] responsibility on Chettle now in the second half having lost his er partner [...] defence Cooper.
[588] How unlucky for poor old Cooper finally getting back into the side and then not lasting more than forty five minutes cos of that shoulder injury.
[589] ... Thomson volleys it forward to Jochim taken off him by Phillips.
[590] Gemmell Gary Crosby gets his first touch taken off him by Lewis.
[591] ... Thomson invites Ormanroyd to move forward and he drives it on and as he did so presume the referee has whistled for a free kick for the challenge by Gemmell, yes he has.
[592] ... Forest think they got an offside decision out of that but the whistle had er gone before that.
[593] And the impressive Neil Lewis will take the kick.
[594] Ormanroyd the target and he wins it.
[595] Chettle gets it away to Rozario.
[596] He's done well here Rozario he's done really well.
[597] Invites Black to move forward and that was good defending from Greyson.
[598] ... Chettle wins it back and straight away gives possession back to Leicester.
[599] Good work by Chettle.
[600] ... Lewis Agnew and he's dispossessed by Gemmell but Whitlow to Leicester's rescue.
[601] Er late challenge there by Thomson caught Stone free kick to Forest.
[602] ... Taken by Phillips looks for Pearce left [...] Oldfield wins it back for Leicester though.
[603] Well you wouldn't have fancied that as a goalkeeper would you Pearce suddenly came flying in on Ward.
[604] And a foul by Whitlow on Rozario and pain written all over Robert Rozario's face and we saw that the last time we had a Nottingham Forest live game when he collided with a post up at Bolton Wanderers and had to go off with a rib and facial injuries.
[605] Booking there for Whitlow.
[606] ... Incidentally the crowd here today just over seventeen thousand.
[607] I think that makes it the best of the season at Filbert Street.
[608] ... And that's the fourth caution of the game.
[609] ... Still one nil to Leicester David Speedy the scorer.
[610] Ron.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [611] Yeah I was just looking at erm I thought that was quite a bit of resolute defending there from er Whitlow.
[612] Erm I'm not too sure whether Rozario may not have just caught his studs in the ground and tweaked a knee something like that.
[613] I don't think the actual impact of the tackle has caused that problem. ...
alan parry (PS3BC) [614] Well it's if there's anything wrong with Rozario they are in trouble Forest.
[615] They've already lost the centre half the last thing they want to happen is to lose a centre forward.
[616] Neil Webb is the remaining substitute as well as substitute goalkeeper Mark Crossley and Frank Clarke must be thinking how many more injuries am I gonna get this season.
[617] ... Rozario limps on but he doesn't look too comfortable.
[618] Free kick taken by Phillips and wasted by him.
[619] And Rozario looks in trouble at the moment he is just er limping around he's sunk back to his er hands on his knees again and well look at that he you don't really need words to describe how he must be feeling at the moment.
[620] ... Laws swings it in flicked away Gemmell gets it back and now Pearce Black outside him and it goes in long towards Collimore.
[621] Good work by Gavin Ward.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [622] Most significant thing about that cross that Kingsley Black was er like you say was Rozario was twenty yards outside the penalty box and that should be his territory, big hanging c crosses like that.
alan parry (PS3BC) [623] I would think Frank Clarke would probably give him another minute or so to see if he can run it off.
[624] If not he'll whip er Webby on and put probably put Crosby up front.
[625] ... Just put Webby on the right-hand side of midfield and put little Gary Crosby up the middle where he's played a few times for Forest.
[626] Or more than a few times actually.
[627] ... So only Neil Webb left if you discount the goalkeeper and I remember the last time we did that Forest live game up at Bolton Forest had to use their both their substitutes in that game as well quite early on.
[628] Hope they don't think we're an unlucky omen for them.
[629] ... And that's a foul by Greyson on Stone free kick to Nottingham Forest and Rozario has gone not gone down but he's holding his leg again inside the penalty area and er he's not a happy [...] .
[630] I think he might have to come off soon.
[631] ... And Stones free kick wasted but they can try again.
[632] Black ... Rozario's just limping now he's virtually a passenger and er I would think Forest have got a difficult decision to make a moment or two.
[633] They couldn't half do with a goal now.
[634] Collimore ... got round Ormanroyd and into the box and a [shouting] great effort [] .
[635] My word that would have been a spectacular goal.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [636] Oh the big man's desperately unlucky there isn't he?
[637] As you say he he's gets [...] Ormanroyd just drags it past him and then he does er Agnew coming in he just [...] him.
[638] A little [...] a little flip above the keeper bounces off the crossbar.
[639] That would have been a super piece of front play.
[640] But it's a [...] Rozario's got to come off now at the moment he's just er [laughing] a big [...] sums it up there [] .
[641] That's his frustrations when you're having problems but er it looks as though he's got to come off Rozario.
alan parry (PS3BC) [642] Yes he c he can barely walk at the moment Rozario never mind run.
[643] So you can imagine Frank Clarke thinking well we've got the wind behind us we've gotta put a lot of high balls into the box and he is very important to us but at the moment he's not making the box.
[644] I mean the big fellows here they've got to try and run it off or give it a tug and come off [...] come off and get the er the sub on.
[645] Important period for Forest to keep pressing on if they're gonna have to make another change.
[646] Black gets it into the box Rozario got a header in but even as he headed the ball he limped away again and if he'd have been properly fit then he would have really powered that one in. ...
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [647] But at some times your dilemma as a manager you say think well can he just stay on and nick us a goal knowing full well that if if he has he comes off it makes them fairly lightweight.
alan parry (PS3BC) [648] One nil to Leicester City eleven minutes gone in the second half.
[649] It's certainly been an eventful match this one way and another.
[650] ... And an enjoyable match frankly there's always er something happening it's lively.
[651] Pearce finds Rozario he's still limping away whenever he er comes into play like that.
[652] Lewis finding Greyson.
[653] Jochim almost nipped in there between Chettle and Tommy Wright.
[654] ... Good atmosphere here, two of the Midlands biggest clubs in the First Division.
[655] ... Good header on by Ormanroyd it's gone over Speedy's head cleared by David Phillips but only to Lewis.
[656] Agnew Oldfield good ball.
[657] Ormanroyd onto Speedy again Phillips takes it off him and Forest get the throw in.
[658] And it looks now down on the bench which is er just down beneath our commentary position here as though Neil Webb is taking off his er track suit and will come on shortly.
[659] [...] they've signalled to the referee now Rozario'ssozario's ew try and run it off or
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [660] Yes they push er Crosby has gone up front erm with Collimore and Stone's come out on the right-hand side.
alan parry (PS3BC) [661] Good break by Black but the final shot wasn't too clever.
[662] Webb's taken more of his er custom central midfield Ron.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [663] I mean the one thing that Neil Webb can do, as you say he he's missed a lot of football he played against our Reserves Thursday night, but the one thing he can do if he get an opportunity he can produce a telling ball.
[664] I mean in in the midweek game against us he had very little play and then he produced one ball that got them an equalizer and I suppose that's what Frank would look for now. ...
alan parry (PS3BC) [665] Well played Whitlow a lot of ball back to Lewis as er a bit half and half.
[666] It's come back to him again.
[667] Chance down by Stone.
[668] Leicester City's throw-in.
[669] Certainly one thing is noticeable Leicester haven't er quite dropped back into the gear they were in in the first half Ron have they?
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [670] No I think er the that Forest have put a bit of a press on them.
[671] I think the wind is definitely playing a part.
[672] You know it's sometimes it's hard as they get the ball so far forward.
[673] Erm I did feel that Leicester I think if they can s if they can withstand this little bit of pressure now they'll get a si a situation where they can start rolling the ball again and get their play going.
[674] But it is important from their point of view they they sort of hold this pressure at bay.
alan parry (PS3BC) [675] Here's Pearce Webb knocked back towards Pearce who wins the header cleared by Hill.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [676] Well that was a typical Forest move of old wasn't it?
[677] Pearce a little square ball Webby plays the one two and Pearce doesn't stop his running keeps his run going.
[678] That was Forest in their pomp.
alan parry (PS3BC) [679] Considering the disruptions Forest have had to er undergo here they're getting back into this game impressively at the moment.
[680] But they're still a goal down.
[681] ... Collimore ... Stone won it back brilliantly off Lewis ... but it came to nothing.
[682] Thomson ... this is Hill and that's a disappointing ball straight on to Chettle's head.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [683] You see the difference there was Thomson pulled for a short ball there and he was ignored.
[684] Whereas in the first half they virtually tried to play through Thomson on everything. ...
alan parry (PS3BC) [685] Nottingham Forest have only won three of their eleven League games this season four drawn four defeats and only one away win.
[686] Two one at Luton.
[687] There's only about er what is it four teams below them in the table at the moment and a defeat today would be a serious blow for them.
[688] But Crosby almost released Stone then into a good position and you have to say Forest have certainly had the best of this second half.
[689] ... Now then Oldfield's got the legs to bring Leicester clear on the break here ... and that excellent play by Oldfield.
[690] Ormanroyd ... he's still going and still the shot blocked Agnew has his shot blocked as well.
[691] Leicester have their best little spell of the half now.
[692] Oldfield and he wins the corner off Brian Laws.
[693] ... Well that's what Leicester needed really to relieve the pressure.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [694] Yeah [...] he did exceptionally well in the early part of the move.
[695] He pick a ball up Oldfield carried it along way with pace and power and then just kept his retained the ball for his side.
alan parry (PS3BC) [696] In draws Ormanroyd near post and he's flicked it straight across the danger area.
[697] Gemmell just kept in by Crosby and it comes again to Gemmell.
[698] It's a poor ball though by Scott Gemmell giving possession by to Greyson and now Jochim.
[699] ... Thomson Lewis he's so direct this lad you have to check though as Gemmell action stride for stride.
[700] Now Ormanroyd in towards Speedy far post to Speedy.
[701] Black brings it clear for Nottingham Forest.
[702] ... Collimore's drifted out to the left.
[703] ... This is Whitlow play getting congested into the middle third of the field at the moment.
[704] Ormanroyd familiar leggy run of his turns it back to Lewis, Speedy let it run on to Jochim.
[705] Superb play by Jochim and he couldn't finish it off.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [706] That's some brilliant understanding between the two front players there.
[707] Lined up each other off th off the ball and then a little dummy by er Speedy.
[708] Look at this they're dead in line they know what they're doing he's dummied the ball there Jochim's rolled his his marker very very well.
[709] Got it back across the other fella really couldn't quite get enough power on the shot.
[710] But great link up play from front players that.
alan parry (PS3BC) [711] Offside Collimore.
[712] And incidentally going back to that shot by Jochim in the end the referee gave a free kick against him for er presumably fouling the defender which seemed a harsh decision.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [713] Well that's very harsh [laughing] particularly in view of the stick the forwards have to take [] .
[714] I think he rolled the defender superbly there. ...
alan parry (PS3BC) [715] Ormanroyd towers above everyone knocks it down to Thomson Pearce whips it away.
[716] Stone ... Whitlow to Lewis and now Agnew.
[717] ... Twenty five minute remaining at Filbert Street.
[718] Leicester who may move into third position, depends on that Milwall er Middlesbrough game but could move [...] high in the table if they win here today are still leading one nil.
[719] ... Thomson ... Greyson and on it goes to Agnew Speedy in the middle Ormanroyd arriving but a cross never came.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [720] Yeah but the signs are encouraging again for Leicester aren't they?
[721] The the spell that er Forest had straight after the interval looks to have been weathered.
[722] I mean that's not to say they're not still a threat but at the moment er Leicester are starting to boss the game again and that's the important to them.
alan parry (PS3BC) [723] Neil Webb a little lay-off to Gemmell and on it goes to Black and further still to Crosby.
[724] Collimore in the middle ... don't forget to take the ball and finally whips it in towards Collimore and Lewis heads it back in that direction and Ormanroyd with an awkward clearance.
[725] Thomson gets it away and Forest exert pressure again.
[726] Pearce intelligent ball for Phillips back in it goes to Collimore and a header down drops to Crosby Thomson arrives to dispossess him and knocks it first time for Jochim.
[727] Good work by Chettle.
[728] Over the roof of the stand and into the street outside.
[729] They can't score from there.
[730] ... So a new ball ... Lewis ... This his third chance Stone has found him in the end.
[731] Has a very calm nature and er explosive turn of pace and all round looks very promising this nineteen year old who's made only about half a dozen appearances in the first team.
[732] Played in three of the last four games in fact.
[733] ... Thomson's free kick ... Pearce gets it clear ... and then won back by Hill but has only gone back to the Forest skipper.
[734] Whitlow's been very very good at the heart of Leicester's defence today and that was an important header he won then.
[735] ... And again shout of hand ball and that's how the referee read it.
[736] Gemmell the culprit. ...
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [737] [...] been a lot of crucial areas this afternoon Alan but I for me I think by and large Leicester have always had the edge in midfield.
[738] Erm if you like th the four including Ormanroyd have always been have always been more dominant that the Forest er midfield quarter. ...
alan parry (PS3BC) [739] Still plenty of time for this game to go either way though.
[740] One nil Leicester twenty four minutes completed in the second half.
[741] ... And Leicester understandably though not legally taking their time there.
[742] ... It's good play from Whitlow ... and fine ball for Lewis ... Thomson now Ormanroyd, Laws blocks the er ball and that's a throw in to Leicester.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [743] Yes they've done that very intelligent Leicester.
[744] When they're under pressure they've always changed it [...] normally change the play normally out with his left-hand side.
[745] But this young boy's got a lot of space.
[746] Hasn't done particularly well with that one [...] possession.
[747] But he's had a lot of space and he's by and large used it very very well. ...
alan parry (PS3BC) [748] Game just having one of those little quiet periods but I'm sure it's only seconds away from igniting again here.
[749] ... Phillips what a wonderful ball that almost turned out be there because er Crosby had it not been a better defender would have been in behind Whitlow.
[750] Here's Thomson Ormanroyd Phillips again to Laws.
[751] Good brave header by Lewis and he was caught by Stone.
[752] Free kick to Leicester City.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [753] As you say sho showed great courage there the kid didn't he?
[754] Thought the referee was a bit hasty pulling player back [...] cos Leicester had got good possession. ...
alan parry (PS3BC) [755] Lewis takes the free kick himself it wasn't a good one dropped in short and was headed away by Gemmell to Black who releases it first time trying to set Collimore free.
[756] Two defenders and he's still got the ball and almost got a corner out of it.
[757] A little disagreement between him and Simon Greyson, words spoken no problem.
[758] Pearce cleared by Lewis good ball by Phillips, Scott Gemmell.
[759] Easy one for Ormanroyd but he's headed it straight to Forest Black, Pearce continues his run into the box and a headed came in from Crosby. ...
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [760] Well I think Gary Crosby if he looks at that'll think he possibly should have scored then.
[761] I mean that's some good build up play nice little touch out there a good curling ball in from Black and that's a decent chance.
[762] Not an easy one by any stretch of the imagination but it's one if you're looking desperately for an equalizer you'd be hoping to score from. ...
alan parry (PS3BC) [763] Nice little touch on by Speedy Pearce wins it back and there's Speedy again trying to release Jochim.
[764] Phillips across and made a very important little touch to get it er out of play.
[765] ... Awkward one there Thomson and Whitlow, not Whitlow er Greyson I should say.
[766] Now Hill ... Ward lashes at it but he er made a good contact.
[767] ... Ormanroyd under pressure from Stone, Moores comes in and free kick has gone Leicester's way and er poor old Frank Clarke has found a mountain of problems at Nottingham Forest as he took over in the summer.
[768] A lot of them off the field which have got nothing of course to do with him.
[769] Things that have happened long before he got involved with the club and then all the problems on the field with performances results and injuries.
[770] I think most people in the game will feel a great deal of sympathy for Frank who's one of er the games gentlemen certainly.
[771] Webb trying to release Collimore now, Whitlow who er has had a wonderful game for by money wins it back.
[772] No offside given there surprisingly as Black turns it in and Whitlow's there to win it again.
[773] But now the shot by Gemmell and the rest of the players of and the bench are curious they thought they should have had an off should have had an offside in that er buildup.
[774] ... Lewis er Jochim rather Laws wins it back now Webb Crosby making a good run and he releases it but it was well read by Greyson.
[775] Now Oldfield for Leicester.
[776] He's brilliant when he gets going like this.
[777] Ormanroyd and he's got round Laws and pulls it back into the danger area but the cross defended well.
[778] Webby Collimore good ball.
[779] Still one nil to Leicester fifteen minutes to go.
[780] Black in possession for Forest now Pearce Gemmell Webb shot block by Jochim.
[781] This is Stone and he's got round Lewis and done well here Stone and the goalkeeper makes a good interception in the near post.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [782] Well to be fair that's that's a little bit of bright er attacking there from Stone.
[783] I don't think Lewis er thought Stone was capable of doing this you know and he's got into a great situation there.
[784] Really it's hard there was there wasn't too much space for him to squeeze the ball back but he's got to be looking to put the ball back from there.
alan parry (PS3BC) [785] Oldfield find Agnew.
[786] He's gone well here Agnew tried to curl a shot in it was blocked back to Ormanroyd now Lewis.
[787] Poor cross and a very good clearance Laws finding Collimore.
[788] Oh it was a bit ambitious.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [789] I think the defenders have done well there you know.
[790] They forced him across the pitch they forced him onto his right-hand side Collimore which isn't his best side and they've managed t they've managed to frustrate him at his shooting at a distance.
[791] I think Stan if he'd looked at that situation again would probably have wanted to go at the first defender an and gone and gone up the left side.
alan parry (PS3BC) [792] And you still get the impression this game is far from won yet by Leicester.
[793] ... Free kick has been given for a foul on Oldfield.
[794] Frank Clarke is on his feet in exasperation at that decision.
[795] ... Thomson knocks it in quickly headed away by Phillips.
[796] Now Webb for Forest.
[797] Good ball good tackle again by Whitlow and how often have I said that today and it's not long for Collimore.
[798] Chance here for Forest perhaps Collimore pulls it back but then couldn't either get a shot or a pass it effectively.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [799] Once again I don't really think Stan Collimore had the had reason to pull that back you know.
[800] I mean he saw he sh great pace was shown then it was a nothingy ball that he made into a good situation.
[801] I really think he should have been going to try on a left footed shot from there.
alan parry (PS3BC) [802] Jochim to Speedy on to Ormanroyd Thomson and again Greyson gets it back from Oldfield.
[803] This is neat football by Leicester, Agnew and they've gotta throw it.
[804] ... Er twelve minutes to go a little over.
[805] Leicester City one Nottingham Forest nil.
[806] Thomson for Leicester Lewis who's lost out there.
[807] Webb takes over three against three at the moment though Leicester getting men back quickly.
[808] Collimore ... he's turned and found some room for himself.
[809] Knocks it in and er once again I have to say Whitlow did well.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [810] Yes I think that's the sort of thing when you're a defender the goalkeeper s the goalkeeper's almost on it but if you're not sure you get rid of the thing and then say turn round to the keeper sorry pall but I'm playing safe.
[811] Because that fellow Stone wasn't far short of the the ball from Collimore. [tape change]
alan parry (PS3BC) [812] I notice Leicester have got er Gary Mills ready on the touch line seemingly about to come on, though not yet.
[813] Here's Hill.
[814] Central defenders have done a good job today for Leicester [...] of course I've put the curse on him saying that he knocks it straight out of play but er Gary Mills who's missed half a dozen games through injury is going to come on now and he's going to take the place of Neil Lewis.
[815] ... He's done really well Lewis one or two exciting moments.
[816] Maybe they felt his concentration had just waned a little bit late on but he's er he's had a good game he should be very pleased with his contribution.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [817] It's a smashing game.
[818] In fact [laughing] I didn't think he'd done anything wrong [] you know.
[819] He didn't look to be under any pressure at all.
[820] I know the extra experience of er Gary Mills.
[821] The only thing about Mills he's not natural [...] left sided player.
[822] Whether that will upset the balance at all because Lewis was a very important for them he kept stepping in when they wanted to change play.
alan parry (PS3BC) [823] Yes certainly Mills has er operated most of his life down the right-hand side.
[824] Either right back or right midfield for Leicester.
[825] ... Well he's not exactly er too disappointed and he shouldn't be either the way he's played.
[826] Here's Thomson ... and Mills gets his first touch, wasn't bad one cos Agnew ran into that space well.
[827] Gemmell's clearance Whitlow down to Ormanroyd, Collimore did well to win it back and Ormanroyd just got a foot in again.
[828] Time running out here for Forest we've got about nine minutes to play.
[829] They're one behind, Collimore has the ball.
[830] He looks so good when he's going forward like this lays it off for Crosby and clearance is lacked away by Simon Greyson.
[831] And the wind gets up again and the er chill factor I think is what they call it is considerable.
[832] ... Maybe I need a vest now never mind some of the players.
[833] [...] into Collimore quickly once again by Whitlow he came bravely to meet that.
[834] ... Phillips too deep but Hills hasn't got an easy ride here and in fact he's given away a corner it's good pressure.
[835] ... Stewart Pearce the captain's come forward for the kick taken by Black.
[836] Goes in high towards Collimore who turns to the referee and claims that he was pushed as the corner came over.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [837] I really don't think he's got much of a claim there.
[838] You expect a little bit of jostling don't you when there's a crowd seen in the penalty box.
alan parry (PS3BC) [839] Pearce Crosby and still ... disappointing end to a promising move.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [840] It's not a disappointing end to the game though is it Alan?
[841] I think you know it's hard you g got to go with Leicester at the moment because they're in the pole position and I have for my money been the better side but er Forest do look capable of snatching an equalizer.
alan parry (PS3BC) [842] They only have seven minutes in which to do so.
[843] ... Ormanroyd that's a great header to win.
[844] Oldfield hammering it on Moores beats Speedy to it and Chettle gets it forward first time.
[845] Well played Mills ... and well played Phillips at the other end.
[846] But Thomson wins the throw in.
[847] ... Well if there are many days like this at Filbert Street I think a few er underground heaters in the new stand would be suitable.
[848] ... Knocked forward by Gemmell to Collimore six minutes to go.
[849] Forest still a goal behind Stan Collimore in possession.
[850] ... [...] heads it towards Stone but he couldn't control that.
[851] Agnew gets it clear to Ormanroyd.
[852] ... And Phillips has done well.
[853] What a good professional he is he's er slotted straight into this centre back roll as though he's been there all his life.
[854] Oldfield off he goes again on another march forward Thomson ... no free kick given Pearce in possession he clashes with Agnew and Oldfield brings the ball down.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [855] [laughing] I think the Leicester [...] have got a point there. []
[856] I think Scott Gemmell virtually picked the ball up.
alan parry (PS3BC) [857] Leicester are forced another throw in then.
[858] Five minutes to go Leicester City one Nottingham Forest nil.
[859] And Leicester to get the win that will keep them right up amongst the leading clubs.
[860] Can Forest snatch a draw?
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [861] Or better?
alan parry (PS3BC) [862] Again Moores wins it again Whitlow defends superbly.
[863] Thomson then knocking it long and Speedy couldn't get there ahead of Chettle.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [864] Spot on about Whitlow he hasn't missed much at all has he?
[865] Stuck at his task very very resiliently.
alan parry (PS3BC) [866] Here's Pearce ... Crosby and now Collimore taken off him by Agnew.
[867] That was a good tackle but he's given it straight to Pearce.
[868] In it goes towards Webb, bit of a flying swan act by Webb inside the penalty area but Forest keep the er period of pressure going here.
[869] In a desperate hurry to get the ball and the er ball boy's not in a [laughing] desperate hurry to give it them back [] .
[870] Phillips knocking it into Collimore.
[871] Collimore's done well, [shouting] Webb [] .
[872] That might have been the moment Forest drew level.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [873] I must confess the moment er Stan Collimore set it up for Webb, I mean it's a nice ball he does brilliant here Colin, checks the [...] and shapes a nice little ball into Webby's path and the one thing Webby's still got he's he's got good feet.
[874] I fancied Webby to score there I must confess.
alan parry (PS3BC) [875] Here's Thomson ... Speedy wants it played into the area and get it.
[876] Couldn't quite control it.
[877] Webb again good ball out to Pearce Black outside him ... Oldfield makes sure he doesn't have too much room.
[878] Now Chettle ... Pearce ... Collimore good running by Collimore and a scramble on the edge of the penalty area.
[879] Finally it comes to Stone Ormanroyd did superbly well there.
[880] ... Stone and Ormanroyd again and he prevents it a corner.
[881] It's a throw in.
[882] ... Jimmy Greaves man of the match?
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [883] [...] man of the match David Oldfield Al I think he's had a good game Agnew's played well, Lewis.
[884] Been one or two good players today but er over ninety minutes this man very impressive.
alan parry (PS3BC) [885] Fair enough I must say I'd have given it to Whitlow myself but it doesn't really matter as far a Leicester fans are concerned as long as they can hold on here for another two minutes now.
[886] ... Not a very good free kick by Mills.
[887] It's hand ball by Stone surely.
[888] Thought he placed his hand on the ball anyway he's got away with it and Phillips at the other end is under pressure from Speedy and that's a corner off Chettle.
[889] ... That might be enough for Leicester might just give them the time.
[890] Breath in concentrate again keep the ball in the Forest half and edge a few seconds closer to victory.
[891] ... Thomson floats it in straight into the hands of Tommy Wright who hits it first time quite sensibly but a bit too strongly straight back to his opposite number.
[892] Minute to go.
[893] ... Mills in possession for Leicester.
[894] ... Hill and Whitlow taking a few chances in their own half and finally Whitlow's dispossessed and it comes to Collimore.
[895] And still Collimore and then Hill has to concede the corner.
[896] And Leicester were their own worst enemies then because Hill and er Whitlow just got in a mess.
[897] The corner's been quickly taken and knocked in long but cleared again by Leicester.
[898] And Black goes down theatrically on the edge of the box and nothing has been given and Gemmell took a chance then he er overplayed his protest to the referee.
[899] ... Wall comes in again Ormanroyd gets it clear and then it's blast away by Greyson as we move into stoppage time.
[900] Mills gets it clear Chettle chasing hard concedes the throw.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [901] I actually I'd like to see that again.
[902] I actually think Black was fouled but as you say he makes a bit of a song and dance about it.
[903] No but [laughing] [...] [] I don't know I've seen them given.
alan parry (PS3BC) [904] Yeah delayed reaction and I'll tell you Gemmell was lucky then because he er he made contact with the referee in making his protest and they normally stamp down on that one but Mr Kirby has been er a lenient official today.
[905] Tremendous noise now around Filbert Street as Leicester's seventeen thousand crowd here believe they're on their way to a very important victory over Nottingham Forest.
[906] We've had almost a minute of stoppage time and Leicester lead by that single David Speedy goal from what seems a long time ago now in the first half.
[907] Still not over.
[908] Collimore's given it away to Oldfield though.
[909] Speedy with a lay off and Thomson does well and gets it back to Speedy, Jochim in the middle Agnew arriving he'll keep it er near the corner flag I think.
[910] Yes.
[911] ... Black comes to take it off him.
[912] They're running out of time here but he finds Collimore with an excellent ball.
[913] Leicester have got so many men back in their own half he'll do well to make anything of this Collimore.
[914] And he has done well but then runs into trouble in the considerable shape of Ormanroyd who knocks it long.
[915] Mills making the run Chettle gets there first.
[916] We've had not almost two minutes of stoppage time.
[917] Still one nil Leicester.
[918] Stone for Forest Webb keeps it in play and turns it back to Phillips and then Hill with a lovely little header back to make sure Leicester keep possession.
[919] Calm it down says Gavin Ward.
[920] Quite right.
[921] ... Speedy could his goal now prove to be the winner?
[922] Certainly looking that way by Forest are not giving up until that final whistle.
[923] ... [...] Oldfield did well to ride that challenge from Pearce.
[924] And that's the final whistle it's all over and Leicester City have gained a very very hard won victory here over Nottingham Forest by one goal to nil.
[925] David Speedy's goal enough to get all three points for Leicester and I think on the balance of play they just about edged it but Forest put up a marvellous performance in the second half especially when they had to make er changes and things didn't go well for them.
[926] Forest are not happy with the referee at all about certain things there.
[927] But let's hear the views of Leicester's Brian Little.
john helm (PS3BF) [928] Brian obviously a very important win for you but there were some close shaves for you in the second half.
brian little (PS3BD) [929] Yes a tough game.
[930] I mean you know Colin Moore's such a handful really I mean we're always worried every time he got the ball.
[931] I think the problems we have defence in the last couple of weeks I'm just pleased to have kept a clean sheet against them I think.
[932] You know young Neil Lewis coming in for a game like this is tremendous performance and Michael Whitlow and Colin Hill have been up against it but they've worked hard and I think it's been a great game and er one nil probably doesn't er justify both sides.
[933] I think that two two might just have been fair but whatever, as I said before the game, if we win we'll be delighted however it happens.
john helm (PS3BF) [934] Well you got the win, well done.
brian little (PS3BD) [935] Thank you.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [936] Well more misery for Forest another defeat more injuries less to go from strength to strength and we'll be right back.
[937] [music] Hello again.
[938] Well we've heard Brian Little's point of view.
[939] He thought two two would have been a fairer reflection of the play.
[940] Let's hear from Frank Clarke now with Gary Newbon.
gary newbon (PS3B9) [941] Frank it's just not going for you.
[942] You must consider yourself very unlucky with that result.
frank clark (PS3BE) [943] Yes I thought we were er at the end of the game.
[944] Erm unfortunately we didn't really start to play until Leicester scored but from then on I thought we dictated the game.
[945] And er we played at a high tempo and we passed it and really dominated the rest of the game but our finishing could have been better.
[946] We didn't make enough of the opportunity that we had er in the attacking third.
[947] You know and if you don't score a goal then you don't win games.
gary newbon (PS3B9) [948] How frustrating is it getting for you?
[949] You seem to be going through everything this season it seems to be a nightmare for you at times.
frank clark (PS3BE) [950] Er I'm frustrated obviously but you know we all all managers go through this at some stage.
[951] Er either sooner or later we've just got to keep going as I say.
[952] Erm if they can keep putting that kind of performance on and showing that sort of commitment then we'd be all right.
gary newbon (PS3B9) [953] Has all the nonsense off the field distracted you at all, made your h job harder?
frank clark (PS3BE) [954] No not at all.
[955] That's er had no affect on on me doing the job in any way.
gary newbon (PS3B9) [956] And how difficult is it all these Midland local Midland matches because the Midlands teams are finding it hard to get near the top.
frank clark (PS3BE) [957] Oh that's difficult for us all.
[958] Er you know we have a lot of Derby games.
[959] But I mean that's the sort of thing we've just got to [laughing] deal with you know we can't do anything about that.
[960] We can't say [] er we can't ask to be in a different Division to Notts County and Derby and Leicester.
[961] We're in the Division there with them and we've we've got to try and win enough of them to get ourselves into a charging position.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [962] Well they couldn't score in the Premier League last season which is why they came down, they still can't score.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [963] We it's simple.
[964] I mean what what Frank said there is true but they've g not got any finishers apart from Stan Collimore.
[965] You wouldn't back any well you [...] made the score against any of them and I'm sat in the studio here.
[966] But they apart from Stan don't look like scoring and er this here is an example of of really superb play.
[967] And a player who was desperately unlucky on the day not to get the equalizer because he's taken two players on he knows what he's doing there he deliberately did that and was very unfortunately.
[968] Er but you get the feeling that if he doesn't score then as I said nobody else can.
[969] We know Gary Ball's out I don't know how long for but I think Frank will seriously have to look to give this lad some support because he he's doing great up there on his own there's no doubt about that.
[970] That's real good skill that.
[971] That's that's a wonderful piece of football and and it deserved a goal.
[972] But unfortunately it wasn't it wasn't to be.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [973] He also he also did create chances for other players around him but I don't mind what you
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [974] Well this is why
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [975] say if if you leave one player up front on his own he can't prosper indefinitely .
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [976] Well this is what I'm saying Ton you and I have been saying it during the game that that the other players can't score goals it's as simple as that.
[977] If Collimore don't score it doesn't really look as though anybody else is going to.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [978] Okay but we have plenty more goals around the First Division yesterday and you'll be able to see those in a couple of moments.
[979] [music] Right too many of our teams are in the lower reaches of the First Division.
[980] Only Leicester and Derby in challenging positions.
[981] Here's the full story now beginning at the Baseball Ground. [music]
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [982] You could have been excused for believing that Maradonna had made a come back.
[983] Tommy Johnson needed the hand of God to evade Nigel Martin in goal.
[984] He looked sheepish as Herts scored Martin was anything but as the goal stood.
[985] That apart Derby are unstoppable at home and it must be some consolation to Arthur Cox that the twelve million pound team he assembled at last looks the part.
[986] There's never been much doubt about Kitson.
[987] ... Crystal Palace are terrifying on paper at least although the heavier grounds may already be finding them out.
[988] Not that Armstrong appeared to be unduly troubled.
[989] He did well to hook in his tenth of the season.
[990] ... As we've often said Derby can look shaky with the two goal lead.
[991] Once it evaporated and Darren Wassle was eventually dismissed for a crime which bore no resemblance to the magnitude of the sentence, well Palace must have fancied their chances.
[992] ... If they did Pembridge exploded that cosy little notion.
[993] They're the only hundred percenters at home in the Division.
[994] [music] We detected a buzz about Wolves last week which had a lot to do with the rediscovered youth of Cyril Regis.
[995] What is he on?
[996] Regis outrunning Overson to give Kelly his chance.
[997] So Jack Hayward's tribute to Graham Turner and the club programme looked fully justified but began to wear thin.
[998] Paul Cook's lovely ball to Andy Thomson, a penalty by the midfielder who can only command a weekly contract, did his and Turner's cause no good at all.
[999] Within a minute the same Paul Cook was discharging another defence splitting ball, unfortunately it was his own defence and Mike [...] could only beat out Martin Carruthers' shot into the path of Mark Steen as we know.
[1000] That can seriously damage your health.
[1001] [music] County's home form is one of the best in the country so Portsmouth were grateful for this deflection which disturbed Steve Cherry's equilibrium.
[1002] Only two minutes left when Richard Walker popped up on the proverbial back stick, sounds painful doesn't it, and it was for Portsmouth.
[1003] [music] Lyndon Hooper another Canadian from the same backwater as [...] was playing his first full game for Birmingham.
[1004] But oh dear what a gift.
[1005] [...] Kirk wasn't about to look a gift horse not with Peterborough so desperate for points.
[1006] ... Even when Dave MacDonald was sent off for a second bookable offence the blues were incapable of taking the advantage.
[1007] ... MacDonald thought Ted McMain had made a quarter pounder of it.
[1008] Ted didn't agree.
[1009] ... [music] Desperation in the air at Oxford.
[1010] We know they can play this game but the defence is shocking.
[1011] It's not everyone who contrive to lose at home to Luton.
[1012] ... [music] Sunderland's home record is excellent and Albion came as close as anyone to frustrating them.
[1013] Not close enough though and they're now in the bottom three.
[1014] ... [music] In the non-Midlands games there was a breathtaking finish at Vicarage Road where Bruce Rioch's team were three goals up at one stage.
[1015] Two of them came in the first half as Bolton tore Watford to shreds.
[1016] McAteer with the first and the second was entirely down to Lee who exploited the goalkeeper's crumbling self-confidence.
[1017] ... Why Bolton weren't playing in white is an interesting trivia question.
[1018] Don't have the answer I'm afraid and neither did poor old Shepherd when they came plundering again early in the second half.
[1019] ... [...] season before Halloween, what's it coming to.
[1020] It all changed dramatically with twenty minutes to go.
[1021] The moral don't wait for the ref's whistle.
[1022] He played the advantage and Porter began the only hat-trick of his career in his benefit season with Watford.
[1023] Bolton were never the same after that.
[1024] Normally a very difficult side to beat but not yesterday.
[1025] Porter says he likes having a pop at goal but yesterday they all went in.
[1026] ... The equalizer was cutting things a bit fine.
[1027] Only eight minutes to go when Ken [...] , ex Peterborough of course, was awarded the freedom of the Wanderer's half.
[1028] And we were down to sixty seconds when the referee did Watford another favour spotting an elbow in the face and sticking to his guns.
[1029] ... Porter has played over three hundred games for his club but there is no sweeter moment that this.
[1030] ... [music] Here comes one of the most exciting games in the Division which is remarkable considering they nearly dropped out of sight last season and sold Stan Collimore this.
[1031] Brit Angel's opener was a prelude to the Ricky Otto show.
[1032] He can't offer him a challenge like that.
[1033] And I get the impression he almost meant it.
[1034] ... Well he certainly meant this, a lethal finisher but fortunately for Southend nobody seems to have caught on yet.
[1035] They will.
[1036] And just for your information there was another penalty to end on.
[1037] Do you want to see it?
[1038] Oh here it is then.
[1039] Nothing much to add except that Redfern scored but it didn't really matter.
[1040] ... [music] A fine win at Grimsby for the chart topers from south London.
[1041] The goal itself was nothing to write home about, had a slow motion feel to it but Charlton are the most consistent side in the Endsleigh League.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [1042] And that's why they're top.
[1043] Well we complete our look at the weekend's First Division action with brief highlights of this afternoon's Milwall versus Middlesbrough game.
[1044] Middlesbrough starting the day in the top three.
[1045] The commentators John Helm and Theo Foley.
john helm (PS3BF) [1046] [...] instinctively out to Barber, three men up around the edge of the area.
[1047] Floats it in towards Kennedy the chance must be here for [shouting] Ray it's there and it's Kennedy [] .
[1048] Alex Ray [...] into the middle but I'm sure Kennedy got the final touch.
[1049] Er it's gonna be a great moment.
[1050] Let's just have a look at this one again.
[1051] Milwall have the lead that's the important thing here it came over at the far side of the penalty area, [...] had got up for it Ray and the Kennedy there was also a Middlesbrough foot in there.
[1052] ... [...] Milwall just caught sleeping for a moment [...] can get a good ball in for [...] here and Hendry [shouting] it's an own goal [] .
[1053] Could well go down as a second own goal of the match.
[1054] It was John Hendry who got the shot in on goal but the ball flew into Milwall's net off Phil Barber.
[1055] No doubt about that one.
theo foley (PS3BG) [1056] No [...] come off the throw in as you rightly said John.
[1057] Very simple throw in and er I thought Milwall just weren't geared up on that one at all.
john helm (PS3BF) [1058] And er I fancy Middlesbrough will be the happier of the two with a point if that's the way it does turn out.
[1059] [shouting] He's onside here this might be the moment for Kennedy he's bundled out of it by White.
[1060] White's in real trouble now, surely this is er a sending off offence. []
[1061] Kennedy was through White balked him without question a yard outside the area and Derek White who was booked only moments ago I'm sure could be on his way to the dressing room early.
[1062] He is.
[1063] He takes off
theo foley (PS3BG) [1064] John [...]
john helm (PS3BF) [1065] the arm band l and Derek White is sent off.
theo foley (PS3BG) [1066] Definite foul no hesitation whatsoever.
john helm (PS3BF) [1067] Well it would be a dramatic finish here at Milwall if they could snatch it now.
[1068] The chip is just a fraction too high.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [1069] [...] that sending off the referee obviously wasn't Mr Assan Maca.
[1070] Anyway that's the top of Division One.
[1071] Middlesbrough stay third Leicester move up to fourth, good news for them games in hand.
[1072] But the bottom doesn't look so rosy does it Jim?
[1073] Look West Brom
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [1074] No it don't does it?
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [1075] Peterborough Oxford at the bottom.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [1076] There's only [laughing] Barnsley.
[1077] Not not of our ilk [] .
[1078] Never mind never mind.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [1079] Yes frightening no we'll have to put that right.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [1080] Plenty of time to go.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [1081] Right there was a mixed er bag of results for English clubs in the European competitions this week as I'm sure you noticed.
[1082] Among the more satisfied will be Aston Villa whose one one draw with [...] currently Spain's hottest club er certainly sets them up nicely for a place in the third round of the UEFA Cup.
[1083] And the game in [...] has surely marked the emergence of a new Villa star.
[1084] Phil Mepham reports.
Unknown speaker (HMNPSUNK) [1085] This was a save that could well have shaped the whole of Villa's season.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [1086] Roberto [shouting] what a save.
[1087] A fabulous stop from Bosnich [] .
[1088] He's struck it well enough Roberto and then his European debut a terrific stop.
[1089] And that's going to lift Bosnich and Villa no end.
Unknown speaker (HMNPSUNK) [1090] The performance of Mark Bosnich in Spain on Tuesday was the highlight of a supreme team display.
[1091] But Bosnich has been hailed now as an overnight success.
[1092] It's overnight success though that has taken years of dedication to achieve.
gary newbon (PS3B9) [1093] I've made some well some very big sacrifices especially early on in my career when nobody would have known that I was probably even in the country.
[1094] And this is nice to know that there is sometimes if you put your head down and work hard at something there is something at the end of the rainbow.
Unknown speaker (HMNPSUNK) [1095] What sort of sacrifices did you have to make when you were quotes an unknown then?
gary newbon (PS3B9) [1096] Erm well just the obvious ones.
[1097] First of all leaving such a beautiful country and leaving all my family coming over here to a foreign environment to a different world.
[1098] The football world is a completely different world even it's different to what people would be used to you know here.
[1099] And er coming through all the problems with the work permit and er again things that weren't in my hands.
[1100] And er you know the cold there was a lot of things.
[1101] There was a whole lot of things.
[1102] There were so many times I felt like just packing it in and going home.
Unknown speaker (HMNPSUNK) [1103] Bosnich's rise to prominence was one of those cruel twists of fate on which careers can be accelerated or halted.
[1104] A month ago Nigel Spink was Villa's first choice but at Birmingham at the Coca Cola Cup Spink was injured and Bosnich took over amidst some prophetic words.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [1105] Well Spinks did well to win the place from the young Australian this season with Bosnich having been the man in possession of the goalkeeper's gloves most of last season.
[1106] So he'll be anxious to make the most of this unexpected opportunity.
Unknown speaker (HMNPSUNK) [1107] He did just six minutes later.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [1108] It's been saved by the stand-in goalkeeper.
[1109] Bosnich the hero.
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [1110] The one thing we're always reluctant to talk about is young goalkeepers.
[1111] I mean I normally in the past I've always gone for experienced keepers because you know I mean they they don't come to their prime until, I don't think goalkeepers over twenty six twenty seven onwards.
[1112] Er but he is an exceptional young keeper and er I mean his nerve and his experience and his maturity sometimes is unreal.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [1113] I think he impressed the Inter Milan coach as well when they played didn't he?
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [1114] No A C he played
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [1115] Oh A C
ron atkinson (PS3BA) [1116] A C Milan and Cappello the er Milan manager has gone on record as saying he's as good as anything he's ever seen.
Unknown speaker (HMNPSUNK) [1117] In many ways Bosnich has become the recent victim of his own success.
[1118] He's to play for Australia next week in a World Cup Qualifier.
[1119] He was desperate to play but reluctant to leave Villa.
[1120] It was a decision which tormented him but was faced purely and simply because Mark Bosnich is now regarded as one of the best around.
gary newbon (PS3B9) [1121] I'll still come back say two or three afternoons here and practice things that I'm weak on just and er tho tho those sacrifices where I stop until I erm sort of fuel all the ambitions I've got in the game.
Unknown speaker (HMNPSUNK) [1122] Do you feel at this point in time that it's all been worth it?
gary newbon (PS3B9) [1123] At er well this week you sort of look back and say yeah but erm in about ten years time if you come and ask me the same question I would be able be in a better position to give you an answer.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [1124] I bet he watches Home and Away.
[1125] How good is he?
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [1126] Well he's he's obviously a very good keeper.
[1127] We we saw him come on against Birmingham about a month or so ago and save that penalty and it's ironic that that's how Nigel Spinks started at at Villa wasn't it when he came on for Jimmy Rimmer and if Bosnich does the same job as what Nigel's done over the past ten years then no one 's going to argue.
[1128] But he he does look a very good goalkeeper.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [1129] Well let's let's have a look at him again.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [1130] Yeah.
[1131] Erm
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [1132] And try and work out what it is about
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [1133] Well again ironically a penalty save that obviously always makes a goalkeepers name it was a super save.
[1134] This actually was the game against Birmingham and here he comes out fearlessly spreads himself beautifully and robs [...] of a goal there.
[1135] Er he's he's this type of goalkeeper.
[1136] You would obviously say yes he's got a big future and that save in Corinia was a was a lifesaver for Villa.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [1137] Could be the passport.
[1138] Well if Mark Bosnich was the man of the moment in midweek the name on everyone's lips during the week during sorry during the last twenty four hours has been Bobby Gould.
[1139] Gould resigned as Coventry City's Manager within minutes of their five one thrashing at Queens Park Rangers yesterday.
[1140] He asked his Chairman for a private chat they retired to the gents and Gould who had no contract said he was finished.
[1141] This afternoon Gould insisted that he wouldn't be changing his mind.
[1142] Now he is a bit of an off the wall manager isn't he Jimmy.
[1143] I wonder if he really is serious and what's behind it?
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [1144] It's odd because I was watching him on Football Focus yesterday, him and Bob Wilson, and I was trying to stay awake
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [1145] You don't watch that do you?
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [1146] and and I actually succeeded.
[1147] And he looked in quite good form did Bob and he didn't look as though he had too many worries and then this happens and you wonder just whether it wasn't premeditated rather than in haste.
[1148] And I would tend to think personally that he won't be back.
[1149] So we'll see.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [1150] Well maybe he's er got a contract to appear on the media.
[1151] We'll have to see.
jimmy greaves, 'greavesey' (PS3BB) [1152] Possibly with you Ton.
tony francis, 'ton' (PS3B8) [1153] [laughing] Who knows? []
[1154] Anyway there's more football coming your way on Central in midweek.
[1155] On Tuesday at eleven forty exclusive highlights from the Third Round of the Coca Cola Cup featuring Aston Villa at Sunderland.
[1156] And then on Wednesday at ten forty five more Coca Cola Cup action this time with Derby against Spurs and Manchester United against Leicester.
[1157] They top the bill.
[1158] And then again next Sunday at two fifty the Central Match Live moves onto St Andrews for Birmingham City against Milwall.
[1159] I hope it's as good a game as today's was.
[1160] Well done to David Speedy well done to Leicester City.
[1161] See you next week bye bye. [recording ends]