Hatfield Airfield air traffic control. Sample containing about 1466 words speech recorded in public context

5 speakers recorded by respondent number C407

PS2PA Ag4 m (No name, age 47, air traffic controller) unspecified
PS2PB Ag4 m (No name, age 46, air traffic controller) unspecified
PS2PC Ag3 f (No name, age 42, air traffic controller) unspecified
HUGPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
HUGPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 102101 recorded on 1993-12-06. LocationHertfordshire: Hatfield ( air traffic control tower ) Activity: air traffic control

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [...]
(PS2PA) [1] Yes your [...] is cancelled about er twenty thirty stop.
[2] [...] yeah, outbound
(PS2PB) [3] In or outbound?
[4] In or out?
(PS2PA) [5] Well, in that case we'll forget it. [laugh]
(PS2PB) [6] I've got the inbound one over there
(PS2PA) [7] Yeah ... unless they're referring to tomorrow's? [...] there's a crossed line somewhere
(PS2PA) [8] He's coming from Moscow tomorrow
(PS2PB) [9] Mm
(PS2PA) [10] he's changed his tomorrow to Moscow
(PS2PB) [11] I'll go get the er, programme, get that er, for tomorrow, Okay, such as it is.
[12] ... Right, done that, check the kettle
(PS2PC) [13] [...] two four now, the wind is ten knots, [...] one zero kilometers, [...] three thousand, temperature eight.
[14] [...] one zero two zero
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [15] [...] currently on the heading of one zero, one eight [...] maintaining [...]
(PS2PC) [16] Yes, [...] you turn right to the two one zero, clear two thousand feet altitude, to one eight twin zero, two zero.
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [17] No, no just keep going [...]
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [18] Hello
(PS2PC) [19] Hello, seven miles, [...] strong there, two four, Victor, Delta, Michael
(PS2PB) [20] Continue approach, [...] radar, when it picks bursts [...] cue position in [...] get transferred radio beeps that keep jam [...] , to land, and two obstructions, [...]
(PS2PA) [21] Will they ring us with that tomorrow morning?
(PS2PB) [22] If you know where to look you'll see it ...
(PS2PB) [23] Victor, Delta, Michael, [...]
(PS2PC) [24] [...] is established
(PS2PB) [...]
(PS2PC) [25] Okay, [...] one zero, two zero, [...] , two four eight feet
(PS2PA) [26] Oh, God, I've lost half my
(PS2PC) [27] [...] one zero, one zero
(PS2PA) [28] lost one circuit of the runway line
(PS2PB) [29] It looks all there to me.
(PS2PA) [30] Yeah, they are now, but they're on ten percent [laugh] ...
(PS2PB) [31] Ah, [...] ... I've never heard of you [laugh]
(PS2PA) [32] I was actually reading off it ...
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [33] [...] six over ...
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [34] [...] to Romeo, Delta, Mike mark final
(PS2PA) [35] Victor, Delta, Mike, getting on runway two four, the wind's two one zero degrees at twelve knots
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [36] Victor, Delta Mike, thanks [...] ...
(PS2PA) [37] The British National Corpus, sounds like forensic doesn't it [...] detail?
(PS2PB) [laugh]
(PS2PB) [38] Are these for tomorrow, Keith, are they these strips already done?
(PS2PA) [39] Yeah
(PS2PB) [40] Where's the air traffic pen gone?
(PS2PA) [41] Oh, I've got two, I'm greedy
(PS2PB) [42] [...] particular green one, like that ...
(PS2PB) [43] G B Fan, till he was scrubbed, that was supposed an outbound, wasn't it?
(PS2PA) [44] Mm
(PS2PB) [45] What do I hear a please, but don't come again
(PS2PA) [46] Two one zero eight, ten knots,
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [47] Thank you ...
(PS2PB) [48] Hello, Sharon.
[49] Tomorrow's programme.
[50] G B Fan, we've got it coming in from Stuttgart at eight twenty.
[51] Where's, where is the aeroplane at the moment, do you know?
[52] ... Well that's what I felt, but then we had that outbound planned, which was cancelled [...]
(PS2PA) [53] In a minute, if you've got a minute, er, twenty [...] from Munich
(PS2PB) [54] Yes, so that if he's coming at twenty hundred tonight, he can't be
(PS2PA) [55] Victor, Delta, Mike, locate left at the end.
[56] Proceed to open [...]
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [...]
(PS2PB) [57] So G B Fan inbound from Munich tonight is scrubbed?
[58] ... Yeah, maybe, maybe they got the, the, the oh, eight twenties, and the twenty twenties er confused there ... yes, if, have you ...
(PS2PA) [59] Let's just have a look
(PS2PB) [60] Yes, that's okay, it's just that originally you see, we had an outbound tonight as well mhm, yes ... okay I think we can pick up the pieces from there.
[61] It seems to make a fair amount of sense.
[62] I'll just get these things to you.
[63] Okay well I won't be keeping the programme, so I'll probably give it back to you in a couple of minutes.
[64] Okay bye.
[65] Yes, eight twenty, it was eight twenty tomorrow, not tonight, so
(PS2PA) [66] [laugh] ... Next one should be in ten minutes.
[67] ... Whereabouts have you been to on your travels, to take recordings, what sort of places have you been to?
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [68] [...] photography, I personally [...] talking to people about jobs
(PS2PA) [69] Mhm
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [70] [...] quite a lot of other ones, [...] er, other people have done, people making speeches, [...]
(PS2PA) [71] Mhm
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [72] [...] tape recordings, recordings of the whole union's A G M. [laugh]
(PS2PA) [73] Very interesting, thank you.
[74] And they just send tapes to you, you know, they don't?
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [75] Oh, they do, yeah.
(PS2PA) [76] No, I ju I just, I was just thinking, a lot of these things if you, if you are actually recording interviews you're gonna get a very stilted,
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [77] Yeah, well
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [78] Yeah
(PS2PB) [...]
(PS2PC) [79] [...] pass the message?
(PS2PB) [80] [...] something just approaching from the south two thousand feet one zero one niner, and now turning eastbound er, via [...] to pick up the M twenty five clockwise.
[81] And er [...] services.
(PS2PC) [...]
(PS2PA) [82] [...] used rates as well
(PS2PB) [83] Zero, zero, one niner [...]
(PS2PA) [84] These are obviously the ones that don't fly anyway [laugh]
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [...]
(PS2PB) [85] Hello seven three one eight, no Roger's off duty at the moment ... it's Chris here ... erm, he should be, hang on I'll just have to look at the watch roster and check up on precisely what his movements are, erm ... just look through tomorrow and I can find the right page in the roster here, er, two thir yeah, he'll be on tower, so he'll be in first thing tomorrow from about seven, seven o'clock onwards.
[86] Okay then?
[87] Well, we, we just sort of muddle along from day to day week to week, nobody tells us anything, we just have a guess and usually the guesses are wrong.
[88] Don't know [laugh] well, I mean, yeah, the basically factory's closed.
[89] Erm, they've demolished all the north side, you know what used to be the dynamics and [...] that's all gone, it's gonna become, you know, it's not very, that's becoming a, well, in the process of becoming a business park, but I mean, mean ... well, I mean, it, it, it's all executive erm, and you know business stuff and on the surface, you know, we're still reasonably busy with, with that sort of thing, but erm, no that, they have, the only one four six we see now is just on the company shuttle just you know until they complete the close down of the factory, they shuttle them up to Woodford, er, er, and back every day.
[90] But that really won't last long much after the erm, well we don't know, I er, nobody really knows, I mean, British Aerospace has fragmented into all of these property groups and Rover and everybody's got fingers in the pie and we're not, we're sort of caught half way between short-term aims to make a quick profit from trying to get Shell in you know and that sort of thing, but I mean, we just need to talk about, nobody really knows what the long-term policy of the main British Aerospace Board is.
[91] Whether to you know sort of try and pick up the guys who are getting thrown out of Heathrow and make a long-term go of it or whether in the long term, em, they want to flog it off for gravel and you know mining it for gravel and sending it for houses and you know, that sort of thing.
[92] Erm, we get fed all sorts of information from various levels in [...] and rumours from outside, not just the milkman, you know
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [93] [...] Golf, Romeo, Alpha, Alpha, Romeo
(PS2PA) [94] Alpha Romeo
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [95] [...] about er, ten minutes to land if possible
(PS2PA) [96] Yeah, yeah what time do you want to go?
(PS2PB) [97] He won't know any more either
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [98] Er, if we can make it one six nine O, with just er, [...]
(PS2PA) [99] No problem, [...] starting, temperature is plus eight, [...] one zero, one nine
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [100] [...] one zero, one nine
(PS2PA) [101] [...] want to speak to Roger ... was that control, [...]
(PS2PB) [102] They said er, he is
(PS2PA) [103] Who's he? [laugh]
(PS2PB) [104] He's the chief, whatever they call it, the C A title is for [...]
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [105] [...] changing to [...] one three two seven [...]
(PS2PA) [106] I thought that was erm ... another chap's name
(PS2PB) [107] It may be, but you know, they've got several levels of management, one's the manager of air traffic services another one's the chief executive officer
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [108] Hello
(PS2PA) [109] Hello, London, er, Golf, Romeo, double Alpha Romeo, on a Hendon departure, please,
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [110] Okay hold the line ... right which was the one?
(PS2PA) [111] Golf, Romeo, double Alpha, Romeo, on a Hendon departure
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [112] [...] five, four, one, one, [...] seven six, [...] frequency for that erm, one, one, nine, seven, seven
(PS2PA) [113] Heading five, five, four, one, one, one, one, nine, seven, seven, through loop, thank you.
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [114] Thank you, bye, bye
(PS2PB) [115] What's Dublin these days, is it Delta, Whisky?
(PS2PA) [116] Dublin is the I D [...]
(PS2PB) [117] Yeah, course.
(PS2PA) [118] They're er, obviously gathering information for a big push then [laugh]
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [119] Yeah, [...] ...
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [120] There's a lot of gaps on this tape to edit [laugh]
(PS2PA) [121] Whoever's got to do the transcription
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [...]
(PS2PB) [122] Hello, [...] , ah, I bet it's something I've just written down, isn't it?
[123] Yeah, come on then ... yes, yeah, I've just that bit, [...]
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [...]
(PS2PC) [124] [...] from Luton, [...]
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [125] What's the signal?
(PS2PC) [126] [...] the weather
(PS2PB) [127] Right
(PS2PC) [128] to the wind is er, two three zero degrees at ten knots, visibility is greater than one zero kilometers, [...] three thousand feet, temperature eight, D L H, one zero, one niner
(PS2PB) [129] Okay [...]
(PS2PC) [130] Thank you, [...] altitude two thousand feet, [...]
(PS2PB) [131] [...] signal
(PS2PA) [132] You can go and have a look at the radar if you want?
Unknown speaker (HUGPSUNK) [133] Could [...]
(PS2PB) [134] Do you know if Maria's down there, excuse me?
[135] This plane, hello
(PS2PC) [136] [...] radar, ten miles, most eight zero, six one
(PS2PB) [137] Continue approach
(PS2PC) [138] Roger
(PS2PA) [139] Yeah, bottom of the stairs, straight through that open sliding door, straight ahead of you, well,ju just, to your right
(PS2PB) [140] Chris, I might take the [...] down
(PS2PA) [141] Oh, you're gonna take that [...]
(PS2PB) [142] Oh, well not now, yes