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Inaugural address of new president of National Association of Round Tables of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Sample containing about 862 words speech recorded in leisure context

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PS3F2 X m (dyfrig james, age unknown, businessman) unspecified

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  1. Tape 107801 recorded on 1993-05-08. LocationLancashire: Blackpool ( Meeting room ) Activity: Inaugural address Speech

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dyfrig james (PS3F2) [1] My Fellow Tablers, I will never ever forget how proud I was to say those words, Fellow Tablers, my first as a Tabler after being inducted some thirteen years ago.
[2] That same feeling of pride and excitement is here today and I use those so so meaningful words to greet you as your National President.
[3] Fellow Tablers I thank you most sincerely for the honour and opportunity you have given me to become your sixtieth National President.
[4] Round Table more than anything else is about people.
[5] It is people who make things happen, it is people who bring that special ingredient of fun and fellowship.
[6] It is people who give you encouragement and support to turn ideas and dreams into reality and it is people who become friends.
[7] In this regard I couldn't have been more fortunate.
[8] And my enormous thanks go to my own Table, Chester seventy six, very very true friends indeed and the same for the whole of my own area, Area thirty six Wirral and the Marches, where nothing has been too much trouble and they are here today as you've just seen in some considerable strength.
[9] They have been absolutely incredible and I would like to publicly record my deep affection for everything they have done and are continuing to do.
[10] My P L C under the Chairmanship of Chester Tabler Mark has been wonderful and the encouragement I have received from seeing the enthusiasm and commitment of the very young Tablers as I purposely invited twenty year old Tablers to be involved in the P L C has given me considerable optimism for the future of Round Table.
[11] Most importantly there will be one person affected more than me in the year ahead.
[12] She's the glow that keeps together our family life my business life at the same time has always been supportive of my involvement in Round Table.
[13] Glesni, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your willingness to share thirteen years of Round Table and the twelve months of Presidency ahead.
[14] Fellow Tablers I will never ever forget my first A G M in Manchester.
[15] Raschid who is here today was President and I attended with my own Table Chairman at that time David who not only encouraged me to attend my first A G M but encouraged me to get involved involved in ri in Round Table right from the very onset.
[16] He helped to get me hook, Round Table did the rest.
[17] Raschid that day and Dava late and David later when retiring used the immortal words, Please take care of my Table.
[18] It is now our responsibility in the year ahead to care for this movement which is so dear to our hearts to those who have gone before and to the young members who with our encouragement will be involved in the future.
[19] The membership issue now has the profile it deserves and demands at Table, Area and National levels and this must be continued.
[20] If the answer lies anywhere it lies in the hearts and minds of Tablers.
[21] All I'm gonna do is add to what Keith said earlier today and encourage you fellow Tablers to use your hearts and minds over the next twelve months in this direction.
[22] There is good news from the tax man our deregistration on subscriptions has been accepted and we are due a refund.
[23] This could be a substantial amount of money and it is important in the year ahead that we debate fully how this should be invested in the future of R T B I.
[24] The Forward Planning Committee will be asked to seek your views and bring the proposal to the A G M in Skegness.
[25] Round Table Day is made for Table and Table only and has all the best features which are inherent in this movement.
[26] Each Table or Area doing its own thing in its own way and as an Association moving powerfully in unison.
[27] It will be a day which will be inevitably based on fun on fellowship and on benefiting others.
[28] Whilst at the same time improving our public image and increasing our awareness.
[29] I would very much therefore like to think that Round Table Day on the nineteenth of March nineteen ninety four next year will be the success that you wish to make it.
[30] Focusing our energies and our efforts externally.
[31] I promised in my five minute address last year that I would be a listener and I've already listened to many of your views over the last twelve months and indeed today.
[32] I promise you that I will continue to listen and where I can I will do my best to respond to the wishes of the ideals of and the aspirations of this movement that I hold so dear.
[33] The opportunity to serve you and to meet you over the next twelve months I look forward to enormously and while I'm not conceited enough to think that I can move mountains in the year ahead, or naive enough to think that I can please everybody fully, fellow Tablers I promise you I will not let you down.
[34] Thank you. [recording ends]