Orkney Sound Archive tape OSA/RO/C: radio broadcast. Sample containing about 932 words speech recorded in leisure context

7 speakers recorded by respondent number C433

PS3FM Ag2 f (Fiona, age 30+, local councillor, artist, Interviewee) unspecified
PS3FN X f (liz davies, age unknown, radio presenter, Interviewer) unspecified
PS3FP Ag1 f (No name, age 17+, student) unspecified
PS3FR Ag1 f (Jenny, age 17+, student) unspecified
PS3FS Ag1 f (Lucy, age 17+, student) unspecified
HVAPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
HVAPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 108004 recorded on 1987-06-24. LocationOrkney: Stromness () Activity: Radio broadcast Interview, discussion

Undivided text

Fiona (PS3FM) [1] Well yes since leaving college yes it's been predominantly figurative and I always take my subject matter from things that I've seen which have interested me for one reason or another.
liz davies (PS3FN) [2] Which college did you go to?
Fiona (PS3FM) [3] I went to Edinburgh College of Art.
liz davies (PS3FN) [4] Is it a while since you were at school here then?
Fiona (PS3FM) [5] Yes it's in fact er I left school here in nineteen seventy six so it's eleven years since I was here.
[6] But I've been back recently as a teacher so it's I've to do a quick change act from a twin-set and pearls into a beret and er smock [laughing] to become an artist [] .
liz davies (PS3FN) [7] What sort of questions have the children been asking you?
Fiona (PS3FM) [8] Well they've been very direct and they've been having to make me think a lot about what I'm doing.
[9] They asked me first of all why I paint on paper and I'm using older [...] to paint on.
[10] And I explained to them it's because having been unemployed [laughing] most of my [] professional life that I've always been short of money and that's what's led me to work on very cheap materials.
[11] So I explained it's mostly a practical thing.
[12] There's not the mystery around it really and I've sort of made that into one of my points about =bout my work and also erm I always thought perhaps once I became wealthy and had money I would do real paintings in oil and canvass.
[13] But er I then explained to them that I realize that it doesn't actually matter and it's the quality of the image that you produce that matters and not what it's made of or on.
[14] So I try an encourage them that their images and what they chose to make pictures of are as important as my ones.
liz davies (PS3FN) [15] Have you ever had Arts Council grant assistance or grants from any other source?
Fiona (PS3FM) [16] No.
[17] I've had indirect help through the [...] Arts Centre and the Traverse Gallery but I've never had funding paid to me directly in any way or prizes or anything like that.
liz davies (PS3FN) [18] So it's not an easy life?
Fiona (PS3FM) [19] No but I think you do I mean I manage.
[20] And in a way I'm quite glad to be outside that circuit because my existence as a an artist is in many ways more real than to be cosseted by Arts Council money. ...
(PS3FP) [21] It's been good I like [...] I really like the way she's used [...] .
[22] I think it's really relevant to the pictures I think it's really good.
[23] And I think that Marion's it's awful sort of bold and bright and I'm not so keen on that.
Fiona (PS3FM) [24] Are you hoping to take up art after you leave school?
(PS3FP) [25] Well I did think about it but the Careers Officer advised me no cos he thought that you have to be really really good before y get in and he asked me if I thought I was really good and I said that well I was not too bad but and he said that he thought it would be better to concentrate on something else.
[26] It's quite difficult to get a job afterwards too it's quite hard to make money [...] after you have come out of college.
Fiona (PS3FM) [27] Are you going to give it a try though?
(PS3FP) [28] I don't know [...] made my mind up yet.
Fiona (PS3FM) [29] Jenny, what have you enjoyed about watching these two at work?
Jenny (PS3FR) [30] Well I think it's been awful interesting to see the pictures develop and like they're so rough at first and they're [...] and more developed and they're more things in them and the colours are getting more definite and everything.
Fiona (PS3FM) [31] How much do you paint yourself apart from in school?
Jenny (PS3FR) [32] I've just sort of painted recently so I do a bit but no much.
Fiona (PS3FM) [33] Are you going to take it up?
Jenny (PS3FR) [34] No [laughing] I don't think so [] .
Fiona (PS3FM) [35] Too hard a life?
Jenny (PS3FR) [36] Yes I would say so [laugh]
Fiona (PS3FM) [37] Do you like er colour work or abstract work or more figurative work, which do you like best?
Jenny (PS3FR) [38] Well I think colour's awful important so I liked in Marion's an awful lot.
[39] That was very good.
Fiona (PS3FM) [40] What what did you like about the work Lucy?
Lucy (PS3FS) [41] Erm I like Marion's because of the the colours in it but I didn't I didn't really like Fiona's because I didn't think it was vivid enough.
[42] Whereas Marion's sort of it it didn't tell a story like what erm Fiona's did but it was just it's the kind of painting I like.
Fiona (PS3FM) [43] Has it been an interesting experience then for you all seeing artists so close and at work?
Unknown speaker (HVAPSUNK) [44] Yes definitely
Fiona (PS3FM) [45] Would you like to have more of it?
Unknown speaker (HVAPSUNK) [46] Yes
Fiona (PS3FM) [47] How much has it made you think then about your own painting just watching these two hard at work?
Lucy (PS3FS) [48] Maybe I'm just a bit too careful with what I do.
[49] I don't like they've both they've worked as they've gone along and haven't been scared to put colours in and things.
[50] Whereas when I work I'm sort of too careful I think I'm too scared to do something.
Jenny (PS3FR) [51] Well I think like Lucy said it has made you think about the [...] really.
[52] You put the paint on thick you no to be too careful and just er do what you feel like you know just what you think you should.
(PS3FP) [53] I agree with Jenny but I don't think I am too frightened to slop on paint cos you know since I've started doing pallet knife paintings cos it's really made me feel fair more confident.
Fiona (PS3FM) [54] Would you all say that?
Unknown speaker (HVAPSUNK) [55] Yes
(PS3FP) [56] Well I'm trying [laughing] anyway [] . [recording ends]