Orkney Sound Archive tape OSA/RO/C: radio broadcast. Sample containing about 1652 words speech recorded in leisure context

7 speakers recorded by respondent number C434

PS3FT X f (No name, age unknown, radio presenter, Interviewer) unspecified
PS3FU X m (Stewart, age unknown, school child) unspecified
PS3FV X m (No name, age unknown, school child) unspecified
PS3FW X f (Carol, age unknown, school child) unspecified
PS3FX X m (Nathan, age unknown, school child) unspecified
PS3FY X f (Louise, age unknown, school child) unspecified
PS3G0 X f (Nanette, age unknown, school child) unspecified

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  1. Tape 108005 recorded on 1987-05-19. LocationOrkney: Shapinsay () Activity: Radio broadcast Interview

Undivided text

(PS3FT) [1] Stewart how many points have you got so far ?
Stewart (PS3FU) [2] Fifty.
(PS3FT) [3] Fifty?
Stewart (PS3FU) [4] Yeah.
(PS3FT) [5] How long did it take you to get that?
Stewart (PS3FU) [6] Er just about er you know two or three weeks [...] like that.
(PS3FT) [7] What what's the most unusual thing that then you've spotted?
Stewart (PS3FU) [8] Erm not really sure about that.
(PS3FT) [9] It's in front of you the list.
Stewart (PS3FU) [10] Oh.
(PS3FT) [11] Have a look.
[12] [paper rustling] Is it the plants or the birds that are the most difficult?
Stewart (PS3FU) [13] The bird.
[14] [...] very much [...] plants at all.
(PS3FT) [15] Well you know something now you've got fifty points.
Stewart (PS3FU) [16] Yeah well most are birds and animals so I don't know .
(PS3FT) [17] What's what's the most recent one?
Stewart (PS3FU) [18] Erm ... it's a moorhen.
(PS3FT) [19] A moorhen.
Stewart (PS3FU) [20] Yeah.
(PS3FT) [21] And what's that other one a tern stone?
[22] What does that look like?
Stewart (PS3FU) [23] Erm goes [...] the shore sometimes and it [...] when you see them.
(PS3FT) [24] Have you got any points in that so far?
(PS3FV) [25] Well I've got well I've not got many points.
(PS3FT) [26] What have you been doing?
[27] How many have you got?
(PS3FV) [28] Erm ... something like ten points.
(PS3FT) [29] How long does it take you?
[30] H how long do you have?
[31] How long do have to get get the points?
Stewart (PS3FU) [...]
(PS3FT) [32] When did you start then?
Stewart (PS3FU) [33] Erm.
(PS3FT) [34] Last year?
[35] Last year this this spring?
Stewart (PS3FU) [36] Started this year.
(PS3FV) [37] Yeah.
(PS3FT) [38] Right ... [break in recording] I'll try and not to deafen you this time.
[39] Tell me about the whooper swan.
Stewart (PS3FU) [40] Few of them flying about [...] coming along just the line of the hydro wire at the hydro wire and just saw a blue flash and get down.
(PS3FT) [41] What did you do with it?
Stewart (PS3FU) [42] Er [...] took it up the field and took to the school then we got at it and [...] it and [...] bath full of feathers.
(PS3FT) [43] Then what did you do with it? [laugh]
Stewart (PS3FU) [44] We give it the cook and she cooked it.
(PS3FT) [45] What did it taste like?
Stewart (PS3FU) [46] Horrible didn't like it.
(PS3FT) [47] How many points have you got so far Carol?
Carol (PS3FW) [48] Twenty five.
(PS3FT) [49] And that's over how long?
Carol (PS3FW) [50] Erm about two or three weeks or something like that.
(PS3FT) [51] Very good.
[52] What was the rarest one so far?
Carol (PS3FW) [53] Mm ...
(PS3FT) [54] You had another whooper swan I see from there.
Carol (PS3FW) [55] Yeah.
[56] We found that in the field dead.
(PS3FT) [57] And a redwing?
[58] You saw that in the garden.
Carol (PS3FW) [59] Mhm.
(PS3FT) [60] That's a rare one isn't it?
[61] What about the plants?
[62] Any of the plants so far?
Carol (PS3FW) [63] Er got lady [...] that's all.
(PS3FT) [64] Mushrooms?
Carol (PS3FW) [65] Mushrooms yes.
(PS3FT) [66] Was that last year the mushrooms you've got October down there.
[67] And a toadstool?
[68] A yellow round head toadstool.
Carol (PS3FW) [69] Mhm.
(PS3FT) [70] Does that look the way it sounds?
Carol (PS3FW) [71] Not really.
(PS3FT) [72] Was it easy to identify them?
[73] Cos these things a lot of these things are poisonous.
Carol (PS3FW) [74] Some are difficult.
(PS3FT) [75] Ooh and you've got quite a few shells.
Carol (PS3FW) [76] Mhm.
(PS3FT) [77] Nathan?
[78] Nathan you've got a few haven't you?
Nathan (PS3FX) [79] Yeah.
(PS3FT) [80] How many?
Nathan (PS3FX) [81] Twenty seven.
(PS3FT) [82] That's good going.
[83] What's the rarest one?
Nathan (PS3FX) [84] Well I don't know.
[85] I can't find anything.
(PS3FT) [86] You're a fat lot of use aren't you?
[87] Can't find it.
[88] What think think wha what's the most interesting thing you've
Nathan (PS3FX) [89] Redwing.
(PS3FT) [90] The redwing.
[91] You saw that too.
[92] Was it the same bird?
Nathan (PS3FX) [93] What?
(PS3FT) [94] Was it the same one that Carol saw?
Nathan (PS3FX) [95] I don't know.
(PS3FT) [96] I'll just start again.
[97] Nathan you've got quite a number of points.
Nathan (PS3FX) [98] Yeah got twenty seven.
(PS3FT) [99] And that's just in the last couple of months?
Nathan (PS3FX) [100] Well about that yeah.
(PS3FT) [101] Very good.
[102] What was the rarest thing?
Nathan (PS3FX) [103] Well maybe it was er redwing but er the funniest one was a robin cos erm on November the twenty seventh some robin hit the window.
[104] Mum opened it and it flew in the house.
[105] In the morning erm we got some bread and put it on the window and came down and we caught it and put it out again.
(PS3FT) [106] And he flew away quite happily?
Nathan (PS3FX) [107] Yeah.
(PS3FT) [108] What are you hoping to get down on the list this month?
Nathan (PS3FX) [109] I don't know.
[110] I'm going to send it away and y for twenty five points on the back twenty five points you get a silver badge for a beginner and then a gold
(PS3FT) [111] Mhm.
Nathan (PS3FX) [112] badge for fifty points and then you get advance certificate for a hundred.
(PS3FT) [113] Have you got quite a few of the plants as well?
Nathan (PS3FX) [114] Well one moment let's see.
[115] [paper rustling] Plants I've got that one and that one
(PS3FT) [116] [...] oh it's the time for violets isn't it?
Nathan (PS3FX) [117] Yeah.
(PS3FT) [118] and you've got those.
[119] Did you have a taste of the whooper swan?
Nathan (PS3FX) [120] Yeah.
(PS3FT) [121] What was it like?
Nathan (PS3FX) [122] Taste quite nice.
(PS3FT) [123] What was it like?
[124] What did it taste like?
Nathan (PS3FX) [125] I don't know.
[126] Taste a bit like duck and chicken put together.
(PS3FT) [127] Quite like like beef almost?
Nathan (PS3FX) [128] Well sort of yeah.
(PS3FT) [129] Sort of.
[130] Mhm.
[131] Well the seals you'll have plenty of seals here won't you to chose from.
[132] And the hares, lots of hares in Shapinsay this year?
Nathan (PS3FX) [133] No you don't get hares [...] in Hoy yeah.
(PS3FT) [134] Mhm.
Nathan (PS3FX) [135] You know when you climb [...] Hill you see lots of hares.
(PS3FT) [136] And that's where you spotted that one?
Nathan (PS3FX) [137] Yeah.
(PS3FT) [138] Do you have to go quite far away to see all these things or could you see most of them on Shapinsay?
Nathan (PS3FX) [139] Most of them on Shapinsay.
(PS3FT) [140] No hedgehogs yet?
Nathan (PS3FX) [141] Mm.
(PS3FT) [142] Have to go to North Ronaldsay for that?
[143] You couldn't fail to [laughing] find one on North Ronaldsay [] . ...
(PS3FT) [144] Louise you're in charge of the can collection?
Louise (PS3FY) [145] Mhm.
(PS3FT) [146] Tell me about it.
[147] Just
Louise (PS3FY) [148] Er
(PS3FT) [149] like that.
Louise (PS3FY) [150] We got a whole teacher got a whole lot of letters for some piece all about collecting cans for getting trees and it was [paper rustling] them letters.
[151] And it and we had to collect twenty cans and then when you've collected twenty cans that is enough for one trees one tree and it is gonna be planted in Sherwood Forest and it's going to stay there for hundreds and hundreds of years.
[152] And then we're sent a whole lot of magnets so we could test out the cans were.
[153] And then Sinead [...] Sinead's been collecting a whole lot with [...] and everything and she's got the most.
[154] And she has a hundred and forty and [...] he's gotten of cans for the [...] his mum and Stewart's been getting some cans for the shop for his granddad and I've been asking for permission to go into the dump and get some for there.
[155] And erm the girls they have gotten four hundred and twenty four cans and the boys have gotten two hundred and sixty eight and altogether we're collecting nine hundred and ninety five cans with the whole school.
(PS3FT) [156] How many trees will that give you?
Louise (PS3FY) [157] Don't have a clue.
(PS3FT) [158] Quick calculation here. [laugh] ...
Louise (PS3FY) [159] [whispering] Divided by how much in the school ... do we know? []
[160] I'll get something like ... no
(PS3FT) [161] About twenty four trees?
Louise (PS3FY) [162] Er no er there was [laughing] a lot [] .
(PS3FT) [163] A lot.
Louise (PS3FY) [164] A lot a really lot [...]
(PS3FT) [165] Are the trees just for for Sherwood Forest?
Louise (PS3FY) [166] I think they're just going to be planted there.
[167] No they're not [laughing] no [] .
(PS3FT) [168] No no no .
Louise (PS3FY) [169] No.
(PS3FT) [170] No.
Louise (PS3FY) [171] No.
[172] Don't
(PS3FT) [173] They're not the whole scheme though is for Third World countries isn't it?
Louise (PS3FY) [174] Mhm yeah.
(PS3FT) [175] And did David Bellamy have an have something to do with it?
Louise (PS3FY) [176] Yeah he had something to do with it and we're gonna have [laughing] thirty four trees [] .
(PS3FT) [177] Thirty four how mu
Louise (PS3FY) [178] Mhm.
(PS3FT) [179] Thirty four point nine five isn't it?
Louise (PS3FY) [180] Seven five seven five yeah
(PS3FT) [181] Thirty four point seven five trees so far
Louise (PS3FY) [182] Yeah.
(PS3FT) [183] Well done.
Louise (PS3FY) [184] And there's and erm we're doing a project on conservation and actually helping the conservation as well and erm [...] as well cos so [...] them up and it's and it's gey good for our own project.
[185] And we're we're well erm getting a whole of trees planted and [...] field there cos her field is hardly ever used and we gonna be getting a whole lot of trees for that.
[186] We're going ask permission for that and that's really it.
(PS3FT) [187] So you're not going to be able to see Shapinsay school for the trees very soon?
Louise (PS3FY) [188] [laughing] [...] . []
[189] Erm they'll be I don't know when we getting them I think it's maybe next spring or sometime yeah. ...
(PS3FT) [190] Nanette are you going to speak to me about art from junk.
Nanette (PS3G0) [191] I suppose so.
[192] Well erm [...] made models with stones and other rubbish that we found about the place and a whole pile of [...] had still standing.
[193] We er put a flag on the top and a sort of plant pot stuck on the top of that and then me and Sinead we made a erm we put to stones and we filled that with junk and had a aerial stuck in it [...] .
[194] And that looked pretty funny like and it fell down a couple of days ago and maybe a pretty while afore that I dunno.
[195] And erm well we wrapped up a whole pile of paper for paper paper recycling and erm we mushed it up and the best of the stuff we put in the liquidizer and erm we put it in a tank and dyed left some stuff as it were and we dyed some other stuff green.
[196] And erm for summer then we put some [...] here and some seaweed and it made it look kind of queer like but Mr Davis our art teacher just thought it would make it look more interesting.
[197] And erm we did driftwood sculpture some folk did [...] monster outside the door.
[198] S er got one lone piece and it's got a piece of wedge and it's got another piece sticking up and something sticking out of that piece of branch or something sticking out of that.
[199] Looks right sight and there's chair in that room as well.
[200] And erm we collected a whole lot of colour glass and we stuck it on the window and it's a stain glass window y know?
(PS3FT) [201] It's lovely I thought it was the real thing.
Nanette (PS3G0) [202] Looks like nothing from outside though.
(PS3FT) [203] [laugh] It looks lovely from here.
Nanette (PS3G0) [204] Yeah well that's really it I think.
(PS3FT) [205] Right. [recording ends]