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Garrick Society annual general meeting. Sample containing about 5899 words speech recorded in business context

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PS3M7 X m (Keith, age unknown, bbc employee) unspecified
PS3M8 Ag1 f (Tracy, age 24) unspecified
PS3M9 X m (David, age unknown) unspecified
PS3MA X m (Graham, age unknown) unspecified
PS3MB X f (Joyce, age unknown) unspecified
PS3MC X f (Pam, age unknown) unspecified
PS3MD X f (Linda, age unknown) unspecified
PS3ME X m (Bert, age unknown) unspecified
PS3MF X m (Kenneth, age unknown) unspecified
J3MPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
J3MPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 105401 recorded on 1993-12-02. Locationmerseyside: Rainhill ( village hall ) Activity: annual general meeting

Undivided text

Tracy (PS3M8) [1] [...] the annual general meeting of the above-named Society to be held in Rainhill village hall, Thursday the second of December nineteen ninety three at seven thirty P M.
[2] Society being the Rainhill Garrick Society.
Keith (PS3M7) [3] Good ... and Tracy, can we have apologies first.
Tracy (PS3M8) [4] Yes.
[5] Apologies from Lindsey, Alec and [...] ... Sue, [...] and Richard ... [...] , from Margaret .
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [6] Any more er ... apologies
Tracy (PS3M8) [7] [...] Dave, Jackie, David ... David [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [8] Oh, Lindsey!
Tracy (PS3M8) [laugh]
Keith (PS3M7) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [9] Right, any more erm ... apologies?
[10] Right ... then I take it ... the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting haven been circulated already?
Tracy (PS3M8) [11] Yes.
Keith (PS3M7) [12] That so?
[13] Everyone got a copy?
Tracy (PS3M8) [14] Yes.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [15] Yes.
Keith (PS3M7) [16] And that's [...] .
[17] Erm ... so we'll move on to matters arising and Alan has asked me ... er ... in the role erm erm ... of chairman ... .
[18] er ... to raise two matters ... or comments rather than matters ... erm ... seating ... er, new cushions have now been purchased and were used with great success ... at the October ... production and Alan has asked whether there are any comments we can draw about the success or otherwise of the October production and whether the experiment is worth ... continuing. [...] ?
David (PS3M9) [19] Certainly was ... much more comfortable at any rate.
Graham (PS3MA) [20] We actually sold some tickets from the [...] that we had.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh]
Graham (PS3MA) [21] Seriously [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Graham (PS3MA) [22] [...] realize that they had cushions on the seats.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [23] Ah right.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Keith (PS3M7) [24] [...] before or after?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Keith (PS3M7) [25] I thought it was a Garrick tradition that if you wasn't in any sore in the second act, you know ... you weren't really there.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh]
Keith (PS3M7) [26] [...] everybody ... anyone did not feel it was a good idea?
Joyce (PS3MB) [27] Yes, send them all back.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh]
Keith (PS3M7) [28] So is that pretty well er ... approval?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [29] Good.
[30] And [...] from Alan ... the new flats ... [...] here, Norman ... helped by Dave and other members ... has been constructing substantial timber stroke hardboard flats ... although a bit heavier than the conventional canvas they will last for years ... and they really do provide superb sets as has been proved with all three plays ... presented ... this year.
[31] Thanks are due to Norman and his helpers.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [32] It says in brackets, ask for comments.
Joyce (PS3MB) [33] Send them back!
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh]
Keith (PS3M7) [34] Would you like to make a gracious acknowledgement of that er you know ... suitably modest, Norman.
Pam (PS3MC) [35] Erm ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [36] No.
Pam (PS3MC) [37] [...] sufficient flats to do more or less anything er ... that you care to choose now.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Tracy (PS3M8) [38] I would like to acknowledge Norman's excellence because ... the Garrick was sort of stuck in the past for a long time [...] box set imitation stuff ... and Norman has sort of revitalized it ... made it ... extremely professional and it really did make a difference to the ... performances and I'd like to [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Pam (PS3MC) [39] I would like to thank [...] ... er for the use of his er ... workshop ... and his power tools facilitated [...] to acquire the raw materials at a ... very low cost. [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [40] [...] happy with that er [...] ... right ... good ... well those were the chairman's ... er comments, matters arising from the minutes of the last A G M ... erm ... any further matters arising from the A G M, you probably don't need to be told ... any other business comes later, this is purely on the minutes of the last A G M ... any matters arising?
[41] No ... it would appear not.
[42] Right ... we'll now see chairman's remarks ... which erm since Alan is not here has asked me ... to read.
[43] So ... it's Alan's voice even though it's coming out of my mouth.
[44] Er, first of all may I give my sincere and abject apology for not being here to chair the Garrick's A G M, this is due to a longstanding appointment ... made before I realized that the first Thursday in December is traditionally the day for the A G M.
[45] It's been another year of achievement for the society ... the panto Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves was a great success ... and gave a great start to the year.
[46] The February play was A Thriller of the Year, with an all-female cast ... our original choice of play was A Death Trap ... we couldn't cast it because of a lack of men auditioning.
[47] Now where have I heard that before?
[48] The May play, Tea For Two, was performed for five nights ... the proceeds from the extra performance going to the Whiston Hospital cancer day- care ward ... a cheque for three hundred pounds being gratefully received by the hospital.
[49] Following the performance, officials at the hospital and members of the audience were invited to an informal get-together ... an event which was so successful ... it was to repeated at the October production and hopefully will become a feature at every future production.
[50] This is seen to be an excellent P R exercise ... an opportunity for the audience to meet the cast.
[51] Wuthering Heights, the October production was also ... casting difficulties which were only resolved in August ... unfortunately due to a severe bout of flu I didn't get to see it ... [...] hear that all reports spoke of yet another quality production.
[52] On behalf of the society I should like to thank all those who contributed to the success of these productions ... the actors and actresses, backstage staff ... sound and stage management, props ... front of house ... tea, coffee makers ... programme and raffle ticket sellers ... thanks also to Adrian who has patrolled the car park on occasions.
[53] In particular, thanks are due to the directors of the four productions ... Julie for Ali Baba ... John for Thriller of the Year ... Joan for Tea for Two ... and May for Wuthering Heights.
[54] Our very best wishes go to Margaret for her continuing speedy recovery ... I know that our recently appointed archivist will be very disappointed at not being able to take part in the Steel Magnolias ... our February production ... get well quickly, Margaret, and we look forward to seeing you very soon.
[55] Two of our members have married during the year ... Peter and Denise ... not to each other I hasten to add ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [56] Mrs .
[57] Congratulations also to Liz and Phil on the birth of their daughter.
[58] At this stage I should like to thank the committee collectively for the tremendous amount of hard work and dedication put in during the year, and for the support which I have received.
[59] I'm sure the other members of the committee will forgive me if I mention Tracy and David and Norman [...] of the last year ... as secretary, treasurer and stage director respectively.
[60] All three offices are extremely arduous and take up much of your free time.
[61] There was one resignation from the committee in June, Elise felt she could not longer continue as publicity officer ... and we asked Rosetta to step into that office.
[62] Thank you Rosetta for doing so willingly and for demonstrating such enthusiasm ... ideas ... and flair for the job.
[63] The appointment of Rosetta [...] we have another husband and wife team on the committee ... Joyce and Fred .
[64] So ... Alan suggested that er the pre-show [...] committee [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [clapping]
Keith (PS3M7) [65] The final thank you goes to the village hall management committee and er particularly to Margaret ... not only for her cooperation in arranging show rehearsal dates etcetera ... but also her ticket selling.
[66] Er ... there seems to have been a rash of resignations recently, it all started with David Gower, then Graham Taylor ... and last week we heard that Mary Whitehouse is standing down ... now it's Joan and [...] ... thank you Joan for your sterling work as ticket subscription secretary ... Joan reorganized the system and I'm sure that whoever takes over from Joan will start with an immaculate set of facts and figures.
[67] After three enjoyable years as chairman ... I believe it's time to stand down ... I shall miss those monthly meetings at ... thank you Betty for all the tea and coffee making ... but I shall have many happy memories, I suppose to me the highlights were the fiftieth anniversary celebration ... and the brilliant production of Stepping Out.
[68] I very much hope that Rainhill Garrick Society continues to present quality plays ... extending and satisfying the talents of our members in every department ... while at the same time attracting large audiences.
[69] The Garrick has ... a fine reputation ... long may this continue ... I wish the society every success in the future.
[70] That is Alan's ... chairman's remarks.
[71] [...] Tracy, [...] normal to ask for comments or just to accept the [...] ?
Tracy (PS3M8) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [72] [...] ought to be said really, since Alan is not here and is erm ... is resigning, well perhaps that could come ... a little later on ... because I think both Joan and ... Alan ... er there should be some record other than this about the work they have put in for the ... Society ... er ... I mean the only idea I have, I don't know how much of a ... a precedent this is, whether, whether anybody should be offered life membership of the ... the society ... or is that only for ... do you have to reach a certain age ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Graham (PS3MA) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [73] Fine ... I'll be guided by that.
Graham (PS3MA) [74] [...] ... personally ... I, I, I felt, I mean so many people have been uncommitted and [...] the Garrick ...
Keith (PS3M7) [75] Mhm
Graham (PS3MA) [76] I think it would ... wouldn't be [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [77] Well, I think at the very least the Society
Graham (PS3MA) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [78] ought to pass a vote of thanks to both of them for the sterling work they have done and I would be more than happy to er ... thank you [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [79] er ... well, is it the members' wish to, to ... thank Joan [...] Alan for the sterling work they have put in [...] as members and officers.
[80] Show of hands?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [81] Perhaps you would be [...] .
[82] Would it be nice to [...] , would it be nice to send a letter from the Society putting this in writing?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [83] I think so.
[84] That he can pin up on the ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [85] on the wall
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Keith (PS3M7) [86] To be used in emergencies!
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh]
Keith (PS3M7) [87] Right ... well that's the chairman's remarks so ... Tracy, the ... sorry, you're still ... writing for your letter
Tracy (PS3M8) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [88] Well, I think I can't stretch the secretary's report much longer than one and a half [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh]
Tracy (PS3M8) [89] Right, first of all I'd like to apologize for the fact that Alan's report and my report ... especially the first half, are very similar.
[90] I'm sorry about that.
[91] [laughing] But [] ... anyway ... nineteen ninety three has been another successful year for the Garrick, which started, so far as the productions are concerned ... with the pantomime, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves ... directed by Jill ... her debut as a director, hopefully not her last.
[92] It was also great to see some new faces in the pantomime this year and let's hope that will be a continuing trend.
[93] As you are all probably aware, Death Trap, originally planned for February, had to be scrapped ... despite valiant efforts by the casting committee and John ... the directors get around the problem of the men ... or rather the lack of them.
[94] Nevertheless, Thriller of the Year, an all-female cast, was very successful with house numbers totalling four hundred and thirty.
[95] The main play, Tea for Two, directed expertly as usual by Joan , attracted audiences totalling four hundred and sixty and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
[96] The extra performance on the Tuesday in aid of the new cancer day-care ward at Whiston Hospital raised three hundred pounds ... and special thanks go to Betty who came up with the original idea ... and everyone involved who organized the marvellous spread for the soiree afterwards.
[97] Wuthering Heights, our October play, gave May in her role as director, a challenge which she conquered admirably ... well done, May.
[98] There were [...] a few problems with the casting of the men ... and staffing for the kitchen, but these were overcome and an excellent play resulted ... a sentiment that I think the four hundred and thirty seven strong audience would agree with.
[99] The lighting was also a ma of major importance and Richard did an excellent job as stage manager ... [...] ... thank you, Richard, even though.
[100] October also saw the arrival of the much discussed cushions ... what will we talk about now that?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh]
Tracy (PS3M8) [101] I'm sure we'll think of something!
[102] These were given their first test run and [...] enthused about by the audiences for Wuthering Heights ... a very worthwhile investment.
[103] Talking of worthwhile investments, the new flats constructed by Norman and David have been put to good use this year ... and indeed Nor indeed Norman's sets get better and better.
[104] The success of the wine evening on the Friday of the October play, was a pleasant surprise to us all ... with approximately forty people staying after the performance for a glass of wine, a look round the set and backstage.
[105] As well as involving our audiences more, it may also help to attract new members which can only be of benefit to the Society ... let's hope it will be a regular event.
[106] Unfortunately, there have been no social events this year ... hopefully we can make up for this in nineteen ninety four.
[107] I have enjoyed my twelve months as secretary and would like to thank the other committee members for their help and support, especially Alan.
[108] All that remains is to wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...] [clapping]
Keith (PS3M7) [109] Well, would anyone like to move and second that we accept ... Tracy's report and ... [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [110] [...] there's a young mover here.
Linda (PS3MD) [...]
Bert (PS3ME) [111] Yes ... and I'm bound to say, too ... while doing so ... that when Pam went ... erm ... as was the case when Kay went, I thought oh blimey ... how are we gonna replace her?
[112] And yet another [...] has emerged from the ranks!
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [113] So ... [...]
Tracy (PS3M8) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [114] Right then, all comments on the second [...] , I know we've got any other business coming up, but I mean Ken's offered a sort of ... er word of praise for Tracy, anyone bursting to say something about the secretary's report [...] .
[115] [...] the er ... secretary's re treasurer's ... balance sheet has been er ... has been issued ... I don't [...] broken down ... er ... would the ... am I the only one [...] ?
David (PS3M9) [116] No, no, everyone has [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [117] Has everyone got a copy of them here?
[118] Has everyone got a copy of
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [119] No.
Keith (PS3M7) [120] the treasurer's report?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
David (PS3M9) [121] Right, erm ... I'll just go to the ... [...] thing.
[122] We started off with five thousand six hundred and ninety one pounds last year ... this year we've ended up with four thousand seven hundred and eighty eight pounds.
[123] Erm ... basically we've spent more than we've ... erm ... taken in ... but that was a deliberate policy agreed on by the committee ... we've already mentioned Norman's flats ... erm ... that has been a most worthwhile expenditure ... and ... we've got to look at that as a long-term investment because we've got flats which are going to last for years and our ... expenditure which was getting on for fifteen hundred pounds ... will not have to be repeated.
[124] Other things we have purchased ... which have reduced the balance, again the cushions, but it, this ... is a long-term investment and we should recoup that with extra bums on cushions rather than on seats.
[125] Erm ... the three ... plays have erm ... produced two surpluses and one ... deficit, the panto a thundering surplus.
[126] We made two hundred and forty five pounds ... on Thriller of the Year ... one hundred and nineteen pounds on Tea for Two ... but that is after we've made the three hundred pounds ... donation to Whiston Hospital ... we made a thousand and eighteen pounds on the panto ... Wuthering Heights ... we lost four hundred and nine pounds, but that was basically that we do ... costume plays and have to hire the ... erm ... fixtures and ... set pieces from Wrightsons or wherever ... we're always going to be in this position and I think it's the tradition of the Garrick that we continue to do them, and I think ... we have to accept that we may have losses in future on those particular ... erm ... things.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [127] I think it's true to say as well, isn't it, Mr Treasurer, that there's some money ... ticket money still to come.
David (PS3M9) [128] Oh yes.
[129] I've still got a few odds and ends that are late
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
David (PS3M9) [130] late monies which will go in ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [131] Yeah.
David (PS3M9) [132] which will actually reduce that figure ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [133] That's right.
David (PS3M9) [134] but ... we obviously have to cut off at a certain time to er ... get the accounts [...] and audited in time.
[135] So there will be a slight improvement on that position ... but erm ... I do feel that we have to continue to do them ... the costume plays ... we can't just say oh we don't make a profit on it, we can't do it, I think that would be a very shortsighted ... erm ... philosophy.
[136] They are basically the nuts and bolts of the er the report, if anyone has any questions ... [...] questions ... I'd rather not hear it, [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [137] Has anyone anything they would like to ask ... the treasurer, or comment, Kenneth?
Kenneth (PS3MF) [138] Where did the er ... donation of sixty seven pounds seventy five come?
David (PS3M9) [139] They were from people who were at Tea for Two who made donations specifically towards the cancer ... erm ...
Kenneth (PS3MF) [140] I see.
David (PS3M9) [141] that, that is included on the other side in the three hundred pounds that went out.
[142] They made specific donations on the night ... in the knowledge that it ... all the proceeds were going to ... the cancer day ward and that helped to boost the figure.
Keith (PS3M7) [143] Any further ... questions for David? [...]
Tracy (PS3M8) [144] What, what happens to the car park then?
Keith (PS3M7) [145] We didn't have one on the last play.
David (PS3M9) [146] Yeah, but [...] er ... normally Alan ... er ... organizes this ... with our ... car park warden, but unfortunately as was stated ... it was struck with the flu.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
David (PS3M9) [147] Yes.
[148] I, I agree that it is something that we must make sure that we arrange in future because people do get nervous about the cars out there ... unattended and er ...
Keith (PS3M7) [...]
David (PS3M9) [149] I think it would be a ... a very good point.
Keith (PS3M7) [150] So is everyone erm happy with ... the treasurer's report?
[151] If so ... could we have a proposer and a seconder that ... it been accepted.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [152] Thank you.
[153] Thank you very much [...] .
[154] Well now we ... move on to the election of officers and as you've heard ... two ... er officers are, have tendered their resignation, Alan ... and Joan.
[155] Erm ... if, if it means [...] ... well, basically I'd better say how many ... erm ... proposals are there for [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [156] Would you like er Tracy now to [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Tracy (PS3M8) [157] There have been five proposals for the er chairman ... chairman's position ... and nil proposals for the [...] .
Keith (PS3M7) [158] So we [...]
Tracy (PS3M8) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [159] Well [...] the quickest way of doing is that those officers who are remaining in office ... erm ... could be voted back into office and then we can have a vote on ... on the others ... [...] those that are unopposed as it were.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Tracy (PS3M8) [160] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [161] Tracy will read the, the officers who will, who are, are standing again and are unopposed.
Tracy (PS3M8) [162] Er ... treasurer, David ... house manager, May , stage director, Norman ... play secretary, Lynne , publicity officer, Rosetta and secretary, Tracy .
Keith (PS3M7) [163] Well since there is a ... return unopposed, it might be nice if we can have a unanimous endorsement of that.
[164] Do we approve that those officers remain in office?
[165] Show of hands, please.
[166] Purely a formality.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [167] I think that erm er ... my thanks obviously through, through erm Alan and the meeting for all the hard work that those officers have put it ... and for their willingness to stand again.
[168] Erm, amateur societies just can't exist without loyal officers ... and those officers have shown their loyalty by s standing again ... and we know the special circumstances appertaining to the ... [...] , which brings us to the nitty- gritty now ... erm ... you said we have, Tracy, five ... erm ... perhaps you'd better read those names out for us and then I think the best thing to do is to have a closed vote, where we give you all a piece of paper on which you state your nomination ... folded up so nobody else can see ... we'll put them in a bag ... and then ... we'll appoint a couple of [...] to count the vote so that we do not [...] the chairman [...] .
Tracy (PS3M8) [169] [...] I've had two, sorry, I've had two nominations for chairman.
[170] What I meant was when I said five proposals [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [171] Okay ... a, a rethink ... two members'
Tracy (PS3M8) [172] Sorry.
Keith (PS3M7) [173] proposals for chairman.
[174] Makes it slightly easier anyway.
Tracy (PS3M8) [175] I was counting the forms.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Tracy (PS3M8) [176] Er ... the nominations for chairman are ... [...] and Graham .
Keith (PS3M7) [177] Right.
[178] So I think ... erm those two gentlemen ... will have to leave the room, I think ... while [...] is taken [...] .
[179] Will you come back?
[180] [...] Right and now Tracy will give you all a piece of paper ... er, keep it secret ... write your name, fold it ... and [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [181] You know who the two candidates are, don't you?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [182] David and I will act as [...] and er ... [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [183] Yes, I've got [...] it's a precedent of our [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [184] Erm ... it's a pretty close run thing but by a narrow majority, your new chairman is Graham.
[185] Perhaps you could give him a round of applause.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [clapping]
Keith (PS3M7) [186] As the new chairman ... you'd like to come and take over from me now [...] .
Graham (PS3MA) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [187] Sure?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [188] Er we'd like to thank Bert, too, for ... standing.
[189] [...] pretty close run thing I can assure you.
Graham (PS3MA) [190] [...] historical interest ...
Keith (PS3M7) [191] Yeah.
Graham (PS3MA) [192] I think it's possibly the thirteenth ... consecutive year I've been on the committee ... and for the first time I've managed to be elected.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [193] [...] patience ... do you feel wanted [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh]
Keith (PS3M7) [194] Well congratulations, Graham, and thank you Bert also for standing.
[195] Now we [...] committee ... erm ... with the resignation of Joan as ticket and subscription secretary, so all I can do is ask for any nominations from the floor, please ... or any volunteer who would like to ... follow ... Joan.
[196] You heard Alan say that erm ... Joan has laid the guidelines down and made the job ... easier.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [197] The trouble is that er erm ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [198] Yes
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh]
Keith (PS3M7) [199] Is that a yes or a no [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...] [clapping]
Keith (PS3M7) [200] [...] someone nominate [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh]
Keith (PS3M7) [201] Anne [...] not to be undone [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [202] Bert, thank you very much indeed, you're now ticket and subscription ...
Bert (PS3ME) [203] Thank you.
Keith (PS3M7) [204] er ... secretary.
[205] That's excellent.
[206] Now in the election of auditors, I gather it's, it's down to a formality, David?
David (PS3M9) [207] Well, Bert has audited ... erm these, I, I don't know whether he's er ... prohibited from doing so by his ... being ticket secretary ... not knowing the er ...
Bert (PS3ME) [208] I think it would be a bit unusual.
David (PS3M9) [209] Yes ... but not against the ... constitution [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [210] I don't think it's against the constitution that er ... it would be a bit unusual to find him involved in handling money ... to be involved in [...] he went to Majorca or Tenerife or ... in a bid to see each other it's a possibility.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [211] no problem ... it's just ... it's ... I think it's a bit er ... [...] just a conflict of interests.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [212] Well that's right.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [213] Any nomina any nomination for ... [...] then?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [214] The only one I could suggest is Tim, but he's not here unfortunately.
Keith (PS3M7) [215] Could he be approached?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [216] He'll probably be in the pub later on.
[217] Er ... I'll approach him if you want.
Keith (PS3M7) [218] Anyone second Bert's nomination then? [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [219] He's the next treasurer isn't he?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [220] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [221] Right, so Tim is nominated by Bert, [...] has to be approached, I think ... be approached.
[222] Well that's got all the short bits done ... now, out of ten ... any other business.
[223] And as Tracy said, the cushions is no longer an issue, but erm ...
David (PS3M9) [224] One thing we did discuss at committee but ... I think it ought to be put to ... the A G M ... we discussed the increase in the cost of ... er, admission ... erm ... we held our prices down for at least a couple of years ... we had a ... heavy outlay on ... cushions ... I do feel that erm ... we ought to put in to the meeting what we discussed at committee that be raised from two fifty and one twenty five ... to three pounds and two pounds for the concessions ... including students ... and ... erm ... the youngsters.
[225] I feel it ought to go before the A G M rather than just be agreed [...] .
Keith (PS3M7) [226] Ken.
Kenneth (PS3MF) [227] Why Mr Treasurer ... do you propose this increase?
David (PS3M9) [228] Well they're getting comfy seats ... and ... we're star well as you can see from the last play, Wuthering Heights ... that erm ... we actually lost money on that ... I know ... it will happen but I feel that we ought to ... erm ... go along and get into a healthier position again.
Tracy (PS3M8) [229] I would suggest that if you put the tickets up to actually give them ... a raffle ticket on, on entrance ... you know, so that they feel they're getting sort of and
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [230] Yes
Tracy (PS3M8) [231] and members of the cast [...] donate the prizes, you know, just ... one prize each or something, a box chocolates ... which I'm sure ... won't hurt.
Keith (PS3M7) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [232] I, I know I agree with the committee but [...] on the year ... we have actually made money, is that right?
Tracy (PS3M8) [233] Yes.
David (PS3M9) [234] No ... we were actually twelve hundred pounds worse off this year ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [235] The actual show has actually made money.
Tracy (PS3M8) [236] Yes ... a lot.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [237] So ... if we take ... forget the cushions ... and the scenery which are ... you know [...]
David (PS3M9) [238] Non-returning [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [239] Yeah.
Keith (PS3M7) [240] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [241] Is it er justified?
[242] Do you really think it's justified?
[243] It's very [...] to keep the prices down as low as possible, I think ...
Tracy (PS3M8) [244] Yeah ... and you [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [245] And if we are making money on the shows ... is it justified?
[246] Perhaps you'll open that to [...]
David (PS3M9) [247] [...] in fact I feel the price we charge for concessions and youngsters is a giveaway ... we might as well give them away for nothing.
[248] I, I really feel that no ... four twenty five is ... is absolutely silly
Tracy (PS3M8) [249] I think ... I think [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [250] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [251] I'm thinking of either three pounds a ticket ... you're getting close to the price of a special chauffeur.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [252] Erm ... I feel for the quality of the show that they're seeing, two pound fifty is ... is ... nothing.
[253] I, I really feel two pound fifty is low for the quality of, of play that they're seeing ... I mean ... other amateur groups ... not that we're comparing ourselves, but they certainly charge more than us and quite honestly the end product ... on some of them is not up to our end product.
Keith (PS3M7) [254] Pam, you wanted to make a comment.
Pam (PS3MC) [255] Well, you're [...] ... you're raising ... er ... the [...] price of tickets by fifty pence, aren't you?
[256] And the concessions by seventy five, why don't you [...]
David (PS3M9) [257] I'll raise them both by [laughing] seventy five [] .
[258] [laugh] No ... it, it's because they are nice round amounts, one twenty five is ... has been such a derisory amount ... it, it's ... it really has.
[259] One twenty five [...] ... irrespective of who's going in, it, it really is a ... a giveaway amount.
[260] Yeah I think that the
Tracy (PS3M8) [261] What about the range of concessions of ... pensioners erm ... you know, free tea and coffee?
[262] So that they're not having to ... find money for that [...] as well as their ticket ... they get it sort of all in one price.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [263] [...] tea and coffee [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [264] You'd have to know in advance.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [265] Mm ... right.
Keith (PS3M7) [266] Linda.
Linda (PS3MD) [267] I think erm ... I think [...] is quite fair ... maybe if concessions could be raised to one fifty or two pounds ... but overall I think that people who can afford it spend such a lot of money on the raffle ... and we therefore give raffle tickets to those who can afford it could [...] jealousy ... and on the raffle generally about a hundred pounds is made [...] ... and if there, if there was more charge for tickets, people might not give so much for the raffles ... and also if you give [...] ... but if you charge them a nominal sum and then shove other things at them on their options ... they might be more willing to give ... to optional choices like a raffle.
Keith (PS3M7) [268] I think the problem is ... that if you're not careful this will leave the [...] counterproductive ... erm, somebody said well I don't mind paying ... two fifty or three quid ... so what you'd gain on the seats you'd lose on the [...] side.
[269] Er ... I mean that, that's not an attempt to dissuade [...] or anyone ... but it, it ... you know people are very traditional ... and if the Garrick has always charged ... reasonably ... and suddenly there seems to be ... rate of inflation and this sort of thing, you know, as Linda said, they might think okay, I'll pay three quid ... but I'm damned if I'm buying any raffle tickets.
[270] So really it is a case of swings and roundabouts.
[271] Any more comments [...] ... obviously I think we're gonna have to take ... er [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [272] Oh, well obviously
Keith (PS3M7) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [273] [...] before anything else.
Keith (PS3M7) [274] Any anyone else like to make a comment [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [275] Oh yes, I'd like to erm ... er concur on what Linda just said about options, I don't think we should give erm ... raffle tickets away as has been suggested.
[276] I think some people do give generously when buying raffle tickets ... and particularly they like the fact that the tickets are so cheap, so we should continue to give them that option.
[277] Erm ... for what it's worth, I'll give you my suggestions about what we should do as far as ticket prices are concerned ... er, having taken in a view of the most important factor of the treasurer's comments ... but also bearing in mind that we did have high recurring expenses this year, which ... won't apply in future and we're not here to make money.
[278] I suggest that the erm ... ticket price should be two pounds fifty as it is now ... and that the concessionary price should be increased to two pounds.
[279] That's what I suggest.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [280] Yeah ... that's what I said.
[281] Yes, I agree with that.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [282] I'm not asking for a vote on it ... I'm simply giving you my opinion.
Keith (PS3M7) [283] Are you qualified for two ... for, for the concessionary ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [284] Concessions are ... pensioners ... er ... and students ... and that's students with a student card ... and children.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [285] And children.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [286] And children as well
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [287] yes.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [288] Actually one twenty five to two pounds is quite a steep increase.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [289] For pensioners.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [290] Yes.
[291] Well concessions ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [292] Yes.
Keith (PS3M7) [293] Erm ... oh, obviously we're going to have to vote on specifics eventually.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [294] [...] one fifty.
Keith (PS3M7) [295] One fifty I think would be more reasonable.
David (PS3M9) [296] I think to jump from one twenty five to, to two pounds is [...] .
[297] If we do that ... we're only adding twenty five pence more revenue ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
David (PS3M9) [298] The last play I worked out that w we had one four hundred and thirty seven ... of those thirty seven would be er ... freebies to the homes ... in, in ... to bring it down to about four hundred ... and on the ticket money we took in, I would say about a hundred and twenty ... of those were erm ... er concessions.
Keith (PS3M7) [299] How many over the year, roughly?
David (PS3M9) [300] I would have to ... guess at the others because I didn't do erm ... sums on the other ones ... it was only on the last play ... but if it's on the same sort of erm ... proportions, then I would say ... somewhere around thirty percent of the audience are concessions.
[301] I just have to multiply ... that, the, the figure by twenty five or divide by four [...] pounds, it's no small sum.
[302] Even though twenty five er ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
David (PS3M9) [303] two fifty to one fifty I think will be er ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [304] Yes ... I think so.
Keith (PS3M7) [305] [...] about five hundred over the year or six hundred or [...] talking about a maximum of twenty pounds taken over [...] ... right, thank you.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [306] It could be included in the [...] of course ticket would increase the potential [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [307] The trouble is that there's ... there's the, a ... a vast difference in the concessions
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [308] Yes.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [309] to the full price ticket and I think [...]
Tracy (PS3M8) [310] Oh, it's half price.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [311] Yeah.
Keith (PS3M7) [312] Two fifty, would you ... do you think two fifty and one fifty is the closest it can go?
[313] I mean, when is a concession not a concession?
[314] If it's too close together it's like ... it's not really a concession.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [315] I think that's fair enough, one fifty to ...
Keith (PS3M7) [316] Well shall we have a vote on those two figures then?
[317] You see if that goes through there's no point in ... trying another one.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [318] As a matter of interest ... on the raffle side, David, is it basically the two pound fifty person ... that buys ... the majority of the raffle tickets?
Tracy (PS3M8) [319] Yes.
David (PS3M9) [320] I would say
Tracy (PS3M8) [321] Yes.
David (PS3M9) [322] so, the
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [323] So they're the ones then that like Linda said ... are paying two pound fifty [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [324] then they are [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
David (PS3M9) [325] So they're spending three pounds
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [326] whereas erm ...
David (PS3M9) [327] to concessions
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [328] [...] perhaps will buy in couples
Tracy (PS3M8) [329] That's right.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...] ... [musical interlude]
David (PS3M9) [330] and two pounds for concessions ... children and students.
Keith (PS3M7) [331] That is the proposal so the ... [...] suggested a maximum first ... could we have a show of hands on ... ticket prices of two pounds fifty ... and one pound fifty.
[332] Can we have a show of hands on that?
[333] May well [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [334] Yes.
Keith (PS3M7) [335] [...] the erm ... proposal falls ... by ... so ... er Tracy and, and David have made a, a, a note of this and thank you for ... [musical interlude]
Tracy (PS3M8) [336] [...] backup check.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Tracy (PS3M8) [337] Why don't you want [...] ?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [338] Because ... from one
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [339] [...] he said he would do it.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Tracy (PS3M8) [340] I think we should up ... up it from eight pounds ... it's worth it isn't it?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [341] We arrived, didn't we, at the eight pounds mark because
David (PS3M9) [342] Yes.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [343] that was what we were sort of we gathered in
David (PS3M9) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [344] and we broke even
David (PS3M9) [345] We broke even on Thriller of the Year and lost twenty eight pounds on the panto.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [346] I think it ought to be ... a regular feature, a regular feature for everywhere ... regardless, because it was felt that ... er ... during the ... the May play ... [...] which proved to be wrong [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [347] er ... you know, I think it should be for everywhere
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [348] It should.
[349] I, I've had
Keith (PS3M7) [350] So [...] sorry
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [351] people coming to me, audiences, members of the audience coming to me and saying, oh ... what about the car park [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [352] Yeah ... yes.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [353] you know ... on the couple of occasions not arranged anything.
Keith (PS3M7) [354] Well would, would you like to propose that the matter be referred ... to the committee ... er ... to make a suitable appointment or appointments?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [355] Yes, I'll propose [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [356] Make it official rather than just ... [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [357] Get some publicity out of it as well.
Keith (PS3M7) [358] And, and a seconder?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [359] I'll second that [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [360] Fine.
[361] So we have a proposer and a seconder that the committee take on board the ... provision of a car park steward, for want of another word.
[362] Thanks for the suggestion.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [363] May I suggest that er we get some money together specially to pay this.
[364] Say we have a social event ... I'll do that [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [365] raise say a hundred pound or seventy five ... and then that can go towards payment er the payment for someone to patrol the car park for the plays.
Keith (PS3M7) [366] Or thirty two pounds or whatever.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [367] Even if we raise [...] twenty pounds a performance for it.
Keith (PS3M7) [368] Well ... [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [369] or should that be referred ... erm ... [...] ... er ... well, do we accept that suggestion that Linda's [...] ?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [370] You are lumbered with a social event ... to raise money for a car park steward
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [371] Right.
[372] Any oth other business is still open.
[373] Two and half hours before the pubs close.
[374] [...] ... to say something.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [375] Yeah.
[376] It [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [377] we're not quite getting this clear ... it's an excellent idea.
[378] Erm ... but ... one of the reasons that, that we got [...] the audience was, was so ... that they, they obviously the audience were prepared to pay [...] ... for the fact that [...]
David (PS3M9) [379] There's nothing to stop us still asking [...] ... nice little earner ... as they say.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [380] Yes,i i it, it could be a nice little earner as er ... you suggested.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [381] A nice social event. [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [382] This really is committee work ... but I, it does occur to me that [...] mention it ... that erm, if in our advertising ... we point out ... that we have a car park attendant ... and if that car park attendant were to let one slip through his fingers ... me were, we may well then be liable to be sued by the person who [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [383] Oh yes.
Keith (PS3M7) [384] I mean this is the kind of comment we will get ... from somebody who has spent the past five years on the village hall management committee.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [385] I think that ... I think we've agreed that that is to be taken on board by the ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [386] Committee
Keith (PS3M7) [387] by, by the committee.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [388] We'll put it in [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Keith (PS3M7) [389] Any other business [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [390] Can I express thanks to the president for taking this meeting ... it's been ... very interesting.
Keith (PS3M7) [391] What, that I have or the meeting has?
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh]
Keith (PS3M7) [392] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [393] Can I second that.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh]
Keith (PS3M7) [394] Well ...
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [clapping]
Keith (PS3M7) [395] Erm ... all that remains is to say thank you all for taking the trouble to ... turn up and show an interest in the ... administration of the society.
[396] The remainder of the evening is ... at your disposal.
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3MPSUNK) [laugh]