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Friends Provident Insurance training session. Sample containing about 7694 words speech recorded in business context

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  1. Tape 110001 recorded on 1993-12-21. LocationUnknown () Activity: training session

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(PS3P0) [1] What you do now, is er
(PS3P1) [...]
(PS3P0) [2] is er, Robert you can come up and take us through the four steps of selling.
[3] However, to make it a little bit more interesting, you can't use your notes.
Robert (PS3P2) [...]
(PS3P0) [4] [...] listen to Robert
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [5] and see how it goes then [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [clapping] ...
Robert (PS3P2) [6] Good morning all.
(PS3P0) [7] Good morning Robert
Robert (PS3P2) [8] [...] survived this far.
[9] Right last Friday we went through the four stages of selling.
[10] Now I must admit my first thoughts of it were [...] it really gets my back up for some reason or other.
[11] I don't know whether anybody else feels like that but I do.
[12] Now having said that and looking at it with an open mind ... I think it was certainly a very useful day.
[13] The structure was there and I think anybody who's been in this business for any number of years, some of us have been in it longer than others er know that you actually need a structure er of that, of that little [...] .
[14] If you actually go out there without one and I [...] know you find that eventually that is the structure that you come up with.
[15] You start off by asking questions [...] by the [...] if you like and talking to people, getting to know people, getting next to people.
[16] Because it's no good just going in there and throwing products at them, it doesn't work, I know I tried it and, so you need to start off by getting close to people, talking to them, finding out all about [...] .
[17] You then move on and to find out what you actually can do.
[18] [...] find out what they actually need which is the second part and to do that [...] once you do that it's quite easy, as I say once you've actually made contact with them and you are on a friendly basis, you then, you can hold very very useful conversation and let them come over quite naturally.
[19] For the second part [...] finding out what their needs are.
[20] The third part is perhaps something that erm, we find a little more difficult, I do [...] found that er number two, number three and number four if you weren't careful blends very much into one another and actually then part three as far as I'm concerned actually putting across the benefits ... is really the main part I think [...] and that really is putting into everyday English what we know as professionals as in technical terms, cos if you go and talk to somebody [...] whatever it is, they haven't got a clue [...] we have, we talk about it all the time and I think the biggest criticism of the insurance industry as a whole is the fact that you don't talk to people in English and that's why it's got such a [...] foot in the door [...] and I think the third part for me really is the most important part of the sales process, relating our cock-ups in English, the benefits [...] the client.
[21] That really is I think er the part that I erm are most useful in those [...] .
[22] I sold three [...] and [...] one of the reasons why [...] and I think we got tremendous opportunity to develop an enormous part [...] by just going in and speaking to people to explain to [...] and they can relate [...] to write lots and lots of [...] and you can get a good grip [...] we won't do it overnight, it is something you have got to develop.
[23] Th that, that to me is the most important part of [...] .
[24] [...] not supposed to laugh [...] always got to close people down and make sure we do get the order.
[25] So as I say I, I found Friday very useful, I found the er, the renewed routines, although we, I mean we all had lots of problems with the videos, they didn't come out [...] but it didn't really matter because the three of us in our group sat there and very openly, very honestly, and without any personal animosity whatsoever ... helped each other and that again, as I say very useful [...] and so above all a and I think it's something that I [...] feel very strongly about because we haven't talked to people we've, in English, understandable language about what this is all about.
(PS3P0) [26] Okay well done, thank you very much.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [clapping]
(PS3P0) [27] That gave us an overview
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [28] of Friday and we looked at the individual steps but we know, everybody says yes we ask the business, we came across [...] and to put [...] Gareth, can you take it through [...] and explain what it is, and explain each stage [...] so let's hear from Gareth then.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [clapping] ...
Gareth (PS3P3) [29] Thank you, oh sorry, erm [...] explain [...] come forward, sometimes you've got to watch for [...] to [...] erm [...]
(PS3P0) [30] To get back to [...] what method did they come up with [...] ?
Gareth (PS3P3) [31] Well the [...] erm I think [...] sales subject [...] asking questions [...] was [...] erm [...] asking a lot of questions and
(PS3P0) [32] [...] give an example on the [...] .
[33] Give an example on the board how you do that.
Gareth (PS3P3) [34] Er
(PS3P0) [35] Let's have it in [...] explain [...] .
[36] Go on [...] ... what did you prepare last night [...] thinking.
Gareth (PS3P3) [37] [...] I've already [...] .
(PS3P0) [38] Oh dear, never mind.
Gareth (PS3P3) [39] Erm ... [...] erm first one [laugh] [...] .
[40] [...] actually asked in the first place.
(PS3P0) [41] The first thing to acknowledge [...] make sure [...]
Gareth (PS3P3) [42] [...] to answer [...] er [...] .
(PS3P0) [43] Good, well done, thank you very much.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [clapping]
(PS3P0) [44] Okay that was an overview of Friday's successful sales course day and the purpose of [...] is to watch [...] why do you come [...] overflow [...] acknowledge, we probe, we answer and confirm.
[45] The temptation to answer the [...] .
[46] Now straight on we haven't got the real reason why we are projecting, quite intense you will find you may be like today [...] acknowledge, you probe projection, you answer [...] you confirm the over [...] you overcome that objection.
[47] So you'd only look in that projection what will happen, right.
[48] It will [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [49] try and close [...] .
[50] There is still, I am sure, of specific areas and you have to highlight those areas and get them out of the way.
[51] Right, so that was Friday.
[52] What you do today.
[53] Before you move on, I'd like to introduce you to Maggie who will be one of the role play customers for today and tomorrow.
[54] Maggie is one of the senior advisers, one of the successful senior advisers at the Brecon branch and the chap next to her, who hasn't turned up yet is,
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS3P0) [55] is, he was on a Christmas bash last night, he did, he has told me he'd be late, he'll be here oh about ten o'clock- ish.
[56] His [...] who is the Branch Manager at the Horsham branch and he'll be the other role play customer.
[57] You may [...] see a guy wandering in and out [...] groups and that's a guy called Geoff who works for the British National Corpus and these are the people who are trying to have or produce ten million words of the written word and a hundred million erm spoken words, which is a corpus whereby, er [...] come and look at the English language at some time in the future and identify and listen to some of your [...] and your dialects and what you said [...] so make sure you have lots of input as we've got quite a broad spectrum of different dialects today but he'll be wandering in and out er throughout today.
[58] So introductions out of the way, [...] of today is to look at
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [59] the first two steps of the full centre rota, [...] open and step two the exploration of need which will come if you like after [...] objective is that [...] utilizing easy steps of the full step sound process.
[60] So that's what we're going to do today.
[61] But before we look at each step in turn.
[62] [...] I'll take you back to erm, if you like, the ignition key of the whole sales structure.
[63] What starts the whole sales [...] .
[64] [...] Bill?
Bill (PS3P4) [65] Er project sociability.
(PS3P0) [66] No, no, before that.
Bill (PS3P4) [67] Sorry.
(PS3P0) [68] Much before that the whole biblical use that starts the whole sales project going.
Bill (PS3P4) [69] Yeah, telephone call.
(PS3P0) [70] Yeah, so we have made our telephone call, we've made an appointment for say seven o'clock in the evening.
[71] What time would you get there?
[72] What time would you turn up there?
Bill (PS3P4) [...]
(PS3P0) [73] Couple of minutes.
Bill (PS3P4) [74] quarter to.
(PS3P0) [75] Yeah about quarter to or, give yourself time to get there but why do you want to get there early?
[76] Organize yourself, obviously be punctual and be on time so that they can set you up, their clock by you.
Bill (PS3P4) [77] Yes.
(PS3P0) [78] Yeah, what else?
Bill (PS3P4) [79] [...] know what their name is.
(PS3P0) [80] Yeah.
Bill (PS3P4) [81] How old they are, anything that might [...] .
(PS3P0) [82] Yeah, that's right, plan preparation and what else?
Bill (PS3P4) [83] Suss the area.
(PS3P0) [84] Yeah, look at the area.
[85] Yeah but don't prejudge.
[86] Cos you could get there and there could be a [...] four o'clock [...] there and you might think oh my God [...] what a waste of time this is.
[87] That could [...] be [...] ever right and the [...] true.
[88] It could be [...] yes, rub your hands with glee [...] forty pound back.
[89] What a waste of time that was.
[90] So don't prejudge, [...] the purpose of being there is to organize yourself, get a prime preparation about the customer, look at the area because that could be part of er your talking point so [...] appropriate [...] thing.
[91] So we go, we knock at the door, we assume it's the right address, he comes to the door and what will be the first thing you should say?
Bill (PS3P4) [...]
(PS3P0) [92] Yeah, yes, [...] hi, you know [...] with warm [...] both hands [...] , the boat.
[93] What would be the first thing, people tend to do when they've met for the very first time?
Bill (PS3P4) [94] Shake hands [...] .
(PS3P0) [95] Yes shake hands, shake hands with them.
[96] And again.
Bill (PS3P4) [97] Yeah.
(PS3P0) [98] What was it the difference between the first hand and the second handshake?
[99] You may not see it at the back there [...] a lot stronger, okay.
[100] Well a thing called power handshakes, which I thought were the biggest load of gobbledegook until I watched them, a specific chat show host.
[101] There is a story [...] don't give the answer away but who would you say is very positive, one of the most aggressive chat show hosts in, say, today could be I T V or B B C?
Bill (PS3P4) [...]
(PS3P0) [102] [...] no, Clive no.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
(PS3P0) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [103] Gloria .
(PS3P0) [104] [...] is she, [...] Des , how about Des [...] .
[105] Now what tends to happen is, as you know, there is lots and lots of different guests on his chat show and if he feels threatened by them in any way shape or form, what he does he relaxes her, [...] comes in over the top, turns them over, takes them by the shoulder and pushes them into the chair and what he is saying, he is saying, this is my chat show, don't you submit.
[106] And the next time I saw that happen was when erm Colin who was the coloured guy during the gulf crisis met erm our m John .
[107] Bill Clinton had gone for his inaugurations now [...] President of the United States so John [...] high [...] U K [...] John and he met Colin and we had about two sort of erm semi heads of state battling in the [...] what went on.
[108] So, so John came in over the top, Colin put his hands on top line, so John said I'm in charge, over the top, Colin said, no [...] .
[109] He said no i'm not and John says, well no actually i'm in charge here and [...] cosy
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS3P0) [110] not at all.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
(PS3P0) [111] What it was was I'm in charge, no you're not and if you meet two people [...] give me two people who are both power like [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
(PS3P0) [112] [...] pin it on the top as well.
[113] What it is you have a bit of a power [...] twist that easy and of course that's embarrassing so when John met Maggie he thought well I can't twist her over and [...] get stuck in there.
[114] So what he does now he always comes in over the top [...] , so every time you see John shake hands with anybody he'll always do that and come in over the top [...] actually I'm in charge and he sort of er sort of stamps his authority on the individual.
[115] So what I'm saying to you is, don't go in over the top, you know, [...] five, just a normal [...] but a firm handshake because a man would expect it because a weak [...] ha ha handshake can be irritating [...] and the same thing if she is a woman
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [116] don't be conversational
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [117] just [...] pinch her hand, [...] give her a firm handshake [...] because you've got about ninety seconds in which to make your first impression and of the ninety seconds about ninety five percent of that time is made through visual images and that can be your dress sense, the way you carry yourself, present yourself, erm body language, don't invade his personal space, only I think about erm I think about twelve, twelve seconds off of ninety seconds, or there thereabouts is spent on what you say.
[118] The large proportion of the impressions made to what they see, how they visualize you, so if you look a mess you're backing on the wrong foot, you give, you're getting off to a bad start straight away and be aware of hidden signals that you'll give your emanating [...] .
[119] [...] successful sales people, if you have a hole in your shoe, that can be intensely embarrassing and they'll spot that [...] .
[120] So the head of a major [...] I can't think of the guy's name and he just had a major acquisition and this guy was [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [121] mega bucks and the company had gone [...] escalated and then [...] opportunity of this guy, you know, saying what a super guy he was, what an entrepreneur and what he done is, you know, I've had something [...] head, you know, I'm in charge and he put his feet on the desk there and he had a hole in his shoe and s spread across all the papers the next day was this guy with a hole in his shoe and this was a multi million pound corporate er corporate body, he couldn't afford to buy a decent pair of shoes
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [122] so check your shoes.
[123] Women tend to look for three to four things, your shoes, your fingernails, ties and socks, okay so make sure you look the part.
[124] Don't wear overpowering aftershave, that says more about your sexuality and sensuality than about your business acumen.
[125] [...] overpowering [...] dress [...] .
[126] So we set the scene, we look good, we haven't crushed them to death and he's gonna take us into one or two areas
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [127] either the living room or the study or maybe the kitchen.
[128] So if we look at the living room ... I would say this is our, our living room, right into the hall ... erm ... the T V in the corner there ... settee there ... so you wander in there, Gill where would you put yourself, where would you sit down?
Gill (PS3P5) [...]
(PS3P0) [129] Just there?
[130] Yeah okay, [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [131] Why would you go there [...] ?
Gill (PS3P5) [132] Because I, I want to sit in the room where they're both gonna be facing [...] not sitting like an odd dog right [...] .
(PS3P0) [133] Yes [...] .
[134] The [...] could be if you pop yourself there, he sits there and she sits there, you're asking him a question, he's not sure, he looks at her, so if you look [...] you can't see what you're doing, you want to be able to maintain eye contact with them both, yeah, one of the effective ways, well they're going to be aware of the layout of the living room, this is their [...] , this is their stage.
[135] As we come across, you know, slippers there and a hot steaming mug of tea [...] embarrassed [...] in there.
[136] All of a sudden you're infringing upon his [...] his stamping ground, his authority and he won't take it too kindly.
Bill (PS3P4) [137] According to if you change the settee, you are knocking the T V because on about two calls er last week, the T V never went off.
[138] So what you're doing is to take the focal point away from them and they're having to look at you if you know what I mean.
(PS3P0) [139] What so you would go there then?
Bill (PS3P4) [140] I would go there, simply because of the situation where the T V never is switched off.
(PS3P0) [141] [...] tend to try and get rid of the T V because you don't want the distraction in the background.
Bill (PS3P4) [142] Spoil [...] never switched it off.
(PS3P0) [143] We need it now, we need, we are a nation that needs continual visual stimulation.
[144] Take the T V away and conversation collapses and dies and in a survey a former German couple, they took away lots of [...] and they were nearly suicidal and they were nearly murdering
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [145] the wife, the husband and the children because they hadn't got the continual visual simulation ... a picture paints a thousand words, this is where we have O H P.
[146] This is where we have erm er [...] as opposed to standing here and delivering erm an [...] otherwise.
[147] If we are gonna start switching off [...] a heavy night the night before and you need visual stimulation to get you up and [...] .
[148] So personally I'd be satisfied you are there or there.
[149] Well [...] effective ways of starting putting your authority wh where you wanna go is by using the [...] .
[150] There is no right or wrong way and personally I always take a briefcase with me because there you have the tools of my trade in there.
[151] If you feel comfortable going in [...] second [...] one of these and these alone, that's fine by him [...] do what we did come [...] in the first place, you can go in, take your briefcase ... pop it down there, this says to them, [...] this is where I'm gonna work from, is that okay with you?
[152] Rather than plonking [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [153] down there and getting everybody's [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [sneeze]
(PS3P0) [154] So the suit so the suit the briefcase rather, does have an effective purpose ... So let's say we haven't gone into there ... and we go into the study ... he sits there, where would you put yourself there [...] ?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [155] Straight [...]
(PS3P0) [156] Just there [...] yes okay why would you go there [...] ?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [157] Because the desk is consultation.
(PS3P0) [158] Could be seen yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [159] [...] see what you're doing if you're writing.
(PS3P0) [160] Yeah.
[161] Yeah okay I think to go across there, won't be so board room style, can be seen as confrontational.
[162] We used to have the layout on [...] course, not like this but in
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [163] that sort of case is where I'm in the middle there and you're all sat around there.
[164] I said they would be noticed ... because you got a better response from people who put you in small [...] groups [...] feel there is less pressure on them.
[165] Which if you imagine you've got [...] twenty, [...] twenty four, twenty four people all sat around in that particular format and I nominate somebody within the group, twenty p pairs of eyes focus on this one guy, if he doesn't know the answer to the question he's incredibly embarrassed.
[166] If you spread the group up and as far as you're concerned there's only a couple of guys looking at you and [...] within the group [...] more supportive than just one big body and if you're feeling comfortable then the chances are you retain more information and [...] part information to [...] not just sat there.
[167] Those [...] you find general public make no difference.
[168] So yeah, be aware and try not to be [...] .
[169] There may well be there's a chair there and a chair there [...] there well, I guess he'd want you to sit there, don't be tempted to pull the chair when it [...] authority I'm here, you're there [...] do with me, let's see how it goes and I trust you.
[170] Okay he stamps his authority.
[171] Again be aware if you have a desk, the temptation is that you [...] using a folder here and if your [...] is laid on the desk, what would he be able to do?
[172] Roger?
Roger (PS3P6) [173] [...] read it.
(PS3P0) [174] Yeah he'd be able to read it, now the problem with that might produce ... is what?
[175] What his potential problem would be, [...] pick it up [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [176] What [...]
Bill (PS3P4) [177] [...] psychological barrier up, there's a psychological barrier [...] you reckon you can sell me something.
Gill (PS3P5) [178] He might start asking you why [...] answer to that [...] question.
[179] [...] got there [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [180] That starts the key thinking, why do I [...] the field [...] list of [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [181] Why do I just [...] time, why do I do that?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [182] You can go through the points one at a time. [...]
(PS3P0) [183] I want you to concentrate on a specific area, so you want to retain control.
[184] You are the main [...] you're in charge there, so again be aware.
[185] This is why I think this sort of folder [...] worth its weight in gold [...] put the C C Q in there and it doesn't become a barrier if you have it like that.
[186] Something which is called the best of and at the same time this [...] barrier [...] , so again be aware.
[187] ... So if I was to say we've ... we've picked our area, what potential instructions do we have do you think, let's say we've got a good, quite [...] now, what potential instruction do we have with that particular area, that arena rather?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [188] [...] T V.
(PS3P0) [189] Yeah the T V could do with a few big ones, alright okay body stopper, they want you to have a T V on and [...] be tempted, depends on what, how it went, to ask them to turn it off but if you can't that would [...] upon them then you'll have to work with it because what you don't want to be seeing is okay they are there, you're here and they're concentrating on this.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [190] Okay what other obstructions would we have?
[191] Pets yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
(PS3P0) [192] Pets, he just wants to say hello, you knock at the door and this Afghan wolfhound is playing in the back there, take it in the kitchen and they say to you he only wants to say hello, that's right [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS3P0) [193] This dog is bounding out and going to sniff and then calms down.
[194] I went into one house and er you so I came in and I got to about sort of I don't know, roughly there I think it was and she said, do you have any objection to cats?
[195] I said no not particularly [...] that little grey Persian, cats in the [...] so I went in there and then six of them, cats and two gerbils [...] oh my God what am I getting into?
[196] So you can actually look at your jokes.
[197] So nothing to do with pets really, just put up with the hope [...] or you can always take yourself [...] with you [laugh] miaow spreading the [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [198] What other obstructions do we have?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [199] How can we pre-empt that?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [200] Ask the time they go to bed?
(PS3P0) [201] Yeah,
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
(PS3P0) [202] yeah you could do yeah if you have young children because they are far better sales people than we will ever be.
[203] You could think of course do have children, dad, can I, can I, can I, [...] bed you go, just to shut them up so if you have two small children there, the chances are you will lose the woman [...] put them to bed or [...] .
[204] If you lose the woman what have you potentially lost?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
(PS3P0) [205] [...] sale.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [206] Unfortunately.
(PS3P0) [207] The decision maker
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [208] Then you've lost them in [...] maker, he's going to do nothing without her being there.
[209] Again you want both people there.
[210] So just a few ideas, not let you know exhaustive but a few ideas to be aware of [...] you've got [...] appropriate [...] .
[211] So, three ca get there on time, let them set the clock by you, people are more forgiving for somebody I think if you are a little bit late, than if you're too early.
[212] Cos people are geared up to see you at seven o'clock.
[213] Five to seven, that's not a problem, but quarter to seven, that sets the whole, the whole sale process the wrong [...] .
[214] [...] seven o'clock, well I thought I'd come a bit earlier [...] forget that they want a tidy living room, they want to get the toys out of the way, they want to present themselves in the best possible light so they'd be more forgiving if you're late than if you're too early [...] to be on time.
[215] Right, so, here we go then, let's look at step one the open ... right so, okay so what would be the first part of this particular sales process?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
(PS3P0) [216] [...] introduction.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
(PS3P0) [217] Yes.
[218] Reaching an appropriate sociability and the business to be won or lost [...] short space of time and wanted to set the scene and make a right, a right impression at the right [...] .
[219] Then ... appropriate [...] too short, too long, [...] accept the [...] so [...] appropriate sociability, how long have you been there ... just moved in, do you know the neighbours [...] that bit of information you've gathered [...] especially late at night now [...] on someone's door that's already set back [...] whatever.
[220] Nothing more embarrassing than going up right underneath, oh he's got the wrong one and the door opens.
[221] Very embarrassed to get a [...] to [...] searchlight [laugh] the panning down the street [...] so we have [...] responsibility to accept the team [...] sat down and start [...] .
[222] What would you [...] point?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
(PS3P0) [223] [...] five [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [224] Can I worry about that?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
(PS3P0) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [225] Yes.
(PS3P0) [226] Don't say I'll give you a bit of my advice [...] on a lead, because er you haven't had the call so you ought to be on your best level.
[227] Wise guy merely states who you are and who you represent and what advice you can give and that's it, it's no big deal.
[228] If they wanna read it
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [229] let them.
[230] See cos very few people will actually say stop I need to speak with independent [...] advise [...] because he's working in my best interests, where you are entirely with an independent company.
[231] Very few people [...] at all would ever ever ever ever say that and we look at the, when we look at the, the erm [...] format you'll find [...] called it a sadist because [...] chains on him from [...] because [...] on him [...] so that we [...] .
[232] However, if you feel the buyer's going to present a business problem we show them the buyer's guide and a business card so you can give them the buyer's guide, explain what it's for [...] and then give them your business card and then that [...] buyer's guide to look for business card.
[233] Yeah, the buyer's guide [...] but let's not get bogged down with this, this isn't the problem [...] something we have to do.
[234] [...] so he looks at the buyer's guide, business card and it's thoroughly [...] .
[235] What will we do [...] there [...] ?
Gill (PS3P5) [...]
(PS3P0) [236] [...] yeah, introduce Bob for referrals.
[237] Then how do you [...] tea [...] how would you have tea?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [238] Well depending on the situation er you would ask him how he did came to be client.
(PS3P0) [239] Yes okay [...] carry on you're right there [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [240] Erm
(PS3P0) [241] So [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [242] erm [...] come to .
(PS3P0) [243] With clients like this walking down [...] just wanna go down quality.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
(PS3P0) [244] That's the usual answer I get.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [245] Yeah.
(PS3P0) [246] Erm ... you may have heard that we've grown big by being recommended.
[247] Er by word of mouth recommendations erm ...
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
(PS3P0) [248] Sorry Robert
Robert (PS3P2) [249] Oh yeah we've
(PS3P0) [250] carry on.
Robert (PS3P2) [251] You can erm by word of mouth recommendations it means that we, we have to spend less money on advertising, now that means that in the long run we can pass that on to the client like yourself
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [252] Ha ha.
Robert (PS3P2) [253] by way of reducing and charges or increasing the benefits wherever possible.
(PS3P0) [254] Right.
Robert (PS3P2) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [laugh]
Danny (PS3P7) [255] Just in the course of our competence.
Robert (PS3P2) [256] Right in the course of our er er com our meetings Danny erm I will be asking you to recommend me to people but if, but only if you feel that this meeting has been of some benefit to you.
[257] Will that be okay?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [258] We'll, seriously gentleman we'll take it from there, there [...] there's a cup of tea out in the [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
(PS3P0) [259] [...] introduce it get my view of
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
(PS3P0) [260] [...] I'd give you the introduction [...] one point [...] commitment that you didn't get.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [261] Yeah.
(PS3P0) [262] but hopefully it won't be the [...] so what you're saying was you you'd recommend it to us, yeah [...] plan [...] this is the way we do our business, by recommendations okay.
[263] You have to learn that script, it's got to roll off the tongue, if you don't know the script, you'll have it [...] you'll leave it out, you won't do it, you haven't planned for tea which means what?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [264] You won't, you definitely won't ask at the end of the first [...] not a hope in hell [...] begin the second, cos you might ask at the end of the second appointment.
[265] [...] comes a shock to the guy, who [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
Robert (PS3P2) [266] [...] depends on my advice [...] there's my business card [...] I will now [...] give me a ring.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [267] Yeah sure yeah lovely, thanks a lot.
[268] What is it [...] was, what did they tell you anyway?
[269] Erm hash it [...] back to referrals, thirty one weeks [...] six hundred [...] any of the [...] thirty one weeks and they're gone.
[270] Okay so make sure we plant the seed and [...] and we're planting the seed to go back to later on.
[271] So we've planted the seed [...] makes sense, we'll see what you can do, get mortgaged up, what would we do now?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [272] Yes [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [273] Yeah.
[274] Why do there?
[275] And what would be [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [276] And the reason Pauline is to [...] service [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [277] That's one of the reasons, yeah.
[278] One other. [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [279] Yeah, good one other.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [280] To make sure [...] .
Robert (PS3P2) [281] Yeah good.
[282] Well the first [...] want to say hi [...] two to look at the policy we have with us to make sure they're so good as originally intended.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [283] Well what always follows the statement [...] professional salesman?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [284] Invalidate it good.
[285] And what will be a tentative [...] .
[286] Well what do they mean by a tentative benefit?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
Robert (PS3P2) [287] [...] tentative benefit [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [288] Yeah [...] we don't want [...] say well [...] you know I can save you tax.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
Robert (PS3P2) [289] Well if you save tax yes it is [...] or bad [...] planning [...] try to keep it as broad as we possibly can.
[290] So what attempted benefit would you undertake?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [291] [...] benefit [...] .
Robert (PS3P2) [292] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [293] [...] is making money work harder for you.
Robert (PS3P2) [294] Yeah.
[295] Try to keep it as broad as you can to do the [...] well alright then I know why it is, what's in it for me.
[296] What game [...] an hour in the future increasing your income like today or some time in [...] .
[297] Then what would follow [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [298] What would be my first [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [299] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [300] A tentative [...] .
Robert (PS3P2) [301] Salesman.
[302] We call it a [...] proceed, then why do we check [...] proceed should be part of the whole self process and not just [...] in [...] .
[303] [...] to be delivered in one statement [...] show you what [...] the chances are you'll be doing it anyway but not erm what you are actually doing [...] purpose you'll always be followed by a tentative benefit [...] always be followed by cheque [...] standing or in this case [...] tell me how does that [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
Robert (PS3P2) [304] What are we gonna do now?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [305] Yes [...] .
[306] I need to take down one or two details, will that be alright.
[307] [...] it's part of the sales process.
[308] For you to give better advice, [...] C C Q [...] no you don't but to get past the [...] yes you do.
[309] [laugh] If you don't [...] you could use an A four pad [...] building up a picture of the guy and trying [...] at some time
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
Robert (PS3P2) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
Robert (PS3P2) [310] [...] with that one, [...] if you do, don't have it.
[311] [...] do obviously, do business, you're gonna need some form of [...] I D card [...] .
[312] The final session would be to introduce er the C C Q.
[313] That's basically, that is step one ... can you follow?
[314] Each part of that particular structure, you've done a good step one, what must that lead to?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [315] Before step one we did what?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [316] And before step two we do?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [317] [...] you're not too sure what he wants, he's agreed to see you next week, he doesn't know why he's seeing you but you go back and you present, [...] so try and overcome rejection but the thing was he wants to [...] in the first place.
[318] So you [...] that one [...] second time [...] instructions from that point [...] unlikely [...] very very unlikely so you've set the scene with a good strong step one, so looking at each indiv individual part of the open, which parts do you think you could leave out?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [319] None of them.
Robert (PS3P2) [320] None of them, [...] so make sure you don't. [...] step one.
[321] Any questions or [...] comments?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [322] [...] unlikely [...] and he said no I don't want to go, it's easy [...] sorry to have, thanks for your time.
Robert (PS3P2) [323] Yeah, yeah.
[324] I wouldn't, I wouldn't [...] C C Q, I [...] just go back to, erm [...] and to start [...] chat basically and see what contact [...] .
[325] Now acknowledgement could be [...] , can be [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [326] That's a good question [...] the temptation to fill the void is quite intense.
[327] How, how long do you think it'll take for give up [...] how long will it take before that person feels uncomfortable and has to respond?
[328] How long does it take roughly?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [329] [...] ten [...] .
[330] Specially [...] fifth, a fifth of a second [...] and they start to feel uncomfortable.
[331] By one second, two seconds, they are starting to perspire and they will have to say something unless you get a real swine [...] to sell people, one [...] we sell to, two, the one that says I know the stuff [...] a hope in hell [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [laugh]
Robert (PS3P2) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [332] [...] he did that and he was quiet for twenty minutes.
Robert (PS3P2) [333] Twenty minutes [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [334] I just sat with him [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [335] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [336] He sold, he sold it to them in the end.
Robert (PS3P2) [337] Ninety minutes [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [338] He just sat there.
Robert (PS3P2) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [339] [...] forget what you're there for [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [340] Yeah [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [341] [...] horrible.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [342] Pretty intense that [...] twenty minutes, my God.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [343] Yeah.
Robert (PS3P2) [344] For those of you that don't know how to [...] the C C Q
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
Robert (PS3P2) [345] then this might be a guide [...] but a step in the right direction hopefully.
[346] During our discussions with the client I'll be making notes [...] can [...] the situation but one foot in your own [...] regarding your own future plans.
[347] I'll just [...] once more track, don't say all [...] give you the best possible advice.
[348] [...] effective way in achieving your future plans.
[349] How does that sound?
[350] Bit long winded ... [...] C C Q then put your back up [...] .
[351] [...] to say [...] okay and then [...] quite often you say my God that's that whopper. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [352] If in the unlikely event, if they want to feel a C C Q, let them have it, don't, don't [...] because that person may be a tax [...] he, he buys [...] he has to feel what he's buying and to deprive him from that you really are up against it.
[353] People buy in three different modes, visual and audible or a connective touchy, feel mode, if he wants to be touchy feeling you give it to him.
[354] He'll be touchy feeling and he wants to complete application form, give it to him ... okay if he's an original [...] he'll want to see conceptual presentations, he'll want to see illustrations, he'll want to see erm, sales aids, if he's in audible mode he will [...] far more readily to what you tell him as opposed to, let me show you something, okay and there's a specific technique [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [355] You have to [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [356] [...] don't be afraid of P M you're right there [...] you'll find [...] don't be afraid to give him the C C Q, it's no big deal.
[357] If he comes back and says, well this is, this is a bit of a whopper, this document [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [358] Just takes a lot of [...] .
Robert (PS3P2) [359] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [360] It certainly may not be, it may be a very good artificial [...] you see [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [361] [...] H M A [...] that he is recoverable, he may be a [...] .
[362] So er right ... loads of you have been [...] away, I'm going to hand [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [laugh]
Robert (PS3P2) [363] And you can use this when we move into the role play
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]
Robert (PS3P2) [364] which will be I don't know about ten o'clock-ish ... is that a problem [...] the er [...] a copy of a buyer's guide in for you ... Before we move into the role play for [...] cycle, what I have to do is show you erm a training video that is produced by the department, you may have seen it before I don't know ... [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough] ...
Robert (PS3P2) [...] ... [...] ... [...] ...
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...] ...
Robert (PS3P2) [365] [...] ... [...] ... who's technical, anyone know what they're doing with these things?
[366] No [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [367] You don't have much luck with [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [368] I don't normally, no, this was set up yesterday [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [369] [...] change [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [370] That, that is the problem I can't change that here [...] that and not particularly that problem [...] ... [...] back up usually here ... Right, it's important to see this, so can we have a quick ten minute break and I want [...] somebody
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [371] Very very hard.
[372] Yeah can we be back here at ten to ten please [...] sociability [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [laugh]
Robert (PS3P2) [373] Now it's gone now I'm afraid.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [laugh]
Robert (PS3P2) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [374] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...] ...
Robert (PS3P2) [375] The reason this figure was produced is erm because one of the comments we had back from the other induction courses er Gareth, [...] the reason we had produced this video was erm [...] structure [...] you've never shown it, so it's not necessarily tongue in cheek but it is a strictly sales structure but it will give you a clearer idea of our guide what to do to the role plays this morning, Saturday and tomorrow.
[376] So here we go.
[377] The sales structure take two. ... [the following is from a video recording]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [378] [music] Friends all steps to selling.
[379] We are trying to break the selling process down to [...] areas, this takes place over two separate appointments, that sets out the [...] of selling process easier to understand.
[380] Step one the opening, this book [...] the introduction from the purpose of the appointment.
[381] Step two, exploration of needs.
[382] This looks at finding out about your client and comes from the C C Q ... the confidential client questionnaire, step three, present, this looks at presenting your recommendations based on the C C Q and finally step four the close.
[383] This is where you [...] for the business, complete the paperwork and [...] away the future business.
[384] Steps one and two takes place at the first appointment and steps three and four at the second.
[385] In the following two appointments our client's wife was unable to attend, however, it's important that all decision makers should be present where possible.
[386] [end of music] Step one the open, this looks at the introduction and the purpose of the appointment.
[387] This would be the first opportunity that your potential client has to meet you, remember first impressions do count.
[388] You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [389] Good afternoon Mr [...] to meet you.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [390] Okay.
[391] Come right in.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [392] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [393] A smile and a firm handshake accompanied by your announcement of who you are, where your [...] should be the first impression that you make.
[394] Appropriate sociability means saying the right things to strike up a rapport with your client, helping them to relax, feel comfortable and get to know you before cutting the business.
[395] With some clients that can be five minutes discussing the house, the garden or a hobby of theirs with others it could mean a short exchange of pleasantries followed by a suggestion to proceed with your intended business.
[396] It's also a good time to decide where you're going to sit for example, in the dining room or the lounge.
[397] It can mean your client a guide about how you can advise followed by your business card, then help smooth into the area of business.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [398] [...] I'd like to give you this which spells out clearly my status and what I can do for you, it simply states that I work for ... [video ends]
Robert (PS3P2) [399] Well we have production course [...] you have made your appointment to see Mr and Mrs who are existing clients of , you will now conduct the first appointment starting with greeting and appropriate sociability which is the first part of step one, through to producing the C C Q and then [...] further copy pages two and four of the attached C C Q in your booklet, so [...] two and four are er ... we've got four and two, the personal details and [...] may be the wrong way round there, so it's advisable to say you complete the first part of it, page two and then the employment details okay, so you doing a little bit of exploring there so if you like you can be doing all of step one and a little bit of step two, buying in this particular role playing.
[400] Is that clear to everybody?
[401] So the customers will be myself, Maggie [...] sales people throughout the day and tomorrow we'll not be customers in any way, shape or form.
[402] Now I'll put you in these erm [clears throat] particular groups and you each have an allotted task as it were, so group A which is you people there, you will stay here okay and group B and C [...] I'll put you, that's what we keep doing with that, [...] ... so Barry you are in the jurassic er [...] Gareth you are in [...] as well .
[403] So the previous manager will be Robert, [...] and Gareth, it's your responsibility to control the role plays, make sure the [...] the managers should not do that, [...] keep it [...] and make sure the whole role play scenario runs on track.
[404] [...] Joan, Diane and Matt, so we'll see if we can get [...] good this time so [...] show you how [...] the same [...] .
[405] Bill, Roger and Vincent you will be the respective time keepers okay I'll give you timing in due course but remember to give a two minute warning which is the rap on the desk [...] make sure [...] going on and you will find out the role plays will or may run over time.
[406] [...] you will notice [...] B and C only has three people in it.
[407] What that means in your particular groups you will nominate amongst yourselves who will be the fourth role play.
[408] So each of the groups [...] four role plays [...] amongst yourselves who will do er the extra role play.
[409] If there are four to do, so you'll all [...] again at least twice and the best thing you have is you have more practice er [...] [clears throat] so are you all clear on what you have to do, what you're allotted to have to sell?
[410] Now [...] and that's for my benefit alone okay, what that means is that I'll see each and every one of you in a, a role play so the first person in each role play will be Robert, Barry and Gareth, followed by Gill, [...] , followed by Bill, Roger and Vincent and Robert again [...] you do not deviate from that order.
[411] That means I will see you at least once.
[412] Right here [...] feedback to your respective manager as regards to your sales figures ... so please stick to that format for today and tomorrow [...] everyone clear on what we have for today, yeah? [...] . ...
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough] ...
Robert (PS3P2) [413] So we're looking at five minutes preparation, fifteen minutes role play, fifteen minutes play back, followed by twenty minutes feedback.
[414] Each cycle should take fifty five minutes ... so we do three sets of role play, well we look at them, look for the cycle to start at quarter past ten ... [...] first cycle must start at quarter past ten, there [...] four [...] that should be for one o'clock ... so we commence the third and final role play, come back here and break for lunch and have an hour for lunch [...] final role play at two o'clock.
[415] That [...] is everyone clear in what they have to do?
[416] Yeah ... the actual [...] as you did [...] successful sales course [...] we can note your comments down okay, I'll give you a set of these now, write the sales person's name across there and write your comments, criticisms, what was done well, what was done badly, what could be improved on and [...] it's his role play cycle, give this to the sales person.
[417] Remember the format [...] controls [...] he will normally [...] start off, sell [...] first [...] routine, then he or she will have er say, right at the very end, say why he [...] say why he or she [...] [clears throat] and that's the format I want to follow.
[418] That [...] performance but not the applicant, so don't take it to heart as [...] not necessarily [...] .
[419] Can I have the any spares [...] ... Right if there are no, anyone got any questions at all?
[420] Right okay so this group of study here, you can get all your stuff and your videos, follow me and I'll take you to the [...] rooms [...] .
[421] Do not start until quarter past [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3P2) [422] Yeah you don't start [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [423] [...] Yeah.
Robert (PS3P2) [424] Make sure you bring your videos and your notes and all that sort of stuff with you, I am sure we'll need it.
[425] ... And make sure you bring the key as well?
[426] Try and remember that [...] okay let's go ...
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [427] Thanks Bob. ...
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [...] ... [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [...] ...
Robert (PS3P2) [428] [...] I suppose.
Gill (PS3P5) [...]
(PS3P0) [429] Come on then camera operator ...
Gill (PS3P5) [430] [...] technical [...] .
[431] ... Yeah it's been engaged on Friday ...
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [432] Are you are you gonna use this table?
Gill (PS3P5) [433] Probably [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [434] I would think so.
Gill (PS3P5) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [435] You're welcome.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [436] You alright?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [437] I'm fine.
Gill (PS3P5) [438] How do you feel [...] ?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [439] Well done [...] .
[440] I don't actually know where [...] all those troubles with videos.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [441] Well there's er ... [...] lots [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [442] [...] they, they suggest that we do [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [443] Are you going to use my tape rather than yours?
Gill (PS3P5) [444] What?
[445] No I'll just go and, I'll just quickly clean [...] erm I'll just set the camera up that's all.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [446] [...] that one.
Gill (PS3P5) [447] I don't know [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [448] What erm what [...] today [...] ?
Gill (PS3P5) [449] Oh well I'm officially on leave at the moment.
[450] I was taking leave this week
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [451] Oh right.
Gill (PS3P5) [452] so I'm wound up [...] anyway but erm
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [453] Anything happening?
Gill (PS3P5) [454] I've got an appointment already booked.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [455] They wouldn't have got me to come if I hadn't had, if I [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [456] Oh well you're as experienced as anyone now this [...] trying to get [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [457] Okay [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [458] [...] Daniel [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [459] Action.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [460] [...] one of the nice parts about this is that you are getting paid on ninety percent [...] cycle.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [461] When, when I started you only got payment [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [462] The problem that I had with the
Gill (PS3P5) [463] Where you don't get it, if it's clean bid there erm you're going to be getting it [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [464] Right.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [465] Erm actually it may be better if you [...] .
Gill (PS3P5) [466] Yes you haven't got much space there have you?
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [467] No [...] .
Gill (PS3P5) [468] [...] I don't know [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [469] [...] .
[470] Which is good, considering you know [...] closed down.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [471] Sure [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [472] Oh yes.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Gill (PS3P5) [473] Well this is [...] about [...] make sure that you want [...] ...
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [474] Does your wife know about this? ...
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [475] Oh [laughing] right [] . ...
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [476] Right who's got any [...] well if you could just move a little bit closer.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [477] Now, now.
Gill (PS3P5) [478] You can see we, we've done very well on this [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [479] That's very [...] I mean this [...] see what you think about that [...] actually it's got [...] .
[480] Let's just look and see [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [481] but other [...] I'm in control.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough] ...
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [482] See you've just got [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [483] [...] that way [...] see all the [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [484] Yes.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [485] We can do all those all [...] that.
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [486] It's a personal [...] sales process
Robert (PS3P2) [487] [...] a complete evaluation of the [...]
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [488] Spot them ...
Gill (PS3P5) [489] I can't do it [...] ...
Unknown speaker (J3UPSUNK) [cough]