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Friends Provident Insurance training session. Sample containing about 5889 words speech recorded in business context

6 speakers recorded by respondent number C469

PS3P8 X f (No name, age unknown, sales person) unspecified
PS3P9 X m (No name, age unknown, sales person) unspecified
PS3PA X m (No name, age unknown, salesman) unspecified
PS3PB X m (No name, age unknown, salesman) unspecified
J3VPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
J3VPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 110101 recorded on 1993-12-21. LocationUnknown () Activity: training session

Undivided text

(PS3P8) [1] Er [...] er I was with you then [...] selling then.
[2] Er you also [...] basically er the first thing you did was [...] erm the second thing you mentioned was these two hurdles, the third thing you did was check when you was to proceed.
[3] Er the fourth thing you did was introduction to the C C Q.
[4] So you went four, in one to seven you went four, three, six, seven and I think you missed out [...] and appropriate sociability [...] .
[5] I didn't [...] ten minutes later.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS3P8) [6] I wasn't sure if there [...] or well there may be [...] so whatever reasons it just went out the window.
[7] Erm still friendly [...] still relaxed which is very important part [...] er and er [...] tried.
[8] Once you got into the C C Q erm for me it sounded like a string of questions ... erm I couldn't hear any [...] at all or any open [...] questions into any of the answers that were given to you on [...] question.
[9] Erm [...] there was, there was one module, [...] and develop that [...] .
(PS3P9) [10] How did it go?
(PS3P8) [11] Nothing at all erm there was something there [...] important time of the year [...] .
[12] Again with the Royal Navy Reserve [...] mentioned just, just question, you [...] register the answer and on you went.
[13] Er ... I'll just put Miss signal [...] to probe into areas.
[14] First one was worked abroad
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
(PS3P8) [15] expand on that.
[16] I think the proof of the pudding was that y you know you finished up in twelve minutes and arguably you have three minutes could have been spent floating around just chatting about this, that and the other.
[17] Er I was, I was surprised erm because it was, it wasn't as good as I started.
[18] So there we are it's a bitter critique. ... [clears throat]
(PS3PA) [19] Very relaxed, good effort Pete.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [20] [...] I've got the feeling that I was th there to talk about it [...] break erm, Doris [...] all of it.
[21] [...] she did all those steps [...] .
(PS3P8) [22] [...] right order.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [23] In fact erm I've ticked them all eventually erm you actually did them [...] out of order.
[24] There was a potential benefit and I can't remember exactly [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [25] Erm [...] p pro probes, nearly all closed erm we were taking notes of sort to follow up things.
[26] Yes.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [27] You weren't asking to expand it.
[28] Tell me about these things, so you don't smoke, you don't [...] and there's all sorts of [...] problems.
[29] Erm when [...] said, said it all and then [...] should say that but there's nothing more I can say and so the overall [...] thing was great.
[30] [...] relax, just put the guy [...] talk themselves till the cows come home, I would have done erm this, got the structure the wrong way round ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [31] Over to you.
(PS3PB) [32] Right erm a lot of good things there erm empathy is I think the second thing I wrote down on, on the strength, brilliant very [...] see that obviously open up [...] erm there was interest in what I was doing, you, you were confident.
[33] I thought you did ask some, there were a lot of good overall questions to start with but I think they tailed away very quickly.
[34] Erm [...] fact that you set up the scene for the introductions and you asked for it that you, you know, took and reduced those people to an image of which was good.
[35] Erm you had a statement of Barbara's, [...] if it was in there, it was planned so that you crew can work harder [...] erm although you filled in the bonus question well,the there was a tend [...] dangerous tendency for you be sucked in to go into the bonus and I think you did well to say yeah well we'd better walk along to that so you held out [...] which was nice because if I had if you hadn't tackled that you might have been shown the door once you'd gone through that [...] .
[36] Erm [clears throat] yeah you will see you, you will seek an application and er you've checked on the completeness of the information.
[37] A lot of people would have just kept it, that thirty five thousand, nothing else but you went in, you picked up the R N V R.
[38] Erm well what's come out you see, you did finish early and there are a lot of, if you like, no, they weren't red herrings but [...] laissez needed a bit further probing like on the income, thirty five thousand, yeah, but is there anything else, well yeah there's the car, there's the [...] all of those are pensionable.
[39] You could have
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
(PS3PB) [40] Yeah so, there's a bit more, more could have been written down on that.
[41] I saw you write down crafty [...] so you picked up his little circle, it could be used for referrals, there's the R A R obviously is another one so they're things that can be er picked up.
[42] You didn't ask a question about my [...] you accepted at face value the thing about health.
[43] ... Is there not a question in there, unless I'm going, er does it ask you er alright you can talk fast something like that [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
(PS3PB) [44] whether you've had a serious illness or [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [45] [...] just put there what's your present state of health, present state of health.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [46] [...] take any regular medication
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [47] Present state of health [...]
(PS3PB) [48] That's right you did ask me that
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [sneeze]
(PS3PB) [49] you did erm, I think you've not been asked to do, to say anything about have you had any serious illnesses at all.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [50] Yeah it has cropped up.
(PS3PB) [51] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [52] Something ag again you when you're doing it, in other areas of the industry if you're not taught the structure you, you are not taught properly, you get these very bad habits and [...] essential thing which is coming out [...] by not following the structure in order I actually wrote down er by missing the business card and the buyer's guide at the beginning, I was actually [...] I've got to slip this in somewhere and not listening to what you were saying and some of what you said went straight over my head which is bad because you're missing things then.
[53] Er some of the [...] .
(PS3PB) [54] Yeah some, some of ours [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS3PB) [55] Get away from there.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [56] I usually get round people like that though because if somebody said that
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [57] [...] not at all but, you know, there are tax advantages in it sort of thing erm [...] .
(PS3PB) [58] Yeah it's just a small volume, you've just got one channel for, yeah currently I'm in pretty good shape but only a year ago I had a major bypass operation.
[59] So you've just got to watch out that you you're gonna miss those things if you're not careful.
[60] Okay with education of children, does that not crop up on this?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [61] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [62] Yes [...] .
(PS3PB) [63] Erm, what else was there, tennis?
[64] Did you, did you think there was
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [65] Tennis Club yes [...] .
(PS3PB) [66] Because there were, there were easily three [...] lists of influence on referrals that you need to be attuned to, that I gave you in that one erm praise, give a bit of praise to my wife because all I'm proud of [...] crafty [...] , I thought, you know, why didn't you say that was a beautiful brief.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [67] Yeah.
(PS3PB) [68] And when you go home [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [69] Because I would think it's that I hadn't given you the [...]
(PS3PB) [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [70] I knew
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [71] Is that when it clicked?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [72] Yeah,th well no just before then I kept thinking
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [73] God I haven't [...] the buyer's guide and all that bit just went straight over my head that's [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [74] I wasn't listening and it was important that I should have picked that up.
(PS3PB) [75] I mean you obviously did well because you've realized you've forgotten it and you know you've gotta, the ideal two worst steps over [...] to, the person who's sitting here is not gonna say, hold on, where's the buyer's guide, [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [76] [laughing] It's not that important sir [] .
(PS3PB) [77] unless it's the [...] but er if you've forgot it [...] back [...] good reason for handing it over [...] so yeah I mean I, I think that [clears throat] well I've given you the, the, the strength if you like [...] we can see it, perhaps a little bit more open questioning wouldn't go amiss would it?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [78] No.
(PS3PB) [79] [...] did it so well the other Friday when [...] in the
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [80] It was preparation that did it
(PS3PB) [81] wasn't [...] the preparation, but yours was the best, best one of [...] Friday
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [82] because we had to sit and prepare what we were doing.
[83] Er I'd, I'd picked out because I knew a lot about the client whereas here I know nothing about the client.
(PS3PB) [84] [...] the case in fact in real life is there
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [85] Yeah, yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [86] but if you, if you looking at some things that came up there are crafty marks
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [87] That's interesting where do they meet, walk down to the local church and that's great well what sort of time do they meet oh you know eleven till five?
[88] Now if you can go there all you're doing is if you're showing interest and you qualify like you reckon is it going to be worth my while, what sort of people go there, you know the R N I.
[89] How often do you meet and how many people there, you're showing interest but you're also qualifying at the same time and it's not padding, it's actually useful information because you're thinking well that's worth pursuing [...] the R N I, yes but there's money there.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [90] The, they really convert bibles for doing that is because I've always done that of er right that's, that's out of the way, jump the paperwork, now what about talking about your clubs and that t to sort of close down the call and relax the client for getting into referral mode and I've always done it tail end on so the introduction to the referral is at the beginning and perhaps looking for them during i is totally unfamiliar, I mean I do note the odd thing as I go through and note them down on the, the [...] but I'd never been used to actually [...] although we were told [...] referrals [...] how and why that went with it.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [91] I think that's very valuable here because we've given all that stuff up front.
(PS3PB) [92] It's very easy to do it because all you do is [...] how many people go there, you know, who runs it [...] ... runs it stuff like that and you just, you're exploring and you're getting more information and it's that's great, fine.
[93] Now if we get back to what we were talking about due to today so then you do a bit more and then it's back to the sort of [...] really.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [94] It's not quite the pressure, I mean I always find those two pages which is facts and that's it but that's the new dimension to it so that helps a lot.
[95] The other thing I wondered when I was watching the video, you sat there at one stage, while I was writing [...] and I thought, I thought, what are you thinking?
(PS3PB) [96] Why didn't you ask me?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [97] Because I didn't notice it when I was actually doing it.
(PS3PB) [98] Oh right.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [99] [...] on the video [...] because I was writing, I wasn't watching you,
(PS3PB) [100] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [101] I was writing and on the video you're sitting there going.
[102] Well what's going through your mind [...] she writing the answer to those questions.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [103] And as you said, firing one question after another.
(PS3PB) [104] Do you think that was the reason why you missed it? [...] write it down.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
(PS3PB) [105] [...] the reaction to ... but if you do see them you should always ask, you say you're very puzzled aren't you. [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [106] Mm.
(PS3PB) [107] [...] well I'm a bit puzzled why, why you want to know all this ... and you think because I haven't given, given a good benefit that's why [...] a good temporary benefit, that's why I'm puzzled, say well let me just take you back to why I'm h why I'm here, [...] let me get out of our meeting [...] you're gonna find this extremely valuable, perhaps for the first half we will spend time looking at your financial [...] put you on the path to achieve financial [...] .
[108] Well that's what we're here today to look at.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [109] What's a good answer to that because I found a lot of people, we had that actually on our [...] and one of them was that she [...] .
[110] Now to put that into a phrase I found quite difficult to do er and but some people wouldn't question it but other people would say well what do you mean by that, what [...] you know you plan for the future so that you can retire [...] will be financially independent but it works and you [...] your money work for you.
(PS3PB) [111] Means when it's put out to pasture
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [112] Give you an income
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [113] Right ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [114] Means you're gonna live in a field.
(PS3PB) [115] Means when you can choose when you retire [...] decide [...] you have to retire and you will enjoy proper, you can have an income erm which is going to be erm commensurate with what you are currently earning.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [116] So that's the trouble.
(PS3PB) [117] Which [...] say have er retire in dignity and comfort, that's the difference between being an old man and being a gentleman.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [118] Is that right.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
(PS3PB) [119] Rightio, well I hope you've rewound your tape so it's
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [120] [...] alright don't worry about that [...]
(PS3PB) [121] Anything else on that one?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
(PS3PB) [122] Manager whatever you call it.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [123] Do we, do we move on to
(PS3PB) [124] Yes, we just move on to the [...] what we need is a five minute preparation or whatever. [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [125] Do you, do you collect these?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [126] I'm not sure we're going to [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [127] It would be useful to have it.
(PS3PB) [128] [...] route now you see.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [129] Yes I do I'm moving on I've got to find my way to somewhere else now.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [130] Well where did you start?
(PS3PB) [131] [...] well [...] hang on to it just in case but I'm sure you'll be getting these ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [132] Do you do you want the one I did?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [133] Ah
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [134] Do you want that one?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [135] Yeah I think they would be helpful
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS3PB) [136] Alright.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [137] [...] I always lock that one.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [138] I was surprised as much as anything Diane.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [139] [...] you can keep it [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
(PS3PB) [140] If, if that's wrong then I'm sure it [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [141] Well I'm not going to lose it [...]
(PS3PB) [142] Right anyone know where cl
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [143] I'm trying to think where the one [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [144] Oh that's his erm gentleman dialect I think
(PS3PB) [145] Dialect.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [146] Picking up the dialect
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [147] corpus, British corpus corporation they want to get have so many millions of spoken words
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [148] [...] so many millions of words.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [149] Excuse me.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [150] Yes.
(PS3PB) [151] [...] it's the next one along [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [152] What did I do [...] took my key out of here [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [153] They've gone.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [154] This key here.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [155] No that's not mine, mine's only [...] got fifteen on the back [...] one there I thought, that's strange having one [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [156] Now comes the problem.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [157] Yeah I was aware that that
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [158] Is to know it all and can sit down and watch you two [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [159] [...] yes that's er
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [160] It's a different world when you get out there.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [161] Right which is your tape?
[162] Have you just left that running? [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [163] I'm not sure where it is [...] film, we'll have to just [...] er last week.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [164] Right
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [165] [...] hear [...] and get you to the right part. [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [166] I am not sure if we rewound it or what. ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [167] Want to keep on it [...] ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [168] Well thanks a lot for your time
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [169] Okay.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [170] and I'll see you [...] goodbye. ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [171] That's something else I picked up from watching [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [172] Okay
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [173] Thank you for your help today, thank you for [...] .
[174] I've never been used to doing that and it makes such a lot of difference when you actually speak to the people.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [175] Mm
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [176] It helps a lot.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [177] I, I, what I try to do is switch off erm, and be myself.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [178] Mm mm.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [179] Because I find that er I can talk to people now, we chat away as I would in a pub, or in someone's house but then this is the bit that worries me.
[180] Just try and get the structure right [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [181] I went wrong I'm just me when I go in, erm it's getting the structure in there.
[182] I mean, as you say, I cover all the points but because you don't do them in the right order perhaps you muck them up
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [183] Oh yeah I er sat there and thought oh crikey [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [184] and I looked across at Barry and he got cross, cross, cross and
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [185] Yeah, where did mine go I did one on Barry but I don't know what I've done with it.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [186] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [187] but then suddenly you you're back into it.
[188] [...] scripts [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [189] Show me what you can do.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [190] It's this erm, as mentioned on the telephone the purpose of my visit is er erm the whole review should take about forty five minutes, well that's up to now are we supposed to say.
[191] Erm, well we've got, I'll take a few notes erm during this, during the course of our conversation, I'll take them away, study them in complete confidence and come back to you next week with my recommendations.
[192] Does this sound okay to you?
(PS3PB) [193] Well there, erm you, you've introduced your C C Q
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [194] And what are you going to do?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [195] Good start and I've found by adopting this approach I've been able to erm help clients in many areas which has saved them tax or making their money work harder for them.
[196] How does that sound?
[197] Well I've done it but all in the wrong order.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [198] Mm mm
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [199] Well I'd like you to try that one today but I [laughing] go to pieces [...] []
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [200] Now I, they could, erm one thing that I found b b b b picked up from doing my own reading and studying was that it's always good to go through with the customer step by step which is to a certain extent what we do do
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [201] as you said the steps of it and that you will come back with your recommendations and that.
[202] Now I missed that out totally there so I've got a lot of learning to do on the scripts
(PS3PB) [203] Why do you think you missed it
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [204] I find that difficult
(PS3PB) [205] was it, was it, was it because he just er turned up, was it, was it, did that throw you off a bit?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [206] Yeah there was no preparation for it really and I haven't learnt the scripts properly,
(PS3PB) [207] Right
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [208] they're not going in.
[209] Old habits die hard erm
(PS3PB) [210] Yes it's easier said than done
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [211] just going in and sort of lying by the seat of your pants.
(PS3PB) [212] And you can also get lost even if you do say the script because I said to Roger I, I've
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [213] Er
(PS3PB) [214] tried it to remember the script but then I
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [215] Hang on why
(PS3PB) [216] I've lost the statement of the person
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [217] What's going on here?
(PS3PB) [218] I'm just forwarding my tape
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [219] Oh right.
(PS3PB) [220] There's yours.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [221] No I know that's there cos it's Roger [...]
(PS3PB) [222] Yeah yes ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [223] I think you know I was con trying to concentrate on getting the facts over and doing it properly and not listening for the comments so much and thinking more you know what, what can I get out of this here erm
(PS3PB) [224] You get drawn into, you know, too much unnatural [...] structure don't you really?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [225] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [226] I've lost my buyer's guide.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [227] talk.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [228] So I didn't do any appropriate sociability there but I think what threw me off is cos I'd already said Helen to Stephen, I know you and everything and it was as if it was part of the same thing
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [229] [laughing] Yeah []
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [230] and to switch off and then go into role play after [laughing] very strange [] ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [231] I don't know [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [232] [...] percent.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [233] I think he's got [...] .
(PS3PB) [234] Right.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [235] [...] I like Stephen [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [236] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [237] Really good company.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [238] I'll tell you why [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [239] Yeah I, I would say, I would say that's yeah
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [240] I'm trying to find [...] paper somewhere, oh here we are
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [241] it's much harder than erm the [...] was.
(PS3PB) [242] Yeah, yeah.
[243] I would [...] say that.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
(PS3PB) [244] Yeah certainly.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [245] Yeah but that's what it's all about [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [246] He was more erm realistic as a real situation.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [247] Constructive as well.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [248] Yeah he was more real I mean when you sort of just sit there she, she threw me off track a few times but er he was more realistic so therefore.
[249] What's all this about bonuses [...] bonus.
(PS3PB) [250] [...] where's me structure gone, that's not me structure. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [251] Yeah I think it's erm [...] Martin aren't I and he was going to throw you [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [252] [laughing] All over the place [] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [253] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [254] I shouldn't worry.
[255] Just do your best I think
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [256] Is your tape still running?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [257] Yes it is it's still going.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [258] It's you learn as much from your mistakes
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [259] Erm
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [260] you learn more from your mistakes than you actually learn from doing it right I think.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [261] You do, yes
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [262] You do
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [263] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [264] I mean you know when it works ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [265] Is that your business card?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [266] [laughing] [...] picked up [] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [267] This must be an ideal situation for you actually cos we're being, we're sitting here being recorded and being watched so we're used to that sort of thing but not particularly conscious of it ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [268] What tape?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [269] I supposed you've a bit of scan [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [270] Got a second [...] tomorrow, so that's seven [...] the whole bit the whole week is all about that until we get to the presentation ... [...] presentations, what does he mean by [...] presentations?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [271] I don't know.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [272] Because two of them don't have to be done are they
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [273] That's when they've got to do their, their resits.
(PS3PB) [274] They had the choice of doing it erm this afternoon
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [275] Oh right.
(PS3PB) [276] but erm I don't think Joan, at the time, [...] last night, Joan said that she was a bit too tired to [...] Bob was having to just fit in with that so I don't know what they're gonna do.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [277] [...] last night [...] I went [...] half past ten cos [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [278] I [...] was at half past, quarter past one.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [279] I would have loved to have stayed because I really enjoy things like that, I love discos and get up and have a dance but I knew damn well that if I did I'd be absolutely shattered today and I, I just wouldn't be with it so I, I said to Matthew I'm going up [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [280] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [281] So and I went down in the pool this morning ...
(PS3PB) [282] At the time you enjoy it but then the next day you [...] pay
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [283] Feel sorry about it yeah.
[284] Well that's why I did it because I don't often get the opportunity to go out and enjoy myself like that [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [285] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [286] I was tempted now, no [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [287] Yeah basically why I didn't, I wasn't going to consume all that Guinness either [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [288] Well I remember feeling quite niffed because Matt was really off on Friday because he'd been up so late
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [289] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [290] and I think that rather ruined the whole afternoon erm
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [291] [...] role plays he was just so tired, he [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [292] He was just out of it.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [293] He was like a zombie [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [294] He's a stroppy little sod isn't he? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [295] Can be.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [296] He was trying to, he was doing a laugh laughing fit last night, he was, he, he couldn't tell me what he was trying to tell me.
[297] Every time he told me, he started laughing.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [298] Oh dear,we he wen [...] got up
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [299] I still didn't know what it was he was trying to tell me ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [300] No, I was told before I came on the course, you're going on the course to learn to make maximum use out of it, you're not going on an almighty second holiday and
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [301] booze up.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [302] We were given the, a right old drumming down before we left for here.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [303] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [304] You are all representing these branches
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [305] Oh no it wasn't quite that bad.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [306] and you all [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [307] Get up at two, I don't think got much mention to them at all from what I was [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [308] Oh no, it was just because I went to talk to my manager about it before I went and I went through my diary with him and everything.
[309] My appointments and everything I'd got before I came along and erm he went on to tell me, if [...] company [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [310] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [311] He feels I've got to take the client back [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [312] [...] over to or something.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [313] [...] waiting it's just getting on your nerves now, I was quite calm and relaxed
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [314] Organize yourself a bit, what you're gonna say and how long you're gonna [...] to the other.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [315] Well no, I started to do that, then I, then I thought [...] we don't play the customer [...] .
[316] If I get into a structure, if I, if I start trying to learn it I'm gonna do it all.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [317] [laugh] Slow it down.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [318] Mm mm.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [319] Turn that off for a minute ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [320] I liked that bit you said, greeting an appropriate sociability, [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [321] [...] yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [322] Lorraine [...] door.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [323] [...] our erm assistant manager.
[324] They're agents [...] Matt and I are in her team.
[325] Hard task master.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [326] Apparently there was a woman A B M at our branch until recently and apparently she was very good too.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [327] That's what Joan was saying the other day as a woman you have to be, otherwise you don't get there.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [328] Yeah and she's totally focused, she's er, I think she's got two children erm her husbands works, she's got two children she's brought up and developed herself to be a branch manager or assistant branch manager er she's got a degree ... h now don't listen to this Lorraine, who it said [laughing] mid thirties []
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [329] and actually she's excellent ... and I like her ... not [...] like working for a female boss [...] good people er
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [330] [...] the victim
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [331] I'm the victim.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [332] Now you're the victim are you?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [333] I'm the victim.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [334] I think if you've, if you've got a woman that's [...] then you're lucky
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [335] How you going, alright, yes
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [336] Whoosh. ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [337] Ta.
(PS3PB) [338] When you're ready, then.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [339] There was a
(PS3PB) [340] Right so I'll be the timekeeper [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [341] Yes please
(PS3PB) [342] I think if it makes any difference to you we've got a thingy whirring away there.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [343] No that's not a problem. [...]
(PS3PB) [344] It's just recording [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [345] A thingy whirring away.
(PS3PB) [346] Yes
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [347] Yeah that's fine.
[348] Am I [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [349] Erm you covered it slightly, you need to be sort of in, either any [...] yeah
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [350] Do you want [...] ask you to sit in the other chair?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [351] Don't mind.
(PS3PB) [352] It's recording now anyway.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [353] Yeah. [...] [door knock]
(PS3PB) [354] Come in.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [355] Got Roger [...] instructions.
(PS3PB) [356] Hello Roger. [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [357] The chef.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [358] [...] very much.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [359] Okay.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [360] [...] garden you've got.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [361] I couldn't help noticing as I walked up the path.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [362] Is that you?
(PS3PB) [363] No no, they're the [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [364] Really. [...]
(PS3PB) [365] I try not to though, I mean that's her responsibility, I buy the plants and she puts them in the garden, er in the [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [366] What sort of hobbies do you do when [...] ?
(PS3PB) [367] Oh I do D I Y around the house you know I've got these rather er sexy lamps up there [...] different aren't they.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [368] Where did you see those?
(PS3PB) [369] .
[370] Do a job lot you know, four something, four eighty [...] keeps the wife happy.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [laugh]
(PS3PB) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [371] They need to be, yes.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [372] Okay Martin, I know you are a busy man, may I call you Martin [...] ?
(PS3PB) [373] Well I'd rather you didn't actually.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [374] Right okay that's no problem.
[375] Erm before we go, go into [...] I've got to introduce myself, business card and the buyer's guide.
[376] Buyer's guide tells you that I work for and, and that I'm authorized to discuss 's products only.
[377] When I'm going through the recommendations with you.
(PS3PB) [378] Right. ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [379] Sorry, do you want to know more?
(PS3PB) [380] Do I need to know more?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [381] Well, no, it's yours to keep, you can read it a at your leisure [...] erm if you've got any problems with that you've got my card and you can ring [...] .
(PS3PB) [382] Great.
[383] Fine.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [384] Before we er knuckle down to this list, tell me, how m
(PS3PB) [385] Knuckle down, what do you want to knuckle down to, business?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [386] Before we talk about the er er getting to the purpose of our meeting, erm, how long were you, how did you come to in the first place?
(PS3PB) [387] I think er [...] of time now what five or six years ago ... [...] came to [...] presentation [...] .
[388] I [...] the time on the [...] , think what they're saying was trying to act [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [389] So you could say he recommended you to us?
(PS3PB) [390] Well he seemed quite keen on the company so [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [391] We find that erm, most of our clients are recommended erm you may well have heard the expression we grow big, by being recommended.
(PS3PB) [392] Can't remember that.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [393] You find that building erm er building and business buying [...] our recommendation means we can erm, we don't need to advertise er,
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [394] rarely need to advertise and the [...] there [...] for the benefits of our clients. [...]
(PS3PB) [395] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [396] Erm in areas that erm produce charges erm interest benefits whenever possible.
(PS3PB) [397] Sorry what do we need to [...] ?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [398] Increased bonuses.
(PS3PB) [399] Oh right, sorry.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [400] Er so how does that sound to you, is does that way of building a business sound to you?
(PS3PB) [401] Erm well it makes sense but I'm, I'm glad you [...] cos I mean my bonuses have gone down, I mean they haven't gone up then why is that?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [402] Okay, can I come back to that erm on the bonuses a bit later on? [...]
(PS3PB) [403] Alright okay yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [404] So erm going back do y felt that er [...] mouth to mouth [...] [laughing] recommendations [] [laugh] [...]
(PS3PB) [405] [...] case you've got that have we?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [406] Erm, erm we've found that erm
(PS3PB) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [407] it's helped to build our business and erm in fact we thought it was a good idea er ... during the course of this conversation that I'm having with you
(PS3PB) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [408] I, I [...] you can introduce others to me.
[409] [...] . Erm if and only if you find there's been some real benefits you [...] .
(PS3PB) [410] Well I'll see what you can do first.
[411] [...] get [...] work.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [412] Who said [...] I'll answer me up the end and we can see how we go.
(PS3PB) [413] Yeah fine.
[414] Okay.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [415] Right, erm the purpose of me being here, why am I here you may ask.
(PS3PB) [416] Why indeed?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [417] Well it's better than telephoning and [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [418] [...] that we've erm, firstly, I want to say hello, I'm Roger I'm with the [...] your policies.
[419] Erm, secondly to introduce you to our new review system whereby we do a complete item review [...] the situation to see how your existing policies are working and how they fit into what you want out of life.
[420] Erm during the course of the meeting I'll take a few notes, erm [...]
(PS3PB) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [421] book here.
[422] Erm I will take those notes away with me in the strictest confidence, go through them erm work out some recommendations, how you could hit the goals that you will go for at the end of the day.
(PS3PB) [423] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [424] Erm and come back to you, perhaps in a week's time and [...] you talk me through those recommendations.
[425] I found by adapting that approach erm I've been able to help clients in such areas as er tax saving or making their money work that little bit harder for them. [...]
(PS3PB) [426] Well how would that in the future.
[427] If you could make my look, my money work a bit harder it would make sense to me, after all [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [428] So, are you happy to proceed Sir?
(PS3PB) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [429] So can you take me thr [...]
(PS3PB) [430] Oh yes sure.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [431] Yeah.
(PS3PB) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [432] Okay good.
[433] Erm a few hard facts just to confirm first of all
(PS3PB) [434] Hard, what's a hard fact?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [435] Your name and your address.
(PS3PB) [436] Oh right.
[437] So why are they called hard facts? ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [438] As opposed to soft facts, soft facts can be something along the lines of what you want out of life er
(PS3PB) [439] What you're, what you're aiming for in the future?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [440] Something could change er whereas a hard fact erm, it's very rarely you're gonna change your name.
(PS3PB) [441] What?
[442] I do.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [443] What you've obviously got to [...] why did I mention yeah, you marry, but if something's [...] be down, isn't gonna change.
[444] Interest may change but [...] .
(PS3PB) [445] So if the address changes, is that a soft fact or a hard fact?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [446] [laugh] A good point, [laughing] I think that's a very good point [] .
(PS3PB) [447] I think that's a medium fact.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [448] A medium fact,I 'll I'll accept that.
(PS3PB) [449] Alright then.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [450] But, but you ca can see what I'm trying to get at.
[451] The facts are gonna be something that, I have to write down here soft facts.
[452] There gonna be something that er, as you would tell me about.
(PS3PB) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [453] Really, oh [...] fine, I don't drink
(PS3PB) [454] That'll be interesting
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [455] [laugh] So it was erm Mr ?
(PS3PB) [456] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [457] And the first name's Martin.
(PS3PB) [458] That's right ... [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [459] Are you married, Martin?
(PS3PB) [460] Sorry.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [461] You are married and your wife's christian name's [...] okay.
[462] The address is obviously .
(PS3PB) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [laughing] [...] []
(PS3PB) [463] Key to the front door.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [464] I spoke to you on the phone at work er have you got your home number?
(PS3PB) [465] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK)
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [466] Okay erm and you're U K resident, you're
(PS3PB) [467] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [468] working here [...] .
[469] Your wife?
(PS3PB) [470] My wife what?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [471] She's a U K resident as well.
(PS3PB) [472] Yes she is yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [473] Your date of birth Sir is it the twenty first of August nineteen [...] ?
(PS3PB) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [474] Your wife's date of birth.
(PS3PB) [475] Er the [...] twenty sixth of the sixth [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [476] Okay, now we talked about you and your wife erm you told me that you had two well you've got two kids erm
(PS3PB) [477] Alex is the eldest, he's nine, er Catherine she's eight
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [478] Their date of birth.
(PS3PB) [479] Alex is the third of the third eighty five, Catherine's the [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [480] That's Alexander.
(PS3PB) [481] Yeah ...
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [482] Okay ... So they're at school?
(PS3PB) [483] Yes.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [484] You've got the problems of going through their early life.
[485] Are they at private school or public school?
(PS3PB) [486] It erm [...] school [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [487] Right, what are your thoughts on private education?
(PS3PB) [488] I'm quite happy, I'm quite happy with the er the [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [489] You wouldn't be er interested if er you were able to afford [...] perhaps? [...] .
(PS3PB) [490] No no, I li I think maybe higher education, that would be the first [...] I'm quite happy [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [491] To tell you the truth [...] .
(PS3PB) [492] I'd like to, they may, they may not want to [...] sixteen [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
(PS3PB) [493] Very possibly.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [494] Yes okay.
[495] Erm [...] health-wise
(PS3PB) [496] Er have [...] just been in hospital this last three or four years.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [497] Three or four years.
[498] You [...]
(PS3PB) [499] Why I had too much [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
(PS3PB) [500] Oh no, just keep calm, that's all.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
(PS3PB) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [501] Erm so your, your state of health er have to go to hospital [...] go to the doctor?
(PS3PB) [502] What do you mean [...] ?
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [503] Will it create problems?
(PS3PB) [504] No.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [505] [laughing] No [] and, and your wife?
(PS3PB) [506] She's fine.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [507] [...] no problems.
(PS3PB) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [508] [laugh] Right.
[509] Do you smoke?
(PS3PB) [510] Er she does, I don't.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [511] How many does she smoke?
(PS3PB) [512] About five a day [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [513] [...] hobbies [...] .
(PS3PB) [514] Pastimes.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
(PS3PB) [515] Well I do a little bit of yachting.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [516] Yachting?
(PS3PB) [517] Yeah, there's a boating lake nearby [...] in the big white sea as it were down there [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [518] [...] what you just go on your own?
(PS3PB) [519] Well I take my son, he comes with me, he [...] for me.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [520] So you're [...] ?
(PS3PB) [521] Yeah [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [522] You've got to join [...] .
(PS3PB) [523] Oh yes you come in, it's, it's not a membership, you just go along and pay your fees and [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
(PS3PB) [524] Well it [...] on my doorstep and that makes sense to use it, so I sort of wriggle down there and have [...] to keep me out of er Southampton er Boat Show.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [525] Mm.
(PS3PB) [526] Yeah [...] [laughing] it costs you much [...] []
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
(PS3PB) [527] No I don't [...] it's just a, a small [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [528] [...] erm so you got it [...] ?
(PS3PB) [...]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [529] He won't?
(PS3PB) [530] [...] catchment is.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [531] Is she?
(PS3PB) [532] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [533] That's the television?
(PS3PB) [534] Yes.
[535] Afraid so [...] ,
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [536] [laugh] Don't we all?
[537] Okay erm what sort of work do you do? [...] .
(PS3PB) [538] Erm I'm a Technical Author.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [539] Technical Author?
(PS3PB) [540] [...] hate this [...] .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [541] Yeah.
(PS3PB) [542] [...] diagram [...] make sure you have part of the engine room.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [...]
(PS3PB) [543] Well I do at the .
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [544] I see you write it up or you draw the pictures?
(PS3PB) [545] I write [...] yeah.
[546] [...] photographs to the drawings, then I write the technical explanation of how [...] artwork that interrelates with each other.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [547] Marvellous how they do that.
Unknown speaker (J3VPSUNK) [548] [...] at school I used to [...] trying to do something er [...]