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PS3S2 Ag2 m (Robert, age 30+, arts officer) unspecified
PS3S3 Ag2 m (Brian, age 30+, theatre manager) unspecified
PS3S4 Ag4 f (Iris, age 50+, audio services) unspecified
PS3S5 Ag2 f (Jane, age 30+, social worker) unspecified
PS3S6 Ag3 f (Cathy, age 40+, social worker) unspecified
J8BPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
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  1. Tape 077801 recorded on 1992-09-01. LocationUnknown ( meeting room ) Activity: meeting of audio description action group meeting

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Robert (PS3S2) [1] Brian has agreed to join us as Edinburgh Theatre Manager and David hopefully will be
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [2] but the tape, erm ... for Brian's benefit is, is the first feature film that's been ... made available on video with an audio description built into it
Brian (PS3S3) [3] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [4] so it is erm something of a step forward, erm ... we've had material in the past which you may have seen which was recorded from the telly, a couple of years ago in nineteen ninety
Iris (PS3S4) [5] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [6] erm what was that woman called from America?
[7] Can't remember but people from Boston in, in
Iris (PS3S4) [8] Margaret
Robert (PS3S2) [9] No Lori
Iris (PS3S4) [10] Oh yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [11] from the Description Video Services in Boston, there's a lot of described telly in America
Brian (PS3S3) [12] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [13] er and we obviously are trying to push S T V and B B C into this as well, but you know and film, we're talking to film people as well erm, but this is the first er feature film that's been done so Marcus who normally
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [14] from R N I B in London, I think it's my opposite number, the answer
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [15] erm is quite excited about it.
[16] So
Iris (PS3S4) [17] You want to see it
Robert (PS3S2) [18] press the button ...
Iris (PS3S4) [19] you see past me?
Jane (PS3S5) [20] Yes I can, thanks
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [21] no you can't [laugh]
Jane (PS3S5) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [22] What it is, it's a formula extract which is repeated twice, once with the soundtrack, well once without, once as, as a sort of regular broadcast
Iris (PS3S4) [23] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [24] then with the description on it
Iris (PS3S4) [25] With and without
Robert (PS3S2) [26] With and without, yes as they say
Jane (PS3S5) [27] Before and after
Robert (PS3S2) [28] Before and after ...
Brian (PS3S3) [29] So what happens in the finished article?
Robert (PS3S2) [30] Well what it is, it's going to be available as a video cassette with the soundtrack
Iris (PS3S4) [31] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [32] in it
Brian (PS3S3) [33] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [34] as a whole film, which I'm gonna want a copy
Iris (PS3S4) [35] It's going on sale in September I think
Robert (PS3S2) [36] it's going on sale in a couple of weeks
Jane (PS3S5) [37] Eighteenth of September, yes
Robert (PS3S2) [38] erm
Jane (PS3S5) [39] I put it on, I've suggested people put it on the Christmas list, I think it would be a good Christmas present
Iris (PS3S4) [40] First video movie on the description, yes released Hear My Song, twenty six pounds
Jane (PS3S5) [41] No three for twenty six
Robert (PS3S2) [42] Three for twenty six pounds, and ten pounds is a hell of a subsidized price
Jane (PS3S5) [43] ten pounds or three for twenty six
Brian (PS3S3) [44] Mm
Jane (PS3S5) [45] at the end of September
Iris (PS3S4) [46] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [47] What do you think about it?
Brian (PS3S3) [48] I like it
Robert (PS3S2) [49] Right ... is that actually running Jane?
Jane (PS3S5) [50] Oh well no, it doesn't seem to be.
[51] It is running but it's not showing us anything
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [52] which is interesting
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...] ...
Jane (PS3S5) [53] thing's plugged in
Robert (PS3S2) [54] Is that channel nine on the telly?
Jane (PS3S5) [55] Channel nine on the telly, mhm, there's the right one ... that's all in the right places ... don't know ... We're not going to see it after all
Brian (PS3S3) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [56] It doesn't look like it
Jane (PS3S5) [57] strange isn't it?
[58] There must be nothing on it.
Iris (PS3S4) [59] Try spinning it forward a bit, might be
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...] ...
Jane (PS3S5) [60] It's a very short thing really isn't it?
Robert (PS3S2) [61] Mm ...
Iris (PS3S4) [62] Ah
Robert (PS3S2) [63] No, that's not it
Jane (PS3S5) [64] No it's not, it's definitely channel nine that's the video channel
Iris (PS3S4) [65] Ah
Robert (PS3S2) [66] That's not it either
Iris (PS3S4) [67] It isn't anything ...
Robert (PS3S2) [68] Mm
Jane (PS3S5) [69] It's not tuning at anything, oh ...
Robert (PS3S2) [70] Oh well, we'll, we'll tell you about it instead
Jane (PS3S5) [71] Sorry about that
Brian (PS3S3) [72] Miracles of technology
Robert (PS3S2) [73] Erm, it's
Iris (PS3S4) [74] I'll give you a selection of songs from it
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [75] Erm, is it a new film?
Iris (PS3S4) [76] No it must be a year old or something
Robert (PS3S2) [77] Right
Jane (PS3S5) [78] Yes , it's
Iris (PS3S4) [79] it's comparatively new
Robert (PS3S2) [80] Right, because I knew nothing about it, yeah, so
Iris (PS3S4) [81] it seems to have been quite a reasonable picture, you know, it's quite well
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [82] as a film
Iris (PS3S4) [83] Mhm
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [84] As you probably know it's presently showing at the cinema, and is a story of an Irish tenor Joseph Locke
Robert (PS3S2) [85] You must've got an extra sheet than me because one of the things I was moaning about this morning erm, maybe you've got a different
Iris (PS3S4) [86] Do you want a copy of this?
Robert (PS3S2) [87] maybe you've got a different letter than the one I've got
Iris (PS3S4) [88] Maybe you have a
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [89] that is the letter
Robert (PS3S2) [90] because
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [91] and that is ... what is audio description on video, audio description and Hear My Song
Robert (PS3S2) [92] Oh it's that song, yes, right, I remember that one coming on
Iris (PS3S4) [93] other uses of audio description
Robert (PS3S2) [94] Yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [95] television, cinema, theatre
Robert (PS3S2) [96] Yes I've got the information sheets
Iris (PS3S4) [97] You've got that
Robert (PS3S2) [98] I got a different letter from this
Iris (PS3S4) [99] Right
Robert (PS3S2) [100] I've got a letter from
Iris (PS3S4) [101] cos that's the one
Robert (PS3S2) [102] Marcus rather than, from than this
Iris (PS3S4) [103] And you've got all these
Robert (PS3S2) [104] Yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [105] things, yeah?
Robert (PS3S2) [106] Yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [107] Roster and things
Robert (PS3S2) [108] Yeah.
[109] So I'm not quite sure what the long term connection with er talk
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [110] is
Iris (PS3S4) [111] Right
Robert (PS3S2) [112] and I'm not entirely sure, Marcus did phone me and say, at one point, when he was making up the mailing list, he's had three hundred copies of that made of the extract and he was kind of you know, sniffing around for who to send them to
Iris (PS3S4) [113] Right
Robert (PS3S2) [114] erm, so you, that's when he said he would send one to me, but he's obviously sent them to, and Cath's, Cath's had one
Iris (PS3S4) [115] Has Cath had one?
[116] Maybe she'd pass it on to me
Robert (PS3S2) [117] Erm, erm
Iris (PS3S4) [118] I would like to think
Robert (PS3S2) [119] so there's one at, there is one at and there is also one erm
Jane (PS3S5) [120] Yes because it would of come to from
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [121] that's where mine came from
Robert (PS3S2) [122] But I'm not sure, I, Doug has got one, Doug is my chairman, chairman of the Arts Committee erm
Jane (PS3S5) [123] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [124] I'm not quite sure why he's got one apart from, unless Marcus just decided to send one to him, but he's sent it to home, so I'm not quite sure what Marcus is mailing
Jane (PS3S5) [125] It's voluntary organization so your
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [126] yeah
Jane (PS3S5) [127] Mhm it could be that
Robert (PS3S2) [128] but it would've normally come to us here you see at
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [129] yes
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [130] anyway Duncan
Jane (PS3S5) [131] Anyway
Robert (PS3S2) [132] Duncan phoned me on Friday about something else and said oh have we had this tape, so I said yes, and he said have you seen it and I said no not yet, and he said, erm but he thought it was quite good ... erm
Iris (PS3S4) [133] It's Cathy aye just bring
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [134] Alright, hello Cath
Cathy (PS3S6) [135] Hi there
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [136] Sorry I've been to disability Scotland
Robert (PS3S2) [137] Oh right
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [138] There's a nice swivel chair there
Cathy (PS3S6) [139] Oh it's smashing
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [140] feel particularly voluble [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [laugh]
Jane (PS3S5) [141] No important
Cathy (PS3S6) [142] Important
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [143] that was lovely I haven't seen
Jane (PS3S5) [144] Have you not?
[145] Do you want to take your coat off?
Robert (PS3S2) [146] Now, can I introduce you to, I don't think you two have met.
Brian (PS3S3) [147] We've, we've met before at
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [148] yes
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [149] you have met?
Brian (PS3S3) [150] Yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [151] You have
Jane (PS3S5) [152] Do you want to take your coat off then?
Cathy (PS3S6) [153] Yes I'm fine, I'll just leave it here, that's right.
Jane (PS3S5) [154] You sure it's alright there, do you want some coffee?
Cathy (PS3S6) [155] Oh that would be wonderful if it's not gonna cause, oh yes that's
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [156] And I should
Jane (PS3S5) [157] Do you get a copy of
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS3S3) [158] yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [159] And I should explain, the microphone in the middle of the table and the man over here with the tape recorder is tape recording this meeting
Cathy (PS3S6) [160] Oh no [laugh] no
Jane (PS3S5) [161] So everybody in the world knows you were late
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [laugh] [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [162] so I wasn't really late, it was in the wrong place.
Robert (PS3S2) [163] So the purpose of the, of the tape recorder is
Cathy (PS3S6) [164] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [165] is to do with the
Jane (PS3S5) [166] Milk and sugar Cath?
Robert (PS3S2) [167] development of dictionaries and the use, the use of English so we have been assured in, that, that, anything we say will be divorced from
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [168] apparently all proper names and phone numbers will be bleeped out
Cathy (PS3S6) [169] That's okay, no problem at all
Robert (PS3S2) [170] so we're to ignore it .
[171] What we were just saying Cath was, we was just trying to look at the, the tape that's just come from Marcus, the erm the film and
Cathy (PS3S6) [172] Have you seen it?
Jane (PS3S5) [173] It won't
Robert (PS3S2) [174] We haven't we were just gonna look at it but Jane has a technical knock, not speaking to each other
Jane (PS3S5) [175] It won't show, no
Cathy (PS3S6) [176] It's awful
Jane (PS3S5) [177] Is it?
Robert (PS3S2) [178] And now, well I said
Brian (PS3S3) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [179] what I was just gonna say was that Doug, Doug had phoned me on Friday and said had I seen it and I said no and he said it's quite good he said
Cathy (PS3S6) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [180] it's four minutes without the description, then four minutes with it and, and I thought that doesn't concur with what Cath said to me on Thursday afternoon
Cathy (PS3S6) [181] The technology
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [182] that's not fair, the technology is good and, and very obviously gets over what it's supposed to get over, that's terrific, but wait till you see this subject matter
Robert (PS3S2) [183] But the actual
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [184] but the actual extract as, as Cath said to me the other day, you know she felt sure and I said to her you know in a full length film they could've actually chosen a better moment
Cathy (PS3S6) [185] Aha
Robert (PS3S2) [186] because
Cathy (PS3S6) [187] and we were talking mainly, an elderly, a female elderly client group, let's be honest you know, in terms of blind you know, and just wait till you see it, it's lovely
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [188] Erm and I think it's to a couple of colleagues
Jane (PS3S5) [189] No it's not working I think it's you know
Robert (PS3S2) [190] this morning when, where we all watched it for the first time together and as, as Richard said you know, I'm, I'm squeamish about going to the dentist, so, and it cos er, it's basically there's a scene in the bar where they're pulling this guy's tooth out
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [191] which is, is not sort of, you know
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [192] Richard you know
Cathy (PS3S6) [193] Could of been a cataract operation, should of been
Jane (PS3S5) [194] Could of been, yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [195] grateful for it.
Brian (PS3S3) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [196] So you know that, that as you know Richard said you know good idea, could make quite a few people, so I think Marcus, if, if Marcus chose that moment he, he really
Cathy (PS3S6) [197] Chose the wrong moment
Robert (PS3S2) [198] could of chose a better one, erm having said that the second part there's two parts, there's this scene in the pub and then there's this er scene on the cliff top and the second scene one's a bit better
Cathy (PS3S6) [199] Right
Jane (PS3S5) [200] Oh right
Robert (PS3S2) [201] The thing, two things that struck me about it, one of which is that we were not talking about a separate soundtrack, the actual existing soundtrack of the film is merged with the audio description
Cathy (PS3S6) [202] Right
Robert (PS3S2) [203] is what we've talked about in films and T V is erm having erm ... I suppose the integrity if that's the right word of the existing film or programme standing alone and then on separate soundtrack like in the theatre
Brian (PS3S3) [204] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [205] you know, there's a description which you can choose to listen to or not
Cathy (PS3S6) [206] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [207] with this film it will be, you know, compulsory, you won't be able to make that choice, erm and the other one, the other thing that struck me just from one of the particular extracts of, of people standing on top of this cliff, erm is, is the way that the importance of, in something like a film where it's, you know, it's done for good, you know the importance of having an actual creative writer
Cathy (PS3S6) [208] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [209] doing the writing to get over in the description cos they talk about the swirling sea
Cathy (PS3S6) [210] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [211] there's one or two moments like that, which is possibly a different, you know, if, if, you cou cou you know, putting it on, on to tape
Cathy (PS3S6) [212] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [213] for life, you know,
Cathy (PS3S6) [214] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [215] it's that kind of thing, rather than I suppose to the theatre way, you know, you, you react much more spontaneously, so I thought that was an interesting thing that thing
Jane (PS3S5) [216] I just thought
Robert (PS3S2) [217] jumped off
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [218] the page, do.
[219] I thought it was interesting as well that the stuff I got from the I and R V with it, was a lot about audio description and the tape and how much it cost and how wonderful this was and it was the first time it had ever been done, but there was nothing, as is always the case, there was nothing actually about what the film was about, it was full of sort of, this is the first time it's done, but nothing about sort of this is the film about, about this, this is what the story's about, you know.
[220] It's, it is very akin to that one sort of you know, well here's the audio description you better like it.
[221] I mean I suppose it is the first time, it's the only film of its type, you, you know what I'm getting at, it's exactly the same thing we, we tried very hard to avoid in the access guide, actually being able to say what instead of just saying you know
Cathy (PS3S6) [222] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [223] the Lyceum Theatre is fully wheelchair accessible, we actually describe what the theatre, what kind of plays it shows
Brian (PS3S3) [224] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [225] erm, you know why it's different from the Travellers which is round the corner
Cathy (PS3S6) [226] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [227] you know, erm what the difference in the work that, that, that they do.
Iris (PS3S4) [228] I don't, I'm not quite sure of erm that's, I think that's a different thing.
[229] Sometimes say people say to me can you give us
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [230] of the play, what's it about, cos we don't know what it's, you know about, before we come, which is fair enough, erm, that's very often sighted people don't know
Robert (PS3S2) [231] Mm
Cathy (PS3S6) [232] Mm
Brian (PS3S3) [233] Mm quite
Iris (PS3S4) [234] so if blind people are trying to be on the same level terms with sighted people, then, you know, why should they get an
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [235] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [236] I'm, I'm not quite sure, I mean I'd give an
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [237] if there's one available
Cathy (PS3S6) [238] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [239] for instance there's a nice one for
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [240] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [241] so I gave that and there was nothing, this year the citizens have nothing at their
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [242] we put people off going, so I'm not saying anything about it, not erm, I don't, I mean, I don't, I could say what the story of Major Barbara is, but then it's not in any of the printed pamphlets for sighted people, therefore, should I, what should I do Cathy I don't know
Cathy (PS3S6) [243] No I, I don't I really don't, I think it, in it with
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [244] yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [245] it's the quality of access
Iris (PS3S4) [246] Exactly
Cathy (PS3S6) [247] it's not some sort of different, erm, sort of, it shouldn't be a different scenario for
Iris (PS3S4) [248] Well that's what I feel, yes.
Cathy (PS3S6) [249] and er, very often if you knew ... somewhat, you know, obviously modern it would, it would spoil it because you're there
Iris (PS3S4) [250] You would, that's right
Cathy (PS3S6) [251] to see what it's like really and to feel what it's like and to, no I don't think we should do.
Brian (PS3S3) [252] Some things are very difficult to actually work out what the
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS3S3) [253] as well
Iris (PS3S4) [254] you can
Brian (PS3S3) [255] I mean
Cathy (PS3S6) [256] You're right
Brian (PS3S3) [257] take Marilyn last year, we didn't know what was gonna happen until it happened
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [laugh]
Brian (PS3S3) [258] and then it happened different every night as well
Cathy (PS3S6) [259] I suppose if there's something in the programme then they should
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [260] I think that's what I'm talking about really actually is that, I mean if you're, if you're selling a film like you know if, if
Brian (PS3S3) [261] It's a marketing line
Robert (PS3S2) [262] it is a marketing line
Iris (PS3S4) [263] Yes, it is a marketing line, right
Robert (PS3S2) [264] as saying, you know, this is a story about this and that and you look at that
Cathy (PS3S6) [265] But then I would read it, so if I was in the theatre I would read that so I would know that
Robert (PS3S2) [266] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [267] before the play started
Brian (PS3S3) [268] Mhm
Cathy (PS3S6) [269] so blind people should be in the same position there shouldn't they?
Brian (PS3S3) [270] Should, yeah, yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [271] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [272] So I mean if there is, if there are two lines saying this is the story of
Jane (PS3S5) [273] That's right, yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [274] Yes
Iris (PS3S4) [275] That's
Cathy (PS3S6) [276] but then we do that at the start
Iris (PS3S4) [277] anyway
Jane (PS3S5) [278] Yes you do that
Iris (PS3S4) [279] but it's beforehand eh, for instance they have little flowers that tells the story of what's, what the plays about and I think it's fair enough to read that, because a sighted person would go in and pick it up
Cathy (PS3S6) [280] Would be reading it
Iris (PS3S4) [281] and say what is this?
Robert (PS3S2) [282] That's an interesting actually side chart, I mean this is completely off the agenda and things, but erm, I just had some information up from er, from RADA and er
Cathy (PS3S6) [283] That's the dates for everything, I see, sorry
Robert (PS3S2) [284] One of the things the group in Wolverhampton I think at the Theatre Royal there is, is doing both audio descriptions by sign language I think and one of the things they've, they, they do is meet in the bar
Iris (PS3S4) [285] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [286] like half an hour before the show
Cathy (PS3S6) [287] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [288] and someone, I don't know whether it's the director, or someone actually says this play is, is the half hour, quarter of an hour, chat say, this is what the play's about
Iris (PS3S4) [289] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [290] you know and the precis you know and I thought that was interesting that they did that, because it's not something we'd thought of really doing, ever
Iris (PS3S4) [291] No, no
Robert (PS3S2) [292] erm programme notes yes, but not the actual sort of
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [293] this is the story of two people and this happens and that happens and that also comes in
Iris (PS3S4) [294] Yes
Brian (PS3S3) [295] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [296] so I was, I was interested to see that, I mean that
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [297] No I didn't, I think that was right
Jane (PS3S5) [298] I wouldn't of thought that were right, and all
Cathy (PS3S6) [299] Mm, the director always, I mean
Robert (PS3S2) [300] After show talks yes, maybe to be able to say well what do you think of that and [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [301] Oh yes that's terrific, in fact it would be fun, aha
Robert (PS3S2) [302] but er, no
Cathy (PS3S6) [303] but no I don't think
Iris (PS3S4) [304] That's assuming that blind people wouldn't understand what they're hearing on the stage
Cathy (PS3S6) [305] I think, well you see, this is the other thing, yes
Iris (PS3S4) [306] that's right
Robert (PS3S2) [307] that's right, yes you have to tell them what to look out for kind of thing
Cathy (PS3S6) [308] There's enough examples of that and you read, the most peculiar thing I, I think I was telling, I don't know if I was telling Iris I have a notion I had, had it in my mind to tell you and you turned up with this blind girl to do this M C
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [309] with the video team
Brian (PS3S3) [310] Mhm
Cathy (PS3S6) [311] the team you know are very, very important people
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [312] they announce in the room we are from video such and such, you know and just looked at me, this black man explained everything to everybody else and then the guy went over and sat down and explained it all again just blind
Robert (PS3S2) [laugh]
Cathy (PS3S6) [313] and m I thought he was gonna start saying something different
Robert (PS3S2) [314] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [315] but I realize the same thing, I said erm,
Iris (PS3S4) [316] She can hear
Cathy (PS3S6) [317] she, she actually has heard all this before
Iris (PS3S4) [318] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [319] and he said oh yes of course, you know, this
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [laugh]
Cathy (PS3S6) [320] you don't, you think we've all moved on in things that all
Robert (PS3S2) [321] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [322] were all so much
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [323] so it's bad enough if they gather them in the gathering them in the barrel like, the barrel bit, but not the sort of
Iris (PS3S4) [324] Yeah
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [laugh]
Cathy (PS3S6) [325] gathering you get to explain what's going to happen, first of all you done [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [326] And does she take sugar?
Cathy (PS3S6) [327] Yes [laugh]
Iris (PS3S4) [328] [laugh] Oh ... would you like some more?
Cathy (PS3S6) [329] All I was gonna say that, that if that was you
Jane (PS3S5) [330] Oh well if there is
Cathy (PS3S6) [331] if that was it on the agenda that I miss because of being so early bit in the wrong place
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [laugh]
Cathy (PS3S6) [332] what I wanted to do is say is what about the publicity can we try and make the very best of this
Robert (PS3S2) [333] Mhm, mhm
Cathy (PS3S6) [334] erm you know, because I want to do something more clear that's gonna fit in with everybody else
Robert (PS3S2) [335] Yeah
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [336] it's an ideal opportunity
Robert (PS3S2) [337] Yes I mean, erm
Brian (PS3S3) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [338] I can't do anything about it erm ... yet because we've only just got it, I mean what, what you thinking of?
Iris (PS3S4) [339] There's a bar on it until the eighteenth of September isn't there?
Cathy (PS3S6) [340] Oh is there?
Robert (PS3S2) [341] Is there?
Iris (PS3S4) [342] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [343] That's when they're, that's when they're launching the full
Iris (PS3S4) [344] because I mentioned it in Playback because I thought er, trouble is within a
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [345] and it's just a take on, so I watched what I said, but erm, we mentioned it, we, we didn't see very much about it we just said it's coming up we'll have, we'll let you in for a full details next month so
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [346] Mm
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [347] the other thing we might do is erm ... is a [...] at the film council and see if he can help us with, I mean it is a film after all whether he's got er particular contacts
Iris (PS3S4) [348] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [349] anything council with media or anything
Iris (PS3S4) [350] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [351] erm
Iris (PS3S4) [352] yes that would be
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [353] to say you know, this is, you know, this is arrived as it were, and the tape with full things coming in, in the middle of the month and, what, what kind of thing did you have anything in mind?
Cathy (PS3S6) [354] No, I, really just to see what, what everyone else was doing, I mean I was thinking of is a little
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [355] of which she sort of goes into every door, every door in Strathclyde, what a horrible thought, but in fact you know I thought maybe try and do something there, although I don't always get on greatly well with, with the press and publicity people and the women in press and publicity are, are sort of start phrasing
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [356] once, once the
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [357] if she says it to me one more time I
Iris (PS3S4) [358] No but, I will [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [359] but I mean you know, if
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [360] you put that piece of dried heather and you light it
Cathy (PS3S6) [361] Light it, yes it does
Iris (PS3S4) [362] yes it does [laugh]
Jane (PS3S5) [363] See that it does, yeah [laugh]
Cathy (PS3S6) [364] I think you know, if it's not child abuse or something you know
Jane (PS3S5) [365] Aha
Cathy (PS3S6) [366] you know, straight to the heart erm, you know fifteen million children abandoned in Glasgow Green there, you know, she's really terribly taken with mind
Robert (PS3S2) [367] Not interested
Jane (PS3S5) [368] I think the answer to that is, I don't think you're in the right job
Iris (PS3S4) [laugh]
Cathy (PS3S6) [369] really is, erm quite annoying
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [370] er, yes
Robert (PS3S2) [371] fire fighting
Cathy (PS3S6) [372] but worth trying that, that would certainly help, but I just wondered even if you know sort of local press, I mean presumably they are in their league for doing this
Robert (PS3S2) [373] Well what, what I suppose we should do is find out what R N I B is doing first, that's what we should find
Cathy (PS3S6) [374] Yes that would be good, aha
Robert (PS3S2) [375] and then we can maybe then think about it, okay well I'll, I'll
Cathy (PS3S6) [376] You come back to us then and
Robert (PS3S2) [377] Well yeah I mean one by one, maybe if we can hit the Herald and erm The Times and
Cathy (PS3S6) [378] The Times is always good for replying things
Robert (PS3S2) [379] and the News and the Scotsman
Cathy (PS3S6) [380] Aha
Robert (PS3S2) [381] and erm and erm, our friend at erm Radio
Cathy (PS3S6) [382] The Daily Record
Robert (PS3S2) [383] Radio Clyde as well
Cathy (PS3S6) [384] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [385] I'm sure the local press will be interested too if you can involve them that would be a great help
Cathy (PS3S6) [386] I would be very grateful
Iris (PS3S4) [387] as there will need to be more campaigning before we see the expansionable description in the theatre ... and that could be
Robert (PS3S2) [388] Presumably R and R B would of contacted the big papers but, obviously not the small local ones
Cathy (PS3S6) [389] to help spread the news, I enclose the material
Robert (PS3S2) [390] Mm, ah I mean if it was the question I mean I've got that material we've got it, I mean if it was question of sending out, I mean I could do that.
[391] Well I'll check with R and R B's press office first just to check before we sort of do things, but I mean it'll be worth, would, would it be worth approaching erm Reporting Scotland and Scotland to
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [392] I think so
Robert (PS3S2) [393] and, and Good Morning Scotland yeah all these kind of
Cathy (PS3S6) [394] Mhm
Jane (PS3S5) [395] I would definitely think so
Cathy (PS3S6) [396] and the, the free papers I mean that's the one that goes through all the doors
Iris (PS3S4) [397] Yes that's the one, that's right, mhm.
Cathy (PS3S6) [398] You know everybody gets it then.
Robert (PS3S2) [399] Erm ... right ... what's the name of that nice man that Good Morning Scotland who Neil
Iris (PS3S4) [400] Neil
Robert (PS3S2) [401] is he still there?
Iris (PS3S4) [402] I think so, yes
Robert (PS3S2) [403] Oh, cos he did a couple of nice bits for us in the past
Iris (PS3S4) [404] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [405] for I was always keeping up my sleeve for sort of things we might do as opposed to R and M U have done
Iris (PS3S4) [406] Mhm
Jane (PS3S5) [407] Yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [408] this is, that's a sort of reference to sort of
Jane (PS3S5) [409] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [410] get into sort of the voluntary organization
Cathy (PS3S6) [411] Enter the cut throat staff you know
Brian (PS3S3) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [412] a wrap through R and R B's not a hit
Cathy (PS3S6) [413] No
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [414] erm, right okay, well I'll look into that, but I think that serves a good point, right moving back to the agenda, erm, note of meeting fifth of August, erm, anything for those of you who were there, that Cath had to run away, that was one of your crises you were having
Cathy (PS3S6) [415] Oh god
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [416] that's right because you came back again
Iris (PS3S4) [417] Right at the end
Cathy (PS3S6) [418] It was still
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [419] it was still, erm quite good that was worth it that day
Iris (PS3S4) [420] Was it oh good
Cathy (PS3S6) [421] because that location still on the go
Iris (PS3S4) [422] Is it?
[423] Oh good
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [424] that in, yes
Iris (PS3S4) [425] Mm
Cathy (PS3S6) [426] lovely location.
Robert (PS3S2) [427] Erm, we're, we're using the same agenda which is why conf confusion about venue on the front cos I said to my secretary
Jane (PS3S5) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [428] she said what, what agenda do you want, so I said just the same and so she put the same venue, we tend to alter at the meeting she said
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS3S3) [429] yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [430] Yes I think it says it's Edinburgh in the front and Glasgow on the back or the other way round
Jane (PS3S5) [431] Mm
Cathy (PS3S6) [432] That's why I'm late
Robert (PS3S2) [433] Yes, yes
Brian (PS3S3) [laugh]
Iris (PS3S4) [434] She was still in Glasgow, yeah
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [435] Scotland, I didn't know you were having it here
Robert (PS3S2) [436] Well we felt like a change
Iris (PS3S4) [437] Yes we felt like a change ... why not, come to my lovely office
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [438] it's lovely isn't it, you can't have it, falls apart when it's moved
Brian (PS3S3) [laugh]
Iris (PS3S4) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [439] So, it's the same agenda, so if everybody's okay with that note, I mean most things I think come up
Iris (PS3S4) [440] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [441] I should say that I, I came away from the last meeting with an enormous list of things to do, and I haven't managed to do them all, but they'll emerge as we go through, erm, developments Perth, Perth if inter interrupt me
Jane (PS3S5) [442] Perth haven't [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [443] Perth happened, it has it's pilot, on, on August the twelfth which Iris supervised
Iris (PS3S4) [444] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [445] mm, you seemed to of, I mean you were a bit disappointed there were less, not so many visually impaired people were there, but they, they were sort of casting the net with council [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [446] No I wasn't so much disappointed as that I was disappointed that there was only five would be sponsors and that it was we had to give out
Robert (PS3S2) [447] Oh right
Iris (PS3S4) [448] about sixty headsets and I thought well who are these people we're getting, I think a lot of them were social workers, so that's fair enough
Jane (PS3S5) [449] Mm
Iris (PS3S4) [450] but erm
Robert (PS3S2) [451] I mean certainly the Perth people seem well pleased and
Iris (PS3S4) [452] Mm
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [453] somewhere I think I managed to remember to bring erm, their erm, their minutes from the meeting I didn't go to last week, but you did
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [454] erm, erm, no I haven't got them, erm, and they've agreed to go ahead in conjunction with
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [455] I mean everything is kind of steaming up
Iris (PS3S4) [456] It is going that is
Robert (PS3S2) [457] erm
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [458] the monies
Robert (PS3S2) [459] Well they're, they are still waiting for, for confirmation on money, but they've got quite a lot in the kitty already
Jane (PS3S5) [460] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [461] because the, the society up in Perth, the Perth belong to a society and had this gigantic legacy and they'd agreed to spend it
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [462] a miniature amount of it on audio description, so from that point of view there they, was sort of fairly well down the line with the money anyway they, they had
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [463] still giving money into it
Robert (PS3S2) [464] erm, they were approaching the District Council weren't they?
Cathy (PS3S6) [465] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [466] The Common Good Fund and they, they had you know all I mean you know they had all feelers out for all, all the things, so there are a couple of dates which came up in the last meeting erm for further pilots and then the intention is to just go ahead from
Iris (PS3S4) [467] Well they, they said at that meeting they'd hoped to have their system for the next one which is the seventeenth October
Robert (PS3S2) [468] Oh right
Cathy (PS3S6) [469] Mm
Iris (PS3S4) [470] because I didn't know whether I was going to have to bring ours up or not because I [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [471] That's right, yeah because obviously the radio system was
Iris (PS3S4) [472] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [473] used on, on, on the twelfth of August, erm
Jane (PS3S5) [474] So they're going to have their er infra red
Robert (PS3S2) [475] so they hoped to have the infra red in by then, yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [476] They hope to have it by then
Robert (PS3S2) [477] Yeah, I mean what was nice in, in a way was that er I couldn't go to the last meeting I wasn't well, I had a cold er, what was nice in a way was that David who's the general manager and the general manager from Pitlochry had come in, I mean in a way it was a classic case
Iris (PS3S4) [478] It was good
Robert (PS3S2) [479] of having sort of help set something off and then tiptoe away which has been one of my functions, that, that, that it can happen
Iris (PS3S4) [480] Yes
Jane (PS3S5) [481] Yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [482] It sounds good
Robert (PS3S2) [483] and I felt quite happy especially with a bow tie on, you know, it had been, it had gone you know and in a way we sort of could almost sort of
Cathy (PS3S6) [484] Can let go of it
Robert (PS3S2) [485] let go of it
Iris (PS3S4) [486] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [487] now, so it's, I was well pleased with that
Cathy (PS3S6) [488] In saying that go over, erm obviously I'm all for that, but in terms of sort of holding on to what they're doing I just had written down to mention that you know, we didn't have some sort of mechanism to, to share you know
Robert (PS3S2) [489] Yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [490] either up to information on what's happening all this, you know and I'll I know we'll come on to
Iris (PS3S4) [491] Yes absolutely
Cathy (PS3S6) [492] that point later
Iris (PS3S4) [493] Mhm
Cathy (PS3S6) [494] but we must sort of all pull in together as a situation in Scotland now that which really concerns me and I'd
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [495] away because it's wonderful to have another theatre, but, erm it's just a bit maybe trying to draw up some method to do that.
Robert (PS3S2) [496] Is there sort of a team leader of volunteers emerged up there?
[497] Or is that, is that still theatre that's doing that?
Jane (PS3S5) [498] Not yet I think at the moment they're organizing it, yes
Robert (PS3S2) [499] Yeah, or is it the Society for the Blind or is it sort of between the two?
Jane (PS3S5) [500] No it's the theatre
Robert (PS3S2) [501] It's the theatre is it?
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [502] I think Diane's organizing it all
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [503] right
Cathy (PS3S6) [504] Good, that's good it's a theatre [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [505] Very good it's a theatre
Jane (PS3S5) [506] She can keep doing it
Robert (PS3S2) [507] Mm
Jane (PS3S5) [508] erm
Cathy (PS3S6) [509] No
Jane (PS3S5) [510] it all depends whether they want to do it or not
Robert (PS3S2) [511] Yes
Jane (PS3S5) [512] sometimes it's easier if you find to pass it on to someone else
Iris (PS3S4) [513] Oh yes, I mean I just wouldn't of got anywhere with it
Cathy (PS3S6) [514] Oh aye, no, no
Jane (PS3S5) [515] but I'm hoping to pass Glasgow onto someone else [laugh]
Cathy (PS3S6) [516] It's quite interesting that it's the theatre that's doing it, I was on a course last week in Sussex, a management course and there was Bradford theatre companies were there erm, from all the different theatres and they, they organize it and they organize the volunteers
Jane (PS3S5) [517] Oh really?
Iris (PS3S4) [518] That is the, that is the
Cathy (PS3S6) [519] they do the training now
Brian (PS3S3) [520] How, do they do that through a friends group or?
Cathy (PS3S6) [521] Yes, friends of the theatre
Brian (PS3S3) [522] Right
Cathy (PS3S6) [523] it's quite interesting that they do it
Iris (PS3S4) [524] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [525] Well it's a perfect opportunity for friends to
Cathy (PS3S6) [526] That's difficult in the setting up stages
Robert (PS3S2) [527] Mm
Cathy (PS3S6) [528] you know, it's whoever takes it on really
Iris (PS3S4) [529] I think that's we all, we all visualize it
Jane (PS3S5) [530] Ours is always
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [531] I mean the closer it is to the theatre the better
Jane (PS3S5) [532] Yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [533] the contacts are and everything and I think that's much better if it can be got down to that eventually
Cathy (PS3S6) [534] And you're getting people who are interested in the theatre
Iris (PS3S4) [535] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [536] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [537] Oh, right from the beginning when we talk to citizens about using their friends of the theatre I nearly fell about you know
Iris (PS3S4) [538] And yet I have three, I have three good friends of the theatre involved
Cathy (PS3S6) [539] Do you, ah, mm now
Iris (PS3S4) [540] one of them's the chairman [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [541] Yes, yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [542] We have friends of the Lyceum involved
Robert (PS3S2) [543] There is historically, I mean it maybe the same at the
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [544] as it is at the Lyceum that there is kind of historically a certain amount of, not exactly friction, but I mean something that has
Iris (PS3S4) [545] That is
Robert (PS3S2) [546] sort of got kind of an odd relationship between the friends
Cathy (PS3S6) [547] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [548] and the management literally
Iris (PS3S4) [549] Mm
Cathy (PS3S6) [550] I suppose they see themselves as
Robert (PS3S2) [551] I suspect it's the same in the
Cathy (PS3S6) [552] Yeah
Brian (PS3S3) [553] The sort of suffering chart
Cathy (PS3S6) [554] Yeah
Jane (PS3S5) [555] Aye, aye
Iris (PS3S4) [556] But I think it's an ideal thing cos people who remember the friends are always interested in the theatre
Cathy (PS3S6) [557] Yes
Iris (PS3S4) [558] and that's such a good start
Brian (PS3S3) [559] And be able to pass on the enthusiasm
Iris (PS3S4) [560] Yes, Mhm , yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [561] And we also, I mean it was also felt that you know the friends mechanism of the newsletters and get together
Cathy (PS3S6) [562] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [563] yes
Robert (PS3S2) [564] you know
Brian (PS3S3) [565] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [566] is a way of getting
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [567] erm
Cathy (PS3S6) [568] Mhm, spread the word
Robert (PS3S2) [569] I don't know maybe it may just be come down to sort of the individual theatres I suppose
Cathy (PS3S6) [570] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [571] that's the thing
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [572] It was quite interesting that all of the theatres and all the theatre staff who were there knew all about audio description
Robert (PS3S2) [573] Yeah
Jane (PS3S5) [574] Really?
Cathy (PS3S6) [575] because I spoke to them all about it
Iris (PS3S4) [576] Yes, mhm
Cathy (PS3S6) [577] and it was happening in all of their theatres
Robert (PS3S2) [578] Mm
Cathy (PS3S6) [579] it's just good
Robert (PS3S2) [580] it's interesting isn't it?
Cathy (PS3S6) [581] that's good , mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [582] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [583] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [584] so, mm ... so anyway it's apparently it's kind a way in
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [585] one of the things that Dough who was there, er with Iris on, on, on the twelfth er spotted was that one of his ex students who now works in educational technology or something equally grand in the Northern College in Dundee is one of the volunteers who have come forward
Iris (PS3S4) [586] Oh
Cathy (PS3S6) [587] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [588] and with her kind of background in, in writing up training package, packages and things
Iris (PS3S4) [589] Mm
Cathy (PS3S6) [590] That's good
Robert (PS3S2) [591] he has, he's not asked her, he's nobbled her to actually get involved in helping with the compilation of the training package
Cathy (PS3S6) [592] Training package, mm
Robert (PS3S2) [593] once she's sort of you know
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [594] I mean obviously once she's been through the learning process herself, so Doug came away feeling quite pleased that he'd made that contact and he also sort of made one or two, he, he had one or two wise observations I think about the evening, he made one or two new contacts himself and the suggestion and things, he spoke very well about it, at our committee on our last meeting last week
Cathy (PS3S6) [595] Oh good
Robert (PS3S2) [596] so eliminate er, it raves about how successful
Cathy (PS3S6) [597] Good
Robert (PS3S2) [598] the system is.
[599] So that was
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [600] the sort of a contact for training now.
Cathy (PS3S6) [601] Good, manage to get the equipment back that the sighted people ran off with?
Iris (PS3S4) [602] No, erm, well it's, it's not just, they didn't have, it wasn't too much, there's one ear piece which has come off, but I discovered at, my last, I sent myself last week at the assembly hall to how that could happen
Cathy (PS3S6) [603] Ah
Iris (PS3S4) [604] because it happened to me, you know the little soft bit?
Cathy (PS3S6) [605] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [606] Oh right
Iris (PS3S4) [607] I was wearing I had the, the stethoscope behind my neck and I took it off for something, I was holding it up to try and get a better
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [608] and I discovered that one was missing
Cathy (PS3S6) [609] Was missing
Iris (PS3S4) [610] and I thought ooh where is it
Cathy (PS3S6) [611] Oh, all
Iris (PS3S4) [612] I started to look around and I put my hand up and it was lying at the back of my collar
Jane (PS3S5) [613] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [614] so it must come off very easily
Jane (PS3S5) [615] must come off very easily somehow
Iris (PS3S4) [616] so it, so I'm tempted , not to hand, you know, to take them all off before handing them out
Jane (PS3S5) [617] Yes
Iris (PS3S4) [618] if I'm giving a single ear piece, cos they won't be quiet, otherwise they will get lost that way
Cathy (PS3S6) [619] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [620] very, very simple
Robert (PS3S2) [621] Are they terribly expensive?
Iris (PS3S4) [622] Shouldn't think so, I don't know, I haven't managed to contact,
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [623] to find out
Robert (PS3S2) [624] I was just wondering whether it's something, you know, you buy a
Iris (PS3S4) [625] Yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [626] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [627] probably aren't that expensive
Robert (PS3S2) [628] What happens about hygiene with those as well?
Iris (PS3S4) [629] Well in, you could clean them with stuff is
Robert (PS3S2) [630] You can clean them?
Iris (PS3S4) [631] There's, the thing is they're terribly expensive if you, if you don't exactly have any money
Robert (PS3S2) [632] Yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [633] [laugh] which is what the position at the moment
Cathy (PS3S6) [634] Aha, I see
Robert (PS3S2) [635] mm
Cathy (PS3S6) [636] aha, and we will have to think about some sort of contingency fund around to, for replacements whatever
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [637] that's part of the bigger discussion
Robert (PS3S2) [638] Mm
Iris (PS3S4) [639] Well, anyway, yes, sorry, that was
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [640] Well
Robert (PS3S2) [641] Well not for me, no
Iris (PS3S4) [642] Oh no
Robert (PS3S2) [643] repairs and renewals are typical are a lot
Brian (PS3S3) [644] Mm ...
Robert (PS3S2) [645] What's the latest from Glasgow then?
Iris (PS3S4) [646] The latest from Glasgow is the system is starting up again, we're doing the first one on the twenty fourth of September erm, the Theatre Royal had, we're doing three
Robert (PS3S2) [647] Are these, these dates, erm sixth November, fourteenth November?
Iris (PS3S4) [648] Yes, sixth November, fourteenth November, what's that?
Robert (PS3S2) [649] And the fifth of December, that's the Theatre Royal for Witches
Iris (PS3S4) [650] It's sixteenth, I didn't think afterwards, I didn't bring it, wait a minute, sixth, yes, sixth is the Witches cos that's a matinee and ten thirty in the morning
Robert (PS3S2) [651] Ten A M
Cathy (PS3S6) [652] Well done
Iris (PS3S4) [653] schools which we hope erm they all come
Cathy (PS3S6) [654] well done
Iris (PS3S4) [655] that's the
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [656] that's right
Jane (PS3S5) [657] Yes, mm
Iris (PS3S4) [658] Then the fifth of December is on
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [659] That's all, that's
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [660] oh yes the fourteen of November
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [661] that's again a Saturday night, er four P M
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [662] I, I should think we'd probably have good people going,
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [663] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [664] Right, I haven't done anything about the
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [665] at all
Iris (PS3S4) [666] They're trying, encouraging to Cathy to show some interest
Cathy (PS3S6) [667] Oh yes I have
Iris (PS3S4) [668] which is more than I have
Cathy (PS3S6) [669] and I laid back so that the fashion might
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [670] I was coming to do all again sort of thing, you know, I mean they suddenly announced who
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [671] I really I was seeing her, because I wasn't happy about the publicity, the way it had described audio description I didn't think it was good and Alex was unhappy about the way they were describing some language things, which cos they're not doing erm, and we just went in and he just said right just, erm ... well I've kept you some seats for a performance on the sixteenth of September, this was about the
Iris (PS3S4) [672] Oh aye, twenty fourth of August or something
Cathy (PS3S6) [673] Aha, you know, since a week goes on and erm and that's it, aha, not ring me up and say hi there we're thinking of
Robert (PS3S2) [674] So if you hadn't happened to of gone you know
Cathy (PS3S6) [675] Aha, so if I hadn't haven't, goodness knows, aha, so I mean we, I had a chat with Iris obviously, but it just wasn't on, with other commitments and different things, it was in the afternoon
Iris (PS3S4) [676] Apart from anything else, we, we don't just go to the theatre we have, we really tend to wait to be invited
Cathy (PS3S6) [677] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [678] erm, now, and erm, anyway I refused to say anything about the
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [679] until I could see physically they have rebuilt it, I mean I won't even say yes we'll do it if you do it, I'm going to say you do it and we'll give you a
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...] [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [680] description, because there's no way I'm going to go into that position again, no
Robert (PS3S2) [681] Yeah, just to, to fill Brian in with that.
[682] They had a great deal of trouble
Iris (PS3S4) [683] Mm
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [684] we hadn't done anything since they rebuilt the St Paul's Theatre
Brian (PS3S3) [685] Mm
Iris (PS3S4) [686] and they assured us there would be a bit incorporated for audio description, so what it was, was half of us entrance into the lighted sound box, cut off, it was a, sort of triangular, but erm, to see out the window ...
Jane (PS3S5) [687] This is good, yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [688] I, standing on my tiptoes I couldn't see out the window to, to look out to the stage erm, and there was a huge step up, it was about that, which was great for people's bad backs and if you got up on that, erm then you sat on top of a very high cocktail chair, in fact one of our people had to kneel on top of the high cocktail chair, to look, to see down, over the window, down to the stage and they didn't give us a sound feed which would sound familiar
Brian (PS3S3) [689] [laugh] Yes it does
Iris (PS3S4) [690] because there's no sound feed and altogether, oh yes, for the second, we, we did two plays and for the second one, they didn't produce a script
Jane (PS3S5) [691] No
Iris (PS3S4) [692] so I described them how to do it, perched on our knees, looking down, no sound without a script, it was just absolutely ludicrous
Robert (PS3S2) [693] Yeah, it's exactly that kind of experience that I think has got me thinking about what I was saying before you came, well before we were just doing the coffee, about the idea of actually starting to draw, well I was calling contracts, but probably it's more better called agreements, about you know, the theatre will do this, we will do that and
Iris (PS3S4) [694] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [695] you know, maybe even have cut-off dates so that if there isn't, you know, a script by such and such a date then we will need to figure out what these dates were, but this is why got more on board
Brian (PS3S3) [696] Over the
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [697] to give the theatre side more of
Brian (PS3S3) [698] The sort of he's doing more than me
Iris (PS3S4) [699] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [700] the sort of contracts you would, you know, I mean, you, you have with producers anyway managements
Brian (PS3S3) [701] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [702] and, and artists and things that you know, we could maybe, I don't want to make it, you know a twenty five page
Iris (PS3S4) [703] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [704] you know a legal document, but I mean maybe we can reach some sort of middle ground that would be a kind of guidelines and
Iris (PS3S4) [705] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [706] I mean once
Brian (PS3S3) [707] The only thing I can see there is the different venues will obviously will have different, differences to cope with that
Iris (PS3S4) [708] Of course, of course , yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [709] Well that's something we would obviously have to sort of, I mean maybe it's something where ... you know I mean with the
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [710] there's a regularity about it now
Cathy (PS3S6) [711] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [712] Mm, yes
Robert (PS3S2) [713] which I suppose it might be difficult to see what had to be arranged for that with you there's a regularity, but you know the Trone is obviously a
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [714] one-offish basis, I mean we are talking a certain one of
Iris (PS3S4) [715] There are certain basics , there are certain basics
Robert (PS3S2) [716] Yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [717] that if they're not there we can't do
Robert (PS3S2) [718] You can't do it
Cathy (PS3S6) [719] That's right
Robert (PS3S2) [720] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [721] and the theatre must know when you're actually going to see the, the show
Robert (PS3S2) [722] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [723] because you've got to arrange seats
Jane (PS3S5) [724] Mm, yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [725] That's right
Iris (PS3S4) [726] So if the, a script [...] there, at least when you're there
Robert (PS3S2) [727] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [728] erm
Cathy (PS3S6) [729] You see the message had obviously got through because that
Iris (PS3S4) [730] At the latest
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [731] day he just handed me script
Iris (PS3S4) [732] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [733] handed me it but even then
Iris (PS3S4) [734] that's all you need when you turn up and forget the
Cathy (PS3S6) [735] I said
Iris (PS3S4) [736] script that's enough
Cathy (PS3S6) [737] Well I don't I said, I said I'll take it, but I said that I really don't, I mean I said it's really, I said I've explained very carefully it's Iris who had all that yes, ah, but here's a script, so you see, that had at least got through
Iris (PS3S4) [738] That got through
Cathy (PS3S6) [739] but I think what we need to do is go down, well Iris and I will go down there, make arrangements will go down, go down the office
Robert (PS3S2) [740] And talk it through
Cathy (PS3S6) [741] and will have, have, a look
Jane (PS3S5) [742] Yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [743] have, Iris can have another look, but erm, but it's incredible because I mean that's, that really was
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [744] It really was it was [laugh]
Cathy (PS3S6) [745] worse than what I thought
Robert (PS3S2) [746] Sorry what I was gonna suggest on that in a way this is kind of preempting something else, you know, the, the bit on the agenda for it, I always put them in its back, back together when I write, erm
Iris (PS3S4) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [747] yes, yes maybe you and I can sit down
Brian (PS3S3) [748] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [749] and, and kind of erm some time one afternoon or something and kind of go through these things
Iris (PS3S4) [750] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [751] erm or maybe I'll consider you two down, you know as the describing side
Cathy (PS3S6) [752] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [753] the theatre side and just say
Cathy (PS3S6) [754] Yes that might in fact be practical in
Iris (PS3S4) [755] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [756] and then sort of come up
Brian (PS3S3) [757] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [758] with, with a draft if you like and then we can talk it round, you know
Iris (PS3S4) [759] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [760] just so that we can try and work it out, so that you know if we are going to, to go to new theatres like, you know, I think the New Travellers is going to be interested
Iris (PS3S4) [761] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [762] but obviously it's pretty busy now but you know we can go to them and say this is what we found, you know
Iris (PS3S4) [763] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [764] as you say
Iris (PS3S4) [765] it's all
Robert (PS3S2) [766] every theatre is going to be different, but I think there is a basics
Iris (PS3S4) [767] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [768] there are basics
Iris (PS3S4) [769] We've already been along there
Cathy (PS3S6) [770] Have you?
[771] Oh
Robert (PS3S2) [772] Have they?
[773] Right, well you're already ahead of me in that case
Iris (PS3S4) [774] the Friday night as to look at different things
Robert (PS3S2) [775] I mean I knew they wouldn't be
Cathy (PS3S6) [776] The only thing is I would hope it would be, it would be very simple and basic and nice
Robert (PS3S2) [777] Well that's what worries me is
Cathy (PS3S6) [778] because I don't want to put them off either, I mean if we've got to the
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [779] Oh no
Cathy (PS3S6) [780] and said this is what you do, they would of heaved us straight out the door
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [781] Yes I think that's something we would have to kind of balance up is, is that kind of making
Cathy (PS3S6) [782] Can I no, not, not telling them what to do
Brian (PS3S3) [783] No this is, this is what we need and this is what
Robert (PS3S2) [784] you need
Brian (PS3S3) [785] you need and
Cathy (PS3S6) [786] Yes, yes this is what we're giving even though
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS3S3) [787] yeah, yeah, coming up round to
Robert (PS3S2) [788] Yeah and I suppose it's always going to be up for sort of negotiation, I mean I
Cathy (PS3S6) [789] Oh
Robert (PS3S2) [790] have this sort of vision
Iris (PS3S4) [791] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [792] you know of, of maybe you know a three or four page thing with maybe different, you know different sheets and, and you know sort of say well now we need to do this, can you do that or shall we bring ours you know
Cathy (PS3S6) [793] Oh yes, that's right
Iris (PS3S4) [794] yes
Robert (PS3S2) [795] and, and sort of when can we have a script you know and you write it down and take thirty per cent of it, or whatever you know, erm, I mean the other thing that Alex has drawn er
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [796] has drawn up for sign language is this sort of flow chart er, with dates and things working backwards from the event, saying you know we need this by two weeks beforehand we need it back
Cathy (PS3S6) [797] You've got to book in
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [798] yes, yes you have
Robert (PS3S2) [799] and, and I was wondering if that might kind of
Cathy (PS3S6) [800] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [801] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [802] the thing, I mean again it's, it's different, but
Iris (PS3S4) [803] I don't think so I think
Cathy (PS3S6) [804] If it's any consolation they totally ignore that
Robert (PS3S2) [805] Yeah [laugh]
Iris (PS3S4) [806] I don't really, I don't really think it's that that's pinning people down and I think this theatre will be slightly different.
Robert (PS3S2) [807] Yeah
Jane (PS3S5) [808] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [809] Because when some plays run for two weeks
Cathy (PS3S6) [810] But until there's erm, that's right, I
Iris (PS3S4) [811] and some for three weeks
Robert (PS3S2) [812] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [813] and you wouldn't have the opportunity to go along
Iris (PS3S4) [814] No
Cathy (PS3S6) [815] and I think, I think the difficulty with that is until you know it, as one person said to Alex in front of me ah well, we, we did exactly what you required and you never brought any audience, there was no audience, do you remember that?
Iris (PS3S4) [816] That was really embarrassing
Jane (PS3S5) [817] Did he really?
Cathy (PS3S6) [818] Now I mean that, that can happen to us, you know that can happen to us
Iris (PS3S4) [819] Oh yes
Iris (PS3S4) [820] yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [821] ag again that's why I don't want you to be heavy cos I don't want say to say oh you know you've brought us you know, fifteen pages and we worked our way through it and then you know at the end of the day we do all of it, yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [822] Where's your audiences?
Robert (PS3S2) [823] Yes, yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [824] I think we'll really have to be cautious and that one [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [825] That happened on Saturday
Iris (PS3S4) [826] Mhm
Cathy (PS3S6) [827] I agree that there are certain things like the sound coming into the
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [828] might be able to actually see that real smart
Iris (PS3S4) [829] Yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [830] but I mean other than that, I, I, I'd like to be dead cautious about that, I, I still think it's early days, I know we've made a great success, but it's early days.
Iris (PS3S4) [831] And we can't guarantee an, an audience, we can never guarantee an audience
Cathy (PS3S6) [832] No and there's still some theatre peo no we can't and there's still some theatre people don't want us
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [833] of people
Jane (PS3S5) [834] That's right ... can you tell me, see, there, this list, are any of these please go touring to other theatres?
[835] That's helpful for us to know because maybe even would want to take one of them for instance, that's already been described
Iris (PS3S4) [836] Mhm ...
Robert (PS3S2) [837] Yes, that's us moving onto Edinburgh now mate
Jane (PS3S5) [838] Now, oh sorry aye
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [839] we did get on together
Robert (PS3S2) [840] I thought we might
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS3S3) [841] Inverness
Jane (PS3S5) [842] Yes [laugh]
Iris (PS3S4) [843] Yes it might, you know
Jane (PS3S5) [844] I've got a potential describing Inverness I met her on the train the other day, a friend of my, he says
Iris (PS3S4) [845] Aye
Jane (PS3S5) [846] asks that
Brian (PS3S3) [847] And Aberdeen still very gracious
Jane (PS3S5) [848] Yes, he would be very good in there
Cathy (PS3S6) [849] Aberdeen still there
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...] ... [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [850] Oh
Robert (PS3S2) [851] That's January, right
Jane (PS3S5) [852] There's Tooting
Robert (PS3S2) [853] well February I suppose, by the time it goes to long
Brian (PS3S3) [854] Well the theory was it was even cur His Majesty's
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS3S3) [855] Aberdeen and er Theatre Royal, but I don't have any of them confront
Jane (PS3S5) [856] Mhm
Brian (PS3S3) [857] and we also booked Tour of the Price, Arthur Miller
Jane (PS3S5) [858] Right
Iris (PS3S4) [859] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [860] So there might be some touring in the new year?
Iris (PS3S4) [861] And they're touring after they've
Brian (PS3S3) [862] After the new year, yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [863] been here?
Brian (PS3S3) [864] after, after the shows, yeah
Jane (PS3S5) [865] That'll be, that'll be
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [866] That's good
Jane (PS3S5) [867] We're gonna start to send something
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [868] because we're gonna have to know that in advance because the describers have to be asked if they will be will they be able to travel?
Robert (PS3S2) [869] Prepared to travel
Cathy (PS3S6) [870] Them to do it
Robert (PS3S2) [871] yes and that, that in a way leads me on to the next party, if we're gonna have an agreement between this group or, you know, the other group
Jane (PS3S5) [872] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [873] bit of this group and, and the theatre, the, the next bit is, is an agreement with the describers about who's doing what
Jane (PS3S5) [874] Yes, yes
Robert (PS3S2) [875] and you know, okay, you're gonna do this show or act three of this show on the twenty third of January and it's going to, that particularly, what not, yeah, erm
Cathy (PS3S6) [876] Still find a describer who are prepared
Brian (PS3S3) [877] Or if it was
Cathy (PS3S6) [878] to travel
Brian (PS3S3) [879] if we were going through to Glasgow describers to
Robert (PS3S2) [880] Said to do it in reverse
Brian (PS3S3) [881] get
Jane (PS3S5) [882] You could perhaps get in Edinburgh if they were all busy
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS3S3) [883] what's it here or er whatever or even pick up notes from Edinburgh people
Jane (PS3S5) [884] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [885] Yeah, I mean it's that kind of co-ordination, yeah, to get that, to get that, right
Jane (PS3S5) [886] Today a co-ordination job that is [...]
Brian (PS3S3) [887] Can I tag a wee bit onto that?
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS3S3) [888] how about putting smaller theatre companies like communicado [...] targeting certain [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [889] Yes
Brian (PS3S3) [890] on the tour
Robert (PS3S2) [891] well we're sort of trying an experiment
Brian (PS3S3) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [892] Iris is trying an experiment
Brian (PS3S3) [893] Communicado, erm
Robert (PS3S2) [894] seven, eighty four, one
Brian (PS3S3) [895] Seven, eighty four, one
Robert (PS3S2) [896] Yes, yes, I mean we've, we've sort of talked about it but not done very much about it, Communicado of course is based on the Lyceum which is something which is worth knowing, erm
Brian (PS3S3) [897] Because at the moment I mean they're going into some venues out like the Traverse, who were thinking of doing it anyway, but
Robert (PS3S2) [898] Yeah, yes, I mean the situation is yes we have kind of thought about it, we haven't actually done it
Brian (PS3S3) [899] Right
Robert (PS3S2) [900] that's what it comes down to
Iris (PS3S4) [901] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [902] I mean the experiment that's coming up is, is the one week only
Jane (PS3S5) [903] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [904] emergence of the Oxford stage company at the moment
Iris (PS3S4) [905] I personally think with these smaller of the theat of the theatre companies who spend their life touring more or less
Robert (PS3S2) [906] Mm
Iris (PS3S4) [907] it would be handy for them to get
Jane (PS3S5) [908] Yes
Iris (PS3S4) [909] their own audio describer
Cathy (PS3S6) [910] Yes, remember
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [911] who would travel with them
Robert (PS3S2) [912] With a portable, with a radio systems plug in
Iris (PS3S4) [913] Yeah
Brian (PS3S3) [914] That would make sense
Iris (PS3S4) [915] That really would because I mean they, they
Brian (PS3S3) [916] for the preparation
Iris (PS3S4) [917] it's much easier if they have somebody attached to them
Jane (PS3S5) [918] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [919] Of course they would
Jane (PS3S5) [920] they know the play, they know the er act they know the whole thing
Robert (PS3S2) [921] I mean this, this
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [922] get mentioned somewhere along the line of, of you know maybe ... you know, I mean God knows how you would fund a
Cathy (PS3S6) [923] I know
Robert (PS3S2) [924] but you know, whether it would be something like, you know
Cathy (PS3S6) [925] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [926] the A, one of the A S Ns would of additional responsibility, it wouldn't be absolutely every performance
Cathy (PS3S6) [927] You can give the back up team though, you can get people to hand out leaflets and that sort of thing
Robert (PS3S2) [928] You can get
Jane (PS3S5) [929] It may well be a volunteer who's willing to be
Robert (PS3S2) [930] within the group
Jane (PS3S5) [931] within, within the group, you know, or volunteer not attached to the
Robert (PS3S2) [932] who's not a part, yeah
Jane (PS3S5) [933] the company who's willing to come
Cathy (PS3S6) [934] Mhm, yes, yes just to go along
Robert (PS3S2) [935] I mean you'd need to look at the touring schedules and things
Jane (PS3S5) [936] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [937] Maybe what we should do actually is before too long because of the planning involved is actually approach Communicado
Brian (PS3S3) [938] Pull, pull
Cathy (PS3S6) [939] yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [940] to just say you know, what are you doing sort of
Cathy (PS3S6) [941] Mhm
Jane (PS3S5) [942] yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [943] doing next year for a tour, what touring plans have you got
Cathy (PS3S6) [944] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [945] and see if there's any, anything in that, cos you wouldn't be looking at doing every single village hall
Cathy (PS3S6) [946] No
Brian (PS3S3) [947] No
Robert (PS3S2) [948] but you, you could sort of
Jane (PS3S5) [949] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [950] try them.
[951] You see there's a difference as well
Cathy (PS3S6) [952] Mm, if they had someone with them, it wouldn't be a problem
Robert (PS3S2) [953] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [954] I'm sure it's like joining the circus I wouldn't of thought you'd have a problem getting involved in it
Iris (PS3S4) [955] That's right, I wouldn't
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [956] you'd be delighted to go for
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [957] mm, well it depends on the touring pattern as well because I mean something like Communicado can sort of kind of do a week here, or a fortnight somewhere
Jane (PS3S5) [958] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [959] another group shown can literally doing one night stands
Cathy (PS3S6) [960] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [961] around the country, then you know, did sort of think about that, I suppose Communicado can
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [962] as well
Brian (PS3S3) [963] is there is there a pulling o off people's schedules just now, people sort of central sort of information point
Iris (PS3S4) [964] There isn't
Jane (PS3S5) [965] No
Robert (PS3S2) [966] That's something that we're needing
Iris (PS3S4) [967] That's the problem
Robert (PS3S2) [968] that's one of the things we're, we're trying to identify of
Iris (PS3S4) [969] That's what we do need, yes
Robert (PS3S2) [970] a way of doing that
Brian (PS3S3) [971] Right
Robert (PS3S2) [972] but I mean certainly I think it'll be worth erm
Iris (PS3S4) [973] Yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [974] looking at the Communicado the touring idea
Iris (PS3S4) [975] Erm, I, I did the same thing the tag
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [976] as I said earlier erm I suggested to them that perhaps as they went out so much perhaps one the company would do it, they sounded quite enthusiastic
Robert (PS3S2) [977] Right
Cathy (PS3S6) [978] Yes
Iris (PS3S4) [979] and one of the girls who I was speaking to, oh I'd like to do that, she couldn't for the, the one that we're doing
Jane (PS3S5) [980] No
Iris (PS3S4) [981] but erm I, I mean I, they obviously didn't say oh no that'll be a rotten idea, so
Jane (PS3S5) [982] Oh no
Robert (PS3S2) [983] Mm
Iris (PS3S4) [984] I think they might look kindly on it
Robert (PS3S2) [985] Yeah, oh we should explore that as, you know, erm ... I mean how far have do people like Communicado and
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [986] erm, yes so if we went to them sort of fairly soon we'd
Iris (PS3S4) [987] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [988] have a good idea of what they were doing next, next summer or whatever, yeah ... right ... right, otherwise Edinburgh, erm everything is in place for the festival descriptions, well everything's in place [laugh] like curtain up for the Lyceum description, last weekend
Iris (PS3S4) [989] Yes, yes
Robert (PS3S2) [990] Iris and I standing in the [...]
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [991] where were you
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [992] and I thought he's not, he [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [993] so what's the position in the future, is it, are we going to have to go through that every time or?
Robert (PS3S2) [994] No, no, no, no
Iris (PS3S4) [995] Or that
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [996] Is that in though?
Brian (PS3S3) [997] Now that we know
Iris (PS3S4) [998] I must admit I was
Brian (PS3S3) [999] now that we know what the problem is, we get, we're on top of it .
Iris (PS3S4) [1000] I was seething at your sign person because I thought we have no way of doing this for about at least two months
Robert (PS3S2) [1001] Mm
Iris (PS3S4) [1002] why the night before, did, was I told oh you'll need an amplifier and she's going to bring in one from her home, her own one in tomorrow morning, I thought I didn't spring it in last week, anything and then that day when I discovered it still wasn't working I just couldn't believe it
Cathy (PS3S6) [1003] Oh it's
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [1004] I mean I said to Shaun on a Friday night we'd better decide this, otherwise there's no point in us coming through tomorrow mate, we might as well stay at home and go to the football or something [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [laugh]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1005] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [1006] so
Robert (PS3S2) [1007] That's it now is it?
Iris (PS3S4) [1008] That's it
Robert (PS3S2) [1009] Yeah, put it on top of that one there
Iris (PS3S4) [1010] Good, great
Brian (PS3S3) [1011] Erm
Robert (PS3S2) [1012] Have a bit of trust [laugh]
Iris (PS3S4) [1013] I have, that was my job
Cathy (PS3S6) [1014] You're alright on the night, I'm sure you've heard that expression
Robert (PS3S2) [1015] Quite
Iris (PS3S4) [1016] Oh yes, as they were filming at the Lyceum last week they were, it were a good programme I can tell you
Cathy (PS3S6) [laugh]
Brian (PS3S3) [laugh]
Iris (PS3S4) [1017] [laugh] Anyway that, that the last thing, the only thing is of course we've missed the, the publication date for your
Robert (PS3S2) [1018] For the season
Iris (PS3S4) [1019] for the season
Brian (PS3S3) [1020] Yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [1021] which is a pity
Brian (PS3S3) [1022] yeah, yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [1023] Well that's of a, one of those things.
[1024] The erm, we did invite Ingy to come to this meeting just to report about the festival things, but er she, when I saw her, down at the Lyceum, she was sort of doubtful, erm just because you know
Iris (PS3S4) [1025] Yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [1026] it's still the first one, she's got a billion things to do, we'll obviously speak to her in the autumn, erm
Cathy (PS3S6) [1027] Mm, that's good yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [1028] there wasn't anybody at the assembly hall for the National Theatre, well
Jane (PS3S5) [1029] I really was disappointed in that, yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [1030] No, no blind consumers as it were so that was a disappointment
Jane (PS3S5) [1031] that was too bad
Robert (PS3S2) [1032] I mean and, and I mean I turned up about half an hour before the end and, and Iris really was looking a, I, I can confirm a picture of dejection
Iris (PS3S4) [1033] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [1034] That's very sad
Iris (PS3S4) [1035] I, I, I thought it was a great pity because I mean it's er a major thing upsetting
Brian (PS3S3) [1036] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [1037] One reason I was disappointed is because what it says in these minutes, Robert's people reported they'd been speaking to the R and Abbey Leisure Service in London that had been considerable interest in the Edinburgh Festival Programme and in everything
Iris (PS3S4) [1038] Mm, yes
Robert (PS3S2) [1039] ranging from when I went to Leeds to that seminar and there were people excited about the Festival and you know, two weeks before the Festival speaking to Jane in London, said oh we've had a lot of you know and I said well I'll get back to you in September and tell you
Iris (PS3S4) [1040] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [1041] and she said well I'll be able to tell you how many enquiries we've had and so you know, you were expecting something you know
Cathy (PS3S6) [1042] Nobody's there, mm
Iris (PS3S4) [1043] Well at the Lyceum, there was one lady from the South
Cathy (PS3S6) [1044] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [1045] about
Robert (PS3S2) [1046] Yes I remember you saying about
Iris (PS3S4) [1047] that they, just the others are all local, so at least there was one Festival visitor proper
Cathy (PS3S6) [1048] That's good yes
Iris (PS3S4) [1049] erm and I know they sold about five or six tickets at least next week
Robert (PS3S2) [1050] Next week
Iris (PS3S4) [1051] for this the Church Hill, but I don't know where they're from, I don't know if they're local people or from the Festival
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1052] Aha, I wonder how
Robert (PS3S2) [1053] One thing that, that we did spend, I mean, I don't know the Festival seems to come in an awful rush this time I suppose cos, cos
Cathy (PS3S6) [1054] Oh it does
Robert (PS3S2) [1055] my holiday was later as usual and longer so, you know and there was a couple of other things not related to this which I'd thought of doing and it's sort of they evaporated, but erm, we did spend time talking to Ingy earlier in the year, you know, about publicity and I gave her lists of well such as things obvious things like Playback and Newsbeat
Iris (PS3S4) [1056] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [1057] and Newsbeat dinner piece and I expect you did as well, erm but you know, she was, she was talking about contacts and things like Good Morning Scotland and all of the rest of it and I don't think any of that kind of happened
Iris (PS3S4) [1058] Mm
Jane (PS3S5) [1059] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [1060] er I mean I'm not sort of trying to point the finger at her, but
Iris (PS3S4) [1061] No, because it may well be that they said oh we've covered audio description before, nothing new
Robert (PS3S2) [1062] Yeah
Jane (PS3S5) [1063] Yeah, that's right
Iris (PS3S4) [1064] we were covering some
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [1065] this morning or something
Jane (PS3S5) [1066] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [1067] Yes exactly and events overtakes things and, and, and whatnot.
Iris (PS3S4) [1068] I tell you what I was quite disappointed as that, there was no, didn't seem to be a couple of stair up in the box office either the Lyceum I could see or there's not that there's
Robert (PS3S2) [1069] On the day
Iris (PS3S4) [1070] assembly hall has a, has a thing, but
Robert (PS3S2) [1071] Yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [1072] erm no I mean it's, it's good to see them on they were, they, the programme on, on the fourth of November will be audio described
Cathy (PS3S6) [1073] Yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [1074] Yes
Brian (PS3S3) [1075] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [1076] for the visually impaired, you know that kind of thing somebody booking their seat will say oh Aunty Mary might be interested.
Cathy (PS3S6) [1077] Aha
Robert (PS3S2) [1078] That was the other thing I think about the Festival programme which I think was a bit embarrassed about is the fact that all that information is in such teeny tiny writing
Jane (PS3S5) [1079] That's right
Iris (PS3S4) [1080] Yes, yes
Robert (PS3S2) [1081] which is difficult for me with my
Jane (PS3S5) [1082] Yes
Iris (PS3S4) [1083] Difficult for anybody
Robert (PS3S2) [1084] okay sight to read you know, my, my recently tested sight, and erm
Iris (PS3S4) [1085] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1086] oh, er let alone anybody [laugh]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1087] Most
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [1088] Yes he went and got glasses, yeah [laugh]
Brian (PS3S3) [1089] As a result of your training er
Robert (PS3S2) [1090] Yeah
Jane (PS3S5) [1091] Really, [laugh]
Brian (PS3S3) [1092] session
Iris (PS3S4) [1093] But that's, that, that, that is the bigger thing
Robert (PS3S2) [1094] So you know, the sight's something else, I don't I don't know, what I'm wondering is what, you know, what, you know
Iris (PS3S4) [1095] Can do it
Robert (PS3S2) [1096] what Ingy is gonna come back you know
Iris (PS3S4) [1097] Yes, er
Robert (PS3S2) [1098] in a month's time and whenever she comes
Iris (PS3S4) [1099] Yes
Jane (PS3S5) [1100] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1101] to, to, to a meeting for the group for next year, you know, she's gonna say well you know we tried it and nobody came
Iris (PS3S4) [1102] That's right
Robert (PS3S2) [1103] we're not doing it again, I don't think she will, but I mean I think we need to be sort of positive about how we are going to sort of
Iris (PS3S4) [1104] Well I, I erm
Robert (PS3S2) [1105] build it on
Iris (PS3S4) [1106] put a, put a very strong piece in Playback this month about audio description and seeing that, it, you know, how disappointed it is for how, I've, I've explained how much work we've put into er, er
Robert (PS3S2) [1107] Yeah, mm
Iris (PS3S4) [1108] description and that if people er don't take it up
Cathy (PS3S6) [1109] Yes
Iris (PS3S4) [1110] then it's likely to fall apart, because the volunteers are going to give up
Jane (PS3S5) [1111] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [1112] That's right
Iris (PS3S4) [1113] they'll, they'll see us, a play four times and then go along and no one comes to hear the description
Jane (PS3S5) [1114] That's right
Robert (PS3S2) [1115] Mm
Iris (PS3S4) [1116] so, erm I hope that, that might make few people visit, but then as I said also in it, you can't force people to go to the theatre if they don't want to
Robert (PS3S2) [1117] Oh you can't you, you, that's what we we're saying this morning
Iris (PS3S4) [1118] That's right
Jane (PS3S5) [1119] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [1120] you can take you know horses to water, but
Iris (PS3S4) [1121] Horses to water, mm
Robert (PS3S2) [1122] you can't get them to drink it
Brian (PS3S3) [1123] Is that
Cathy (PS3S6) [1124] Yeah, but I think some works
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1125] one is transport and I said this before to you
Iris (PS3S4) [1126] Oh yes, very much, yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [1127] and this is the difficulty, I'll, I'll take this away and see what I can do with it, I mean there's that East End thing, you know, that arts erm you know
Robert (PS3S2) [1128] Yes, one
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1129] and the shop mobilities well you know
Iris (PS3S4) [1130] Mhm
Cathy (PS3S6) [1131] and I'm just wondering if maybe, maybe we will just have to do a wee bit of work and try and get something on the go to see if somebody will
Iris (PS3S4) [1132] Yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [1133] accompany, I don't know that I can offer transport because it's not a very easy thing you know, and we need to try and do, but
Iris (PS3S4) [1134] Well we now have started this concert and theatre goers group in Glasgow and, and the
Cathy (PS3S6) [1135] Yes, well this is what I was going to
Robert (PS3S2) [1136] Yes, that's the other side of the
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [1137] that's right
Iris (PS3S4) [1138] They've actually started now, they've got a committee, of course I don't know how long it will take them to get going for them, but
Cathy (PS3S6) [1139] Yes, oh God
Iris (PS3S4) [1140] you see they likely can get a grant from the Society now that they're
Cathy (PS3S6) [1141] Exactly
Iris (PS3S4) [1142] a proper group and er I don't know how they can arrange transport, but I think that's what they're planning to do.
Robert (PS3S2) [1143] Well it's, do you still have that
Cathy (PS3S6) [1144] It'll be worth
Iris (PS3S4) [1145] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [1146] transport subsidy schemes, is that still work?
Brian (PS3S3) [1147] Mhm
Cathy (PS3S6) [1148] Oh, oh, oh
Robert (PS3S2) [1149] This is some well
Iris (PS3S4) [1150] That's right, yes
Brian (PS3S3) [1151] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1152] how does it work?
[1153] Does it still
Brian (PS3S3) [1154] Erm, you've got to go over a certain size to get ... a portion of the fee of paid
Cathy (PS3S6) [1155] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [1156] Mm
Iris (PS3S4) [1157] Mm
Brian (PS3S3) [1158] this is from the Arts Council?
Cathy (PS3S6) [1159] I see, that, that, it's very complicated for blind people
Robert (PS3S2) [1160] It's complicated for anybody
Brian (PS3S3) [1161] Anybody
Robert (PS3S2) [1162] Absolutely
Cathy (PS3S6) [laugh]
Robert (PS3S2) [1163] ludicrous, impossible to try and organize
Iris (PS3S4) [1164] Ah
Robert (PS3S2) [1165] but then
Cathy (PS3S6) [1166] We've got groups of volunteers who take people to theatre as well as art
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [1167] Ah, ha
Robert (PS3S2) [1168] I think the other side of the Festival as well, you mustn't lose track of, is that the Festival
Cathy (PS3S6) [1169] Yes, it's, I could of brought people through, I should of been able to
Robert (PS3S2) [1170] the Festival also chooses its own plays, I mean the Festival choose those three plays and whether they were the best three plays to choose
Cathy (PS3S6) [1171] Mm, yes, aha
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [1172] you know, but you would of thought the National Theatre, but I mean it's, you know
Cathy (PS3S6) [1173] I know
Robert (PS3S2) [1174] the Spanish play in England
Cathy (PS3S6) [1175] Yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [1176] but you know
Cathy (PS3S6) [1177] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1178] I don't know, it's difficult to know
Cathy (PS3S6) [1179] Well I don't know, I feel quite guilty because I think maybe I could of done a bit more, but I'll certainly take it away now and I'll have a chat with some of the
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [1180] Mhm
Cathy (PS3S6) [1181] maybe meet Alan together rather than separately
Iris (PS3S4) [1182] Yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [1183] cos he doesn't, you know, original Council but, but I think we should of, could look inside and I
Robert (PS3S2) [1184] I think then
Cathy (PS3S6) [1185] could of brought a group of people
Robert (PS3S2) [1186] Yes, I think the other side of Iris's point about the theatre and concert goers club, is quite an interesting idea
Cathy (PS3S6) [1187] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [1188] to, to run alongside audio description groups, you could be
Iris (PS3S4) [1189] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1190] and this is something I could change my hands slightly about and come back and speak to you [laugh]
Iris (PS3S4) [1191] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1192] for example about, because you know one of the things that I've thought about for quite a long time is the idea of encouraging voluntary organizations, concerned with the disability to get more interested in the arts and that's obviously what Mecca is
Iris (PS3S4) [1193] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1194] I thought of Hugh being up in Perth
Cathy (PS3S6) [1195] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [1196] Yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [1197] er with the Spastics is
Iris (PS3S4) [1198] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1199] taking people to arts events and getting things that way
Iris (PS3S4) [1200] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1201] so it's not a way of reaching people with a disability and, you know, that might be that kind of
Iris (PS3S4) [1202] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1203] you're talking about, might be one way of getting
Cathy (PS3S6) [1204] I feel sure if you offer to pick people up and take them home again, you'll be, you'll be swamped you won't know what to do with them
Iris (PS3S4) [1205] Absolutely it makes such a lot of difference that's right, yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [1206] It really does and can you blame people
Iris (PS3S4) [1207] No
Cathy (PS3S6) [1208] I mean I've just come through there and I had a car today and a girl was telling me her father erm opened his door last week er cataract and the, the wife, the granny blind too and there, the man from the water board was just going to switch off your water, just okay if I check your taps, three hundred pounds out the house
Iris (PS3S4) [1209] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1210] Mm
Cathy (PS3S6) [1211] now, you know, they've been watching them, they know they're a blind couple, I mean blind people feel that vulnerable that you're asking them to go
Iris (PS3S4) [1212] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [1213] Yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [1214] out so you just, so maybe just, maybe, I've taken a slight hard line to say no, people have got to make a wee bit effort too, but maybe in fact
Iris (PS3S4) [1215] Maybe they do need the encouragement
Cathy (PS3S6) [1216] to go back, because to do this to get to this stage and find we're not getting our audiences then, if that's the answer we'll just have to find the solution.
Robert (PS3S2) [1217] Mm
Brian (PS3S3) [1218] Is there not two separate problems that we have to find them first and then the, then worrying about getting people to the theatre
Cathy (PS3S6) [1219] Well I think we can find them through Playback in cases like that
Iris (PS3S4) [1220] Yes, yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [1221] I mean if places like that, I mean if you set, I mean she knows this
Robert (PS3S2) [1222] If you were to press this thing
Cathy (PS3S6) [1223] if you say in Playback there is an added night performance
Robert (PS3S2) [1224] there will be a bus
Cathy (PS3S6) [1225] you might get a phone call, if you say there's an
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1226] performance
Robert (PS3S2) [1227] Mm
Cathy (PS3S6) [1228] you know if you're in this area or that area we'll pick you up and take you home and the phone just doesn't stop ringing
Robert (PS3S2) [1229] Yeah, there's a bus going
Iris (PS3S4) [1230] You got, yeah
Jane (PS3S5) [1231] Yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [1232] so I think there's a way of getting the blind people
Jane (PS3S5) [1233] Yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [1234] Yes I think there is
Cathy (PS3S6) [1235] but it's, it's just this all for a transport
Iris (PS3S4) [1236] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [1237] Right
Cathy (PS3S6) [1238] and what you've got to be very careful, cos you can't offer them and not come up with the goods
Iris (PS3S4) [1239] Mhm
Cathy (PS3S6) [1240] so it's a bit trying to set up a system
Robert (PS3S2) [1241] It's got to be consistent as well
Iris (PS3S4) [1242] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [1243] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [1244] Mm, but I'm, I'm sure, I'm sure we can do more there, you know,
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [1245] Oh yes
Robert (PS3S2) [1246] I, I did briefly manage from
Iris (PS3S4) [1247] I think so, of
Robert (PS3S2) [1248] mention this
Iris (PS3S4) [1249] of transport you'll get people
Robert (PS3S2) [1250] to, to
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [1251] from art link, erm
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [1252] to do the escort service and they, they, they do it, I mean
Cathy (PS3S6) [1253] Oh yes
Robert (PS3S2) [1254] what he, he's moving, he's moving actually a bit more towards the East End model in Glasgow
Cathy (PS3S6) [1255] Is he?
[1256] Aha
Robert (PS3S2) [1257] er towards actually, you know, for example he is targeting West
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [1258] and so on, but he's moving away from being a completely response lead
Iris (PS3S4) [1259] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1260] so that, you know they sit in the office
Iris (PS3S4) [1261] Right
Robert (PS3S2) [1262] and people phone up to ask being a bit more kind of pro active about it
Iris (PS3S4) [1263] Yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [1264] Oh I see, right
Robert (PS3S2) [1265] and his response when, you're doing the audio description as well, you know if the Society for the Blind wants to organize, I mean
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [1266] I mean you can organize every kind of thing why does it have to involve us?
[1267] But I mean I'm sure there's a sort of, there could be a meeting of, of the sort of ways there somewhere
Cathy (PS3S6) [1268] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1269] erm
Cathy (PS3S6) [1270] If we or organize the transport will you supply the volunteers?
Robert (PS3S2) [1271] Yeah, I mean there could be a way of sort of coming together
Brian (PS3S3) [1272] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [1273] so maybe that's another area, and that's a meeting we could set up quite easily with, well with Clare who runs it, and erm
Cathy (PS3S6) [1274] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1275] with er
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [1276] in Glasgow and that's
Cathy (PS3S6) [1277] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1278] whose name I can't remember
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1279] neither can I
Robert (PS3S2) [1280] er ... can't remember Debbie
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1281] I can't remember the guy's name either [laugh]
Jane (PS3S5) [1282] [laugh] It doesn't matter
Robert (PS3S2) [1283] and brought these, the bloke, so.
[1284] So
Cathy (PS3S6) [1285] Right, okay
Robert (PS3S2) [1286] Brampton is happening is it?
Jane (PS3S5) [1287] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1288] Jane the last one
Jane (PS3S5) [1289] we're talking of Brampton
Robert (PS3S2) [1290] the Lyceum
Jane (PS3S5) [1291] Yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [1292] Is it, what is it definite, I mean as a regular or just the one off or what?
Jane (PS3S5) [1293] As a regular monthly thing
Iris (PS3S4) [1294] Mhm, good, that's going to happen
Jane (PS3S5) [1295] when, when, oh sorry
Robert (PS3S2) [1296] I was going to, one of the, the many things that I went to away last meeting with was, was the idea of, that I've missed it this time for Playback is a list, a listings kind of mechanism, so obviously this is the first one
Jane (PS3S5) [1297] Yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [1298] erm, I was also going to use, erm, the erm R I B kind of format that they use for their listings you know for their leisure lists
Jane (PS3S5) [1299] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1300] just because it's the style
Jane (PS3S5) [1301] Yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [1302] just go and swipe that
Cathy (PS3S6) [1303] Mm
Jane (PS3S5) [1304] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1305] erm, so it'll be useful to have the Brampton dates
Jane (PS3S5) [1306] Dates
Robert (PS3S2) [1307] erm
Jane (PS3S5) [1308] I haven't got them
Robert (PS3S2) [1309] and this, is something I would need to
Jane (PS3S5) [1310] The, the thing is that I've been concerned for some time when it's finally helped,f f found for next month, because
Robert (PS3S2) [1311] because we've got three things happening on one night
Jane (PS3S5) [1312] the twenty fourth, yes, of September
Cathy (PS3S6) [1313] Yes
Jane (PS3S5) [1314] three, three separate, I mean, if people from
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [1315] sometimes come through to Edinburgh
Robert (PS3S2) [1316] Yeah
Jane (PS3S5) [1317] people
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [1318] sometimes come to Glasgow and either of them could go up to Stirling
Robert (PS3S2) [1319] Yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [1320] That's right
Jane (PS3S5) [1321] Three in the one night I think is just
Robert (PS3S2) [1322] Yeah I feel guilty, I feel guilty about the Stirling one, but when I arranged
Cathy (PS3S6) [1323] It's very silly
Robert (PS3S2) [1324] the Stirling date with the woman from the Oxford Stage Companies in time
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [1325] with Robert, it was the beginning of the summer in June or something like that
Jane (PS3S5) [1326] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [1327] and I suppose I should of gone off the Thursday night
Jane (PS3S5) [1328] it's difficult, cos yeah, the Thursday night was a bad night, any other night might of been better ...
Robert (PS3S2) [1329] but erm
Cathy (PS3S6) [1330] I'm worried about that because we had a very bad experience in Stirling before so
Robert (PS3S2) [1331] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [1332] we really don't need it
Robert (PS3S2) [1333] I tried to see Liz about that last week, but that's anyway, but, but
Jane (PS3S5) [1334] Yes
Robert (PS3S2) [1335] to get back to the scheduling I mean that's something we obviously need to think about
Jane (PS3S5) [1336] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [1337] I've got Brampton theatre dates, I'll copy that, you can have that if you want
Jane (PS3S5) [1338] Oh great
Robert (PS3S2) [1339] Erm
Jane (PS3S5) [1340] what is it a Thursday as well?
Cathy (PS3S6) [1341] No Saturday matinee
Jane (PS3S5) [1342] Oh that's terrific
Iris (PS3S4) [1343] That is good
Cathy (PS3S6) [1344] Mhm so that's definitely on, yes
Jane (PS3S5) [1345] That's ideal, yes
Robert (PS3S2) [1346] So I think that's something
Brian (PS3S3) [1347] Just a quick
Robert (PS3S2) [1348] to think about
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [1349] You see I think that's, what, what is like the
Cathy (PS3S6) [1350] They don't tie up with you
Brian (PS3S3) [1351] No, there okay , no not at all
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1352] they don't tie up with you so you're alright.
Robert (PS3S2) [1353] Yes, so we need to sort of keep on top of that one and I'm not really sure until we do get our
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [1354] co-ordinator how we cope
Cathy (PS3S6) [1355] Well, well we see that's, that's why and, and I did seem to go about, I don't
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1356] Iris's job, but I really wanted to raise that this time, we really have to have someone very, very quickly to protest, call it what you like
Jane (PS3S5) [1357] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [1358] but we're gonna have to have somebody
Robert (PS3S2) [1359] Just to programme it
Cathy (PS3S6) [1360] because already it's going on, you can see that.
Robert (PS3S2) [1361] Well
Iris (PS3S4) [1362] Do we want somebody who will just do, cos I've got, I mean I can get somebody just to do that if that's all you want done, that could be done easily
Robert (PS3S2) [1363] Mm
Iris (PS3S4) [1364] in braille or print or braille and print or anything you like, put all the lists together
Robert (PS3S2) [1365] Mm
Cathy (PS3S6) [1366] Can I say I think that's like the, the door closing and the horse gone, you know
Iris (PS3S4) [1367] Mm
Robert (PS3S2) [1368] Before that
Cathy (PS3S6) [1369] it's the bit before that
Iris (PS3S4) [1370] Yeah I thought
Cathy (PS3S6) [1371] unfortunately and I know and that's how much complicated bit
Iris (PS3S4) [1372] Yes it is
Cathy (PS3S6) [1373] and that's can I phoning round everybody keeping tabs, what are you planning over the next three months, aha
Iris (PS3S4) [1374] That's right
Robert (PS3S2) [1375] Would it be worth having I mean
Iris (PS3S4) [1376] I could certainly get all those lists
Cathy (PS3S6) [1377] You know what I mean, I mean that would and that, and that still necessary that's, that's as well as that
Robert (PS3S2) [1378] Would it be worth actually having a, having a sort of a planning meeting, say you know for the first half hour of one of these meetings, the next one say that we have, you know, a wall planner, you know, a chart and
Iris (PS3S4) [1379] Yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [1380] you know sort of say this is
Jane (PS3S5) [1381] But is not, I mean it's too late at the moment because both the Citizen and
Cathy (PS3S6) [1382] It's too late
Jane (PS3S5) [1383] and the Lyceum have organized it
Robert (PS3S2) [1384] Yeah
Jane (PS3S5) [1385] their dates erm ... so happens as far as I can see only the twenty fourth of September
Robert (PS3S2) [1386] Is appropriate
Cathy (PS3S6) [1387] Is the one
Jane (PS3S5) [1388] I don't know about the, the after the New Year, but that's very lucky that one
Robert (PS3S2) [1389] Cos the other problem is Christmas is one that which is coming off
Jane (PS3S5) [1390] Christmas yeah, aha
Cathy (PS3S6) [1391] Yeah
Jane (PS3S5) [1392] well I don't think it matters so much in with the
Iris (PS3S4) [1393] People
Jane (PS3S5) [1394] on same date because people are like, more likely to go to their own local pantomime aren't they?
Cathy (PS3S6) [1395] They all go
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1396] don't they, yeah ...
Iris (PS3S4) [1397] Mm
Cathy (PS3S6) [1398] Oh children
Robert (PS3S2) [1399] So there is a problem about
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1400] you need to watch about children this year because, erm, because of the children at the Royal Blind School
Jane (PS3S5) [1401] Oh yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [1402] and maybe you know from Glasgow whatever
Jane (PS3S5) [1403] the
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [1404] absolutely nothing they've got it, none of the audience paid things.
Robert (PS3S2) [1405] I remember when I first went to see Mrs
Cathy (PS3S6) [1406] [laugh] came over
Robert (PS3S2) [1407] I don't think, is Mrs still there?
Cathy (PS3S6) [1408] Yes, aha
Robert (PS3S2) [1409] She wasn't very keen
Jane (PS3S5) [1410] No she's not very keen
Robert (PS3S2) [1411] this was like three years ago
Brian (PS3S3) [1412] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [1413] Ah, it's not terribly blind is it?
Jane (PS3S5) [1414] She is not
Brian (PS3S3) [1415] This is
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1416] the children will be out of school, they might even be sighted people.
Jane (PS3S5) [1417] Romeo and Juliet I mean it couldn't of been a better thing for school children
Cathy (PS3S6) [1418] Wonderful that
Robert (PS3S2) [1419] Yeah, that was planned that we [laugh]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1420] Yes exactly
Jane (PS3S5) [1421] Exactly and we went to the school, we told them all about it, we phoned the school, we kept saying
Cathy (PS3S6) [1422] Not even the older children?
Jane (PS3S5) [1423] it's going to be on, nobody, nobody, not one person.
[1424] Oh no, no, but I'm sure the children didn't even get
Cathy (PS3S6) [1425] Because at least all schools have wonderful
Jane (PS3S5) [1426] to hear about it
Robert (PS3S2) [1427] Mm
Cathy (PS3S6) [1428] That's a shame you know, because that's the ideal isn't it, remember those wee titchy things at four
Iris (PS3S4) [1429] That's right
Cathy (PS3S6) [1430] all my staff were crying which didn't help [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1431] had to keep dragging them off to the toilet, they'd never seen blind children you see they'd all seen adults
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1432] it's fine to be blind to be an adult, but these wee titchy things and there's a little boy saying, you know I was really looking forward to this, this is really exciting, totally blind ooh
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [laugh]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1433] but I mean it was so good, because remember the letter we got from the wee boy with the drawing?
Iris (PS3S4) [1434] That's right
Cathy (PS3S6) [1435] Is this great big painting, a mass of colours, you know, but a wonderful time, cos it's the children you need
Robert (PS3S2) [1436] Mm
Cathy (PS3S6) [1437] the children are tomorrow's audience
Iris (PS3S4) [1438] That's right, yes
Jane (PS3S5) [1439] That's right, yes
Cathy (PS3S6) [1440] I'm very disappointed with that
Jane (PS3S5) [1441] if you get the children, yes, not one thing
Cathy (PS3S6) [1442] Can you not bypass Mrs ?
Iris (PS3S4) [1443] No you're joking
Jane (PS3S5) [1444] No
Cathy (PS3S6) [1445] Surely you can bypass if you think
Iris (PS3S4) [1446] Seems to be our fault if it's anything to do with the Society she doesn't want to know
Cathy (PS3S6) [1447] Of course, try Jim who'd do it
Iris (PS3S4) [1448] He's fine, he thinks it's a good idea
Cathy (PS3S6) [1449] Oh yes
Iris (PS3S4) [1450] he'll certainly put the information
Cathy (PS3S6) [1451] he'll maybe do a job by, by putting
Iris (PS3S4) [1452] Wouldn't bypass
Cathy (PS3S6) [1453] by woman who went to work
Iris (PS3S4) [1454] he wouldn't bypass her
Cathy (PS3S6) [1455] He wouldn't?
Iris (PS3S4) [1456] No
Jane (PS3S5) [1457] I wonder if I approached her
Cathy (PS3S6) [1458] May be a way round is the parent protected teachers
Robert (PS3S2) [1459] Very possessive
Iris (PS3S4) [1460] Parent, yeah
Jane (PS3S5) [1461] Yes I might approach her
Cathy (PS3S6) [1462] Maybe that's a way round
Jane (PS3S5) [1463] direct from
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1464] I'll have a go, yes, yes
Jane (PS3S5) [1465] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [1466] cos she's all
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Jane (PS3S5) [1467] Mhm
Iris (PS3S4) [1468] Yeah, oh yes Newspeak's rubbish, but Playback's wonderful, but I think that could be true [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Jane (PS3S5) [1469] I think I might approach her direct and see how anguished we are to get younger people interested in [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1470] That's a shame because children are really the key to this
Jane (PS3S5) [1471] It's a shame
Iris (PS3S4) [1472] They are they are the key
Cathy (PS3S6) [1473] if you can get them going while they're at school
Brian (PS3S3) [1474] You know, I mean, this is an organization we are quite keen to get these people as well, I mean their publicity
Cathy (PS3S6) [1475] Of course
Jane (PS3S5) [1476] Yeah
Iris (PS3S4) [1477] Yeah
Brian (PS3S3) [1478] machine isn't reaching them because we don't have any contacts to send
Jane (PS3S5) [1479] That's right
Brian (PS3S3) [1480] so perhaps I should
Robert (PS3S2) [1481] Ring Lucy
Brian (PS3S3) [1482] try and get a list of contacts or something to, I mean Lucy's quite happy to do it and
Cathy (PS3S6) [1483] The information we can print
Brian (PS3S3) [1484] Yeah, the whole lot
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Brian (PS3S3) [1485] for schools, you know
Cathy (PS3S6) [1486] We can get your lists into the braille press and the workshops, I mean
Brian (PS3S3) [1487] Mhm
Cathy (PS3S6) [1488] that would help wouldn't it, send that
Jane (PS3S5) [1489] Maybe, maybe maybe I could do it from the theatre, would, would help
Cathy (PS3S6) [1490] Mhm
Robert (PS3S2) [1491] A different, a different
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Robert (PS3S2) [1492] a different approach
Jane (PS3S5) [1493] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [1494] Yes, because it's not
Jane (PS3S5) [1495] it could be
Cathy (PS3S6) [1496] a society it's not
Robert (PS3S2) [1497] Yeah
Jane (PS3S5) [1498] We are, we are offering this for our fund
Cathy (PS3S6) [1499] And these were the dates
Jane (PS3S5) [1500] That's right, yeah
Robert (PS3S2) [1501] Yeah
Jane (PS3S5) [1502] that'll be super
Cathy (PS3S6) [1503] And get the letter all brailled and everything so it goes down to the [...]
Iris (PS3S4) [1504] Absolutely
Iris (PS3S4) [1505] That's right
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1506] can braille that for you no problem
Robert (PS3S2) [1507] Yeah
Cathy (PS3S6) [1508] and, and er she would sort of say oh and here's a theatre make a wee bit effort yes that might be the answer
Iris (PS3S4) [1509] That's right, that might be the answer for the braille press, for the school and
Cathy (PS3S6) [1510] Yes
Iris (PS3S4) [1511] for the workshop
Cathy (PS3S6) [1512] And it's directly from the theatre
Jane (PS3S5) [1513] What about, what, erm
Cathy (PS3S6) [1514] and that's your braille customer
Brian (PS3S3) [1515] Mm
Jane (PS3S5) [1516] would it be any help for
Brian (PS3S3) [1517] Cos I mean that's what their publicity machine is there for
Jane (PS3S5) [1518] That's right
Cathy (PS3S6) [1519] That's right, that's
Unknown speaker (J8BPSUNK) [...]
Cathy (PS3S6) [1520] that can be
Jane (PS3S5) [1521] what about
Cathy (PS3S6) [1522] brailled easily
Jane (PS3S5) [1523] what about the pantomime, I mean I don't like to say this but there's a society in Glasgow buying tickets for the children for pantomime
Iris (PS3S4) [1524] Yes
Jane (PS3S5) [1525] is there a society here like to do that?