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Teachers' conference: discussing tutorial programme. Sample containing about 20655 words speech recorded in educational context

8 speakers recorded by respondent number C479

PS3S7 Ag3 m (Rod, age 40+) unspecified
J8DPS000 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
J8DPS001 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
J8DPS002 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
J8DPS003 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
J8DPS004 X u (No name, age unknown) unspecified
J8DPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
J8DPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 078002 recorded on 1992-09-03. LocationNorthumberland: North Shields ( Ralph Gardner high school ) Activity: discussing tutorial programme

Undivided text

Rod (PS3S7) [1] Where are we up to?
[2] To look at er ... tutorial programme for next year.
[3] I'm sorry if I'm a bit switched off I don't [laughing] what you've been doing [] !
[4] Qui qui er ... I actually do feel quite drained, fairly
(J8DPS004) [5] Yeah, I must admit I do.
Rod (PS3S7) [6] length session with the old er ... er ... tax there ... and somebody got quite heated and ... whatever but ... you know, got there.
[7] Anyway
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [8] We heard.
(J8DPS004) [9] Yeah?
(J8DPS004) [10] Yeah we did yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [11] Yes we've been told.
(J8DPS000) [12] Were you inside here were you?
(J8DPS004) [13] We could hear it from outside [...] .
Rod (PS3S7) [14] Oh you could hear it?
(J8DPS004) [15] Occasionally yeah.
(J8DPS000) [16] [laughing] Oh [] !
(J8DPS001) [17] Really?
(J8DPS004) [18] So
Rod (PS3S7) [19] Ah, there was ... some disagreement it wasn't that bad.
[20] Right
(J8DPS001) [21] Expect I'll hear [...]
(J8DPS004) [22] tutorial programme, we talked last, last term er and I said that ... I'd like to ... as soon as possible put up a complete programme of titles, it would be nice if we could have a little ... er ... what am I supposed to call them?
[23] Programme of study outline to alongside it a a as all part of the erm ... er ... process of of of upping
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
(J8DPS004) [24] the level of er ... credibility if you like, of the tutorial programme.
[25] So, really I don't know what's the best way to to to to start, just ask you give a brief resume of where you're at, if you've done ... if you've got it in hand, if you haven't got it hand ... erm ... and then perhaps when we've done that we might er ... look at possible resources and stuff [...] get off now.
[26] Does that seem a reasonable way forward?
(J8DPS001) [27] Can I
(J8DPS004) [28] Yeah, [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [29] Sandra?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [30] Well can I [...] point first though?
Rod (PS3S7) [31] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [32] Reviews, targeted reviews ... are they on the firing line or not?
Rod (PS3S7) [33] I don't know, I never asked them I'm sorry!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [34] Because
Rod (PS3S7) [35] Do you want me to go and ask them?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [36] Yeah cos if you could clarify that point it might [...] or tell the pressure we're under.
(J8DPS004) [37] I'm [...] I I couldn't, I know I had a document and I said to you that we were [...] .
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [38] I read it and we were out.
(J8DPS004) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [39] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [40] But then
(J8DPS004) [41] Don't know how he does that.
(J8DPS000) [42] But English weren't
(J8DPS004) [43] But
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [44] Are yo ... so just
(J8DPS000) [45] Just said yesterday didn't he?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [46] Yeah,co well if he clarifies it then we know where we are.
(J8DPS004) [47] That means I get done twice!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [48] [laughing] And you need done as far as I'm concerned [] !
(J8DPS000) [49] When is it, the end of September [...] ?
(J8DPS004) [50] Yeah but they're the week before.
[51] as if we haven't got enough on our plate!
[52] The thing
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [53] Mm.
(J8DPS004) [54] that is stupid Terry is key stage four!
(J8DPS000) [55] It is an ordinary form [...] .
(J8DPS004) [56] [...] key stage four , three weeks into key stage four!
(J8DPS001) [57] I'm looking for that er ... [...] , you didn't ge you didn't find that planner did you?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [58] What?
(J8DPS001) [59] One of those planner things that Rod was talking, I couldn't find mine.
(J8DPS002) [60] I haven't got one.
(J8DPS003) [61] I've got , I've got a
(J8DPS001) [62] I looked.
(J8DPS003) [63] blank one.
(J8DPS004) [64] No.
(J8DPS002) [65] I've never had one of them.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [66] Well that wa I got a blank one.
(J8DPS000) [...]
(J8DPS003) [67] What are those Marian, you don't get one of those last time?
(J8DPS000) [68] I got ... one of these.
(J8DPS002) [69] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [70] Start planning, well you got those are the weeks of the year
(J8DPS003) [71] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [72] so you can actually write in, you know the ... at
(J8DPS004) [73] Oh!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [74] half term, summer term
(J8DPS004) [75] Oh I see [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [76] sorry!
[77] Half term, Christmas term
(J8DPS003) [78] Oh!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [79] Is it half terms?
(J8DPS003) [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [80] My [...] well, I've got technology and all sorts tha on there.
[81] Do you want another one Mil?
(J8DPS001) [82] Aye, cos I've [...] .
[83] Er, well I didn't have much ... [...] .
[84] I'll find it when I get back to school.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [85] Did you, got a copy of this Dave?
(J8DPS004) [86] Yes, right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [87] It's right behind us.
(J8DPS000) [88] Is it A three.
(J8DPS004) [89] It won't do that.
[90] It'll only do A four.
[91] You want me to do two ... you won't copy that very well but I'll give it a go.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [92] It's just if Rod wanted to write notes this is the last blank one I've got.
(J8DPS004) [93] Well I can only A four.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [94] Have you got a blank on there that's not written on?
(J8DPS004) [95] Yes.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [96] Okay, if he needs a blank one you can give him yours.
(J8DPS004) [97] Yes.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [98] And I'll keep this master
(J8DPS004) [99] Yeah , mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [100] and we'll do it
(J8DPS004) [101] Okay.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [102] it's just, I didn't want to use my last one up.
(J8DPS004) [103] As I say, that's my last one as well.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [104] Well i if we ke
(J8DPS004) [105] If you keep that.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [106] Right, so he, well he might not need one
(J8DPS004) [107] If he needs it.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [108] if I can give him that one.
(J8DPS004) [109] That was exciting wasn't it!
(J8DPS000) [laugh]
(J8DPS003) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [110] Let's get you organised!
[111] Well can I just say in in the interim
(J8DPS003) [112] What on earth do you take Anthony, that's what I want to know!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [113] Just ... [...] .
(J8DPS003) [laugh]
(J8DPS004) [...]
(J8DPS003) [114] Oh I can see your [...] ! [laugh]
(J8DPS004) [115] I get awfully excited when you start a conversation cos I
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [116] Right.
(J8DPS004) [117] say, and then you don't say a word!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [118] [...] a nice person, I didn't know this, I found it in resources, but this, I sent for this book and I don't, Rod's referred to it I think and is now ... this bit.
(J8DPS001) [119] [...] that's the, this is this years!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [120] Oh!
(J8DPS004) [121] [laughing] Oh God [] !
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [122] Er, I don't know what, and I think he,we he sent for that book, I sent for this [...] ... and its different issues ... which you can possibly used in erm ... P S D se er, etcetera ... and ... there's a number which I feel ... work across the years ... rather than just ... you know, sort of one year book ... for example there's a a unit there Terry and
(J8DPS000) [123] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [124] that ... it's on changing schools, hope and fears
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [125] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [126] and anything that needs to be photocopied you've got er ... a teacher resource ... it's about feeling nervous, you know, what can you do?
[127] And
(J8DPS002) [128] I'm ... I'm sure my lot would like it.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [129] and there's a thing here you know about ... [...] read about it ... but it's erm ... these are these
(J8DPS002) [130] Just a minute.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [131] what to do if erm ... you know, you're arriving at your first day or ... things like that.
(J8DPS002) [132] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [133] Especially, is er ... economics ... no
(J8DPS002) [134] No.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [135] it's not.
(J8DPS002) [136] it's not a different
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [137] Erm
(J8DPS002) [138] one.
(J8DPS004) [139] Get bollocked by the year tutor! [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [140] There's one on homework
(J8DPS002) [141] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [142] there's one for er ... bullying
(J8DPS000) [...]
(J8DPS002) [143] Mhm.
(J8DPS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [144] understanding industry ... er [...]
(J8DPS003) [145] And [...] .
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [146] [...] rights and responsibilities, air pollution ... here you can you ... develop and
(J8DPS003) [147] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [148] and pro , reviewing your progress which I think's good.
[149] But there was
(J8DPS001) [150] I've got a ... what do you me call on that ... roo , er an assembly on why we, why do we have rules.
(J8DPS000) [151] Yeah, I think I have as well.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [152] I mean, I'm
(J8DPS001) [153] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [154] trying to think of what new schools and what making a new start, this er, for your file
(J8DPS001) [155] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [156] waste recycling er er, I can't remember where I read, I read it through somewhere it was I felt quite good.
[157] I yo ... how green I mean
(J8DPS001) [158] Homework.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [159] isn't that what
(J8DPS004) [160] My
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [161] you do in year nine
(J8DPS004) [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [162] isn't it?
[163] Although they'll be doing that last.
(J8DPS000) [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [164] Small kind of [...]
(J8DPS000) [165] Particularly in conjunction use ten and eleven.
(J8DPS003) [166] Don't know, and I want [...] for as well for options cos I want to get everything done, I already forewarned them last time
(J8DPS000) [167] Would er
(J8DPS003) [168] that I want everything prepared ... before I go.
(J8DPS000) [169] It's just that I have arranged to meet him tonight sometime to sort out a few things for me ... would of made a lot more sense if he'd been here!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [170] Who?
(J8DPS000) [171] Well Rod.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [172] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [173] Particularly ... the latter half
(J8DPS003) [174] Oh!
(J8DPS000) [175] of year nine and all of
(J8DPS003) [176] Yeah.
(J8DPS000) [177] year ten and eleven.
(J8DPS003) [178] Yep.
(J8DPS000) [179] We work in conjunction [...] .
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [180] Right there there's a there's an interesting sheet there, what should I do?
[181] I mean that's the one example about arriving at a new school.
(J8DPS003) [182] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [183] [reading] What should I do if I arrive late and miss registration [] ?
(J8DPS003) [184] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [185] [reading] What should I do if I fall down and cut myself during break?
[186] If I leave my packed lunch
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [187] Yes.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [188] at home ... and I have haven't any money?
[189] Lose something [] ?
(J8DPS001) [190] I'll definitely use that
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [191] [reading] Get a headache [] ?
(J8DPS001) [192] in getting to know
(J8DPS000) [193] Year seven
(J8DPS001) [194] new year seven
(J8DPS000) [195] Oh yeah for year seven
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [196] Aha.
(J8DPS001) [197] Definitely.
(J8DPS000) [198] it's good, yeah!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [199] [reading] What should I do if I leave school at eleven thirty because I've got a dental appointment?
[200] Erm ... I need to phone home because I have stay late?
[201] My bike's tampered with?
[202] I missed the bus?
(J8DPS002) [203] Do you think [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [204] I break a window [] ?
[205] Mhm.
(J8DPS001) [206] Is there really?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [207] Well no, what do I do about ... if I get given a detention?
(J8DPS001) [208] Aha.
(J8DPS003) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [209] Any ... [...] you know the, and all these things ... are sort of if [...] .
(J8DPS002) [210] And that's in the teacher's book?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [211] That's the so , in their copy book.
(J8DPS002) [212] Oh brilliant!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [213] And ... but to cover a ... a number of issues that we deal with ... in what, you know
(J8DPS002) [214] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [215] so ... I'm just making it
(J8DPS003) [216] Is this supposed to be [...] ?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [217] available.
(J8DPS004) [218] What?
(J8DPS003) [219] This [...] was supposed to be in here?
(J8DPS004) [220] No.
(J8DPS003) [221] Oh!
(J8DPS002) [222] We might get somewhere.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [223] Okay, I I was just tha while you were chatting to boss ... these books came ... and they have a ... a number of ... different things which ... you know, from changing schools
(J8DPS001) [224] Did you send away for them then Sandra or did they
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [225] Yeah, sections er, Longmans were in and they had them.
(J8DPS001) [226] [laughing] Oh Longmans were in were they [] ?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [227] I ... [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [228] Who was in ... Longmans?
(J8DPS003) [229] Longmans.
(J8DPS001) [laugh]
(J8DPS002) [230] Oh!
[231] Who they are?
(J8DPS001) [laugh]
(J8DPS002) [232] I haven't heard of them!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [233] I mean, there's a thing that might be very ... prevalent ... with bullying, you know why do people get bullied
(J8DPS002) [234] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [235] how do you feel about it?
[236] And they're all very pupil friendly.
[237] So there's ... wa ... one
Rod (PS3S7) [238] And because we're doing this do we get them discount?
(J8DPS001) [239] Okay.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [240] Erm
(J8DPS001) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [241] I you know da ... I wasn't viewing your progress one, I had ta using that one
(J8DPS003) [242] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [243] just ... but play safe ... you know, fireworks, be safe
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [244] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [245] not sorry!
[246] What is safety?
[247] Pocket one.
[248] So it's
(J8DPS004) [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [249] there we've photocopied both things.
Rod (PS3S7) [250] You see there's a general principle there is quite a lot of information in that cupboard ... that I keep saying's there, have a look and as we get stuff
(J8DPS000) [251] Oh yeah, I know what you mean.
Rod (PS3S7) [252] hand it out.
[253] I mean ... how much is that set?
[254] We ... we we've got
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [255] Sorry, I'm just ... I didn't do that, it just [...]
(J8DPS000) [laugh]
Rod (PS3S7) [256] You come out from there
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [257] Anne's looking for you!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [258] I was looking for the Mr because I remembered I said I would be here in this session and I'd forgotten.
(J8DPS004) [259] By the bar.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [260] He's he's gone in the bar just for
(J8DPS004) [261] Couldn't help but er ... It's the single place, I di I didn't see him
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [262] Yeah, [...]
(J8DPS004) [263] next door.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [264] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [265] Oh!
[266] I I
(J8DPS003) [267] It's er the act ... the the whole se , the teacher's book is seven forty five ... no, the resource book seven twenty five, and the teacher's ... fesh ... er, the book itself is four ninety five.
[268] So
Rod (PS3S7) [269] Well I mean we've got money, haven't spent any money yet.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [270] Well you'd only need four teacher's packs ... oh and there'd be five, one for the tutor and ... er, four teachers ... so you could, you know
Rod (PS3S7) [271] I mean da in fact, do people wanna have a quick look and se a and give me a
(J8DPS003) [272] Mm mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [273] over the next day and a bit, yeah go for it, get it!
[274] We've got the money.
(J8DPS003) [275] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [276] I mean, it's one of the things ... I wanna include in our discussion if we get round to it about ... having more resources available.
(J8DPS000) [277] [...] yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [278] But I've just been talking to the head there and he said you know ... that ... you know ... the tor tutorial programme, Mrs started it all ... erm
(J8DPS002) [279] Miss ... [...] did she?
Rod (PS3S7) [280] Ah!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [281] six years ago, seven years ago and ... you know it's moved on from there and I made the point, yes it was started in the point ... a at the level of, there's a file it's got information, get on with it!
(J8DPS003) [282] Get on with it!
Rod (PS3S7) [283] We're passed that now ... we're trying to give people more direction, get them involved ... er ... this is the first year we've able to do it ... in a sense, properly cos it's been the first year, with all due respect to all the work you've done in the past, we've got five year tutors.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [284] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [285] Right.
Rod (PS3S7) [286] Er ... so, anyway ... resources, that's
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [287] part of it, have a look at it, Sandra, if you pa if you pass it onto each other and then just say that I think that's worth getting cos we do have the money now ... er ... to to start and look at things like that.
[288] I've just asked him about the collaborative review ... the focus is apparently on national curriculum so that means maths, English and [...] , but they want to look ge more general issues and because they're in on a Wens Tuesday and a Wednesday ... he said that they would go in a look at, three of them would go in a look at taught tutorial lessons ... they will want to talk to me about the tutorial programme ... I would hope that that would involve somebody else cos I've ... got the ... bit of the fence that I sit on ... and ... ask one or two of you to give your opinion if, if you're available.
[289] So they would actually be in a lesson with tutors ... we would nominate who you'd want them to go in with ... so ... I'm not saying do it now ... you've all got your programmes ... I assume, sorted for ... the first half term anyway ... an erm, pretty well tied up, should be ... erm ... so really it's down to saying who they're gonna go in with ... er
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [290] When is the collaborative review?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [291] Review.
Rod (PS3S7) [292] Was it not the third Wednesday?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [293] I think it's at the week.
(J8DPS004) [294] We are being seen in Science, twenty ninth and thirtieth.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [295] Oh that's a Tuesday and Wednesday
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [296] [...] the next one.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [297] isn't it?
(J8DPS004) [298] So
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [299] That ... fourth week.
Rod (PS3S7) [300] Is that the fourth week?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [301] Yep.
(J8DPS002) [302] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [303] So it's this then.
(J8DPS000) [304] That's the thirtieth of September.
Rod (PS3S7) [305] I [...] by then.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [306] I'm just giving you a spread sheet and this blank page and
Rod (PS3S7) [307] Oh bless you, thanks!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [308] give you a ... did you give him a blank page?
(J8DPS004) [309] No, I said if he needed it!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [310] If he need, right got one.
(J8DPS004) [311] He might not need it!
Rod (PS3S7) [312] Cos we've changed that very much didn't we?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [313] Well we started working in this one that I've got here.
Rod (PS3S7) [314] Okay, so you sort of nine, ten, eleven cos we had fun and games with
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [315] Do you want me to come round there so you can read
Rod (PS3S7) [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [316] this sheet as well?
Rod (PS3S7) [317] No it doesn't matter you lot can keep me right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [318] Okay.
Rod (PS3S7) [319] You lot, that sounds awful!
[320] You lot [...] !
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [321] [...] was organised.
Rod (PS3S7) [322] Right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [323] But ... can you remember what you wrote down on yours?
(J8DPS003) [324] I ca I ca I can't find mine, I found these papers ... and I can't find what I've written in mine.
(J8DPS004) [325] Well ... first block, environmental awareness.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [326] That was the first seven weeks.
(J8DPS003) [327] Yeah.
(J8DPS004) [328] Then there's a blank.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [329] Then there's a blank for weeks eight to thirteen.
(J8DPS003) [330] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [331] Then week fourteen ... to nineteen was options
(J8DPS000) [332] Curriculum choice ... careers options.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [333] involveme , involvement of careers officers.
(J8DPS003) [334] That was next term.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [335] As ja , that
(J8DPS000) [336] Yes.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [337] no the er it's the la
(J8DPS000) [338] Yes, that's
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [339] the last week of Christmas ... term ... and then the next week's ... er then ... the twe
(J8DPS003) [340] No , I didn't have it before Christmas.
(J8DPS000) [341] I've got January the fourth, in
(J8DPS003) [342] Aha.
(J8DPS000) [343] fifteen to twenty one on mine.
(J8DPS003) [344] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [345] Fifteen, and so the ju what?
[346] Fifteen to twenty one?
(J8DPS000) [347] I've got fifteen to twenty one on my options curriculum choice, careers officer, Ian .
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [348] Oh okay,fifte , I'll ... go with that.
(J8DPS000) [349] I'm not gonna ar [...] , I mean that's just what I've got down.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [350] Oh that's er ... er involvement career's officers
(J8DPS001) [351] Sorry!
(J8DPS000) [352] Does that have nothing else after that?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [353] And anything, then national testing ... I've got down the twenty four ... er, week thirty two to week ... thirty seven.
(J8DPS000) [354] What?
Rod (PS3S7) [355] National testing ... SATS.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [356] National curriculum reporting, test er, SATS and national curriculum reporting
(J8DPS000) [357] Oh, gonna say something [...] !
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [358] and parent's evening ... is a ... that's all pulling together ... and tha , that's it.
(J8DPS003) [359] Anyone want a Mintoe sweet?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [360] Please.
(J8DPS004) [361] No.
Rod (PS3S7) [362] Okay?
(J8DPS003) [363] I'll find it
Rod (PS3S7) [364] Is that all?
(J8DPS003) [365] to er tomor
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [366] Mm.
(J8DPS003) [367] er Monday when I get back, I can't find it at the moment.
Rod (PS3S7) [368] So there's not a lot of point if I say well can you tell me what you're doing?
(J8DPS003) [369] Aha.
[370] No because ... I had a meeting yesterday with the kid, with the kids! [laugh]
Rod (PS3S7) [...] [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [371] Freudian slip there [...] !
(J8DPS003) [372] [laugh] ... And er ... I had asked there was anything you know, they would be interested in ... and they all agreed that they wanted to start with banking, and wha , see what Sandra had done last er ta ... last year with a group that they thought was very good ... getting them to be aware
Rod (PS3S7) [373] Yeah that sounds [...] .
(J8DPS003) [374] Er , finding chance ... doing a budget
(J8DPS000) [...] [...]
(J8DPS003) [375] erm ... er er er was it
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [376] Different types like loan services
(J8DPS003) [377] oh it was ah ... now even ... a resource pack
(J8DPS000) [...]
(J8DPS003) [378] that Sandra's just got recently ... and ... it's rather good, I rather liked it.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [379] You'd better!
(J8DPS002) [380] I don't think though, this might, it's a very [...] ones they're just like building society.
Rod (PS3S7) [381] Right.
(J8DPS002) [382] More into budgeting, the video etcetera.
Rod (PS3S7) [383] Well, the thing is ... what's happening, I thought we might spend some time on if wanted, what I wanted to do was to be sure in my own mind ... that ... by the second week I could put up a master sheet ... with all the headings of what you were doing, that's gotta be done.
(J8DPS002) [384] Of what we're doing now.
[385] Right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [386] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [387] Right?
[388] So you've gotta get your fingers out if you haven't done it and get it organised!
(J8DPS003) [389] Aha.
Rod (PS3S7) [390] That's number one.
[391] That's not to say it's innumerable
(J8DPS003) [392] Mhm.
Rod (PS3S7) [393] because if something happens, I think ... it's important for tutorial programme it can respond to what's happening
(J8DPS003) [394] Mhm.
Rod (PS3S7) [395] and if something happens that we feel is important and so one of your form tutors has something that they're committed to and you wanna bring that in that's fine.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [396] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [397] But you do have to look at looking at ... you know, as I've said across the five years.
[398] So at the start of the second week I will want to put a master sheet up with all the headings on
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [399] Mhm.
Rod (PS3S7) [400] with what you're doing.
[401] And I was just
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [402] gonna say to you for my benefit
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [403] We can tear that
Rod (PS3S7) [404] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [405] you've been stuck up against them.
(J8DPS004) [406] For my benefit ... would you just like to sort of give me a quick rattle through ... as as as to what you intend to do.
[407] Right,i is that fair?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [408] Yep.
Rod (PS3S7) [409] Do we start?
(J8DPS004) [410] Well I'm
Rod (PS3S7) [411] Top up bottom down ... bottom
(J8DPS004) [412] Well
Rod (PS3S7) [413] top down.
(J8DPS004) [414] both really.
Rod (PS3S7) [415] Go on then David.
(J8DPS004) [416] Mine's a short list.
[417] ... Well obviously week one ... is just informal, sorting out any problems with time tables ... changing the records etcetera ... we agreed on that.
(J8DPS003) [418] Mm.
(J8DPS004) [419] I've then got ... rolling ... I A P's with ... Rob and whoever it is that got to help us ... with individual action planning
Rod (PS3S7) [420] Right.
(J8DPS004) [421] for two weeks ... switching over after two weeks and repeat the same process, at the same time the other two groups will be doing personal statements.
Rod (PS3S7) [422] Right.
(J8DPS004) [423] I've yet to soc ... totally confirm the number of weeks Mrs wants during the first two sessions ... that's up to week fourteen ... when she wants exactly to do the aids.
Rod (PS3S7) [424] Right.
(J8DPS004) [425] Again, which will be exactly the same as I A P ... two classes in ... doing the age whilst the other class is not, there they'll be doing personal statements
Rod (PS3S7) [426] Mhm.
(J8DPS004) [427] except for the form teachers with me helping them as well and Uncle Don
Rod (PS3S7) [428] Right.
(J8DPS004) [429] for the computer etcetera.
Rod (PS3S7) [430] And you'll make sure Dave's in the picture about
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [431] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [432] personal statements and what you did to build on your experience etcetera, etcetera, etcetera etcetera.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [433] Mm.
(J8DPS004) [434] We
(J8DPS001) [435] That's the sad thing because we're not in the same office any more.
(J8DPS004) [436] Makes no odds.
(J8DPS001) [437] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [438] Oh a million miles away!
(J8DPS001) [439] I know!
(J8DPS003) [440] You can use my desk.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [441] I tell you what, we'll get that [...] in ... same as on what we've got.
(J8DPS001) [442] [laughing] Exactly [] !
Rod (PS3S7) [443] Should of
(J8DPS004) [444] Shut up!
Rod (PS3S7) [445] put Vil in the corner!
(J8DPS004) [446] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [447] Where your desk is.
(J8DPS004) [448] I can just shout through the wall!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [449] They could of just shouted through!
Rod (PS3S7) [450] And the cracks would have appeared!
(J8DPS001) [laugh]
Rod (PS3S7) [451] Go on Dave, sorry!
(J8DPS004) [452] Twelve , thirteen and fourteen are ... something I'm not very aut fait with ... as regards tutors I'm not anyway ... is the interim report that goes out ... after
(J8DPS003) [453] Mm.
(J8DPS004) [454] they've done their mocks.
Rod (PS3S7) [455] I ... Milly and I will sort you out on that.
(J8DPS004) [456] Weeks fifteen to twenty one ... is ... subject specific and all the details that have to come in and make up ... a record of achievement.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [457] Pardon, what makes those Dave?
(J8DPS004) [458] Fifteen to twenty one.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [459] I've got down here I A P review.
(J8DPS004) [460] Well I haven't ... a ... we haven't yet have I!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [461] Oh sorry. [laugh]
(J8DPS001) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [462] You're gonna get a smack round the ear in a minute [laughing] you really are [] !
Rod (PS3S7) [463] Just bear with me a moment ... we can stay the same as we on subject specifics at the moment, we don't have to change that, I'm just trying to think in the light of national curriculum and what's happening
(J8DPS004) [464] No.
Rod (PS3S7) [465] we don't have to change anything yet.
(J8DPS004) [466] No, that stays the
Rod (PS3S7) [467] Cos we had a
(J8DPS004) [468] same.
Rod (PS3S7) [469] there was a big discussion about the standard report, it won't cover five years and I said it doesn't have to cover five years, it never has done ... it's only covered four cos we what we do in year eleven is different anyway.
[470] That's okay, just
(J8DPS004) [471] Right.
Rod (PS3S7) [472] bear with me.
(J8DPS004) [473] Obviously completing ... joint statements ... booking in time to go on the computers to get them typed up nicely
Rod (PS3S7) [474] Mhm.
(J8DPS004) [475] again, with myself ... perhaps Milvia ... if I need her, and obviously Uncle Don ... cos he's the ... the attack person.
[476] Weeks twenty and twenty one we do the summative documents for the I A P ... Sandra?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [477] Twenty, twenty one?
(J8DPS004) [478] Yes ... has to be finished there.
[479] The then that leaves me just basically five weeks or four weeks to tie up everything and get ready for the record of achievement ... obviously
(J8DPS003) [480] Where's your curriculum statements?
(J8DPS004) [481] But I've said the
Rod (PS3S7) [482] But they're ongoing you don't have to worry about
(J8DPS004) [483] they're ongoing all the time.
Rod (PS3S7) [484] tutorial do you?
(J8DPS003) [485] That's subject specific.
Rod (PS3S7) [486] No.
(J8DPS004) [487] No!
[488] Have I said ... I've said those would come in from the departments.
Rod (PS3S7) [489] You mean ... the sheet that has all the subjects?
(J8DPS003) [490] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [491] Right.
(J8DPS004) [492] Well I've got that written down as the beginning of what goes in but e , I don't actually do those the departments do them.
Rod (PS3S7) [493] No.
(J8DPS003) [494] No!
[495] No!
Rod (PS3S7) [496] Subject specific, curriculum statement is a summation of all the courses they're doing.
(J8DPS003) [497] You need that in January.
Rod (PS3S7) [498] That can actually be done , that can be done in two weeks.
(J8DPS003) [499] Yeah, it's very simple.
[500] As long as all the subjects have ... the maths held us up for ages, and the science for ages!
(J8DPS004) [501] What?
Rod (PS3S7) [502] Not being able to decide where the
(J8DPS003) [503] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [504] Every course
(J8DPS003) [505] What [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [506] every course is numbered
(J8DPS004) [507] Yes I know.
Rod (PS3S7) [508] and the curriculum statement, all the kids do ... is on a sheet put the number of the courses
(J8DPS004) [509] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [510] they're following ... so that needs updating ... and I'll, I'll go through that with you.
[511] That needs updating and then they just indicate the number
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [512] I've [...] studies on.
Rod (PS3S7) [513] and get the sheet printed out that has all their courses on it.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [514] And it [...] .
(J8DPS003) [515] And it goes in front.
Rod (PS3S7) [516] That's not a problem.
(J8DPS003) [517] There's no problem!
(J8DPS004) [518] [...] .
[519] I I know!
(J8DPS003) [520] But i i it's yo you can't do it ... this term ... because maths is never ready ... it always has to be done ... erm ... next term.
Rod (PS3S7) [521] So you need ... to find, you can, I actually did it with Paul 's class in one week!
(J8DPS004) [522] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [523] I just sat there, got them all out one at a time and did the whole damn lot!
[524] But some people it took three weeks to do I don't know how the hell it did that, and I didn't even know
(J8DPS003) [525] I had to keep checking the only one I had to keep checking was Dick's.
Rod (PS3S7) [526] Ah well.
(J8DPS003) [527] I ended up doing Dick's.
(J8DPS004) [528] And the only thing I need to ask you about is that bloody great, bloody great memo, I've said it so I'll say it again ... it's pinned up in my old tutor's room ... what do you want me to put down on the document for the record of achievement on attendance?
[529] Now what do we actually want to put down?
(J8DPS003) [530] Oh aye that's new isn't it?
Rod (PS3S7) [531] Right, I think what we've
(J8DPS004) [532] You've got a frown Sandra, on the ... notice board above the fridge ... it says this is to be included in next years record of achievement which I presume will have to go into yours as well after my year
(J8DPS000) [533] It's on , it's on Dave's.
(J8DPS004) [534] there has to be something said about attendance.
(J8DPS003) [535] It can't be just figures it has to be some sort of er ... summation doesn't it as well or not?
(J8DPS004) [536] Well ... I would pe , I would pe prefer what I've got a record of
(J8DPS003) [...]
(J8DPS004) [537] is is percentage.
(J8DPS003) [538] written.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [539] Mhm.
(J8DPS003) [540] Well you can't just put numbers down can you?
(J8DPS004) [541] Well let's have a percentage.
[542] It's used as the criteria for S M B!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [543] Then the question
(J8DPS003) [544] It's a big, ruddy big long sheet!
(J8DPS004) [545] Well ... yeah, but that's just it what am I supposed to put on?
(J8DPS003) [546] Exactly, so it has to be written, some sort of written
Rod (PS3S7) [547] The only way you can do it at any particular point that's the trouble.
(J8DPS003) [548] That's a form tutor's [...] again isn't it?
Rod (PS3S7) [549] Is it?
[550] As I da da , as Dave says as an overall percentage or to do it as we always do as a, as a termly figure.
[551] Alright?
(J8DPS004) [552] [...] already have for every child ... in year ten
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [553] Smack him!
(J8DPS004) [554] their percentages ... for the first three
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
(J8DPS004) [555] terms all written down.
(J8DPS003) [556] Aha.
(J8DPS004) [557] Because as far as I'm concerned that is the best way er ... that's how I do it for S M B, that's the criteria for that certificate that they get.
(J8DPS001) [558] I'm doing that as well.
Rod (PS3S7) [559] Mm.
[560] Sandra?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [561] Can I just
(J8DPS004) [562] Got any objection?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [563] Attendance ... can I just erm ... ask ... is it ... er ... possible attendance less unexplained absence ... or is it ... actual attendance plus ... explained absences ... for attendance?
(J8DPS004) [564] Well
Rod (PS3S7) [565] Attendance ... it is.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [566] Isn't it?
(J8DPS003) [567] You haven't got anything
Rod (PS3S7) [568] Attendance.
(J8DPS003) [569] positive and you can't forget about the
Rod (PS3S7) [570] te
(J8DPS003) [571] negatives either
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [572] No
Rod (PS3S7) [573] attendance.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [574] but
(J8DPS003) [575] it's an overall
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [576] what are the con it it's ... with some schools are putting in
Rod (PS3S7) [577] Justifiable.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [578] are putting in ... they have high attendance rates because they're including explained absences ... you know, as justified ... you know, and putting them with the actual attendance
(J8DPS000) [579] Well yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [580] figures.
(J8DPS000) [581] Primary schools are doing that.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [582] They are, they're doing that!
[583] So what
Rod (PS3S7) [584] Right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [585] do they mean?
Rod (PS3S7) [586] I don't know.
[587] We need to Sue
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [588] to get that clarified.
(J8DPS004) [589] Well I'll tell you what ... that's gonna be an awful job if it is!
Rod (PS3S7) [590] Well
(J8DPS004) [591] That could be a horrendous
Rod (PS3S7) [592] It's ju
(J8DPS004) [593] job!
Rod (PS3S7) [594] You see my
(J8DPS002) [595] [...] years so we're starting from scratch.
Rod (PS3S7) [596] my attitude is ... if you're not in school for whatever the reason you're absent!
(J8DPS004) [597] I see no objection
Rod (PS3S7) [598] But it
(J8DPS004) [599] to putting down
(J8DPS001) [600] I thought
(J8DPS004) [601] hospitalised for six
(J8DPS001) [602] Yes!
(J8DPS004) [603] months or something.
Rod (PS3S7) [604] That does, seems reasonable.
(J8DPS004) [605] But I'm not ... I'm not in the frame of mind to be saying this kid was off for a week with flu then ... and was off
(J8DPS003) [606] Mm.
(J8DPS004) [607] for a week with
(J8DPS001) [608] Oh no!
(J8DPS004) [609] No way!
(J8DPS001) [610] No.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [611] But what I'm saying is some schools ... they might be here seventy five days out of a hundred ... but for twenty of those
Rod (PS3S7) [612] Does this make a difference?
[613] She's talking with a sweet in her mouth!
(J8DPS003) [laugh]
(J8DPS000) [614] On one of those tapes.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [laugh]
(J8DPS000) [615] Longmans.
Rod (PS3S7) [616] [...] the quality of sou , have you listened?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [617] No I haven't, I
Rod (PS3S7) [618] Oh
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [619] haven't listened to it.
Rod (PS3S7) [620] you listen afterwards, it's great!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [621] [...] continue
Rod (PS3S7) [622] You might from the national
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [623] [...] on seventy five days
(J8DPS004) [624] She's eating a toffee as well!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [625] but out of the ninety
Rod (PS3S7) [626] Mm.
(J8DPS003) [627] [laughing] Hard to talk [] !
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [628] he could be there ... he's got a note for ... fifteen ... cos he had flu for three weeks ... therefore he's [...] attendance.
Rod (PS3S7) [629] Absent.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [630] And sh excuse me but ... what I do not want happening on records of achievement as regards cos we are totally honest ... and I could name a school not too far from us
(J8DPS003) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [631] where they're including things like that
(J8DPS003) [632] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [633] and they're attendance patterns look excellent!
(J8DPS003) [634] Mhm.
(J8DPS004) [635] Oh they
(J8DPS000) [636] Yeah.
(J8DPS004) [637] do!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [638] and my concern is ... that our children are going to go into the er ... work place ... to try and ... you know establish their own
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [639] It's a disadvantage, yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [640] thing ... at an advantage because we're being
(J8DPS003) [641] It's true, we're being honest.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [642] Totally honest.
(J8DPS001) [643] Yet other areas aren't, that's true.
(J8DPS003) [644] You see something like a doctors appointment or a hospital appointment I think deserves and attendance ... because they're given er a dental card or yo you're shown it, you know, they've given to you to
(J8DPS004) [645] [...] ... they're not classed as absent.
(J8DPS003) [646] Are they not?
(J8DPS004) [647] No.
(J8DPS000) [648] They are as a rule.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [649] They are [...]
(J8DPS003) [650] They are?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [651] if they go first thing in the morning.
(J8DPS004) [652] If, if they don't go first thing in the morning I've seen people write down absence all day ... or all morning.
(J8DPS000) [653] Yeah, but we we're getting into the area there where form teachers are doing it as well, they are not absences!
(J8DPS004) [654] Ah well!
Rod (PS3S7) [655] Right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [656] They are if the chap
(J8DPS000) [657] Yes.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [658] doesn't come to school.
[659] If the child isn't in for the mark prior going to the doctors at ten o'clock ... they're absent even if they have a note.
[660] If they don't register their absence ... according to our system.
Rod (PS3S7) [661] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [662] Or they're late ... if they come in at ten o'clock.
(J8DPS004) [663] Well at the end of the day ignoring those er ... slight tangents ... that's gonna be a horrendous job for all
Rod (PS3S7) [664] Right.
(J8DPS004) [665] those writing that out!
Rod (PS3S7) [666] What I will do, two things
(J8DPS004) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [667] we'll talk to Sue Dave that needs to be, to find out ... if we can, what's happening elsewhere ... cos she can through her colleagues ... and I will also I I don't think I'll ring Margaret but I'll give Terry a ring Morden ... who's the record of achievement guy there and get on quite well with him ... just to find out ... what sort of tap they're taking on it ... cos er ... yeah, I I take very much what Sandra's saying as don't want our youngsters to be disadvantaged in anyway if others are ... lies, damn lies and
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [668] statistics bit!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [669] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [670] We'll go with it.
[671] Sandra?
[672] Before we move on because we're getting
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [673] Just a slight er er, a slight
Rod (PS3S7) [674] bogged down with attendance.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [675] it's a tangent it's just another thing to be aware of er ... that certain [...] put their exam [...] but it's along the same thing cos I know what's happening ... and they're not writing G C S E but they're writing exam entries ... so many pupils ... x number of subjects ... so many passes ... okay?
[676] And what they're including ... are unit acs ... and things like that.
Rod (PS3S7) [677] Well, yeah right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [678] But if ... and that's if they were [...] ... attendance
(J8DPS004) [679] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [680] is no better.
(J8DPS004) [681] No.
Rod (PS3S7) [682] [...] , damn lies and statistics!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [683] Yep.
Rod (PS3S7) [684] Not playing that game at the moment.
[685] Thank you for that
(J8DPS004) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [686] beautiful information
(J8DPS004) [687] What I'll, it's your turn on [...] .
Rod (PS3S7) [688] So the only thing I need to address is finding time to put curriculum statement in and we need to clarify that situation ... so you know why you're at and quite happy.
(J8DPS004) [689] Yes, I'm quite happy I'm just building up with Rob ... with the I A P's
Rod (PS3S7) [690] I was going to say that needs ... sort of tying in your ... okay with that?
(J8DPS004) [691] No problem.
Rod (PS3S7) [692] Okay.
(J8DPS003) [693] Remember there's a file on top on my filing cabinet where both Trish worked out ... sort of simple lesson plans ... er, before we actually put them on ... oh they're going up, not use the computer now are we?
(J8DPS004) [694] We're not using the computer.
(J8DPS003) [695] But it's
Rod (PS3S7) [696] Okay.
(J8DPS003) [697] a way of making them aware if you want them to start doing ... thinking of it, what was it, personal statements we did?
Rod (PS3S7) [698] Personal development plans.
[699] Right.
[700] Sand ?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [701] Right ... I ... have changed what I was going to do somewhat ... after yesterday's meeting ... erm
Rod (PS3S7) [702] I ... can I
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [703] I put
Rod (PS3S7) [704] while I I think I shall ask you for a sheet with that ... sort of
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [705] Mhm.
Rod (PS3S7) [706] laid out so I can pull it all together.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [707] Right.
[708] Erm
Rod (PS3S7) [709] Everyone that is.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [710] The year ... erm ... which was done last year myself, self assessment and that ... I've actually my form tutor to suggest it and they are reasonably positive, like sixty five percent ... to move into
Rod (PS3S7) [711] [whispering] God [] !
(J8DPS004) [712] [laughing] Damn positive, through those [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [713] How how's sixty
(J8DPS004) [714] [...] [] !
Rod (PS3S7) [715] How do you work sixty five percent out when you've got four of them, this is interesting!
(J8DPS004) [716] It's a majority
Rod (PS3S7) [717] You said seventy five?
(J8DPS004) [718] isn't it? [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [719] Mm.
[720] I've got two
(J8DPS000) [721] Two and a bit.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [722] one will be with me ... one will come with me cos they're always doing things wrong and then shout at them!
(J8DPS003) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [723] And the other two will do ... the marginal bit.
(J8DPS003) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [724] Right.
(J8DPS004) [725] Oh dear dear!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [726] So that's the reasonable.
Rod (PS3S7) [727] So which one of them do you want the er ... advisor to go in with?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [laugh]
(J8DPS004) [728] Fifteen love!
[729] Oh dear!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [730] So we've
(J8DPS003) [731] [laughing] I know which one I'm gonna put in [] !
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [732] Mhm.
(J8DPS004) [733] [laughing] Oh yeah, [...] [] !
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [734] I'll be
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [735] Mhm.
Rod (PS3S7) [736] Isn't it a shame Dick 's left!
(J8DPS003) [737] [laughing] I know [] !
(J8DPS004) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [738] He hasn't!
Rod (PS3S7) [739] Has he?
[740] Has he?
(J8DPS003) [741] No no
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [742] No.
(J8DPS003) [743] not really not in my year group.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [744] Right!
[745] Getting back to this ... they're starting, the first two weeks I've for timetables, administration etcetera that's the ... which was agreed whenever.
Rod (PS3S7) [746] One week I thought we agreed, but never mind!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [747] I hadn't amended that bit but I'll amend it and sta and write up proper.
[748] I've asked them as well and this might take them into the second week er to start with their pupils [...] process on a Wednesday morning ... whereby in each classroom there would be ... a me master year plan ... even if it means they have to buy four and divide it up ... but I su I suggest that I would do something, you know, produce one ... and on that they will write pertinent to the the form ... to the form ... er ... and continue to add on that over, you know as and when it's relevant ... er, dates for completion of course work, it might be module testing etcetera ... and I'm going to ask at briefing that any ... anything that a teacher has ... put down for children, it might be just you know Mi Mr x's group ... is mentioned at briefing ... so ... they can write down what's pertinent to them ... and therefore
Rod (PS3S7) [749] Good idea!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [750] the teacher acts as a conscience ... I I explained to them I'm not expecting them to make the child do the work, but to be their conscience so they can say look you've got three assessments coming in that week ... if you leave it till Friday night you're up the creak without a paddle!
[751] So they're going to be the conscience and the parenting for that year group ... and I also suggested that at that time, I think what Rob's doing is getting the children to look at themselves ... er, as regards what their strengths and weaknesses are and the P S D have got to clarify that.
[752] I wanted them to ste start doing a self assessment on the child about their strengths and weaknesses ... leading o , into the I A P ... right ... and coming through with that what they would like to achieve ... in ... where they'd like to go two years hence.
[753] Part of that would be that they identify that that's, I'm going there two years hence that's the pathway ... and it's too late to wait until ... next January ... a year from January and suddenly realise they need six G C S E's, a, b, c ... when they've lost half their grades on the course work to date.
[754] So ... really ... I need to firm up with them, I've dropped the seeds in to firm up the process ... and they're going to work through that with the kids ... at the same time ... talking about what a record of achievement is, showing them what goes inside it, the importance of it etcetera.
[755] And compact ... I would like to think that when we've looked at the kids and what's required in the I A P that we can have an industry day with them ... I'm trying, I'm suggesting ... er, in January.
Rod (PS3S7) [756] Right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [757] But I need clari clarification from the boss [...] .
Rod (PS3S7) [758] So are you talking, you're saying to me that's a full term's work?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [759] I'm looking to be pushing because I, I I might ask them to get speakers in etcetera.
[760] I don't really know where I, or I know where I'm going but I have to ... take the troops with me ... I had er, I got you see what is [...] ... parts of a I A P compact certificate ... it might in fact, if the boss would let me do, if I could do an industry in December ... right?
[761] What I'd like to do is have ... an industry day then ... and then a parent's invitation to see what the kids had done ... and a quick ... feedback.
Rod (PS3S7) [762] But an industry in December is
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [763] December.
Rod (PS3S7) [764] you're talking about ... ah, a lot of weeks in between and my concern
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [765] I'm not talking a lot of weeks in between I'm talking erm ... eleven.
Rod (PS3S7) [766] I class that as a lot of weeks ... for the likes of ... oh we're not going to names, to to occupy the borderline children
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [767] I'm ta , I'm talking elev
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [768] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [769] eleven hours!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [770] We're on the same side and you know and I know that some of the troops are gonna find that, I, my opinion is that some of the troops will find that hard going ... for eleven weeks ... unless they know exactly what the hell they're supposed to be doing in [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [771] Well whatever it, I would like to do after this, my discussion with them on Thursday I may bring it down ... I don't know what way, what they're going to throw in cos I won't be
Rod (PS3S7) [772] Okay.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [773] able to take [...] , I've never done an industry day
Rod (PS3S7) [774] Right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [775] with ... the form teacher and yo and you know that has to be fairly fluid to let i ... incorporate their ideas ... erm ... but I would then ... put out, you know, week seven ... er, you know ... review what ... er, a record of achievement is ... it might be ... what can write ... try your personal statement about yourself.
Rod (PS3S7) [776] Okay.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [777] But we'll have [...] statement, but you know, do that practice bit.
Rod (PS3S7) [778] The only thing that occurs to me er er and now yo your veteran day from last year a a ... does any of that, how does [...] ... you know, cos he does it, how does any of that sit with Rob or ... do we just say ... right well we do cos
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [779] Well when I've asked ... Rob
(J8DPS004) [780] You didn't!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [781] I asked ... had a very heated discussion ... erm ... where I si ... wanting ... to be having the careers teachers in ... and working with the forms etcetera ... and doing it, the er job wise ... and he wouldn't entertain at all
(J8DPS003) [782] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [783] in year ten!
Rod (PS3S7) [784] Right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [785] That's why I'm left back now ... trying to do something without doing job wise, I'm just hoping that these children on the P S D group.
[786] But er, you know, as I say I know what you're saying ... I won't say to him I want that done over eleven weeks, I'll say this is what we're gonna do week by week.
Rod (PS3S7) [787] You, you know how I feel, I mean er Rob does a lot of good work but he keeps it all to himself and we've gotta be bigger than keeping it to ourselves, it's everybody's responsibility vocational education from ... right down from year seven right the way across the board, they've gotta
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [788] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [789] be aware of what's going on in the world in terms of not just employment but ... further o opportunities.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [790] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [791] And it worries me still that we, we ain't shifting him enough ... er
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [792] Mhm.
(J8DPS003) [793] [laughing] There's the cat [] !
(J8DPS004) [794] I think that's why we've [...]
(J8DPS000) [795] There's cats as well here!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [796] The bone
Rod (PS3S7) [797] Beca because it was focus ma my concern Dave was wanting
(J8DPS004) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [798] to know ... that we've got something tied up
(J8DPS003) [799] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [800] Right.
Rod (PS3S7) [801] Five year programme.
[802] A five year programme.
[803] Something tied up, something in there as a heading so every member of staff knows that at such and such a time ... they are working on a heading of environmental awareness ... I would like us to have a precis of what that's gonna involve ... but, I shan't worry if we haven't got that ... we've moved on a step
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [804] Aha.
Rod (PS3S7) [805] from last year
(J8DPS004) [806] Fair enough.
Rod (PS3S7) [807] every year I'm looking for it to move forward a little bit.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [808] Well, what I'm suggesting doing is thi ... it, what are my outcomes from this?
[809] That the form tutor shou , is going to be a conscience and really what we call a form tutor's job is going to ... you know, talk to the children
Rod (PS3S7) [810] Aha.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [811] review with them where they're at, record how they're doing, you know tra , I mean I can't tell them to do that, but actually ask them to spend five or ten minutes each session talking to different pupils and ... what they've been doing and you know ... even if it's a personal timetable ... some people won't get into it but it's ... you know, trying to get them to be ... what are tutors are, you know, I'd like them to do.
[812] So that's the first outcome.
[813] The second outcome is ... that all children would be aware of what's involved in the record of achievement.
Rod (PS3S7) [814] Right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [815] Thirdly, that each child will have assessed themselves and done the first draft of the personal action plan.
[816] Fourthly ... that each child on that action plan would have outlined where they would hope to go ... and following that ... have found out what the requirements are, the possible pathway through ... and if they aren't sure, I was gon , what I was gonna ask was, if I could have a careers teacher in ... to talk to form ... about possible pathway through,i in the general terms ... so they've got these four outcomes there.
Rod (PS3S7) [817] Right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [818] Include it in that, those twelve weeks because I know it's, you know, a bit erm ... I would try and see if I could set up some sex education ... with the health centre and the [...] , you know [...] , that she used to take them and they went through contraception and condoms and whatever ... at the, and she used to take them down for an afternoon ... it might well be ... that they have ... to miss ... a lesson
Rod (PS3S7) [819] Little bit of light relief in terms of sex education.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [820] Mhm.
[821] And then
Rod (PS3S7) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [822] the first day in health, if we can fit it in, but by Easter term
Rod (PS3S7) [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [823] so at their half term, February half term ... I would like to think they've got those four things on, we've got
(J8DPS000) [824] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [825] an in and ecta ... er, an industry day done ... where ... you know, it's about the qualities needed in the young person, they have a certificate that they're going to have to say they've got these qualities, right?
Rod (PS3S7) [826] Right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [827] And a compact certificate, and they've got some sex education and possibly some first aid.
Rod (PS3S7) [828] Right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [829] If the sex education doesn't work.
Rod (PS3S7) [830] So you're talking about February half term, you're talking about three half term's work ... right?
[831] Then?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [832] Erm ... erm, A ten ... it the there's various units ... and as a unit ... erm ... are the family ... and I felt that perhaps ... at that stage are you not on the family and what it's about.
Rod (PS3S7) [833] Okay.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [834] Er, and I would like to pick up a unit ... after ... every half term ... but around that, you know, somewhere along ... get them into something really tangible
Rod (PS3S7) [835] Has has has Anne written a unit on the family?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [836] No, I must do that [...]
(J8DPS004) [837] Yeah [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [838] I would have a word with Anne jus , just from
(J8DPS004) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [839] stuff I wo
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [840] It's on the list.
Rod (PS3S7) [841] stuff I was listening to this morning ... I don't whether that was one of the things ... but she's certainly looking at ... areas like that.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [842] Christian marriage.
Rod (PS3S7) [843] Was it?
[844] Might be worth talking to her.
(J8DPS003) [845] She's written on the marriage one but she's got
Rod (PS3S7) [846] What I
(J8DPS003) [847] an eleventh grade.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [848] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [849] All I'm suggesting is ... i it could link with her so
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [850] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [851] you know
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [852] I would like to think that after doing the stuff and the [...] and that, that they actually get down to something solid.
[853] But, you see at February ... we're then into review er ... cro er ... reviewing the PDP's for some reason or another, I've written down here ... and profiling reporting to parents.
Rod (PS3S7) [854] Right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [855] That takes me up to Easter.
Rod (PS3S7) [856] Summer term?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [857] Well er, summer term ... er, looking back at year ten ... erm ... is work's experience a , they're writing that ... owing to personal statements and end of summer term
Rod (PS3S7) [858] Right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [859] following the work's experience ... there is a half term there, so it can either come before that or after it ... and I'll do a unit ... and it might be on ... safety ... or, if I can't erm ... first aid I might get safety in and they'll do it like that ... and we'll fill in some units.
Rod (PS3S7) [860] Okay.
[861] It needs, having
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [862] And it and it's, yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [863] It's it's a long stretch of time ... the troops need pinning down ... with it ... that's all I'm saying.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [864] Right.
Rod (PS3S7) [865] Okay?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [866] They'll need some dates for reviewing and I'll ... I'll write it down [...] .
Rod (PS3S7) [867] Okay!
[868] Mil?
(J8DPS001) [869] And I say I I can't, I honestly cannot remember ... what I was doing, I remember the environment one because I got a module written on that ... erm ... I remember that I had put in er I want to do first aid and safety in the home sort of thing ... er, they were three modules that I wanted ... er, to do.
[870] Options naturally come around
(J8DPS004) [871] Weeks
(J8DPS001) [872] Er
(J8DPS004) [873] fifteen.
(J8DPS001) [874] Pardon?
(J8DPS004) [875] January the fourth
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [876] Week fifteen.
(J8DPS004) [877] week fifteen
(J8DPS001) [878] Yeah.
(J8DPS004) [879] you've got.
(J8DPS001) [880] Er, and that term there ... because after the half term they have to start making their choices ... isn't that right?
Rod (PS3S7) [881] Yeah, option
(J8DPS004) [882] There a
Rod (PS3S7) [883] always used to be a half term's work.
(J8DPS004) [884] Always used to be half term, but Milvia it can only be half an hour!
Rod (PS3S7) [885] It's
(J8DPS004) [886] There's to choose for them any more!
Rod (PS3S7) [887] I
(J8DPS001) [888] Aye, I see what you mean, right, yeah.
(J8DPS004) [889] There's nothing at all!
Rod (PS3S7) [890] There is a certain amount of choice and
(J8DPS004) [891] Yeah, but I'm being
Rod (PS3S7) [892] I
(J8DPS004) [893] facetious!
[894] There's hardly any!
Rod (PS3S7) [895] But there's still, we still I mean er er you perhaps need to talk to Rob to see what he wants ... his input, it's always been a bit airy fairy and there, there are sheets! the choice is not the same but they should be aware of some of the implications if they choose to go down such and such a road.
[896] There is a need for, and I say with all due respect, an unbiased ... er, piece of advice ... from people who ha , don't have an axe to grind in terms of specific subjects because ... some children er ... in my opinion ... are sometimes lead down wrong avenues
(J8DPS001) [897] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [898] er, to gratify in inverted
(J8DPS001) [899] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [900] commas ... individual teachers and we do have to be very careful about that.
[901] I was trying to hint at that this morning that we're looking at ... a whole child and sometimes ... they're not gonna succeed in a subject they've put it cos there's sod all else for them to put ... and we need to be aware of that.
[902] So there is some choice ... and ah, yeah, we perhaps need to think about whether ... you know better from last year whether it's still a half term.
(J8DPS004) [903] It isn't a half term just pain , mainly now to go through the options and choose it but if you were perhaps ... bring in as you co , I've got written down [...] your careers officer
Rod (PS3S7) [904] Mm.
(J8DPS001) [905] Mhm.
(J8DPS004) [906] for one week, say, or perha , probably have to be two cos you
(J8DPS001) [907] Sorry ca , can I just interrupt there?
[908] You know how ... I do , I couldn't remember that I'd actually started the ... the Easter term ... doing the erm ... choices ... etcetera, I always thought it was the later half ... of that term, the latter half of that term.
[909] It isn't, so starting in January [...]
(J8DPS004) [910] But we haven't been
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [911] Well I hadn't I hadn't written it down here
(J8DPS001) [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [912] as being February the eighth you were starting [...] .
(J8DPS001) [913] February the what?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [914] Eighth, er ... yeah.
[915] Week twenty to
(J8DPS001) [916] Fine.
[917] I don't know why but I always thought it was some nearest
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [918] And we do , what the tenth year
(J8DPS001) [919] the other half of that term.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [920] what the ninth years did this year was ... Rob gave them a pep talk ... and ... and there's a booklet, Choices, he gives out and asks them
(J8DPS001) [921] That's right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [922] to work their way through it, along with the Choices there is a vi a video to go
(J8DPS001) [923] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [924] and ... then they're supposed to do some work with the form teacher talking about where the strengths and weaknesses li , you know again.
(J8DPS001) [925] But this isn't in tutorial is it?
[926] P S D would do it.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [927] This is tutorial this year.
(J8DPS004) [928] Tutorial.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [929] Yeah!
(J8DPS001) [930] Mm!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [931] But then
Rod (PS3S7) [932] Well in year ... in
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [933] they
Rod (PS3S7) [934] year nine how can they do it in P S D?
(J8DPS004) [935] That's right [...]
(J8DPS001) [936] Oh aye , that's er [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [937] but the ... er, the careers
(J8DPS004) [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [938] officer came into to er do a ans question answer session on the last one ... and it was too bigger form ... you know, the kids wouldn't speak.
Rod (PS3S7) [939] [whispering] Probably in the [...] [] !
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [940] Erm ... the ... er er I
(J8DPS004) [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [941] ca ... can I just say that ... the introduction ... of the Choices booklet need a real bit of ... it was a bit
Rod (PS3S7) [942] Who did that?
(J8DPS001) [943] She said Rob.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [944] Mhm.
[945] And the vid , you see the video really should come before the Choices, the
(J8DPS001) [946] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [947] video should be there before the magazine.
[948] And before
(J8DPS001) [949] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [950] the booklet choices ... and then the discussion can get going ... but the careers officer [...] for half an hour.
Rod (PS3S7) [951] Right , but one of the things we have to remember is, and I know it's sort of a sha , but you have the experience of last year ... and, that has to be shared ... you know to to sort of cut the corners ... yo you've gotta pass it back a year ... or up a year, whichever ... whatever happens ... and you've made a very valid comment there and you need to make note of that that, you know ... somehow you have to work round Rob to get it
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [952] Bit better.
Rod (PS3S7) [953] the way ... round him with him buying
(J8DPS000) [954] Well
Rod (PS3S7) [...] [...]
(J8DPS000) [955] [...] a minute, is there any reason why he has got to do that, because he has no other contact with year nine at all?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [956] But he should be having contact with year nine.
(J8DPS000) [957] Yeah but
Rod (PS3S7) [958] Rob should be working across the school.
(J8DPS001) [959] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [960] But it's ... it's it's hard work!
[961] I mean
(J8DPS004) [laugh]
(J8DPS001) [962] So instead of me doing, let's say, the February
(J8DPS004) [963] Do
(J8DPS001) [964] the eighth
(J8DPS004) [...]
(J8DPS001) [965] the twentieth week ... you're saying I should be starting this for January term?
(J8DPS004) [966] Well what I'm looking at is you haven't got anything at all right!
(J8DPS001) [967] No, so I'm right then Sandra?
[968] If [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [969] I would do them later because I tell you what happens then, there will be a ch , there may well be a choice in two columns, I don't know if that
(J8DPS004) [970] Yes.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [971] one's like this ... but the problem we hit this year er, we didn't do it that early ... was the kids had got the forms out ... then the timetable and the financing came in ... and we didn't know what was happening
Rod (PS3S7) [972] We didn't what staffing was.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [973] and we actually we actually had done the options
Rod (PS3S7) [974] Aye.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [975] and then it all had to be scrapped and by the middle
Rod (PS3S7) [976] They had to do it again.
(J8DPS001) [977] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [978] midnight one night to produce another form
Rod (PS3S7) [979] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [980] so I would say closer
(J8DPS004) [981] Right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [982] to er ... you know, really ... to er th the se the the second half
Rod (PS3S7) [983] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [984] of the
Rod (PS3S7) [985] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [986] spring term coming up to easter ... because until you know your budgets and your
(J8DPS004) [987] What's wrong with [...] ?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [988] staffing, and your numbers
(J8DPS004) [989] What's wrong with that term?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [990] you don't know what's gonna be offered.
Rod (PS3S7) [991] Doing your choice then?
(J8DPS004) [992] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [993] Because in the past Dave we've actually tried to tie it in with parent's evening to sort of use it as a bit of a motivator to jeer the, gee them up ... before the end
(J8DPS004) [994] But if I
Rod (PS3S7) [995] so ... if you're putting it in the second half of the second term
(J8DPS004) [996] If I come running along here ... same old bug bear cos I'm science, I still have no confirmation from anybody yet ... what about these SATS that the kids do?
[997] You're gonna have three huge curriculum areas, maths, English and science ... they'll have taken their SATS ... we have got to report on them
(J8DPS002) [998] And technology do SATS this year.
(J8DPS004) [999] you're doing, well there's four, there's half the, nearly half the curriculum the kids are doing
Rod (PS3S7) [1000] I'm not quite sure yet cos we're [laughing] [...] this [] ... chicken and egg which starts first ... I think we're gonna look at a ... an an interim type report in year nine ... a quicker type report ... I can't remember what it's, it's written down in my other diary ... because what I don't want to happen is to, people to have a onerous report at the end of year nine, cos they're gonna have to do a report there now
(J8DPS004) [1001] Well they've got no choice
(J8DPS000) [1002] No choice.
(J8DPS004) [1003] it says so!
Rod (PS3S7) [1004] or ... and the cho , it has, this is, it has to be there by [...] , we can actually just do a national curriculum report which gives a level, that's all!
[1005] Bum bum, levels out!
[1006] Okay?
[1007] Or a fully comprehensive report so ... there's a little bit of leeway in that yet.
(J8DPS004) [1008] No, we're not saying it's the leeway might be important, [...] cos ... as I said, these choices, and Sandra will agree, there's only two columns, that isn't gonna increase!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1009] Er, and there's actually choices within columns as well, you know the , it's split up ... its do your geography, or do your geography?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1010] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1011] Do you French, do you Spanish?
Rod (PS3S7) [1012] But there is [...] .
(J8DPS004) [1013] But it's still
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1014] Yeah.
(J8DPS004) [1015] a long [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1016] but at the same time they shouldn't just be looking at the subjects in isolation
(J8DPS001) [1017] Mm mm.
(J8DPS004) [1018] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1019] they should be actually looking forward to what, if I do these
(J8DPS001) [1020] They're gonna do.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1021] subjects what will that then lead me into?
Rod (PS3S7) [1022] Right.
(J8DPS001) [1023] Mm mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1024] There's the process of evaluating what's happening and that's
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1025] Mhm mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1026] important.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1027] And er I I would honestly put it in the, in the March period ... it's on the second
(J8DPS002) [1028] Can I ask
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1029] half of the spring term.
(J8DPS002) [1030] do you know Ta I I know Tyneside
(J8DPS001) [1031] See I find
(J8DPS002) [1032] i side in in the ... the [...] er ... thing for Edinburgh University, you know when they do their ... careers choice ... their jobs and interests information guide from the Edinburgh?
[1033] They're doing what they call a job wise ... which is probably som something, they fill in a ... questionnaire which say whatever
Rod (PS3S7) [1034] I think that's coming in now ... things that you can [...]
(J8DPS002) [1035] Cos you [...] have ... erm ... is normally four, four, sorry ... tenth and eleventh years in sixth formers, and they've also got a subject choice ... section as well, which I have used in the past ... for ninth years and ... it wa , it just got them thinking about things in a completely different way from what we, they've ever done
Rod (PS3S7) [1036] Mm.
(J8DPS002) [1037] before ... and I, I thought the cho , the subject choice was er ... was good.
(J8DPS004) [1038] So?
Rod (PS3S7) [1039] Can't give you an answer ... sorry!
(J8DPS002) [1040] And I just wondered
Rod (PS3S7) [1041] I've heard of Jigcar
(J8DPS002) [1042] Yeah I just wo , just
(J8DPS000) [1043] Trish wa , mentioned it to you.
Rod (PS3S7) [1044] Mm?
(J8DPS000) [1045] Trish mentions it.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1046] Ah.
[1047] You see
Rod (PS3S7) [1048] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1049] the thing, the thing though
Rod (PS3S7) [1050] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1051] I just wonder whether nor , if North Tyneside have got a contract there is absolutely no reason why
(J8DPS002) [1052] There is reason, I mean that sort of thing
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1053] why we should use it.
(J8DPS002) [1054] I mean the filling in of the form and that and, you know, which ... you in , you know what grades you've got, you're interests, what you think you're good at, what you'd like, you know the [...]
(J8DPS001) [1055] Mm.
(J8DPS002) [1056] all that, and then the computer analyses and comes up with areas of where they think you might be
(J8DPS001) [1057] Mm.
(J8DPS002) [1058] whereas considering the co the jo families and
(J8DPS001) [1059] Mm.
(J8DPS002) [1060] and things, job families ... er, we've got that already and we've got, there's gonna be the computer thing on careers ... but you see we've only managed ... this year ... to get it brought down from year eleven, somebody who went into this, keeping it very close to myself, to bring it down to year ten ... they're actually ... you know, it's very, very difficult to let them remove it and I can't see that you can then make that down to ninth year just yet.
[1061] It's
(J8DPS001) [1062] But subject choice is a completely separate thing to the careers
(J8DPS002) [1063] Section of it.
(J8DPS001) [1064] cho
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1065] Yeah!
(J8DPS001) [1066] choice.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1067] Mm
(J8DPS001) [1068] You know, I had to go and ... and get trained in a separate
(J8DPS002) [1069] Mhm.
(J8DPS001) [1070] course to do it.
[1071] Anyway
(J8DPS002) [1072] I just wondered that was all.
(J8DPS001) [...]
(J8DPS002) [1073] Oh yeah.
(J8DPS001) [1074] I i if we
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1075] You know that
(J8DPS001) [1076] if we've got
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1077] that was one part that
Rod (PS3S7) [1078] Take a note that's avenue for you to explore.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1079] Yeah.
(J8DPS001) [1080] That, that is one part of the tutorial programme, the ninth year that you can't change
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1081] Mm mm.
(J8DPS001) [1082] It has to be ... er, that particular trend.
Rod (PS3S7) [1083] It certainly needs to be in that term.
(J8DPS001) [1084] Ya.
Rod (PS3S7) [1085] It can afford to be a bit later ... but I don't se , I don't see that the
(J8DPS001) [1086] Well I can remember then the last year when I was in the ninth year we did it in that half term, it wasn't the first
Rod (PS3S7) [1087] It was always, it was
(J8DPS001) [1088] part.
Rod (PS3S7) [1089] It was always before half term.
[1090] I've always done it
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1091] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1092] before half term.
[1093] I've always done it before half term!
(J8DPS001) [1094] Alri ee ee it!
Rod (PS3S7) [1095] I'd have had it tied up but then ... staffing was constant, you knew what courses
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1096] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1097] you were gonna be offering
(J8DPS001) [1098] Right.
Rod (PS3S7) [1099] as Sandra says we've done it twice this year.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1100] We had to do it later and later.
Rod (PS3S7) [1101] I was ru run ragged!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1102] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1103] Last term then
(J8DPS001) [1104] However ... never mind!
[1105] The thing is, I can't do the environment, well it's not that I can't do it ... when I was talking to er ... to the tuto ... the form tutors yesterday ... er ... they're biggest keen ... I think Catherine had happened to notice some work that Sandra had done ... that she found er, interesting enough and where the kids should be knowing about, it was about banking ... how to sign a cheque, how to look after finances ... erm ... you know, do I have to ... buy ... a pair of trainers because it's got Reebok on them, this sort of thing.
[1106] And that caught the interest of everyone straight away er, budgeting, how to be able to look at banking etcetera, and I said well ... and I want you to do that first so I don't mind ... mainly because I was gonna work wi with Anne about the, with the environments, and then it's science, couldn't cover with the with the environment that she would like me in tutorial to do ... and er ... she ... hasn't, well it's not her now, unfortunately, I think it's Sue ... that is supposed to be working with me ... cos I want to do something on recycling of rubbish etcetera within the school and do a big sort of er ... project on it.
[1107] Plus ... within my environmental thing I would like to be able to see if we can get four areas within the school ... and what I was thinking about, not the big areas outside in the gardens etcetera ... but do you know as you walk along from our corridor up past the dining hall ... and there's that little bit of enclosed space
(J8DPS004) [1108] Which is a [...]
(J8DPS001) [1109] a total mess that looks horrific!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1110] Oh yes!
(J8DPS001) [1111] And there's another bit ... by the science block ... and there's another bit ... I can't remember now where ... but there was three areas that I suddenly identified, I'm thinking it's grotty, it looks awful
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1112] When you're clearing up for lunch look out the window it's the [...] enclosed garden.
(J8DPS001) [1113] That's right.
(J8DPS000) [1114] Oh yeah!
(J8DPS001) [1115] Can we not do something
Rod (PS3S7) [1116] And the Japanese [...]
(J8DPS001) [1117] maybe give it a class project in the six or eight weeks that that particular er class is looking at the environment, again, [...] from school, cos remember we've got the bins and we've got little er
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1118] Mm.
(J8DPS001) [1119] they're improvements that I started with ninth year.
[1120] So let's say we can say if we can get the kids to look at improvements on that way.
[1121] Now, they're not too bad, the form tutors agreed ... the trouble is though I've got one in English ... George ... which is not too far away ... one in science but it's that end of science
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1122] And Catherine.
(J8DPS001) [1123] and Catherine ... now, Catherine is ideal because ... she opens her double doors and she's out into a garden space ... you know?
[1124] And she likes that garden and she doesn't mind working ... for something on that.
[1125] I think that, you know ... George wouldn't mind ... er, and ... Maria wouldn't mind, maybe it's Martin trying to find for ... for our Martin.
Rod (PS3S7) [1126] One of the problems is ... you ne , it's alright saying something on the environment, you have to tighten up what it is you're gonna do.
[1127] If it's practical how you're gonna occupy twenty [...] kids ... what resources [...]
(J8DPS001) [1128] I've got it remember?
[1129] That er ... [...] I sent away.
Rod (PS3S7) [1130] Right.
(J8DPS001) [1131] You know?
Rod (PS3S7) [1132] So, well that's alright.
(J8DPS004) [1133] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1134] And you're time of year ... cos if you
(J8DPS001) [1135] This is the thing you see now
Rod (PS3S7) [1136] If you're gonna be wanting to plan
(J8DPS001) [1137] cos if you're gonna looking at
Rod (PS3S7) [1138] if you're gonna want
(J8DPS004) [1139] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1140] to grow things you've gotta do it at a specific time ... if you're gonna wanna plan
(J8DPS001) [1141] And this is why I want to.
Rod (PS3S7) [1142] if you're gonna plan bare rooted trees and stuff you've gotta be doing it in the dormant season, so you're talking October, November ... possibly October.
(J8DPS001) [1143] Well this is ... this is what I was trying to work out ... looking at the banking erm ... module that Sia , Sandra's just given me ... could for the nine weeks ... right?
[1144] So therefore, if this term I've got one, two, three, four, five weeks roughly left ... and I know that sometimes ... erm ... what's that?
[1145] Oh that's November, December ... can we not be doing something ... in those five weeks on the environment?
[1146] And then continue with it ... later on in the year
Rod (PS3S7) [1147] It's up to you!
[1148] It's your ... ee, as far I'm concerned I'm asking you to tell me what you're gonna do!
(J8DPS001) [1149] But you've gotta tell me which is the best season, say ... if I wannit to flower!
(J8DPS004) [1150] Well what do you wanna do?
[1151] If you wanna put plants in you can't ... you can't do it before ar ... before March.
(J8DPS001) [1152] Right.
[1153] So you do it
(J8DPS000) [1154] There is one
(J8DPS001) [1155] after you're
(J8DPS004) [1156] You've gotta, you're talking about, yeah.
(J8DPS001) [1157] Beginning of the summer term.
(J8DPS004) [1158] After Easter basically.
Rod (PS3S7) [1159] Yo ... you see talked about recycling.
(J8DPS001) [1160] You can't do that in the Christmas one?
(J8DPS004) [1161] No.
Rod (PS3S7) [1162] Co conservation planting er, is not recycling!
[1163] I mean I ... you've gotta be clear what it is you actually want to do.
(J8DPS003) [1164] The environment is what she said!
(J8DPS001) [1165] See , Sue hasn't come back to me, the science department hasn't come to me so I'm not, I may leave that ... and say, and do something like that next year in a module ... or wait until I've finished [...] again ... I don't mind, that's still something in my mind which I would like to do ... but because talking to the form tutor's, what I had written down ... as a fait a complet ... erm ... they're not ... too keen ... so therefore I opened up and say you know, which particular things they were interested in ... the banking one they are very interested in ... the environment one, yes, within the school tidy upping area that they would like to do ... but I've gotta be able to, and I don't when planting season is or ... if I wanna put, be able to put flowers in ... etcetera, you see what I mean?
Rod (PS3S7) [1166] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1167] You could do your planting there in that last five weeks there you could think about doing
(J8DPS001) [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1168] actually doing about ... er, about
(J8DPS001) [1169] The [...] .
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1170] recycling.
(J8DPS001) [1171] Aha.
[1172] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1173] Well you can't go out then cos it'll be snowing right [...]
(J8DPS001) [1174] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1175] I mean, so therefore, it's gotta be ... more a, of a ... erm
(J8DPS001) [1176] A recycling.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1177] a per , you know ... a a theoretical thing innit?
(J8DPS001) [1178] Well it, it could be , well it could
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1179] or writing to [...]
(J8DPS001) [1180] Oh writing inside.
Rod (PS3S7) [1181] Well you see that, that that's one of reasons why we're all sitting doing it cos Terry's just said ... and I've got an environment thing, now that doesn't mean it's wrong.
(J8DPS000) [1182] No.
[1183] Alright.
Rod (PS3S7) [1184] Cos there's no reason why you can't have two projects on
(J8DPS000) [1185] No.
Rod (PS3S7) [1186] the go, and they'll change almost
(J8DPS000) [1187] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1188] by definition cos they're
(J8DPS000) [1189] Right, right.
Rod (PS3S7) [1190] two years older ... and they can do lots of other things
(J8DPS000) [1191] Oh different [...]
(J8DPS001) [1192] One year older.
Rod (PS3S7) [1193] So I'm ... still
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1194] [...] actually.
Rod (PS3S7) [1195] not happy that we've got
(J8DPS000) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1196] time allocated
(J8DPS000) [1197] prompting you.
Rod (PS3S7) [1198] and I'm putting on the spot
(J8DPS000) [1199] I'd like you to start a bit earlier [...] .
Rod (PS3S7) [1200] and all I'm gonna say, I'm not gonna ask you to say well I might, I might , I might ... you need to have sorted out exactly what you're doing in there ... whilst you give
(J8DPS004) [1201] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1202] tutors the chance to say what they've
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1203] gotta do, you gotta be careful
(J8DPS000) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1204] about complete negotiation ... there's an element of deciding that's what we're gonna do and we're gonna do it and it's gotta be spelt out for them.
(J8DPS001) [1205] Oh they can't give me any more.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1206] Get you a programme [...] .
(J8DPS001) [1207] It was yesterday was that, only ten people come
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1208] Get you a programme at tenth minute.
(J8DPS001) [1209] forward with, Catherine came forward with banking.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1210] Six thirty?
(J8DPS001) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1211] So you've given her o so now you're into saying, get onto it!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1212] I mean
(J8DPS001) [1213] Without me ... yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1214] But one of the things that always we we don't ... Dave did a project a couple of years on consumer awareness which I think
(J8DPS004) [1215] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1216] went ... brought newspapers in and all sorts of
(J8DPS001) [1217] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1218] things ... that went down a bundle!
(J8DPS004) [1219] Well [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1220] You had a great time with it!
(J8DPS004) [1221] Oh certainly, yeah!
[1222] They
Rod (PS3S7) [1223] Your your classes ninth
(J8DPS004) [1224] they were very good!
Rod (PS3S7) [1225] years weren't they?
[1226] Er, Tracey and that lot was it not them as ninth years or something?
(J8DPS004) [1227] Tenth year.
(J8DPS001) [1228] Tenth year.
(J8DPS004) [1229] Tenth year, yeah.
[1230] Yep!
Rod (PS3S7) [1231] Which we haven't picked up on and perhaps, right ... so ... but you need that firmed up that's all I can say to you.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1232] No, and I can give you a fair deal pack, remember ... on consumer rights?
(J8DPS004) [1233] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1234] Which might fill in those five weeks if you want it.
(J8DPS004) [1235] Right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1236] You can do money management ... I mean, and
(J8DPS004) [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1237] then go onto consumer ... affairs.
(J8DPS001) [1238] Consumer right, right.
Rod (PS3S7) [1239] That's right ... you know.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1240] And that takes your winter term and then you can,yo your clearing could be done ... starting
(J8DPS001) [1241] In the summer.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1242] turn round the spring and the summer if you want.
Rod (PS3S7) [1243] Can I just say as we , one of the reasons we're talking through this if you have something that yo , ah that might be useful!
[1244] Will you please share it!
[1245] What I don't wa , I know it's handy sometimes you think, ah that covers a lot of things for me ... and you may have come across something yourself ... I'll ... the there is a key, there should be a key to those things in my cupboard, those lifelines things ... not the same as cha , I've got all sorts of ideas that you might pick out and say right we can use that as a lesson ... you might even just say well sod copyright I'm gonna photocopy that and I'll use it!
[1246] Please look in them, just browse through the front cos
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1247] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1248] what I've tried to do is not to ... and we've had the money, is to buy one in each set ... cos we haven't got the money to buy full sets, thirty books is a joke!
[1249] And I shall deny ever ha ... [whispering] [...] [] .
(J8DPS004) [1250] You're not got it [...] they don't do one
(J8DPS001) [1251] I've got copyright there.
(J8DPS004) [1252] send it.
Rod (PS3S7) [1253] I've actually said it now, and it's down in ... black and white or ... red and green or whatever!
[1254] But, do you know what I mean?
(J8DPS004) [1255] Mm.
(J8DPS002) [1256] Not that you've ever
Rod (PS3S7) [1257] It's about looking
(J8DPS002) [1258] done that before!
Rod (PS3S7) [1259] No, never ever!
(J8DPS000) [1260] No.
Rod (PS3S7) [1261] No!
(J8DPS000) [1262] We must stop talking about that.
Rod (PS3S7) [1263] But there are resources
(J8DPS004) [1264] Not in [...] books.
Rod (PS3S7) [1265] there and ... I know they're not ... great, but the there's quite a lot in them isn't them.
(J8DPS002) [1266] If you do your environmental recycling I've got a thing that I took out of a magazine that's got all the addresses of erm ... of of the various thing for recycling paper
(J8DPS001) [1267] Mhm.
(J8DPS004) [...]
(J8DPS002) [1268] waste products ... all sorts of stuff like
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1269] There's a
(J8DPS002) [1270] that.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1271] And it's just, you know
Rod (PS3S7) [1272] Well there's that green and grey thing that I keep passing onto
(J8DPS001) [1273] I've got it.
Rod (PS3S7) [1274] you!
[1275] There's another one ... I've got another here actually cos it's been
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1276] I'll tell you what's in ... the there's that school's ... curriculum industry fi si simulation on the dustbin game.
[1277] It's an environment , and it's actually an activity that goes on in the classroom.
[1278] It
(J8DPS001) [1279] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1280] gives you the resources, and tell the teacher how to manage it ... it's all about the, and it's that, you know it's not ... listen [...] , it is actually
(J8DPS001) [1281] What's it called.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1282] I've got a copy of it ... the dustbin game.
(J8DPS001) [1283] [whispering] Dustbin game [] !
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1284] Remember we looked at it, it's an environmental awareness on
Rod (PS3S7) [1285] Oh ... somewhere in the back of my mind.
[1286] But at the end of the da , I'm sorry if I keep com , I want a heading and I I don't
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1287] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1288] want ages ... I don't stacks written up
(J8DPS000) [1289] But we'll get that now.
Rod (PS3S7) [1290] but I do
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1291] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1292] need an outline.
[1293] Gotta present it saying that this is what's happening.
(J8DPS001) [1294] I had one, as I said ... I had it all.
(J8DPS004) [1295] You haven't
Rod (PS3S7) [1296] Okay.
(J8DPS004) [1297] [...] yet ... what will happen towards the end of the year for ... reporting on these after the SATS ... will that effect her tutorial at all?
(J8DPS003) [1298] Oh yeah!
(J8DPS004) [1299] I mean, she's gotta watch that.
(J8DPS003) [1300] It's fourteen year olds isn't it?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1301] Main modules do you take that for science tests as well?
(J8DPS004) [1302] Sorry?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1303] Well we often lose a er a year
(J8DPS003) [1304] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1305] for a module for a
Rod (PS3S7) [1306] Just stuck it there to stop the door opening [...]
(J8DPS004) [...]
(J8DPS001) [1307] [...] testing.
Rod (PS3S7) [1308] but er ... what?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1309] Not at all,the they ta , they take nine tutorial for science ... tests wouldn't we?
(J8DPS001) [1310] They have ... [...]
(J8DPS004) [1311] Where?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1312] Yeah.
(J8DPS001) [1313] If they missed a one
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1314] Not all year
(J8DPS004) [1315] Well if they've
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1316] groups gone out.
(J8DPS004) [1317] No the
(J8DPS001) [1318] Oh!
(J8DPS004) [1319] no, only through the headmasters ... only, and that was er originally when we always [...] exams at the same time and that was done as a school policy ... not science department!
[1320] Exam
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1321] English department did it last term.
(J8DPS004) [1322] Yeah yeah.
[1323] We've got certain rules that say ... all children must sit certain exams at certain times, it hasn't been possible to do it in the labs
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1324] Mm.
(J8DPS004) [1325] and it used to get bounced
(J8DPS000) [1326] Well
(J8DPS004) [1327] around the subjects.
(J8DPS000) [...]
(J8DPS004) [1328] Sometimes it was ours have been
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1329] There are, it was English wasn't it?
(J8DPS004) [1330] sometimes it was maths.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1331] Yes.
[1332] I have
(J8DPS004) [1333] But
Rod (PS3S7) [1334] to say the situation has improved dramatically because I have said if we're gonna
(J8DPS002) [1335] I know [...] [yawn]
Rod (PS3S7) [1336] give tutorial credence it can't just be assumed you can take them out of tutorial and it has stopped tremendously.
(J8DPS001) [1337] But the head does it!
Rod (PS3S7) [1338] Oh.
(J8DPS004) [1339] Anyway, to get back to what I said
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1340] Hold your breath [...] !
(J8DPS001) [laugh]
(J8DPS004) [1341] you would have more information ... on that than Milvia would have for that, after they done the SATS and they're marked ... reports have to be sent out, we must report at the end of key stage three.
[1342] Milvia certainly wouldn't have a clue what a report looks like cos I don't!
(J8DPS001) [1343] I don't.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1344] Nobody
(J8DPS003) [1345] No.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1346] else knows.
(J8DPS004) [1347] Not, mean just
Rod (PS3S7) [1348] We have just ... er er [laugh] ... spent two hours looking at a report ... whether that will be the report we'll use at that particular time needs to be agreed yet.
(J8DPS002) [laugh]
Rod (PS3S7) [1349] It may well be
(J8DPS002) [1350] You mean you didn't have an agreement Mr ?
Rod (PS3S7) [1351] Well, we've got a report designed.
[1352] It may well be we decide all we're gonna send home is ... the result of the SATS, and it may just be a sheet with the subject names on and levels in, full stop.
[1353] It may well be that we send what we consider to be the fuller report there.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1354] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1355] All we have to do is report ... to the parents once a year ... it doesn't say that everything has to be on the report sheet at the same time ... it may well be some information goes at one particular time and some at another.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [laugh]
(J8DPS004) [1356] I'm sure it says a written comment must be made for each subject.
(J8DPS001) [1357] It doesn't say here [...] .
Rod (PS3S7) [1358] But that, it doesn't say after the SAT, the written comment can be made ... er, where we send er D and I reports home at the moment, i.e. ... er, just after half term in the second term.
[1359] Doesn't say at the end of the year, I don't think.
(J8DPS004) [1360] Well I will ask on behalf of Milvia.
Rod (PS3S7) [1361] But we'll we'll ... I mean, that's gotta be
(J8DPS004) [1362] But I will ask on behalf of Milvia what does everybody feel about that?
(J8DPS001) [1363] About what?
(J8DPS004) [1364] Well I would prefer to make the comment about how a childs done in the SAT at the end of key stage three than ... than February time.
(J8DPS001) [1365] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1366] Can I make the point that if you don't get to the parents of kids ... kids, before the end of summer term you could be jeopardising ... the chances of what they're doing ... in the SATS ... because if you get to the parent ... erm ... in the beginning of the spring term and say ... you know, Fred is not doing particularly well because of this ... the parents are then in a position to do something about it ... but if you actually tell them once, basically the stable doors closed ... what can
(J8DPS004) [1367] Oh I
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1368] they do?
(J8DPS004) [1369] quite agree.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1370] So I think
Rod (PS3S7) [1371] See what
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1372] the fuller report and the contact with the parents should be happening prior to that stage.
Rod (PS3S7) [1373] But one of the problems [laughing] is [] ... you're also reporting on year seven and eight then ... at
(J8DPS004) [1374] Yes.
Rod (PS3S7) [1375] the moment ... you're now saying we've gotta do a full report on year nine ... and you're
(J8DPS001) [1376] Mm mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1377] just at the start of G C S E exams.
(J8DPS001) [1378] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1379] Now ... you're alright, that's ... everything should happen there ... but it is not physically impossible ... but it's gonna put staff under a lot of stress and we're gonna have to play the game ... of making it workable.
[1380] I mean it's typical government policy, bang, there it is now you lot sort it out!
[1381] And I agree with you entirely it would nice there
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1382] No.
Rod (PS3S7) [1383] but I think the reality is we'll probably end up with the detailed report there ... and SATS results sent home afterwards.
(J8DPS004) [1384] That fine [...] but it's not helping
Rod (PS3S7) [1385] I think.
(J8DPS004) [1386] Milvia now!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1387] We're on the same side, that's what I've just said!
[1388] You get, you get to the parents at stage in the
(J8DPS004) [1389] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1390] game so they can have an effect on the child ... so that the outcome is better ... if you just ... if you don't get to them till there the child's done the SATS and it's over
Rod (PS3S7) [1391] Right
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1392] and done with.
Rod (PS3S7) [1393] but whether that meets ... what the government expects of us I'm not exactly sure ... because whether they want the written report at the sa
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1394] Won't change till next year anyway!
Rod (PS3S7) [1395] Well it probably won't.
(J8DPS004) [1396] I know it's just laid down as as ... [...] sheet as to what you're supposed to put down and all sorts but I can't remember exactly how detailed it's gotta be.
[1397] See, if it's just a one statement SAT
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1398] Mm.
(J8DPS004) [1399] then the departments will do and Milvia get it ... and that's it, she'll have nothing to do!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1400] Oh sorry about this but
(J8DPS004) [1401] Cor!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1402] are you going?
(J8DPS001) [1403] No.
(J8DPS004) [1404] No.
(J8DPS001) [1405] It's a meeting.
Rod (PS3S7) [1406] Okay.
(J8DPS004) [1407] Sumalia.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [laugh]
Rod (PS3S7) [1408] Beafra it used to be innit?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [laugh]
Rod (PS3S7) [1409] It used to be Beafra picking the flies off the trees.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1410] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1411] Right ... are we okay then?
[1412] Where are we at?
[1413] Er
(J8DPS004) [1414] Milvia's finished.
(J8DPS001) [1415] Year eight.
(J8DPS000) [1416] Right, must be me.
(J8DPS001) [1417] And then
Rod (PS3S7) [1418] Terry?
(J8DPS001) [1419] I've got one more module left
(J8DPS004) [1420] Oh yes.
(J8DPS001) [1421] sorry ...
(J8DPS004) [1422] You carry on.
(J8DPS001) [1423] that I wanted to do something about safety or first aid ... and that's it.
(J8DPS004) [1424] Oh
Rod (PS3S7) [1425] But, did you not talk
(J8DPS004) [1426] da
Rod (PS3S7) [1427] about doing safety or first aid?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1428] Mine's
(J8DPS004) [1429] Well
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1430] year ten, it's year nine [...]
(J8DPS004) [1431] [laughing] Oh well []
(J8DPS001) [1432] Year nine will be doing something different.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1433] I'm doing mine to start off with.
Rod (PS3S7) [1434] Okay, well ... so you need to be
(J8DPS001) [1435] Cos I was talking to Lilian , she was thinking that each year she'd be given an update ... it should be a five year ... plan.
Rod (PS3S7) [1436] Right, but what needs to happen is ... if we continue like this we're gonna be re-inventing the wheel every year and making a lot of work for yourselves.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1437] Yeah.
[1438] Can I ma
Rod (PS3S7) [1439] And that's what's happening at the moment, because we're not sitting down and saying, I mean, this is my worry about ... oh we might do this there, that's why I want it tightened up because at the end of the day ... we start, we have various modules at a later date, two, three years time whatever we might decide to sling out ... but it should really be designed, worked upon so that the incoming person can use it as a basis ... given their ... limitations
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1440] Mm mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1441] or abilities and build on it ... cos at the moment everybody's re-inventing the wheel and you're making a lot of work in my opinion.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1442] Well perhaps to ... se se se ... er, you know ... streamline or rationalise what we're doing ... I mean ... you know, we can [...] we've asked ... that we actually hand you in our ... section on this, right?
[1443] If it's put together on one sheet ... er ... we can actually sa sa say right this is what we're gonna do this term.
[1444] When we've actually given you the full thing in, the minutes, the mights, and where [...] and whatever, you can look at it ... and say ... hey, there's too much of that ... but what we're addressing is ... the moral ... aspect of a child's upbringing that perhaps we should be ... and say well right fine ... er, it might, I'm just taking on environmental, right, now the year children to do environment there, but it's really happening down there, I feel that these children in the past haven't he so ... can we ... take that out this year and bring in something totally new, totally different that you feel should go in ... erm ... so that it is more rationalised it's not just my people doing what they want ... when you see the, the whole thing you can make suggestions and we come back and go back through it again ... we actually say to the form teachers ... this is what ... this will definitely happen for this ... term ... but when we've looked at the whole five year sa side ... we might change some things.
[1445] The other aspect I was gonna suggest is ... I mean, I've said of stuff of the environment, Terry's not [...] ... if we take topics ... and we say right there's a ... I mean, I've got these boxes I will ... donate ... you know, like letter, you know ... lo lo [...] boxes ... which can be labelled and all the information on environment goes in there ... so that perhaps, we made up, you know plastic, hard plastic ... [...] .
Rod (PS3S7) [1446] So you're a , sort of under a topic under a theme heading?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1447] Mhm.
(J8DPS004) [1448] Yeah.
(J8DPS001) [1449] So it's in year ten, Sandra does it er ... does it ... you did that for safety in the home?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1450] Mhm.
(J8DPS001) [1451] Where Ann wrote it for last year, for my ri
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1452] Mm.
(J8DPS001) [1453] you know, for last years.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1454] Mm.
[1455] But if we put, if I put box up the name of safety ... of tha , er but make a point of the next time getting all in, in and put into that ... and copies.
(J8DPS001) [1456] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1457] Then it's all there together.
Rod (PS3S7) [1458] Yeah I, one of the, yeah ... yeah, I to started off doing a little bit like that but [laughing] you find things don't [] actually sit in categories very well ... that's ... becomes one of the problems.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1459] What's that , that's issues book is right [...] idea wasn't that
Rod (PS3S7) [1460] Yep.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1461] that was just issues one.
Rod (PS3S7) [1462] Yep.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1463] Mhm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1464] I know.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1465] And then that's the one that you gave us ... copies [...] cos you had ... you said you were gonna get five
Rod (PS3S7) [1466] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1467] five copies of of that.
Rod (PS3S7) [1468] I've got that somewhere, who's got that?
[1469] Have I
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1470] handed those
(J8DPS002) [1471] You have.
(J8DPS004) [1472] You want what?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1473] No, we've only got that.
[1474] We haven't got the book.
(J8DPS004) [1475] Well I've got the book
(J8DPS002) [1476] We, you only gave us the themes.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1477] Where's the book?
Rod (PS3S7) [1478] Got the book.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1479] But they're the ones I ordered, do you order those under S M B?
Rod (PS3S7) [1480] Can't remember.
(J8DPS004) [1481] Yeah, the book [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1482] I thought we'd got those books, I've put them in the cupboard haven't I?
(J8DPS004) [1483] Oh yeah, [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
(J8DPS004) [1484] I've seen the books.
Rod (PS3S7) [1485] The books are there.
(J8DPS004) [1486] Yeah, the books are there.
Rod (PS3S7) [1487] You have a look in the cupboard, I keep telling you to look in the
(J8DPS004) [1488] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1489] cupboard!
[1490] You go to cupboard and look!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [laugh]
Rod (PS3S7) [1491] Okay!
[1492] Terry?
(J8DPS000) [1493] Right ... year eight.
[1494] What I've done is ... just taken over from Catherine last year on her topics which ... er, seem to quite successful ... and I certainly know that Marian did them last year and found them good.
[1495] The first one was community ... and I know, erm ... that Catherine wasn't very happy about the community side of things and I've looked at the ... the pamphlet things and it needs updating a little bit so I took the fact that the Royal Quay's were down at our doorstep ... and ... contacted Linda ... who was extremely helpful ... and she's put together ... erm, a package of things along with me, I went down last week ... and the first week ... the ninth is going to be explaining ... to the classes what we're going to be doing, each form teacher ... will be able to do that ... and the sixteen and the twenty third there are visits down to the Royal Quay's Education Centre ... erm ... for which
Rod (PS3S7) [1496] Can we
(J8DPS000) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1497] we'll walk down to that?
(J8DPS000) [1498] No.
(J8DPS002) [1499] No.
(J8DPS000) [1500] which is paid for by ... Royal Quays
(J8DPS002) [1501] Oh
Rod (PS3S7) [1502] A grant.
(J8DPS000) [1503] I believe two coaches ... erm, one for the R group and one for the G group
(J8DPS001) [1504] Is this September you said?
(J8DPS000) [1505] And that's in September
(J8DPS001) [1506] Sixteenth
(J8DPS000) [1507] sixteenth and the twenty third.
(J8DPS001) [1508] Mhm.
(J8DPS000) [1509] When one of the groups is down there ... the Mediwell Police Unit are coming up to to to talk to two groups, I thought it was better to talk to
(J8DPS001) [1510] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [1511] two than four ... about their input under the Mediwell ... and then after that, on the thirtieth ... Linda's coming ... up to school ... erm ... and we're going to actually ... well, Eleanor's in English ... and Paul's in his room, Cath will be in with the tutors and Paul will come into my classroom ... that particular time she can go round all the groups and discuss what they've thought.
[1512] She's also produced ... very kind of her ... erm, a questionnaire about the Royal Quays ... erm ... to take home to their parents and grandparents to bring back ... and about, probably get a couple of copies of that ... and then when they've done that ... the seventh and fourteenth ... she's going to, or we're gonna select two pupils from each of the classes to go out with her, one group to go into the middle of North Shields
Rod (PS3S7) [1513] Thanks dear.
(J8DPS000) [1514] to ask questions about ... what the Royal Quay's are gonna be about ... and a group to go into the Mediwell itself.
[1515] Now, I volunteered to go into the Mediwell because I'm ... I don't like it down there ... and er, Linda will go into ... the centre of New into the centre of North Shields with a particular person ... a a form teacher or whatever, probably.
[1516] When they're doing that ... others will be collating the information and hopefully er, the television cameras, B B C have expressed an interest in coming down and so have the newspapers ... to actually do ... erm ... some sort of documentary on that, and put a display up in the school ... and also down at the Royal Quays ... just linked to us.
Rod (PS3S7) [1517] Right.
(J8DPS000) [1518] So that's that particular, that's that first half term.
[1519] It may go on after half term ... because she may not be able to come down on those two days, if that happens ... then I'll have other back up material for them
Rod (PS3S7) [1520] Right.
(J8DPS000) [1521] to do.
[1522] Erm, she asked if we were very keen to involve the school, I said yes we were ... cos she said nobody really taken a great interest in the Royal Quays not
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1523] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [1524] that they hadn't but ... schools, particularly high schools and I said well we were very interested as part of the ... the programme here ... because it was community ... erm ... not geography, because she's a geographer ... and she says the geography side of it's fine ... she will use information that the children collect ... for her benefit, but she'll also use us ... you know, to define the information but she
Rod (PS3S7) [1525] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [1526] would also recognise that we've done it with her ... not purely and simply just because we've been down.
[1527] So, she's very keen, so she's coming in quite a bit erm, over the first half term ... and she hopes that'll continue ... during the year, not particularly with just the year eight people but maybe get other people to involve themselves as well.
[1528] So that's the first term.
[1529] That's ... quite simple ... erm ... and that's organised and done, she's quite happy to do
Rod (PS3S7) [1530] Good!
(J8DPS000) [1531] that.
Rod (PS3S7) [1532] Great!
[1533] Sounds, that sounds quite exciting!
(J8DPS000) [1534] The ... after half term ... erm ... the programme is enterprise ... and I know Catherine has lots ... lots of booklets here on it ... and I'm gonna just update ... bits and pieces and I see there's some
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1535] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [1536] things in there, the issues, and
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1537] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [1538] it's got er
Rod (PS3S7) [1539] You did a smashing thing on
(J8DPS000) [1540] to be worked out.
Rod (PS3S7) [1541] Christmas didn't you?
(J8DPS000) [1542] That's right, Christmas decorations.
Rod (PS3S7) [1543] Yeah!
(J8DPS000) [1544] So obviously I'll be asking ... well I'll be asking Catherine how to do things
Rod (PS3S7) [1545] But the heading is enterprise but it's open ended enough
(J8DPS000) [1546] Well, yeah
Rod (PS3S7) [1547] for the form
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1548] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1549] tutors to do their own thing?
(J8DPS000) [1550] for the form, yeah.
[1551] That's right.
[1552] Erm
(J8DPS002) [1553] I mean last year some, some of them did just sort of a paper exercise whereby the
(J8DPS000) [1554] Yeah.
(J8DPS002) [1555] they worked out, and for example how you would organise a trip to er, Flamingo Land or something like that ... and and
(J8DPS000) [1556] Yeah.
(J8DPS002) [1557] all, everything that would be in involved ... and er ... but buts ... a lot of the, what we did was, you know, erm ... just how you would ... er ta ... erm ... how you would try and start there and and decorate a place and make it look better ... which again, is part of your environment
(J8DPS001) [1558] Environment
(J8DPS002) [1559] thing ... but we linked it right into Christmas decorations and how they would build them ... and ... how they'd make them, and how difficult it was ... and ... to to actually make something that ... looked ... er, reasonably good
Rod (PS3S7) [1560] Mm.
(J8DPS002) [1561] to put up in your room, let alone, something that was reasonably enough, enough that people may wanna pay money for.
Rod (PS3S7) [1562] Mm.
(J8DPS002) [1563] You know and and it actually sort of, it made them really sort of think about quality and excellence and su and stuff like that which
Rod (PS3S7) [1564] Mm.
(J8DPS002) [1565] er, I felt was ... was very very valuable.
(J8DPS004) [singing] [...] []
Rod (PS3S7) [...]
(J8DPS000) [1566] I was down at T V I as well borrowing their video camera and er ... Margaret said that she'd be quite keen to come involved as well if I want any help from her
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1567] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [1568] so ... I took the offer because she she she offered
(J8DPS001) [1569] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [1570] so er ... so I said, oh well fine, so I'll I'll leave options open.
Rod (PS3S7) [1571] Well, again it's no bad thing if i i
(J8DPS000) [1572] They're not, no not erm
Rod (PS3S7) [1573] it might well be that one of the one of the forms could go down there to have a morning as part of this project to do
(J8DPS000) [1574] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1575] carry out some particular activity.
(J8DPS000) [1576] Yeah, that's right.
Rod (PS3S7) [1577] I mean it's it's a dimension you can bring into it.
(J8DPS000) [1578] She offered that.
[1579] After ... that's the spring term we're into now, after Christmas ... erm ... health ... now ... there was ... there are packages and Catherine gave them to me ... on personal hygiene, things like that ... and I think Paul ... erm ... I know he would be keen he said, he'd be keen to maybe put a package together with the help of all the form teachers ... plus myself and maybe do a bit into health, cos I mean you know it's it's
Rod (PS3S7) [1580] Oh great!
(J8DPS000) [1581] and then you also pick that room and things like that just to demonstrate how that can be used
(J8DPS001) [1582] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1583] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [1584] for health.
[1585] Er, I don't wanna put the onus on Paul to do that, I I've asked and said I ... he said he'd be queen, you know be ke , that was before ... the
Rod (PS3S7) [1586] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [1587] summer, so I'll do that ... with him.
[1588] Then I've got the environment ... which again, comes right the way through until erm ... just before half, well just after half term
(J8DPS004) [1589] That's week thirty three
(J8DPS000) [1590] before half term.
(J8DPS004) [1591] is it Terry?
(J8DPS000) [1592] Yeah.
(J8DPS004) [1593] Yeah, [...]
(J8DPS000) [1594] That's up to the fifth , the fifth.
[1595] Erm ... there are again ... there is information, there's lots of packages on environment there's boo , booklets on it which Catherine gave to me ... and I think I need to think about specific areas in the school like Milvia's doing but not to overlap if Milvia does think about that, to try something else, some other way.
[1596] Er, there is an environmental officer ... for the North Tyneside Council who goes into schools and di and discusses things as well, there's there's there somebody
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1597] But I I
(J8DPS000) [1598] actually on the on the
(J8DPS001) [1599] Mhm.
(J8DPS000) [1600] council who do that ... and er, they're quite happy to take you round all the er, take you down to the incinerator and see what happens, where all your different bits and pieces go.
Rod (PS3S7) [1601] What happened to the Keep Britain Tidy group, they were re-named?
[1602] They used
(J8DPS000) [1603] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1604] to have er
(J8DPS000) [1605] Right.
Rod (PS3S7) [1606] school support er
(J8DPS000) [1607] Yeah yeah yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1608] people
(J8DPS000) [1609] I can't remember where they are but they
(J8DPS001) [1610] I never re realised we're doing a module in the eighth year was environment, I always thought it was always the ninth year?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1611] Mhm.
(J8DPS001) [1612] Is this new
(J8DPS000) [...]
(J8DPS001) [1613] new or was it the last year?
(J8DPS000) [1614] No, no I'm su , well this this work is all from Christine !
[1615] That's all Christine 's work as well, who went o
(J8DPS004) [1616] That's two years ago!
(J8DPS000) [1617] two years ago now mind!
Rod (PS3S7) [1618] Mm , you see that's why we're sharing it!
(J8DPS003) [1619] We didn't we didn't
(J8DPS000) [1620] Er
(J8DPS003) [1621] do environment last year because we were into ... [...] .
(J8DPS000) [1622] Ah wa well ... you see, now what I've done here is
(J8DPS001) [1623] [...] isn't it?
(J8DPS000) [1624] Well the environment bit there ... erm ... but I've missed out readathon
(J8DPS001) [1625] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1626] Right.
(J8DPS001) [1627] That that we did
(J8DPS000) [1628] So that's why I've had to fit in.
Rod (PS3S7) [1629] Well
(J8DPS001) [1630] that we did [...]
(J8DPS000) [1631] this ... I haven't
Rod (PS3S7) [1632] That's right.
(J8DPS000) [1633] bothered with the readathon, but then
(J8DPS001) [1634] The whole readathon.
(J8DPS000) [1635] again, you know ... er ... but that's the environment.
[1636] Then it comes up to erm ... the twelfth of May
(J8DPS002) [1637] Sorry, when was that environment, from where from
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1638] On
(J8DPS000) [1639] That's from
(J8DPS002) [1640] week twenty two
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
(J8DPS000) [1641] that's week, that's the third of the third
Rod (PS3S7) [1642] Second half term.
(J8DPS000) [1643] Second half term.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1644] Right, cos so it's that
(J8DPS002) [1645] Only, so it's one, two, three, four, five weeks?
(J8DPS000) [1646] Five, yeah and then I sort of could extend it
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1647] [...] in English
(J8DPS000) [1648] alright, into the summer term but if necessary, but I think it will be five from what I can gather.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
(J8DPS002) [1649] Yeah.
(J8DPS000) [1650] Then ... obviously it's statements to parents and depending on what happens there because the parent's evening and I've put
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
(J8DPS000) [1651] down here the fir , eighth year parents into the sixth of July ... and judging, working back from weeks that we'll need ... to collect information it could bring you right back into the twelfth
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1652] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [1653] of May, so we'll need one, two
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1654] Mhm.
(J8DPS000) [1655] three
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1656] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [1657] four, five, at least six weeks to do that ... then after that I've [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1658] I I've assumed that we'll be doing a review and I think
(J8DPS000) [1659] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1660] looking at it I've allowed ... one, two, three, four tutorial weeks
(J8DPS000) [1661] That's right.
Rod (PS3S7) [1662] for collation
(J8DPS000) [1663] That's right.
Rod (PS3S7) [1664] so prior, prior to that the deadline will probably be for
(J8DPS000) [1665] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1666] half term for subject specifics or
(J8DPS000) [1667] That's right.
Rod (PS3S7) [1668] immediately
(J8DPS000) [1669] That's right.
Rod (PS3S7) [1670] after half term.
(J8DPS000) [1671] That's right.
[1672] I've ... these are just ideas.
[1673] I mean I'll give one of these to each of my form teachers so they know, they're gonna write in bits and pieces whatever they want to know.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1674] Actually Terry , do you have a blank sheet with just the dates?
(J8DPS000) [1675] No I haven't.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1676] No, you've actually got
(J8DPS000) [1677] No , I ju I did
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1678] Aha.
(J8DPS000) [1679] actually ... I did after.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1680] Cos that, I mean that's the sort of thing which ... we get over the problem
(J8DPS001) [1681] Yes.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1682] that ... you worrying about ... and it me means a bit more work for us
(J8DPS000) [1683] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1684] but if we actually said blow by blow what you're supposed
(J8DPS000) [1685] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1686] to be doing.
(J8DPS000) [1687] I'm also putting on here
(J8DPS001) [1688] I think so.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1689] If that's an idea.
(J8DPS000) [1690] all the planning facilities
Rod (PS3S7) [1691] could right
(J8DPS000) [1692] as well.
(J8DPS003) [1693] Well but that's why I like this one, you know the one that you did?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1694] Mm mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1695] The master ones.
(J8DPS003) [1696] I I work from that and give out to form.
(J8DPS000) [1697] Mhm.
(J8DPS003) [1698] I still like that one, I know it's a smaller
(J8DPS000) [1699] Yeah.
(J8DPS003) [1700] thing, it's an
(J8DPS000) [1701] Yeah.
(J8DPS003) [1702] A four
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1703] I like it.
(J8DPS002) [1704] I like
Rod (PS3S7) [1705] But
(J8DPS002) [1706] Terry's because you can write everything on it.
Rod (PS3S7) [1707] you can wri , they can write on it, I can
(J8DPS003) [1708] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1709] see why.
[1710] Can I, could I say to you that I think that would be a good thing to do Terry.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1711] That's a super idea!
(J8DPS000) [1712] Well I can do another one if you want.
[1713] I mean do another one.
Rod (PS3S7) [1714] But could I suggest
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1715] A blank.
Rod (PS3S7) [1716] you do a blank Terry?
(J8DPS000) [1717] Yeah, I'll do a blank
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1718] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [1719] one yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1720] And ... er, what I also like about it is,a as Sandra's just said and you've just said you put in things like
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1721] Parents.
Rod (PS3S7) [1722] important dates
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1723] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1724] that are agreed
(J8DPS004) [1725] I've put the planning things in instead of what the, what it's gonna be
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1726] Yeah.
(J8DPS004) [1727] for the [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1728] I think that's a damn good idea!
(J8DPS004) [1729] Now just a thought that I did.
Rod (PS3S7) [1730] No I think that's excellent!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1731] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1732] If you did a blank that would be a value Dave.
(J8DPS004) [1733] Right, I'll do that.
[1734] Alright.
Rod (PS3S7) [1735] Mm?
(J8DPS000) [1736] And the last three weeks I've put on road safety ... because I know there's a lot of road safety stuff
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1737] Oh yeah!
(J8DPS000) [1738] and read up to the summer
Rod (PS3S7) [1739] Okay.
(J8DPS000) [1740] holidays when they're gonna be on holiday, so I thought well that'll be
(J8DPS001) [1741] Yeah.
(J8DPS000) [1742] and that could be the er ... the [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1743] Yes that
(J8DPS000) [1744] and the things you've got plenty on, and plus
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1745] Right.
(J8DPS000) [1746] the things that are in
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1747] The class file.
Rod (PS3S7) [1748] You see the the the other thing there is ... when you're actually doing reviewing and stuff yo yo you you do ... I know review er profiling
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1749] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [1750] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1751] cos that's the process, it still is the
(J8DPS000) [1752] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1753] process in there ... but you actually could do with something that youngsters ... wo work sheets, word quizzes whatever
(J8DPS000) [1754] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1755] perhaps on a theme that they can get on with ... while
(J8DPS000) [1756] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1757] form tutors are talking
(J8DPS000) [1758] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1759] to individuals
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1760] If they want to.
Rod (PS3S7) [1761] or when form tutors need
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1762] Ah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1763] some support, you're going in or ... you're using one of the policy
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1764] Right.
Rod (PS3S7) [1765] group to go in and to spell them so they can talk to individual kids.
(J8DPS003) [1766] Well you see what we're do , what we did last year ... was that there
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1767] Sorry!
(J8DPS003) [1768] was erm ... Terry [...] ... and supposedly Bill and supposedly ... Colin, or between were, were looking after
(J8DPS002) [...]
(J8DPS003) [1769] the rest of the year
(J8DPS004) [1770] That's right.
(J8DPS003) [1771] groups
(J8DPS000) [1772] He's never done it before.
(J8DPS003) [1773] while ... we had er er
(J8DPS000) [1774] Aye?
(J8DPS003) [1775] maybe half a dozen kids
(J8DPS004) [...]
(J8DPS000) [...]
(J8DPS003) [1776] it worked out that Terry actually was looking after year seven and year eight while all the tutors
(J8DPS000) [1777] That was year
(J8DPS003) [1778] had
(J8DPS000) [1779] eight [...] .
(J8DPS003) [1780] erm ... maybe half a dozen kids ... doing the written work ... talking individually to the member of staff, so you didn't have twenty odd kids all in
(J8DPS001) [1781] Talking
(J8DPS003) [1782] All at the same time, all
(J8DPS001) [1783] Mm.
(J8DPS003) [1784] talking, all messing each other bits up, you had about six spread round your room ... for that time, and it was so good and we got through it so quick, there were so few mistakes ... because you only ever had ... six maximum kids in your room at once at that was only because Terry ... offered to put on a video ... an and
Rod (PS3S7) [1785] Occupy.
(J8DPS003) [1786] occupy the rest of your class
(J8DPS000) [1787] Yeah.
(J8DPS003) [1788] while you got on with
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1789] Mm.
(J8DPS003) [1790] the nitty gritty and it really
(J8DPS000) [1791] And the form teacher actually said who they
(J8DPS003) [1792] works!
(J8DPS000) [1793] wanted next [...] .
Rod (PS3S7) [1794] Right, but perhaps what we should do now is ... in-bill that ... get your policy group member to agree it, even line your video up ... and so they are committed and you put it on paper so all the form tutors see that
(J8DPS000) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1795] and the head or whoever it is is committed at that time to be taking the rest of the year so they can profile.
(J8DPS000) [1796] [...] [...] comments fair that he did, he did come in twice and se the third time he said I'm sorry I had to.
(J8DPS004) [1797] I'm sure he did!
Rod (PS3S7) [1798] You know and
(J8DPS004) [1799] but nobody else knows.
Rod (PS3S7) [1800] the situation is slightly different now ... there are other tutors available ... and I'm available.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1801] Yeah.
(J8DPS001) [1802] And I, and I mean ... it'll be Terry and I ... available at the time cos I
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1803] That's good!
(J8DPS001) [1804] I would hire the form you see
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1805] And they're talking
(J8DPS000) [1806] That's right [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
(J8DPS001) [1807] and Catherine had form
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1808] [...] Christmas party
Rod (PS3S7) [1809] Mm.
(J8DPS001) [1810] you know, so we were unable to help Terry out
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1811] Might even get afoot.
(J8DPS001) [1812] erm, and that's why Colin would
(J8DPS000) [1813] Don't need a [...] not really any good.
(J8DPS001) [1814] and he did say they would have helped Terry if he didn't have all of
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1815] He'd got [...] , yeah.
(J8DPS000) [1816] Yeah but that's not
(J8DPS001) [1817] the rest of year seven and year eight
(J8DPS000) [1818] [...] start doing as well
(J8DPS001) [1819] but in practice that's
(J8DPS000) [...]
(J8DPS001) [1820] not what happened.
(J8DPS000) [1821] What you do and what I do are different.
(J8DPS001) [1822] But in reality that's what was planned.
(J8DPS004) [1823] Well that's right.
(J8DPS001) [1824] And a ... from a form teacher's point of view
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1825] Have you got your [...] ?
(J8DPS001) [1826] it was [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1827] Well I know, I know you sometimes feel you don't have clout , if it's not happening you gotta come to
(J8DPS000) [1828] Yes.
Rod (PS3S7) [1829] to me and say look I agreed and I will say to the other forms that they've go , they've all got
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1830] a re a responsibility!
(J8DPS001) [1831] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1832] And
(J8DPS001) [1833] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1834] I know it's not easy.
(J8DPS001) [1835] Cos it worked didn't it?
(J8DPS000) [1836] Oh it worked!
(J8DPS001) [1837] From from our points.
(J8DPS004) [1838] Did you not talk ... the back of my mind about change to the report system?
[1839] Because it's becoming ... unmanageable ... too much paper
Rod (PS3S7) [1840] Mhm.
(J8DPS004) [1841] Is it still gonna be the same
Rod (PS3S7) [1842] No.
(J8DPS004) [1843] layout?
(J8DPS004) [1844] Just [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1845] Well whatever system we have ... we still need time
(J8DPS001) [1846] We'll need time
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1847] to put it together.
(J8DPS000) [1848] Time [...] .
Rod (PS3S7) [1849] You will still need ti
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1850] But we're still gonna have pupil erm ... input
Rod (PS3S7) [1851] I do I
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1852] aren't we?
Rod (PS3S7) [1853] What time do we finish here?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1854] Five o'clock.
(J8DPS004) [1855] Half past five.
(J8DPS000) [1856] Five thirty.
Rod (PS3S7) [1857] Ah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1858] Well we'll finish at six, are you buying the round?
Rod (PS3S7) [1859] Do you mind going on a
(J8DPS000) [1860] I'm booked fo
Rod (PS3S7) [1861] little bit more?
[1862] Are you booked?
(J8DPS000) [1863] No, I'm booked for a game of croquet at half past five!
(J8DPS004) [1864] Pardon?
Rod (PS3S7) [1865] Aye, I'm sorry, listen you're here to damn well work you're not going off to enjoy
(J8DPS000) [1866] But I'm working!
Rod (PS3S7) [1867] yourself lad!
(J8DPS000) [1868] Aren't we booked for a game of croquet?
(J8DPS004) [1869] No.
(J8DPS000) [1870] I didn't [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1871] Ah beautiful!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [laugh]
Rod (PS3S7) [1872] Can I just say, very, very quickly ... report system as it stands at the moment
(J8DPS000) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [1873] I think ... it will be, there will now, we will go back to a subject specific report ... because we we're obliged to have national curriculum details
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1874] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1875] which will cu that, and they will all go home ... that the format has been basically agreed.
[1876] But we will in a spirit of recording achievement have ... a form tutor sheet if you like.
[1877] We will need,we we'll have to work on this which will involve the philosophy of having ... er ... perhaps a joint statement and perhaps on putting a short personal statement in.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1878] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1879] So we've actually ... moved the process towards ... the the complete er, record of achievement process.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1880] We which I would hope when ... [...] ... will itemise the qualities and strengths of the child that you want to cover, like when we do personal statements or joint statements in the tenth and eleventh year ... that if ... the form teacher just can't write ... well Fred's worked very well, he's done extremely well in English ... we'll actually start to talk about him as an individual and his strengths and weaknesses.
(J8DPS001) [1881] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1882] Well we now have
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1883] But
Rod (PS3S7) [1884] we should have a core a of people who've handled records of achievement and done records of achievement ... and they should ... you know not everybody has but we should [...] what staff are capable of in terms of doing this has has has moved dramatic ... and there's some still who struggle but everybody's getting more and
(J8DPS001) [1885] Bit of that that we do in year ten eleven ... can that be transferred down the line ... so that there's a similar type of thing
Rod (PS3S7) [1886] Oh yes!
(J8DPS001) [1887] that's being done ... using
Rod (PS3S7) [1888] Yes.
(J8DPS001) [1889] similar word ... tes , you know, not testing erm ... er, commenting on ... similar skills etcetera?
Rod (PS3S7) [1890] Yes.
[1891] Yes.
[1892] Yes.
[1893] We spent a lot of time talking about general skill and abi , everybody will still comment on general skills
(J8DPS001) [1894] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1895] and ability.
(J8DPS001) [1896] Right.
Rod (PS3S7) [1897] But it will be on a ten point scale and it'll be ticky box, ten points
(J8DPS001) [1898] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1899] cos it refers back to national curriculum.
(J8DPS001) [1900] Mhm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1901] Okay so ... er ... four, five and six are ... average and
(J8DPS001) [1902] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1903] up to nine and ten
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1904] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1905] if anybody gets, and the criteria also
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1906] Right.
Rod (PS3S7) [1907] and the general skills and ability.
[1908] You'll be able to, there will be a form ... they'll be a subject tutor comment and then there's leeway within subject areas ... for ... the child to write a couple of sentences ... their
(J8DPS001) [1909] Mhm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1910] own comment ... for it to be a negotiated comment, and I've left this to departments cos
(J8DPS001) [1911] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1912] they need to, or ... can't remember third one ... it doesn't matter.
(J8DPS001) [1913] Mhm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1914] Teacher, the for , the teacher must comment
(J8DPS001) [1915] Mhm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1916] there is then a choice
(J8DPS001) [1917] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1918] within the department, you don't have to, I would hope everybody could
(J8DPS001) [1919] Yeah
Rod (PS3S7) [1920] would cos that's an
(J8DPS001) [1921] it's just
Rod (PS3S7) [1922] accommodative ... recording achievement, not failure
(J8DPS001) [1923] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1924] recording achievement.
(J8DPS001) [1925] I jus , I think that it is good to actually pin point ... you know, the various things that we are definitely moving
Rod (PS3S7) [1926] Yeah ... yeah.
(J8DPS001) [1927] and what we think is actually erm
Rod (PS3S7) [1928] I mean it whatever
(J8DPS001) [1929] important in
Rod (PS3S7) [1930] That's right!
(J8DPS001) [1931] ju er er ... making a judgement about that individual
Rod (PS3S7) [1932] Well I, that's right
(J8DPS001) [1933] you know.
Rod (PS3S7) [1934] I mean it may well be we'll say in year seven, look the things we're looking for here and I want everybody to comment on is, A ... er, how well they've settled down er ... how well they're getting on with others ... but there's no reason why you can't make those decisions.
(J8DPS001) [1935] Yeah ... that's right.
Rod (PS3S7) [1936] You know or
(J8DPS001) [1937] and things like, yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1938] do you know what I mean?
[1939] Cos it'll change from seven to eight
(J8DPS001) [1940] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1941] and nine cos they expectation's
(J8DPS004) [1942] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [1943] different isn't
(J8DPS001) [1944] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1945] it?
(J8DPS004) [1946] Yep.
(J8DPS001) [1947] But I mean if, if for example we work on punctuality
Rod (PS3S7) [1948] Absolutely!
(J8DPS001) [1949] then then then things like
Rod (PS3S7) [1950] The basic philosophy
(J8DPS001) [1951] that
Rod (PS3S7) [1952] That's right!
(J8DPS001) [1953] whatever we've been working on then, yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1954] are reinforced all the way up the school.
(J8DPS001) [1955] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1956] Yep.
(J8DPS004) [1957] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [1958] How we doing?
[1959] Terry?
(J8DPS000) [1960] Right ... well that was it, that [...]
(J8DPS001) [1961] And you end up with loads of paper.
(J8DPS000) [1962] the last three weeks was the road safety one which I thought was
(J8DPS001) [1963] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [1964] was useful and that's [...]
(J8DPS001) [1965] Which actually is something I was thinking about doing with year seven but I mean as it's ... it's it's
(J8DPS000) [1966] Well
(J8DPS001) [1967] far enough away in the distance ... to to to think about something else.
Rod (PS3S7) [1968] But there is no reason why ... you can't alter the slant on it
(J8DPS000) [1969] No, it's [...] .
Rod (PS3S7) [1970] Erm
(J8DPS001) [1971] It's, yeah
(J8DPS000) [1972] Well you said
Rod (PS3S7) [1973] You know you might do road safety with a ... with an angle on, I dunno
(J8DPS001) [1974] Mm.
(J8DPS004) [1975] Well go onto ... railway safety, you could ro road safety [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
(J8DPS001) [1976] Well ... well it's us, I mean it's ... espec I mean er, over the holidays I heard er ... a thing on Radio Newcastle about how the metro
(J8DPS002) [1977] Mm.
(J8DPS001) [1978] has got a special thing where they will come and
(J8DPS004) [1979] Yeah.
(J8DPS001) [1980] do all these, they will take
(J8DPS004) [1981] [...] have them.
(J8DPS001) [1982] the kids onto the metro well
(J8DPS004) [...]
(J8DPS003) [laugh]
(J8DPS001) [1983] for nor for North Shields and that, that they would er
Rod (PS3S7) [1984] We had that little woman in cor she
(J8DPS001) [1985] cos
Rod (PS3S7) [1986] bored the pants off them!
[1987] Ooh sorry!
[1988] She didn't half tire them out!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [laugh]
(J8DPS001) [1989] Anyway
Rod (PS3S7) [1990] I'm tal I'm talking four or five years ago, she was desperate!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [1991] Well there you are.
Rod (PS3S7) [1992] Ah ma na !
(J8DPS003) [1993] The guy the train driver was better, when he got up to, he was brilliant
(J8DPS000) [1994] Yeah, oh the train driver was good yes.
(J8DPS003) [1995] with them!
(J8DPS001) [1996] Well the thing is you see I think ... wha from what I've ... gathered on from the radio programme is that the actual erm ... the attitude of the kids to the metro ... had got so ... much worse that they're having ... to do something about it
Rod (PS3S7) [1997] Mm.
(J8DPS001) [1998] and they're having, and
(J8DPS003) [1999] Especially the [...] , yeah.
(J8DPS001) [2000] they've got ... but they've got
(J8DPS004) [2001] Yes.
(J8DPS001) [2002] this particular video apparently
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2003] Yeah?
(J8DPS001) [2004] which is really, you know?
(J8DPS003) [2005] Terrific isn't it
Rod (PS3S7) [2006] Mm.
(J8DPS003) [2007] yes!
(J8DPS001) [2008] Really gory!
(J8DPS003) [2009] Yes, yeah it is, we've seen it, yeah.
(J8DPS001) [2010] and what have you, and it shows you what happens if you use that you get ... knocked
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2011] Mhm.
(J8DPS001) [2012] over by a metro train at various er
(J8DPS003) [2013] Or electrocuted.
[2014] Mhm
(J8DPS001) [2015] erm ... speeds etcetera.
Rod (PS3S7) [2016] Mm.
[2017] Christ!
(J8DPS001) [2018] And erm
(J8DPS003) [2019] [...] I, I'd be sick
(J8DPS001) [2020] and you know
(J8DPS003) [2021] I couldn't watch that!
(J8DPS004) [2022] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [2023] Mm.
(J8DPS001) [2024] so
Rod (PS3S7) [2025] But what I was gonna say if you can ... might well be Terry
(J8DPS000) [2026] Wou
Rod (PS3S7) [2027] that work sheets for three weeks to sit alongside yo your road safety thing.
(J8DPS000) [2028] Oh yes!
[2029] Well I [...] .
Rod (PS3S7) [2030] While people do I dunno I'm just offering that as a suggestion.
(J8DPS000) [2031] Yeah, there's a package there about road safety
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2032] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [2033] and a video [...] .
Rod (PS3S7) [2034] Right Marian?
(J8DPS002) [2035] Right
Rod (PS3S7) [2036] You've ... Milvia's left you and awful time cos she talked for so long, you've got two and a half minutes.
(J8DPS002) [2037] Right well we, we we begin
(J8DPS001) [2038] [...] !
(J8DPS002) [2039] erm with just on our basic administration and what have you and doing
Rod (PS3S7) [2040] Right.
(J8DPS002) [2041] all the record cards etcetera.
[2042] And then we get into settling into school ... er, for the first part ... and looking at things about coming to a new school
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
(J8DPS002) [2043] school routine, school organisation
(J8DPS004) [whispering] [...] []
(J8DPS002) [2044] who are the important people ... around school and ... you know i ... putting names to faces
Rod (PS3S7) [2045] Care
(J8DPS002) [2046] things like that, caretaker
Rod (PS3S7) [2047] caretaker, Mrs
(J8DPS002) [2048] erm ... but the ... the main thing I'd like to start with ... erm ... as er in particular with emphasis on ... is homework ... because
Rod (PS3S7) [2049] Okay.
(J8DPS002) [2050] I think if you don't get their attitude
(J8DPS000) [2051] At the beginning.
(J8DPS002) [2052] to homework in year seven you haven't got a hope in hell
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2053] It's a [...] innit?
(J8DPS002) [2054] in the in the erm ... the new er the ... higher groups.
[2055] So what I would like to propose ... is that I do a homework timetable for year seven ... that that homework timetable goes round to all the departments ... and that we ask the department to ... stick to that timetable as far as they possibly can.
[2056] I would also like, and I know this is where I'll get problems ... I would ... if we are gonna try and get the kids into a routine over ... them doing their work ... I think the easiest routine ... for them to have is that you do you, you get, you have your lesson you do your homework that night ... and you hand it in the next day.
(J8DPS001) [2057] Mhm.
[2058] You mean instead of giving it erm
(J8DPS002) [2059] Instead of saying ... hand it in next lesson.
(J8DPS001) [2060] next lesson.
(J8DPS002) [2061] Because I don't think that, I mean, given last year's year seven they cannot cope with that!
(J8DPS001) [2062] [...] the pace, no.
[2063] It has to be done there then.
(J8DPS002) [2064] So I would like to propose that erm er ... that we ha have it in that i it comes in the next morning and that the four form teachers know ... that last night they have had ... languages and history homework.
[2065] And that they, two people, you know somebody every week will collect in all the languages books and take them along ... er, or the language homework and take them along to their language teacher ... and the other one will take the history le , homework and take them on to the history teacher, and then they go off to assembly ... alright?
[2066] It will take a matter of minutes once they get into a routine.
(J8DPS000) [2067] Don't usually have [...] .
(J8DPS002) [2068] And then it's up to you know th er it just makes it so much easier for the kids ... alright ... but it also is much easier for the form teacher ... to know who's not bringing in homework ... who's ... who's you know er erm ... and what have you, and I just feel that that ... helps the kids get into a routine and it will highlight immediately ... the work problem ... the kids who have got work problems ... or problems about where they're gonna have
Rod (PS3S7) [2069] Right.
(J8DPS002) [2070] having homework space at home ... and ... and things like that.
[2071] As, and if
Rod (PS3S7) [2072] But before you ... sorry, go on finish.
(J8DPS002) [2073] Sorry!
Rod (PS3S7) [2074] No finish.
(J8DPS002) [2075] But I mean would ... that is the the the sort of the thing I would like to put an em ... emphasis on ... in the first half of ... the term.
(J8DPS000) [2076] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [2077] Right.
(J8DPS002) [2078] And there's
(J8DPS000) [2079] No chance!
(J8DPS002) [2080] I mean there's all sorts of things wi ... in these ... er books ... erm the erm
(J8DPS000) [...]
(J8DPS002) [2081] are they settling in, there's also stuff in there ... and ... you know, getting to know the staff, getting to know your class school rules, coming to school prepared ... what it's like on your first day ... er, their first week, what you were worried about when you first came and ... coming to scho , fears and realities and all
Rod (PS3S7) [2082] Mm.
(J8DPS002) [2083] this sort of stuff.
Rod (PS3S7) [2084] Can I just sa , I mean Colin used to do the homework timetable for every year, dish it out and everybody ignored it!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2085] Yeah.
(J8DPS002) [2086] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [2087] Wa
(J8DPS002) [2088] But
Rod (PS3S7) [2089] waste, waste of time!
[2090] I mean it was always there as a defence mechanism so you
(J8DPS002) [2091] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [2092] could say to a parent but look the timetable says
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2093] Yeah ... just something about it, it's not getting done
Rod (PS3S7) [2094] I
(J8DPS002) [2095] Well
Rod (PS3S7) [2096] what I would suggest is ... I mean I I I ... I'm not picking that one up quite frankly I suppose but er ... you know, people say it's well it's pupil management you possibly
(J8DPS002) [2097] Right.
Rod (PS3S7) [2098] should.
[2099] Erm ... because I think what you're doing's far more valuable, and I was going to say what you sho ... what you er er ... perhaps a way forward is ... to confirm with heads of departments that they will be giving homework
(J8DPS002) [2100] Yep.
[2101] I've actually ... I've written something somewhere
Rod (PS3S7) [2102] because one of the things that been discussed in C A C S is ... marking policies, homework policies
(J8DPS002) [2103] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [2104] as part of the overall ... er ... assessment reporting and recording
(J8DPS002) [2105] Mm
Rod (PS3S7) [2106] procedures, because they are important.
(J8DPS000) [2107] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [2108] Sandra?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2109] About the homework bit er ... I thought about it the other day and obviously ... mine wasn't brought up ... we're having a set detention night aren't we?
Rod (PS3S7) [2110] Tuesday nights.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2111] Yeah Tuesday.
(J8DPS000) [2112] Yeah Tuesday nights
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2113] Right
(J8DPS000) [2114] yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2115] can I suggest ... and I dunno, it might not work ... we have a lot of children who find it difficult ... to wo ... to work at home ... could we hold a detention in the resource centre for the hour ... so if other children want to use it, I don't know, is it open after school?
(J8DPS001) [2116] It it was
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2117] But then
(J8DPS004) [...]
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2118] we will be there
(J8DPS001) [2119] last term.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2120] so a child could work for an ... and do any work they want to in that hour so we're doing a dual role, we're holding a detention there
(J8DPS001) [2121] Mm.
(J8DPS004) [2122] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2123] and it's u , there for manning it
Rod (PS3S7) [2124] One of the problems is this thing about some are being punished and have to there
(J8DPS003) [2125] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [2126] and the others are doing voluntaril , doing it voluntarily
(J8DPS000) [2127] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [2128] and I I'm just bothered about
(J8DPS000) [2129] Yeah.
(J8DPS001) [2130] There's no differentiation between them.
Rod (PS3S7) [2131] That's right.
(J8DPS000) [2132] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2133] Could we put it
(J8DPS000) [2134] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2135] to the staff then that they volunteer one night and we do thir , and wa , you would come up once a week every thirty two weeks ... to man the library one night a week
(J8DPS000) [2136] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2137] er, to do homework?
[2138] Or do
(J8DPS000) [2139] I've worked
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2140] resource work?
(J8DPS000) [2141] Mm.
[2142] I've worked that process once or twice.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2143] Well you're only gonna do it once
(J8DPS000) [2144] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2145] in thirty two weeks.
Rod (PS3S7) [2146] But wha what about starting it out as a homework night for year seven and eight to start with?
(J8DPS004) [2147] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2148] Mm.
(J8DPS004) [2149] Yeah.
(J8DPS001) [2150] Are we talking about a night ... every night of the week or [...] ?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2151] No, no one
Rod (PS3S7) [2152] No, no, no one night a week.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2153] one night every week.
(J8DPS004) [2154] One night a week. [...]
(J8DPS000) [2155] What would be the mileage in ... I know, homework diaries?
[2156] Now at th the last school they had these and they were, they're buying from the school shop
(J8DPS001) [2157] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [2158] a lot of kids say to me ... have you got your homework?
[2159] Oh I didn't write it down!
[2160] If
(J8DPS001) [2161] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [2162] you've got proof, and I used to check it as a form teacher ... every, at the end of every week ... tick it and sign it ... I I only had about what, twenty in the class ... used to, every end of every week check and see they're writing their homework down and if any problems came of it ... hadn't written it down they were in trouble!
(J8DPS001) [2163] But the kids bought them themselves those?
(J8DPS000) [2164] They brought, either bought them themselves or bought them posed to beworking with me ... cos I want to do something on diaries ... they've got weekly diary, little
(J8DPS001) [2165] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [2166] little booklets so you
Rod (PS3S7) [2167] Weekly?
(J8DPS000) [2168] write them
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2169] Yeah, we had them.
(J8DPS000) [2170] Oh we have do we?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2171] We had them.
(J8DPS004) [2172] But we we we
(J8DPS000) [2173] We had them?
(J8DPS004) [2174] We used to just
Rod (PS3S7) [2175] Mm.
(J8DPS004) [2176] hand out little ... blue jotters as well.
(J8DPS000) [2177] Ah no we
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2178] Yeah, those
(J8DPS000) [2179] used to, yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2180] little pa those little books.
(J8DPS000) [2181] for anything , I mean not just
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2182] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [2183] for homework though [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [2184] You can actually now ... I'm sure som so somebody must have the skills ... on an A five sheet to have it halved with a an internal diary ... er ... three of those you're [...] , it's cost you the ... five bits of paper and two staples!
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2185] And they, [...] lose them quickly ... mm.
(J8DPS000) [2186] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [2187] But they changed over quickly cos what kids get bored with is if they've got
(J8DPS000) [2188] Mm.
Rod (PS3S7) [2189] a book that's lasting them a term ... and they start getting trouble and he gets ... you know messed about
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [2190] the the the the they've got this book and it ... it reinforces the failure.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2191] What we , well you might want to think of is
Rod (PS3S7) [2192] On a weekly one or fortnightly one I was
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2193] erm
Rod (PS3S7) [2194] gonna suggest.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2195] in technology we use a tracking sheet ... which is an A four sheet doubled over ... and it's got ... a er it ... the date beginning of the week and then it's, divide into the ... the lessons, there's just three boxes
(J8DPS000) [2196] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2197] that i ... when the child comes to you to si , you sign to show they're with you ... now, perhaps Cath could amend that ... so that you have it ... you've actually got the week but five slots for homework
(J8DPS000) [2198] Mm.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2199] on a monthly basis.
(J8DPS000) [2200] Mm.
[2201] I found the homework, homework diary was useful ... because I used to check in, end of every of week they used to know if it wasn't there I'd want to know why it wasn't done!
[2202] And the form teacher [...]
Rod (PS3S7) [2203] How what did you use then Terry?
[2204] Did you issue one of the ne little booklets?
(J8DPS000) [2205] [...] yes in little booklets but it was actually ... homework at, it was produced but for the school, had a school name and crest so
(J8DPS001) [2206] It's a half thing isn't it like that?
(J8DPS000) [2207] Well it's jus ... just a little booklet really
(J8DPS001) [2208] Mm mm.
(J8DPS000) [2209] that's all it was, like the old booklets and it used have ... week beginning ... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday all the way along and they used to write their homework in, what they had to do
Rod (PS3S7) [2210] See we we had them done
(J8DPS000) [2211] so it was written down.
Rod (PS3S7) [2212] didn't we?
[2213] But, that red fronted one.
(J8DPS000) [2214] I'm sure you had one.
(J8DPS001) [2215] Yeah.
(J8DPS000) [2216] Yeah.
(J8DPS001) [2217] Sixty quid they cost us!
Rod (PS3S7) [2218] Cost a
(J8DPS004) [2219] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [2220] lot of money!
(J8DPS004) [2221] That's a lot of money.
Rod (PS3S7) [2222] We tried it for a whole year.
(J8DPS001) [2223] But if the kids
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2224] Mm.
(J8DPS001) [2225] But if the kids are gonna buy them
(J8DPS000) [2226] They used to buy these.
(J8DPS004) [2227] But you can't make
(J8DPS001) [...]
(J8DPS004) [2228] them buy it!
(J8DPS001) [2229] No ... they're about
(J8DPS000) [2230] No you can't make them buy them, no.
(J8DPS001) [2231] I think we had them in our last and the they cost about fifty pence each.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2232] Mhm.
(J8DPS004) [2233] Mm.
(J8DPS001) [2234] And I mean the kids ... the kids that we yo yo ... some kids er, I mean they were just beautiful and other kids lost them within a couple of days!
(J8DPS000) [2235] Yeah, well I know.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2236] I can supply you free of charge with the blue one ... if you wish then ... or we could think about it.
(J8DPS004) [2237] Or if it's worth pile it in and [...] .
Rod (PS3S7) [2238] See I ... I I think part of it
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2239] What, [...] ?
Rod (PS3S7) [2240] is getting them into the habit ... isn't it?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2241] Yeah.
(J8DPS004) [2242] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [2243] And saying, right we'll do them
(J8DPS002) [2244] If they have to.
Rod (PS3S7) [2245] for the first half term
(J8DPS004) [2246] Mhm.
Rod (PS3S7) [2247] the trouble is if you stop some then think that it's not as important.
(J8DPS004) [2248] Not in , not
(J8DPS001) [2249] No.
(J8DPS004) [2250] important.
(J8DPS001) [2251] No.
Rod (PS3S7) [2252] But you have to be careful that by doing something like that you're not making life ... completely onerous
(J8DPS002) [2253] Aha.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2254] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [2255] for everybody.
(J8DPS004) [2256] Yeah.
(J8DPS002) [2257] I mean, to be honest ... I was, I'm not so so
(J8DPS004) [2258] aye?
(J8DPS002) [2259] so bothered about the diary as as ... actually trying to get
(J8DPS000) [2260] That [...] about the first weekend.
(J8DPS004) [2261] The homework in.
(J8DPS002) [2262] the homework
(J8DPS000) [2263] Mm.
(J8DPS002) [2264] in and the
(J8DPS004) [2265] Mm.
(J8DPS002) [2266] organisation
Rod (PS3S7) [2267] I think that would be better
(J8DPS002) [2268] cos for some of the kids
(J8DPS004) [2269] [...] ... yeah.
(J8DPS002) [2270] it's just another book to lose where, I mean
(J8DPS004) [2271] That's right.
(J8DPS002) [2272] personally do is as a mo er er for my kids that I teach is they write their homework in the back of their exercise book ... so their homework diary is the back ... you know
Rod (PS3S7) [2273] Mhm.
(J8DPS002) [2274] page of their exercise book
(J8DPS004) [2275] Yeah, aye we do that as well, well I do it anyway.
(J8DPS002) [2276] erm so therefore ... as long as they take their history
(J8DPS000) [2277] Mm.
(J8DPS002) [2278] book home ... they've got written in the back of the book what
(J8DPS001) [2279] What it is.
(J8DPS002) [2280] they're supposed to be
(J8DPS004) [2281] What it is
(J8DPS002) [2282] doing.
(J8DPS004) [2283] Yeah.
(J8DPS002) [2284] Erm ... what I ... what I'd like to, I mean I've written out in rough you know, what I'd like to send out to departments with ... the the the homework timetable ... and it's just, you know I I'm trying to say to the members of staff I don't wanna interfere with the way that they organise their departments or their classrooms ... but ... I want to propose, you know that things like ... all seventh year classes should have one homework per subject per week.
Rod (PS3S7) [2285] Mhm.
[2286] Good!
(J8DPS002) [2287] That homework should last approximately half an hour or whatever it consists of, erm ... reading, written work, finishing off drawing research whatever ... that homework should be handed in the next day, form teachers to remind classes of this and to co-ordinate delivery of the books, papers etcetera to the member of teaching staff ... and that the non production of homework is to be the concern of the member of ... of teaching staff and not the form teacher, although regular non producers will be the concern of us all.
[2288] And just that the proposals ... if you want to opt out of the homework timetable then ... they can but ... they've gotta let
Rod (PS3S7) [2289] Well would you
(J8DPS002) [2290] me know.
Rod (PS3S7) [2291] Would you like me to mention it at briefing on Monday?
(J8DPS001) [2292] Mm.
(J8DPS002) [2293] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2294] Can I
Rod (PS3S7) [2295] Then the heads of departments that you're going to
(J8DPS002) [2296] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [2297] communicate with heads of department
(J8DPS002) [2298] Yes please.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2299] Can I make a point?
Rod (PS3S7) [2300] and er then ... leave it with you
(J8DPS002) [2301] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [2302] to
(J8DPS002) [2303] That ... you know that is actually something ... personally, I mean ... you know if you take it back to the conversation we had this morning ... with ... what we do what what the eleventh year are ending up with
(J8DPS001) [2304] Mm.
(J8DPS002) [2305] I just feel that ... you know, if you if in the seventh year ... they get the opinion ... that ... you work in school and you do nowt out of school ... come ninth year, tenth year, eleventh year ... you ain't gonna change it!
Rod (PS3S7) [2306] Right.
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2307] Can I make
(J8DPS000) [2308] You also find Marian that ... we were talking about that this morning as well we cannot cover the national curriculum without more ... homework
(J8DPS002) [2309] Yeah.
(J8DPS000) [2310] and the first [...]
(J8DPS002) [2311] So will this, will this
(J8DPS000) [2312] will they do it?
(J8DPS002) [2313] Yeah but will this proposal
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2314] They have to.
(J8DPS002) [2315] of getting i ... the some sort of a working a relationship a at a more detailed ... where in between, we're between the staff ... the teaching staff and the tutor, the form tutors ... help the teaching staff, especially and say in your department where you you're gonna have to give them more homework.
(J8DPS000) [2316] I would have to say on a personal point of view, no ... cos I will deal quite
(J8DPS002) [2317] Mhm.
(J8DPS000) [2318] severely with people who don't hand homework into me and it's
(J8DPS002) [2319] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [2320] the first thing that I do at the beginning of the lesson is one sec
(J8DPS002) [2321] Right.
(J8DPS000) [2322] right I want to see the homework, those that haven't got it etcetera.
(J8DPS002) [2323] Yeah, but will it
(J8DPS000) [2324] But you have to agree, I mean
(J8DPS002) [2325] But will it help the members, will, but will help the child ... if there's a co-ordination between
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2326] Aha.
(J8DPS002) [2327] the member
(J8DPS000) [2328] Yeah.
(J8DPS002) [2329] of staff
(J8DPS000) [2330] Well there's no argument
(J8DPS002) [2331] and the tutor?
(J8DPS000) [2332] is there.
[2333] Course you got [...] .
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2334] Aha.
(J8DPS002) [2335] Yeah.
Rod (PS3S7) [2336] Mm.
(J8DPS000) [2337] But I'm ... as long as you're careful I mean some people
(J8DPS002) [2338] I think if you [...] the next morning ... this business
(J8DPS001) [2339] Good!
(J8DPS002) [2340] would you
Rod (PS3S7) [...]
(J8DPS002) [2341] agree to it being handed in the next day as opposed to the next lesson?
(J8DPS000) [2342] Well I'll, this is where I'm gonna hit you right in the head, no, I have it the next le , I'll have it in the lesson.
(J8DPS001) [2343] Why?
(J8DPS000) [2344] Why?
[2345] Because if I've, if it's handed into me, period one and I've got them period four ... I'm not gonna mark it ... I'm never gonna get round to marking it!
[2346] And I'm gonna hand the books back out
(J8DPS004) [...]
(J8DPS000) [2347] then I'm gonna have to take them back in again!
(J8DPS001) [2348] Well isn't that normal, or where do they normally put their books?
(J8DPS000) [2349] They give it to me at the end of the lesson.
(J8DPS001) [2350] Is that every le , I'm not talking about homework, I'm talking about every lesson that you have as science ... where do they keep their books?
[2351] Their exercise books?
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2352] You keep them.
(J8DPS000) [2353] Well frankly half of them don't have exercise books.
(J8DPS004) [2354] Well she's [...] .
Unknown speaker (J8DPSUNK) [2355] They've got booklets.
(J8DPS000) [2356] We have booklets, we have all sorts of things
(J8DPS002) [2357] Yeah, right, but ... but
(J8DPS000) [2358] But if I'm ... if kids are giving me work ... first thing in the morning ... and I've got them in the afternoon ... they're gonna expect it to be marked!