BNC Text J92

University of York Student Union Entertainments Committee meeting. Sample containing about 7458 words speech recorded in business context

11 speakers recorded by respondent number C488

PS3ST X m (Thomas, age unknown, student) unspecified
PS3SU X m (Andy, age unknown, student) unspecified
PS3SV X m (Dave, age unknown, student) unspecified
PS3SW Ag1 m (Pete, age 23, student) unspecified
PS3SX X m (No name, age unknown, student) unspecified
PS3SY X m (John, age unknown, student) unspecified
PS3T0 Ag1 f (Becky, age 19, student) unspecified
PS3T1 Ag1 m (Chris, age 19, student) unspecified
PS3T2 X m (No name, age unknown, student) unspecified
J92PSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
J92PSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

1 recordings

  1. Tape 089101 recorded on 1993-03-10. LocationNorth Yorkshire: York ( meeting room ) Activity: entertainments committee meeting

Undivided text

Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [cough] ...
Thomas (PS3ST) [1] Sounds of the seventies
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [2] Bit depleted today.
Thomas (PS3ST) [3] Alright, it's alright
Dave (PS3SV) [4] Hey
Thomas (PS3ST) [5] th they'll be here.
Dave (PS3SV) [6] top minutes you got there Peter.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [7] Th they're blacker than black I had a lot of trouble with the photocopier, right.
Andy (PS3SU) [8] That's, that's like the Spinal Tap album.
[9] ... The, the black on black album.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [10] You want to see the agenda?
(PS3SX) [11] We can I well I
Dave (PS3SV) [12] The agenda's even better.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [13] I wrote it on orange paper in blue ink and it all went horribly wrong when I photocopied it so I've put ... an agenda on there right.
John (PS3SY) [14] Becky do you mind being taped?
Pete (PS3SW) [15] We can't have
Becky (PS3T0) [16] Mm?
Pete (PS3SW) [17] any matters arising from minutes.
John (PS3SY) [18] [...] being taped?
Becky (PS3T0) [19] Do I mind being taped? [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [20] No we can't have any that's like readable.
Becky (PS3T0) [21] That's alright, it's all [...] anyway.
Pete (PS3SW) [22] Well, near enough.
Thomas (PS3ST) [23] [...] resemble him.
John (PS3SY) [24] [...] man
Pete (PS3SW) [25] Right.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [26] Right.
Pete (PS3SW) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [27] Good.
Andy (PS3SU) [28] I'll never be mistaken for him in the street then.
Thomas (PS3ST) [29] Possibly.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [30] Yes.
John (PS3SY) [31] We're being recorded
Pete (PS3SW) [32] Be excited.
Becky (PS3T0) [laugh]
Dave (PS3SV) [33] She's very excited.
Becky (PS3T0) [34] No, no I'm [...] ...
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [35] Are you coming to one seat Tom?
Pete (PS3SW) [36] Right.
Thomas (PS3ST) [37] Probably easier to write who's not here.
Pete (PS3SW) [38] Right just.
[39] The there's two lists going round, right.
[40] One of them's just th the attendance list.
[41] And one of them is cos the gentleman who's taping the meeting would like a sort of signature for the people's consent to tape it. [chair scrapes, making strange noise]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [42] Oh God.
Pete (PS3SW) [43] So like
Becky (PS3T0) [44] I don't [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [45] ... and he's interested in sort of accents and, well piss off then.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Andy (PS3SU) [46] What are they like?
Becky (PS3T0) [47] [...] ?
Pete (PS3SW) [48] Could you all sort of pass that round [...] .
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [49] [...] over there er
John (PS3SY) [50] You can just look at the periodic erm ...
Pete (PS3SW) [51] Right erm Andy.
Becky (PS3T0) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [52] Right.
[53] Er first,
Chris (PS3T1) [54] Put me down.
[55] Tom, put me down.
Thomas (PS3ST) [56] Yeah, well you have to sign it.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [57] You gotta sign it.
Pete (PS3SW) [58] You've got to actually sign it.
Chris (PS3T1) [59] Oh is that, that the one you've got to sign?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [60] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [61] Right.
[62] Er
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [63] Er this looks quite good.
Becky (PS3T0) [64] Shall I put my name?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [65] Mhm.
Pete (PS3SW) [66] We'll have an ap apology straight off.
Becky (PS3T0) [67] Can I have a pen please?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [68] Is it [...] today?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [69] Andy?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...] ...
Pete (PS3SW) [70] Right apologies.
[71] Has anybody got any apologies
Becky (PS3T0) [72] Do you want to put that?
Pete (PS3SW) [73] with them?
[74] Yeah.
[75] Well er ... Julia what's her name,, can't attend cos she's having a reaction, in chemistry.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [76] Have you got a pen?
(PS3T2) [77] I might have actually.
Pete (PS3SW) [78] And ... er ...
(PS3T2) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [79] Tony something's ... arose suddenly and er
Dave (PS3SV) [80] And fallen.
Pete (PS3SW) [81] and had to run away, sort of.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [82] [whispering] Wanker [] .
Becky (PS3T0) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [83] I need a wee.
Pete (PS3SW) [84] Right er plenty of minutes so I'll, I'll quickly read them out, and then if anyone's got any ... matters arising they know what
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [85] Er number one Wentworth are booking both not Goodricke.
[86] Number two, I sent off a letter saying about people not coming and er Wentworth haven't sent a [...] I dunno.
Thomas (PS3ST) [87] Oh.
Pete (PS3SW) [88] Er shall we affiliate to the [...] Christian Union.
[89] I haven't been able to get any tickets for the Word as yet.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [90] Er bookings, that's been sorted out.
[91] Gossip scandal, Vanbrugh bop is being heavily restricted.
[92] Er but in actual fact, it's like a major thing here, but he did very well.
[93] Would you like to make a small report on that, Mr Vanbrugh?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [94] Er yeah erm ... the smoke machine thing we got away with now, we went to see them.
[95] And er use our smoke machine as long as the porters can see how many are in the bop.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Andy (PS3SU) [96] [laughing] Long as the porters can see their own hands [] .
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [97] Erm yeah.
[98] Basically, yeah.
[99] It went okay went down to four hundred people
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [100] in the whole area instead of five, but apart from that.
[101] The, the bloke, the health [...] and safety man said it was all okay.
Pete (PS3SW) [102] Well,
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [103] Except for the
Pete (PS3SW) [104] will, will your take actually increase for four hundred?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [105] No, cos before that
Pete (PS3SW) [106] You were
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [107] you always could get away five [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [108] you were allowed five [...] .
[109] So y your limit has now been set at five?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [110] Yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [111] Okay.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [112] Erm yeah we can take things into the hall as well now.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [113] Hurray.
Pete (PS3SW) [114] Oh excellent.
[115] Very well done.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [116] Thanks very much.
Pete (PS3SW) [117] So [...] sort of general appreciation to Vanbrugh for having their act together.
Dave (PS3SV) [118] Yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [119] I think they deserve an [...]
Thomas (PS3ST) [120] Round of applause.
Pete (PS3SW) [121] Right.
[122] Any other business?
[123] Right the quiet period I have some dates for the quiet period.
Becky (PS3T0) [124] Ooh er. ...
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
John (PS3SY) [125] Why?
[126] Pardon?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Becky (PS3T0) [127] [laughing] Dates [] .
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [128] Do you wish to [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [129] What like dried up, dried grapes [...] prunes that are no longer in top condition.
Pete (PS3SW) [130] Okay, so if you're all gonna
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [131] make a note of this right.
Chris (PS3T1) [132] [...] by the way.
Pete (PS3SW) [133] The quiet period ... starts on the eighteenth of May ... and it goes right through until ... the twenty first of June.
[134] ... Right er okay that's
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [cough]
Pete (PS3SW) [135] the quiet period.
[136] Er Alcuin want twenty fifth anniversary but nothing's come about that has it John?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [137] No.
John (PS3SY) [138] What's that?
Pete (PS3SW) [139] About the Alcuin twenty fifth anniversary even though it's now now
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [140] No, no, no
Pete (PS3SW) [141] the twenty sixth.
John (PS3SY) [142] No.
Pete (PS3SW) [143] All the J C Rs are represented so we can't fine them.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [144] Shame.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [145] [...] . ...
Pete (PS3SW) [146] Right has anyone got anything they want raising from that list?
[147] ... No.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [148] Frank.
Pete (PS3SW) [149] Number two, electrical safety.
[150] I've had a letter [cough] and er ... there's various lists of people you might all have got one eventually, I don't know, but it's from the university engineer.
[151] And it's about the free electrical checks for electrical gear.
[152] And it says [reading] the remaining dates for the free inspection and testing of equipment have been cancelled.
[153] With all due respect to those who intended to avail themselves of the free offer, the first two appointments were not met with sufficient organization to permit cost-effective equipment testing.
[154] My staff were faced with untidy heaps of apparatus [mimicking American accent] apparatus [] in equipment rooms, and received little or no help from the student representatives [] ... So and then it sort of flabbers on a bit saying they're
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [155] not happy.
[156] [reading] I do hope that positive arrangements are made to contact me in writing and that we can continue to work together to provide safe working conditions.
[157] Please accept my apologies if you're already working towards this arrangement of the new cancelled dates [] .
[158] So that's a bit poor there, I feel.
[159] So
John (PS3SY) [160] Yeah that's very poor.
Pete (PS3SW) [161] Maybe so
John (PS3SY) [162] Who's er which colleges?
Pete (PS3SW) [163] He hasn't, he hasn't named colleges.
John (PS3SY) [164] Well I'm going to
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [165] [...] our own
Andy (PS3SU) [166] [...] the timetable Simon.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [cough]
Pete (PS3SW) [167] If the first two weren't very good, and we've got a copy of the timetable
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
John (PS3SY) [168] We could we could deduce them if they don't own up.
Dave (PS3SV) [169] I dunno.
[170] It's just I imagine it was Derwent, I mean
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh] [sceptical noises] [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [171] It mightn't have been Derwent.
Pete (PS3SW) [172] Yeah, well like please do take this seriously because it's, it's quite important as regards to insurance and having ... As Vanbrugh proved last weekend,y we can do a good job with your stuff put together, and if like someone got fried, then you may end up in trouble. [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [173] And they wouldn't be happy.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [174] [...] personal.
Pete (PS3SW) [175] The electrical man
Becky (PS3T0) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [176] from ... Langwith.
[177] Stevie cos he tried to fry himself the other week [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [178] Yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [179] If you're, you're plugging
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [180] in and it sparks,
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [181] four way adaptor.
Pete (PS3SW) [182] don't touch it. ...
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [183] Right, so I just feel I'd read that out, so please try and work with the admin, cos we don't want to upset them.
[184] Cos it's a pain.
Chris (PS3T1) [185] I imagine so [...] .
Pete (PS3SW) [186] Right.
[187] Er number three I had a phone call, oh I forgot the term planner.
[188] Never mind.
John (PS3SY) [189] I have seen it though, it should be good.
Pete (PS3SW) [190] I had a phone call last ... er yeah Tu Monday night from Warwick University who were organizing a conference at the Youth Hostel Association in York.
[191] Friday, Saturday and Sunday, week nine.
[192] They're like, obviously that's like the first weekend of the holidays, and they wanted to book the P A and some stage blocks.
[193] And I suggested charging them like sixty pounds for the three nights.
[194] Because with it being
John (PS3SY) [195] What, per night?
Pete (PS3SW) [196] Well, he was on a, aye he was going on oh how I hate [...]
Thomas (PS3ST) [197] [...] what a band.
Pete (PS3SW) [198] Never mind about the Hank Wangford Band.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [199] Er but I said I couldn't give him a definite quote for a price, because I wouldn't have the Committee.
[200] Now ... normally like three nights would be a sort of
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [201] Off campus.
Pete (PS3SW) [202] Off campus.
[203] We'll be getting two hundred
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [204] Two hundred quid.
Pete (PS3SW) [205] pound.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [206] Plus
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
John (PS3SY) [207] Is this the full P A though or is it just the speaking P A?
Pete (PS3SW) [208] He wants the speaking P A and stage blocks.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [209] Oh that's it.
Pete (PS3SW) [210] So I think about a hundred and fifty pounds
John (PS3SY) [211] Right.
Pete (PS3SW) [212] for the er Can like th the late arrivals make sure you put your names on
Thomas (PS3ST) [213] Yeah, I've got my name down.
[214] Sorry, I only just woke up.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [215] Both.
[216] Both.
Pete (PS3SW) [217] Did you sign both?
Thomas (PS3ST) [218] Yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [219] Okay.
[220] [...] woman might want to slap her name down.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [221] So ... with it being another student union and it being like a conference in aid of the homeless and that, I didn't really want to sort of give them a load of grief so I suggested about sixty pounds.
[222] Er does anyone have any comments on this, with it being money for Ents in general?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [223] Well, it's money we wouldn't get otherwise isn't it?
Pete (PS3SW) [224] It's money you wouldn't get cos it's in the sort of holidays.
John (PS3SY) [225] Erm are they going to pick it up and set it up
Andy (PS3SU) [226] Does it involve us doing anything?
Pete (PS3SW) [227] No, no [...] .
[228] Er well Tony's going to deliver it and pick it up on the Monday.
Dave (PS3SV) [229] Oh that's all right.
Pete (PS3SW) [230] And I said he'd have to pay extra for the minibus hire.
[231] T to shift the gear, cos he wants a couple [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [cough]
Thomas (PS3ST) [232] And obviously, they'll have to still give the deposit.
Pete (PS3SW) [233] Yes.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [234] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [235] But
Pete (PS3SW) [236] [...] he's still not sure.
[237] When he, but then he said, like he said is there anywhere else where he could get a stage from and I explained to him that people come and hire the stage off us like Saint Michael-le-Belfry church, who are paying in cash.
[238] So I don't know I just think it's an extra little booking that we shouldn't really turn down cos it's money we wouldn't normally get.
Andy (PS3SU) [239] Warwick University's really nice.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [240] I've been there.
[241] It's great.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [242] But it's not in Warwick though is it?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [243] It's south of it.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [244] The the booking isn't in Warwick is it?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [245] No.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [246] No.
[247] [...] in York. ...
Pete (PS3SW) [248] Right er ... number four er the National Entertainments Conference organized by the N U S. I have since secured some money from Executive Committee to send two representatives to this Committee, and it's in the last week of the summer holidays.
[249] I was sort of hoping any other people who were interested in standing for re-election might have came along to this Committee to show their
John (PS3SY) [250] Support.
Pete (PS3SW) [251] support, and interest in entertainments, but obviously they've not turned up.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [252] Ah [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [253] Mm mm.
Pete (PS3SW) [254] Interesting.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [255] Mm.
Pete (PS3SW) [256] Er so it's at the remit of this Committee to decide who can go to the conference.
[257] Er Exec was saying it was probably me and somebody else or would the Committee like to wait and see who's elected tomorrow, and then decide next week?
[258] ... Like cos they said it's up to the Committee as a whole. ...
Andy (PS3SU) [259] Is that not at the same time as Glastonbury and all that?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [260] Oh wow.
Dave (PS3SV) [261] Gla Glastonbury's the first week.
Pete (PS3SW) [262] I'll tell you the dates of it.
[263] It's er it's in the Easter holiday.
Dave (PS3SV) [264] How are you getting down?
Pete (PS3SW) [265] The sixteenth of
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [266] between the sixteenth to the eighteenth of April.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [267] Eh?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [268] Oh.
[269] Fair enough.
Dave (PS3SV) [270] When's Glastonbury this year?
Andy (PS3SU) [271] June.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [272] Er it's the twenty sixth of June.
Dave (PS3SV) [273] Yeah it seems a bit early though.
Pete (PS3SW) [274] Yeah so ... do you want to sort of make a decision now, or wait till next week or
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [275] Where is it?
Pete (PS3SW) [276] It's in Oxford Brookes University, which is probably Oxford Poly [...]
John (PS3SY) [277] It used to be Oxford Poly, yeah.
Becky (PS3T0) [...]
John (PS3SY) [278] I know someone who went there.
Pete (PS3SW) [279] Fifty pounds plus VAT plus travelling and then you sort of tick in er various boxes if you're a vegan or er ...
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [280] Yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [281] whatever at the moment.
Thomas (PS3ST) [282] Well
Pete (PS3SW) [283] Sort it out then.
Thomas (PS3ST) [284] if you're a vegan really.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [285] What is it?
[286] What do you do?
Pete (PS3SW) [287] I don't know, I've never been to one before.
[288] But it's like basically a conference where all the record company reps and that turn up and try to get bookings for their bands.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [289] Isn't that about the P A as well?
Pete (PS3SW) [290] No, that's
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [291] a different thing.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [292] No, that's not [...] .
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [293] Could erm
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [294] Aha.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS3SV) [295] Reaction's over. [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [296] Julia's reaction's now been completed.
Pete (PS3SW) [297] It's finished, yeah.
John (PS3SY) [298] Excellent.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [299] You've got to
Pete (PS3SW) [300] I don't know if it's excellent but
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [301] Ah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [302] You've got to sign a thingy.
Pete (PS3SW) [303] You've got two things to sign Julia cos we're being ethnographically studied.
[304] ... Right so has anybody got any sort of strong opinions about who should go?
[305] Or
Thomas (PS3ST) [306] Who wants to go?
Pete (PS3SW) [307] Well I said I would go, but I might have been like un-elected
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Dave (PS3SV) [308] Deposed.
Pete (PS3SW) [309] tomorrow.
[310] In which case I won't have a
Dave (PS3SV) [311] Leg to stand on.
Pete (PS3SW) [312] post on this Committee.
[313] Except Tony says I can return to being Security manager.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [314] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [315] Quite correctly [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [316] You haven't done it!
Becky (PS3T0) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [317] I've had nothing to do!
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [318] And I've done it very well.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
John (PS3SY) [319] Ah sure.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [320] Right, I'll sort
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [321] Nobody's got a sort of decision on
(PS3SX) [322] Oh is it?
Pete (PS3SW) [323] that?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [324] Look do w
Pete (PS3SW) [325] Right.
Thomas (PS3ST) [326] Does anyone
Pete (PS3SW) [...]
Thomas (PS3ST) [327] want to go?
Pete (PS3SW) [328] Does anybody like, do you want to go?
Dave (PS3SV) [329] Want a free weekend out? ...
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [330] In Oxford.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [331] In Oxford.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [332] Yeah, well
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [333] [...] ... Right, well, me and Andy will go then.
[334] That'll be a laugh.
Andy (PS3SU) [335] No, I'm busy.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Andy (PS3SU) [336] I'm washing my hair, [...] me hair.
Dave (PS3SV) [337] Yeah, but will you get to meet all [...] high-flyer
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS3SV) [338] record company executives.
Pete (PS3SW) [339] Yeah you're bound t you're bound to get on the telly then, man.
Dave (PS3SV) [340] It'll help your quest for stardom.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [341] Yeah.
Andy (PS3SU) [342] [...] a bit odd though, it's a bit pointless, as
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [343] Look
Andy (PS3SU) [344] I'm not going to be here next year.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [345] Barry White might be there.
Pete (PS3SW) [346] Never mind about Barry White.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [347] Right, number, we'll come back to that next week, number five the post van.
[348] On my way back from Ents Committee last week, erm the internal mail bloke was delivering some gear to computer services, and he left the back of the post van open.
[349] And there was a stage board in the back ... and when I said [...] , what's that doing in there?
[350] He said oh we use them as ramps.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [351] [...] heavy gear.
[352] And I'm a bit distressed at this, cos they're not designed for
Becky (PS3T0) [353] That's ten quid a time isn't it?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
John (PS3SY) [354] Aye I think we
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [355] Ten quid a day.
John (PS3SY) [356] I think we ought to er
Pete (PS3SW) [357] And
John (PS3SY) [358] write to them [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [359] there was a lot of trouble early on this term when people couldn't find stage boards, and like they were all missing and it turns out that they're like the
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [360] The university [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [361] have claimed one.
John (PS3SY) [362] At least one.
Pete (PS3SW) [363] At least one.
Andy (PS3SU) [364] Well, probably one for each van.
Pete (PS3SW) [365] But like probably one for each van yeah.
[366] So, there are, does this Committee think that I should like write them a letter saying
John (PS3SY) [367] Definitely.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [368] either we want like a lot of money,
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [369] No, I think we want
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [370] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [371] a lot of money.
Becky (PS3T0) [laugh]
John (PS3SY) [372] Tell them that we want we wanna be paid for them, and erm all we want
Pete (PS3SW) [373] Yeah, every day is ten pounds a day sort of thing.
John (PS3SY) [374] Yeah and, and
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [375] Back pay.
John (PS3SY) [376] and we either want them back or we want, or we want money to buy some new ones in addition.
Pete (PS3SW) [377] Yeah, because the ones that we've [...] did cost like I think it was
Thomas (PS3ST) [378] Eight hundred
Pete (PS3SW) [379] ei
Thomas (PS3ST) [380] pounds.
Pete (PS3SW) [381] e eight hundred pounds for twelve, so that's seventy pounds each.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [382] Sheesh
Becky (PS3T0) [383] That's loads.
Thomas (PS3ST) [384] They were a lot of money.
Pete (PS3SW) [385] So
Becky (PS3T0) [386] They look really crap as well.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [387] Yes [...] .
Pete (PS3SW) [388] You can either stand on them, or look very stupid on the stage.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [389] So, right, well I shall write to them, and tell them that it's very naughty.
[390] Cos I
John (PS3SY) [391] I am not ha not amused.
Pete (PS3SW) [392] Okay.
Thomas (PS3ST) [393] They should send a representative
Becky (PS3T0) [...]
Thomas (PS3ST) [394] to Committee for grilling.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [395] Aye.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS3SV) [396] Head, head of postmen?
Pete (PS3SW) [397] Head of internal mail ... [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [cough]
Pete (PS3SW) [398] come.
[399] Right, any other business.
[400] Has anybody got any
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [401] Well
Pete (PS3SW) [402] other business?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [403] bookings.
[404] We got bookings.
Pete (PS3SW) [405] Well I haven't done bookings.
[406] But I'll, I'll put that into [...] .
[407] Right Ah, Julia's got something that's quite important, that's annoying her, about Derwent dining hall.
Pete (PS3SW) [408] Which, which oh, that bit.
[409] Erm
Dave (PS3SV) [410] Derwent?
Pete (PS3SW) [411] Give us, give us the tale Julia.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [412] Okay, the, the tale is that in January I booked Derwent dining hall for a barn dance next week and got a phone call yesterday but I wasn't there and she rang back this morning, [...] said [mimicking] oh I'm very sorry, I'm very sorry, but you can't have it, I'm very sorry [] .
[413] On and on.
[414] So I said you know we've got P and P out, we've started selling tickets.
[415] Erm we haven't bothered to book a stage because Derwent has one, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
[416] And then later on, oh and then she was going to see room bookings and try to find me another dining hall cos I said it's pretty late notice, and she said [mimicking] oh no, it's a week [] and I thought well I had booked it two months ago.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [417] [...] well, it's a week for both of you.
[418] Not just a week for you.
Pete (PS3SW) [419] Well that's it.
[420] What she'd had was a double-booking, effectively, cos she'd had this dinner which was meant to be in the private dining hall, but the numbers had suddenly shot up, and because they'd said originally they wanted either the private dining hall or the main dining hall depending on numbers, she should have really booked them both and decided later and told me to like try somewhere else, but she didn't, she told me yeah the dining hall's free.
[421] Off you go sort of thing.
[422] Erm ... but then she rang back later, I don't know whether she contacted room bookings to try and get me a dining hall, but she said they might be able to have their dinner in the S C R. So that's alright, I'm okay.
[423] If not has any one booked the [laughing] [...] [] for next Wednesday night?
[424] I don't want to book them now, but I'd just like to know. ...
John (PS3SY) [425] I don't think so, no.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [426] Right, I'll leave it for now.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [cough]
Dave (PS3SV) [427] Can I just say, this has shades of the Kingmaker fiasco?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [428] Yeah, yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [429] Yes, it's like just walk all over the students again.
Dave (PS3SV) [430] Erm
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [431] For, for like
Pete (PS3SW) [432] It's her mistake, it's not the fault of the other people not booking, cos they had said they might want the main dining hall.
Dave (PS3SV) [433] No but they're still giving, yeah but the priority
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [434] But it's [...]
Dave (PS3SV) [435] and, yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [436] Yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [437] For tho for those that, for those that missed that er, last year Alcuin J C R booked Kingmaker as part of their massive big mega-media global world tour.
[438] And then a fortnight before the end of the, the summer holidays they were told they couldn't have the dining hall because the day after the Freemasons were having their
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh] [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [...]
John (PS3SY) [439] That was the day after.
Pete (PS3SW) [440] And it wasn't even the same day, but the day after, and as a result, er a man called John , [...]
Thomas (PS3ST) [441] Who we don't like.
Pete (PS3SW) [442] Who we don't like.
[443] Er
Thomas (PS3ST) [444] And who's descended from the .
Pete (PS3SW) [445] Is he?
Becky (PS3T0) [446] Gosh.
Pete (PS3SW) [447] ?
Thomas (PS3ST) [448] Yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [449] Oh there you are.
[450] Yeah, anyway, he comes
Pete (PS3SW) [451] That's amazing.
Pete (PS3SW) [452] from Gladstone and Gannon, and er he gave an awful lot of people at the S U and at Alcuin J C R a lot of grief over the provost, who then wrote them a letter saying I, Jim am the fault of all this and just generally made the students look even dafter for [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [453] As though they just couldn't organize [...] .
Pete (PS3SW) [454] They just couldn't organize anything and as a result that's why we'll probably never get Kingmaker or the Ned's Atomic Dustbin.
John (PS3SY) [455] Or anybody else from Gladstone and Gannon.
Pete (PS3SW) [456] Anyone else from Gladstone and Gannon.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [457] So
(PS3SX) [458] We don't need them.
Pete (PS3SW) [459] There's not a lot we can actually do.
[460] Apart from, did you get your room booking form back?
Pete (PS3SW) [461] Yeah, I've had it confirmed by room bookings.
[462] Oh, I'll have to see wh she's going to ring me this afternoon and say whether they can do it in the S C R. I'm gonna try and persuade her that they can, because there are only forty people at this dinner and they'll look stupid in the middle of the dining hall.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [463] Mm.
Pete (PS3SW) [464] We could dance round them, there'd be enough space, you know.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [465] Well offer the, offer the forty people reduced tickets for the barn dance.
Pete (PS3SW) [466] But it's the way she's saying oh I'm so sorry but I have to go back on it when she's agreed to something.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [467] [...] write [...] a letter or not?
John (PS3SY) [468] Well I think it's been done that's the problem.
Pete (PS3SW) [469] Yeah, well
Pete (PS3SW) [470] Well, I'll write a letter obviously if she doesn't
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [471] Yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [472] sort it out.
[473] If she sorts it out today then
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [474] If, if, if, if it turns out that, yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [475] The point is that as far as room bookings are concerned ...
Pete (PS3SW) [476] Yeah, she may not have sent it through to
Pete (PS3SW) [477] You're, you're in the clear.
Pete (PS3SW) [478] room bookings, the first one.
[479] She probably just booked them
Pete (PS3SW) [480] Yeah, this is, this is the problem.
Pete (PS3SW) [481] the private dining hall assuming their numbers would be quite low.
[482] So it may not be a problem with room bookings it's probably a problem with Jo .
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [483] Mhm.
[484] Yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [485] Had problems with [laughing] her before [] .
John (PS3SY) [486] It's just the principle of the thing that a booking's a booking, whoever
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [487] Yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [488] Yeah.
Dave (PS3SV) [489] whoever might have done it.
John (PS3SY) [490] If you've booked it, then you
Pete (PS3SW) [...]
John (PS3SY) [491] should get it,
Pete (PS3SW) [...]
John (PS3SY) [492] I mean just because it's next [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [cough]
John (PS3SY) [493] doesn't mean it should get priority.
Pete (PS3SW) [494] Yeah, well she was going on about bringing lots of money into the college but she might have to pay two hundred and twenty quid for a barn dance band if she's not careful.
Andy (PS3SU) [495] Yeah, well I think that she, yeah, they would be liable for that.
Pete (PS3SW) [496] Didn't I mean the same, same sort of thing happened when Wentworth put on the twenty fifth of May, that a week before Sheila said er oh you're not having this.
[497] And that's it and the contracts had been signed and everything and it was ...
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [498] Ha.
Pete (PS3SW) [499] most painful and dangerous.
[500] And I know it's worthless.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [501] Yeah.
[502] Ow.
Pete (PS3SW) [503] Right so
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [504] You stood on my toe then.
Pete (PS3SW) [505] you have our full support, I'm sure.
[506] Right, anybody got any bookings?
(PS3SX) [507] Oh I've got some any other business.
[508] Erm
Pete (PS3SW) [509] Oh alright [...]
(PS3SX) [510] Could we have it minuted that erm Derwent get a couple of P A hires free from [...] .
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [511] Okay, yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [512] Ah well we'll discuss this.
Thomas (PS3ST) [513] This will come up in any other business.
Pete (PS3SW) [514] We'll discuss this.
[515] Right.
[516] I believe on Saturday, you hired the S U P A?
(PS3SX) [517] We did.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [518] Yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [519] And it was late?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [520] Very late. ...
Pete (PS3SW) [521] How late?
Andy (PS3SU) [522] It was er, it was er
(PS3SX) [523] Two hours late.
Pete (PS3SW) [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [524] No it wasn't two hours late
(PS3SX) [525] [...] It was.
John (PS3SY) [526] It was an hou
(PS3SX) [527] Cos
John (PS3SY) [528] it was an hour late, which it was late enough [...] for us to not to know if it was coming, so we had to go and get another P A, otherwise we'd have gone to get, there was no other option.
[529] We waited
Pete (PS3SW) [...]
(PS3SX) [530] Because the band were supposed to be soundchecking at six.
Pete (PS3SW) [531] What, what time did the band
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [532] arrive?
John (PS3SY) [533] They pick the comedians arrived at six o'clock.
Pete (PS3SW) [534] Right.
[535] What, if the comedians had have been an hour late, would you have booked
Andy (PS3SU) [536] Another comedian?
Pete (PS3SW) [537] Some another comedian?
(PS3SX) [538] That's ridiculous really, isn't it?
Andy (PS3SU) [539] Answer the question.
Pete (PS3SW) [540] No it's not.
[541] It's a serious question.
[542] If the comedians had been an hour late, would you have booked another comedian?
(PS3SX) [543] The point is, that the S
Pete (PS3SW) [544] No, I'm
(PS3SX) [545] the point is
Pete (PS3SW) [546] Please answer this question.
Andy (PS3SU) [547] No, no just, just please answer the question.
[548] Don't get all [...] .
(PS3SX) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [549] Come on.
(PS3SX) [550] the point of view that the P A was booked for four thirty, so that we could set it up
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [551] Pete, that's not the point.
[552] That's not the point.
(PS3SX) [553] for six, so that they could soundcheck.
John (PS3SY) [554] Yeah,s s surely the, the point is, we'd have booked another comedian if it had been possible to book another comedian at that time, which it obviously wasn't.
[555] But it was obviously possible to book another P A. I mean that's
Andy (PS3SU) [556] But
John (PS3SY) [557] why your question's irrelevant.
Andy (PS3SU) [558] Just, just let me mention that you, you told me that you'd gone to Y S L,
John (PS3SY) [559] Yeah.
Andy (PS3SU) [560] and you were there for half past five.
John (PS3SY) [561] We left here at half past five.
Andy (PS3SU) [562] No, you said you were there for half past five, because you had to get there before half past five in order to book it.
John (PS3SY) [563] We had, we had to get there before six, when they shut, we had to go at half past five, [...] .
Andy (PS3SU) [564] Well I was told you had to get there before half past five.
John (PS3SY) [565] No.
[566] No.
[567] We left here at half past five.
[568] An hour after we were supposed to meet you.
[569] ... Is that, is that [...] don't want to cause any hassle, [...] but you know
Pete (PS3SW) [570] Can't I like cut the baby in half?
John (PS3SY) [571] what I mean?
Pete (PS3SW) [572] Well I wasn't there so I don't know.
Thomas (PS3ST) [573] How much how much did it cost you to hire the one
(PS3SX) [574] Hundred and fifty.
John (PS3SY) [575] Hundred and fifty pounds.
(PS3SX) [576] Plus also [...] .
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [577] No [...] loads more. ...
Pete (PS3SW) [578] So you spent a hundred pounds more?
John (PS3SY) [579] Yeah.
[580] Than we would have done. ...
Pete (PS3SW) [581] I hate having to make these sort of decisions.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Dave (PS3SV) [582] Well I think we should vote.
Becky (PS3T0) [583] I think we should give them two
John (PS3SY) [584] I think we should get our
Becky (PS3T0) [585] free yeah.
John (PS3SY) [586] two free goes.
Becky (PS3T0) [587] Free goes on the P A.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [588] That's not [...] . ...
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [589] It's, but then you see that's not just a question of two free goes, it's all well and good for you to say
John (PS3SY) [590] Yeah.
Andy (PS3SU) [591] two free goes, but this involves two nights by John.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [592] Yeah.
[593] Two nights [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [594] Two nights out of John's like busy project
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [595] Yeah.
Andy (PS3SU) [596] time.
[597] You've got to bear this in mind.
[598] It's not as simple as you can have the P A, because you need someone to set it up.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [599] Well give them the hundred quid then.
(PS3SX) [600] [laughing] Yeah.
[601] I know [...] []
Andy (PS3SU) [602] But we haven't got a hundred pounds to give them.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [603] Yeah we haven't got any money.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [604] Yeah, [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [605] I mean we could we could give you the P A for the
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [606] bop, which would be, you know, doesn't involve as much effort.
John (PS3SY) [607] What, yeah, what I would suggest is that if you have some existing bookings, then, if you have two existing bookings then you just have those, you just you, you, you
Pete (PS3SW) [...]
John (PS3SY) [608] don't pay for those.
Pete (PS3SW) [609] For like next week [...] ?
John (PS3SY) [610] Do y do you have a, you have a booking for the erm barbecue now?
John (PS3SY) [611] For the P A?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [612] Mhm.
John (PS3SY) [613] You do, it's in my diary.
John (PS3SY) [614] Is it?
[615] Erm well erm, [...] guess so.
[616] Did you do that?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [617] You definitely booked it.
(PS3SX) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [618] If it's in the book.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [619] I may have done it.
John (PS3SY) [620] I don't put these things in automatically,
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [621] Erm
(PS3SX) [622] We're going to have a week three event possibly as well.
John (PS3SY) [623] C could we erm get back to you on that one and talk to [...] .
Pete (PS3SW) [624] Well just, just find yourself a c couple of bookings, and we'll sort [...] .
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [625] [...] two.
John (PS3SY) [626] Two bookings.
(PS3SX) [627] Two bookings, [...] .
Pete (PS3SW) [628] But it was an accident, I mean
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
(PS3SX) [629] Yeah I realize that but the thing is if we'd had a phone call to say look, we're going to be this late,
Pete (PS3SW) [630] Yeah, well I wasn't
(PS3SX) [631] then we'd have been alright.
Pete (PS3SW) [632] I wasn't there, so I don't know.
Becky (PS3T0) [633] Something that if ever, ever [...] sorted out the bleeper hopefully in future I'll be on bleeper, and then if that sort of thing happens
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Becky (PS3T0) [634] bleep me [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [635] But it'll still, yeah
Becky (PS3T0) [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [636] Yes I mean fundamental point.
[637] The porters do not have a key to the cupboard.
[638] That is
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [639] I mean
Andy (PS3SU) [640] that is against the law, because they have to have access to that cupboard in case there is a fire.
John (PS3SY) [641] I think that's where the principle is, cos if we, if we
Andy (PS3SU) [642] That's where the real problem lies, if you could have had the P A, if you could have gone into the cupboard and got it, even though we'd turned up at ten past six,
John (PS3SY) [643] There wouldn't have been a problem.
(PS3SX) [644] Yes.
Andy (PS3SU) [645] there wouldn't have been a problem.
[646] Because you could have put it in approximately the right places in the room, and we could have come along and we could have been running,
John (PS3SY) [647] [...] wired it up.
Andy (PS3SU) [648] so erm for seven o'clock.
John (PS3SY) [649] Yeah yeah, we could have had it going in twenty minutes.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [650] Still a lot of hass though, cos they don't know if you've just completely
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [651] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [652] forgotten about it.
(PS3SX) [653] Yeah, that's [...] .
Pete (PS3SW) [654] Well no I mean
(PS3SX) [655] we di couldn't contact any
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [656] We have I mean
Pete (PS3SW) [657] I see, I see your worry factor here [...] .
John (PS3SY) [658] But if you, if you could have got the stuff over there, it would have been a lot simpler.
Becky (PS3T0) [659] The thing is, the thing is, the thing is I can see where everyone's coming from, but it's, it's thinking about it in the future,
Andy (PS3SU) [660] Well I do think that the porters ha should have a key.
[661] And I think they sh be
Becky (PS3T0) [662] But the porters have also got the problem that they don't want to let just anyone
Andy (PS3SU) [663] No, well what I was about to say
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [664] was that you could, you could give them ... then if we know it's going to be certain people, we can give them names.
[665] I mean you know the, if you give the porters a form, they'll
Becky (PS3T0) [666] Mm.
Andy (PS3SU) [667] give you a key for the minibus.
Becky (PS3T0) [668] Yeah.
Andy (PS3SU) [669] Now if you give the porters a form for a P A,
Becky (PS3T0) [670] Mm.
Andy (PS3SU) [671] they'll give you a key to the P A cupboard.
[672] I mean, you know,
Becky (PS3T0) [673] [...] you might find [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [674] I mean I can take a form up to the porters in Goodricke and they'll give me a key to a minibus.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [675] Would that actually have solved anything, because if you hadn't turned up, they'd have still been without a P A. [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [676] Well we're not saying that we wouldn't have turned up it's just that we were unable to turn up.
John (PS3SY) [677] But we didn't know.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [678] Yes [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [679] No, I know that I know that.
[680] But, I mean
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
(PS3SX) [681] So that's all we're saying that [...] .
Andy (PS3SU) [682] It wasn't just us though, there's Rich as well you see.
[683] I mean
(PS3SX) [684] Yeah but if you'd have phoned us, then we would
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [685] Yeah.
(PS3SX) [686] have known you'd have been late, and we wouldn't have panicked.
Andy (PS3SU) [687] Yeah, but at that time we were s trying to speed back to York
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Andy (PS3SU) [688] breaking all known records.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [689] I think I think [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [690] I actually did it in record time.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [691] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [692] And I fell asleep.
Andy (PS3SU) [693] And he fell asleep. [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Andy (PS3SU) [694] went into a warp factor, just like on Star Trek.
Pete (PS3SW) [695] Come on, settle down.
[696] Settle down, okay?
Chris (PS3T1) [697] Right, why don't we erm ... give Derwent two free bookings, you know bookings that have already happened or are about to happen for free,
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [698] Mhm.
Chris (PS3T1) [699] erm [...] explore the key
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [700] [...] off the slate that you [...]
Chris (PS3T1) [701] explore the key issue with the porter, and erm, hopefully get the bleeper [laughing] sorted out or something [] , so that there's some system for shaking things up.
[702] [...] come down to a room and demand [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [703] The absolute
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [704] the absolute fundamental problem is thes thes is that there's not
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [705] There's not enough people running, the running the P A.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [706] There aren't enough people who know how to do that.
Andy (PS3SU) [707] I mean like John's out just about
John (PS3SY) [708] I'm out every night this week.
Andy (PS3SU) [709] every night this week.
Andy (PS3SU) [710] In fact I'm out twice tonight.
Andy (PS3SU) [711] So you know, it's not a fun
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [712] job, really.
[713] You know, if you ne if you're busy every night and
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [714] you're a third year student trying to do projects, it's
Becky (PS3T0) [715] Can you not train anybody else up?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [716] Well, I've said I'll get trained up, [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [717] Yeah, well I mean
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [718] I've, I've got to finish off this term's work [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [719] You see there's peo the people have got commitments and they're not wanting to take them on.
[720] And then there's other people that can do it, but, you know, people only come for like every couple
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [721] Yeah.
Andy (PS3SU) [722] of times and it you need to be out there
John (PS3SY) [723] And there are
Andy (PS3SU) [724] a lot to
John (PS3SY) [725] there's possibly
Andy (PS3SU) [726] learn how to do it.
John (PS3SY) [727] five or six other people on campus who could potentially do it with a just one night's look an and a diagram.
[728] Just that they, they're not willing to do it for nothing, and it's going to cost you twenty pounds a time on top of the P A hire.
Andy (PS3SU) [729] You know, when you get paid twenty pounds a night for driving the minibus, and you get paid nothing for running the P A, and it takes equally long if not, if not
John (PS3SY) [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [730] longer
(PS3SX) [731] Perhaps we should look into something [...] .
Andy (PS3SU) [732] and then you only get paid, well the P A gets forty quid.
[733] Well people don't want to pay sixty quid for a P A, cos
(PS3SX) [734] Mm.
Andy (PS3SU) [735] it's getting expensive then.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Becky (PS3T0) [736] Why don't you ask one of the equipment reps if [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [737] They can't [...] .
Pete (PS3SW) [738] It's already been proved that they can't [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [739] Yeah, I mean
Pete (PS3SW) [740] in writing now.
John (PS3SY) [741] I mean it isn't an easy thing
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
John (PS3SY) [742] to set up.
(PS3SX) [743] Yeah, yeah, I understand [...]
John (PS3SY) [744] But potentially
Andy (PS3SU) [...]
John (PS3SY) [745] you, you can make a right mess.
[746] But I'm not saying that people are incompetent, but it takes a certain amount
Andy (PS3SU) [747] We want to be convinced.
John (PS3SY) [748] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [749] Mm.
Pete (PS3SW) [750] Right.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [751] Prove yourselves [...] .
Pete (PS3SW) [752] Okay, we'll, we're digressing.
[753] We'll look into this.
[754] Right, er riot woman, or whatever you wish to be called.
[755] Girl, [...] .
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [756] Grrr.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [757] to ask for some money for Monday's bop, cos we lost about forty quid.
[758] I mean, we heard that if we'd come here before, you might have given us money, and we wondered if we could have it in retrospect.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [759] What?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [760] [laughing] Pardon [] ?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [761] There was a bop on Monday,
Becky (PS3T0) [762] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [763] and we lost about forty quid.
[764] And we
Becky (PS3T0) [765] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [766] wondered if we could get some money from the Students [...]
Becky (PS3T0) [767] What, this, this is a bop put on by what was it, A F A M S was it?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [768] No it was just it was just us.
[769] And the money was g gone missing.
Becky (PS3T0) [770] What us, though?
[771] Just a group of people?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [772] Riot Girl.
[773] It's not erm any [...] society or anything it just [...] .
Becky (PS3T0) [774] Right.
[775] I don't think
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Becky (PS3T0) [776] you'll [...] any money out of the Student Union.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [777] Sorry?
Becky (PS3T0) [778] I really don't think you'll get any money out the Student Union, and you won't get any money out of Ents, because Ents is bankrupt.
[779] [laugh] To put it bluntly, [...] any money.
Andy (PS3SU) [780] If you're a society you might get, you know,
Becky (PS3T0) [781] You should [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [782] Societies grant.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [783] [...] we're not a society yet, so I mean [...] thinking about that, we have tried to become a society before.
Andy (PS3SU) [784] I think [...]
John (PS3SY) [785] For a start we haven't any money.
[786] But er
Andy (PS3SU) [787] just to try to be a so try to become a society, and then make, make it clear
Becky (PS3T0) [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [788] you do have a debt.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [789] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [790] What and [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [791] I mean Rave Soc get away with it all the time.
Becky (PS3T0) [792] It's just if you come [...] Finance Committee
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [793] Oh we know about that, problems like being [...] , so do you think we can become a society with a debt?
Becky (PS3T0) [794] You can become a society [...]
John (PS3SY) [795] Yeah, and because you can then use
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
John (PS3SY) [796] your erm what's it?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [797] M R G.
John (PS3SY) [798] M R G to try and pay off some the debt,
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [799] If such a thing ex
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [800] I don't know [...]
John (PS3SY) [801] [laughing] If you can manage to get [] an M R G.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Chris (PS3T1) [802] Yeah, one potential problem with that is that Finance Committee have allocated all the society grant
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [803] Mm.
Chris (PS3T1) [804] money. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [805] Lot of money.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [806] Yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [807] Yeah.
[808] Well, now the thing is, right what I've thought might be like a good thing, er ... cos we all like entertainments, is like if Riot Girl were to become a society,
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [809] Well we're trying to.
Pete (PS3SW) [810] Yeah.
[811] And everyone round this table could like join.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [812] That would cost you a pound and that would give you some cash, and it would also look good, and what is it a pound fifty you've got to pay?
[813] And I'm quite sure everyone would like pay a pound fifty to join this nice society,
Andy (PS3SU) [814] And become like riot girls.
Pete (PS3SW) [815] [...] bops.
[816] And could get
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [817] into bops free.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [818] And that would give you a bit of ready cash, and also it would give you a standing to try and get something from Finance Committee.
John (PS3SY) [819] You see I mean you, basically you need to get a lot of people I know there's no money in Finance Committee at the moment but
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
John (PS3SY) [820] I'm sure that could be rectified ... ultimately.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [cough]
Becky (PS3T0) [821] I think you've come to really the wrong committee to try [laughing] and get money [] .
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [822] You've come to the wrong committee to try and get like a cash handout, but er ... we do appreciate the problems of putting on entertainments, and bops on campus.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Andy (PS3SU) [823] In a big way.
[824] A four figure way.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Dave (PS3SV) [825] Probably more, probably more so than any oth anybody else on campus, yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [826] But I think it would be very nice if everybody joined Riot Girl, just to show sort of affiliation of events on campus.
[827] So I think we should put that to a vote.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [828] Yes.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [829] Having been down the pub, I ain't voting. ...
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [830] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [831] That was a yes.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [832] For what?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [833] For joining Riot Girl.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [834] Everyone?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [835] [...] I believe in freedom of speech, [...] fucking off for Ents, I'm sure.
[836] All those [...] ?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [837] One two three four.
[838] All those against? ...
Chris (PS3T1) [839] Oh.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [840] Ooh.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [841] It was carried.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Thomas (PS3ST) [842] Yeah, get it in.
[843] right ...
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [844] Can I [...] please?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [845] Yes, [...] .
Pete (PS3SW) [846] You get a societies pack, and have to fill all these names in.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [847] Well we could
Pete (PS3SW) [848] Yeah well [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [849] [...] get a photocopy of one of these lists, and [...] be alright.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [850] Yeah get a photocopy of this.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Chris (PS3T1) [851] Hang on. [...] ?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Chris (PS3T1) [852] It's about [...] .
Pete (PS3SW) [853] Right.
[854] You can vote.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [855] I'll bring it back.
Chris (PS3T1) [856] I'm not on the Committee.
Pete (PS3SW) [857] Doesn't matter, still in the room.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [858] [...] stand in for any Committee member, if you [...]
Chris (PS3T1) [859] Oh that's true, that's true.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [860] You could be standing
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [861] I can think of several.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [862] Ooh.
Pete (PS3SW) [863] Right,
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [864] is there any more bookings?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [865] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [866] Goodricke.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [867] Can we book the P A [...] every Monday that's free next term?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [868] Every Monday?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [869] Every Monday
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [870] Until the quiet period.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [871] Oh God.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [872] Yeah, until the quiet period.
Dave (PS3SV) [873] Ah, they're taking over Alcuin's bop night.
Andy (PS3SU) [874] When, when, when is it free next term, when is the P A free next term?
Pete (PS3SW) [875] I've made a new term planner actually but I've forgotten to bring it.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
John (PS3SY) [876] It's never free, it always costs you
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [877] Ah!
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [878] Er well, shortly after Alcuin decide Mondays is a dead loss and [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [879] [...] Alcuin's really good for one thing.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...] [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...] ...
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [880] [...] would do.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [881] One two three nine.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [882] Can we leave it
Pete (PS3SW) [883] No.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [884] because we [...] .
Pete (PS3SW) [885] M and Monday's the last day.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [886] I know, that's [...]
John (PS3SY) [887] You can only have weeks one two and three.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [888] Weeks one two and three?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [889] What dates is week three?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [890] Erm
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [891] Three week [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [892] Twenty twenty six, three and ten.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
John (PS3SY) [893] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [894] Why can't they have week four I thought [...] ?
John (PS3SY) [895] Because quiet period starts
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [896] After Tuesday.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [897] I suppose you could have it on Monday
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [898] Well yeah, you could have it on
Becky (PS3T0) [899] You'll get the last bop.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Andy (PS3SU) [900] Last bop before the quiet period.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [901] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [902] Whoo, very exciting
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [903] Yes?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [904] Okay.
Pete (PS3SW) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [905] Right, any more booking [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [cough]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [906] Is the P A free Thursday week [...] ?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [cough]
Pete (PS3SW) [907] Week?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [908] [...] Thursday week two [...] .
Pete (PS3SW) [909] Oh.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [910] It might be out all [...]
John (PS3SY) [911] Thursday week two.
[912] ... Er, yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [913] Er well could we have the P A and lights, we might be having an event
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [914] that day so
John (PS3SY) [915] What?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [916] I'll let you know obviously [...] .
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
John (PS3SY) [917] Right, Vanbrugh yeah?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [918] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [919] I'll bring them up later on.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...] [door knock]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [920] Come in
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [921] Hello.
Thomas (PS3ST) [922] Is this Ents Committee?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [923] Certainly is.
Thomas (PS3ST) [924] Right.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [925] So?
Thomas (PS3ST) [926] Erm,
Pete (PS3SW) [927] Well you'll have to wait, we're busy now.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [928] Come in and join us.
[929] Join the festivities.
[930] Right, so your event [...] week two?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [931] Yes.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [932] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [933] Right
Andy (PS3SU) [934] Is that like just a bop or is it [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [935] [...] people, and [...] bands on campus, campus bands.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [936] Okay.
John (PS3SY) [937] And you're J C R?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [938] Yeah. ...
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [939] Yeah, er when's the P A free in freshers' week next year?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [940] No comment.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [941] All week.
Pete (PS3SW) [942] That will be left to the next entertainments secretary.
John (PS3SY) [943] Er diary doesn't go that far.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [944] Oh, okay then.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [945] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
John (PS3SY) [946] No concern of mine either.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [947] Yeah.
John (PS3SY) [948] Well it will, because I'm, I'm taking it with me when I leave, I'm sorry.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [949] Right then, [...] .
Andy (PS3SU) [950] Right, okay.
[951] Can we just get it clear, has Goodricke bop now changed to Monday, or is this not a permanent [...] ?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [952] Well as long as we [laughing] can't get it on a Tuesday [] . [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [953] Cos we've got it.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [954] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh] ...
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [955] Yeah.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [956] Never worked for Alcuin.
Pete (PS3SW) [957] [...] some crackers.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [958] Shut up. [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [959] Anybody else?
Thomas (PS3ST) [960] Yeah, erm we've, the Amnesty's booked the P A for week three, Friday week three.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [961] For the jazz thing?
Thomas (PS3ST) [962] [...] For the jazz concert.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [963] Yeah.
Thomas (PS3ST) [964] Erm, last year, we were given it for free, erm [...]
John (PS3SY) [965] Right, I remember, yeah.
Thomas (PS3ST) [966] and someone and we've now been told that we have to pay for it, and I [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [967] Yeah, I, I organized a cut price deal for Amnesty.
Thomas (PS3ST) [968] Right, can we organize [...] next year?
Pete (PS3SW) [969] Well, that was for it, wasn't it?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [970] That was
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [cough]
Pete (PS3SW) [971] There was only booking Amnesty [...] ?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [972] Mhm.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [973] There was
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [974] I think
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [975] last year's and there was this year's.
Becky (PS3T0) [976] And this year we're doing it for about half price or something.
Pete (PS3SW) [977] I knocked, yeah, I knocked about twenty pounds off.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [978] It's already done.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [979] How much erm sorry I didn't [...]
John (PS3SY) [980] Amnesty have already had a free booking.
Pete (PS3SW) [981] They've had a
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [982] Yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [983] free booking?
John (PS3SY) [984] Well, a cheap
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [985] Yes.
John (PS3SY) [986] booking.
Pete (PS3SW) [987] I gave them a ... was it this term?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Thomas (PS3ST) [988] They have had a free booking.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [989] Wasn't the Alcuin bop was it?
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [990] No no.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [991] That, that was someone else.
[992] It was er
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [993] No, I'm sure that that was, I'm sure that's the one mean, week three next term.
Thomas (PS3ST) [994] [...] they came and they said we had a free booking.
Pete (PS3SW) [995] We said we wouldn't charge them for the stage blocks.
Thomas (PS3ST) [996] And we gave them
Pete (PS3SW) [997] Cos they wanted the blocks and the boards.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [998] Right.
Pete (PS3SW) [999] And I [...] said thirty five
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1000] Yeah.
Pete (PS3SW) [1001] pounds instead of fifty five.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1002] Right.
[1003] Okay.
Thomas (PS3ST) [1004] Do you know what the arrangement was last time, because I think we got it all for free?
Pete (PS3SW) [1005] No, that was last year.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1006] Yeah, but that was then
John (PS3SY) [1007] The arrangement was a fit of generosity.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
John (PS3SY) [1008] we didn't have many bookings,
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1009] Right.
John (PS3SY) [1010] er, and we weren't very busy, so it wasn't such a fag.
[1011] Er
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1012] Thank you.
[1013] You you your [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1014] just the same as the [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1015] I know I didn't realize did I?
Pete (PS3SW) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1016] [laughing] Don't make me take two [] . [...] [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [1017] Well, maybe they have, is that what you want, I mean I'm not [...] I mean
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1018] Er
Pete (PS3SW) [1019] what're you after?
Chris (PS3T1) [1020] You can always seek financial help from the Executive because they can give money out campaigns [...] selective.
[1021] Well, no, you can ask them.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Thomas (PS3ST) [1022] But what you are saying is you're not going to give it for free?
Andy (PS3SU) [1023] That's correct.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [1024] What we're saying is we're giving you it for half price.
Becky (PS3T0) [1025] Ents won't, Ents, Ents won't give it for
Pete (PS3SW) [1026] Or you can pay full price somewhere else.
Becky (PS3T0) [1027] free because they're too
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1028] Mhm.
Becky (PS3T0) [1029] bust [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1030] Like a hundred and fifty pounds. ...
Becky (PS3T0) [1031] But if you go and ask Executive, they might give you money, cos they're kinder in there.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1032] They've got money [...] more solvent than us.
Andy (PS3SU) [1033] They're richer than us.
John (PS3SY) [1034] We've got a big hole to fill, [...] and it's getting filled in forty pound lumps at the moment. ...
Pete (PS3SW) [1035] Right.
[1036] [...] . Okay.
[1037] Is there any ... any other business?
[1038] ... Right well now, the secret bit, this happens to be John's birthday,
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [1039] and I've got a cake.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1040] Great.
Andy (PS3SU) [1041] [...] the candles
John (PS3SY) [1042] Er just wait, just wait, it'll all come good.
[1043] Ah look, she's back.
(PS3T2) [1044] Here you go.
[1045] Is this, I mean is this real, will these people really join?
Chris (PS3T1) [1046] I will.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1047] I will.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1048] They're all here, and they didn't vote.
(PS3T2) [1049] Well, there's a problem that men might not be allowed to join anyway because [...] .
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1050] Ooh!
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [1051] Can't do that!
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1052] No you can't [...] .
Dave (PS3SV) [1053] There's no way you can affiliate to the er the Student Union if you don't let men join.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1054] You can't be a un you can't be you can't be a society.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
(PS3T2) [1055] Well, Women's Group get special
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1056] I want to join.
(PS3T2) [1057] erm
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1058] [...] they already get special dispensation.
Becky (PS3T0) [1059] [...] have to go to Executive Committee to discuss that. [...] .
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1060] Well again it's
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
John (PS3SY) [1061] I don't think it's allowed.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1062] I think you should [...]
John (PS3SY) [1063] I don't think they'd ever let a men's committee
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...] [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1064] Yeah.
John (PS3SY) [1065] a men's society.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1066] There's blokes in Huggy Bear. ...
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1067] I didn't know he was [...] .
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1068] [...] this is relevant.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [1069] Anyway you're detracting here, the candles are burning down.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Pete (PS3SW) [1070] So I think we should all sing Happy Birthday to John, and it'll be like a really good end to this bloke's tape.
Becky (PS3T0) [1071] It's going to be on the tape!
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [1072] Right, after three.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1073] [singing] Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear John, Happy birthday to you [] . [uproarious applause] [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1074] Make a wish!
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh] ... [cheers]
Pete (PS3SW) [1075] Go on, down in one.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Pete (PS3SW) [1076] Right, that's it.
[1077] The end.
[1078] Don't forget to vote for somebody tomorrow in the election.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [laugh]
Chris (PS3T1) [1079] Somebody.
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1080] [...] .
Unknown speaker (J92PSUNK) [1081] Yeah, I'd stay until later as well