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Lincolnshire: Board meeting. Sample containing about 428 words speech recorded in public context

3 speakers recorded by respondent number C498

PS3VU X m (No name, age unknown, chairman, All participants are work colleagues.) unspecified
J9EPSUNK (respondent W0000) X u (Unknown speaker, age unknown) other
J9EPSUGP (respondent W000M) X u (Group of unknown speakers, age unknown) other

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  1. Tape 112104 recorded on 1994-01-14. LocationLincolnshire: Lincoln ( Board room ) Activity: Board meeting

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Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [1] Now look at our country, we are absolutely [...] by [...] we want more [...] , we want fewer regulations, we want to be able to live on an island, without being told what to do, by the politicians, and I support the view that politicians ought to stop telling individuals what to do.
[2] And this particular public regulation is all about [...] and protecting us from ourselves, and although we do need protection from [...] of the world, we don't need protection from ourselves.
(PS3VU) [3] Right, thank you.
[4] No other, no further contributions, right [...] we can start [...]
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [5] [...] recommendations.
(PS3VU) [6] [clears throat] right.
[7] To be noted.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [8] Agreed.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [9] Agreed.
(PS3VU) [10] Agreed.
[11] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [12] No.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [13] No.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [14] No.
(PS3VU) [15] Right.
[16] Well, it's not a positive action that is noted, as we're actually saying that we've we've read it, basically.
[17] Can we now move on to Appendix B.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [18] We've not really understood it, Chairman.
(PS3VU) [19] Appendix B. Right, Chris has already been through this part of it.
[20] Does anybody like to make a contribution on Appendix B ... Right, [clears throat] the point is that we're accepting that we support it, and that the Association of County Councils and that's the International Affairs Sub-Committee of the A C C be informed of the County Council's support, of the options set out in Appendix B. Is that agreed?
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [21] Agreed.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [22] Agreed.
(PS3VU) [23] Thank you.
[24] Can we now move to Item Thirteen.
[25] Paper L. Director of Corporate Services Report.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [26] Could I just say, that erm, the record of the erm issues of re-grading, longer hours, and so forth I noted the comments made on it.
(PS3VU) [27] Thank you.
[28] Anybody want to raise any item, either on the covering sheet or the Appendix.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [29] [...] recommendations [...]
(PS3VU) [30] Is that agreed?
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [31] Agreed.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [32] Agreed.
(PS3VU) [33] Thank you.
[34] Final item on the agenda.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [35] [...] this is a record of the erm, circulars that have come into the County Council, if anyone casts their mind rapidly down the list, you'll see one point five, one point five, one point five.
[36] Seem to be almost anywhere except on over the page at the top, where it says one point four, and that was er, local authority fire brigade, other than that [...]
(PS3VU) [37] Right, any questions.
[38] Recommendation is that, is it the report be noted.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [39] Agreed.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [40] Agreed.
(PS3VU) [41] that's the end of the item.
[42] Thanks for your attendance.
[43] I declare the meeting closed.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [44] Five pounds.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [45] Nobody put five pounds on the table, eventually.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [46] Ah.
(PS3VU) [47] I didn't, I would have I would have accused that Jack would actually publicise this as another Westminster scandal.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [48] Right, thank you.
(PS3VU) [49] Thank you.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [...]
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [50] What do you want done with this?
(PS3VU) [51] I don't know, have a word with [...] quick word with Jim.
Unknown speaker (J9EPSUNK) [52] Unavailable.