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Bradford Metropolitan Council: meeting. Sample containing about 3750 words speech recorded in public context

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  1. Tape 112401 recorded on 1991-05-21. LocationWest Yorkshire: Bradford ( Council Chamber ) Activity: Council Meeting debate

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(J9FPSUNK) [1] Before starting the formal business, I would ask members to stand in silence as a tribute to the former Lord Mayor, the late Councillor ... Move to the election of Lord Mayor.
[2] Have I a nomination for the office of Lord Mayor for the year?
(J9FPSUNK) [too quiet to hear]
(J9FPSUNK) [3] Thank you very much.
[4] Is that seconded?
(J9FPSUNK) [5] Yes er Chairman I I formally second that.
(J9FPSUNK) [6] Thank you very much Councillor ... Councillor I understand you have waived your right to speak to the nomination in favour of Councillor .
[7] Councillor would you please like to s
(J9FPSUNK) [8] gives me pleasure to be involved in the nomination for the office of Lord [tape cuts/breaks here] April 1992 for s Councillor .
[9] It has been my pleasure and privilege to have known since 1967 when he made me a member of the Labour Party.
[10] Since that time I have come to know him and his wife and I can vouch that together they will be first class first citizens of and the office of the Lord Mayorality will continue to be respected and dignified and enhanced by their terms of office.
[11] Before I reveal to the distinguished company gathered here this morning some of Councillor good works, I feel it incumbent upon me and appropriate to pay tribute to Councillor , our Lord Mayor, who died in office in April and I offer my sincere condolences to Mrs from my party and the Council.
[12] Councillor has lived and worked all his life in with the exception of his war service in the army which was spent in the South of England, of which I will make mention later.
[13] , I am told, did not come into politics, he was born into politics and I understand that his parents were strong and prominent members of the independent Labour Party and the Labour Party.
[14] and I share some common history, for in our early adult life, both of us have held high office in the Anglican Church.
[15] We have both held the office of Head Server, he at and I at and both of us remain members of the Anglican Church.
[16] The word commitment is extremely important because whatever has happened, and goodness knows what will happen in politics, commitment to the Labour Party and loyalty to the Council will remain.
[17] The essential driving force is always difficult to define but the one thing that has struck me about is his intolerance of injustice wherever it presents itself.
[18] I make this point because I am sure that during his year of office he will continue his fight against injustice and let officers of the Council and the Labour Group be aware.
[19] has held just about every office it is possible to hold in the Labour Party.
[20] He has been prominent, not only in Ward organisation but also in Constituency Party organisation.
[21] My recollections of will always be around that of Treasurer.
[22] The Labour Party has always been solvent whenever and wherever he was in office.
[23] In fact, when I joined the party in 1967, I was charged six shillings for my annual subscription.
[24] The following year I was refunded three and ninepence by his successor because I had been over-charged.
(J9FPSUGP) [laugh]
(J9FPSUNK) [25] There are a considerable number of Labour Party members sitting in this Council Chamber who have given a greater financial contribution than they ever expected to make because was Treasurer.
(J9FPSUGP) [laugh]
(J9FPSUNK) [26] He was prominent in the Co-operative Movement and Party over many years, during which he held various offices.
[27] He worked in the private sector of industry in the w d in the wool industry for many years when wool was the staple industry of .
[28] Later he came to work at the [...] house which was his first entry into Local Government.
[29] From here he entered N A L G O and held high office within the Union and many members have to thank for representing them at pay s pay negotiations etcetera.
[30] He was a founder members of the N A L G O Sports and Social Club, along with Councillor,s sorry, along with former Councillor .
[31] There was always political sparring around the bar when these two people were present and I am told that not many rounds were bought, but many rounds were fought.
[32] In 1981, the same year as retired from working life, he was elected to Metropolitan County Council, eventually becoming Chair of the prestigious Personnel Committee.
[33] Of course, these were difficult years and the life of his term of office on the County Council was extended by one year by the Government because of , because abolition was imminent.
[34] So 1986 was elected a member of the Council for Ward.
[35] At the first meeting of the Labour Group he was elected Secretary, a position which he has held until today.
[36] has always involved himself with the community and it was during his first term of office here that one of our cherished hopes came to fruition, a community centre for , called The Village Hall.
[37] Meanwhile, over at , also in the Ward, there was a new replacement building for Community Association which, incidentally, under his Chairmanship, goes from strength to strength.
[38] Serving on the Housing Committee and then on the Social Services and Strategic Housing Committee, and back to the Housing Committee, has devoted his work to this area of Council activity.
[39] Vice Chair, I have given the Council, I believe, many good reasons for electing to the office of Lord Mayor for this year.
[40] But I promised earlier in my speech that I would mention service in the Royal Artillery during the Second World War where he rose to the rank of Sergeant.
[41] He was put in charge of a huge gun protecting the South coast of England from any invasion.
[42] This gun was in fact called His Majesty's Gun Blastbuster and it required a contingent of a hundred troops to operate it.
[43] The idea was that, when the right moment came, the gun would be transported over the sea to assist with the allied invasion of Germany.
[44] However, the cost of the efficiency of the Royal Engineers in blowing up bridges, the gun never left these shores because most of the bridges was not strong enough to withstand it.
[45] was disappointed but pleased that the war was coming to an end.
[46] Essentially is a man of peace, even if he doesn't always give that appearance.
(J9FPSUGP) [laugh]
(J9FPSUNK) [47] can tell many stories about this gun and recently, when another gun er was being assembled for transporting to another country, was able to explain with the aid of a photograph that such guns have existed and this received publicity in the Telegraph and Argus.
[48] Forty two years ago was married to .
[49] I haven't said anything yet about .
[50] She too, has many accomplishments, worked for many years in the Rating and Valuation Office, now the District Valuer's Office.
[51] is an amazingly calm person and by her intuitive skills can bring peace to h to heated situations, an exceptionally useful gift when married to a politician.
[52] She will make an excellent Lady Mayoress and will keep calm through the more turbulent moments of being Chair of this Council.
[53] There is nothing more to say except I hope that their year of office will be filled with happiness and wish them well with all their endeavours on behalf of Council.
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping] [short break in recording]
(J9FPSUNK) [54] Councillor , do you wish to speak?
(J9FPSUNK) [55] Yes, thank you very much er [tape cuts/breaks here]
(J9FPSUNK) [56] Er, on the first day that I joined this Council which was the first day that you joined er Councillor .
[57] Ah but unlike me, him, I was a raw recruit whilst he had experienced County Council and he had worked on both sides of the Council Chamber as a as a Government Officer, I believe, and er County Councillor.
[58] But I was a commanded to go to a seminar.
[59] Now seminar in point of fact was new to my vocabulary and I had ideas of it being some sematic ritual with a small operation at the end of it.
[60] In fact, it wasn't.
[61] Ah, thank you very much, yes.
[62] Now, shortly will be donning the mantle of a very demanding office and I'm sure er that you will fulfil that office with dignity and respect ah and I wish you, on behalf of the Group, a very very happy and successful year to both you and your good lady.
[63] Now, you did once tell me, very very recently in fact, that you were the the father of this Council s with rather a contradiction in fact was that because I've seen you trotting around the corridors of this er this Council and it you're more like the baby of the Council than er than the father, but I I do bow to your superior knowledge of Councilling.
[64] So with that er honourable guests, Vice Chairman, Councillors, ah I wish you on behalf of the Conservative Group, a happy full and successful year of o office.
[65] Thank you very much Vice Chairman.
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping] [tape cuts/breaks here]
(J9FPSUNK) [66] Does any other member wish to speak or put [...] Councillor . [tape cuts/breaks here]
(J9FPSUNK) [67] Yes,, I've never heard the er the full title before, it's always just been er so I was so as far as I've always heard it.
[68] Er, Councillor said how long he he's known er er and I think he said he also got him into the the Labour Party on the first meeting on their early meeting.
[69] My first meeting with was e a I doubt whether he actually remembers er but it was actually on an Inter City, I don't know whether he does remember, on an Inter City back from London erm three or four years ago when h he also tried to get me to join the Labour Party if I remember rightly.
(J9FPSUGP) [laugh]
(J9FPSUNK) [70] One thing that can be said about is that he he's never drab.
[71] Erm, Local Government and Local Council work is often seen as being very drab and indeed we all know that it's becoming probably less exciting nowadays with the constraints that there are and what Councils still require er in abundance are characters, people who bring a bit of excitement to Council affairs w i at whatever level and I think that one thing that has is character, sadly missing in so many younger politicians I must say.
[72] So it's a pleasure really, I think it's true, I think there are very many people who undermine and er undervalue the contribution made by people who have been in politics for a long time and I think what they also forget is the level of commitment that these people have put in over many many years.
[73] It's very easy for young people to come into politics, full of enthusiasm and full up of get up get up and go and many of them get up and go after a few years.
[74] So I take my hat off to any person from any Party who is involved in political life for such a long time because it's an effort and it requires a sacrifice er not only to the [...] but also to careers and perhaps, most important of all, to family life.
[75] So I take my hat off to .
[76] I wish him a a successful year, a happy year and a busy year and I'm sure that he will be a credit to all of us on the Council.
[77] Thank you.
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping] [tape cuts/breaks here]
(J9FPSUNK) [78] Does any other member wish to speak?
[79] All those in favour of Councillor please show. [tape cuts/breaks here]
(J9FPSUNK) [80] I declare Councillor duly elected Lord Mayor.
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping] [general background noise]
(J9FPSUNK) [81] I,, having been elected to the office of Lord Mayor, declare that I take thi that office upon myself and will duly and faithfully fulfil the duties of it according to the best of my judgement and ability.
[82] I undertake to be guided by the National Code of Local Government Conduct in the performance of my functions in that office ...
(J9FPSUNK) [83] Have I a nomination for the office of Vice Chair of Council?
(J9FPSUNK) [84] I'd like to nominate the present Vice Chair, as the Vice Chair for the coming year.
(J9FPSUNK) [85] Have I a second?
(J9FPSUNK) [...]
(J9FPSUNK) [86] Are there any other nominations?
[87] That being so, all those in favour of the nomination of Councillor please show ... .
[88] There is obviously a clear majority.
[89] I declare Councillor duly appointed Vice Chair of Council.
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [90] I,,be having been elected to the office of Vice Chair, declare that I take that office upon myself and will duly and faithfully fulfil the duties of it according to the best of my judgement and ability.
[91] I undertake to be guided by the National Code of Local Government Conduct in the performance of any functions in that office ...
(J9FPSUNK) [92] Will you please be upstanding whilst the Lord Mayor departs from the Council Chamber? [tape cuts/breaks here]
(J9FPSUNK) [93] Honourary Freeman, Members of Parliament, Members of Council, distinguished guests, reverend sirs, ladies and gentlemen.
[94] I would like to thank Councillor , Councillor , Councillor er Councillor for the kind things that have been said about me in proposing my nomination as Lord Mayor.
[95] I didn't recognise myself, to be honest, er I anticipated all sorts of revelations to b have been made but er they didn't appear.
[96] However, I must tell you, yes I am I do and have been Treasurer of various organisations.
[97] I am a Treasurer who likes to keep hold of the money, I like to receive it, I don't like to give it out.
[98] It reminds me of the words of Robbie Burns, oh would the Gods the gift to gi us, to see ourselves as others see us.
[99] My wife and I are very conscious of the very high honour that you have bestowed upon us and I must also thank my Party for proposing, and you all for electing, me to the office of Lord Mayor for the Metropolitan City of .
[100] This is an unusual and sad occasion because the man we elected as Lord Mayor twelve months ago is no longer with us.
[101] But one thing is very clear, that Councillor will go down in the history of this city as one of it's most outstanding sons, who endeared himself to people in all walks of life.
[102] He graced his office with dignity and performed his duties with such excellence that I know I may have difficulty in walking in his footsteps.
[103] He was lucky to have the support of his family, but above all, in having as his Lady Mayoress a wife who showed him such love and devotion, in sickness and in health.
[104] No-one could have tended and [...] him night and day in his illness as she did.
[105] , you are with us today and I assure you that all members of of Council join me in conveying our love, affection and good wishes to you.
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [106] However, I must com comment on the way that since Christmas the Vice Chair of Council has undertaken the many civic duties he has been called upon to perform, assisted by his wife .
[107] While some of us have sought to help, the real weight of responsibility has fallen on his shoulders and those of his wife and I'm sure all members of Council will join with me in saying a very real thank you to them both.
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [108] Now comment was made during the er nominations [...] to this office.
[109] I can never understand quite why the press are so keen to know somebody's age, it doesn't matter what you do, what you are, but they want to know how old you are.
[110] Well, as Councillor told you, I am the father of the Council.
[111] If I live, and I certainly am intending doing, until the twenty seventh of August of this year, I shall have reached the ripe old age of seventy five.
(J9FPSUNK) [112] Well done
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [113] I'm always willing to stand down if somebody can claim to be a little older.
[114] I know that the new members of Council have been welcomed into our midst and it must be along time since there've been so many changes.
[115] Remarkable that out of thirty people elected last May, fifteen of them are new to this Council, a staggering seventeen percent of the Council if you do it statistically.
[116] To them I'll say you'll find things are strange for a time but, with the help of your colleagues, you'll soon find your feet but, for yourselves, avoid falling into the bad habits of others.
(J9FPSUGP) [laugh]
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [117] And resolve to take an active part in the [...] in this chamber, but in particular in committee and sub-committees where the real work takes place.
[118] It's only a few days since I was sitting in the seats you all occupy, realising the difficult job that a Lord Mayor has to undertake in keeping members in order.
[119] Now it's my turn to perform that task and I am sure you are all going to turn over a new leaf and make things easy for me.
(J9FPSUGP) [laugh]
(J9FPSUNK) [120] I hope so.
[121] Er, but rest assured, Councillor , I'm no easy pushover and we'll deal with any who stray from the path.
[122] During last year there were a number of occasions on which members made personal verbal attacks on other members.
[123] I give due warning that this behaviour will not be tolerated and I will protect members from any unwarranted abuse.
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [124] I intend, during my year of office, to get out and meet the people.
[125] In particular, I would like to try to visit as many schools as possible.
[126] Equally, I would encourage schools to send contingents of youngsters to this City Hall.
[127] I want the City Hall to stop being a drab place but to ring to the laughter and joy of young people, so let let's change the image that we are creating.
[128] For the people of this city like to meet and greet the Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress, we will strive to meet as many people in all walks of life as possible.
[129] During the past year, a difficult year, we have seen the beginnings of change taking place.
[130] Whilst the country is still in a continuing and worsening economic depression, and while unemployment rises daily, we must be prepared to meet the challenge, must not miss the opportunities that undoubtedly will come our way.
[131] The development is about to take off, there is a promise of the electrification of the rail network link with , progress on the trunk road is now a firm promise and it's likely that we shall have er er the trolley buses running in after very many years.
[132] Is it too much to ask that interest rates hopefully continue to fall at the f
(J9FPSUNK) [133] elected on the second of May and wish them an enjoyable and fruitful term of office.
[134] As they call out the names of the new members, I would like them to stand so they can all recognise and welcome them.
[135] Councillor [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [136] Councillor [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [137] Councillor
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [138] Councillor
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [139] Councillor
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [140] Councillor
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [141] Councillor
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [142] Councillor
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [143] Councillor
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [144] Councillor
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [145] Councillor
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [146] Councillor
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [147] Councillor
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [148] Councillor
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [149] and Councillor
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [150] Members will be aware
(J9FPSUGP) [...]
(J9FPSUNK) [151] Be careful.
(J9FPSUGP) [laugh]
(J9FPSUNK) [152] Members will be aware that ex-Councillors and were unsuccessful at the polls and I wish to ask the Council to place on record its thanks to their contribution to the work of this Council made by those members and to wish them well in the future.
(J9FPSUGP) [153] Hear hear
(J9FPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9FPSUNK) [154] Er, inspection of internal documents.
[155] Are there any [...] to report.
(J9FPSUNK) [156] There are no er no restricted documents, Lord Mayor.
(J9FPSUNK) [157] I call upon Councillor to move that the dates of the Council meetings for 1991 ninety two be as set out in the Council Agen genda.
(J9FPSUNK) [158] I move, Lord Mayor.
(J9FPSUNK) [159] Seconded?
[160] Do you wish to speak?
[161] All in favour please show.
[162] Ok.
[163] Pass.
[164] Overwhelmingly.
[165] Move on to standing orders.
[166] I call upon Councillor to move the adoption of standing orders, including powers and duties, together with amendments fees standing in his name.
(J9FPSUNK) [167] I move Lord Mayor and in so doing to say that the controlling group can accept the amendment proposed by the Conservative Group on standing order C six A.
(J9FPSUNK) [168] Sec seconded my Lord Mayor.
(J9FPSUNK) [169] [...] clarification that that's the er just the amendment relating to where you were trying to take away the rights of ward members to attend? [...] as you have taken away the rights of members on questions, comments er and other things [...]
(J9FPSUNK) [...]
(J9FPSUNK) [170] which changes the existing circumstances.
(J9FPSUNK) [171] Happy Councillor
(J9FPSUNK) [...]
(J9FPSUNK) [172] Anyway we need you to s to to move your amendment A.
(J9FPSUNK) [...]
(J9FPSUNK) [173] Seconded?
(J9FPSUNK) [174] I second that.
(J9FPSUNK) [175] Does Councillor , do you wish to say anything further?
(J9FPSUNK) [176] No Lord Mayor.
(J9FPSUNK) [177] Alright.
[178] Therefore I will as ask for those in favour of the substantive motion, including amendment A as moved by Councillor .
[179] Do we?
(J9FPSUNK) [180] [whispering] we've got the motions here [...] those in favour []
(J9FPSUNK) [181] [whispering] do we need [...] []
(J9FPSUNK) [whispering] [...] []
(J9FPSUNK) [182] Oh, I'm sorry.
[183] Those in favour of amendment A moved by Councillor ?
[184] We'll do it correct ... Those against? ...
(J9FPSUNK) [185] [whispering] that's lost []
(J9FPSUNK) [186] [whispering] that's lost [...] []
(J9FPSUNK) [187] Lost.
[188] Thirty three to fifty three.
[189] Those in favour of the substantive motion please show.
(J9FPSUNK) [190] [whispering] that will incorporates []
(J9FPSUNK) [191] That incorporates
(J9FPSUNK) [whispering] [...] []
(J9FPSUNK) [192] Par
(J9FPSUNK) [193] [whispering] [...] C six A []
(J9FPSUNK) [194] P it in it includes the am amendment moved by er the amendment B standing in the name Councillor but it equally includes that part of er the amendment C six A. All those in favour please show? ...
(J9FPSUNK) [195] [whispering] I don't know why they aren't voting in favour to be honest [...] []
(J9FPSUNK) [196] Those against.
[197] Well, it's obviously a lot less than fifty three, isn't it?
(J9FPSUGP) [laugh]
(J9FPSUNK) [...]
(J9FPSUNK) [198] Don't be too sure of that Councillor .
[199] You c can't see behind you, y'know.
(J9FPSUGP) [laugh]
(J9FPSUNK) [...]
(J9FPSUNK) [200] [laugh] .
[201] No no I can I can call it again if you want to but.
[202] I call upon Councillor to move the adoption of standing orders for contracts and financial regulations.
(J9FPSUNK) [203] [...] Lord Mayor.
(J9FPSUNK) [204] Is there a seconder?
(J9FPSUNK) [...]
(J9FPSUNK) [205] Do you wish to speak on this matter?
(J9FPSUNK) [206] No Lord Mayor.
(J9FPSUNK) [207] Right.
[208] Those in favour of of the substantive motion please show ...
(J9FPSUNK) [209] [whispering] and those against []
(J9FPSUNK) [210] Those against?
[211] I'll give ya a chance.
[212] Oh, you're not voting again.
[213] Well, it's overwhelming [...] isn't it?
[214] I call upon Councillor to move the appointment to committees as set out in the [...] sheets circulated round the chamber.
[215] Councillor ?
(J9FPSUNK) [216] I move Lord Mayor
(J9FPSUNK) [217] Seconded, Councillor ?
(J9FPSUNK) [...]
(J9FPSUNK) [218] [whispering] all those in favour []
(J9FPSUNK) [219] All those in favour please show ... Well it looks unanimous.
[220] I'd say it's a unanimous decision is that.
[221] Call upon Councillor to move the adoption of the cycle of meetings for 1991 ninety two as set out on the Council Agenda, together with amendment C standing in his name.
(J9FPSUNK) [222] I move Lord Mayor
(J9FPSUNK) [223] Seconded?
(J9FPSUNK) [224] Seconded Lord Mayor
(J9FPSUNK) [225] Er, all in favour?
(J9FPSUNK) [226] [whispering] unanimous []
(J9FPSUNK) [227] Unanimous.
[228] That completes the business of this Cou Council meeting.
[229] Thank you very much.
(J9FPSUGP) [...] [tape change]