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  1. Tape 112407 recorded on 1991-10-29. LocationWest Yorkshire: Bradford ( Council Chamber ) Activity: Council Meeting debate

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(J9KPSUNK) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [1] Good afternoon.
[2] Item one on the agenda is the closure, disclosure of interest.
[3] Call upon the Director of Legal Services. [tape breaks here]
(J9KPSUNK) [4] There are dispensations from the Secretary of State for the Environment for Councillors ,,,, and because either of their own or their spouse's employment in the Health Service.
[5] That dispensation enables the members to to speak during the debate but not to vote, me having first recorded a disclosure of interest by those members.
(J9KPSUNK) [6] Does any other member or officer wish to disclose an interest in any matters to be dealt with at this meeting?
[7] Item two in minutes.
[8] I move that the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on the sixteenth of July be signed as a correct record.
[9] Is there a seconder?
(J9KPSUNK) [10] Lord Mayor
(J9KPSUNK) [11] N all those in favour please show.
[12] Item three on the agenda, apologies for absence.
(J9KPSUNK) [13] Er, Councillors ,, and my Lord Mayor.
(J9KPSUNK) [14] Are there any other
(J9KPSUNK) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [15] Item four, renouncements.
[16] Copies of my announcements have been circulated to all members of the Council on the blue seats.
[17] However, I will read them to you.
[18] I have been asked by the building custodian acting on behalf of the fire service to inform you that, should the fire alarm sound, you are required to leave the building in an orderly fashion by the nearest exit.
[19] No-one will be allowed to stay or return until the building has been checked.
[20] It is my sad duty to inform members that Doctor , former City Treasurer of County Borough Council and an Honorary Freeman of the City died in August.
[21] I have written to Mrs on behalf of the Council expressing our sorrow and extending a message of support to her in her and her family at this sad time.
[22] I would like to invite members to stand and join me in a few moments silence in memory of Doctor . [tape breaks here]
(J9KPSUNK) [23] Thank you.
[24] On behalf of the Council I would like to offer sincere congratulations to and for their recent successes in the Britain in Bloom competition.
[25] Members may be aware that received the National Britain in Bloom award for 1990 in the town category and, as a result, were entered in the o entente fleural, a European competition similar to that of Britain in Bloom.
[26] I was very proud to say that finished in second place, a very creditable performan achievement, as I am sure members will agree.
[27] Members may also be aware that won the small town category in the in bloom competition, which resulted in entry to the National Britain in Bloom awards.
[28] Unfortunately were not successful in winning the small towns category on this occasion but nevertheless I am sure that members would want to congratulate on their considerable success in the regional finals of this prestigious competition.
[29] I have just learnt have recently achieved a cup double, being winners of the speedway star knockout cup and the B S P A cup, as well as finishing second in the Sunbright British League, their best performance ever.
[30] I am sure members will be aware speed speedway received financial assistance from the Council a few years ago when they ran into difficulties.
[31] It's a great tribute to the that they have managed triumph over adversity and achieved such tremendous results this season and I am sure that members would want me to place on record the Council's congratulations on their performance.
(J9KPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9KPSUNK) [32] Good that we're doing something good in sport, isn't it?
[33] ... Item five, inspection of internal documents.
[34] I call on the Director of Legal Ser [tape breaks here]
(J9KPSUNK) [35] There've been no complaints against restrictions, Lord Mayor.
(J9KPSUNK) [36] Petitions.
[37] First one is about dogs.
[38] I move that the petition to be presented from persons about opposing the making of byelaws and supporting of a poop scoop scheme be received.
[39] Is there a seconder?
(J9KPSUNK) [40] Seconded Lord Mayor
(J9KPSUNK) [41] All in favour please show?
[42] That is carried.
[43] Will the petitioners please come forward ...
(J9KPSUNK) [44] Wel welcome to the meeting you may s you may speak for not more than five minutes.
[45] Please start when you're ready.
(J9KPSUNK) [46] Thank you.
[47] My Lord Mayor, ladies and gentlemen.
[48] I represent the recently formed responsible dog ownership group which consists of people from most areas of the metropolitan district, both dog owners and non dog owners.
[49] On behalf of this group I would like to present to the Council a petition containing in excess of two thousand signatures from people throughout the metropolitan district who object to the originally reported suggestion that Metropolitan Council are proposing to make byelaws requiring that all dogs should be kept on leads at all times in all public places.
[50] We are aware that the suggestion relating to all public places has now been changed to, on all land owned by Metropolitan Council but this does not allay our concern.
[51] In fact, in our view, it would only aggravate the situation even further if such a byelaw was to be adopted, as most people within the district do not know which land is owned by the Council and which is not.
[52] We do appreciate that it is reasonable to impose restrictions on dogs in such areas as children's playgrounds, flower beds etcetera and we do support the extension of the byelaws relating to dogs fouling footways and grass verges and also the byelaws relating to the removal of canine faeces.
[53] However, we feel that such [...] measures as those being mooted would only lead to further problems.
[54] It is the view of many of the vets in the district, the R S P C A Inspectorate and other dog handling professionals, that dogs must have adequate natural exercise and they should be given the opportunity to run freely as frequently as possible.
[55] Failure to provide such opportunities does cause dogs to become more excitable and aggressive and this in turn reduces the level of control experienced by the handler.
[56] A dog constantly restrained is an unhappy dog and an unhappy dog is more likely to become a problem dog.
[57] The responsible dog ownership group has received correspondence on this matter from the Animal Shelter, which is the agency currently being used by the Government to register pit bull terriers.
[58] They also express concern regarding this suggestion.
[59] It is their view that such a measure will be very counter-productive.
[60] To introduce further byelaws, with all the attendant costs of application to the Home Off , with all the attendant costs of such things as application to the Home Office to enact the byelaw, the probability of requiring to post notices on all Council-owned land etcetera so that the public knows which is Council-owned land would, in the opinion of the responsible dog ownership group, be a waste of the charge payers' money as we believe that the Council already have sufficient powers to deal with any problems arising by reference to the existing pleasure grounds byelaws and or the Dangerous Dogs Act.
[61] It should be noted that this view has recently been confirmed by the Council successfully prosecuting a person under the 1954 Pleasure Ground Byelaw.
[62] We understand that there is a dog working party of Council officers already established and we would formally request that the responsible dog ownership group be allowed a representative on that working party to ensure that the views of the two thousand plus petitioners and over two hundred and fifty persons who have written individual letters on the subject to Mister of the recreation division are considered.
[63] We would also hope that, should there be a need in the future to make a decision in Council regarding application for such a byelaw, you, the members, will give proper consideration to the views I have expressed on behalf of the ro responsible dog ownership group.
[64] In conclusion, I'd like to thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to present our petition.
[65] Thank you.
(J9KPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9KPSUNK) [66] Thank you.
[67] Does any member wish to move that the subject matter be referred to the appropriate member body?
[68] Councillor ?
(J9KPSUNK) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [69] Seconded?
[70] All those in favour please show.
[71] Ok.
[72] It'll be mooted.
[73] Thank you very much ... .
[74] The second petition is about nursery classes at first school.
[75] I move that the petition to be presented from persons requesting the provision of a nursery class at this school be received.
(J9KPSUNK) [76] Seconded Lord Mayor
(J9KPSUNK) [77] All in favour?
[78] Ok.
[79] That is carried.
[80] Will the petitioners please come forward? ...
(J9KPSUNK) [81] Welcome to the meeting.
[82] You must speak for not more than five minutes.
[83] Please start when you're ready.
(J9KPSUNK) [84] My Lord Mayor.
[85] This is a petition for a nurs nursery class within the first school.
[86] My name is , I'm the chair of governors.
[87] I'm supported in this application by , the chair of the , Mister , deputy chair, and Mrs and , parent governors.
[88] is a compact area, now isolated by the traffic from the trunk road.
[89] The population is around five thousand three hundred.
[90] A questionnaire circulated by the Friends has identified one hundred and forty children living close to the school whose parents would wish nursery provision for them.
[91] Only one parent did not wish provision.
[92] Not all of could be sampled by the questionnaire but comparison with the 1991 census figures suggests that the number of children in the catchment area could be over three hundred.
[93] Of the fifty two children entering the school in September 1991 only six percent had received nursery education, compared with thirty nine percent from families who have moved in to in the past.
[94] To attend nearby nurseries involves car transport to or since bus timing is unsuitable.
[95] Places in those nurseries are now fewer.
[96] The only pre-school provision within is a playgroup which does not have its own premises.
[97] They now have only five weekly sessions instead of six, to comply with recent legislation.
[98] The playgroup leasers support this petition and say that they would have a valuable role preparing the children for nursery education, feeling that the children at four plus need more than the s playgroup can offer.
[99] Forty six point five percent of the children within the school come from Council rented housing, well above the thirty eight percent criterion for the school to receive social disadvantage allowance.
[100] Families in this category are normally without transport and therefore excluded from facilities outside .
[101] Frequently, they are unable to afford the playgroup fees and therefore miss all pre-school experience.
[102] This makes worse the problems of disadvantage and over-stretched [...] resources, including time demands on working mothers.
[103] The school now has an increasing number of entrants with special needs, including children with [...] support, children with behavioural difficulties and children already statemented.
[104] If had a nursery, all of these children would be able to start their education in their own community, without the expense and the disruption of being taxied out through the traffic jams.
[105] From an education viewpoint, all the children of would benefit from a natural flow from nursery into reception classes.
[106] Parents could be involved sooner in the childrens' educations.
[107] Better behaviour patterns could be established in a familiar place.
[108] The school at present has no spare classroom space and no likelihood of the number of children in decreasing.
[109] There is, however, room for a new building an play area.
[110] We urge you to consider our request for a nursery to be attached to the first school to give the children a head start in their education.
[111] We present our petition of nine hundred and fifty six names.
[112] Thank you.
(J9KPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9KPSUNK) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [113] Si sit down a minute love
(J9KPSUNK) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [114] Yes, well, it's alright.
[115] I haven't f I have something to say first.
(J9KPSUGP) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [116] Does any member who wish to move the subject matter be referred to the appropriate member body?
[117] Councillor ?
[118] Councillor ?
(J9KPSUGP) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [119] All those in favour?
(J9KPSUGP) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [120] That's clearly carried.
[121] Thank you very much.
(J9KPSUGP) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [122] [clears throat] Now the third petition is one to deal with a pelican crossing at Avenue.
[123] I move the petition to be presented from pers from persons requesting the provision of a pelican crossing at Avenue be received.
[124] Is there is a seconder?
[125] Thank you.
[126] All in favour?
[127] That is carried.
[128] Will the petitioners please come forward? ...
(J9KPSUNK) [129] Welcome to the meeting.
[130] You may speak for not more than five minutes.
[131] Please start when you're ready ...
(J9KPSUNK) [132] Lord Mayor, parents and staff at first school and local residents are requesting that the Council instal a pelican crossing on the site of the existing zebra crossing.
[133] There's been concern over this area for several years but nothing's actually been done.
[134] A similar request was approved three years ago but has never been implemented.
[135] Parents and residents were given the impression that something was going to be done and were very dismayed to find that nothing has been done yet, hence this petition.
[136] There has been one fatal accident on the crossing in recent years which was the tragic death of a young baby.
[137] In addition there have been several other accidents where cars have collided with each others.
[138] These are not actually recorded on police statistics but th nevertheless they could have been much more serious than in fact they were.
[139] I witnessed an accident where a vehicle collided into the back of another one, pushing it completely across the crossing.
[140] At the time there were parents and children waiting to cross over the crossing and it could have been much more serious.
[141] The crossing is situated on a very busy dual carriageway where the speed limit is forty miles an hour and I would point th point out this literature which says that at forty miles an hour, if children are knocked into, most children are killed.
[142] But in fact most of the vehicles travel at fifty or sixty miles an hour on this crossing.
[143] It's a very busy crossing.
[144] Some of the children at school went out to do a traffic count recently and there was so much volume of traffic that the children were not able to keep up with th putting the [...] in the [...] to keep up with the volume of traffic.
[145] Many motorists use the dual carriageway as an extension of the motorway.
[146] The dual carriageway is just of the motorway and people are gearing up to go on the motorway.
[147] The practice of having zebra crossings on any multi-lane road doesn't seem to be very common outside .
[148] Myself and my family have never seen it in our travels, bridges or or pelican crossings or subways would be provided instead.
[149] Visiting drivers to , after a few hours on the motorway, are hardly going to be looking for a zebra crossing on such a busy dual carriageway.
[150] We believe that the peli th the current zebra crossing is unfair and dangerous to both pedestrians and vehicle occupants.
[151] Heavy vehicles, slowing down to allow people to cross, are often overtaken by cars, unaware of the crossing and the reason for the slowing heavy vehicle.
[152] A bus stop just before the zebra crossing only confuses the issue further.
[153] A vehicle volunteering to stop at the zebra crossing can only stop one of the two lanes, with no control over the other.
[154] I've seen many examples of vehicles, further back, unaware of the situation, switching lanes and accelerating.
[155] Many people feel very strongly about the dangers.
[156] One resident I spoke to, whose house is immediately on the zebra crossing, reports that every day he dreads hearing the squealing of bl brakes and looking out of his window.
[157] Another local resident has had a child who's broken he broken his arm on the crossing when a car hit into him.
[158] A policeman who works in the area describes Avenue as a nightmare of a crossing and I and other parents who have to take children across would entirely agree with this.
[159] I cross the crossing eight times a day with my own two children and I would underline how hazardous it is.
[160] One lane, often heavy traffic, tends to stop while the other continues to rush past at speed and the pedestrians' view is obscured by the heavy traffic.
[161] It's very difficult with a parent with a pushchair or a double buggy and other children to bring across.
[162] Unaccompanied children also cross this crossing, and the elderly, and they are very vulnerable from vehicles which seem to appear out of nowhere.
[163] To conclude, the current zebra crossing is unfair to pedestrians and motorists.
[164] A previous request for a pelican crossing was approved in 1988 but was never implemented.
[165] Parents and staff at school, and local residents who use the crossing, are united in this petition for a pelican crossing to replace the current zebra crossing at the earliest opportunity.
(J9KPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9KPSUNK) [166] Thank you.
[167] Does any member wish to move that the subject matter be referred to the appropriate member body?
[168] Councillor
(J9KPSUNK) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [169] Seconded?
(J9KPSUNK) [170] Seconded Lord Mayor
(J9KPSUNK) [171] All those in favour.
[172] That's clearly carried.
[173] Thank you very much.
[174] Thank you ... Item seven is membership of committees.
[175] I call upon Councillor to move a motion, details of which have been circulated.
(J9KPSUNK) [176] Moved Lord Mayor
(J9KPSUNK) [177] Seconded?
[178] All in agreement?
[179] Ok.
[180] Item eight, which is Policy and Resources Committee, there are no recommendations arising from the meeting on the twenty second of October.
[181] Which brings us on to item nine which is er employment action.
[182] I call upon Councillor to move the recommendations of the Community and Environment Services Committee, together with amendment A standing in his name. [tape breaks here]
(J9KPSUNK) [183] Second
(J9KPSUNK) [184] Second [tape breaks here]
(J9KPSUNK) [185] Call upon Councillor to move amendment H standing in her name [tape breaks here]
(J9KPSUNK) [186] Councillor , I believe you want to nominate Councillor , do you?
[187] I'm doing it for you.
[188] Councillor ?
(J9KPSUNK) [189] Thank you Lord Mayor.
[190] Michael Howard, Secretary of State for Unemployment, in announcing employment action in Parliament, stated, this Government, have placed policies designed to lead to job creation and they will succeed in the future as they they have succeeded in the past.
[191] With that sort of reference, it's no surprise that the Government's new plans to fiddle the unemployment figures is treated with disbelief and disdain.
[192] These policies have pushed unemployment up to two point five million and rising.
[193] That's despite thirty changes in the way that the unemployment figures are calculated.
[194] The real figure is closer to three and a half million.
[195] These policies have slashed manufacturing output and these policies have cut a massive two hundred and forty five million pound from the employment and youth training budgets for this year, which has led to a cut of eighty thousand places.
[196] When the issue of employment action was discussed at the Community and Environment Committee in September, Councillor was clinging desperately to her history books.
[197] She told us that in 1979 unemployment was increasing at the astronomical figure of two thousand three hundred a week.
[198] I will not seek to justify this, any more than I would expect the Tories to justify the three day week, the Suez Crisis or any other element of their sordid history, for what we are discussing is a situation facing thousands of people in this district today, and what we are gonna do to ensure that they have a future.
[199] The situation today is not that two thousand three hundred people are joining the dole queues every day but that ov every week, but over twenty thousand.
[200] In there are four hundred and seven jobs registered with the Job Centre and twenty three thousand five hundred and twenty six registered unemployed.
[201] The situation today is that there is not enough training places for the people who want them.
[202] The situation today is that many sixteen to eighteen year olds, who were unable to get a training place, are disbarred from getting income support, and the situation today is that this country has the lowest level of skilled workers in the European Community.
[203] And this is the result of Government policies that succeed.
[204] God help us when they fail.
[205] In the cuts in the training budget this year have led to over two hundred trainee places disappearing.
[206] One training organisation, which had taken a twenty three percent cut in funds in 1990 ninety one, had to take a further twenty percent cut this year, and the people who are worst affected by these cuts were the very people that the Tory Party had been crying crocodile tears over for so long.
[207] Women returners, the black and Asian community, people with physical disability and people with learning difficulties.
[208] They suffer disproportionately because when the cuts come it's the special needs support that many of these groups need that was the first to go.
[209] It was the help with literacy and numeracy.
[210] It was the help with English as a second language.
[211] It was the initial training that helped to boost an individual's confidence.
[212] These policies have ruined the opportunities and dreams of thousands of people throughout this district and have been carried out with no regard to the drastic effects they have had on people's lives.
[213] But wait, on the political horizon there comes a general election.
[214] Panic in Tory Party central office.
[215] What can we do to make it look like we care about the unemployed?
[216] What can we do to make it look like we actually care about training?
[217] The first thing you do is announce half way through a year that they're gonna put back some, but not all, of the money they cut from the [...] budget.
[218] There is no guarantee that this money will be available next year so training providers are now scrabbling around trying to work out ways of providing training up to the required standard in six months instead of the full year
(J9KPSUNK) [219] Those against?
(J9KPSUNK) [220] [whispering] yes [] [tape breaks here]
(J9KPSUNK) [221] That is lost, thirty to forty nine.
[222] Those in favour of the substantive motion incorporating amendment A please show.
(J9KPSUGP) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [223] Please show
(J9KPSUNK) [...] [tape breaks here]
(J9KPSUNK) [224] That is carried, forty nine to thirty two.
[225] [clears throat] . We now move on to item ten on the agenda, Local Management of Schools.
[226] In accordance with standing order A twelve little C in force at the time, Councillor of m notice of motion on Local Management of Schools was referred by the Council t on twenty third of April 1991 [clears throat] to the Education Committee.
[227] The report of the Committee is set out in document T referred to on the agenda.
[228] At the same time, at the same Council meeting, three amendments to the motion were formally moved by Councillor , Councillor and ex-Councillor respectively and seconded and were also submitted to the Committee.
[229] I call upon Councillor to move amendment C standing in his name. [tape breaks here]
(J9KPSUNK) [230] Seconder?
(J9KPSUNK) [231] Seconded Lord Mayor [tape breaks here]
(J9KPSUNK) [232] My Lord Mayor, the Local Management of Schools scheme er was reviewed first in the light of consultation which went on during its first full year of operation.
[233] It was by then already obvious that the schools had overcome their first reservations er about what the scheme had to offer and it was so obvious that they deserved recognition for their efforts that it led to my colleagues, Councillor and putting down the motion to Council in April of this year, drawing attention to the continuing success in schools throughout the district of the Local Management initiative.
[234] Instead of joining in with my group in recognising this success and congratulating the managers, the party opposite showed its usual churlishness by trying to congratulate themselves for some reason or other.
[235] They've shown opposition to the introduction of L M S right from the start and put every obstacle possible in the way of its success, and its implementation, and yet there they were congratulating themselves on how well it was working.
[236] They tried to cloud the issue even further by mixing the question of L M S with the reforms which my group brought in while we were in control of the Council which is in stark contrast to the true situation.
[237] The Local Management of Schools was due to be introduced from 1990 and the Conservative group in had the foresight to see that if the scheme was given a fair wind, and the full support of the Council, it would come to be recognised as one of the greatest reforms of [...] education.
[238] We realised that there could be some difficulties, and some apparent injustices might show up, but due to great consultative work put in by Councillors , and Mrs , often against great vilification and personal attack, many per problems were sorted out as they arose but we saw that i in April motions in amendments we see that it takes three full paragraphs of the amended motion to see that they deign to welcome initiatives which extend participation in decision making to schools, governors and parents.
[239] But note the crudity of that paragraph, which still doesn't give credit to the head teachers and governors for the way in which they've worked, and the success which they achieved.
[240] Then in the final paragraph of their er amendment the attempt to crow that the Labour Group has allowed schools to take full L M S when they were ready.
[241] What arrogance that is, that they allowed the schools to take on the full role when over fifty percent of em were already willing and anxious to do so.
[242] The arrangement of the Local Management of Schools is one of the best initiatives of the Conservative Government and it has freed schools from the heavy-handed control of Local Government, and in particular that of Labour controlled Authorities because it's a step into the unknown for some, with obviously some doubt at first, and many Labour Groups fed on those doubts with lies and threats but nevertheless it was taken up wholeheartedly by many schools.
[243] In we were fortunate in that the time of the introduction of L M S coincided with the all too brief period when this group was in control of the Council and as the window of opportunity opened to get off to a flying start
(J9KPSUGP) [244] hear hear
(J9KPSUNK) [245] So the Local Authority was in the forefront of efforts to make Local Management a success.
[246] By April 1989 every school had a computer system to help with School Management.
[247] Outside London we were the first L E A to realise that this would be necessary.
[248] We've invested well over a million pound in micro-computers for the teaching of pupils right across the three phases of first, middle, and upper schools.
[249] Support for the new governors undertaking the management was without equal.
[250] A widespread training programme was carried out to help governors and schools staff to meet their new tasks and obligations.
[251] So that some two thousand people were involved in a major training programme.
[252] A Governor Support Unit was set up and is still in operation and working well today.
[253] The National Curriculum was introduced also, alongside L M S and we're already able to see the success of that now.
[254] Testing of pupils has been introduced and is continuing to be improved in the light of experiences of its first year of work in spite of the criticisms, which are of method rather than of reason.
[255] We can see that it's gonna provide parents and pupils with the continuous necessary information which they need to see how the they're wor working out, how they're progressing, and the need for further improvement.
[256] We're now looking forward to teacher appraisal and the opportunities that this will give s school staff to enhance their own future development.
[257] All of these initiatives were made more possible as a result of, and parallel to, Local Management of Schools and all in spite of the petty opposition of so many Labour Local Government controlling groups, who just can't bear the thought that the L E A is at last breaking free of absolute Local Government control.
[258] In spite of the wording of the motion put forward by Labour members, I would point out that, under Conservative control, has spent three hundred and fifty eight pound per head compared with the Metropolitan District who average three hundred and seventeen.
[259] I'm still talking about when we were in control.
[260] Forty one per head more than the average of all comparable Authorities.
[261] These figures were confirmed even more when we saw when we saw that we spent twenty five pound more a head of population on our schools than the average Metropolitan District.
[262] This included spending almost twenty six a head more on secondary education and nearly five pound a head more on special education.
[263] To complete this numerical picture, the average spend per head of further education was almost fifty five pound per head, nearly five pound fifty more than the average Metropolitan District.
[264] So much then for the silly part of the Labour resolution of last April which tries to congratulate the Labour group on rescuing the L M S scheme.
[265] It needed no rescuing.
[266] I can assure them, and the people as a whole, that the L M S scheme had been born, was living and progressing well when Labour took control of the Council.
[267] It was already making such good progress that it's been able to grow and improve in spite of so much petty interference as the Labour Group has been able to put on it.
[268] Thank goodness that time too is passing and it won't be long now before Local Management of Schools and Local Financial Management is fully implemented and beyond the reach of the vicious Labour attacks on it's future.
(J9KPSUGP) [269] hear hear
(J9KPSUNK) [270] So, my Lord Mayor, I am sure that the original resolution of Councillor and , noting the continuing success of the Local Management Initiative, was the right one.
[271] The resolution then being flashed out by the amendments of Councillor and recognising the work of members of governing bodies given so freely.
[272] Also the importance which will come to be valued in future of the standard assessment tests.
[273] You've only to read the new Parents Charter, which John Major is introducing, to realise this.
[274] It will make it possible to have annual written reports on each child's progress.
[275] Regular reports will be made by independent inspectors on the strengths and weaknesses of each school and published tables will give parents the ability to compare the performance of local schools.
[276] This will then overcome this silly bigotry of the Labour Group in trying to ostracise the opted-out school in and the College, when this Charter is in place, we'll be able to compare every facet of education across the district because the results will be published for all to see and these two schools will not be able to be frozen out of that exercise.
[277] All of this is coming about as a direct result of the original plan for the Local Management of Schools and it's continuing success, in spite of the Labour Group and not because of it, and so I move the amendment my Lord Mayor.
(J9KPSUGP) [clapping] [tape breaks here]
(J9KPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9KPSUNK) [278] Councillor [tape breaks here]
(J9KPSUNK) [279] It i my Lord Mayor, it is indeed colossal cheek and pure hypocrisy on the part of the Tory Group, and particularly on the part of Councillor , to be putting forward the resolution congratulating schools on their success in responding to the introduction of Local Management, when they and the Government, between them impose such conditions that could only lead to chaos and disorder.
[280] The Tory Group, you will all recall, imposed l Local Management on all except small schools in the shortest possible time.
[281] And whatever Councillor says, there was an inadequate period for that essential preparation, both within the directorate and for heads and teachers, to allow them to come to terms with what Local Manage of the schools meant.
[282] Why did they do this?
[283] It's clear now, if it wasn't clear then, that they were willing to sacrifice the well-being of schools, of their staff and pupils, for the glory of their leader and for national recognition of the then Councillor , as the most ardent of Thatcher disciples and ensuring for him another step towards that coveted safe Tory seat
(J9KPSUGP) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [284] For that end, for that end, you people over there, who took a decision to implement Local Management at the earliest possible time, regardless of the state of preparation of each particular school, regardless of the resources of staff and equipment and, if that was not enough, you also introduced a cut of thirteen million pounds in education funding.
[285] Can anyone wonder that disbelief and despondency settled upon many schools in time to give way to anger and protest at the possibility of carrying out tasks that has been imposed on them under impossible conditions.
[286] Are your memories so short over there, or is it that you have deliberately forgotten or ignored the protests of that time.
[287] Do you not remember that two hundred head teachers gathered and protested and handed back their budgets?
[288] Do you not remember that when Labour took over
(J9KPSUGP) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [289] You do in fact remember as c Councillor has said, that when Labour took over and schools were given the chance to change their minds and withdraw at least to change y to change the decision and withdraw from immediate L M S, then half of the schools chose to delay it's introduction.
[290] Surely by that time it had become clear that if the Government plans for Local Management were ill-conceived, that the plans for Local Management were ill-conceived and had not been properly thought out.
[291] Surely by that time many of you must have realised that had got you into a right pickle over L M S and that you some of you I believe felt that but none of you spoke out about it.
[292] It was left to the Labour Group, on taking over control, to find a way out of the morass that you had created.
[293] Since then we have redirected plans to ease the burden on schools, given recognition to the increased work load for clerical staff and to the importance of the work they do.
[294] A great deal of time and energy has gone into dealing with anomalies and revising the formula for funding so that it distributes more fairly on the basis of need.
[295] It is much improved but still does not deal satisfactorily with disadvantages that some schools face.
[296] Many Heads have expressed to me their appreciation of what the lu Labour Group has done for them to rescue them from the plight that the Tories imposed on them.
[297] But make m n no mistake, make no mistake, the situation is still difficult, because the Government imposes conditions and changes are all so often that the resolution of problems is difficult, as you will see from the Director of Education's statement.
[298] Problems problems over the alloc because the allocation is mainly based on pupil numbers and not on pupil's needs, by the use of average salaries and not actual salaries, by changes in level of grants for support and training, and the needs of the school and the children.
[299] And we still have L M S to com t to face.
[300] Schools are indeed to be congratulated in what they have done in the face of what you pr prepared for them.
[301] Only the the congratulations are implicit it seems to me in what you have said to the Labour Group for finding a way out of the problems that you had created.
[302] Schools recognise this and you too in your hearts will recognise this.
[303] Only because of Labour proposals and actions have schools managed to deal as well as they have with L M S. Congratulations, I say, go to the Labour Group.
(J9KPSUGP) [clapping] [tape breaks here]
(J9KPSUNK) [304] Councillor , Councillor
(J9KPSUNK) [305] Thank you Lord Mayor [tape breaks here]
(J9KPSUNK) [306] [...] on about and I suspect that Councillor must be on about .
[307] The Conservative Group do indeed congratulate the Government for it's far-sighted legislation to make our schools more accountable to the people they serve.
(J9KPSUGP) [308] hear hear
(J9KPSUNK) [309] Local Management of Schools has been [...] to many of our schools.
[310] Head teachers and governing bodies under L M S control their own spending and determine their own priorities.
[311] The Conservative Group put forward proposals to give this power to the schools as soon as possible, as Councillor did say, and many of our schools took advantage, around fifty percent I believe [clears throat] .
[312] Despite this, the Labour Group did persuade some schools to delay implementation of the L M S Initiative and I rather suspect that some of these schools regret this decision today.
[313] The schools who took the challenge are happy to be in control of their own affairs.
[314] Councillor has said that we have, that his group do not believe in the testing of seven year olds.
[315] He claims that it will be a waste of time and money.
[316] This is a disgrace and wi we will never agree with him on this issue.
[317] It would deny our better schools informing parents on how they were doing.
[318] The Government's policies have meant more choice [clears throat] sorry, and higher standards in educational spending per pupil.
[319] This is over forty percent above the level in Labour's last year.
[320] Allowing for inflation the total budget for L E A's this year is around seventeen point five billion pounds, nearly sixteen percent more than last year.
[321] Parents have been given a bigger role than ever before.
[322] They can pick and help their schools to which they send their children.
[323] They can play a very very key part on governing bodies.
[324] We welcome these initiatives.
[325] Labour would cut choice and standards by scrapping the C T C's, grammar schools and grant maintained schools.
[326] What a disgrace.
[327] In conclusion, Lord Mayor, the Conservatives welcome the fact that head teachers now control their own ship.
[328] Teacher, pupils and parents now know who their captain is.
[329] The Conservatives launched this ship and we will do all in our power to stop the Labour Group of Group from scuttling it.
[330] My Lord Mayor [...]
(J9KPSUGP) [clapping] [tape breaks here] [clapping]
(J9KPSUNK) [331] Councillor
(J9KPSUNK) [332] That's you [...] [tape breaks here]
(J9KPSUNK) [333] I'd just like to remind Councillor of one or two things and then spend a little bit of time talking about some of the gimmicks that the Tories have introduced over this past ten years.
[334] I'm glad Councillor reminded er Councillor reminded Councillor erm about the introduction of L M S, when over two hundred teachers did appear outside to protest about the introduction of it, along with cuts in budgets.
[335] And erm, whilst those schools are still suffering from under-funding, at least they can er gain some erm solace, consolation from the fact that er the Tories seem to be able to replace their chairs, opposition spokespersons of education almost at will.
[336] Councillor did in fact try to take some credit for one or two things in his speech.
[337] He talked of the Governor Support Unit and I'd like to remind Councillor and his group that they were responsible for taking over a hundred posts out of the administrative section of .
[338] The Governor Support Unit, Lord Mayor, did not exist under their structure.
[339] Councillor talked about er spending levels and he may be interested to know that the N U T have done a recent survey of education spending and found to be sixty first out of a hundred L E A's surveyed, so that doesn't quite stack up with some of his statistics.
[340] Of course, as Councillor rightly pointed out, they did take thirteen million pounds out of the budget.
[341] As far as the Parents Charter is concerned, that document is gathering dust in many school cupboards as governors, including some Tory governors, refuse to send it out.
[342] It means nothing in terms of dealing with the many problems before education today.
[343] Councillor and Councillor mentioned testing and they're dead right, I oppose it, it's an irrelevance, a complete distraction.
[344] What they want is a league table of young children, those that pass and those that fail.
[345] Can I le remind Councillor though that five out of six schools in his ward recently sent a letter to the D E S and the Education Minister opposing testing in schools.
(J9KPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9KPSUNK) [346] Lord Mayor
(J9KPSUGP) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [347] Can I say, Lord Mayor
(J9KPSUGP) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [348] Can I say, Lord Mayor, that I am not, I am not a vindictive person
(J9KPSUGP) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [349] but did grammar really expect to get away with including the Christmas dinner in their schools meals budget?
[350] That is, that is the whole truth Lord Mayor, and nothing but the truth.
(J9KPSUGP) [...]
(J9KPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9KPSUGP) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [351] and, Lord Mayor, can I mention the disgraceful behaviour of that god father of the City
(J9KPSUNK) [352] Who?
(J9KPSUNK) [353] in defending the school against the advice of his own officials, who supported in its findings backed by the audit report into those figures on the schools meals budget.
[354] If any school in this Authority, including tries to take more than they deserve, tries to be greedy in taking more money from the rest of schools, I will oppose it and I hope every member of this Council does too.
(J9KPSUGP) [clapping]
(J9KPSUNK) [355] Moving on to that other well known gimmick, that elitist Tory academy up the road called the College.
[356] Can anyone, Lord Mayor, condone spending seventy nine times more money on the children of that school
(J9KPSUNK) [357] You're lying
(J9KPSUNK) [358] than the, the truth, Councillor , nothing but the truth .
[359] Can anyone condone that sort of spending when schools are crumbling, when we're short of teachers, books and equipment for the National Curriculum.
[360] No, Lord Mayor, no one with any justice could condone that sort of spending.
[361] I am extremely pleased to be able to say that shortly, Lord Mayor, we will be able to consider the future of the T T C under a Labour Government and under a Labour controlled Council, and I can't wait.
[362] I can't wait to allow all children to benefit from that eight million pound school up the road.
(J9KPSUGP) [...]
(J9KPSUGP) [...]
(J9KPSUNK) [363] Can I just, Lord Mayor, point to one or two of the inequalities with the present L M S scheme, and in particular the average national teacher costs?
[364] It's something that the Government have continuously ignored but is a major problem to many schools.
[365] In this Authority that one proposition stands to lose some fifty teachers to schools and it's far worse in many other districts.
[366] What it's essentially about is getting rid of the most experienced teachers in the district.
[367] Can that be good for education?
[368] It can't surely, but it's what the Government want to do with L M S. Of course, they have a real agenda behind Local Management which is more to do with market- led economy education, competition, evasiveness, elitiveness, the end of the Local Authority.
[369] And they're using the principle of devolution and delegation, of participation in decision making, as a vehicle for bringing that about.
[370] Councillor is on record, in fact not long after taking