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PS40R Ag4 m (Rod, age 54, professional interviewer) unspecified
PS40S Ag4 m (Trevor, age 53, salesperson) unspecified
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  1. Tape 117601 recorded on 1994-01-26. LocationTyne & Wear: Gateshead ( Hotel room ) Activity: Interview Fairly informal

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Unknown speaker (JA2PSUNK) [1] Interviews on Wednesday twenty sixth of January.
[2] Good discussions with Trevor [...] .
[3] Right Trevor have you got your application form for me ?
Trevor (PS40S) [4] I have yes.
[5] I have it there somewhere.
Rod (PS40R) [6] While I'm erm a look at that, I've got some brief notes here from Norman er you were with financial services for some time yeah?
Trevor (PS40S) [7] Yes a few years.
Rod (PS40R) [8] Twenty six?
Trevor (PS40S) [9] Few years.
[10] [laughing] Yeah. []
Rod (PS40R) [11] Wow what a what a survivor.
Trevor (PS40S) [12] [laugh] .
Rod (PS40R) [13] But erm I understand that er [...] is it [...] or [...] ?
[14] Have
Trevor (PS40S) [15] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [16] made it very difficult for people.
Trevor (PS40S) [17] Well it's I got the option to er I got the option to erm take a golden handshake so
Rod (PS40R) [18] Oh right redundancy [...] offered yeah.
Trevor (PS40S) [19] Well not redundancy it was er what you call severance.
Rod (PS40R) [20] Oh right okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [21] It was cos it was change of contract.
[22] You'll see it in there
Rod (PS40R) [23] Okay right.
Trevor (PS40S) [24] and er and the the comments of me of me erm of me manager and me assistant manager
Rod (PS40R) [25] Right.
Trevor (PS40S) [26] they didn't want me to go naturally.
Rod (PS40R) [27] Mm you're you've made the decision have you?
Trevor (PS40S) [28] Er I've made the decision I've gone [sniff] I've gone.
Rod (PS40R) [29] Oh you've
Trevor (PS40S) [30] Finished finished.
Rod (PS40R) [31] All right.
Trevor (PS40S) [32] So now I'm look for another erm job you see .
Rod (PS40R) [33] Opportunity and er there aren't too many around unfortunately in the in the bracket of the fifties.
Trevor (PS40S) [34] No I know .
Rod (PS40R) [35] Which I'm in as well.
[36] Erm while I'm having a look at this although it wouldn't seem to me [laughing] to be taking too long [] to look at this Trevor, what you see on the table over there
Trevor (PS40S) [37] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [38] is a a selection of product representing all six companies
Trevor (PS40S) [39] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [40] that we have.
[41] Where we have erm er advertising consultants.
Trevor (PS40S) [42] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [43] If you'd like to have a a quick look through those while I'm er, please ask any questions while you're looking through, and I'll ask any questions that I'll need to here .
Trevor (PS40S) [44] Right okay okay.
Rod (PS40R) [45] Although in this case er since nineteen sixty eight
Trevor (PS40S) [laugh]
Rod (PS40R) [46] it erm not very much to ask you about is there?
Trevor (PS40S) [47] [laugh] Not really.
Rod (PS40R) [48] Mm.
[49] You've given a couple of reference here
Trevor (PS40S) [50] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [51] and er you know I I read them fairly straightforward
Trevor (PS40S) [52] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [53] er and you've put them under business references, are they businesses these?
Trevor (PS40S) [54] Er no they're they're my mana who I used to who my boss.
Rod (PS40R) [55] Ah right okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [56] Okay.
[57] My my er just a minute now this one
Rod (PS40R) [58] They're not on letter headings and so I just thought they might be
Trevor (PS40S) [59] No no erm they're private okay.
[60] You know they're private really statements cos they don't want the you know they they
Rod (PS40R) [61] Company used
Trevor (PS40S) [62] they they're not allowed to say for the company.
[63] I mean you can still get a reference off me old company which er you know the [...] London
Rod (PS40R) [64] Yeah.
Trevor (PS40S) [65] Er there's also a solicitor there as well.
Rod (PS40R) [66] Okay.
[67] Some give some don't.
Trevor (PS40S) [68] Yes that's right.
[69] But it was from the [...] but they wouldn't they're not allowed see they're not allowed now see there's another LAUTRO [laughing] yeah yeah []
Rod (PS40R) [70] Oh yes [laughing] I know [] .
Trevor (PS40S) [71] They're not to write it on letter heading cos it means it says it's coming from the [...] London.
Rod (PS40R) [72] Yes okay.
[73] [...] London er er in fact the insurance companies are fairly erm rigid on this now.
[74] Some won't just won't
Trevor (PS40S) [75] Yes yes
Rod (PS40R) [76] give them now.
Trevor (PS40S) [77] Well the [...] London is very rigid.
[78] You know what I mean.
[79] Er
Rod (PS40R) [80] Right.
[81] I mean the fact that you've got them here er
Trevor (PS40S) [82] They were they were rigid before the even the LAUTRO came in.
[83] D'ya know what I mean?
Rod (PS40R) [84] Yes.
Trevor (PS40S) [85] They were you know [...]
Rod (PS40R) [86] Now you're not from this part of the country by the sound of it ?
Trevor (PS40S) [87] No.
[88] No I've been I've been here a long time like
Rod (PS40R) [89] You down in the Smo from the Smoke somewhere?
Trevor (PS40S) [90] Er no no.
[91] I'm er Edmonton London.
Rod (PS40R) [92] Oh that's what I meant.
Trevor (PS40S) [93] Edmonton oh yes Smoke is it
Rod (PS40R) [94] Smoke the Smoke is
Trevor (PS40S) [95] I thought you meant the Midlands or something.
Rod (PS40R) [96] No no no.
[97] The Smoke is another name for London.
Trevor (PS40S) [98] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [99] Or was in my young young days anyway.
[100] ... I see here you er say you've done door to door canvassing
Trevor (PS40S) [101] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [102] Er in what aspect in the financial services?
Trevor (PS40S) [103] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [104] When did you er where did you do that up here?
Trevor (PS40S) [105] Yes.
[106] Up here yeah.
[107] We had an ongoing er thing you know what I mean that erm er now and again they used to have pushes and we used to out and do a little bit door
Rod (PS40R) [108] Or what we what we call a blitz in some companies .
Trevor (PS40S) [109] Yes that's right yeah yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [110] All right.
[111] That entailed door to door canvassing then?
Trevor (PS40S) [112] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [113] How did you feel about that?
Trevor (PS40S) [114] Oh I don't mind it I don't [laughing] mind it [] .
Rod (PS40R) [115] I mean there aren't many companies now that would er probably ask you
Trevor (PS40S) [116] No no no.
Rod (PS40R) [117] to do that.
Trevor (PS40S) [118] No.
[119] We we er we used to do it like just for door openers really.
Rod (PS40R) [120] Oh okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [121] Door openers really cos there's that you know yeah yeah.
[122] I don't mind it.
Rod (PS40R) [123] How do you think erm you're gonna face the er, you gonna get withdrawal symptoms from the financial services?
Trevor (PS40S) [124] Not really no no.
[125] No I don't think so no.
Rod (PS40R) [126] Looking forward to a change are you?
Trevor (PS40S) [127] Well just yeah
Rod (PS40R) [128] Mm mm.
Trevor (PS40S) [129] yeah.
[130] I thought it was ch you know as a challenge so I thought I would go.
Rod (PS40R) [131] Okay.
[132] Erm you received our corporate brochure and you got a certain amount of information from er from Norman on the phone.
[133] Erm what have you gleaned from the er the brochure?
Trevor (PS40S) [134] Well that erm that what it is it's selling erm like to estate agents and that er printing material is that right?
Rod (PS40R) [135] Well exactly what you see there on the.
[136] Well it's not no we don't sell the printed material
Trevor (PS40S) [137] Yeah oh I see.
Rod (PS40R) [138] we sell the advertising on the printed material .
Trevor (PS40S) [139] Material.
Rod (PS40R) [140] Or we supply the whole of that er those documents you see there.
Trevor (PS40S) [141] So you're like a erm like a booklet or something like that that they want to present er for say the clients are you with me?
[142] If they're selling
Rod (PS40R) [143] Well if you
Trevor (PS40S) [144] a house or
Rod (PS40R) [145] Er yes yes if you take er what you the products you see
Trevor (PS40S) [146] Yep.
Rod (PS40R) [147] down this end here on that table
Trevor (PS40S) [148] Yep.
Rod (PS40R) [149] you will see at the top the A four marketing folder
Trevor (PS40S) [150] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [151] all right?
[152] Hope did you have a look in one of those?
Trevor (PS40S) [153] Yes I did yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [154] Okay inside you will see er a number of advertising spaces
Trevor (PS40S) [155] Yep that's right.
Rod (PS40R) [156] all right.
[157] Now our advertising consultants sell that space.
Trevor (PS40S) [158] Oh I see.
Rod (PS40R) [159] The folder itself is the free gift if you [laughing] like [] er to the estate
Trevor (PS40S) [160] Yes oh I see
Rod (PS40R) [161] agent which we provide.
Trevor (PS40S) [162] I see.
Rod (PS40R) [163] But the only way we can do that of course is to erm have some form of funding.
Trevor (PS40S) [164] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [165] Now Norman would have er hopefully explained most that on the phone.
Trevor (PS40S) [166] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [167] The important thing for me to emphasize to you er Trevor is that we don't make appointments to go and see people to talk about advertising.
Trevor (PS40S) [168] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [169] Certainly erm I don't know what Norman says, but I would say on the phone to you, Let's make it absolutely clear that this is er in the main a telesales operation.
Trevor (PS40S) [170] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [171] But it's not like the local newspaper and it's not like having a group of young people on a bank of telephones phoning every
Trevor (PS40S) [172] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [173] individual er business in sight
Trevor (PS40S) [174] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [175] Is that is that how it came across to you er through the brochure ?
Trevor (PS40S) [176] No no I thought it would be I thought it would be er out there meeting you know companies or whatever
Rod (PS40R) [177] Mhm.
Trevor (PS40S) [178] [...] and er trying to market the their their the advertising in the brochure.
Rod (PS40R) [179] Well it certainly is the advertising.
[180] But one of the things that we have discovered over twenty year is the only way you will get people to come into that brochure is to make absolutely certain before you go and see them is to
Trevor (PS40S) [181] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [182] tell them everything.
Trevor (PS40S) [183] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [184] Now in financial services that's why I'm homing in er it'll be a dramatic change for you erm what whatever you go to let alone advertising.
[185] Erm er we close on the phone.
Trevor (PS40S) [186] Right I see.
Rod (PS40R) [187] In other words er unlike financial services where you have to go and talk to people about their financial
Trevor (PS40S) [188] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [189] state
Trevor (PS40S) [190] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [191] financial health check I think one company calls it.
[192] Erm and then may be go away and calculate what er sort of deal they need
Trevor (PS40S) [193] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [194] that it not the case here.
[195] We tell them the price because we know the price almost immediately.
Trevor (PS40S) [196] I see.
[197] So erm that certainly is how
Trevor (PS40S) [198] I'm used to er I'm not like the [...] London's a little bit different that other er financial services
Rod (PS40R) [199] In in what respect?
Trevor (PS40S) [200] Well that mostly you most people have this impression like that you do the er come away and then go back again.
[201] Right? [...]
Rod (PS40R) [202] I know I know lap stops exists now of course.
Trevor (PS40S) [203] Yes that's right.
[204] Well what I mean we we don't do lap tops actually.
[205] Don't do
Rod (PS40R) [206] What whichever.
Trevor (PS40S) [207] But erm never mind.
[208] Er we do the sales sometimes on the first on most cases now on the first er interview.
Rod (PS40R) [209] But that's still face to face you mean?
Trevor (PS40S) [210] Yes face to face yeah.
[211] Erm most other companies I know do it on two interviews.
Rod (PS40R) [212] Right yeah.
Trevor (PS40S) [213] You know what I mean?
[214] Two interviews you know.
[215] So we we're used
Rod (PS40R) [216] So you do the close
Trevor (PS40S) [217] We're used to doing it up there and then you know.
Rod (PS40R) [218] All right.
Trevor (PS40S) [219] There and then.
Rod (PS40R) [220] In fact er double glazing and kitchen people try to close on that first meeting but they
Trevor (PS40S) [221] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [222] still have to do measurements they can't do it on the phone you see.
Trevor (PS40S) [223] That's right yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [224] So whereas most financial services people er that come to us erm would have put down here er as you have, er in answer to our question, Have you qualified sales by telephone?
[225] You've answered yes.
Trevor (PS40S) [226] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [227] What you've done is qualified appointments by telephone.
[228] Whereas we
Trevor (PS40S) [229] Not always no not always [laugh] .
Rod (PS40R) [230] Okay well tell me no tell me please do because
Trevor (PS40S) [231] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [232] our impression is and that's this is er people like yourself sitting there, is that er you will have qual you know you won't go and see people er unless
Trevor (PS40S) [233] I have to qualify erm you see.
[234] Er you have to keep your costs down
Rod (PS40R) [235] Right yes.
Trevor (PS40S) [236] Okay you have to keep your cost down.
[237] Er I've qualified er people over the phone where it's a long distance.
Rod (PS40R) [238] Right.
Trevor (PS40S) [239] Okay you know what I mean.
[240] Say if it's Washington here
Rod (PS40R) [241] Yes.
Trevor (PS40S) [242] from my place
Rod (PS40R) [243] Yes.
Trevor (PS40S) [244] like I er I
Rod (PS40R) [245] You wouldn't get
Trevor (PS40S) [246] I I don't want to run out there just to sit in a house
Rod (PS40R) [247] Right.
Trevor (PS40S) [248] Are you with me you know what I mean?
[249] To do
Rod (PS40R) [250] Oh I I couldn't agree more.
Trevor (PS40S) [251] So I have to qualify people sometimes you know over the phone
Rod (PS40R) [252] Right.
Trevor (PS40S) [253] that er [...]
Rod (PS40R) [254] So you so you know the principle I'm talking about there really.
Trevor (PS40S) [255] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [256] Okay.
[257] It still we still find it erm Trevor that er individuals, particularly from financial services
Trevor (PS40S) [258] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [259] but that also includes double glazing all people who have had to view things
Trevor (PS40S) [260] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [261] in front people.
Trevor (PS40S) [262] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [263] Erm either financially or
Trevor (PS40S) [264] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [265] the window size or the kitchen size or the bathroom size, they can't price things out until such times as they've sat down face to face with client .
Trevor (PS40S) [266] Oh yeah yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [267] Now we can.
[268] We tell people absolutely everything.
[269] Erm but let's ste let me step back a bit erm because I needed to emphasize that because you've spoken with somebody else
Trevor (PS40S) [270] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [271] I wanted to check out what they say
Trevor (PS40S) [272] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [273] because what I say on the phone I make it absolutely clear.
[274] A lot of people don't come face to face with me here
Trevor (PS40S) [275] No.
Rod (PS40R) [276] on on discussions on the basis of what I tell them on the phone.
[277] So I'm qualifying people on the phone I guess .
Trevor (PS40S) [278] That's right yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [279] Anyway let's er let's er talk about what er the purpose of today's discussions, and you notice I don't use the word interview.
Trevor (PS40S) [280] No.
Rod (PS40R) [281] Er as far as I'm concerned er it's a self employed position I'm not offering quote a job
Trevor (PS40S) [282] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [283] unquote.
[284] It's a business opportunity.
[285] Er however erm if we get past the three stages that er I'm just talking about here, er we'll be talking about in the minute at least, er then er you'll fully understand what I mean about er you're almost as as employed as you'll ever be as a self employed person.
[286] Because we do guarantee continuity of assignments.
Trevor (PS40S) [287] Oh I see.
Rod (PS40R) [288] So nobody sits at home saying, I wonder when my next assignment's coming from [...] .
Trevor (PS40S) [289] Oh I see.
Rod (PS40R) [290] You know.
[291] Finish one on a Friday and you'll start a new one on the Monday
Trevor (PS40S) [292] Right I see.
Rod (PS40R) [293] or whatever day of the week it is.
[294] Er let's have a look at what we're we're er the meetings here to discuss.
[295] First of all it's erm an opportunity for us to find out a bit more about each other.
Trevor (PS40S) [296] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [297] You about the company erm whether it was Joe Bloggs or Rod [...] sitting here [laughing] who represents the company [] , and and yourself.
[298] Er fairly easy to determine what your background's been for the last [laughing] twenty six years [] er and I have to say that's quite unusual these nowadays, particularly in financial services.
[299] So you're a survivor Trevor and I admire that in anybody.
[300] But what we're er er
Trevor (PS40S) [301] I've been through the changes.
Rod (PS40R) [302] Oh yes of course
Trevor (PS40S) [303] I've been through the changes.
[304] I mean
Rod (PS40R) [305] It's almost like changing jobs in fact.
Trevor (PS40S) [306] It is and I mean it [...] gonna change again so I thought well this is the opportunity to have a change
Rod (PS40R) [307] Yes.
Trevor (PS40S) [308] You know what I mean?
[309] Er I think twenty six years er they made it er they made it, you know.
[310] I mean er I pe I advise people on financial things
Rod (PS40R) [311] Yes.
Trevor (PS40S) [312] so I see the opportunity to [laughing] [...] financial []
Rod (PS40R) [313] I guess erm with all the contacts you've made over the years you're still gonna have phone calls from people to say er what deal have you got for me this week or whatever?
Trevor (PS40S) [314] That's right I have.
Rod (PS40R) [315] Yes.
Trevor (PS40S) [316] I've start
Rod (PS40R) [317] How how are you going to cope with those?
Trevor (PS40S) [318] Aye?
Rod (PS40R) [319] How will you cope with those?
[320] Just pass them on to some friend of yours or?
Trevor (PS40S) [321] Yeah yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [322] Or still
Trevor (PS40S) [323] I'm already doing that
Rod (PS40R) [324] or still do them in the evening?
Trevor (PS40S) [325] [laughing] No no no. []
Rod (PS40R) [326] Right.
Trevor (PS40S) [327] You've got to have a licence now.
Rod (PS40R) [328] Oh of course you have .
Trevor (PS40S) [329] [...] and you see you're allowed to comment if you haven't got that licence now.
[330] So you've got to be
Rod (PS40R) [331] Okay so it would be illegal for you to erm
Trevor (PS40S) [332] Comment.
Rod (PS40R) [333] comment if I asked you for some advice?
Trevor (PS40S) [334] Yeah yeah. [laugh] .
Rod (PS40R) [335] [laughing] So you can't see me is that it? []
Trevor (PS40S) [336] You must you must only erm advise people on your product.
Rod (PS40R) [337] Oh okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [338] Your product.
Rod (PS40R) [339] Right I understand.
[340] Okay first of all er what we need you and I to decide is whether [...] is a platform for you to continue to earn
Trevor (PS40S) [341] Right yeah yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [342] erm some good money.
[343] And er once we've past that hurdle the other two are fairly easy.
[344] Er and the second one is which company we think, we, you and I think, that you'd feel most comfortable working within .
Trevor (PS40S) [345] Right yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [346] Because here we have six companies.
[347] I have the luxury as a recruiter on this occasion to say when when Trevor [...] walks through the door I can offer him a position er if all things being equal erm in any of those companies.
Trevor (PS40S) [348] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [349] But there are certain companies I know that individuals will slot into.
[350] But I always like to hear er you know, what their opinion is.
Trevor (PS40S) [351] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [352] The second thing er sorry that was the second thing.
[353] Er which company.
[354] And the third thing is when.
[355] Now erm reading er the back here it looks as though you are available like immediately.
Trevor (PS40S) [356] Correct.
Rod (PS40R) [357] And that's what we do on the spot here today.
[358] Er we don't hide behind regret letters.
[359] So in other words you don't go out that door without a decision.
Trevor (PS40S) [360] No.
Rod (PS40R) [361] Now that's a bit of a change for a recruiter to have to do that.
[362] Yes I've had one or two upset people go out of the door I must admit.
[363] They haven't [laughing] nobody's hit me yet [] .
Trevor (PS40S) [laugh]
Rod (PS40R) [364] But I will know fairly quickly if erm if their background is a bit iffy they have to really sell themselves to me.
[365] How in the last twenty six years do you feel that you've got on with people in general?
[366] In the job you were doing?
Trevor (PS40S) [367] Very well.
[368] Very well.
[369] I get on
Rod (PS40R) [370] What what
Trevor (PS40S) [371] with all ty I get on with all types of people, that's why I think I like you know er I like people.
Rod (PS40R) [372] Okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [373] I like people of all sorts.
Rod (PS40R) [374] Right.
Trevor (PS40S) [375] I can mix with you know all sorts.
[376] High you know people of high station
Rod (PS40R) [377] Good.
Trevor (PS40S) [378] or you know, or wherever.
Rod (PS40R) [379] Have you got any preconceived ideas of people er who may work within those environments you've got there.
[380] Estate agents, medical practices, schools, golf clubs, area health authorities?
Trevor (PS40S) [381] Well the only pre precon preconceived idea I have is
Rod (PS40R) [382] Mhm.
Trevor (PS40S) [383] erm most of the people that you probably meet will be in business.
[384] So you've got to present yourself on a business level.
Rod (PS40R) [385] Yep.
Trevor (PS40S) [386] You know what I mean?
[387] Erm the danger is I think when I first started meeting people, right, you know
Rod (PS40R) [388] Yes.
[389] In doing it.
Trevor (PS40S) [390] When I started meeting people, even previous to the job I was in, right? er you tend to get too too friendly and not keep it on a on a business basis like.
Rod (PS40R) [391] Yes.
[392] You've just mentioned, you're absolutely right of course,
Trevor (PS40S) [393] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [394] everybody you meet except for individuals who work for those er types of companies will be business people.
[395] The only people the only er organizations to come into erm the products you see there who are not business people but they are linked, er are charities.
Trevor (PS40S) [396] Yes oh I see that yes.
Rod (PS40R) [397] So they would be private individuals doing voluntary work.
[398] But in this financial services field of course in the main were you doing private
Trevor (PS40S) [399] No.
Rod (PS40R) [400] finance?
[401] Or or
Trevor (PS40S) [402] No businesses as well.
Rod (PS40R) [403] Businesses.
Trevor (PS40S) [404] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [405] Okay.
[406] A good mix or?
Trevor (PS40S) [407] Yes very very good mix yes yes.
Rod (PS40R) [408] Right.
Trevor (PS40S) [409] In fact a lot of our you know a lot a lot of the their their the type of business I was in, right? they wanted the erm home service companies but I also branched out because I've always been connected.
[410] You'll see
Rod (PS40R) [411] Company pension schemes?
Trevor (PS40S) [412] Yes company pension schemes and all that.
[413] So you have to er put your your presentation properly to those sort of people you know.
Rod (PS40R) [414] Right.
Trevor (PS40S) [415] It's you it's no good going along and then saying to your er doing your presentation right when you get there.
Rod (PS40R) [416] Right okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [417] You can do that in a private house.
Rod (PS40R) [418] Yes.
Trevor (PS40S) [419] But you've got to your homework first.
Rod (PS40R) [420] In in terms of going to a business yeah.
[421] I mean what else what what sort of size pension fund would you have been negotiating with a a business?
Trevor (PS40S) [422] Well er what ten ten
Rod (PS40R) [423] Okay.
[424] So it's the smallest
Trevor (PS40S) [425] It's the smallest type of businesses yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [426] Okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [427] We haven't really er when it got up to the bigger businesses we used to
Rod (PS40R) [428] That came out of your hands?
Trevor (PS40S) [429] That came out of my hands.
Rod (PS40R) [430] Did you get any credit for that?
[431] Financially?
Trevor (PS40S) [432] Er yes.
[433] Little little bit.
[434] Yes.
[435] Not as much
Rod (PS40R) [436] As you thought you should have
Trevor (PS40S) [437] But it it you you got lost off after it goes over twenty.
[438] So when it gets over twenty then you've got to er pass it on to er a erm
Rod (PS40R) [439] What somebody who's
Trevor (PS40S) [440] company pension scheme.
[441] You know.
Rod (PS40R) [442] Okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [443] They they can set up a pension er
Rod (PS40R) [444] Right okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [445] company pension scheme.
[446] But underneath that it's more
Rod (PS40R) [447] It's more on an individual basis
Trevor (PS40S) [448] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [449] with the with the business taking the money out each month of their salary or?
Trevor (PS40S) [450] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [451] Okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [452] Or free pensions.
Rod (PS40R) [453] All right?
Trevor (PS40S) [454] So you can have free pensions.
[455] So you can set up a scheme
Rod (PS40R) [456] Do they still have non-contributory pension schemes around the country ?
Trevor (PS40S) [457] Yes yes they still
Rod (PS40R) [458] Really?
Trevor (PS40S) [459] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [460] Oh.
Trevor (PS40S) [461] And the company pays for that.
Rod (PS40R) [462] And of course you can transfer that now can't you?
Trevor (PS40S) [463] Yes yes.
[464] There's there's
Rod (PS40R) [465] Now I lost out when I was
Trevor (PS40S) [466] It's changing drastically now and and erm er I mean I've kept up to date with it now
Rod (PS40R) [467] Yes sure.
Trevor (PS40S) [468] I'm up to date and I can see it's going to change in the future really.
Rod (PS40R) [469] Yes cos I when I was with B P for six years, a non-contributory pension scheme, I lost every you know
Trevor (PS40S) [470] You would've.
Rod (PS40R) [471] Er
Trevor (PS40S) [472] And you can get your money out.
[473] Whereas now it's locked in.
[474] See it's locked in now.
Rod (PS40R) [475] I've got a I've got a thirty two buyout with a company
Trevor (PS40S) [476] Yes that's right.
Rod (PS40R) [477] You'll know what that is of course.
Trevor (PS40S) [478] Yes I do yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [479] Good.
[480] Trevor how do you feel about what erm you've heard on the phone from Norman seen in the er brochure seen the products there listened to what erm I have to say about how we qualify people.
[481] Without me going into any other detail what do you think about if you'll fit in?
Trevor (PS40S) [482] Yes I'll
Rod (PS40R) [483] You feel confident about it?
Trevor (PS40S) [484] Yes I feel confident yes.
Rod (PS40R) [485] Erm because
Trevor (PS40S) [486] Telephone and you know.
[487] I'm used to
Rod (PS40R) [488] Well that's
Trevor (PS40S) [489] I'm used to talking to peo you know talking to people and drawing people out.
[490] Because that's the answer it is.
Rod (PS40R) [491] Well we certainly have to draw them out when when
Trevor (PS40S) [492] Especially over the phone.
Rod (PS40R) [493] [...] trying to tell them that they they must of course need in fact to spend two and a half thousand pound on a full page in a medical practice booklet er for two years, you've gotta be [laughing] punchy on the phone [] haven't you Trevor?
Trevor (PS40S) [494] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [495] I experienced the medical practice side, I went out for two or three assignments to to get a feel for it and it's doable.
[496] But it's only doable, I'm afraid that's an Americanism that's crept into our language, doable, erm only if you listen to the people who've been doing it.
[497] And all I what my my parting statement to most people, although I'll say it right now because I've [laughing] started it [] , erm is that if you're prepared to listen to the advice given by the people who've been doing er selling advertising in these environments
Trevor (PS40S) [498] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [499] then you you you're on a winner.
Trevor (PS40S) [500] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [501] If you don't listen if you go back to old traditional styles or the style you are used to
Trevor (PS40S) [502] Yeah yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [503] Because you know what they accuse us people in our fifties of not being able to do?
Trevor (PS40S) [504] Yes.
[505] [laugh] Adapting for change.
Rod (PS40R) [506] Adapting for change.
Trevor (PS40S) [507] Yes I think that's what they say.
Rod (PS40R) [508] Erm if ever I say if ever get a [laughing] fifty year old in front of me [] I say, Hey let's prove them wrong.
[509] It's er and I have to listen to people.
[510] I've been in traditional sales.
[511] Good.
[512] Okay Trevor well let's get that that that hurdle out of the way and say you and I agree that [...] .
Trevor (PS40S) [513] [...] Now you er in brief we've had a description.
[514] What environment do you think, trying to read my my mind, which do you think would be a comfortable area for you to be with?
[515] There are two or three in fact. ...
Trevor (PS40S) [516] I like the brochure.
Rod (PS40R) [517] The
Trevor (PS40S) [518] I like brochures.
[519] I like
Rod (PS40R) [520] You mean booklets or the
Trevor (PS40S) [521] Yeah these
Rod (PS40R) [522] Okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [523] these and those over there.
Rod (PS40R) [524] Okay.
[525] What about up in the corner there there's er Cos what we've launched into in the last er nine months very heavily er
Trevor (PS40S) [526] No I don't fancy the schools.
Rod (PS40R) [527] You don't fancy the schools.
Trevor (PS40S) [528] [laughing] No. []
Rod (PS40R) [529] Oh right.
[530] What what er as a matter of interest why?
[531] Because it's er you know more or less the same as estate agents in terms of look alike.
Trevor (PS40S) [532] Well erm I don't know.
[533] It's probably what you can talk about.
[534] You know what I mean?
Rod (PS40R) [535] Right.
Trevor (PS40S) [536] Erm
Rod (PS40R) [537] Well tell me what you think you can talk about or can't talk about in schools.
Trevor (PS40S) [538] Well er education I [...] you know I'm not up on er
Rod (PS40R) [539] Remem remember no remember what you're doing.
Trevor (PS40S) [540] Yes yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [541] Remember.
[542] Remember what you're doing
Trevor (PS40S) [543] Yeah
Rod (PS40R) [544] selling advertising space.
Trevor (PS40S) [545] Yes that's right yeah yeah .
Rod (PS40R) [546] The only difference between all of those six companies
Trevor (PS40S) [547] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [548] is the environment you work in and the major benefit that you'll be putting over to the
Trevor (PS40S) [549] Yeah yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [550] Okay.
[551] So nothing to do with whether you're educated
Trevor (PS40S) [552] No no.
Rod (PS40R) [553] All right.
[554] All you're do you're sit sitting in an office, not as luxurious as this necessarily at some time, selling advertising to.
[555] Okay what, let's talk about the medical practice booklets.
[556] What do you think you'll be able to talk about there?
[557] That's one you pointed out right?
Trevor (PS40S) [558] Yeah yes.
[559] The medical booklet I mean I would I er I think I believe in that you see.
[560] I think you've got to believe in a product
Rod (PS40R) [561] Okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [562] really to or in an area
Rod (PS40R) [563] Right.
Trevor (PS40S) [564] to really sort of er I'm not closed.
[565] You know I'm not closed for any area because erm er I adapt I've adapted to change you know.
[566] I've adapted to change cos I wouldn't have [laughing] stopped in [] in the job I was in.
Rod (PS40R) [567] Oh absolutely yes.
Trevor (PS40S) [568] I wouldn't have stopped in the job I was in .
Rod (PS40R) [569] Yes certainly the changes in the financial services arena has have have
Trevor (PS40S) [570] Oh well
Rod (PS40R) [571] been been numerous haven't they?
Trevor (PS40S) [572] To what twenty six year ago it was just nonsensical you know .
Rod (PS40R) [573] Yes.
Trevor (PS40S) [574] I mean when I started the job it wasn't the job [laugh]
Rod (PS40R) [575] Yes okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [576] [laughing] It was just a mundane job. []
Rod (PS40R) [577] Just a mundane job yeah.
Trevor (PS40S) [578] But now it's it's highly professional which I've come through the stages
Rod (PS40R) [579] Almost technical now I think.
Trevor (PS40S) [580] Yes yes technical.
[581] And you've got to know what you're talking about if not people will find holes straight away.
Rod (PS40R) [582] Okay.
[583] All right well look I I you've er sort of selected and I I've got no problem with that although schools er I would have thought was ideal for as well as medical.
Trevor (PS40S) [584] [laugh] .
Rod (PS40R) [585] I wouldn't put you in estate agents.
Trevor (PS40S) [586] No.
Rod (PS40R) [587] I'd be quite frank with you.
Trevor (PS40S) [588] Wouldn't you?
Rod (PS40R) [589] No.
[590] Now now we've been doing this for twenty years and I've got a I've got a feel for
Trevor (PS40S) [laugh]
Rod (PS40R) [591] I've I've got a feel for people who go in.
Trevor (PS40S) [592] Yes all right okay.
Rod (PS40R) [593] Whereas the medical and schools I wouldn't have thought you'd have any problem with.
[594] All right.
[595] But you have a fee if if you're not happy with going into the schools environment
Trevor (PS40S) [laugh]
Rod (PS40R) [596] I might as well suggest one that you would be happy with and that's medical.
[597] Shall we talk about those?
Trevor (PS40S) [598] Yes yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [599] Okay what I have is a starter pack
Trevor (PS40S) [600] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [601] sorry starter pack, it's an information pack.
[602] If you could draw closer er Trevor I need to show you some papers okay?
[603] ... Have to get that documentation out the way because I've a habit of of giving things back to people that I'm supposed to keep.
[604] This is for you to take all your you know bumph away.
[605] Now erm once again I'm relying on the information that Norman would have given you in describing how we go about setting the assignments up.
Trevor (PS40S) [606] Yeah right.
Rod (PS40R) [607] And it's important for me to clear that side of it on the basis that you have no responsibility for setting the assignments up.
[608] You don't go round the country knocking on doors to get the assignments.
[609] That's our responsibility.
Trevor (PS40S) [610] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [611] You literally get a phone call to say er we're coming to the end of this assignment here's your next one.
Trevor (PS40S) [612] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [613] All right.
[614] And you just finish one go to another one.
Trevor (PS40S) [615] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [616] Did that come across to you er in whatever we said or or done so far ?
Trevor (PS40S) [617] No no it didn't.
[618] No.
Rod (PS40R) [619] All right.
Trevor (PS40S) [620] So you work on one assignment at a particular time?
Rod (PS40R) [621] Yes you work
Trevor (PS40S) [622] You you don't go from er you you're not you haven't got like ongoing assignments three or four at the same time?
Rod (PS40R) [623] No you have we ask you to concentrate on one.
Trevor (PS40S) [624] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [625] All right?
[626] So if we if in Crooke where you live
Trevor (PS40S) [627] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [628] you had er the Crooke surgery
Trevor (PS40S) [629] Yes that's right .
Rod (PS40R) [630] You would work on that for two to three weeks and then we may send you to Chester-le-Street
Trevor (PS40S) [631] Yes that's right.
Rod (PS40R) [632] er or a surgery in [...] so
Trevor (PS40S) [633] Or Washington hospital?
Rod (PS40R) [634] finish that whenever no no hospitals you don't go anywhere near hospitals.
Trevor (PS40S) [635] Do you not?
Rod (PS40R) [636] No
Trevor (PS40S) [637] Oh I see
Rod (PS40R) [638] No.
[639] It is purely the medical centre or medical surgery.
Trevor (PS40S) [640] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [641] Okay?
[642] Now part of the er exercise which the marketing exec does when he or she round to the surgeries is to provide them with a certain amount of information of course.
Trevor (PS40S) [643] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [644] They sign the contract to take our product for four years.
Trevor (PS40S) [645] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [646] All right?
[647] We sell the advertising in the booklet every two years.
Trevor (PS40S) [648] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [649] So the advertisers come in for two years.
Trevor (PS40S) [650] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [651] Whatever we tell them on the phone is always per annum and we have to be.
[652] There's one contract we sign with the advertiser but it is always er any price you quote is per annum.
Trevor (PS40S) [653] Per annum right .
Rod (PS40R) [654] See see how important it is to tell everybody everything
Trevor (PS40S) [655] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [656] on the phone.
[657] [phone rings] Excuse me.
[658] [banging] Hello.
[659] Oh fine.
[660] ... Okay thank you very much indeed thank you bye.
Trevor (PS40S) [661] Still working is it?
Rod (PS40R) [662] Yeah well it's no well that sort of ... it is that pho that sort of phone call really have waited.
[663] Never mind.
[664] Fine.
[665] Erm yes it is still working amazingly.
[666] ... Right so let me make that clear again.
[667] Er we we have we just make sure that everything is told to the prospect on the phone.
Trevor (PS40S) [668] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [669] So marketing department have signed them up.
[670] Er they leave them certain pieces of information er like this for instance and it's only er an example.
[671] There is a special one for the medical side.
Trevor (PS40S) [672] Right okay.
Rod (PS40R) [673] They leave a list with that the surgery and say please will you compile a list of businesses
Trevor (PS40S) [674] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [675] business contacts that you're happy for us to approach.
Trevor (PS40S) [676] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [677] Now the important thing about this document is that you'll receive it on the day the first day of your assignment.
Trevor (PS40S) [678] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [679] And the temptation is to look at that list and say wonderful I can start phoning prospects that the doctors have already lined up for me.
Trevor (PS40S) [680] Mm yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [681] Wrong.
Trevor (PS40S) [682] [laughing] Right yeah. []
Rod (PS40R) [683] You sit down with whomever
Trevor (PS40S) [684] Homework sort of
Rod (PS40R) [685] your contact is
Trevor (PS40S) [686] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [687] at the surgery.
[688] Remember their contact demands that they provide you with an office desk and telephone facility for three weeks
Trevor (PS40S) [689] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [690] while you do the assignment, or at least up to three week.
Trevor (PS40S) [691] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [692] And it's important to get as much information as you possibly can
Trevor (PS40S) [693] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [694] about those businesses.
Trevor (PS40S) [695] Right yes.
Rod (PS40R) [696] All right.
[697] Because if you just picked up the phone and and er contacted erm a residential home
Trevor (PS40S) [698] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [699] they would say, Well who's this doctor that you what what is this surgery
Trevor (PS40S) [700] That's right.
Rod (PS40R) [701] Er it could be that it's just a contact [phone rings] Hello.
[702] Yep.
[703] ... Er just a sec just had eleven o'clock as well so.
[704] Okay yep thanks very much bye.
[705] And er so it's important to get information about those interview calls.
Trevor (PS40S) [706] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [707] All right?
[708] Now erm
Trevor (PS40S) [709] That's the that's erm person who's going to advertise in the actual brochure?
Rod (PS40R) [710] Well these these these businesses are recommendations.
Trevor (PS40S) [711] Yeah that's great .
Rod (PS40R) [712] Now if the doctors
Trevor (PS40S) [713] So say for instance there the doctors recommended er a newsagent well a newsagent
Rod (PS40R) [714] Well chemist.
[715] They're likely to be medically related in the main.
Trevor (PS40S) [716] Well do oh I see.
Rod (PS40R) [717] But it could be the local newsagent where they get all their
Trevor (PS40S) [718] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [719] doctor medical er documents from er medical journals from.
Trevor (PS40S) [720] Yes that's right.
Rod (PS40R) [721] Erm yes.
[722] It is unlikely but I have seen er er one or two advertised in the er but but they will they are unlikely to put that on their list because they wouldn't think about it.
Trevor (PS40S) [723] No I see.
Rod (PS40R) [724] They they will prejudge
Trevor (PS40S) [725] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [726] who they think will go in.
Trevor (PS40S) [727] I see yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [728] and so will you probably.
Trevor (PS40S) [729] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [730] And the important thing is to
Trevor (PS40S) [731] Oh yeah well I don't do that.
Rod (PS40R) [732] Well
Trevor (PS40S) [733] [laughing] Don't do that. []
Rod (PS40R) [734] what I'm suggesting
Trevor (PS40S) [735] [laughing] don't fall into that category. []
Rod (PS40R) [736] even people who've sold advertising space
Trevor (PS40S) [737] Yeah yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [738] who've sat opposite me
Trevor (PS40S) [739] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [740] er would say, Well surely they wouldn't go.
[741] Well I'll show I'll show you this is just a small list of categories of advertisers and you would not even start to think about some of those.
[742] These are for estate agents
Trevor (PS40S) [743] Yes that's right yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [744] If I asked if I asked you to compile a list of advertisers of companies and businesses who you think will advertise in a medical practice booklet you may you may list out twenty five.
Trevor (PS40S) [745] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [746] At the latest count it was at least a hundred and fifty.
Trevor (PS40S) [747] Yeah yeah that's right.
Rod (PS40R) [748] Okay?
[749] So anybody
Trevor (PS40S) [750] The market's wide.
Rod (PS40R) [751] anybody is worth go having a go for.
Trevor (PS40S) [752] The market's wide.
Rod (PS40R) [753] Yeah.
[754] However, that's a document that will certainly start you er you know start the ball rolling.
Trevor (PS40S) [755] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [756] When you arrive at the assignment there are a number of documents inside the envelope waiting for you.
[757] We do not send information to your home.
[758] It always goes to the practice manager.
[759] Cos that's another way of telling
Trevor (PS40S) [760] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [761] erm the surgery that you're on the way.
Trevor (PS40S) [762] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [763] But it does include that document.
[764] There are one or two others but I just bring that along as a.
[765] That tells the surgery and and the staff there exactly why you're there.
Trevor (PS40S) [766] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [767] What you're doing.
[768] It might not be obvious to everybody you see.
Trevor (PS40S) [769] No that's right.
[770] That keeps them happy that er
Rod (PS40R) [771] Yes and it's another demonstration of the professionalism which we're er rather well known for.
[772] Okay.
[773] Here for you to take away are a couple examples.
Trevor (PS40S) [774] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [775] All right.
[776] And I'm just want to draw your attention very quickly and I will emphasize that a lot of the information you're hearing from me are in a brief sense, will be more than adequately covered when
Trevor (PS40S) [777] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [778] you get to a training to the training school.
[779] They er there are just three sizes of ads that we have to
Trevor (PS40S) [780] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [781] worry about here and there's an example of each each one of them.
Trevor (PS40S) [782] Full page.
Rod (PS40R) [783] Full page half and a quarter.
[784] We used to split the quarter into eight but we we it was too fiddly.
Trevor (PS40S) [785] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [786] For the amount of er money that er people were going to pay.
[787] And because we've got three sizes we've got in effect three prices.
[788] Which is another thing that you [laughing] you know [] it makes life easy.
Trevor (PS40S) [789] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [790] Except that we can on a full page sell up because there are a couple of premium slots like the one you see there inside
Trevor (PS40S) [791] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [792] front cover.
Trevor (PS40S) [793] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [794] If you can home in on the fact that a full page is one thousand pounds per year for two years then it locks in.
Trevor (PS40S) [795] Right yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [796] Because if you er start thinking erm three hundred and ninety for a quarter page and move up
Trevor (PS40S) [797] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [798] then you've lost the opportunity for a full page
Trevor (PS40S) [799] Yeah that's right.
Rod (PS40R) [800] if you can sell that.
[801] Let me just show you a give you
Trevor (PS40S) [802] Works the same with the insurance business.
Rod (PS40R) [803] I'm sure it does.
Trevor (PS40S) [804] Yeah.
[805] You start at the top
Rod (PS40R) [806] You'll always
Trevor (PS40S) [807] you always start at the top.
Rod (PS40R) [808] That's tru that's the only part may be of traditional sales that you [...]
Trevor (PS40S) [809] [laughing] Yeah. []
Rod (PS40R) [810] [laughing] Okay. []
Trevor (PS40S) [811] It's no good starting at the bottom and going up because then you've lost the the punch haven't you.
Rod (PS40R) [812] Absolutely.
Trevor (PS40S) [813] You've lost the punch.
Rod (PS40R) [814] Yes yeah.
[815] You've lo lost all the opportunities to make [laughing] yourself [] a bit more money which is what we're talking about here.
[816] When our marketing er executive goes round to the surgery one of the one of the things erm he he or she will determine with the with the practice is the number of booklets we're going to print.
Trevor (PS40S) [817] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [818] And the way that's determined is er they have to declare the number of patients they have registered.
Trevor (PS40S) [819] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [820] All right?
[821] Now if it's a fifteen thousand patient list all right?
Trevor (PS40S) [822] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [823] that represents in some way erm about three to one.
Trevor (PS40S) [824] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [825] So we home in on five thousand booklets.
Trevor (PS40S) [826] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [827] Right.
[828] Now five thousand booklets internally will create a target of eight thousand pounds for that assignment.
Trevor (PS40S) [829] Right I see.
Rod (PS40R) [830] Because that's a large practice.
[831] Fifteen thousand patients.
[832] If you if you look at these scales here
Trevor (PS40S) [833] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [834] you can see
Trevor (PS40S) [835] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [836] what the relationship between the
Trevor (PS40S) [837] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [838] and the
Trevor (PS40S) [839] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [840] Okay?
[841] Now that target internally is is a figure for us to be working on back at the camp.
Trevor (PS40S) [842] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [843] It will be identified on the documentation you receive on your day one.
Trevor (PS40S) [844] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [845] However what we don't want er our consultants to get in paranoid about if they don't get that target.
[846] If they don't there is a cutoff point at which we know all our production costs all our er administration costs and all commissions we we will have covered.
Trevor (PS40S) [847] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [848] All right?
[849] But only internally do we know that.
[850] You won't [laughing] nor would I [] .
Trevor (PS40S) [851] No.
Rod (PS40R) [852] I've been out there and I still didn't know what erm but they will er if if you're struggling on any assignment they will not let you struggle for day in day out.
[853] They will say are you are you sure you've got as much as you possibly can
Trevor (PS40S) [854] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [855] fine come on out.
[856] That means
Trevor (PS40S) [857] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [858] that we've probably got enough money f to print.
Trevor (PS40S) [859] Yeah that's right.
Rod (PS40R) [860] So that's just for your per your personal pride I suppose is to try and get that because
Trevor (PS40S) [861] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [862] somebody's put a target for you on it.
Trevor (PS40S) [863] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [864] Very achievable in this area.
Trevor (PS40S) [865] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [866] Now I'd like you to home in in relationship to whatever target you've got there erm you can relate or you needn't, but that five thousand pound is the start point for fifteen percent bonuses.
[867] There's a small one in between but I always home in on that one there.
Trevor (PS40S) [868] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [869] If you sell er whatever you sell above five thousand pound advertising sales
Trevor (PS40S) [870] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [871] you will get fifteen percent extra on.
Trevor (PS40S) [872] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [873] So if you sold six thousand pounds
Trevor (PS40S) [874] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [875] right? you would get another fifteen percent on top of your five hundred pounds.
Trevor (PS40S) [876] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [877] Whatever you got for that.
[878] Okay?
[879] So you're entitled to bonuses.
[880] They will work out you know they they on on the training course they will show you more examples of that.
[881] I'd like to point out that all erm bonuses are paid at proof stage.
[882] All right?
[883] And I'll explain why in a minute.
Trevor (PS40S) [884] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [885] Okay but if you can remember that.
[886] There the prices and you'll see that a full page is a thou well I'll tell you a full page is a thousand pound but we have two premium slots which we charge more for.
[887] That inside front cover costs twelve hundred pound.
Trevor (PS40S) [888] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [889] If it was anywhere else in the book other than page two it would cost a thousand.
Trevor (PS40S) [890] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [891] Inside front and back cover is twelve hundred pound that's
Trevor (PS40S) [892] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [893] inside the back cover.
Trevor (PS40S) [894] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [895] Page two the next one in from here
Trevor (PS40S) [896] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [897] is eleven hundred
Trevor (PS40S) [898] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [899] and any any other position
Trevor (PS40S) [900] Is a thousand.
Rod (PS40R) [901] is a thousand.
Trevor (PS40S) [902] I see.
Rod (PS40R) [903] Now
Trevor (PS40S) [904] So you think that that's the most prominent er positions
Rod (PS40R) [905] Oh it oh it is in any magazine
Trevor (PS40S) [906] Yeah.
[907] It's the first two and the back .
Rod (PS40R) [908] We have er us humans have a habit of looking where we [...]
Trevor (PS40S) [909] [...] yeah I see.
Rod (PS40R) [910] And it's one of those things.
[911] It it's an acknowledged in in all advertising not just [...] .
[912] Let me er just oh incidentally you're allowed to have ten pou er ten percent on the spot discount if you need it.
Trevor (PS40S) [913] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [914] Now if you're if somebody becomes a persistent discounter first of all they'll they'll question it back at head office.
Trevor (PS40S) [915] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [916] Secondly you'll be creating a bit of inconveniencing to the person who comes back er back in two year's time to resell.
Trevor (PS40S) [917] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [918] Because they will always want the same price that
Trevor (PS40S) [919] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [920] er unless you can persuade them of course costs have gone up.
[921] There are a couple of examples of how we make up erm the earnings.
[922] If you sold to the target on a on a revenue there of a two and a half thousand, which is one of the smaller surgeries, we will pay thirty percent on all of that right?
Trevor (PS40S) [923] Mm.
Rod (PS40R) [924] So that represents that amount there.
Trevor (PS40S) [925] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [926] If there's a small bonus then which in fact pays the petrol for the assignment probably, er providing the Government don't put another twenty P on a [laughing] litre or gallon [] or whatever.
[927] Erm there's a small one there which will help towards costs.
[928] However it's the bigger one that we we always home in on.
Trevor (PS40S) [929] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [930] So if you just sold to that at a small surgery that's what your earnings would be.
Trevor (PS40S) [931] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [932] And quite honestly that would be achieved in two weeks probably.
[933] We would hope.
[934] If you've got a bigger surgery which may break into that third week
Trevor (PS40S) [935] Yea.
Rod (PS40R) [936] then you can see that you'll start earning substantially more.
Trevor (PS40S) [937] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [938] Because of the bonuses.
Trevor (PS40S) [939] So after the person's initially contacted the person we go into their surgery right?
Rod (PS40R) [940] Yeah.
Trevor (PS40S) [941] And it's up to us to negotiate what the potential amount they want.
Rod (PS40R) [942] No.
Trevor (PS40S) [943] To
Rod (PS40R) [944] No it's no no.
[945] All all you have to worry about is selling the advertising.
Trevor (PS40S) [946] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [947] Don't think about anything else any other responsibility.
Trevor (PS40S) [948] Right okay.
Rod (PS40R) [949] That's done.
[950] You don't negotiate who much that's done by the marketing group.
Trevor (PS40S) [951] Right okay.
Rod (PS40R) [952] These these these er targets would be identified on the er on the documents you get
Trevor (PS40S) [953] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [954] of your assignment.
[955] Okay?
Trevor (PS40S) [956] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [957] Right.
[958] Now I'll let you take that you can take that away obviously to to study.
Trevor (PS40S) [959] That's it right.
Rod (PS40R) [960] We'll pay all those commissions and bonuses
Trevor (PS40S) [961] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [962] providing you do one or two small bits of administration for us.
Trevor (PS40S) [963] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [964] And we really have kept this down a barest minimum.
Trevor (PS40S) [965] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [966] Cos we know sales people generally don't like paperwork but I know in financial circles you will have had to have done
Trevor (PS40S) [967] Doesn't mean doesn't [laughing] worry me [] .
Rod (PS40R) [968] No.
Trevor (PS40S) [969] Doesn't worry me cos it
Rod (PS40R) [970] No if it's the one thing I know that I don't have to concern myself with as far as financial services is
Trevor (PS40S) [971] [laugh] .
Rod (PS40R) [972] concerned is the small amount of paperwork all right.
Trevor (PS40S) [973] And we have to we always read the small print [laughing] as well.
[974] We're always saying to us what's this down here.
Rod (PS40R) [975] All right.
[976] What I why I was emphasizing earlier on how important it is to get all this over on the telephone.
[977] You must if if you're scared if you have any doubts about putting the price of that over the phone then forget doing this.
[978] Because in advertising it'll all be done.
Trevor (PS40S) [979] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [980] Except when you're negotiating multimillion companies .
Trevor (PS40S) [981] D'ya is it is it advisable over the phone then to mention the price first or is it better to go into the to the er to the er
Rod (PS40R) [982] There's a lot of reaction
Trevor (PS40S) [983] description description of what they're gonna put in
Rod (PS40R) [984] Yeah.
Trevor (PS40S) [985] first
Rod (PS40R) [986] Yes.
Trevor (PS40S) [987] to get the cement job and then sort of say to the
Rod (PS40R) [988] Yeah.
[989] Certainly you would er the other aspect you don't even mention your the company's name.
[990] You will only ever say that you are
Trevor (PS40S) [991] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [992] er working with the Crooke surgery to bring together their their new practice booklet or to erm
Trevor (PS40S) [993] Yes that's right.
Rod (PS40R) [994] re resell their new practice booklet.
[995] Erm the doctors who've identified you as as a company they would be very happy to see er supporting this venture and er I've I've I'm cont contacting you with a view of of outlining what we do
Trevor (PS40S) [996] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [997] it's advertising er it's er de da.
[998] But they'll teach you that on the er
Trevor (PS40S) [999] Yes yes that's right.
Rod (PS40R) [1000] on the training course or guide you through it on the training course.
[1001] The important thing is that there is a lot of preamble because the guy's bound to say erm and even if he doesn't ask you what the price is you must make sure he knows.
Trevor (PS40S) [1002] Yes yes.
Rod (PS40R) [1003] See that's against traditional sales techniques.
[1004] In effect.
Trevor (PS40S) [1005] [laugh] Yes that's right .
Rod (PS40R) [1006] It is really.
Trevor (PS40S) [1007] Yes yes.
Rod (PS40R) [1008] You know if the guy doesn't ask the ask the price fine.
Trevor (PS40S) [1009] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1010] Let's get all the get the sound, now will you buy this and this is the price you can't do it with advertising.
Trevor (PS40S) [1011] No right.
Rod (PS40R) [1012] And I'll show you two or three things on on this contract which will if you presented to them face to face during the during the discussions they would they would use it as an excuse to say, You didn't tell me that I don't want to do it.
Trevor (PS40S) [1013] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1014] All right?
Trevor (PS40S) [1015] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1016] And I'll show you
Trevor (PS40S) [1017] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1018] This incidentally is a contract which is the same for all of our companies.
Trevor (PS40S) [1019] Right okay then.
Rod (PS40R) [1020] Unless you're colour blind you can see all the different [laughing] colours []
Trevor (PS40S) [1021] Yeah yes
Rod (PS40R) [1022] [laughing] there [] .
Trevor (PS40S) [1023] That's right yeah.
[1024] And in the red is the most important bit is it?
Rod (PS40R) [1025] These these will be explained
Trevor (PS40S) [1026] Yes yes.
Rod (PS40R) [1027] in more to you
Trevor (PS40S) [1028] That's the piece we've got to tell the customer I can see that
Rod (PS40R) [...]
Trevor (PS40S) [1029] I can see that.
Rod (PS40R) [1030] All right.
[1031] It is [...]
Trevor (PS40S) [1032] It reads forms you know we read forms [laughing] that way [] cos normally
Rod (PS40R) [1033] Yeah well they wouldn't be in a different colour if they weren't vital to us .
Trevor (PS40S) [1034] No that's right.
[1035] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1036] And and these are the things that they will, one or two of the things, they'll use any excuse under the sun, but these are the things if you don't point them out to them.
[1037] Er first of all you will tell them that we want a contract.
Trevor (PS40S) [1038] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1039] You must tell them on the phone after telling them the price and what it's all about you say, Right when I come round tomorr er whenever to er strike up the deal with you I want the contract signed I need a thirty five percent of the first year's payment as a deposit cheque.
Trevor (PS40S) [1040] Right yes right okay.
Rod (PS40R) [1041] Okay?
[1042] If you notice the significant of that significance of that figure it covers your commission cos that's what we pay.
Trevor (PS40S) [1043] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1044] If we we pay thirty percent as you
Trevor (PS40S) [1045] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [1046] know for all assignments up to a hundred miles away from home.
[1047] Thirty five percent if it's further away.
Trevor (PS40S) [1048] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1049] All right?
[1050] And we we make sure we cover ourselves.
[1051] That's why we can pay you all commissions the following week.
Trevor (PS40S) [1052] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1053] Okay?
[1054] You must tell them that the balance of the first year's payment will be taken out through a banker's order.
Trevor (PS40S) [1055] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1056] Now if you don't tell them that on the phone they'll use the banker's order, ah now you didn't tell me Trevor that I had to sign a banker's order isn't er
Trevor (PS40S) [1057] Cos some people are frightened er er
Rod (PS40R) [1058] Oh sure yeah
Trevor (PS40S) [1059] er er they don't want to do that.
Rod (PS40R) [1060] It's a commitment you see.
Trevor (PS40S) [1061] Yes that's right.
Rod (PS40R) [1062] See how important it is?
[1063] And the other thing is that the second year's payment is taken out a year's later through the same banker's order.
[1064] In fact that's a sales pitch.
[1065] Now you don't have to pay for all this up front we take in stages.
Trevor (PS40S) [1066] Right yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1067] That's
Trevor (PS40S) [1068] Can can come it can come against your business expenses
Rod (PS40R) [1069] Mm or the
Trevor (PS40S) [1070] or up against the practice you see.
[1071] This is
Rod (PS40R) [1072] Yes yeah they can
Trevor (PS40S) [1073] this is where they can claim it isn't it you know.
Rod (PS40R) [1074] Yes I mean advertising is
Trevor (PS40S) [1075] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [1076] claimable you can get your V A T back er
Trevor (PS40S) [1077] That's right.
Rod (PS40R) [1078] certainly.
[1079] We need a signature one signature on unless of course the company says that two people have got to sign it but you have to find that out.
Trevor (PS40S) [1080] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [1081] If two people have got to sign the cheque two people have got to sign the banker's order.
[1082] All
Trevor (PS40S) [1083] Mm.
Rod (PS40R) [1084] these things unless you tell them
Trevor (PS40S) [1085] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1086] they'll say, Now there's two people on a cheque
Trevor (PS40S) [1087] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1088] oh is the other guy here?
[1089] No he's away on holiday for a week or two weeks so that's blown the whole thing.
[1090] If you and you you've chased your tail.
Trevor (PS40S) [1091] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1092] It's unlikely that the guy can even come in because he's partner's away for two to three weeks holiday
Trevor (PS40S) [1093] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1094] and your deadline.
[1095] See how important it is?
[1096] And they will outline on the course a a number of other things of course that they'll blow you out for.
[1097] So there are three things we want from er to er for a complete deal.
[1098] That's one and then the cheque is one of them.
Trevor (PS40S) [1099] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1100] The other of course we have to know what they want in the ... we want to know what they want in their ad.
Trevor (PS40S) [1101] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [1102] Now in the main they've all all our advertisers have advertised somewhere.
[1103] Either
Trevor (PS40S) [1104] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1105] Yellow Pages or some of the local journals or whatever and will have a copy in existence which we can use.
Trevor (PS40S) [1106] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1107] But once again on the phone you have to tell them that's what you want to discuss when you come round.
Trevor (PS40S) [1108] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1109] Contract cheque banker's order, have you got any copy mister advertiser, yes fine we will be happy to accept that if it's er suitable for you.
[1110] Er
Trevor (PS40S) [1111] What happens if he says well I want to alter it a little bit?
Rod (PS40R) [1112] Okay fine no problem no cost.
Trevor (PS40S) [1113] So in other words he comes round and he says I I don't want that there I want a little bit put there
Rod (PS40R) [1114] Er telephone number's changed and I want
Trevor (PS40S) [1115] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [1116] I want er that I want up there.
Trevor (PS40S) [1117] Or this is out now I'm not
Rod (PS40R) [1118] That's right.
Trevor (PS40S) [1119] doing that
Rod (PS40R) [1120] Absolutely.
Trevor (PS40S) [1121] and I'm I'm yeah and I'm I've got a new mob er a new
Rod (PS40R) [1122] We can do all this.
Trevor (PS40S) [1123] Right okay yeah yeah .
Rod (PS40R) [1124] We can we can er take photographs.
Trevor (PS40S) [1125] And you do that on the computer do you?
Rod (PS40R) [1126] Yeah that's [...]
Trevor (PS40S) [1127] Yes yeah yeah you rearrange it.
Rod (PS40R) [1128] Well in fact it's a bit more sophisticated than that.
[1129] We can do all anything they want and it's free of charge.
[1130] It's all included in the cost of the ad.
[1131] Even if there no ad exists, and I've had one or two where there's been no ad
Trevor (PS40S) [1132] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1133] they're advertising for the first time or the last ad
Trevor (PS40S) [1134] Or you can have a copy of somebody else's do you?
Rod (PS40R) [1135] Er oh we've got thousands to show people if if you need them .
Trevor (PS40S) [1136] That's what I'm saying yeah yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1137] Certainly you'll have a series
Trevor (PS40S) [1138] So if somebody'll say well I like that one for my par particular business you know
Rod (PS40R) [1139] Yes.
Trevor (PS40S) [1140] with the houses on or something like that yeah
Rod (PS40R) [1141] That's right.
[1142] No problem.
[1143] Oh no we've got plenty of designs.
[1144] Twenty years of doing ads we're be able to have a few.
[1145] This space down here, if if the copy exists you just attach it.
Trevor (PS40S) [1146] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1147] It says er I think it says copy attached somewhere.
Trevor (PS40S) [1148] Yeah that's it.
Rod (PS40R) [1149] Copy there.
[1150] If nothing er exists we we just tick that box we compose and you'll have notes down here
Trevor (PS40S) [1151] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1152] They will tell you on the training course how to do that.
[1153] If it's copy to come it's a pity because you know that's that's not a complete deal.
Trevor (PS40S) [1154] Yeah you haven't cemented the er
Rod (PS40R) [1155] I never sent any of those in.
Trevor (PS40S) [1156] No no.
Rod (PS40R) [1157] I waited until the end of the week and said well erm you know.
[1158] I I would even take I have to say I would even take a erm
Trevor (PS40S) [1159] An existing one.
Rod (PS40R) [1160] an existing one.
[1161] Cost otherwise otherwise it's er it messes up your commission thing.
[1162] That's that's the things we want er
Trevor (PS40S) [1163] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1164] Trevor and then if you've got all those bits and pieces together send them in at the end of the week using this commission claim form.
Trevor (PS40S) [1165] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1166] All right?
[1167] Every sales consultant has his or her own unique number.
Trevor (PS40S) [1168] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1169] So does every assignment.
Trevor (PS40S) [1170] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1171] We just put down the size of the ad the advertiser the practice the town.
[1172] What I've just described there a f is a full and complete contract and you tick down there.
[1173] Now there are some organizations that [...] have negotiated with that do not that do not need the banker's order and the cheque.
[1174] And that is a typical one BUPA hospitals.
Trevor (PS40S) [1175] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1176] But there's a list in the training manual which you take away.
[1177] You just have to have an official order
Trevor (PS40S) [1178] So would it be feasible then one two three four five six, would it be feasible that er you'll have had six assignments to have done that week?
Rod (PS40R) [1179] Er no.
[1180] One assignment six advertisers you mean?
Trevor (PS40S) [1181] Oh six advertisers I see.
Rod (PS40R) [1182] Yeah that's one only you're only con remember you're only doing one assignment.
Trevor (PS40S) [1183] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1184] Okay?
[1185] That's the assignment you're working on
Trevor (PS40S) [1186] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1187] and those are the six advert this is one of my own commission claim forms .
Trevor (PS40S) [1188] Yeah that's right.
Rod (PS40R) [1189] I had six I had five advertisers go in.
Trevor (PS40S) [1190] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1191] Those will all be represented by the five complete deals contracts and everything, all right?
Trevor (PS40S) [1192] Going in different books.
Rod (PS40R) [1193] Mm?
[1194] No no no one book.
[1195] Home in
Trevor (PS40S) [1196] Oh I see oh I see.
Rod (PS40R) [...]
Trevor (PS40S) [1197] I see yes.
Rod (PS40R) [1198] Yes.
[1199] That's only you're only working on one one book at one time.
[1200] Erm and erm and then obviously that's something round in the region of what we're looking for.
Trevor (PS40S) [1201] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1202] I I mentioned earlier on that bonuses are paid at proof stage.
Trevor (PS40S) [1203] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [1204] All right?
[1205] Now that is the next stage at which we get money from the the client.
Trevor (PS40S) [1206] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1207] Remember we've got the thirty five percent deposit cheque
Trevor (PS40S) [1208] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [1209] we've got the banker's order
Trevor (PS40S) [1210] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1211] so when the when the proof lands on his desk of his ad for authorization we're taking the balance out
Trevor (PS40S) [1212] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1213] for the first year.
Trevor (PS40S) [1214] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1215] That's when you can claim your bonuses on that assignment.
Trevor (PS40S) [1216] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1217] All right?
[1218] Every two months a list of assignments which have been proofed completed
Trevor (PS40S) [1219] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1220] that you are entitled to claim bonus on, if you are entitled, will be sent to the sales execs.
Trevor (PS40S) [1221] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1222] All you have to do is look down for the B numbers, now
Trevor (PS40S) [1223] Mm
Rod (PS40R) [1224] that's one of mine from your personal records and you can claim your bonus.
Trevor (PS40S) [1225] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1226] There are two reasons why we we say it must be claimed.
[1227] One they'll never be know precisely the date that they're being proofed
Trevor (PS40S) [1228] No.
Rod (PS40R) [1229] All right?
[1230] And secondly a lot of er a number of consultants want to leave their bonuses in to accrue during the year.
[1231] Take out
Trevor (PS40S) [1232] Oh I see.
Rod (PS40R) [1233] in one lump sum.
Trevor (PS40S) [1234] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1235] It's not forfeited if you don't claim it.
[1236] You're you're entitled to claim it as soon as you're entitled to er as soon as it's been proofed.
Trevor (PS40S) [1237] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1238] But it's up to you.
Trevor (PS40S) [1239] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1240] All right?
[1241] So you we won't pay it automatically and if you don't claim it and you've missed it that's I'm afraid hard luck.
Trevor (PS40S) [1242] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1243] But let me tell you your personal records [laughing] will show exactly [] how much you're due to have paid.
Trevor (PS40S) [1244] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1245] Okay?
Trevor (PS40S) [1246] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1247] Any questions so far?
Trevor (PS40S) [1248] No no.
Rod (PS40R) [1249] You've got it fixed in your mind you're only doing one assignment you know.
Trevor (PS40S) [1250] Yeah yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1251] These advertisers are just going in one book.
Trevor (PS40S) [1252] Right right right.
Rod (PS40R) [1253] Okay?
Trevor (PS40S) [1254] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1255] Right you know if you've got any questions now er this is the stage at which we agree on a date for you to start.
Trevor (PS40S) [1256] No.
[1257] No questions.
[1258] No questions .
Rod (PS40R) [1259] Well certainly my job is to just outline briefly what we do.
Trevor (PS40S) [1260] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1261] Erm when you get to the training course
Trevor (PS40S) [1262] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1263] you'll have a lot more opportunity to see what goes on.
Trevor (PS40S) [1264] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1265] All right.
[1266] And er the trainer on medical practices has been out there for a long long time doing this so there's a lot a wealth of experience there.
[1267] Okay well on your application form you said there's no reason why you can't start straight away.
[1268] And can I just explain how we go about the course.
Trevor (PS40S) [1269] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1270] First of all it's fully expensed by us.
[1271] We pay your expenses
Trevor (PS40S) [1272] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1273] there and back and the hotel while you're in [...] all right.
Trevor (PS40S) [1274] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1275] Er medical practices er [...] which is the company, erm do it slightly different than other er the other companies in for training.
[1276] They send their prospective consultants out for two days before they come into head office for the three day training.
Trevor (PS40S) [1277] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1278] So you're first erm port of call will be with er a trainer
Trevor (PS40S) [1279] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1280] for two days on the Thursday and Friday.
Trevor (PS40S) [1281] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1282] So we're talking about a start date of next Thursday.
Trevor (PS40S) [1283] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [1284] Is that all right with you?
[1285] Any problems?
Trevor (PS40S) [1286] Well er I'd like I'd still like time to er think about it you know.
[1287] Think about it.
Rod (PS40R) [1288] Erm well as I said to you today one of the things that you know
Trevor (PS40S) [1289] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [1290] ninety nine out of a hundred people go out there and they they've we've fixed a date to start and then
Trevor (PS40S) [1291] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1292] what er if you have to think about it what's your doubts?
Trevor (PS40S) [1293] Pardon?
Rod (PS40R) [1294] What are you're dou if you've got to think about it you may there are obviously some questions in your mind.
[1295] Are you going for other interviews for instance?
Trevor (PS40S) [1296] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [1297] Okay.
[1298] What's in salaried jobs?
Trevor (PS40S) [1299] Er well into financial services.
[1300] You know what I mean but erm
Rod (PS40R) [1301] Oh are you?
Trevor (PS40S) [1302] Yes yes.
[1303] Going back you know I'm looking
Rod (PS40R) [1304] Well okay well look I I now I need a commitment.
[1305] So what what do you think what do you think about this about this thing?
[1306] Is it for you or not?
Trevor (PS40S) [1307] I don't thing it's for me.
[1308] I don't think it's for me .
Rod (PS40R) [1309] Okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [1310] I don't think it is for me.
Rod (PS40R) [1311] Right.
[1312] Okay well er er that's the decision we make today so what what why do you think it's not for you.
[1313] As a matter of interest.
[1314] You made that decision that's fine with me okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [1315] Er erm er you're on commission only is that right?
Rod (PS40R) [1316] Oh absolutely.
Trevor (PS40S) [1317] Yes so you're you're are you self employed
Rod (PS40R) [1318] Yes.
Trevor (PS40S) [1319] under that?
Rod (PS40R) [1320] Yeah but surely sorry I I have to why do you question that now?
[1321] That has to have been explained to you on the phone.
[1322] It must have been.
Trevor (PS40S) [1323] Yes.
[1324] Er it was explained to me on the phone.
Rod (PS40R) [1325] Okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [1326] Er so you put your own stamp on
Rod (PS40R) [1327] Yeah yeah you're self employed [...]
Trevor (PS40S) [1328] Yes yes.
Rod (PS40R) [1329] Weren't you self employed before in financial services?
Trevor (PS40S) [1330] No
Rod (PS40R) [1331] Right.
Trevor (PS40S) [1332] No I've been on salary.
Rod (PS40R) [1333] Okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [1334] I've been on salary you know.
Rod (PS40R) [1335] Okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [1336] Erm I have been on commission basis.
Rod (PS40R) [1337] Yes sure.
Trevor (PS40S) [1338] Right.
[1339] Er I have been on commission basis.
[1340] Erm and erm I like the idea of erm you know basics you know basics .
Rod (PS40R) [1341] Why?
[1342] It's only commission in another form.
Trevor (PS40S) [1343] Oh yes that's correct.
Rod (PS40R) [1344] Well makes you lazy.
Trevor (PS40S) [1345] Oh it doesn't.
[1346] Well [laughing] it doesn't make me get lazy [] .
Rod (PS40R) [1347] Well let me tell you er er this this'll this'll make you hungry and you'll earn a darn sight more money without a basic.
[1348] Anyway I think you've made up your mind there er
Trevor (PS40S) [1349] Yes that's right.
Rod (PS40R) [1350] But but you say you prefer a basic.
Trevor (PS40S) [1351] Well I I prefer to be employed right rather than
Rod (PS40R) [1352] Okay well
Trevor (PS40S) [1353] even if I've got to start from commission only
Rod (PS40R) [1354] Trevor with respect you've just wasted a hell of a lot of time for you and me haven't you?
[1355] Cos
Trevor (PS40S) [1356] Well not really.
[1357] Not really
Rod (PS40R) [1358] Cos it's cost it's been
Trevor (PS40S) [1359] I phoned up and I got phone up to ask for the information right?
[1360] I was
Rod (PS40R) [1361] But you
Trevor (PS40S) [1362] I was keen on the brochure.
[1363] I had a look through and I thought well I want to go and
Rod (PS40R) [1364] But it's self employed and you didn't want to be self employed by what you've just told me.
Trevor (PS40S) [1365] Er
Rod (PS40R) [1366] Mm?
Trevor (PS40S) [1367] Not really not at this particular stage you know what I mean?
Rod (PS40R) [1368] Well if you're able to get a salaried position at fifty three in financial services I would suggest you know good luck to you fine.
[1369] ... Okay Trevor well
Trevor (PS40S) [1370] I mean I've already been offered well three or four jobs already like.
Rod (PS40R) [1371] [laughing] Well okay. []
Trevor (PS40S) [1372] I've already been offered three or four jobs with salary like you know.
Rod (PS40R) [1373] Well why didn't you take them?
Trevor (PS40S) [1374] Right.
[1375] Erm because
Rod (PS40R) [1376] Because this is self employed .
Trevor (PS40S) [1377] Because it isn't with you see.
[1378] Right erm today with
Rod (PS40R) [1379] I don't quite understand your rationale here.
Trevor (PS40S) [1380] Well you don't all.
[1381] You see with the financial services act er financial services they can offer you a job right
Rod (PS40R) [1382] Mhm.
Trevor (PS40S) [1383] but you you can't they can't they can offer you that job right but it's qua you have to qualify yourself by going for training.
Rod (PS40R) [1384] Right.
Trevor (PS40S) [1385] Okay.
[1386] Same way with you.
[1387] Okay.
[1388] If you go for the training right and you're no good at the training
Rod (PS40R) [1389] Mhm.
Trevor (PS40S) [1390] you know you turn out to be you know
Rod (PS40R) [1391] Right.
Trevor (PS40S) [1392] Er [laughing] no good [] er the same way with the financial services act.
[1393] They cannot start anybody immediately
Rod (PS40R) [1394] Oh fine.
Trevor (PS40S) [1395] okay.
[1396] Exactly the same as what you can't do.
Rod (PS40R) [1397] Yes yeah.
Trevor (PS40S) [1398] you can't start them off straight away right?
Rod (PS40R) [1399] Well we once your training's done you'll get an assignment on the medical
Trevor (PS40S) [1400] That's right yeah
Rod (PS40R) [1401] practice side
Trevor (PS40S) [1402] But you can't go out tomorrow, I couldn't out tomorrow and start doing it .
Rod (PS40R) [1403] Oh no because you wouldn't
Trevor (PS40S) [1404] [laughing] That's right. []
Rod (PS40R) [1405] you wouldn't be able to do it.
Trevor (PS40S) [1406] That's right [...] .
Rod (PS40R) [1407] It's as simple as that.
Trevor (PS40S) [1408] Yeah.
[1409] Well it's that same with
Rod (PS40R) [1410] You would not be good enough.
Trevor (PS40S) [1411] It's the same with every com you know it's the same with the erm interviews I've been to before right you know what I mean?
Rod (PS40R) [1412] Mm.
Trevor (PS40S) [1413] They have a training course now of
Rod (PS40R) [1414] Oh yes sure.
Trevor (PS40S) [1415] of a fortnight.
[1416] See
Rod (PS40R) [1417] Oh well yes.
[1418] Well
Trevor (PS40S) [1419] see they've got it to for a fortnight which you don't get paid.
[1420] You know what I mean?
Rod (PS40R) [1421] No no.
Trevor (PS40S) [1422] You don't get paid.
Rod (PS40R) [1423] Well I'll tell you what I I you know seriously er with what Norman would have told you on the phone self employed commission only erm if you er I I'm surprised you came to see us.
Trevor (PS40S) [1424] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1425] I really am
Trevor (PS40S) [1426] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1427] because er erm it it you know it's erm if if you made up your mind you you if you've had offers of salary I don't know why you're not taking them.
[1428] Erm you'll not earn as much money with us.
[1429] Er er with er with them as you will with us but er
Trevor (PS40S) [1430] I don't think er I don't think I'll earn more money
Rod (PS40R) [1431] I don't think you will.
Trevor (PS40S) [1432] [laughing] Well. []
Rod (PS40R) [1433] No there's more money in advertising.
Trevor (PS40S) [1434] Do you think so?
Rod (PS40R) [1435] Yes.
[1436] I mean er some of our chaps are earning thousand pound plus a week no trouble at all.
Trevor (PS40S) [1437] Thousand pound a week.
Rod (PS40R) [1438] Oh sure.
[1439] That is that is that's becoming n almost the norm now whereas mister average used to be
Trevor (PS40S) [1440] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1441] eight fifty.
Trevor (PS40S) [1442] Yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1443] S eight hundred to eight fifty.
[1444] Oh there was an example of of my [...]
Trevor (PS40S) [1445] Yeah yeah.
Rod (PS40R) [1446] Okay Trevor well that's er that's the end of the story.
Trevor (PS40S) [1447] Right.
Rod (PS40R) [1448] Erm
Trevor (PS40S) [1449] Okay.
Rod (PS40R) [1450] Okay.
[1451] D'ya want your application form back?
Trevor (PS40S) [1452] Er no no it's all right.
Rod (PS40R) [1453] Okay.
Trevor (PS40S) [1454] That's all right.
Rod (PS40R) [1455] Right.
[1456] Well good luck on on all these offers
Trevor (PS40S) [1457] Yes.
Rod (PS40R) [1458] you've been getting.
Trevor (PS40S) [1459] Yes that's all right.
Rod (PS40R) [1460] Especially at your age.
Trevor (PS40S) [1461] Yes.
[1462] That's right.
[1463] I was amazed myself.
[1464] I mean I was only
Rod (PS40R) [1465] Oh I should I should
Trevor (PS40S) [1466] finished
Rod (PS40R) [1467] Yeah I should be very grateful .
Trevor (PS40S) [1468] Well I was only finished er last erm er when was it week on Friday.
[1469] I was only finished a week on Friday you see.
[1470] Well er I didn't realize it was.
[1471] I've only just been looking for since then.
Rod (PS40R) [1472] Well good luck to you because er you know I can tell you right now we are one of the few companies that take on people in their fifties.
Trevor (PS40S) [1473] Yeah that's right.
Rod (PS40R) [1474] And er we launched er some we're not [...]
Trevor (PS40S) [1475] Yeah yeah. [recording ends]